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Passions Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on PS
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Monday, November 19, 2001

"Diana" kisses Luis while she is sleepwalking. Luis remembers being kissed because it seemed so real to him. "Diana" sleepwalks back to her room without remembering what she has done. She keeps having dreams of her past love Liam.

Luis tells Liz that he can still taste the kiss on his lips. He finds it hard to believe it was a dream but lets himself go on thinking it was only that. Liz wonders if "Diana" could have come into Luis' room and kissed him while he was asleep. Liz goes to "Diana" and asks her. "Diana" assures Liz that she has been in bed all night dreaming. After Liz leaves, "Diana" finds sand on her shoes. She begins to wonder how it got there.

Ethan tells Theresa that he is leaving. He tells her he believes that she went to Bermuda to help him. He says that she is not conniving like Rebecca but he cannot forgive her for lying to him once again. Ethan tells her he is leaving. He says it is not because any promise he made to his mother, it is because he cannot trust her. He says that he will stay with Hank for tonight. He walks out of Theresa's life leaving her sobbing on Whitney's shoulder.

David sneaks into Ivy's hospital room dressed like a surgeon. He grabs Ivy by the throat and tells he could have easily killed her if he wanted to. He tells Ivy that nothing can come between Sam and Grace. Ivy says he will have to keep trying because she will stop at nothing to get Sam back. Ivy assures David that Grace is Catholic and will take her wedding vows seriously. She once again vows to do whatever it takes to get Sam back. She tells David she will stop at nothing and they must strike soon while Grace is vulnerable and believes than Ivy has actually given up her fight for Sam.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Charity and Miguel are there to comfort Theresa when she wakes up. Charity and Miguel know the news about Theresa being married to Julian. Charity apologized to Theresa for not forewarning her in time. Theresa begs Charity and Miguel to never let anything come between them.

When they return to Tabitha's house Kay is awake and Charity accuses her of being the panther. She tells everyone that Kay is the evil that has come to Harmony. She also warns Miguel that Kay is the one trying to break them up. Simone tells Kay that she will never get Miguel. Kay assures Simone that she will do whatever it takes to get Miguel. This news pleases Tabitha who was eavesdropping. Kay promises Simone that she has a secret weapon that will finally help her get Miguel.

Liz tries to get "Diana" and Luis to come face to face. She feels that it is too strange of a coincidence for both of them to be talking about being on the Titanic. She desperately wants the two of them to meet face to face. Brian takes "Diana" on a picnic in a horse drawn carriage. This causes "Diana" to remember another time in a horse drawn carriage with Luis. Liz calls "Diana" away from the picnic and tells her to hurry so she can see Luis before he leaves the island forever.

Ethan goes to see his mother. Ivy intends to hold Ethan to his promise of leaving Theresa forever since she was caught lying to him. Ethan tells his mother that he will not base his entire future on a stupid promise. Ivy is livid that Ethan has not tossed Theresa out of his life completely. Ethan asks Theresa to meet him at the hospital. He brings Theresa and his mother face to face. Ivy calls Theresa a little bitch and refuses to stay in the same room with her. Ethan stops his mother and tells her to listen because he has come to a decision that will change his life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Miguel picks up the morning paper and sees the headline that Julian Crane Marries Housekeeper's Daughter. Miguel worries that Theresa will freak when she sees it. As he shows it to Charity, she gets another premonition. She tells Miguel that this times she feels something wonderful. Charity tells Miguel that Sheridan Crane is alive! Miguel talks Charity out of believing in her premonition. Charity is sure evil is out to destroy them!

Liz tells "Diana" to come back to the hotel immediately because she wants to show her something that may change her life. Liz intends for Luis and "Diana" to meet. Brian tells "Diana" not to go back before they are done with their picnic. "Diana" asks Brian if he is worried about the picnic or if he is worried for another reason.

Liz tries to stall Luis into staying so he can meet "Diana." Luis just wants to leave the island. He cannot stop feeling Sheridan's presence everywhere and wants to go as soon as possible.

Ivy is outraged that Ethan is thinking of forgiving Theresa. She tells Ethan how Theresa threatened her with a poker and how she destroyed her wheelchair. Ethan questions Theresa and she admits what she has done. She begs Ethan to forgive her and to understand. Ethan tells Theresa he has been thinking about his life without her. He tells her he will take her back under one condition. Theresa has to promise him that there are no more secrets between them. Theresa remembers waking up and finding Julian in her bed. She knows that she must tell Ethan she made love with Julian. She looks up at Ethan as he awaits Theresa's answer. Kay finds the book "Spells of Pain" in Tabitha's attic, which she planted there. Kay calls it her secret weapon and looks for a spell to make Miguel fall in love with her.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Charity grabs the book "Spells of Pain" off of Kay. She keeps saying the book is evil, pure evil. Sam walks in and hears this. He asks Kay just what she knows about the book which seems to be upsetting Charity. Kay pretends that she does not know what Charity is talking about. She tells Sam that Charity is just having another one of her "attacks." Sam inspects the "book" and it is now a copy of the Bible. Charity seems puzzled and Kay is relieved. Everyone wants to plan a big celebration in honor of Charity's 18th birthday.

Grace goes to David's room at the B&B. She seems rather sad that he seems to be gone. David walks in and tells her he obviously did not leave town. Grace seems relieved. He tells Grace that he talked to his "Boss" on his way out of town. Little does Grace know that his boss is actually Ivy. David remembers Ivy's threat of using the information she has on him to make him wish he was never born. David lies to Grace that he walked out on a very important assignment that would have meant a lot to his career. He tells Grace he gave it up because she needs him.

Pilar and Whitney walk in on Theresa's conversation with Ethan and Ivy. Pilar gets angry when she hears Ivy cut down Theresa. Ethan again asks Theresa to come clean with anything else that she may be keeping from him. Ethan also tells Ivy that he will help Theresa get her annulment no matter what anyone says. Ivy tells Theresa to speak up because she knows that Theresa is hiding more secrets from Ethan. Pilar tells Ivy to back off. She claims that she will fight Ivy every step of the way if she tries to hurt Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney that she cannot tell Ethan about her sleeping with Julian.

Beth surprises Luis at the boat dock. For a moment he thinks that it is Sheridan. He tells Beth that he knows Sheridan is dead, but he feels like she is so close by. Luis confides to Beth about his dreams of him and Sheridan on the Titanic. He also tells Beth about feeling the kiss in his dreams. Beth tells Luis that she came with some bad news about his sister. Brian detains "Diana" as she goes in search of Luis. Brain tells her about Liz's crazy idea that "Diana" and her neighbor are each other's past loves. "Diana" gets excited and goes to find Luis. Brian tells her Luis' love is dead, which crushes her hopes. Harper tells Ethan that all Theresa needs to do is sign a paper and the marriage is gone forever. Harper wishes Ethan good luck and tells him he is better than all the rest of the Cranes. He tells Ethan to hold onto true love.

When Luis sees the headline that Theresa is married to Julian, he screams NO!. "Diana" hears and wants to see if someone is hurt.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Passions was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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