The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on B&B

To Brooke's shock, Bridget and Deacon decided to give their marriage another chance. Stephanie confided Ridge's paternity to Massimo. She swore Massimo to secrecy, and Massimo was disillusioned by his son's aversion to him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Brooke tells Megan that she is worried about Bridget and her marriage. She proceeds to tell Megan that she bedded Deacon. Brooke tells her that she and Deacon were talking about Bridget and his marriage to her, when she started to see he had a sensitive and vulnerable side. "Things just happened", she says. She promises that it will never happen again and says that no one must ever find out. She then tells Megan she has to prepare for when Bridget arrives home because she is going to be devastated. Meanwhile, Deacon tells Bridget that he has slept with someone else, but that it was not Amber. Bridget tells him that she doesn't believe he is having an affair. He tells her that he isn't that it was only one night. Bridget reluctantly believes him and wants to know who it is. He tells her that it doesn't matter who it was. He blames himself for being a failure as a husband and that he was messed up and confused about them ending their marriage. He tells her that he could never bring anything good into her life, he could only bring her hurt and pain. He tells her that he confided in someone about his feelings and that is when it happened. She tells him that he has to start acting like a man and stop second-guessing himself every time that Brooke opens her mouth. She doesn't want a boy for a husband; she wants someone to take charge of his life like a man. Deacon tells her the worst part of all this is that he is loosing the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells her that he would never look at another women and that he loves her with all of his heart. She tells him that she believes him and that she is willing to give him another chance, but that he better not make a fool of her. She tells him that her mother is also to blame.

Stephanie learns that Ridge is truly Massimo's son. She decides that no one must ever find out that Ridge is not Eric's son. Massimo stops by and demands to know what is wrong with her since Ridge's accident. She tells him that she is dealing with something personal and he should leave her alone. Massimo tells her that he knows she is hiding something she doesn't want the rest of her family to know about. He tells her that she must free herself of this burden and if she doesn't tell him, he will find out on his own and nothing will stop him. She reluctantly tells him the Ridge is his son. Meanwhile, Ridge and Eric are talking about how worried they are about Stephanie and how distracted she seems lately. Ridge tells him that he must get aggressive with Massimo. Eric tells Ridge not to worry he will take care of Massimo. Eric tells Ridge that he will never let Massimo have Stephanie.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

At Massimo's office, Stephanie told him she intended to take the knowledge that he is Ridge's father to the grave. Massimo told her more than anything in life was his desire to have a child with the woman he loves-her.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Megan that she has no intention of seeing Deacon again. Megan told Brooke she observed Brooke to seem very happy about Deacon and that Brooke is lying to herself and denying herself happiness with Deacon. Brooke revealed that even though she and Deacon shared great chemistry, she could never be with Deacon as it would be too hurtful to Bridget. Brooke did comment that she is thankful to Deacon, though, for showing her that there are other men she can be attracted to, besides Ridge.

Meanwhile at the cabin in Big Bear, Bridget and Deacon made wild passionate love after reconciling their differences and deciding to stay married to one another. Deacon told Bridget that he's decided he's not going to allow Brooke to run his life. Bridget acknowledged that Brooke had pressured Deacon into asking her for a divorce. Bridget briefly questioned Deacon whom he had slept with? Deacon lied and told her it had happened only once and that it was over with. Deacon told Bridget he always had feelings for her. He was unsure though, if her feelings would last for him.

Deacon and Bridget went to Forrester to inform Brooke that they are going to remain married. Bridget was supposed to wait in the car while Deacon dealt with Brooke. Bridget instead walked in and informed Brooke that she and Deacon are intending to stay married.

Stephanie prevented Massimo from informing Eric and Ridge that he is Ridge's father, not Eric. Stephanie promised Massimo if he ever told anyone that he is Ridge's father, she would never see or speak to him again. Stephanie worried that both Ridge and Eric would be devastated with that news. Stephanie told Massimo that the best gift he can give his son is to allow him to continue his life as he knows it. Massimo sadly told Stephanie that his biggest sorrow in life besides losing Stephanie to Eric was that he had no son to carry on his name. Massimo pointed out that a miracle has happened and now he has a son, with the woman he loves; however, he cannot be a father to his son. Stephanie sadly told Massimo that they would have to carry the knowledge that he is Ridge's father to their graves.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Stephanie insists that Massimo promise to never reveal the fact that he is Ridge's father. He can't possibly want to destroy her family just because he doesn't have one of his own. Massimo reluctantly agrees. He tells Stephanie he will do what she asks but she needs to understand how he is feeling. He has carried this dream of having a family with her for his entire life and to find out now that he is Ridge's father is so overwhelming, his dream has come true. He wants to share his family history with Ridge. He doesn't want Ridge to go on hating him, he continues to argue that Stephanie is asking too much of him. Stephanie reminds Massimo that Eric will be the only father Ridge will ever know. Eric is the one who has given him stability and family values. Only Eric. Massimo must keep their secret for everyone's good. Ridge must never know. At that moment, Ridge walks in and wants to know what is going on.

Brooke, Deacon and Bridget continue their confrontation with Brooke telling Bridget that Deacon doesn't love her and that is why they shouldn't stay together. Bridget let Brooke have it with both barrels. Bridget tells her mother that she forced Deacon to break up their marriage and her threats aren't going to work. They are staying together. Bridget continued to tell her mother that she knew everything including the fact that Deacon had an affair. Brooke is stunned because she doesn't realize that Bridget doesn't know that she is the person Deacon was having the affair with. Bridget accuses Brooke of hiring someone to sleep with Deacon just to get him out of Bridget's life. Deacon defends Brooke and told Bridget that Brooke had nothing to do with it. Bridget tells her Mom that she is the one hurting her, not Deacon. Bridget then told Brooke that she is pushing her further away with each attempt she makes on trying to break up her marriage with Deacon. Bridget told her mother that if her marriage breaks up, she will never forgive her. Brooke asks to talk to Deacon alone. Brooke wants to know why Deacon made a promise to her to divorce Bridget and then didn't follow through. She then tells Deacon that she will reveal to Bridget that she is the one he is having the affair with. She would endure humiliation for the sake of her daughter's freedom. Deacon told Brooke she needed to stop this, she would only succeed in pushing Bridget out of her life for good. He wants to stay with Bridget; he loves her and wants to make this work. Brooke asks him how she can accept this after sleeping with her daughter's husband. Deacon attempts to comfort Brooke by reminding her that she thought the marriage was over or it would never have happened. He is the one who changed his mind. He knows now that Bridget is the only one who believes in him and he realized now that he was only doing what Brooke wanted him to because he truly thought that eventually Bridget would leave him. Now he knows they belong together and he is sorry Brooke has been hurt but if she wants to continue to fight this, to bring it on, Deacon is ready!

Back at Forrester, Sally Spectra stops by to see Eric. She told Eric that she is there to help him save his marriage. Eric is very surprised by Sally's statement and wants to know what she is talking about. Eric tells Sally that he doesn't need any help, his marriage is fine. Sally mentions Massimo's name and continues to tell Eric that she and Massimo have been friends for many years. Sally then told Eric that the only person coming between her and Massimo and their chance for a more lasting relationship is Stephanie. She believes that she and Eric could help each other. Eric lets Sally know that he doesn't need or want her help.

Massimo and Stephanie are surprised to see Ridge. Stephanie asks Ridge why he is there. Ridge wants to know why she is there. Stephanie explains that she and Massimo were discussing the tension caused with him being around her and her family. She tells Ridge that Massimo understands how important family is to her and that he will respect her wishes and stay away. Ridge asks Massimo if that is true. Massimo is facing the wall and doesn't answer. Massimo's silence causes Ridge to lash out saying that his father has built and empire that includes his family and with all the money and power Massimo has he will die a lonely man. A very upset Massimo tells them both to get out and leave him alone.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful will not be shown today. This preemption was scheduled, so there will be no lost episodes. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we would like to give our thanks to you for visiting the Soap Central web site. We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Wednesday's show ended.

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