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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on GL
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Harley serves coffee to three grumpy guys as they complain about the bad night each one had. Beth goes to the car to retrieve little Jim's blanket and finds that Edmund spent the night in the car. He tells her that he saw her playing strip poker and didn't like it but insists that he is only interested in Phillip's millions.

Back in their room, Marah confronts Catalina about putting her story on the internet. Catalina calls Marah the town's most famous virgin and Marah asks if that makes Cat its newest slut. Marah accuses Catalina of sleeping with Tony to get him to stick around. They argue about Catalina using her computer to email the essay to everyone on the web.

Carmen talks to Carlos. She tells him she has Danny and Michelle right where she wants them. Meanwhile, Danny and Michelle tell Frank that Mr. Big won't go for the deal they offered him for the disk. They now plan to do what Mr. Big wants. They will get the money from the off-shore accounts themselves and luring him to San Cristobel and then nail him there. Frank says that he can't help them, that they are talking about a suicide mission. He tells them there may not be a solution to this particular problem. They do not agree; there has to be a solution.

Beth talks to Edmund about continuing the trip with Phillip when Phillip comes out looking for Beth and finds her with Edmund. He is livid and tells Edmund to get out. Edmund wants to get his scarf from the front seat of the car and pulls some wires out from under the dash before leaving. Inside, Rick and Harley discuss finding a place where they can be alone. Buzz grumbles at everyone.

Tony comes to see Catalina and runs into Marah. She thanks him for what he did for her father and they talk. Catalina overhears Marah tell Tony what a good guy he is. Tony notices Cat and makes an excuse for talking to Marah and she leaves. Catalina has Tony check his email on her computer and he sees Marah's essay. At school Marah is approached by Ben Read who has been reading about her in the newspaper. Catalina has Tony check his email on her computer and he sees the Marah's essay. Marah finally recognizes Ben and they catch up on mutual friends. Ben asks her to go for a cup of coffee but Marah refuses. Later at Company, Marah runs into Tony again. He tells her he saw her essay while back at the room. Tony is unhappy with what she has written about him. Catalina has a conversation with Ben about Marah. He tells Cat that he has always had a thing for Marah. Cat sees this as a good omen and says suggests he ask Marah out. Leaving Ben to wonder why.

Danny leaves to go to a meeting and Michelle enters Company, goes to Carmen and tells her that she needs her help. Carmen asks Michelle what is wrong and Michelle tells her that Carlos ordered Danny to steal a lot of money. She tells Carmen about the threat on the lives of Danny, Robbie and herself. Michelle is shocked when Carmen refuses to help them. Michelle begs Carmen for her help. She says that Danny does not deserve to die. Carmen agrees to help but says that if she is going to help them Michelle should be willing to do something for her.

Rick and Harley can't find a room and must tell Buzz that they have to stay. As they try to fix Phillip's car, Beth notices the wires hanging from under the dash and tells Phillip and Buzz that they are not going anywhere either. Buzz wants everyone to leave the cabin so he can salvage part of his romantic weekend with Holly. Beth becomes aware that she has not seen Lizzie and James in some time. When she finds that no one else has, they start calling out to them and looking for them. Now everyone's attention turns to the kids.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Blake and Felicia meet for lunch and discuss Tory and Ross. Blake believes that Tory is throwing herself at Ross and that Tory set up the meeting at Towers when Jeff was called away at the same time as Blake. She thinks she is being jealous and seeks Felicia's advice.

Danny reacts to the news that Michelle asked Carmen for help. He thinks it is suicidal and that they have enough going on with Mr. Big, who Michelle believes, may or may not, be Carmen. Michelle tells Danny they have to have lunch at Towers with Carmen. Danny says his mother is crazy and they can't trust her. Tony comes to their table and Danny asks if he is ready to have lunch with Auntie Carmen to which Tony inquires if they are nuts. Michelle says that in order to defeat your enemy, first you have to know what they want so they will go to lunch.

Ben asks Catalina why she cares if he goes after Marah. Catalina says she doesn't but Ben thinks it has to do with a man. Meanwhile, Tony is angry that Marah wrote she was glad she didn't spend a night with him and then emailed it to the whole campus. She tries to explain but he won't let her. He lashes out by telling her she is not the only one who's glad they didn't sleep together. He says it would have been a huge mistake. Marah is stung by his words. They continue to talk and Tony says that what they had was nothing special. He says Catalina is good to him and she knows what's private. Tony admits that when he worked for Josh, he was ashamed of whom he is and Catalina helped him to see that. Marah says that virtuous Catalina is trying to make him see that Marah's family is terrible. Angrily Tony tells her that she will be a virgin for a long time because there isn't a guy who is good enough for her. Marah leaves crying and Tony looks like he is sorry for what he said to hurt her.

Carmen sees to the preparations for lunch, she wants everything to be perfect. Marie arrives with Father Ray. Carmen tells them Michelle has asked for her help. Marie remarks that something is not right. She says Michelle has out-witted Carmen time and time again so she plans to sit back and enjoy the show when Danny and Michelle enter with Robbie. Carmen makes a fuss over her grandson then tells everyone she is starting an Import, Export Company, that it is on the level. Tony enters with Catalina

Felecia says Blake coerced Tory into wanting a make-over and she insisted Ross hire Tory in the first place. Blake thinks Tory was lying about Jeff's family emergency and planned everything so she could be alone with Ross. Felecia suggests that Blake be honest with Ross and she agrees. Ross comes in and Felecia leaves. Blake tries to tell him the truth and Tory interrupts. When Ross is about to leave with Tory once more, Blake asks her to remain there for a minute. She tells Tory that she is going out of town and she wants Tory to look after Ross.

Catalina is not very nice to Ben, telling him that just because he is rich, he can not buy her trust. Ben adds that is too bad because he was going to suggest a partnership, of sorts. He now has Cat's attention. Ben adds that he hopes Cat can be counted on to be discreet and leaves as Tony shows up to take her to lunch. When they are gone, Ben returns as Marah arrives. She still refuses his offer of a coffee. She says she has sworn off the male species for a while and Ben adds he hopes she won't punish the nice guys, of which he is one. After Ben is gone, Marah starts to think about Tony. Outside, Ben tells one of the students with which he has the wager, that he will have Marah within two weeks.

Maria comments to Catalina that someday she might become part of that happy family. Carmen speaks to Gus Aitoro and tells him he failed to arrest Danny twice so now he must watch and learn. Danny remarks to Michelle that his mother fired Aitoro to score points with them. Danny doesn't think he can put up with it until they find out what they need but Michelle says yes they will. Carmen returns to the table and proposes a toast to the Santos family. Danny lifts his glass and toasts to their future.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Blake works out a plan with the friend she is supposed to be going to visit. Blake has told Ross that this friend, Kathy, is having surgery. Over lunch at Company, Ross tells her that Tory suggested that they get together to sort out a case and Blake calls Tory a legal wonder woman. Blake is taken by surprise when he asks her which hospital she is in. She says she can't do this anymore but when Ross questions her, she hesitates and, wouldn't you know it, Tory interrupts them, again. Blake then says she can't talk about the surgery of her friend, it is too upsetting.

Cassie and Alonzo wait at the hospital for word on Will when Cassie gets a call from Richard. She tells him about Will and Richard is surprised to hear that Alonzo is with her. He can't leave Montreal because of a snow storm. Reva comes looking for Cassie and meets Alonzo. Cassie questions her about what has been going on. Reva tells Cassie that Olivia has been having an affair with Alan Spaulding and says that instead of getting the message, she thinks Josh would like to kill the messenger.

Josh and Billy discuss Reva as Olivia enters Towers for a business meeting with them. Josh says he wants to funnel all their recourses into the Harbor Project, much the Olivia's pleasure. Billy says he is behind him whatever he does. Olivia is very happy to hear this. Josh tells her that this will be the ride of her life. Will it also be a trap? After she is gone, Josh tells Billy about his suspicions concerning Olivia. He admits that as crazy as Reva has been sounding lately, he believes her. She too, has suspicions. Billy has doubts but Josh needs to follow through with his scheme to catch Olivia and Alan.

Remy is hiding out in Marah's room when his mother shows up with a care package He is working on his thesis and sees a picture of his father on a record album. Mom was gone about five minutes when Remy's dad shows up. Dad is looking for Marah because of some advice he gave her that backfired. Remy says Marah won't hold it against him. When Dad is about to leave, Remy draws his father's attention to the album cover. Dad looks at him, confused.

Sam tells Catalina that he heard she was the one who put her essay on the web and that she had no reason to do that unless she still felt threatened by her. Sam warns Catalina about how far she should go to get Tony. His advice is not to push it, to look before she leaps.

Ben runs into Michelle in Company. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee and when she refuses he wonders aloud about the girls in Springfield. Ben and Michelle continue to catch up and Michelle shows him pictures of Robbie and Danny. Ben says he heard it was really true love and Michelle admits she is very lucky. He asks about her dad and she asks about Fletch and Meg.

Cassie thinks Reva is at the hospital to be with her when she should be somewhere else. Reva reassures her that is not true; she is there because she wants to be. Alonzo is watching this exchange. Cassie urges Reva to go and do what she needs to do so Reva leaves. Alonzo remarks to Cassie, that it was a very generous thing she did. Richard comes into the room and surprises Cassie much to Alonzo's chagrin.

Remy quizzes his father about the fact that he played in a jazz band. His father tells him that he had to drop out of school and that it was a mistake. He then admits that Felecia didn't know about this and he would appreciate it if Remy did not tell her. Remy can't believe his father thinks playing in a band with Dizzy Gillespie was a mistake. His father says he let down two people who didn't deserve it; his parents.

Reva runs into Olivia when she is looking for Josh. Olivia asks when would be the best time to get her at home for some information and says she hopes Reva finds a nice place to recuperate, which takes Reva by surprise. She tells Reva that she wants to help and when Reva asks if this was Josh's idea, Olivia tells her that Josh thought she was the best one for the job. Olivia tells Reva she will get Josh then waits for Reva to leave without seeing him. Billy shows Josh the phone records for Olivia's cell phone. The records contain Alan Spaulding's private number. Now Billy thinks there is something going on.

Blake says it is time for her to go. She tells Ross not to work too late and he says she doesn't need to worry about him. As Blake turns to go, she says he isn't the one she is worried about.

Cassie is filling Richard in on what they have done with Will when Claire comes in and asks them to go to her office. Richard says that won't be necessary, she can tell them there and now if there is something to tell about the condition of their son.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, an original episode of Guiding Light will not be shown today. Instead, CBS will air a repreat of a classic episode from 1999. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we would like to give our thanks to you for visiting the Soap Central web site. We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Wednesday's show ended.

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