General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on GH

Jax suspected that Carly wanted to use him to make Sonny jealous. Stefan was concerned about Nikolas' engagement to Gia. Rae and Skye attended the Quartermaine Thanksgiving dinner. Luke learned that Scotty had proposed to Laura.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on GH
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Monday, November 19, 2001

AJ and Carly exchanged their usual insults. She was going to hit him when Zander stopped her. He wanted to hit AJ himself but told Carly later that he wasn't worth it. Carly commented on AJ trying to take something away that he wanted and Zander told her AJ caused Emily to break up with him. The family moved her again and he didn't know where she was. By this time they were talking on the pier and Sonny showed up at Zander's request. Zander left and Carly and Sonny talked. She was amazed he didn't say too much about her mistake with Stavros alias Lucien Kane and about her altercation with AJ He asked her to come back to the penthouse.

Luke's office:
He was surrounded by the mess me made when Laura came in. They talked about their anniversary and she left. Later he showed up at the Deception office and she asked if he was going to Bobbie's Thanksgiving dinner. She thought it would be nice for the whole family to be together. He said he would give it more thought. Just before he left he told her twenty years ago he married a beautiful girl and she was even more beautiful today.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis and Jax talked about Sonny and she insisted she was his lawyer and nothing else. She told him this was just all about Brenda. He said he would always love Brenda but this wasn't about her. He suggested Kristina and her take his yacht and go on a cruise to the Bahamas. She had agreed when Kristina and Ned arrived with her suitcase, ready to move in. She told Kristina about the cruise and she said she would rather they got to know each other there. Jax and Ned left and Jax commented to Ned that Alexis loved Sonny. Kristina asked Alexis about Sonny and Alexis rushed from the room and let out a scream.

Carly's house:
Sonny went to see Carly but she wasn't there. Bobbie was there and they had a talk. He went up to see Michael and then left as Scott was arriving. Scott wanted to know what Bobbie thought about him proposing to Laura. She didn't think it was the right time with all that had just happened with the Cassadines.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

by QT

Nikolas and Gia were so happy together and enjoying one another. They had just finished making love when Taggert and Florence stormed into their private moment. Taggert was loud and demanding that Nikolas take his hand off his sister and that they get up. Then Florence interjected with Gia pack your things we are living now. Nikolas, being the prince and so suave, asked them to allow them time to put on their clothes and then he would explain everything. Once they had their clothes on Gia questioned Nikolas about what he was going to tell her mother. Nikolas avoided answering the question and just said that he would wing it. Gia was frustrated but was willing to give Nikolas the chance. Florence and Taggert re-entered the yacht and asked for the 25 words. Nikolas started to count on his fingers. Taggert said he was playing them. Nikolas said no actually I could answer in 18 words. I love and respect your daughter and I intend to propose marriage to her. Do I have your blessing? Florence and Taggert were caught off guard, but Florence immediately asked about the ring. Nikolas even surprised Gia by pulling out this gorgeous emerald and diamond engagement ring. Florence was speechless and Taggert was mad. He told Nikolas that was the smoothest line he had ever heard. Gia told them that they both needed to leave now. After they were gone Gia did not know how to respond to Nikolas; she was not sure if he was real or putting on one heck of a great act for her family. Nikolas let her ponder for a while, but then when she asked if the ring had a story, Nikolas retold their story and Gia knew it was a real proposal. Nikolas asked her to marry him. He put on the ring and they embraced.

While Alexis was in the kitchen venting by yelling, Kristina began to re-arrange her furniture in a more energy flowing way. Alexis asked Kristina to over look her primal yelling however Kristina said she was all for the yelling. Kristina told Alexis that she understood that she was not ready to talk about her feelings for Sonny. So the girls sat down and talked about girl stuff and started to reacquaint one another. Kristina told Alexis that she did some time at College under an Art History major. She added that her perfect guy would be someone that she could trust completely. Someone who is funny and can make her laugh because that is just ever so sexy, Kristina then asked Alexis the same question, what blows you away in men. Alexis becomes all frustrated and cannot even answer the simple question.

Luke went to visit the jail diva herself Helena Cassadine. It was truly amazing though because Helena is probably the only woman who could even look good in an orange colored prison overall. Helena told him to enjoy his brief victory because having money works wonders. Well-paid attorneys can make miracles and I will be out of her by tomorrow. Unfortunately her attorney was Virgil Armstead the local lawyer for person who cannot afford their own lawyer. Helena screams at the guard and tells him this is not her lawyer because her lawyer is Aaron Zellenger. At that moment Stefan walks in and advises Helena that he has taken over all her holdings and Aaron Zellenger is astronomically expensive and she could not afford to have a lawyer like that so she is stuck with the public defender. Luke and Stefan laugh together and in unison about Helena's defeat. Luke leaves but Stefan has a few more words for his mother. He told her that she can't pretend to enjoy this and you will stay her alone while all the people you hurt embrace themselves. Later on the pier Stefan caught up to Luke and ask him to join him in a drink. He told Luke that for this battle they fought on the same side and their grudge match was ending now. Luke remained skeptical. Stefan told him that regardless to whether they had the drink or not he was calling it quits for the vendetta between the Cassadines and the Spencers. Luke then yell out it will have to be a bar scotch not vintage port. Stefan asked if Luke was trying to broaden his palette. The two shared several shots and cheered to their families and the end of an era.

Carly and Sonny were trying so hard to reconcile or maybe we should say that Sonny was going all out to get Carly back. Sonny asked Carly to stay the night and then clarified it by saying he did not care what they did. They could talk or bond whatever as long as they try to work back to one another. Sonny made Carly an omelet with Salmon and scallions just like on their honeymoon. Carly commented on how much she missed him cooking for her because it really showed how much he cared about her. As they sat down at the table ate and drank wine, but as Sonny moved closer and tried to kiss Carly she asked him for more wine. He agreed and went to his cellar for more. In the meantime there was someone at the door. It was Alexis. She had come over and asked for butter. Carly blasted her and told her no but there is a supermarket down the street. Alexis remember the Carly of old had returned. Alexis politely asked Carly not to go running to Jax again. Alexis said that this just upsets Jax and for no good reason. Sonny by this time had returned from the cellar with the wine in his hand. Carly closed the door. Sonny immediately told Carly that there is nothing between him and Alexis and not to go to Jax and cause Alexis problems. Tears started in Carly's eyes. She told Sonny this is why their marriage cannot work because of lack of trust. See Sonny immediately you thought that I was in the wrong. I was on the pier and Jax was comforting and nice to me and sure I was ranting, but I was angry. I don't know what I was thinking because there is just no more trust left in our relationship. What I did was bull doze my house and now there is nothing left. Sure you love me and I love you but what is there without trust? Now do you understand Sonny? Sonny said yes and his eyes began to water. Is there anything else you need Carly? Carly replied yes. I need for you to sign the divorce papers. She told him she loved him and kissed him on the cheek and left crying. Sonny went to the desk and took out the divorce papers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Bobbie tells Carly about her conversation with Sonny a few days ago and that he really wants to forgive her. Carly restated the fact that he can't forgive. Bobbie assured Carly that Sonny loves her but Carly said it isn't enough for her. She said that she has learned a lot about herself and that she wants to be loved unconditionally by her husband. There is no point in having a relationship barren of trust. Bobbie understood and told her daughter that it important to value yourself. Carly then asked, "Then why does it hurt so much?" Bobbie replied with compassion, "Whoever said valuing yourself would be easy?"

Meanwhile Sonny shows up at Alexis' apartment to tell her to file the divorce. Alexis warns his that once that is done there is no turning back. Sonny tells her that he is aware of that. Alexis argues on behalf of Sonny's marriage while Sonny's rebuttal is he knows the consequences and has made his decision. Kristina is watching Alexis's reaction to Sonny very closely. Sonny seems to be amused by Alexis' tension and bad coffee. Alexis then diplomatically agrees to file for the divorce. Before he leaves Alexis senses that her conversation with Carly is a possible cause of his decision for divorce. Sonny's harder side appears as he intensely issues a warning to Alexis about Jax saying that Jax needs to stay out of his face. He leaves yet pauses outside her door for a moment in thought.

Jax and Skye are in deep discussion about Skye's plan to ruin Sonny when their conversation is interrupted by a knock on his door. Jax opens the door to find Carly dressed to kill on the other side. Carly requests an invitation inside as Skye's stomach turns. Skye immediately leaves as Carly makes a cute remark to her. Jax is short with Carly asking her what the purpose of her visit would be. Carly then tells Jax that she would like him to invest in a business idea that she has regarding a club. Jax doesn't seem too interested in such an investment stating to Carly that he has nothing to gain and on top of that, he didn't want to be used as a "get back at Sonny" scheme. Carly attempted to assure him that wasn't the case but instead she wanted to do something for her self. As Carly was admitting to Jax that she knew nothing about running a club but believed in her instincts they were interrupted by another knock on the door. Displaying intense irritation Jax swung open the door to find Sonny leaning on the door casing. Sonny sees Carly in the room and sudden dread and fear is obvious on her face.

Scott is still waiting for an answer from Laura. His patience is wearing thin as he helps Bobbie prepare for her traditional Thanksgiving dinner party. Bobbie tried to explain to Scott that Laura needs time. Scott becomes more sarcastic when he finds out that Bobbie has invited her deadbeat brother Luke to the party. Bobbie questions Scott about why he would be so insecure over Luke and Laura sitting at the same table together in a room full of people. It seemed like Scott was unsettled with that question.

Roy goes to Mac to ask for a job in the police force. Mac is suspicious of Roy because he initially turned down that offer and worked for Sonny when he first came to Port Charles. Roy was obviously disappointed when Mac said he couldn't think of anything that Roy could do that would be worthwhile to the department.

Roy returned to Melissa's apartment to find Luke and Melissa finishing up a check up. Luke had dropped in to ask Roy to go on a fishing trip in Montreal so he could avoid "turkey day" and all the sentimental mush that goes along with it. Roy gave Luke a hard time about his avoiding his feelings about Laura. Luke kept the mood light by flirting a little with Melissa before he left for his fishing trip. Roy said he would meet him after thanksgiving dinner at Bobbie's.

Nikolas and Gia announced to Lucky they were engaged at Kelly's. Lucky teased the couple telling them that they should just elope. Gia rejected that idea flatly stating she wanted an elaborate cathedral wedding with all the bells and whistles. As Nikolas went to pay for the coffee he heard Gia tell Lucky that she didn't know how Nikolas could handle being the son of Stavros Cassadine. There was a sense of emptiness on Nikolas' face as he heard his father's name.

AJ befriends Janine. Janine confides personal information about her family life. Skye meets with AJ later and begins to rant about his "ex wife" Carly showing up at Jax's. AJ tells her if Carly goes after Jax maybe she won't let Sonny adopt Michael and he would have another chance to be his father. Skye replied, "What would be in it for me?"

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Sonny catches Carly at Jax's penthouse, and Sonny offers to put up the money for Carly's new club in order to get her away from Jax. Sonny admits to signing the divorce papers, and Carly refuses to accept Sonny's offer.

Jealous Skye accuses Jax of hoping to seduce Carly in order to torture Sonny, and Jax suspects Carly of using him to manipulate Sonny. As a result, Jax backs away from Carly's business proposal, but stubborn Carly presses on, and Jax ends up taking her to an undisclosed location. Sonny shares a Thanksgiving dinner with Mike, and Mike begins to confess past sins until Sonny overrides him with his own admissions.

Luke makes it to Bobbie's home for the holiday, but Bobbie and Scott get detained for speeding. Laura asks Luke to fill in as host opposite her, and Luke inadvertently finds out that Laura may marry Scott. Furthermore, Lucky speaks to Liz over the phone, and he clearly remains unsettled. Nikolas also appears troubled after Stefan speaks badly of Stavros, and Nikolas slips away to visit Helena in prison. At the same time, Alan hopes for an untraditional Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine mansion. He sends the cook away and hires a chef to make a real holiday feast, but Rae and Skye's attendance causes Quartermaine chaos, and pizza ultimately returns to their table.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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