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Mateo struck a deal to help out Proteus in exchange for his family's safety. Laura managed to call Brooke for help before Laura collapsed in Jake's loft. Brooke blamed Leo for Laura's condition.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Erica asks Opal to procure some illegal drugs to plant on Frankie in order to have Frankie arrested and separated from Bianca permanently. Opal refuses, and she advises Erica to discuss her feelings with Bianca and Frankie instead. Meanwhile, Frankie manages to hide her gun before Bianca detects it, and Frankie denies using illegal drugs on a regular basis to probing Bianca. Frankie notes Bianca's genuine concern, and Erica overhears when Bianca explains that she thinks she's in love with Frankie. Mateo revives in a mysterious location, and Mateo agrees to do business with "Proteus" if he promises to keep Mateo's family protected. At the same time, Hayley shares her worry over Mateo with Ryan, and Ryan does his best to reassure her.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

At Jake's loft, Leo sat next to Greenlee, who was curled up on the couch, and apologized to her for not believing her when she told him that Laura was losing it. As they talked, Jake returned home and broke the news that he had managed to track down Roger. Greenlee's eyes lit up. The trio traveled to Pine Valley Hospital where Roger had been admitted. Oddly, Roger recalled little if anything about his attack. As he spoke, his words were halting and forced. Laura, meanwhile, placed a frantic call to Leo to find out when he'd be home. Leo angrily told Laura to stop calling him and refused to reveal his whereabouts.

Laura tossed the phone across the parlor of Brooke's home just as Phoebe, Edmund and Brooke were returning home. Edmund wittily picked up the tossed the phone and asked Laura if she had "dropped" it. Laura claimed that she'd been on the phone with Susan, but it was clear that no one believed her story. Laura continued on, saying that she and Leo were still married and that she was determined to make their marriage work. Phoebe placed her hand over her mouth and Brooke looked down at the floor. Both were unsure how to handle the situation. Laura announced that she was headed back to the condo to wait for Leo to return home. Edmund offered to give her a ride home, but Laura declined. After Laura left, Phoebe announced that Sam and Maddie were in bed and that there was no reason for Edmund to rush home. If he wanted, Phoebe smiled widely, he could spend the whole night at Brooke's house. It was quite clear what she was pushing for. After Phoebe left, Brooke teased Edmund that it was time to head to the Pine Cone.

Frankie was moved to tears by Bianca's declaration of love. Frankie claimed that no one - not even her mother and father - had ever told her that they loved her. Outside the room, Erica was devastated by Bianca's announcement, but touched by Frankie's genuine outpouring of emotions. Erica raced downstairs to talk to Opal about what had happened. Seeing how upset Erica was, Opal assumed that Erica had caught the two girls in a compromising position. Erica explained that Frankie's emotions puzzled her. A con artist, she said, would not be taken in by genuine emotions. Opal urged Erica to give Frankie the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, she suggested, Frankie isn't as bad as Erica believes. Erica returned upstairs and asked to speak to Bianca and Frankie. Erica pledged that, as a recovering drug addict, she would give Frankie whatever help she needed to kick her habit. Frankie reluctantly accepted the offer, unsure exactly what Erica was planning. Later in private, Erica pressed Frankie to state how she feels about Frankie.

Laura burst into Jake's loft and searched high and low for Greenlee and Leo. They were nowhere to be found. She placed a call to Leo to ask him when he would be returning home. Suddenly, her breathing became short and erratic. Leo rolled his eyes and told Laura to stop lying about her health. Leo angrily hung up the phone. Laura continued to plead for help before collapsing to the ground.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

After hanging up on Laura Leo looked at his phone then made the decision to turn it off. Meanwhile Laura was lying on the floor of Jake's apartment, barely able to catch her breath.

In Frankie's room at Opal's, Erica asked her if she loves Bianca. Frankie tried to avoid the question, asking Erica if she really wanted to hear the answer. "What if I do love her and will stay in Pine Valley? What if I am the person your daughter will spend the rest of her life with? What would you do if I'm your new reality?" Frankie asked Erica. She replied that she's no longer going to fight Frankie and only because Bianca is in love with her. Frankie told Erica that she's not looking to hurt anyone and Erica hoped that was true. She asked if Frankie would listen to why she's afraid for Bianca. Frankie agreed and Erica told her that she knows all about taking in strays, feeding them, caring for them, but sometimes they bite back. Erica said she realized she has two choices: 1) "I can reject you and lose Bianca or 2) I can welcome you and keep my daughter.." Frankie wondered which one Erica would choose and Erica said she would always choose her daughter. Then Erica told Frankie that she'd help her as long as she felt as strongly about Bianca as Bianca does about her. Erica said the first step would be to stop being advisaries. Erica accepted defeat and asked if Frankie could be a humble winner. Frankie didn't know what to say. Erica said she got the feeling Frankie wasn't used to kindness. Bianca returned to the room and wondered what happened between her mother and her friend. Erica told her they had an honest conversation but Frankie piped in that Erica had eavesdropped and heard their earlier discussion. Bianca flipped out but Erica told her it was an accident. She apologized to her daughter but said she wasn't sorry she heard the truth. Erica said that since she heard that she realized her feelings toward Frankie don't matter and that if Bianca does love Frankie Erica has no choice but to accept her. Bianca wondered what that meant exactly and was told that Erica will welcome Frankie into their lives as best she can. Bianca was thrilled and hugged her mother gratefully. Frankie and Erica exchanged looks over Bianca's shoulder. Erica asked if Bianca needed a ride home but Bianca wanted to stay with Frankie a little longer. Showing unusual graciousness Erica thanked Frankie for listening and said "Let's build on what we've started here tonight." After she left Frankie bounced down on the bed and laughed, saying Erica might be small but she was "one huge woman. What an act!." Bianca told her that wasn't an act but Frankie didn't buy it. Bianca said they should just relax now that her mother's not going to try to keep them apart and changed the subject. Bianca said she didn't want to pressure Frankie but wanted to give her something. She took off the silver pendant her father had given her and told Frankie she wanted her to have it. Frankie refused but Bianca told her that she doesn't need to be reminded that she's loved, but Frankie does and that she needs a reminder that Bianca loves her. Frankie let her place the necklace around her neck but was very flustered, saying she didn't know how to handle Bianca's kindness. Bianca told her to get used to it and kissed Frankie's cheek. She left the room, telling Frankie to sleep well. Frankie looked nervous and confused. After Bianca was long gone, Frankie grabbed the necklace from around her neck and threw it across the room.

Bianca went to the cemetery to visit her grandmother's grave. She knelt in front of the headstone and thanked her grandma for helping Erica accept her. "I prayed for so long for mom to get who I am and now she does!" Erica showed up and told Bianca she wasn't following her. Bianca knew that and gave her mom a big hug. She said it meant so much to her that Erica is trying to accept Frankie. "She's my girlfriend now, I know you don't like the way that sounds.." Bianca told her mother that she had a bad year last year, she'd lost alot of people she loved and that she didn't think she could handle it if she lost Frankie. With that Bianca left her mother alone to visit Mona's grave. Erica sat down and asked her mother what she should do. She began to cry and said she needed her mother's help. "I see so much of myself in Bianca, it's so familiar and painful." She went on to say that she knows Frankie is bad news, she can feel it. Crying, she said she wished she could be half the mother to Bianca that Mona was to her. Erica touched her mother's name on the headstone and asked for help in keeping Bianca safe.

At the hospital Greenlee asked her father where he went after she left to get help but he didn't remember anything. Jake tried to reassure her, saying that sometimes happened with heart episodes. Jake ordered some tests just as David walked in. He announced that Roger was his patient and that he'd be the one ordering tests. Jake ordered David out of the room but Roger wanted him to stay. David told Roger he knows about the pre-existing heart condition and can help him. David told Greenlee to leave the room while he examined her father. Jake and Greenlee went to the lobby where a worried Leo asked how Roger was. Greenlee explained that Roger couldn't remember anything and Leo wrapped his arms around her in comfort while Jake looked on. Inside the exam room David told Roger he was a very stupid man and had made his last mistake. Outside the room Leo asked Greenlee about Roger's condition and Jake jumped in. He accused Leo of believing that Greenlee was making this up and confirmed that Roger did indeed suffer some sort of attack. Greenlee thanked Jake for making sure Leo knew she was telling the truth. She also thanked him for finding her father and Jake told her that he takes care of his friends. Greenlee told Jake that he was the most selfless man she'd ever known, that he was a hero to alot of people, most of all to her.

In the living room of Brooke's house she shared a kiss with Edmund, who said he was glad she remembered how to kiss him. Brooke told him the house was quiet, Jamie was gone, his kids were at home with Peggy and Laura didn't want her help tonight. Edmund put his arms around her and they headed upstairs. The phone began to ring and Brooke said "Answering machines are wonderful things!." But Edmund insisted that she answer it. She picked it up but didn't hear anyone on the other end. Brooke threatened to hang up and finally Laura managed to speak. She told her mother she was ill and at Jake's apartment. Brooke and Edmund raced out the door. They got to Jake's and found Laura passed out on the floor. Edmund called for an ambulance while Brooke tried to find a pulse. She panicked and couldn't find one but Edmund told her Laura was breathing. Laura came to and said her chest was tight and her heart was going wild. Then she told her mother that she had called Leo but he had hung up on her. Edmund picked Laura up and said they weren't waiting for the ambulance. They took her to the ER at the hospital where Jake rushed to her side. He moved her into an exam room while Edmund and Brooke waited outside. Leo ran over and asked what happened. Brooke screamed at him "You did you bastard!!." Leo was stunned and said whatever happened was not his fault. Brooke asked if Laura had called him and had he hung up on her. Leo said yes but he thought she was faking it again. Brooke said maybe he was trying to kill Laura off now that he wanted out of the marriage. Leo denied this but Brooke went on to say that Leo was a curse and that if anything happened to her daughter "I'll hold it against you till you breathe your last miserable breath!." Edmund grabbed Brooke and told her to calm down. Leo walked back over to Greenlee and told her he didn't make Laura collapse. "I thought she was lying again! I have to end this once and for all" he said and started over towards Brooke again. Edmund told Brooke that she couldn't blame Leo for this, he didn't do anything wrong. "Laura was the one who lied, she went looking for Leo and Greenlee instead of going home like she told us" Edmund told Brooke. Brooke asked what she should do for Laura and Edmund replied that she should be there for Laura and be honest to herself about who Laura is and find out how she got that way. Edmund said Laura's problems go way deeper than her heart transplant. Brooke walked over to the exam room door and looked through the windows at Laura. Leo joined her and handed her a check. He told her he was paying her back for everything she'd given him to "help make Laura happy." Laura opened her eyes and heard the discussion between her mother and her husband. Leo went on to say he wanted to keep Laura's spirits up, he wanted her well. "I gave up my life to get her well but it made her worse, more needy and dependent!." He said he did the best he could but now he needed his life back and that it was over for good. Laura listened intently with a very evil glint in her eyes.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

At the beginning of the All My Children Thanksgiving special, Stuart lies in bed writing a letter to Scott. His narration intersperses the scenes. After finishing the letter, Stuart drifts off to a dream. There is a flashback scene of Scott when he was a child. The scene shows Scott, fearful of his mother's impending death, wondering what it will be like to have Stuart as his father. Marian rouses Stuart, concerned that he is crying. Stuart explains he is happy, not sad. He tells her they are going home for the holidays.

Brooke begins the day by leafing through a photo album of Jamie's baby pictures. She is amazed at how fast time flies, and how quickly Jamie is growing up. Jamie comes downstairs with a shaved head. Brooke is ready to fly off the handle when Jamie explains it is just a joke. He is wearing a bald cap. Edmund arrives with his children in tow. As Brooke prepares dinner, Edmund remembers a previous Thanksgiving with Brooke when he tried to express his feelings about her. Suddenly Edmund gathers up the kids and informs Brooke they are going to break all the rules for the holidays.

Bianca surprises Erica at Enchantment. She asks why Erica found it necessary to work on a holiday and wonders if her mother is avoiding her. Erica explains that Greenlee left her office a mess and she needs to get things back in order. As Bianca wishes for a family Thanksgiving, Erica comes up with a way to make the day special. Erica has Coral cook up a feast, which they pack up and deliver to Myrtle's house. When Erica and Bianca arrive at Myrtle's, they are surprised to find Jack and Chris there as well. They are watching football and drinking beer.

The Martins begin Thanksgiving at the hospital. Opal arrives with a bowl of her famous Garbanzo Guacamole Surprise dip. While Opal is pushing her dip on an apprehensive Tad, a woman is rushed in to the hospital about to give birth. They attempt to comfort the expectant father.

At the Santos condo, Hayley and Mateo celebrate their baby's first Thanksgiving while Rosa attempts to cook her first turkey. Unfortunately, when it is time to serve dinner, the turkey is still raw. As Rosa laments her cooking skills, Marian and Stuart arrive with food from the Serving Spoon. Soon after, Phoebe, Brooke, Edmund, and children also arrive to surprise the Santos family with dinner. Hayley magically expands the dinner table on the patio to accommodate all of the newcomers when the Martin's as well as the crew from Myrtle's arrive. Thanksgiving is salvaged. The entire party celebrates with a rendition of the song We Gather Together.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, All My Children was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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