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Monday, November 26

Frank talked to Gaby about where Karen was when they can't track her down at the rehab centre where she was suppose to be. Frank couldn't understand why she wasn't at rehab and calls Rhonda who hasn't seen her either. Chris and Karen talked about her medical info. Karen's organs were failing and failing badly and fast. Eve tried to inject Ian with truth serum. Lucy was afraid of Caleb but wanted to kill him. Livvie arrived and wouldn't help Lucy. Gaby and Frank chased down a lead about where Karen might be. Karen was really upset because she was aging way too fast. Ian surprised Eve by stopping her from injecting him with the truth serum. Eve told Ian he hadn't always been honest because he slept with Lucy. Livvie told Lucy about becoming Christina and changed into Christina right before her very eyes. Lucy wanted to kill Caleb and Lucy asked Livvie to get her the crossbow but Livvie wouldn't give it to Lucy to use on Caleb and announced that Caleb and she are husband and wife. A stunned Lucy couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing from Livvie. Livvie pushed Lucy down to the ground. Karen was afraid that she was going to die soon. Karen was mad at Chris for injecting her with that vampire serum. Chris told Karen that he would try to fix it if they worked together. They embraced as there was a knock on the door and Chris yelled come in thinking it is a pizza delivery boy. It was Frank and Gaby and they witnessed the embrace. Ian asked Eve how she knew about Lucy. Eve said the he cheated on her with Lucy of all people. Eve was upset with Ian for it. Eve thought Ian was blaming her for him sleeping with Lucy. Ian said that they would stay together 'til they get Daniel back. Livvie asked Caleb for the privilege of killing Lucy. Lucy pleaded with Livvie not to kill her. Caleb granted Livvie's request and then Caleb vanished making it easier for her to kill Lucy. Karen told Frank that she loved Chris with all her heart thinking that it would be easier for Frank to hate her than know the truth. Karen said she was sorry to Frank for falling in love with Chris. Frank left and Gaby said that they deserve it each other. Livvie went to the cave to see Caleb and showed him Lucy's blood on the crossbow. Caleb was happy that Livvie killed for him. Rafe comes into the woods to find Lucy.

Tuesday, November 27

Jamal went to see Hope with Valerie but told Alison he was going alone. Jack searched for Lucy and told Kevin that Caleb was back. Rafe buried Lucy while railing at the Gods. Livvie and Caleb were pleased with their accomplishments. Jack tried to convince Kevin that Caleb was back and that Livvie was helping him. Livvie told Caleb she'd give him everything he wanted. Soon they would have "their" child. Valerie wondered how Jamal could walk away from Hope. Alison asked Rafe for advice but he felt like a failure. He left his journal behind and Alison found it and followed Rafe to return it. Jack told Kevin Livvie tried to kill him but Kevin still wouldn't listen. Jack overheard Kevin calling to have him taken away as delusional and stormed out. Caleb couldn't make love to Livvie until after the final event. The Hartman's phone had been disconnected. Alison saw Rafe bring a bird back to life. Kevin told Livvie about Jack's visit and that he was starting to believe him because he couldn't find Lucy. Livvie told him Lucy was at the spa and would want to see him later to settle things. Jack called Caleb out. Caleb told Jack Livvie had acted of her own free will and that Lucy was dead by Livvie's hand. Caleb invited Jack to a party.

Wednesday, November 28

At the park, Alison sees Rafe revive a dead bird. He explains to her that it was just a magic trick, nothing special. Alison isn't fooled. She remembers the night at the monastery when the tree branch fell on her. She realizes she was dead and that Rafe brought her back to life the same way he helped the bird.

Alison is intrigued with Rafe. Though he tries to avoid her questions, Alison persists. Finally she figures out that he must be an angel. Suddenly, Alison isn't sure how to act around a heavenly being. She nervously remembers how she once kissed Rafe and is afraid she is in big trouble. Rafe assures her everything is fine then produces a pink rose for her. Alison has something for Rafe as well: his journal that she found at the Recovery Room. She asks him why he stopped writing on April 12, 1991 then realizes that must be the day he died. She also realizes that the reason he is helping them with Caleb is because Caleb is the one who killed him.

Gabriela runs into Frank and is shocked to see him sporting a bad cut on his face. She insists on taking him to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the hospital Livvie approaches Ian with a message from Lucy asking Ian to meet her at a new club called Tempted. Gabriela comes in with Frank and he is promptly treated by both Ian and Eve. When they finish, Eve leaves the room with paperwork when she is intercepted by Livvie. Livvie claims to have a message for Eve from Kevin. He has an idea how to get Danny back and wants Eve to meet him at Tempted. As Gabriela and Frank leave, they are given messages supposedly from Karen asking them to meet her that night at Tempted.

At Chris's apartment, Karen is feeling weaker every minute. She fears if it went on, she will be dead in a few days. Chris, being optimistic, tries to tell her he is working on a treatment to reverse the effects. Karen went off to bed. There is a knock at the door. Caleb is there wanting Chris to invite him in. Chris is hesitant, but Caleb insists, finally gaining entry. Chris assures Caleb he is working on the serum and it is almost ready. Caleb asks to see Karen. He wants to see how she is progressing. Chris swears that Karen is fine, and moving around like the Energizer Bunny.

Caleb doesn't trust Chris's observations so again he asks to see Karen. Chris comes up with the excuse that Karen is out for a jog. Caleb decides to wait. As he is sitting there, Karen peeks around the corner, sees Caleb, then disappears back into the bedroom. Caleb, aware of her presence but not letting on, changes his mind and prepares to leave. At the door, he told Chris he must bring Karen to a new club called Tempted.

After Caleb leaves, Karen comes out distraught at seeing him in the apartment. Chris lies to her telling her it wasn't Caleb, Caleb is dead of course. It was just a lab tech bringing papers from the hospital. He told Karen to rest because he will be taking her out later that evening.

Thursday, November 29

Livvie encourages Kevin to meet Lucy at "Tempted", but Kevin continues to have second thoughts and threatens to stay at home with Daniel. Livvie protests, and Kevin points out Livvie's insensitivity toward her loved ones. Livvie finally convinces Kevin to go, leaving Livvie alone with Daniel and thoughts about fulfilling her destiny.

The Hartmans apparently invite Jamal and Valerie to meet them at "Tempted", and suspicious Alison does her best to prevent them from going. However, Jamal and Valerie insist upon checking it out, and Alison follows them until a mystery person intervenes.

At "Tempted", Eve and Ian come face to face, and Eve suggests that Livvie set them up to reconcile. Chris and Karen also arrive, and fears grow when Gabriela and Frank appear as well and Karen denies having arranged the meeting. Kevin finally arrives, and panic plants itself in the room when James appears before him. At the same time, captured Jack breaks free from his restraints, and he rushes over to "Tempted" to save his friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, his arrival seems futile when the door locks, trapping everyone inside, and James disappears as the show begins.

Friday, November 30

The final episode of Port Charles: Tempted

James prepares Caleb for his big night. Caleb is nervous. James says that he as never seen such skill, determination, and courage. He also says that it has been an honor to serve him. Caleb thanks James for his service and friendship. James removes Caleb's ring, which has been keeping him on earth. James disappears as Caleb wishes him good rest.

Livvie is prepared to take Danny to his new daddy. As she opens the door she remembers Kevin telling her he loves her. She closes the door and went back in the lighthouse.

Alison arrives at Tempted only to encounter Rafe. She asks him why he's there, and told him not to lie. He told her that everything must play out on its own. As an angel he must have faith. Alison says that since she isn't an angel, she's going in. Rafe throws her over his shoulder and takes her away. He puts her down in the park where he told her he shouldn't have interfered with the course of events by taking her away, but he didn't want anything to happen to her. She is touched by this, but says she ha to go back. Rafe allows this but went with her. When they get back, Tempted's doors are blocked by a metal wall. Rafe says that it has already started.

Kevin told everyone to listen to Jack. Jack says that Caleb has lured everyone here to exact his revenge. Gabby says impossible. Ian says that Caleb's dead. Valerie wonders who Caleb is. Kevin verifies the story by saying that James is Caleb's manservant who died in Transylvania. Eve asks Kevin where Daniel is. He says that he is fine with Livvie. Jack says that no one is safe, especially the baby, since Livvie is working with Caleb. Kevin refuses to believe it, saying Lucy would have sensed it. Jack says that Lucy knew, and Livvie murdered her in cold blood. At that moment four metal walls fall to trap them. To make matters worse, the one wall begins to move to crush them. When Kevin and Ian realize they can't stop the walls themselves, they each pick up a table and put them top to top to stop the walls.

Chris: "Great, bar tables against the forces of evil. I feel better."

It works and the walls stop. Caleb then reveals himself, showing off his fangs.

Caleb: "Evening boys and girls. Okay, by show of hands, who missed me? [Ian yells] Nice to see you too, Doctor. And you Doctor, Doctor, all you semi-doctors, friends of doctors, lovers of doctors and, well, just all the little people. I want to thank you all for coming. I know how "pressed" you all were for time. But perhaps we could just take one moment to truly appreciate the irony of actual walls closing in on you, just like they've been doing for the last months without any of you knowing. And also for my flashy entrance. Feel free to applaud."

Caleb continues to say how Livvie helped him by becoming Christina and Anne-Marie. He proves it by showing video.

Caleb: "But nothing really compares to her greatest performance of all. A truly drop-dead... [To Kevin] in fact that's exactly what your fiancée did when she saw it. [To Ian] Or is it your fiancée? You people have me so confused."

Livvie enters with Danny. Caleb says that to prove their eternal devotion, they will make love while everyone is watching. Caleb declares his love to Livvie. With a cry of anger, Livvie reveals Lucy's crossbow arrow and plunges it into Caleb's heart. A tear rolls down Caleb's cheek as Livvie proclaims that everyone is finally free.

The End of Tempted.

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