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Todd took Viki to see Jessica. Lindsay blackmailed Melanie into staying away from Bo. Renee learned that Matthew might be Bo's son. Kelly suggested that she and Kevin have an affair. Kelly admitted that she loved Kevin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Viki realizes that it is Todd who has kidnapped her. When she demands to know what is going on, he tells her he is taking her to see Jessica. Viki wonders why he can't do anything like a normal person and just knock on her door instead of kidnapping her. Todd replies, "I hadn't thought of doing that." Meanwhile, Ben is beside himself with worry until Viki calls and explains where she is. Sam wants to know why Ben is so upset, and Ben finally confides to him about Viki's condition. Sam thinks it's time for him to confront Colin to find out what exactly he knows about Nora's death.

Lindsay pulls out all the stops in manipulating Lanie to leave Bo alone. Lindsay recalls an incident from their pasts when she prevented a 14-year-old Lanie from being raped. Lanie had a party and an older boy there had gotten her drunk and was taking advantage of her. Lindsay heard the commotion in the room and threw the boy out. When their father came home and smelled the booze Lindsay took the blame for the incident. Lanie tells Lindsay she has never forgotten what she did for her. Lindsay says she needs her to be a good sister back, now more than ever. "Please let Bo go," she begs her sister. "I need Bo now. Back then I did what was right for a sister to do. And now I need you to do that for me. Please give him up for me." At Bo's apartment Colin tries to convince him leave Lanie alone so they can repair their marriage. Bo refuses to because he thinks it is her decision one way or another.

Nora decides that she can't sit around any longer doing nothing. Even though there's no one to help her and she can't move, she concludes that her brain does still work and she is determined to find out the connections between herself and Colin. "Why does he know everyone in my life?" she asks herself. She draws a diagram and connects everyone back to Lanie. She looks at the picture of Lanie and then looks a figurine of two small girls on the dresser. "They look so much alike... Could it be, could they be?" Nora thinks.

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2000

At the gallery, Lindsay tries to reach Melanie. Colin walks in and suggests that Melanie is with Bo. Lindsay thinks that Melanie knows enough to stay away from Bo. Colin informs her that Lanie isn't afraid of her sister. She can't push Lanie—or Colin himself—around anymore. He wants out of their deal, asking for $50,000 in cash. Lindsay pleads with him to stick it out a bit longer, but Colin says that he is out. Bo and Lanie are her problem now. He's telling Nora the truth. "That'll get you indicted," Lindsay tells him. Colin says that he'll take his chances. He thinks that Nora would much rather nail Lindsay than him. He's doing everything in his power to help Nora get better, and when she is, she'll walk out of his house going straight for the police. Lindsay tells him that he can't let her do that. Colin yells at Lindsay for blaming her problems on a "poor, broken-down woman" and for conning her own sister. He still wants the money so he can hire the best lawyers he can. Once Nora tells her story, Lindsay will lose it all.

Still bedridden, Nora draws a picture, connecting lines to various people in her life. Colin walks in, and Nora tells him that they need to talk about a "mystery." She can't figure out why a smart, charming doctor like himself would risk spending his life behind bars keeping a stranger hostage. She wants to talk with him about his one chance to get out of this. She's been figuring things out and just has a few holes she wants filled. She shows him her drawing, pointing out Bo, Sam, Lanie, herself, and then Colin. Colin is connected to Bo and Sam through Lanie, she figures. She's connected to all three of them by misfortune. All that's left is how she and Lanie are connected. "There's just something missing in here—someone—who pulls everything together," she ponders. "Someone I don't seem to know." Colin tells her that he knows her all right. Nora says that she thought so and has Colin continue. He goes on to say that it's Lindsay. Nora asks how Lindsay is connected to Melanie. Colin asks if Nora has noticed a certain resemblance between them. Nora gets him to say that Melanie and Lindsay are indeed sisters. Nora gets upset, screaming at him for pretending not to know anyone in her life, when in reality, his wife is sleeping with her ex and is sisters with Lindsay, making Sam Colin's brother-in-law. Colin says that he didn't want to get her upset. He wanted her resting and healing. "It's not relaxing to know that your doctor is a lying slimebag!" Nora yells. Colin tries to apologize, but Nora tells him it's too late. It's time for answers. She asks if Lindsay is the reason for all of this. He is reluctant to answer, and Nora is upset. She knows what Lindsay is capable of, and this is it. If pretending Nora is dead seemed to solve her problems, she wouldn't stop at it. "Answer me! Please?" she begs him.

At the penthouse, Sophia panics over another police academy test. Antonio attempts to convince her that she won't fail. Roseanne walks in on their study session, offering coffee. Sophia doesn't understand why Roseanne and Antonio are being so nice to her. She talks about how lucky she is to have friends like them. The doorbell rings, and Antonio goes to open the door. He finds Lindsay there, hoping to see Roseanne. Roseanne rushes over, hoping Lindsay has news about Cristian. Lindsay says that it is about Cristian and Will. Antonio asks Sophia to leave the room; he explains that he doesn't want her to hear anything she might feel she has to report to "the job." Lindsay learns that Antonio is also in the police academy. She doesn't want him saying anything about Will to Bo. Antonio assures her that he will not go to the police with anything she says. Lindsay informs them that Will got in touch with her. She goes on to explain that they're in trouble and need money. Antonio is worried about Cristian, but Lindsay doesn't know how he is. All Will said was that they needed money. Antonio tells her that she should just tell them where to send it. Lindsay is quick to say that she can't tell them where the three are hiding. She suggests that they make the check out to her and she'll send the money. Antonio doesn't trust her, although Roseanne is willing to give up the money for Cristian. Antonio tells her that he thinks the only person who's in trouble is Lindsay. Lindsay is upset that Antonio refuses to believe her, and she quickly goes off to find someone else to help her. Alone, Antonio tells Roseanne that he is positive Lindsay was lying because she had the same look on her face that Roseanne had when she lied to hold on to Cristian. He adds that he hasn't seen that look in a long while. Roseanne says that she got the message about Cristian when he left with Jessica. Antonio asks if she really is through with the schemes and lies. Roseanne replies that she really is trying to change--with the help of a determined friend.

At the lounge in the hospital, Lanie sleeps, remembering herself as a teenager telling Lindsay that she'd make it up to her for what Lindsay did for her. Bo comes and wakes Lanie up. She wonders why he's there, and he says that he just wants to see her as much as he can. He knows that her shift's almost over and suggests that they go for a swim. Lanie brushes him off, saying that there are some things she needs to do. Bo tries to read the expression on her face. He says that he saw it at the inn, and it says more than she's saying. He wonders what's making her want to stay away from him. Melanie tells him that she doesn't want to stay away from him; she really does have some things she needs to do. Bo mentions to Melanie that Colin paid him a visit. Melanie is upset that Colin bothered him. Bo thinks that Colin just wants him to stay away from her. He told Colin that Melanie can make her own decisions. She thanks him for that. Bo brings up the idea of going for a swim again. At her hesitation, he wants to know what's changed between them. He says that he isn't leaving until she tells him what it is. Later, they arrive at a private room, complete with a candlelit dinner. Bo tells Lanie that he did it for them. He wanted to be with her. He tries to kiss her, but Melanie pulls away. She comments that she didn't know Llanview could be so romantic. Bo tells her that having a country club membership pays off; they have some privacy in here. Melanie guesses that Bo is trying to avoid running into Lindsay. Bo tells her that Lindsay knows where they stand. His cell phone rings. After talking for a minute, he tells Melanie that he may be a while. She goes off to swim as Bo takes the call. Later, he shuts off the phone and watches Melanie dry off. He goes outside to help her and ends up starting to kiss her again.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lindsay tries to find Melanie is told that her sister took off with the police commissioner.

Jessica sits in Todd's hotel room, holding her mother's china doll and looking lost. Will and Cristian come in and tell her that they think Todd's just a problem. They want to leave right away. Jessica initially says no; Todd's helped them a lot. The boys still think that he's up to something. Jessica defends him, insisting that Todd would never do anything to her or her mother. Will tells her that Todd would love to see him in more trouble. Jess agrees and reluctantly decides that she can't ask Will to take that chance. They get ready to rush out, only Todd opens the door. "You guys wanna have a party?" he asks. The boys say they're not interested, but Todd insists that it's a good party—a reunion party. He leads Viki in, and she rushes over to hug Jessica. She is pleased to see that her daughter is all right. Jessica is concerned about her mother's health, but Viki insists that everything's going okay; she understands why Jess is doing what she's doing. Jessica thanks Todd for bringing Viki to her as Viki turns to Will and Cristian. Will immediately apologizes for all of this happening. Viki tells him that Sam is working hard to clear him, adding that he loves and misses his son. Will and Cris then leave to give Jessica and Viki some privacy. Viki thanks Todd for making her happy. She tries to hug him, but he pulls back, saying, "You hug me, I'll rip your wig off." He leaves, and Jesica tells Viki that she looks "so different." They hug and Viki reassures her daughter that she's fine; losing her hair is part of the cure. Jessica apologizes for not being there for her mother. Viki says that Jessica was with her—she couldn't stop thinking about her and is sure Jessica felt the same. Jessica agrees, saying that she couldn't stop thinking about her mother. "Even when you were on stage?" Viki asks. Jessica guesses that Todd told her mother, but Viki says that he showed her a video. Jessica is surprised; Todd didn't mention this tape. Viki mentions the fact that Todd wouldn't say where he was bringing her, either. She asks Jessica about the band, complimenting her on her singing. She was so happy to see her daugther. Jessica asks if Viki wants her to come home. "More than anything on this earth. But you can't, can you?" Jessica says that she can't leave Will now; she made him promise not to leave her, either. Viki is proud of Jessica's loyalty and asks if she is in love with Will. Jessica says that she is, and Viki asks if Cristian has accepted that. Jessica informs her mother, "he doesn't have to. I'm in love with him, too." Viki wonders if both of them know this, and Jessica tells her that they do. She doesn't know how to choose and wants her mother to help her. Viki wisely says that if Jessica doesn't know how to choose, she must not be ready to. [Recapper's note: Isn't Viki supposed to be helping her daughter, not encouraging her? I don't think I can take another year of this!]

Jessica feels like she's leading them on. Viki disagrees, although Jessica is sure that she's hurting them. Viki thinks that Will and Cristian can take care of themselves; right now, Jessica has to take care of herself. She understands that Jessica has to be here right now. Jessica wonders why she had Todd give her the doll; she had seen it as a sign that Viki wanted her to come home. "What doll?" a confused Viki asks. Jessica shows her the doll, and Viki informs her that she didn't know Todd had taken it. Jessica realized that Todd lied to her. Viki thinks that Todd was just trying to help her. Jessica questions Todd's motives regarding Will and Cris. Viki doubts that Todd would hurt Will by turning him in, but she agrees that Todd probably doesn't like Will, since he wants Sam's love and affection. He sees Will as a rival. Jessica notes that although Todd saved them, he has been rude to Will and Cristian. "That's Todd," Viki offers as an explanation. "He's so strange and easy to hate, but yet I love him," Jessica says, trying to make sense out of it. "So do I," says Viki. She goes on to say that Will and Cristian should just look at what Todd has done for them, rather than what he's said.

Meanwhile, Will, Cristian, and Todd eat outside of the hotel. Cristian and Will comment on Todd's lacking table manners. Todd tells Will that he may know how to use all that silverware, but he's still on the run, and that makes him a loser. "I'm so sick of you," Will says. Todd brings up Jessica and Viki's reunion. "They really missed each other," he notes. He says that he thought the reunion was a good idea, but now he's not so sure—Viki cried the whole way there, and he figures both of them will be basket cases after Viki leaves—if Jessica lets her go, that is. He just can't think of what else to do, he tells the boys, asking for suggestions. Will says that if Todd wants to let Jessica go home, he has no argument. He informs Todd that he told Jessica he'd go, but she won't let him. Cristian tells him it's because she feels guilty. Will says that it's not his doing. Todd notices the tension between them and asks if they're going to punch each other now. "Will you shut up?" Will asks angrily. He knows Jessica is staying there because of him. Cristian assumes that it's her guilt or responsibility for Asa's actions that's making her stay, but Will tells him that he talked to Jess and promised he wouldn't leave until she says. Jessica told him that she would never forgiver him if he deserted her. If Cris loves Jess as much as he claims he does, he would realize that she can make her own decisions. Cristian tells Will that if he doesn't get her to stay, he will. Jess has to go home with her mother—Will has to stop making her feel like she has to stay. Todd calms them down. Will and Cris discover one thing they agree on—both of them have had enough of Todd. Todd decides that he agrees with Will. The choice does belong to Jessica. Todd notices that the house detective is looking over at them and tells them not to look over there. They do, and Todd comments that they're "never going to get the fugitive merit badge." He instructs them to leave, saying that he'll take care of the detective if he follows them.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Jess informs her mom that she has to stay with Will and Viki tells her she understands. She also tells her that they used her cabin to hide out in. Downstairs, Todd tries to herd Cris and Will away, telling them that the house detective is watching them. After the two leave, Todd hands the man some money. In Todd's room, the kids pack up to go. Jess says farewell to her mother and Todd gets back in time to hustle them out. Viki begs Jessica to be careful.

At the country club Asa tries to make peace with Renee by handing her a box. He wants her to come home because he loves her. When she refuses, he opens the box to show her the emerald necklace that she saw in NY. He'll get her anything but when she tells him she wants the kids to come home safe with the charges dropped he refuses her. Lindsay wanders nearby, looking for Bo, but the waiter tells her he hasn't seen him. Renee jumps up and offers the necklace to Lindsay because she won't be bought by Asa. The old man informs Lindsay that he saw her sister and Bo together and that she can't get Bo back let alone Nora's son. As the two yell at each other, Renee listens. Sam is the one standing in the way of the paternity test but she can handle him as long as she gets Will back, Lindsay informs the old man. Asa thinks she's bluffing and demands the necklace back or he'll break her hand. Renee is livid that Asa is going after Sam's baby. This is a child, not a company to be bought, she chides him and she wants him left alone. The waiter finds Lindsay to tell her that Bo is in Cabana Number 7.

In their country club cabana, after her swim, Melanie explains to Bo that things can go no further between them. He thinks she's in trouble and wants to know more. It's too complicated, she tells him. Lindsay is outside hiding as they decide to leave.

Colin tries to explain to Nora that he was trying to buy time and that she wasn't supposed to stay that long. He wants her to go home because she's getting better. He admits that Nora is a challenging woman and is starting to grow on him but he assures her he'll let her go. Just then, Sam approaches Magda, downstairs getting the mail. He asks to see Colin and through motioning, she undertands and runs upstairs to get the doctor who excuses himself from Nora's room. When he learns that Sam is waiting for him, he goes back to tell Nora he has to go out but Magda will bring her lunch. He heads downstairs and tells Sam he has an emergency and has to leave. Sam feels he's being rushed out but he wants to speak with Colin about Nora. He thinks that Colin is acting nervously and questions him on his whereabouts the night of the train wreck, why Viki thinks she saw Nora and why did he know about his and Nora's obscure realty case? He will not leave until he gets the truth from the doctor. Colin admits to being injured the night of the wreck because he was near the exploding car but did not see Nora, Viki did not see Nora either but another woman who has since gone home and that's who Ben saw. As for the realty case, he just happened to read about it in "Law Times" and he copied down the wrong information in his haste. He personally thinks that Sam just can't face the truth and is trying to make a miracle. Life will be a living hell for Colin if he's lying, Sam informs him.

As Magda is serving Nora lunch, the patient spots Sam's card in her apron pocket. She understands from the maid that Sam is downstairs and starts screaming and yelling his name. It's too late as Sam is already out the door. He starts to go back for something but just then his cell phone rings. It's Asa who wants to put the family back together. He demands Sam meet with him at the country club. Colin arrives back to Nora's room and tells her Sam has left. Nora knows he'll be back and he'll find her. Colin admits he wanted to tell him, as his conscience is starting to get to him, but he's trapped. He begs Nora to get them out of it, he needs a way to get her back home. When she tells him to just do it but she can't forgive him because everyone thinks she's dead, he assures her he'll take her home today if she can figure something out.

Sam meets with Asa who tells him he was talking about the Buchanan family and Matthew, not the Rappaports. Asa wants his blood back. When Renee tries to intervene, Asa tells her to stay out of it. Sam mentions Asa's "close-knit" family and when voices become raised, Renee asks the waiter to call for Bo to come quickly. At the cabana, as Bo asks Lanie when he'll see her again, the waiter rushes up to get him. He wants Lanie to wait for him. As he dashes off, Lindsay comes out of hiding to tell Lanie how proud she is that Lanie has been able to give up Bo for her. Lanie assures her that she's not giving him up.

As Viki is left alone in Todd's room, a man wanders in. When she inquires about the house detective, the man tells her the hotel doesn't have one. Todd, Cris, Will and Jess have gone on the run again.

Nora tells Colin to plea bargain and maybe the DA's office will grant him immunity. Colin thinks she'd say anything to get out and won't believe what she tells him. She assures him she will never forget what he's done to her.

Bo shows up to find out that Lindsay has involved Asa with Matthew's paternity. He and Sam take off for the cabana that Bo has just left. Asa questions Renee on whose side she's on and she tells him he just blew it.

Lindsay calmly tells Lanie that she does desperate things when she gets desperate. Sam and Bo arrive and Bo agrees; they know all about how she does desperate things.

Thursday, JULY 13, 2000

Llanview Hospital

Kelly "wanted to surprise" Joey with news of her pregnancy, but when her home pregnancy test was negative she came to the hospital to double-check the results. Since Dr. Conklin reconfirmed the negative result, a frantic Kelly tells Joey, "Something is wrong...we have to fix it." Joey is hurt when Kelly tells him she doesn't want to waste time trying to have a baby if something is really wrong, she wants fertility tests done today. Joey says he wants to enjoy the process of making a baby but Kelly is impatient and desperate. She turns on Joey and accuses him of "humiliating" her instead of "supporting" her when Dr. Conklin refuses to do invasive fertility tests before they have tried to conceive for a year. Joey knows something else is bothering Kelly because she isn't "the Kelly I know...who enjoys every minute of her life...sometimes you're somewhere far away and when you come back, you're sad." He asks Kelly repeatedly to tell him what is on her mind but she just says she has "a lot going on." Joey wants to know what is really bothering Kelly so he can "try to make it right" but he gives up and leaves, telling his wife that when she is ready to talk, she can let him know.

The Banner

Skye interrupts a very busy Kevin with the request he look at her resumé because she is "eminently qualified for the position." Kevin informs her the Banner long ago filled her position, but he is amused when he glances at the resumé. Skye is seeking to "have an affair" with Kevin. Although it is the best offer he's had all day, Kevin assumes Skye is trying to use him as "payback" for Max dumping her. For Skye, it's not about payback because she claims that she left Max because he "began to bore" her. She claims she wants "to move ahead...have fun with no strings attached" because "love gets in the way...lets you down." Skye claims Kevin is "perfect...for what I'm looking for: single, male, you've sworn off drink...great of all, you're in love with somebody else, too." Kevin claims he is not in love with Kelly since she's married to his brother, but he refuses to have an affair with Skye because "it's not right." Skye doesn't care what's right because she feels she never gets what is right but Kevin assures her she "deserves better" than Max or a meaningless affair with him. Skye is embarrassed about her offer to Kevin but he reminds her she is only human and hugs her. Kelly walks in on their embrace and, while Joey watches from outside the door, Kelly pulls Skye away from Kevin threatening, "Get your disgusting hands off him."

Country Club

Renee is "appalled" at Asa's most recent "conspiracy" with Lindsay to take Matthew away from Sam. Asa claims it's none of Renee's business now because she chose to leave him so she has no right to care. He "swears" to Renee that it was Lindsay who came to him claiming she would give him a grandson, dangling it "under my nose like a carrot...she was like a cat who swallowed the ever-loving canary." They are interrupted by Max and Blair's announcement of their reconciliation, which, of course, Asa doesn't approve of. When Asa gets a call about the latest deal Buchanan Enterprises lost to B&B, he questions Blair about where Ben can be getting all his money. Blair suggests it might be Viki and offers her help, which Asa rudely refuses. Max demands that Asa apologize to Blair before he will leave with his father to attend to business. When they are gone, Renee tells Blair she is happy she and Max "worked things two belong together." Blair isn't sure if that's an insult or compliment. Renee offers that it's "probably both...but when he's with you...I know he hasn't taken total leave of his senses." While Renee doesn't know if her marriage to Asa is really over, Blair claims to be "rededicated" to her marriage with Max. But after Renee leaves, Blair gets Charlie, a young computer geek, to meet her at the country club. While Charlie drools over Blair, she asks him to help her with a "very special project...a little dangerous...a little bit sexy." Blair has a story to share about "two men...a long lost heir who's been cheated out of his birthright...the other man...who cheated him." She thinks telling it via a computer virus will "make a splash" and make people "sit up and take notice." Charlie suggests something like the ‘I love you' computer virus of several months ago, and Blair concurs, except she claims it is "the ‘I hate you and I'm gonna make you wish you'd never been born' virus."

Country Club - Cabana 7

Sam demands that Lindsay tell him if she sold him "down the river to that murderous old goat?" Lindsay wants to know what Asa said, but since neither Sam nor Bo told Asa about Matthew, they agree it had to be Lindsay. Sam is incredulous that after all Asa has done to his family members, Lindsay would "just hand my son to him on a silver platter?" Caught, Lindsay does what she does best, Lindsay lies about how she told Asa. She claims she "had no choice...I thought it was the only way to save Will...I didn't mean for it to come out...I threw myself at his mercy...practically on hands and knees...he laughed at me...taunted me...I was just slipped out...I couldn't believe I said it...I'm sorry." Sam is angry that Lindsay used his son as "a bargaining chip" but Lindsay claims she only told Asa "the facts." Sam goes ballistic and informs her, "There are no facts. There's only what goes on in Lindsay-land." Melanie steps in and suggests that she and Sam go home because he has said what he "needed to say." When they leave, Lindsay asks Bo to understand what she did but he wonders what would have happened if Asa had come through on their deal. When Lindsay explains that she would have just lied to Asa about making the whole thing up, Bo questions why Lindsay waited so long to tell him about the possibility of Matthew being his son. He reminds her that when she did tell him, she promised total honesty but went behind his back in making the deal with Asa. Bo wonders if that is Lindsay's idea of "total honesty." Lindsay turns the tables on him by asking Bo when he was going to be totally honest and tell her about sleeping with her sister. Bo doesn't deny that it happened, but he explains that at the time he and Lindsay weren't together and he didn't know that Melanie was Lindsay's sister. For Lindsay, that isn't enough. She feels that on the night their child was dying, Bo "betrayed me with the person who would most hurt me." Bo explains he never meant to hurt Lindsay and didn't want to be "cruel" and tell her about he and Melanie. Lindsay seems to accept this, even telling Bo it proves he's "human just like me...we keep secrets because we don't want to hurt other people...we end up hurting them even more." But Lindsay wants to know what happened between them after Nora "died" because she thought they were "getting somewhere." She claims to understand Bo's "one-night stand" with Melanie because it's "not as if it meant anything." Although Bo doesn't think Lindsay wants to hear the truth, he tells her, "There's something between Melanie and me. I don't know what it is but I want to find out." A too-controlled Lindsay claims she is "OK" but asks Bo to leave. Later, Lindsay calls Melanie from her gallery claiming, "You're all I have left...can you come now?" After she hangs up, Lindsay closes the blinds, turns off the lights and proclaims, "That ought to do it."

Sam's House

Sam is upset at himself for not realizing that Asa's earlier threat to "take something else away" from him had referred to Matthew, but he vows to Melanie there is no way Asa will get "anywhere near my son." She assures him that Bo "won't let him" but Sam is upset that Bo believes what he thinks are Lindsay's lies about Barnes and the test results. Melanie concurs that Lindsay "says a lot of things to get what she wants" but doesn't think this is a lie, so she suggests that even though it is "painful" that Sam should consider the possibility that Matthew could be Bo's biological son. She claims if she had to take sides, she would take Sam's side because of all the things he has done for her over the years. "You always know what to a man and as a father...if there's even the tiniest possibility, don't you want to deal with it?" Sam admits the thought that Matthew might not be his biological son "makes me's very difficult to live with uncertainty...but I could live with it instead of losing my son." Before Sam goes upstairs to check on Matthew, he thanks Melanie for "caring enough to tell me what I didn't want to hear." Later, when Bo comes by to talk to Sam, Melanie explains that she received an urgent call from Lindsay and although she doesn't know what she can do to help her, she feels, "I have to try to do something." As Melanie leaves, Bo reminds her of his feelings, "That night was wonderful. I'm sorry anyone got hurt." As Bo enters the living room, Sam comes down the stairs calling back to Matthew, "Don't worry, Matthew. Daddy will fix it. Daddy will make it all better."

Friday, July 14, 2000

Colin showed up at the gallery to demand more money from Lindsay and found her wearing her wedding dress. At first he thought she was losing her mind, but then she admitted that it was all just an act, she wanted to convince Melanie it was true to keep her away from Bo. Lindsay rushed Colin down the back stairs before he could ruin everything and then put on her act for Melanie. Melanie believed that Lindsay had truly snapped, especially when she took off her wedding dress and gave it to Melanie, insisting that she wear it for her wedding to Bo. Suddenly, Lindsay rushed to the elevator and left, leaving a worried Melanie to follow after her once the elevator returned.

At Sam's house, Bo was making no progress getting Sam to agree to a DNA test, even though he promised to keep Asa out of the whole thing. The discussion was overshadowed, though, when Sam couldn't get Matthew's sudden fever to come down. Colin just happened to arrive at that time, looking for Melanie, and rushed upstairs to take a look at Matthew. After one look, he told Sam that Matthew needed to get to the hospital immediately. Sam scooped up Matthew and headed out the door.

At Llanfair, Viki told Ben about her visit with Jessica and about the good news that she got from the doctor, that the chemotherapy seems to be working. She just wishes she had some way to get the good news to Jessica. She's also worried because she feels that Todd has some sort ulterior motive going on about the kids. Ben, worried that Todd is out to hurt Will, leaves to go find them.

In the meantime, Todd, Will, Cris and Jess have arrived at their latest hiding place, Asa's cabin. Jessica is nervous about being so close to Llanview, but Todd tells her not to worry, Asa is so concentrated on making the Rappaport's pay he won't take time off to come to the cabin. Will and Jessica go out for a walk and Todd uses the opportunity to use Cristian. He pretends to make a phone call where he gets bad news and then finally 'admits' to Cristian that Viki's chemotherapy isn't working. Cris does exactly what Todd hopes he'll do and tells Will that if he loves Jessica, he has to break his promise to her and leave her behind.

Kelly continues to attack Skye until Kevin tells her to back off. Skye is his friend and he'll see her if he wants to. Joey excuses Kelly's behavior by saying they just had an argument and Kelly is just angry at him and taking it out on Skye. Kevin and Skye leave the couple to 'make up', but Joey keeps pressuring Kelly to tell him what's wrong so he can help. She tries to tell him it's nothing, but he keeps pushing and finally she blurts out, "I'm in love with Kevin!"

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