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Thorne and Brooke felt guilty about Macy's death. Macy's family learned the tough news, and Thorne and Stephanie attended Macy's memorial service. Sally revealed to Stephanie that Thorne had been involved with another woman prior to Macy's death.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, July 10, 2000

At the crash site, Thorne is tending to Brooke's head wound. He asks Kimberly to stay with Brooke. When he says that Macy is still in the car, Kim wants to join him, but he tells her to stay put. As Thorne approaches the car, it is engulfed in flames. Thorne is knocked to the ground as the car explodes. Kimberly is calling out for Macy. Brooke is awakening, and calls out for Thorne. Kim immediately starts asking her about what happened. She asks her why Macy was in the car and then asks her if she did anything to upset Macy. Brooke says that she doesn't know and falls asleep. Kimberly hears sirens and she flags them down. She tells them that her sister was in the car and she wanted them to do all that they could to save her. She said that Thorne was looking for Macy because he believed that she may have gotten out of the car. Thorne returns as they are putting Brooke into the ambulance. He asks where they are taking her. They tell him that he could ride in the ambulance, but he says that he has to go help look for Macy. Kimberly says that she can't lose Macy because Macy was all that she had. Thorne reassures her that she was not going to lose Macy. Kimberly has tears running down her face and Thorne hugs her. They are still embracing when a fireman approaches them with a sad look on his face.

C.J. and Amber as discussing Becky. He says that being with Little Eric makes him feel closer to Becky. Amber reminds him that it was what Becky wanted. She wanted them to be a family. C.J. starts thinking about Macy. He said that he was sorry that he had not been there for her with all that she was going through. He said that Thorne would be sorry if he hurt her in any way. He calls Macy, but she doesn't answer. He leaves a message on her machine and tells her that he loves her and to get in touch with him when she got the message.

Clarke and Sally are discussing Macy and Thorne. Sally said that most of Macy's happy memories were with Thorne. Clarke reminds her that Macy also had happy times with her and C.J. and also Darla and Saul. Sally said that what Macy needed most of all was to get into rehab and come back home with her family. Clarke said that Macy might be better off without Thorne, because the Forrester's only cared about themselves. Sally doesn't believe that Thorne is like the rest of his family. She starts looking in a photo album of pictures of Macy from Childhood through adulthood.
She has flashbacks of many happy times with her daughter as the song Smile is being played in the background. Sally suddenly has tears streaming down her face as she thinks about Macy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Goodbye Bobbie Eakes! Good luck on your music career.

Kim and Thorne are still at the crash site trying to find out about Macy. Kim ask the fireman did he find Macy.

Amber and Little Eric are visiting Rick at Brooke's. She tells Rick that Little Eric has not been sleeping very well. Rick says that is probably because he misses Becky. Amber makes some lame comment to Bridget about her being too grown up for babysitting now. Which prompts Rick to suggest that she leaves Little Eric with him tonight. Amber says that she is trying to keep him on a consistent schedule and she does not believe that Brooke would like it all too well. Amber asks, "Where is Brooke?" Bridget finds it strange that Brooke has not checked in yet.

They show Brooke sitting in a hospital bed with a bandage on her head. She is asking the EMT is he returning back to the accident site. He says that he does not know anything but he will tell her friends that she is all right. She thanks him.

C.J. is at Sally's. They are updating C.J. on the latest Macy drama. Sally is sorry that she has to tell C.J. that Macy has been drinking again. He admits that he knew something was wrong but wonder why the family did not tell him. He deserved to know that she was in trouble. Sally tells him that Macy is planning to go to rehab. C.J. insist that they can help her, she does not need to be in a rehab. He wants to know what is bothering her. Clarke tells C.J. that it is best that he is there to support her. Clarke sorta tells C.J. how Brooke and Thorne re involved. C.J. loses it and wants to head right on over there. Sally stops him and lets him know that no one is there. They are having dinner together at Big Bear.

Back at the crash site, Kimberly and Thorne are being told by the firefighter that they cannot locate Macy. They have searched the entire crash site but have found partial remains.
Kimberly starts screaming and ask what does that mean. The firefighter apologizes. Thorne is trying to comfort Kimberly. Thorne is repeating to himself, "No survivors." Kimberly, "Macy can't be dead." Thorne, "She was counting on me. I could have saved her." Another firefighter tells them to move because the car can blow again. Kimberly does not want to go. She is saying that Macy is her only family. Thorne reminds her that she still has family and they will help her through this. He wants to go to the hospital and take Kimberly with him. She says, "No. I have to tell Sally before the police do."

Bridget is going to make popcorn and extends the offer to Amber and Rick. Amber says that she and Little Eric have to be going before Brooke gets home. Rick asks her why go back to an empty apartment....Amber starts to say that they are actually not alone when the phone rings. Brooke is calling from the hospital to tell them about the accident. Rick talks to his mom and offers to come and get her but Brooke says that Thorne will bring her. She will only be there overnight for observation. Rick asks her if Thorne was in the accident with her. She says, no but Macy was.

Rick asks about Macy and Brooke lets him know that she does not know. She gets off the phone. After hanging up, Brooke says, "Macy has to be OK. Dear God, let her be OK."

Bridget wants to know why Brooke is at Big Bear. Rick says that he does not know. Amber wonder if she was going there to see Macy and Thorne. Rick says there was an explosion and they all hope Macy is OK.

C.J. is confused about why Macy and Thorne are having dinner together at Big Bear. Sally tells him that no one knows what is going on up there. She was not certain that Macy was planning on a reconciliation with Thorne. She tells him about the phone call from Thorne that everything had been all right but they got interrupted before he could finish. C.J. wants to know if Macy is up there alone. Clarke says that Kim went up there to make sure she is not alone. Clarke talks about how Brooke is going 3 for 3. C.J. wants to know if this is what caused Macy to drink because she knows about Brooke. Clarke tells C.J. that Thorne has asked her for a divorce.
C.J. goes on about how Thorne had picked Macy and promised to never hurt her.

Thorne arrives at the hospital to see Brooke. It shows him crying outside the room before he goes in. Brooke wakes up and ask if Macy is OK. He ask her how she is doing. She tells him that she is OK and glad to see him. She tells him that she tried to get information about the accident but no one would tell her anything. She wants to know if Kim and Macy have come with him. Thorne sits by her side and breaks the news to her that Macy is gone. Brooke is in tears. Thorne explains that she died during the was an accident. Brooke tells him how she went up there to drop off the divorce papers, she had no idea how Macy was going to act. (Isn't she an expert at people's reactions by now?) She had tried to stop Macy but she would not listen ( I thought she did not remember anything). Thorne blames himself for all of this. If only he hadn't asked her to marry him. If only he had told her the truth about her in the beginning. Brooke says that Macy loved him very much. Thorne says how he loved Macy. He begins to cry harder in Brooke's arms.

C.J. is still going on about how dumb Thorne is for doing this to Macy. Clarke and Sally are trying to get him to concentrate on Macy. She will need all the support that she can when she gets home. Sally tells them that they can't have Macy hearing them talk negatively about the Forresters. She has to know that they are all there for her. Kim rings the doorbell. She is looking pretty shaken. C.J. asks where Macy is. Kim cannot seem to talk. She is just staring at C.J..

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

At Sally's house:
Kimberly shows up at Sally's doorstep. Sally answers the door and sees that Kimberly is in shock about something. She is trembling and unable to speak. Sally asks Clarke to go get her some water. C.J. asks her what's wrong? Kimberly still cannot speak. Sally is confused by her behavior, so she decides to go up to Big Bear and pick up Macy and find out whams the matter with Kimberly. Sally tells Kimberly and C.J. that there sister is a survivor and she can pull through this ordeal with Thorne wanting a divorce. As Sally heads to the door, Kimberly tells Sally that Macy is dead. C.J. yells at Kimberly and asks her what does she mean Macy is dead. Kimberly says that there was a car accident and that Macy was in the car. She saw the wreck on the way to the cabin. Sally reminds Kimberly that it couldn't be possible for Macy to be in an accident, she didn't have a car. Kimberly cries out they were in Brookes car. They were there together, and Thorne was there too. He happened to pass by the wreck and stopped to help. Sally tells her that Macy was making dinner when she was there, then Thorne called and said that the evening went well when Sally arrrived home.Kimberly tells Sally again that she knows what she saw, Macy is dead. Sally asks Kimberly if she saw Macys body. Kimberly says that she saw the car explode with Macy in it, Macy was blown to pieces. Thorne got Brooke out but couldn't get to Macy in time. Sally tells Clarke to look after Kimberly. She is going to Big Bear to see what is going on . The door bell rings, Sally answers it there are two police men standing there. They ask her if she is Macy Forrester's mother, she says yes she is. She asks them if Macys alright. They do not answer her and ask to come in. They then tell her that they have bad news. Sally asks again if Macy is ok. The policemen tell her that she was in a car accident and hit a tanker filled with gasoline. The vehicle exploded. Macy was killed in the explosion and Brooke was injured. Brooke is in good condition at the hospital . Sally breaks down hysterically and screams that Macy can't be dead.

At the Hospital:
Brooke tells Thorne how responsible she feels for Macys death. She shouldn't have went to the cabin with the papers and this wouldn't have happened. Brooke asks Thorne how Sally , Kimberly and C.J .will ever deal with this tragedy. Thorne tells Brooke that as soon as she gets released they will head back to L.A. Brooke asks Thorne how they will ever deal with this tragedy. Thorne says that they will get through it, and he is very lucky that he didn't lose Brooke too. Thorne tells Brooke how proud he was of Macy , she was going to let go of him and let him move on. She was going to enter rehab tomorrow he sobs. He asks god how he could let this happen to Macy. Thorne gets Brookes release papers and they decide to leave for L.A. tonight. Brooke tells him how she keeps thinking about how Kimberly, Sally and C.J. will react to the news.

At Brooke's:
Rick and Bridget try to figure out why Macy, Thorne and Brooke were together. Bridget thinks the reason they were together was a business meeting. Amber thinks there is something else going on, Bridget snaps at Amber. Bridget starts getting angry with Rick and Amber when they tell her that Brooke and Thorne are more than friends. Bridget tells Rick that Thorne is a sick person and she doesn't want him with her mother. She then storms out. Rick and Amber discuss Brooke and Thorne's situation. He tells her how much they love each other. Rick tells her that Macy and Thorne are getting a divorce. Bridget will flip out over that Amber replies.

Thursday, July 13, 2000


A grieving Thorne thought about Macy. At his house, he was concerned that Sally would blame he and Brooke for Macy's death. Thorne told Brooke that he didn't want her taking the blame for Macy's death and he didn't want her to have to answer questions from the media or either family about Macy's death.
Clarke made arrangements for Macy's church service. Sally demanded that only people on the "guest list" be allowed to attend Macy's funeral service. An enraged and grieving C.J. announced that he would just love for Thorne to show up. Sally tried to calm C.J. by saying "there is a score to be settled, but today is not the time and place", and that "I will settle the score."
Thorne learned of Macy's funeral service and vowed to attend regardless if Sally and company didn't want him there. Stephanie, unaware that Brooke was in the car when Macy died, showed up at Thorne's house to offer her condolences and for him to stay with she and Eric for a while. Stephanie was surprised that Sally hadn't told her family when Macy's funeral is. Meanwhile, back at Forrester, Ridge, Taylor and Eric worried what the revelation of Thorne and Brooke's relationship complicated with the fact that Brooke was in Macy's car, would do to Stephanie. Taylor advised that Thorne and Brooke's involvement can't be kept from Stephanie, and Stephanie will need a calm and supportive atmosphere to process that and the fact that Brooke was in Macy's car when the accident occurred. Eric demanded that he control how Stephanie finds out.
Sally, Clarke, Darla, Kimberly and C.J. arrived at Macy's funeral service. Sally grieved on her daughter's coffin. The minister questioned C.J. where Thorne was, because he had informed Thorne of the service. C. J. left the service and called Thorne on his cell phone and told him "don't you even think of showing up here and disrespecting my sister, I'm warning you, don't do it." "You got that Thorne?" Thorne relied "yes" and C.J. cut off Thorne. Thorne said to himself "I've got every right to be there, and I will be."

Friday, July 14, 2000

People are filing into the church for the Memorial Service for Macy. Sally greets them and tells them how much she appreciates their coming. Roberta enters and cries with Sally, telling Sally how much Macy meant to her. Sally tells Roberta that her friendship with Macy meant so much to did all the friends from AA. Roberta asks about Thorne, and C.J. simply tells her that Thorne will not be at the service today. Roberta, probably thinking that Thorne is simply too distraught, nods affirmingly. C.J. tells Sally that Thorne knows about the service today, and Sally tells him to let her handle things if Thorne shows up. C.J. tells her that he called Thorne, warning him not to come, and says that he will not let his mother handle the situation this time--that he is a part of this too, and that it is because of Thorne that they are where they are today.......Thorne and his affair with Brooke.

At Thorne's home, Stephanie and he are discussing the memorial service and Thorne tries to dissuade Stephanie from attending. He finally has to tell her that he does not want there to be trouble, which makes Stephanie even more curious. She asks him to tell her everything, and he promises to tell her everything later.

Brooke enters Eric's office and confronts Eric and Ridge together. Brooke tells them that everyone is in so much shock about Macy's death, but that no one, especially she and Thorne, wanted things to end like this. Eric blames she and Thorne, saying they ought to have known that things would end tragically. Ridge tells Eric that this is not the time to assess blame.....that they need to concentrate on locating Stephanie. Brooke wonders why this is necessary and Eric tells her that Stephanie has so many unanswered questions around Macy's death and why Thorne, Macy and Brooke were all involved. Eric tells Brooke that finding out about she and Thorne will kill Stephanie. "It will kill her", growls Eric.

Thorne leaves his home saying, "I don't care what any of them say--I'm going to be at my wife's funeral."

Sally speaks at Macy's service. She thanks all for coming to honor Macy's life. She quotes from the Bible about the meek inheriting the earth, and reminds all about Macy's meek personality.....she was kind, compassionate, and full of love. "Macy gave much, and asked little." Sally takes comfort in the words "blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" knowing that right now Macy is in the hands of God. She walks over to Macy's casket, touches it, and says, "Good by my beautiful child. You've been the love, joy, and laughter of our lives." and says that Macy has given her the legacy of strength to enable her to go on without Macy. Sally speaks directly to Macy telling her that she will miss her so very much, and ends with "God keep her." She then looks heavenward and says again, "God keep her."

Brooke agrees with Eric and Ridge that Stephanie must be carefully handled. She asks if they've tried Thorne's home, and upon learning that they have, she says that he might have left already for the Memorial Service. Ridge and Eric, of course, knew nothing about this service. Eric panics, "You don't suppose Stephanie went there?" Stephanie, meanwhile, has called Megan from her car phone, telling her that she's on her way to just that service.

Clarke helps Sally back to her seat. C.J. rises to the podium to speak.........dittoes Sally's remarks, and then smiles as he describes Macy as a fighter. He says that she faced despair, heartache, and death in her life and she battled it all and taught him so much. He shared about how, when Becky died, Macy called him to comfort him even while she was battling her own problems. He says she shared with him that she would always be there for him. He breaks down talking about how he does not believe he was able to be there for her at the end. Sally comes up to comfort a distraught C.J..

Brooke suggests they all go to the chapel and Eric tells her not to go anywhere near that place. Megan enters the office with news of Stephanie's whereabouts, and shares that Stephanie is indeed headed to Macy's service.

As Sally and C.J. are returning to their seats at the service, C.J. glances up at the door and spies Thorne. Sally does not see him at first, but is angered when she does. As Thorne walks in, Clarke restrains C.J..

Back at Forrester Creations, Eric and Ridge agree to rush to the service to try to prevent Stephanie from learning the truth. Brooke remains behind, contemplating, "It's inevitable, Stephanie. Today you learn the truth. I wonder what it'll do to you this time."

Thorne walks toward the casket and reaches out his hand to touch it, gazing into Macy's photograph. Stephanie reaches the chapel and enters at this point, stopping to sit beside Darla, who is behind Sally........she reaches forward to acknowledge her presence to Sally, who stares hatefully at her, then abruptly turns back around. Stephanie is confused. Thorne speaks to all about his and Macy's history. He shares about the families not getting along and not wanting the relationship to occur, and how Macy's love and personality won over the Forrester family and they all grew to love her as he did. He shared the fact that they had their ups and downs in their relationship, but that he never lost that deep respect that he had for her. He ends with saying that if there was anything that he could do himself to bring her back, that he would because he still loves her so.

This is apparently too much for Sally to hear. She stands up, saying, "Stop it. That's enough!" as Ridge and Eric enter the chapel. She accuses Thorne of lying, saying that he never loved Macy.....that Macy loved him but he took her love and he threw it away. She said that Thorne never loved Macy--he destroyed her. Stephanie, meanwhile, is totally confused, and is trying to interrupt Sally and speak to her. Sally looks at Stephanie and says "My god, don't you know what has been going on? There's another woman" Stephanie says no and asks Sally to tell her, while Eric is at her side, pulling her and telling her she does not understand and needs to come home. Stephanie tells Eric to leave her alone and tells Sally, "You know I loved Macy as much as you did--I loved her as a daughter. Now, tell me, what's going on? Who is the other woman?" As the episode ends. Stephanie and Sally are staring at each other."

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