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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on GL
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Monday, July 10, 2000

At Claire's:
Claire is packing when Michelle comes in. She tells Michelle that she is leaving and won't be in her way too much longer. Michelle tells her that she doesn't believe she killed Carmen and just wanted to hear her side. Michelle tells her that Danny, Abby, Rick and Harley are all telling her to stay away from Claire and she doesn't understand it. Claire tells her that she worked her entire life for her career and gave it all up to come to SF and reconnect with her. She wants to know her daughter. Claire tells her that her visions of Carmen are coming from Danny's continuous pursuit of Carmen's killer. Michelle asks her to stay out of her marriage. Claire tells her that she won't. She has to prove that she can be her mom. She tells her that she used to be a rotten person and has to tell her about it. She tells Michelle her version about the attempted smothering. She tells her about all the stress she was under and how she just snapped. Michelle was upset. She said ! that Claire would have killed her if Ed hadn't walked in. She got up to leave; Claire wants her to wait and tells her that she never would have done it because she loves her daughter so much. Michelle can't believe what she has heard. Claire tells her she has been haunted with this for twenty years. Claire tells her that she didn't deserve her and she gave her a gift in Maureen, the best mother she could have found for her. Claire said she has had many successes but she failed at being her mother and she needed another chance with her because she loves her. Claire gets up to finish packing and Michelle walks out but she came back. She tells her that she may not be able to trust her again but it was a long time ago and she doesn't have to pack. She understands she just wants to help her now and that she may need her sometimes. Claire tells her that she won't regret it.

At Company:
Danny tells Abby that Claire gave his mom an injection just before she died and he feels she killed her on purpose. Abby tells her that she believes Claire is capable of anything and tells Danny that Claire came to her after the miscarriage and asked her to help break he and Michelle up. He told her he kind of knew she was trying to do that. Abby told him that she also found out that Abby tried to kill Michelle when she was a baby. Abby told Danny about the smothering information. Danny doesn't understand why Rick doesn't tell Michelle these things. Danny said that now he is sure Claire killed Carmen and will prove it. The funeral director came and told Danny that he wonders why the cremation was such a big deal. Danny asks what he means. The guy tells him that Dr. Ramsey has already left a dozen messages for him. He gives Danny a work order on his mother and Danny tells him he was going to borrow it for a while. The guy leaves and Danny tells Abby that it is exact! ly what he needs to nail Claire.

Harley tells Rick that she doesn't want to talk about Phillip. He tells her that he wants to help her and knows what she is going through. Rick tells her that he know they had words at Lizzie's party. He told her that Phillip looked in her eyes and saw nothing but hate and he sees that as well. Rick tells her that her anger is not only aimed at Phillip but at every man that has hurt her in the past. Harley tells him that he isn't one who should be giving advice. They talk about Abby and Rick and then she tells him that she is sorry for the comments. She tells him that she is mainly upset at herself for falling in love again after she had been through so much hurt.

Harley calls the Spaulding house and asks for Phillip. Alan tells her he thinks Phillip is at the Country Club alone and that she could find him there.

At the Country Club
Beth tells Phillip and Jim that she wants to talk to both of them. They both want to leave but Beth stops them. She tells them that they need to stay and talk for the kid's sakes. Beth tells them that she is going to tell them what she wants and they can go on from there. They sit down. Beth apologies to Jim and tells him that she loves him however she refuses to beg for his forgiveness any longer. She tells him that if he is willing, they can still raise the baby as their own and the baby will know who his biological father is. She believes he still loves her and the baby. Jim said if he was to go along with that would Phillip allow it. Beth wants to go to Lizzie and tell her the truth and that they will still be a family. She tells him again that he makes her happy and that she loves him. She says the ball is in his court and leaves.

Phillip and Jim congratulate each other on their fight the other day. Phillip then tells him that if he has any feelings left for Beth not to close the door on a life with her. He tells him that he doesn't want any man raising his child but is willing to do it for Beth. Phillip also tells him that he knows he is a good man. Jim gets up and passes Beth. He tells her that he will think about it and get back to her. She goes and sits down with Phillip. She tells him that Jim said he would think about it. She says that she hopes Harley takes him back but he tells her she filed for a divorce. She hugs him and Harley walks in and sees it.

At Spaulding:
Lillian comes in and talks with Alan. He asks her if she has talked to Beth about Phillip and her. She tells her that she did and that she also believes Beth was happiest with Phillip and that she told her what she thought. Alan is worried about Jim. Lillian doesn't think Jim will take her back. Alan is pressing it. Lillian tells him that right now Beth and Phillip are having dinner at the Country Club.

Lizzie comes down and asks to sit up with Alan for a while. Lillian gets a page and goes to use the phone. Alan brushes Lizzie's hair and asks her what is wrong. Lizzie says that everyone is talking about something and no one is telling her. She tells him that if he believes she will run the company and old enough for him to give her all that stock isn't she old enough to know the truth. He tells her that he thinks she may be right and maybe she should know what is going on in the family. The phone rings. It's Harley. Alan tells her where she could find Phillip and that he is all alone there. He hangs up Lizzie wants to know who was on the phone and her tells her that it was no one she will ever have to worry with again. Lizzie wants to him to tell her the truth. He tells her that it isn't a bad thing, it is a great thing. He tells her that the baby is her full brother. She doesn't understand since Jim is the father. Alan tells her that her mom and dad made that l! ittle boy just like they made her. Lillian overheard and was very upset. She came in and insisted on talking to him alone. Lizzie wants to know if this means Phillip and Beth would get remarried and they could be a family again. Alan goes outside with Lillian and she smacks him. She accuses him of using Lizzie to get Phillip and Beth back together.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

In SC:
Richard tells Cassie that she should make the most of her last few moments as a single woman. They both are struggling to wait for the wedding night. Cassie tells him she spoke to Reva and she wishes she could come to the wedding. Richard tells her she is supposed to be meeting with the protocol woman. She doesn't want to. Edmund walks in and Cassie leaves to give them some time. Edmund apologizes to Cassie for all he has done. Edmund thanks Richard for letting him return and told him that he can't believe after all he has done he still treats him like his brother. Richard tells him he has always been his best friend and only family and he cares for him. Richard tells him how Noah is going to be his best man but he misses having a brother. Edmund gives Richard a box and tells him it is a wedding gift. It is a pocket watch. It was there dads. Richard tells him that every ruler of SC wore the watch for centuries. Edmund tells him he coveted that watch. He had taken it the night their father died. Edmund said since he had it he felt he had the right to sit on the throne but that it belongs to him and his bride. Edmund tells him that since their father isn't there to give him his blessing he wants to give him his for what it is worth. Richard hugs his brother and tells him it is worth a lot to him.

Jenny walks out of Cassie's Room and runs into Edmund. He kisses her and they talk about the wedding. Jenny wants to tell Cassie about them but he tells her he has to gain his brothers trust first. She tells him that they should know how great of a brother he really is. He tells her he wants the wedding to go off perfectly and if she hears of any problems that may arise she should tells him.

Cassie comes back. Richard tells her how when he is with Edmund he forgets all the betrayals and has his brother back. Cassie says she hopes he is being honest because she knows how much this would mean to him.

Henry comes up and gives Jenny a message to give to Cassie. Edmund stops her with more kissing. Jenny tells Edmund she has to give the letter to Cassie. Edmund volunteers to deliver it and tells her to go to her room and wait on him. He wants to thank her. She leaves and Edmund reads the note from Noah. It said he was going to bring Reva to SC and asks to make arrangements for her to slip in secretly.

At the Spaulding's:
Alan tells Lillian that he just gave Phillip and Beth an extra little push to get back together by telling Lizzie. Lillian tells him that she wants no part of this and he shouldn't have told Lizzie about the baby. He insists that this will work and Beth and Phillip will be back together. Lillian warns him that Phillip won't be happy when he finds out. Alan tells her that he will take some heat for what he has done but in the end he thinks it will work out for the best. They go in and Lizzie ask what is wrong. Lizzie wants to know if her mom and dad are going to get back together. Phillip comes in and Lizzie tells him that she heard the great news about the baby. Phillip asked her who told her that and she told him Grandpa Alan did. He looked like he could kill Alan. Phillip walks Lizzie to the steps and she asks if he is going to come live with her and her mom. He tells her that he loves Beth very much and always will. But what is important right now is that she gets better and is happy. She says she is happy that he and her mom still love each other. He tells her that she will always have a strong family and that will never change. Phillip asks Lillian to take Lizzie upstairs and tuck her in. Lillian tells Phillip she had nothing to do with it. Phillip turns to Alan and tells him never to use his daughter like that again. Alan tells him that Lizzie had a right to know. Phillip said that he wanted Lizzie to jump to the conclusion that he and Beth are going to get back together. He said that Alan is setting Lizzie up for a fall. Alan tells him that Lizzie can see what is going on and she asked what was up and he told her the truth. Alan tells him that he wants his grandchildren to grow up in the best situation with two parents. Phillip asked about Zack and wondered why Alan doesn't care if Zack is raised by a single mother. Alan tells him that Harley and Beth are two totally different people and Harley will be okay raising the baby and has already made up her mind but Beth needs him and Jim will never go back to her. So he should just get used to it and come back and raise his two children with Beth. Alan tells him that Jim isn't the baby's father and he is a Spaulding. Phillip thanks Alan and tells him he was about to give up on his life with Harley but he now knows what he has to do and he will fight for his marriage. Beth came in and Phillip tells Alan to leave. Phillip tells Beth what Alan did and tells her they will work it out. Alan and Lillian come to the top of the stairs and watch them with their arms around each other. Alan tells her they will thank him someday.

At the Country Club:
Phillip tells Beth she had a lot of guts to pull this meeting off tonight and he tells her he hopes it works. Harley walks in just as Beth hugs Phillip. Phillip leaves and Beth stays to make a call. Harley walks in and confronts Beth. Harley doesn't want to listen but Beth takes her keys. She tells her she wants to explain. Harley tells her to give her back her keys before things get really ugly. Harley refuses to get into it and goes to call a cab. Beth follows and tells Harley if she had gotten there a few minutes earlier she would have seen Jim there and hear her tell Phillip he hopes they work their marriage out. Harley doesn't want to listen and walks off. Beth follows and tells her that they can all get past this if they try. Harley tells her she is a selfish person who just has to have everything. Beth tells her that Phillip still loves her and she has nothing to worry about. Harley tells her that Phillip had fought her off for many months but in the end she won. She wonders what really happen on that plane. Beth finally sarcastically tells Harley that she is right; she set the whole thing up. She knew she was ovulating so she made the plane crash in San Cristobel . Harley tells her that she shouldn't make light of things and know that it destroyed people's lives. Beth tells her that she can get her life back because Phillip loves her. Harley tells her that she remembers San Cristobel . She remembers how they acted after the crash. She said she knows she remembered what it was like having Phillip and decided she wanted him back. So she waited to see if he would come back to her before she accepted Jim's proposal. Beth tells her that it doesn't matter because she loves Jim now and wants her marriage to work. Harley tells her she always likes to have a spare, grabs her keys and walks away. Beth leaves and Harley sits down at the bar. She talks to the bar tender about marriage and about her best friend getting married. She gets emotional and cries a little.

At the Lighthouse:
Reva catches Noah on the phone and asks him to tell her who he was talking to. Noah tells her he was talking to the hospital about a patient. Reva tells him she thinks he is hiding something and then laughs. She tells him she doesn't care who he was talking to and kisses him. A big man comes up and demands that Reva and Noah go with him. Reva doesn't like the joke and tells Noah. Noah tells her that it isn't a joke. The guy takes Reva by the arm. Reva asks Noah what he is involved in. Noah tells her they have to go with him. She belts the guy and gets by just to run into another man.

On a plane:
Noah and Reva are in a private plane. She is very upset and tells him that she knew he was hiding something and wants to know if he is involved with the mob. The big guy, Ronnie, that Reva hit, came in wearing a pilot's uniform. He poured Noah a drink and said he was fine but that Reva had a good punch. Reva is confused. Noah tells her that they aren't being kidnapped but he is kidnapping her. Reva wants to know what is going on and Noah tells her that the whole thing was a setup and he chartered the plane. He tells her it was for her own good and it was the only way he could get her to go to SC for her sisters wedding.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

At Cedar's:
Claire and Michelle come in. Michelle has an appointment with her ob/gyn. Claire reassures her that everything will be fine. Claire keeps making comments about how Danny isn't there with his wife since he is wasting time looking for his mother's killer. Michelle defends him and tells her that he always puts her first. Claire tells her he puts her first in his own way. Michelle tells her that she has done bad things and she doesn't hate her so she should lay off Danny. She tells her that Danny's situation is complicated and she loves him and doesn't want to hear Claire say anything negative about him. The nurse comes in and tells her that the doctor is a little late and she needs to fill out some insurance forms. Meanwhile, Claire runs into a doctor working in the nursery. He shows her a baby picture and says that all little baby's look the same. Claire took the picture wrote on the back and when she saw Michelle again she pretended like it was her and she has had it for all these years. Michelle looks at the picture and says it is strange. She looks different than she does in all her other baby pictures. Claire tells her that when she looks at the picture, all the feelings she had in the beginning come back. Claire tells Michelle that until she saw Michelle at the airport that day, she thought that would be the only thing she would have of her. She used to daydream about her and now she has a second chance and doesn't want to jeopardize that. Michelle says she will talk to Danny about suspecting Claire. The nurse calls Michelle in to see the doctor.

Abby asks a nurse for help with the medical examiner paper. Rick sees Danny and Abby at the hospital and asks what they are doing there. Danny tells Rick that he has questions about Carmen's death and Abby was helping him. Rick and Abby leave for lunch and Danny talks to the nurse about the papers telling her that he is working with the medical examiner. He says not to mention that he was involved since he and Claire don't get along. The nurse gets Claire to sign the papers. She tells the nurse to make sure the right person gets the form. Claire left and Danny came back around to take the papers but the nurse tries to keep them. She finally gives him the papers and he looks at them in the lobby. The signatures match. Later, Rick tells Abby she is a terrible liar and asks what she and Danny are up to. Abby tells him she was helping Danny to get proof against Claire. They start to argue.

Claire looks at the baby picture and says, "Just a little lie, it meant so much to Michelle". Danny arrives and tells her he has questions about his mother's death. He shows her the two signatures. Claire tries to pretend she doesn't understand. He says the signatures match.

At Company:
Danny is talking to Abby. They both agree Claire is a dangerous woman. Abby suggests that Claire is bonding with Michelle and Danny wants to break the bond before Claire does anything else. He asks for her help. Danny wants proof to show Michelle that Claire is guilty. He needs a handwriting sample of Claire's. He wants her to sign Carmen's name to compare with the forgery. He asks Abby for ideas. She suggests that he ask for the Med Examiner's office to make a request. She will contact a friend for help. Abby wants to do this for him and Michelle.

Blake is at another table crumpling papers. Selena asks Blake what she is doing. Blake orders coffee and asks about Selena's job. They talk about "local hero makes good" as a story. Blake suggests Buzz as a war hero but Selena says he doesn't want to talk about it. Buzz is in England with the children settling Jenna's estate. Selena is lonely and misses Buzz. Blake is writing down what Selena says and Selena is offended. Blake apologizes to Selena. She has writer's block and is desperate. She has a deadline. Selena says that she shouldn't use her friends. Selena says she can't use her friends' experiences for her books. Blake says the first book was easier. Selena asks about the book on Cassie and Richard. Blake's phone rings. It is Richard. She says they were just talking about him and Cassie. Richard says that Cassie is overwhelmed. He is worried about her. Blake says it is nerves. He wants Blake to come down early to help Cassie. Richard says that she has an incr! edible imagination and should be able to distract Cassie. She agrees and tells Selena. Selena says she will think of something. Blake thinks of singing telegrams and strippers, then takes out some herbal muscle relaxers just in case Cassie needs them. Selena thinks the pills are a bad idea. Blake says she really needs Reva but she can't go. Blake wants Selena to come with her. Selena agrees to go.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie wakes up in her bed to the sound of trumpets. She twists her ankle. Richard enters her room and looks at her ankle. She asks what the noise is. They are the royal trumpeters. Her ankle isn't swollen but she is getting nervous and panicky. Richard says the details will be taken care of by the staff and everything will be fine. She tells him she had a nightmare about Natalie. He tells her to look at the protocol as tradition and not to worry; tomorrow will be the happiest day of their lives. Jenny knocks on Cassie's bedroom door but the room is empty. Edmund says that she is with Richard in the courtyard. He had a wonderful time last night. She says she did too. Jenny is nervous about being in Cassie's room. Jenny says that Cassie is getting married and she is doing what she always does. She wanted it to be special like it is with Richard and Cassie. He tells her she is special and starts kissing her neck. In the courtyard, Richard and Cassie meet Julia, the protocol lady. Cassie wanted to talk about the vows but Natalie has said they are non-negotiable. Cassie walks away and Richard follows her. Cassie wants Natalie. She can't handle any more surprises. Richard says he wants a lifetime of surprises with her. He hugs her and tells her nothing will go wrong. Henri says that cousin George had an accident in England and can't be in the wedding party. Cassie says, "This is terrible." Cassie says bad things come in threes. Richard says his cousin broke his leg and it is not an omen of disaster. Cassie is nervous as Jenny and Edmund enter the courtyard. Jenny tries to calm her and Cassie says she just wants to elope. Edmund suggests opening some gifts. She agrees and opens gifts while Richard reads the cards. The first gift is a Faberge egg, which makes her nervous. Edmund and Richard are looking at a painting and Cassie is getting upset about all the extravagant gifts. She doesn't want to open anymore. Richard is trying to find a way ! to calm her down. He holds Cassie's hands and tells her he wants her to be happy. He will take her upstairs to tuck her in to bed for a nap. Reva arrives with Noah. Cassie is surprised and hugs her. Cassie thanks Noah for kidnapping her. She seems more relaxed now that Reva is here. Edmund looks angry that the press didn't stop her and calls someone on the phone and says to come to the palace tomorrow night for a big story. It will put the royal wedding on the back page of the paper.

On the plane:
Reva is on the plane complaining to Noah. She said she couldn't go traveling with no clothing or even a toothbrush. Noah tells her that she wanted to go the wedding and he made it happened. She doesn't want to be in the tabloids and ruin her sister's big day but Noah says that he gave it some thought and spoke to Josh. The kids are taken care of and he sent word to Cassie. She will be in a quiet corner and no one will know she is there. When they arrived, the press is at the airport. Reva is upset and told Noah that he has destroyed Cassie's wedding. Noah is shocked and Reva wants to turn the plane around. The pilot says no since the plane is surrounded. Noah takes the blame but says he will fix it. He tells the press he is transporting a patient with an immune disorder. They don't believe him and one of them come aboard. He goes over and pulls the blanket off the "patient" and it is the pilot, Ronnie, acting very sick. Noah tells him that they are waiting on an ambulance. The press guy leaves and Reva comes out dressed like the pilot. She wants to go back home. Noah says that they are taking a risk but he knows that Cassie wants to see her. It would be a great wedding gift.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

At Cedar's:
Danny is showing Claire the cremation document with her signature. He says they match and he wants her to admit she killed his mother. Michelle overhears and tries to stop him. Claire admits to signing the paper but said that Carmen asked her to do it. She was trying to save her and it was her dying wish. She says that it is the truth. Michelle pulls Danny aside. Danny thinks she is lying. She is a professional murderer. Michelle says Claire or Carmen? Michelle believes Claire and thinks Danny is being irrational. Danny says that Claire is trying to turn them against each other. They are arguing and Michelle stands up for Claire. Michelle thinks she was trying to help. She wasn't raised to lie and fear people the way he was. Danny says that he always has good reason not to trust people. He starts to tell her about the attempt with the pillow but Michelle says she knows. Michelle says she doesn't think Claire would do it but Danny says Ed stopped her or Michelle wouldn't be here. She was caught then and Danny caught her now. Michelle says no one knows what really happened when she was a baby. They are arguing about their mothers. Michelle says she has tried to forgive Carmen but s glad that she is dead. Claire is on the phone and asks how everything is going on the other end. She is talking about Danny finding the cremation order and Michelle defending her. Michelle apologizes to Danny but he said she meant it. At least she was honest. He walks away.

At Josh's:
Josh asks Marah and Shayne if they are packed for the wedding. They think its strange that he is okay with Cassie is marrying Richard and Reva being away with another man. Josh shrugs it off and tells them Ross and Blake will pick them up soon. They enter Josh's apartment and Olivia comes out in a negligee. Josh tells Olivia he wasn't expecting her until tomorrow as she covers up. He sends the kids to the car for groceries. Marah is upset because Shayne is ogling Olivia. Olivia is embarrassed and says that she wanted the evening to be special. She has been away and wanted him to be happy that he asked her to move in with him. They talk and Olivia admits still being worried about Reva. In the hallway, Marah and Shayne argue about Olivia. Marah says that Josh is covering up being hurt about Reva and Noah. Olivia is dressed now and asks Josh if he has seen Reva while she was away. Josh says they have seen each other about the children. He mentions Noah and Reva. Olivia doesn't see her as Noah's type. Josh said he objected at first but stopped doing that. It is time for him to let go and focus on her. Josh is glad she came home a day early. He enjoyed what he saw when he walked in and is waiting for the welcome home. They kiss. Marah and Shayne knock on the apartment door and ask if everyone is decent. Josh says yes. Shayne can't make eye contact with them as Olivia apologizes and wants to send out for pizza. They say they will wait outside for Blake and Ross to travel to San Cristobel . They are going to the wedding. Olivia says not to say Hi to Richard for her. The kids leave. Josh says he will go outside and she can surprise him again. Olivia suggests he stay and watch her get ready. They kiss on the couch.

In SC:
Reva is hugging Cassie. Cassie says she is the best wedding present she has gotten so far. Reva tells her it is too early to start crying. Cassie invites Reva to tea in her suite to talk. Richard wants to talk to Noah. Richard is annoyed. He says that Reva's presence might cause trouble with the press. Noah says that it will be okay. Noah wants to know what the real problem is. Richard says they both know and he has no business with Reva.

In Cassie's room: Cassie tells Reva she needed her there and is so happy. Reva tells her she will sit in the back and no one will know she is there but Cassie. Cassie orders some tea. Reva says she is so over the princess thing. Cassie wants an update on her life. Reva talks about her job and the kids. She says it is tough on them with the divorce but Cassie will see them soon. Cassie wants to know the juicy details about Noah. Reva says he is a friend. Reva finally tells her about the car accident and the hostage situation. Cassie wants to know if it is serious and Reva says they are "in the moment" and it is just fun. Cassie wants to know if she knew him when she was married to Richard but she says no. Cassie asks if he had been married before and Reva says no. Cassie wants to know more about him and Reva does too.

Richard says he thought they had an understanding. Noah says that he said it wasn't serious. Richard says that Noah has the power to hurt Reva and hopes he won't. Noah says that Reva is more likely to hurt him. Noah is the best man and Richard should not worry about anyone but his own wife. Richard wants to know how much Reva knows. Noah says let's find Reva and tell her the truth now. He tells him this is his opportunity to tell her. Richard says it is not his affair. Noah says if it makes Richard feel any better Noah doesn't like it either. He doesn't want to live half a life anymore and deserves more. He envies Richard and Cassie and wants to have that. Richard asks with Reva? He says Noah should tell her the truth. Noah wants the chance to find out where it is going and then will tell her. Richard says that he wants him happy but not at Reva's expense. Noah says he has made arrangements to put the past in the past and protect Reva.

Cassie is so nervous and feels the pressure of all the people she has to impress. Reva says to concentrate on the day and enjoy every moment of it. Richard walks in and kisses Cassie after agreeing with Reva. Noah and Reva kiss. Noah says he thought the happy couple should be alone and wants to know where Reva will stay. Reva says she will stay with Cassie and he can stay with Richard. He kisses her and tells her she doesn't know what she will be missing. She tells him to remind her and they kiss again.

In the hallway Richard says he will miss Cassie tonight and cant believe they are getting married tomorrow. Cassie grabs him for one more kiss and says, "One more night and all of our dreams will come true". They kiss some more and look at each other.

At the Spaulding's:

Lizzie is looking at the baby with Beth. Phillip comes in. Lizzie says that the baby is happy. Lizzie wants to play videogames with him now that he is home. Phil wants her to help him pack to go the wedding in San Cristobel . Lizzie wants to come but Phil says that she cant. She needs to stay home and recuperate and he is only going to replace cousin George in the wedding party. The wedding will be televised and Lizzie can watch it. Lizzie asks about them being a real family again. Phillip tells Lizzie that just because he lives in the house doesn't mean that they are back together. Lizzie says they love each other and had another baby. Beth and Phillip are struggling to explain that it is not the same. They try to talk about their marriages but Lizzie wants them to be together. Phillip tries to say he loves Beth but not like he loves Harley or how Beth loves Jim. Lizzie wants to know why they had a baby. Beth tells her that God sent the baby to save Lizzie. Lizzie looks sad and says that she understands it is like before but different. Beth and Phil reassure her that they love her. Lizzie goes to get some cookies for Phillip's trip. He tells Beth he can't really understand the situation himself. Beth tells him to go to the wedding and see Harley. He asks about Jim but she hasn't heard anything yet. He goes up to pack. Lizzie is talking to the baby and tells him they will take care of each other. She thanks him for saving her life.

Friday, July 14, 2000

San Cristobel:

In a hotel restaurant:
Reva is reading a newspaper while having a drink with Noah. She is wearing a big floppy hat and sunglasses and is trying not to be noticed. Their waitress asks if they will be attending the wedding. After she leaves, Noah reassures Reva that she won't be recognized.

In Cassie's Room:
Cassie is very upset and nervous. She is trying to write her vows down but to no avail. She keeps messing up and having to start all over. Blake walks in tells her she is there to lend support. Cassie tells her that she is breaking down and needs help. Cassie says she only slept a couple hours. Blake says that she just has pre-wedding jitters. Cassie says that the protocol people wont allow them to say anything personal. She tells her they have to go with the traditional vows at the ceremony but thought she could say what she wanted to say to him at the reception. Blake says not to let them intimidate her. Tammy comes in upset about missing shoes. Cassie calms her down but they are both really nervous. Cassie tells Tammy not to worry; she will be a beautiful flower girl. They hug and Tammy goes to look for her shoes. Blake says she brought her something to make feel better. She shows her the herbal sedatives and Cassie is skeptical. Blake tells her they are safe and very mild. Cassie takes the pill and tries to calm down. She will have the rest of her life with Richard. The phone rings and it is Harley saying she isn't coming. Cassie is frantic that her maid of honor is canceling out on her. She convinces Harley to come and tells her that Phillip was not invited so everything should be fine. She hangs up and Cassie starts worrying all over again, this time about disappointing Richard. Blake tells her she needs some food. Blake goes to get some and Cassie sees the pills on the table. She thinks about it and takes another. There is a knock at the door. She answers it and its Phillip. She asks what he is doing there he is supposed to be in SF. Phillip says he is in the wedding party and Cassie says he cant be. She tells him that Harley is the maid of Honor. He forgot about that but has already told Richard he would replace Cousin George. Cassie is upset but Phillip offers to clear it with Harley. Blake comes back and tells Phillip to call Harley. Phillip steps out of the room and Blake tells Cassie that it may help them get back together. In the foyer, Phillip has a flashback to his and Harley's honeymoon. He says that he hated to lie to Cassie on her wedding day but has to watch out for himself and try to save his own marriage. Meanwhile, Cassie is calmer since Phillip said he would call Harley. Blake leaves the room again and Cassie takes some more of the pills.

In the foyer, Reva tells Noah his idea to test the disguise was good. It works and no one recognized her. She goes to check on Cassie while Noah checks on Richard. When she enters she finds Cassie passed out on the bed. Selena comes in and she and Reva try to wake Cassie. Blake comes in and finds the bottle of pills and says "Uh-oh". Reva is upset with Blake about giving her drugs. Reva tells Jenny to set up the dress so they can dress her quickly. Reva and Selena started to take her into the shower. Richard comes in and Blake stalls him. He wants to know what is wrong. She tells him Cassie was up and nervous all night trying to write some vows but that she is fine. She tries to get rid of him. Richard sees the desk full of papers and looks concerned.

Reva has Cassie in the shower and she is groggy. Cassie says there is no way she can walk down the aisle. She is sitting on the floor of the shower in her robe. She says she is tired. Reva takes her back to her desk and sits her down. She tells her there are many things she wanted to tell Richard. Reva tells her she needs to go down the aisle to tell him. Reva reminded her of the obstacles they have overcome and says that one little pill shouldn't stop her. The wedding is in 45 minutes and she has to get ready. Cassie falls asleep on the desk and Reva is shaking her. Reva gets her some coffee and tries to hold the cup to Cassie's mouth. Selena, Blake and Jenny enter the room. They will all dress her. Cassie is sleeping again. Reva tells her to stand up. Cassie can't wake up and Reva is slapping her hand.

In the hallway:
Edmund gives a guy an invitation to the wedding telling him he is a guest and that he shouldn't reveal that he is a reporter. Edmund tells him he will point him in the right direction to one of the guests when the time comes. He says her presence will be a guaranteed showstopper. Richard sees Edmund with his friend and asks to speak to Edmund. He thanks him for the watch and tells him he hopes they can put the past aside and he believes Edmund is sincere. Richard wants them to be close again. Richard asks Edmund to be in the bridal party as a groomsman. He said today is a new beginning for him and Cassie. It would mean a lot to Richard. Edmund says he will be honored and they hug. Richard tells him he has to get back to the guests and leaves. Edmund says, "Damn you, Richard. Why must you make it so difficult for me to do the wrong thing?" Later, Jenny sees Edmund and he tells her Richard asked him to be in the wedding party. Jenny is happy and says Richard trusts him. She kisses him. The reporter comes up and tells Edmund he will be waiting for his signal. Edmund looks a little upset.

Harley runs through the hallway in her bridesmaids dress. She is late and Susan doesn't get to tell her about Phillip. She runs down the step and sees Phillip standing there.

In the throne room:
Richard is looking at their pictures. Dax and Julia enter and talk about the wedding saying how SC will remember this day forever. He only wants to please Cassie and asks if they have seen her. He wants to check on her but they both say that he can't see her before the wedding.

Marah, Susan and Shayne are walking around the palace and are very impressed. Ross, Holly and Selena enter the throne room with them. Richard welcomes them and they will have champagne before the wedding. Susan takes Marah and Shayne for a tour of the palace. Richard asks for Blake but Ross says she is with Cassie.
Marah is telling Susan about her distrust of Olivia and the negligee incident. Susan says that she shouldn't trust her.

Ross talks to Susan and says Harley will be there soon. Susan is worried about her and Phillip. The guests are all milling around and Rusty arrives. He greets Marah and asks for Reva. Dax yells at Richard for trying to visit Cassie. He broke protocol. Richard is worried about Cassie.

Phillip speaks to Ross. He asks why he is representing Harley in the divorce. Phillip wants him to stall Harley and cut him some slack. He would like to put things right. Ross says that he is trying to give him a chance. He wants to convince Harley to sit down and talk. Phillip says it isn't working and he should think like his uncle and not an attorney. Holly tells Ross not to worry about Phillip; he is just angry.

Susan asks Phillip why he is there. She asks if Harley knows. Phillip lies but Susan says she will tell Harley. Richard is greeting guests and Noah tells him it is time to get dressed. He will see him at the altar. Richard takes a paper he had gotten out of Cassie's room out of his pocket and closes his eyes after reading it.

Edmund is in the throne room and overhears the nobles talking about Edmund's misdeeds. He has confessed and now Richard will rule SC with no problem. They pity him. Edmund tells the reporter the mystery guest is Princess Catherine.

Richard talks to Noah. He is worried about Cassie since she is unaccustomed to the pomp and circumstance. He caught a glimpse of her and she looked sick. Noah hopes she is okay too.

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