All My Children Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on AMC

Tad and Liza stopped Adam from winning over the Chandler Enterprises board members. Adam purchased a roadside bar. Arlene found Stuart at the diner. Jake's medical helicopter went missing over Chechnya. Ryan told Greenlee that he had never loved her. Charlotte was arrested.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, July 10, 2000

On a casual walk through the living room at Wildwind, Eugenia tripped over a bump in the rug. She quickly regained her balance and looked over her shoulder to see what she'd nearly tripped over. Her eyes widened as she spotted the bound body of one of Charlotte's henchmen.

In their secret rendezvous spot, Ryan and Gillian looked longingly into one another's eyes. Both agreed that they shouldn't be together, but rationalization seemed lost in the moment. Ryan turned to leave, but his hand brushed Gillian's. The couple turned again and gave into temptation. As they kissed, Gillian told Ryan in a breathy voice that he should be leaving. Instead of moving towards the door, though, the couple moved towards the bed. They'd fallen into bed, still kissing all the while, but they were soon interrupted by Ryan's cell phone. Ryan didn't want to answer the phone, but Gillian saw it as a welcome interruption. On the other end of the line, a panicked Eugenia told Ryan that it had happened again --- there was another body. Ryan was immediately concerned and asked the duchess of the person she'd found bound in the living room was alive or dead. Almost comically, Eugenia asked Ryan to hold on for a moment. She tiptoed over the man and kicked him in the stomach. When he didn't move, she promptly determined that he was dead. Ryan urged calm and said that he'd be right there. Gillian was obviously worried about her grandmother and refused to remain behind --- even if it meant that she'd be walking into danger.

At the main house, Eugenia had just hung up the phone when Joe Martin arrived at the house. Eugenia found it fortunate that a doctor had arrived at such an opportune time. Joe quickly scurried over to the man's body and wanted to untie him. Eugenia nonchalantly remarked that she had no idea who the man was or how he'd gotten tied up. Hand in hand, Ryan and Gillian burst into the house. They spotted Joe before he spotted them and quickly unlinked hands. Joe asked Ryan to help him untie the man, but Ryan didn't think it was safe. Eugenia's determination that the man was dead turned out to be off the mark; he wasn't dead he was merely unconscious. The paramedics and police arrived within minutes and took over. The police asked Ryan and Gillian about the man, but of course they knew very little. Joe was amazed that everyone was so calm in the face of such confusion. He was even more surprised when Eugenia informed him that they'd been through this all before --- except with a dead body. Joe didn't press for details, but asked why Ryan was at the house. Gillian nearly blabbed a confession, saying that it was her "fault" that Ryan was there. Eugenia quickly interjected that she'd called Ryan because he'd helped her in the past. Joe handed Gillian a letter he'd received from Jake. Gillian took the letter and quietly stated that she'd read the letter when she had some privacy. Joe knew that he had to head off to work and, after remembering that Gillian was also scheduled to go on duty, offered Gillian a ride to the hospital.

"Dimitri?" Dixie gasped. "Oh my God!" Dimitri tried to remain calm, telling Dixie that he understood that it must be a shock for her to see him. Dixie raced to Dimitri and gave him a big hug. It was "a miracle" that he was alive, she chirped. Dixie continued on, saying how jubilant it must be at Wildwind now that everyone knows that he's (still) alive. "They don't know," Dimitri replied curtly. David turned to Dixie and informed her that she couldn't tell anyone that she saw Dimitri --- not Tad or even Dimitri's family. Dixie cocked her head to the side and demanded an explanation for the outrageous request. Dimitri told Dixie that the situation was much too complex to go into, but that didn't suffice Dixie's desire for an explanation. Trying to remain brief, Dimitri told Dixie that he hadn't walked into the ocean: he had been kidnapped and held hostage. Dixie knew that David must know more of the story and felt that she was being slighted. She immediately asked Dimitri why he didn't want to see his wife, Alex. Dimitri replied that it was Alex that he was trying to save. Again, without going into much detail, Dimitri said that the same people who had kidnapped him were now after Alex. "Your wife has a right to know [that you're still alive]," Dixie snapped. She said that she'd never forgive Tad if he "left [her] wearing black for the rest of [her] life." Dimitri asked Dixie to swear that she'd keep his secret, but Dixie gave no indication that she'd remain silent. A knock sounded on the door and Dimitri scurried into hiding. David opened the door a crack and snatched the paperwork from Dimitri's blood tests. He then unceremoniously slammed the door in the orderly's face. After careful review, David came to a saddening conclusion: Dimitri had more health problems to worry about than just his neurological disorder. A combination of stress and his other ailments had put a strain on Dimitri's heart. A "dangerously low" red blood cell count coupled with an arrhythmic condition could prove fatal at any time. David insisted that Dimitri be admitted immediately and offered to have Dimitri admitted under a false name. Dimitri refused, saying that if things were really so serious he'd go back to see Dr. Silbert at Seaview. David reluctantly agreed, but issued a very grim prognosis. He claimed that he could not be sure that Dimitri would even make it to the parking lot without keeling over. Dixie was outraged that David was about to let Dimitri walk. Dimitri bowed his head slightly and said that he needed to go because he had to make sure that Alex was okay. Before Dimitri walked out of the office, Dixie pledged to "keep [her] mouth shut." Dimitri thanked both of his friends for helping him out and, without a final glance back, walked away. Dixie waited until Dimitri was gone before she tore into David for not forcing Dimitri to being admitted. David explained that he had to earn Dimitri's trust if he was ever to accept him as a doctor. Dixie didn't completely understand what David was saying to her. She pointed out that Dimitri's decision to remain "dead" would cause further complications in the relationship that Alex had forged with Edmund. David immediately replied that the potential romantic troubles between the threesome really weren't any of his business. He told Dixie that with all of the health problems he's had, Dimitri's heart should have stopped beating long ago. Dixie nodded and said that the only thing keeping Dimitri going was his desire to see that Alex was safe. David then asked Dixie what she thought would happen when Dimitri accomplished his goal.

Tina wondered how long she and Adrian had before things would get sticky. "Carbon monoxide works very fast," Adrian replied. The pair searched frantically for something that Adrian could use to pick the lock. Tina dumped the contents of her purse, but there didn't seem to be anything useful. Adrian ripped his shirt into pieces and ordered Tina to place a strip over her mouth and take slow, shallow breaths. Tina didn't listen to Adrian and fidgeted around a great deal. Eventually, she collapsed. Adrian knew that he only had a matter of minutes to free himself and Tina from their prison. He picked the lock with something he found among Tina's belongings. It appeared to do the trick, but Adrian was forced to use good old-fashioned brute strength to bust open the door. The fresh air trickled into the van and Adrian quickly grabbed hold of Tina and carried her to safety. Tina was still out cold, so Adrian performed CPR. Thankfully, it worked and Tina slowly returned to consciousness. She looked up and Adrian and called him her "angel." After a few moments passed, Adrian helped Tina to her feet and asked her to walk off her stupor. When an airplane flew overheard, Adrian realized that Charlotte must be trying to flee the country. He decided that he'd take off to find the woman, but Tina refused to stay behind. Against his better judgment, Adrian agreed to let Tina tag along with him.

"I remember it all," Alex said distantly. Charlotte's eyes widened and asked Alex to tell her exactly what it was that she'd remembered. Alex reflected back to her memories of Anna Devane. Alex was unable to pull the trigger and Anna left the room without once seeing that her doppelganger stood just a few feet away with a handgun. Guy Donohue entered the room and asked Alex for an update. Alex sadly said that she'd been unable to kill Anna. She tried to explain why she'd been unable, but Guy coldly told her that she had not been trained to "think." Alex returned to the present and told her mother that she was supposed to have killed Anna Devane. Charlotte nodded and said that she was aware of Alex's assignment. Since she had been unable to go through with the assassination, Charlotte's crew had taken care of things for her: Anna Devane is dead. Now it was time for Alex to return to her roots and get back to work, said Charlotte. Alex wasn't so sure that Charlotte's underlings would be happy to have her back. After all, Guy had tried to kill her. Charlotte smiled broadly --- and perhaps even proudly --- and noted that Alex had been the one to kill Guy. Charlotte revealed that her organization had "perfected a technology that can topple any government." Charlotte turned her attention to the front of the plane and set off to find out why the pilot hadn't gone airborne yet. As she turned, Alex snatched the gun from her mother's holster. Charlotte was surprised by her daughter's sneak attack and the two women wrestled for control of the gun. Alex got the upper hand and placed her mother in a headlock. "I could kill you now," Alex growled. Charlotte, though just inches from the throes of death, haughtily proclaimed that Alex would do no such thing. Alex tightened her grip to show her mother that she wasn't fooling around. "Blood is thicker than water," Charlotte said softly. Alex realized that this must be her mother's way of saying "I love you." Charlotte claimed that it would be horrible for a daughter to kill her mother and then swore that she'd never kill her own daughter. She relaxed her grip for just a second, but it was all that Charlotte needed to wriggle free. The gun went flying, but Charlotte won the race to retrieve it. Now, Charlotte held the gun pointed at Alex. "Of course, you aren't my daughter." Alex's face fell. It seemed like such a foolish statement since Alex had grown up with Charlotte. Charlotte shook her head and ordered Alex to be seated. Finally, it came time for Alex to learn the truth. Charlotte told Alex that she had gotten pregnant during her early days of government service. At that time, it was impermissible for an unmarried woman to have a child. So, Charlotte found Alex's father (who remained unnamed) and convinced him that the child she was carrying was his. Alex's father went off to war and during that time Charlotte suffered a miscarriage. Charlotte professed her love for Alex's dad, but said that there was something else even more meaningful that made her want to stay married --- the Devane name. The name apparently carried a great deal of respect in the circles Charlotte was traveling. Charlotte had befriended one of Alex's father's cousins, a young, unnamed woman who was pregnant with twins. The two women grew quite close and Charlotte was present during the delivery. Somehow, Charlotte convinced the woman that only one of the twins survived childbirth. The second twin, who would grow up to be Alex, was smuggled out of the hospital. Alex was awed by the announcement. Not only was Charlotte not Alex's mother, but Alex also had a twin sister. Just behind Charlotte, Edmund lingered on the other side of a curtain. Alex spotted him and knew that she had to create an opportunity for him to step in and subdue Charlotte. As Charlotte pointed her gun skyward, Edmund lunged and knocked Charlotte down. He grabbed the gun --- and in the blink of an eye Charlotte's reign had come to an end. Derek arrived later and Charlotte was placed under arrest. The detective mused that Charlotte's arrest was not a typical "Pine Valley collar." Adrian and Tina strolled into the airplane none the worse for the wear. Adrian handed Derek a sheet of paper with the names of all (or most) of Charlotte's operatives. Charlotte said nothing, instead hanging her head in disappointment. Alex growled over the amount of time she'd wasted by trying to get to know Charlotte. "Sash," Charlotte said softly. "Now you can get on with your life." Charlotte was led away and Alex and Edmund followed behind. Tina, meanwhile, told Adrian that this was here first time on an airplane. Adrian smiled devilishly and told her that he was preparing to take her "to new heights."

Back at Wildwind, Alex tried to comprehend everything that had transpired. She told Edmund that she knew that he was dead and had only played along with Charlotte because she knew that it would probably be her only chance to get the whole truth. Alex suddenly recalled something that Edmund had told her during his tirade about Charlotte earlier in the day. He had said something about Dimitri not having walked into the ocean. Edmund nodded and admitted that he'd said that Charlotte had kidnapped Dimitri. Alex pressed for the reason Edmund had said that, but Edmund refused to say anything more. He asked Alex if they could have "just one night where [they] don't have to worry about anything." Alex nodded and tenderly kissed Edmund. Outside, Dimitri watched the pair kiss through a partially frosted window. Dimitri bowed his head sadly.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

In the turret, Gillian sat alone, reminiscing of some of the more tender moments she'd shared with Ryan. "I love you, Princess," echoed Ryan's voice. "I will always love you." Aching from the pain of separation, Gillian flopped face-first onto the bed and drifted off to sleep. Her sleep, though, was hardly pleasant. She dreamt that Ryan appeared outside the tower, but she and her lover were unable to get together. The door was locked and neither one could open it. Then, when Ryan tried to climb up the trellis to the open window, he suddenly faded into nothingness. Gillian yelled out for Ryan, but he was nowhere to be found. Eugenia appeared behind her granddaughter and stated that she and Ryan were "star-crossed lovers doomed from the start... never meant to be." Gillian awoke from her sleep breathing hard.

Ryan returned to the loft and found his errant roommate, Scott, staring clueless at the computer. Scott asked Ryan for some help in setting up a web page. Ryan nodded and started chattering off a plethora of technobabble. Scott blinked his eyes and explained that he knew nothing about computers. Ryan offered to help, but said that it would have to wait until after he took a shower; he had to get ready for his date with Greenlee. Scott was surprised that Ryan and Greenlee were an item, but he didn't question it too much. While Ryan was out of the room, Scott scanned a photo of Becca into the computer and prepared for a little fun. He superimposed a target over top of Becca's photo and subtitled the picture, "The Virgin." Before he could finish whatever it was he was doing, Ryan returned to the room. Finally, Scott had a chance to ask Ryan about his renewed relationship with Greenlee. Ryan said very little except that this time he and Greenlee were operating on his terms. Scott had to run and flipped off the computer monitor. Ryan, meanwhile, stayed behind. He pulled a picture of Gillian out from between two books and stared longingly at it. Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door. Ryan raced to see who was on the other side. As soon as the door opened, Gillian wrapped her arms around her lover and told him of her nightmare. Ryan tried to soothe Gillian, but it did little good. Gillian told him that she no longer cared if what they were doing was wrong. "I don't want to spend one more night without you," she said softly. Ryan nodded and told Gillian that she didn't have to --- she could spend the entire night with him. Rather than risk staying at the loft, the two lovers returned to Wildwind and the safety of the secret rendezvous spot.

At The Valley Inn, Greenlee again tried to enlist Leo into helping her make Ryan jealous. Leo refused, saying that he had a date with Becca. Greenlee ordered him to reschedule, but Leo was not about to pass on his first real date with the girl of his dreams. Becca appeared by the pair's side and Leo quickly dismissed Greenlee. He and Becca headed to a private table so that they could grab a bite to eat and figure out what movie they were going to see. Liza sat down across the room with Marian to discuss her new role at Chandler Enterprises. Marian was proud of her daughter's accomplishments, but feared that working so closely with Tad was a bad idea. Across the room, a waiter appeared beside Leo and Becca and informed Becca that she had a telephone call. In the hallway, Greenlee smiled devilishly as she watched Becca pick up the phone. In her best Southern accent, Greenlee pretended to be Opal. Of course, "Opal's" voice sounded a bit funny, but Greenlee quickly claimed that she was suffering from a bout of bad allergies. "Opal" asked Becca if she'd mind picking up Petey and his friends and taking them home. Becca happily agreed. She looked over to Leo and informed her date that she had had a change of plans. Leo wanted to tag along with Becca, but Becca feared that her car wasn't big enough for everyone. She promised Leo that she'd try to return as quickly as possible. Soon after Becca left, Greenlee waltzed into the room and smiled broadly. She never told Leo that she was the reason Becca left. Time passed and Ryan still hadn't shown for his date with Greenlee. Becca, likewise, was a no-show. Leo mused that it was time to swap dates and asked Greenlee if she'd like to go home with him to Erica's house. Erica, he said, was out of town on business. Greenlee nodded and the pair headed off together. Liza asked her mother to forgo the lecture. She had to excuse herself to handle a phone call. Scott, meanwhile, appeared at the table and told Marian that he was planning to make a web site that logged all of Leo's dirty tactics. Marian liked the idea, but told Scott to keep his voice down. A few feet away, Becca searched the bar for signs of Leo. Scott stepped in and commented that he was alone for the evening and was free to share a bite with her. Becca smiled happily and the two headed off to the other side of the bar.

About the airplane, Tina was amazed by the marvels of flight. She did, however, get more than a bit nervous when the plane hit a patch of rough air. Adrian assured her that everything was going to be okay, but for one reason or another Tina wasn't so sure. It took but a minute for Adrian to realize that Tina was talking about more than her first flight. Tina told Adrian of a traumatic childhood moment. On her first day of school shortly after moving into a new foster family's home, Tina took a wrong turn and wounds up lost. She feared that no one would ever find her, but one of her foster brothers found her and helped her home. Things were going well until Tina's foster dad was relocated; she was then forced to remain behind and move in with another family. Tina explained that she felt lost when Adrian walked out on her. Adrian apologized to Tina, but said that he'd acted the way he had because he didn't want Tina to get hurt. Since it was the time to be truthful, Adrian admitted that he hadn't been exactly fearless while locked in the van; he was "scared spitless." He also confessed that he was very thankful that Tina was okay. With a big smile, Adrian joked that he and Tina made a great team. There would be no teaming up in the future, though, because Adrian was ready to call the spy business quits for good.

At Chandler Enterprises, Adam stood outside the boardroom questioning why Arlene had tagged along. Arlene likened herself to Cleopatra and all of the other women who stood behind strong men throughout history. Adam prepared to enter the special board meeting, but Arlene offered him a swig "courage" from her liquor flask. Inside, Adam thanked the board for agreeing to meet with him on such short notice. "This company is on the brink of disaster," he stated. Outside, Arlene listened with her ear pressed to the door. She nearly passed out when Tad walked off of the elevator. Arlene quickly concocted a tale about Adam having stopped by to pick up the last of his belongings. Tad could clearly hear the voices inside the boardroom, but he told Arlene that he'd allow Adam some privacy. He turned and walked back onto the elevator. Oblivious to the close call on the other side of the door, Adam continued on, telling the board that he was there to regain control of the company he'd founded. Suddenly, the door flew open and Arlene shouted out at the top of her voice. Tad calmly entered the boardroom and told Adam that he was there to stop his coup attempt. As Tad was entering, Adam was in the process of blasting his supposed incompetence. "Tad Martin talks the talk," Adam said, hinting that Tad could do little more than sound like he knew what he was doing. Tad countered the claims by announcing that he and Liza had just returned from a business trip in which they'd landed two huge deals. Tad wasn't able to mention specifics for "legal" reasons. Tad then took to destroying Adam and Arlene's credibility. He presented the board with photos of Adam's barroom brawl as well as Arlene's shenanigans at Hayley and Mateo's wedding. Arlene was furious and threw her purse at Tad. Tad dodged the hurling object, picking it up once it hit the floor. He reached inside and pulled out Arlene's flask. With a surprisingly straight face, Tad said that it looked like Arlene had once again gotten "a running jump on happy hour." Liza arrived at the meeting just in time to express her feelings that Adam was incapable of running Chandler Enterprises. His "self-destruction" would put the company at risk. Arlene wasn't pleased and angrily lashed out at Arlene. Arlene jumped onto the table and crawled cat-like across the table towards Liza. The board members looked on in horror. Adam tried to reign in his wife, but it did no good. Liza asked the board if there was anyone that wanted to make a motion in support of handing over control to Adam. The room fell silent. After the meeting, Adam and Arlene left without saying a word about their defeat. Liza was surprised that Tad had been so prepared to handle Adam. Tad sensed that Liza didn't approve of his tactics, though Liza never came out and said it. "You have to kill the tough ones twice," he said philosophically. Outside, Adam broke into a chuckle as he and Arlene walked towards the elevator. Arlene asked her husband how he could be so jovial in defeat. Adam explained that he hadn't lost. "It's time to bring out the big guns," Adam sneered. "Tad Martin --- prepared to bleed!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

With a first round victory over Adam secured, Tad questioned why Liza appeared to be "stewing" rather than celebrating. Liza assured Tad that she was glad that they'd won, but said that she was almost certain that Adam wasn't down for the count. Brooke breezed into the boardroom and plopped a duffel bag on the table. Tad looked at her curiously for a few moments before realizing that he was scheduled to visit Jamie at camp in the morning. Tad had only been co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises for a matter of days, but already he was faced with his first dilemma. In addition to his parental duties, Tad was also scheduled to have a meeting with a Japanese businessman in the morning. Liza coldly informed Tad that there was no choice to be made: he was expected to meet with the businessman. Jamie, she said, would just have to get used to the fact that his father had a job. With that, Liza exited the boardroom. Tad promised Brooke that he would keep his promise to Jamie, but Tad knew that there was no way that he could be in two places at one time. Brooke scolded Tad for not having told her that he'd taken the CEO job. She wasn't at all pleased that she had to read about it on the Internet. Tad lashed out at Brooke for being yet another person who felt that it was only a matter of time before he somehow screwed things up. Brooke swore that she didn't think that Tad was incapable of running Chandler Enterprises, but she admitted to being "worried [about] a Tad and Liza combo." Tad attempted to turn the tables, reminding Brooke that she was working closely with one of her own flames, Edmund. Brooke immediately explained that she and Edmund were a different type of situation. Tad finally admitted why his new job was so important to him. "I'm the adopted Martin," Tad said softly. He explained that most people expect less of him because the Martin blood doesn't flow through his veins. "I want to be the biggest success to come out of Pine Valley since Palmer Cortlandt," he beamed. Brooke informed Tad that he was already a success. Tad had two children who adored him, something that many people cannot say. She pointedly asked Tad which was more important to him: successfully running Chandler Enterprises or showing his son that he can count on him. Tad stated that he could not let Chandler Enterprises fall apart. However, Tad didn't want his son to be upset either. Brooke took a deep breath and asked herself why she was leading Tad to believe that camp visitation was a matter of life and death. She calmly told Tad that he didn't have to go to camp in the morning --- he could visit any day. Tad wondered if Brooke was trying to let him off the hook, something that again brought forth his belief that people expected less of him. Brooke shook her head and said that she was actually putting Tad on the hook. She warned him with a devilish smile that he'd better seal the deal with the Japanese businessman or else. Tad thanked Brooke for her support with a hug. Brooke grumbled about having to wake up early to make it to camp, but her complaints were all done in fun. She also remembered that she'd have to reschedule an appointment with Eliot. Tad raised one eyebrow and asked Brooke if she and Eliot were an item. Brooke puckered her lips and explained that she and Eliot were "just friends."

In his best Robin Leach voice, Leo took Greenlee on a tour of Erica's home. Greenlee wasn't impressed as evidenced by her repeated complaints about having been stood up. Leo looked around and reminded Greenlee that they were standing in Erica Kane's bedroom. His suggestion that they have a little fun prompted Greenlee to question whether or not Leo was making a pass at her. Leo rolled his eyes and said that he wanted Greenlee to seize the moment --- rummage through Erica's drawers or douse herself in expensive perfume. Greenlee relented and spritzed herself with one of Erica's most expensive fragrances. After the initial thrill had warned off, Greenlee informed Leo that he was chasing after the wrong woman. Greenlee wasn't suggesting that she and Leo become a couple, but rather that Becca wasn't a match for him. Leo quickly noted that Greenlee was also "barking up the wrong tree" by going after Ryan. Surprisingly, Greenlee was more upset with the dog reference in Leo's remark than she was that he felt Ryan wasn't right for her. Greenlee laid down on the bed next to Leo and asked, "How did we get so shallow?" The pair chuckled. Leo softly admitted that he didn't even know what love was like. Greenlee sat up on the bed and looked off into the distance with a sad look on her face. Leo sat up and asked her what was wrong. He gently brushed her hair back before kissing her neck. Before they knew it, they found themselves in a passionate kiss. Suddenly, Greenlee pulled away and exclaimed that they could not have sex. Leo, breathing heavily, agreed with her. He stated that their friendship would be fouled by their continued romantic adventures. "Ice cream!" Greenlee suddenly shouted. Leo cocked his head to one side and listened as Greenlee explained that ice cream would help them get their minds off of sex. Greenlee asked Leo if he knew where Erica kept her ice cream. With a confused look on his face, Leo suggested that they check the freezer "because it's cold." The pair headed off to the kitchen. A little while later, they returned with individual pint-sized buckets of ice cream. They sat down on the bed eating their ice cream. Leo chattered on for several minutes, unaware that Greenlee had fallen asleep next to him. Leo gently brushed Greenlee's hair. He quietly rolled out of bed and turned off the light. Then, he placed a blanket over the young woman and knelt on the floor beside her. Leo watched the slumbering woman for a few seconds before kissing her arm and returning to the bed. Leo carefully nuzzled up next to Greenlee and closed his eyes.

At a table in The Valley Inn, Vanessa showed off a treasure trove of jewelry to an appraiser by the name of Theo. Theo offered to give Vanessa $10,000 for the collection that could have fetched up to ten times that figure --- or more. The reason that Vanessa wasn't going to get near asking price was that Theo knew that Vanessa had been "cut off" from Palmer's fortune. In essence, since Vanessa desperately needed the cash, it was the appraiser who was in the driver's seat. Palmer appeared by the side of the table and urged Vanessa to take the cash and run. Theo said nothing more, except to tell Vanessa that $10,000 was his final offer. After Theo left, Vanessa pleaded with Palmer to end the cruel game that he was playing with her. Palmer thought that Vanessa's idea of torture was not being able to go on shopping sprees. "There are far greater consequences on your horizon," he sneered. Vanessa argued that she wasn't as concerned about her fiscal success as she was of being the subject of gossip. Myrtle and Phoebe appeared near the table and Vanessa stopped mid-sentence. Vanessa gasped as she noticed that Myrtle was wearing one of the scarves Palmer had forced her to donate to charity. Myrtle, when questioned about how she'd gotten the item, bragged that she'd picked up the item for $5 at the thrift shop. Vanessa lunged from her seat and tried to yank the scarf away from Myrtle. She even went as far as to offer Myrtle $10 for the scarf. Palmer apologized for his wife's poor behavior and forcibly pushed Vanessa back into her chair. Palmer then held Vanessa's mouth shut as he asked Myrtle if Rae was coming back to town any time soon. Myrtle and Phoebe headed on their way. Vanessa once again blasted Palmer for embarrassing her, saying that she'd had just about enough of Palmer's antics. Palmer nodded his head in agreement and plopped a stack of papers before his wife. Vanessa picked up the documents and gasped. "You're divorcing me?" she asked in disbelief. Palmer told Vanessa that it should come as no surprise to her. Unlike her other marriages, though, Palmer informed her that she wasn't going to be leaving with any of his hard-earned money. He also remarked that Vanessa should consider herself lucky that he isn't taking the clothes off her back. Palmer rose from his chair and prepared to walk away. Vanessa, panting heavily, leapt up and chased after him. Palmer asked that his wife not make a scene, but Vanessa wasn't about to let Palmer walk out of her life. She claimed that she'd actually developed feelings for Palmer, no matter how much he may doubt it. She pleaded for just one more chance to prove that she can be a respectable wife and that she really loves Palmer. Palmer mulled it over and agreed to give Vanessa a final chance. He warned her that she didn't have much time and turned and walked away.

At the roadhouse, Arlene continued griping about the photos Tad had shown during the board meeting. Adam tried to silence his wife, saying that he could not concoct a plan if she continued to babble. Arlene ordered some scotch from the bartender, but she was not at all pleased with the "rot gut" that was poured for her. Liza burst into the bar and immediately stomped over to her former husband. She told him that she knew what he was up to and warned him that he was not going to steal Chandler Enterprises out from under her. Adam took a forced swig of booze and told Liza that he had no idea what she was talking about. Purposely slurring his words, Adam told Liza that he'd been "pickled" when Arlene talked him into going into the boardroom to try to win back control of the company. He smiled broadly and said that the bar was now his "power base." Liza appeared pained by Adam's continued drinking. Adam's face suddenly lit up and he announced that he was going to buy the bar so that he'd never have to leave again. Liza's eyes widened and she told Adam that she would not even attempt to talk to him while he was drunk. Adam shrugged and remarked that Liza would probably never be talking to him again because he planned to keep drinking as long as he owned the bar. Liza ordered Adam to stay away from her and her company. After Liza stormed away, Arlene broke into hysterical laughter. She told Adam that for a moment she actually believed that he wanted to buy the bar. Adam, however, wasn't laughing. Adam turned his attention to Barney, the bartender, who, by a twist of fate, also happened to be the owner of the bar. When Barney learned that Adam was interested in buying the bar, he announced that he was going to fix up the place first because he figured that he could get a higher sale price that way. Adam asked the man to name his price. Barney's $75,000 sale price was bumped up to $100,000 by Adam. Arlene loudly voiced her opposition to Adam's business venture, saying that she couldn't be the wife of someone who owned a bar. Adam informed Arlene that buying the bar was all part of his plan to take down Tad Martin for good. Adam conceded that he could never go through the board to regain control of Chandler Enterprises. The only way left, he explained, was to "go around" the board. Arlene asked Adam to explain himself. Adam said that he planned to take Chandler Enterprises apart brick by brick; if he couldn't run the company --- then no one could!

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Still mostly asleep, Leo nuzzled Greenlee and gently nibbled on her neck. A loud thud sounded and a voice shouted, "Get out of my bed!" Greenlee and Leo both sat up, only to see a fuming Erica staring them down. Leo insisted that nothing fishy had gone on, but Erica wasn't about to take his claims at face value. Greenlee scurried out of bed so that she could take off the peignoir that she'd "borrowed" from Erica. Erica sassily informed the young woman that she would have to pay to have the garment dry cleaned. Greenlee nodded subserviently and continued on her way to the bathroom. Before Greenlee could make it to safety, Erica also informed her that she'd have to donate money to the Teens Against Addiction charity she'd founded. Again, Greenlee nodded. Erica scolded Leo for acting like "an overgrown child." She reminded Leo that he was a guest in her home and was expected to conform to a certain code of conduct. Leo swore that he and Greenlee hadn't been fooling around. In fact, Leo stated that he'd been trying to soothe Greenlee after the man she loves jilted her. He said that bringing Greenlee to Erica's room was a way for Greenlee to feel closer to the woman she idolized. Erica swallowed the praise eagerly and, in fact, actually softened her stern stance. Erica softly conceded that no real harm had been done. To a point, she seemed flattered by Leo's subsequent remark that, other than Greenlee, she was the only friend he had in Pine Valley. Before Erica could respond, Greenlee returned to the room. Erica looked at Greenlee and told her that her future visits should be confined to the first floor of the house. Leo thanked Erica with a kiss on the cheek and escorted Greenlee out of the bedroom. A few seconds later, Jack wandered into the room holding the tie that Leo had been wearing around his head. As it turned out, the tie was actually one of Jack's old ties. Jack, though, wasn't there to reclaim lost clothing; he needed to talk to Erica about Bianca. For one reason or another, Bianca's attitude had taken a sharp turn for the worse. Jack referred to his niece as "sullen" and even "surly." Erica was troubled to hear that Travis wasn't at home with Barbara and the kids very often. She grumbled that her ex-husband's marriage was probably falling apart. Erica had every intention of packing up her belongings and flying off to Seattle, but Jack quickly nixed that idea. He worried that Bianca might not like the in fighting and could suffer a relapse in her health. Erica thought hard for a second before coming up with a wonderful compromise. She asked Jack to phone Barbara and arrange for Bianca to come to town for a visit. Erica flapped her hands a bit and said that he should say that she was feeling blue and needed Bianca to cheer her up. Jack nodded his head and agreed that bringing Bianca to Pine Valley might be the perfect solution.

Gillian and Ryan awoke in each other's arms, but Gillian knew that she'd have to leave soon. Gillian admitted that she'd taken a big risk by spending the night at the loft --- Scott very easily could have returned and caught them in the act. Ryan was prepared to come up with a lie just in case, but Gillian explained that she was tired of lying about their relationship. "We're going to tell everybody how we're feeling today," she said confidently. Ryan was taken aback by Gillian's sudden decision to go public with their affair. Gillian nodded and said that she was going to track down Joe Martin and asked him how she could find Jake. Gillian had every intention of hopping aboard a plane and flying to Jake's side. Once there, Gillian said that she'd look her husband in the eyes and tell him that she wants a divorce. In order to find Jake, though, Gillian knew that she'd have to tell Joe the truth. More than likely, Joe and Ruth and Tad and Dixie would hate her, but Gillian said that she deserved it. Ryan chuckled and mused that telling Greenlee that they were through wasn't half as hard as what Gillian was going to do. Ryan walked Gillian to the door, but they both heard Greenlee's voice in the distance. They quickly scurried inside and Gillian opted to leave via the back door. Ryan sat down at his computer so that he'd look busy when Greenlee arrived. Greenlee wasn't alone --- she'd brought Leo with her. It took only a few seconds before Leo dropped a hint that Greenlee was still wearing the same clothing she'd been wearing the night before. Greenlee pretended to be upset and bopped Leo on the chest. Greenlee ushered Leo to the door and pushed him out of the loft. She then returned her attention to Ryan and announced that she was ready to get to work. Ryan said nothing. Greenlee shifted her weight to one foot and asked Ryan if he was mad at her. Ryan shook his head and said that he wasn't mad at all. In fact, he confessed that he hasn't been "completely honest" with her.

A giddy Esther strolled into the Queen of Hearts diner with a broad smile. She sighed happily as she described the morning coffee break she'd had overlooking the mesa. Esther strolled through the dining area and headed directly for the kitchen. Stuart shrugged his shoulders and told Marilyn that he's never seen Esther so happy. Marilyn grumbled that Esther was probably happy because Stuart had gotten used to the fact that he was never going to regain his lost memories. Marilyn asked Stuart for permission to call Adam. Stuart nodded and asked Marilyn why she hadn't called already. Marilyn rolled her eyes and said that every time she reaches for the phone, Esther shows up. Now that Esther was tending to the wash, the coast was clear for Marilyn to make the call. She reached for the phone --- and almost immediately Esther returned to the dining room. Stuart couldn't help but laugh at the irony. He stepped forward and asked Esther if she'd like to join him outside so that they could look for arrowheads. Marilyn raced into the kitchen and prepared some sandwiches for the couple. Esther eyed the pair suspiciously, but in the end she agreed to go with Stuart.

Gillian finally managed to track down Joe at The Valley Inn. She walked over to his table and told Joe that she'd been looking all over for him. Joe rose from his chair and told Gillian to sit down. Gillian sensed uneasiness in Joe's voice and asked him what was wrong. Jake's MedEvac helicopter, said Joe, was "missing over Chechnya."

Adam laughed evilly as he talked to a business associate on the phone. He found it amusing that Tad planned to pour millions and millions of dollars into making safety improvements to all of the "Pacific Rim plants." He was not amused by the revelation that productivity had risen to record high levels. Arlene wandered into the room and asked Adam if he'd been serious when he said that he was going to buy the "tacky roadside bar." Adam nodded his head and said that he had every intention of buying Barney's bar. He reminded Arlene, who took to beating the sofa with throw pillows, that the bar was merely a cover for his more deceptive business practices. Arlene still did not understand why Adam would resort of tearing apart Chandler Enterprises, the very company he'd built with his sweat and tears. Arlene wanted Adam to regain his power and wealth so that she could buy herself expensive gifts and take long vacations. Adam reminded Arlene that he was still very, very rich and promised her that when everything was done she'd end up "far, far away." Hayley and Mateo dropped by for a visit, but it was Hayley who did most of the talking. She asked her father what had possessed him to buy a bar. Adam replied that owning a bar was has new goal in life. Hayley shook her head and urged her father to seek out higher goals. Adam sensed that his daughter was embarrassed and troubled by his latest venture. He offered her a quick solution --- disowning him as a father. Hayley told her father that she'd love him no matter what and reminded him that he'd always stood by her when she made mistakes. Winifred entered the parlor toting several boxes. Arlene chirped merrily that her Internet purchases must have arrived. When she opened the boxes, however, she found fishing equipment. Hayley raced over to the packages and realized that the items were for Stuart and Adam's annual fishing trip. With all the commotion, no one had ever canceled the reservations or purchases. Adam held the fishing rod in his hands and fought back tears. His voice cracked as he blasted the continual reminders of his brother's life. Adam decided that he should phone the lodge and inform them that he needed to cancel his reservation. While Adam was on the phone, Arlene swaggered up to her daughter's side and told her that it pained her to see Adam falling apart. Hayley doubted every word her mother was saying. Arlene told Hayley to accept Adam's decision to buy the bar because he'd said that he no longer feels like "a player" in the business world. Hayley shook her head and said that she couldn't believe that her mother would give up so easily on Adam's vast fortune. Arlene pursed her lips and admitted that she wasn't thrilled with Adam's decision either. Once Adam finished his call, he walked over to Arlene and wrapped his arm around her. The scene was too much for Hayley to handle and she promptly left the mansion. She and Mateo lingered outside for a brief discussion. Hayley told Mateo that she sensed that her dad of old was still somewhere inside the new Adam. It was only a matter of time, she said, before he returned to normal. Mateo smiled slightly and figured out that Hayley wanted to be the one to help return to the old Adam. Back inside, once Hayley and Mateo left, Adam quickly pulled away from Arlene. He returned his attention to the fishing equipment before him. While he reminisced about the good times with Stuart, the phone rang. Adam didn't seem to hear the ringing, so Arlene answered the call. On the other end of the line, Marilyn asked if she could speak to Adam. Arlene grew suspicious when the caller wouldn't identify herself. Before Arlene could hang up, Marilyn asked if she knew anyone by the name of Stuart. Arlene gasped and asked the caller to repeat herself. "I met this guy, and he's real sweet, and he's kind of a weirdo, but he can't remember anything about his past," Marilyn said. Arlene asked if the man had a name. "Stuart," Marilyn repeated. Arlene's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she looked across the room at a somber Adam.

Thursday, July 14, 2000

Marilyn called the number she had for "Adam" and ended up getting Arlene on the phone. Have you lost anyone named Stuart, Marilyn asks, and then goes on to describe Stuart perfectly. Arlene glances over at Adam and sees her meal ticket slipping away. She tells Adam the she's talking to a telemarketer and he leaves the room. Arlene then goes back to Marilyn and tells her that she's going to come out there and see for herself if it's the right person. Adam returns just as Arlene is writing down the address and hanging up the phone. She lies and tells him she got a lead on an interior decorator to fix up their new bar. Adam doesn't want to put any effort into changing the dive, but Arlene is persuasive and Adam finally agrees just to get rid of her. He hands her a credit card and tells her to rent a jet. Arlene rushes off to pack a bag.

Stuart, who took Esther for a walk to give Marilyn some privacy to make the call, returns to the Queen of Hearts carrying Esther, who twisted her ankle. Marilyn's father carries her back to the trailer while Stuart questions Marilyn. Did you find out anything, he asks. She lies, saying that she only left a message for Adam, apparently not wanting to get his hopes up if it doesn't pan out. She complains about being stuck out there in the middle of nowhere and Stuart offers to let her come visit him at his home, where ever that is, whenever she wants to. Marilyn is thrilled until Stuart adds that her father has to say it's OK, since she thinks that will never happen.

Stuart's picking up some dishes to take to the kitchen when Arlene walks in the most unbelievable outfit. It's vaguely cowboy-style, but in orange and fuschia with turquoise fringe down the side and a 'matching' turquoise purse. Stuart doesn't see her and heads back to the kitchen, but Marilyn has a hard time to keep from laughing as she asks Arlene if she can help her. In the kitchen, Stuart has a flash-back of the accident when he hears Arlene's voice and rushes out to the dining room and stands and stares at her.

At his apartment, Ryan confronts Greenlee with the fact that he knows she was pretending to be Cynthia. She denies it, but before their conversation can go further, Ryan gets a call from Gillian looking for Adrian. She tells him what has happened with Jake and simply tells her that he's sorry to hear it, aware that Greenlee is still in the room listening to every word. He tells her that he thinks Adrian is at SOS and then hangs up. He puts on his suit jacket and Greenlee is convinced he's rushing to Gillian. If I wanted to do that, I could have done it long ago, he tells her. He has a business meeting with the man he was supposed to meet at Hayley's wedding.

Right after Ryan leaves, there's a knock at the door. Greenlee answers it, expecting it to be Ryan, but it's her grandfather, coming to check on his investment. Her grandfather is so upset that Ryan has hurt Greenlee that he wants to pull him money out of the business, but Greenlee begs him not to, it would only make Ryan hate her. Her grandfather mentions that he ran into her parents in the airport and hands Greenlee a card with a check from them in it. Greenlee thanks her grandfather for trying, but recognizes that the handwriting on the card "Love Mommy and Daddy", is his, not theirs. She gets upset and cries and tries to explain to him that Ryan is the only man who's every liked her for herself, not her money or the act that she puts on. She's determined not to give up on Ryan, no matter what.

At the Valley Inn dining room, Joe breaks the news to Gillian that Jake's MedEvac helicopter is missing in Chechnya. They don't know many details yet, it's not certain that it crashed, but they did lose contact with it. Tad arrives and Joe tells him the same news. Joe hasn't told Ruth yet because she's in the OR right now and he knows how hard this will hit her. He remembers how difficult it was for her when Phillip was declared missing in Vietnam. But Phillip came home, Tad reminds his father, and so will Jake. Rather than just sitting around waiting for news, Tad decides to ask Adrian for help. Tad calls SOS, while Gillian calls Ryan's apartment to see if he's at Dixie arrives with David and spots the family and finds out what has happened. Dixie argues with David that they should tell Gillian the truth about Dimitri, it would give her some hope right now. David refuses, Dimitri isn't well and it wouldn't be fair to put Gillian through losing him all over again.

Gillian excused herself to go to the ladies room and ran into Ryan in the lobby. She hugged him for a moment, with Ryan looking around hoping that no one would see them. They both agreed that now was obviously not the time to come forward with the truth about their relationship. She headed back into the dining room and Adrian arrived with some news. He spoke with Mike Roy, who is in the area, and he promised to head to Chechnya first thing tomorrow to try to find out what happened.

In the meantime, Dimitri is sitting alone on the beach and jumps when a hand touches his shoulder, but it's only Edmund. Dimitri still refuses to let Alex know he's alive, but Edmund's taken the decision out of his hands. He's called Alex to meet him there and she'll be arriving any moment.



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