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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Nicole is busy getting plastered at the Blue Note. She remembers her visit to Dr. Bader, and how Dr. Bader asked her if she had told her everything she needed to know. Nicole asked her to run an HIV test. She then remembers Rex blackmailing her when he remembered she was Misty Circle. Then she remembers talking to Austin about her situation, and telling him to forget it and leave her alone. She eventually tells the bartender to get her another drink and keep them

Austin walks in, and Nicole is not pleased. Nicole asks him what in the hell he wants from her? Austin tells her that she can rant and scream all she wants, but he knows she wants someone to talk to. Nicole tells Austin that she does want to talk to someone, and maybe that someone should be him.

Nicole tells Austin that what is wrong could be really bad. She says she's done some stuff that she's not proud of. Austin asks if she thinks God is punishing her? Nicole tells him not to start with that again. Austin asks if she has ever tried to talk to him or pray? Nicole says there is only one man who can fix her life, and she threw him away. Austin asks why she married Lucas anyways? Nicole thinks that perhaps she should tell Austin, maybe he should know a few things about his mother because it might knock him off his soapbox.
Unfortunately, Nicole's phone rings, it's Dr. Bader, so she has to excuse herself. Dr. Bader tells Nicole that she needs to undergo another test in the morning. Nicole asks what test? Dr. Bader thinks they should talk about this in person, but Nicole wants to know now. Dr. Bader tells her that she thinks they should schedule a biopsy. Nicole freaks out and hangs up. Austin asks what is going on, but Nicole tells him that if he touches her she will scream! She then runs out of the Blue Note.

Elsewhere, Brandon returns to the table where Sami is sitting. Sami is wondering if she can do this. He tells her that she has no choice, if she wants her son back then she has to come to Paris with him. Sami says she just doesn't think she can leave Salem right now, and asks why he can't go alone? Brandon says that his plan requires a man and woman traveling together to act as one another's cover because this could be very dangerous. Sami tells him that he's really selling her on this trip. Brandon tells her that if she wants her son back this is the only way. Brandon asks her if she's coming to Paris with him or not? Sami asks what about her job? Brandon tells her to cough, so she does, and he says it sounds like she's coming down with the flu. Sami says she's also going to have to lie to Austin, and she already lied to him about tonight.

Brandon says Austin is not helping her get her son back, so she shouldn't feel guilty about what she's doing. Brandon tells her that they'll only be gone a couple of days. Sami asks him why he's doing this for her? Brandon says that she was almost executed for a crime she didn't commit, and that angers him. Plus, he says she is his best friend. Sami believes he can help her, so he asks if they are on? Suddenly, Sami sees Austin, so she runs and hides. Austin talks to Brandon about Nicole and tells him that she's going through a rough time. He then asks if he's seen Sami? Brandon says he saw her at work. Austin asks if he knows where she is now, but he says no. Brandon tells Austin that he's kind of here on a date, so Austin leaves. Sami returns, and thanks Brandon for covering for her. She finally realizes that she can't tell Austin about this plan, and she has decided to go to Paris with him.

At the mansion, Kate and Lucas are still discussing their Sami problem. Lucas tries to tell his mom that they have nothing to worry about because there is no way out of this one for Sami, no matter what she knows. Lucas says that Roberto still could have left the strip club, killed Franco, and returned. Kate tells him that he is grasping at straws and Sami will never buy that, she will keep digging until she uncovers the truth. Kate wishes she had let the little witch die, but Lucas says she is the mother of his son. Kate asks how he will feel when the mother of his son finds out what he did? Lucas thinks they should get a really good lawyer. Kate asks who will pay for that lawyer, she can't count on Victor! Lucas thinks they are done for, but Kate says that is not true. She says she will not let Sami destroy their lives, she will kill her before she let that happened. Lucas tells her no way, he will go to jail for them, he won't name her as an accomplice. Kate says they are i! n this together and neither one of them will go to jail because Sami will die before the truth comes out! Lucas tells her not to talk that way. Kate asks for some time alone to think, so Lucas leaves. After Lucas leaves, Kate reads Nicholas' letter.

Out on the patio, Lucas finds Nicole bawling. He asks where she's been? She tells him to leave her alone, but Lucas says no. She tells him to go away, so he tells her fine, she can sit there and feel sorry for herself because he's had a hard day and has a lot on his mind. Nicole says she does to, so he asks like what? Nicole looks at him and says she is dying.

At the dance, everyone watches as Philip and Chloe dance to Leanne Rhimes' "I need you." Mimi is sulking, and tells Shawn and Belle that she's going to go try to find a Chloe-Free zone. Shawn watches Jan and Jason staring at Chloe and he tells Belle that they are up to something, and they need to find out what. Jan tells Jason that this is disgusting, but Jason tells her that Cinderella will be a pumpkin soon, so she should enjoy her time in the limelight. Jason and Jan move to a more secluded and private spot to go over their surprise for Chloe. Shawn follows them and decides to see what they are up to. Chloe excuses herself from Philip's company to talk to Belle. Belle tells her that everyone was watching them, and the way Philip was looking at her was right out of a movie. Chloe tells Belle that just because she isn't wearing a black dress, and is wearing make-up, suddenly she is acceptable. Belle doesn't think it is like that, but Chloe tells her that she jus! t doesn't understand and never will. Belle is hurt, and she apologizes, but she says that she is popular and wouldn't know what it is like to be made fun of. Belle says she does understand, she wanted to be friends with this girl in first grade,
but she wouldn't talk to her. Chloe tells Belle that she is speaking of a lifetime of rejection. Chloe says that now that she looks a certain way, she is being accepted, doesn't she (Belle) think that is kind of shallow? Belle asks why she dressed this way if that is how she feels? Philip returns at this point to take Chloe back onto the dance floor. Mimi and another girl, Heather, approaches Belle, and Heather hopes Belle isn't upset about CHloe. Belle says why, she is happy for Chloe.

Heather says that everyone kind of assumed she would be crowned queen of the dance, but Chloe is pulling in a lot of votes. Mimi thinks this is not fair, but Belle says who cares who is crowned king and queen, what is important is that they are all celebrating the end of the school year. She then says almost everyone, where is Shawn? Mimi still can't let the Chloe as queen thing go. Belle tells her that it is all kind of meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Heather asks Mimi
what is with her, she doesn't seem to be having any fun at all tonight. Mimi says nothing is wrong with her, and then she blows up. She tells them that this over analyzing of her is getting really old, and she storms off.

Outside, Shawn overhears Jan tell Jason that the entire plan will be ruined if Philip and Chloe don't win. Shawn asks them what will be ruined? Jan covers and claims they are just worried that Chloe might be crowned queen, and that will ruin the dance. Shawn doesn't believe them, and warns them not to try anything against Chloe. After Shawn leaves, Jan thinks they should call this off, but Jason says he's not afraid of Shawn's threats.

Shawn returns, and he tells Belle that he thinks he put a stop to Jan and Jason's plan. Belle still wants to let Mimi know what is going on, but Shawn says no way. Belle tells Shawn that she already told her mom that she would find out what was up with Mimi tonight. Shawn says he thinks he knows a way to get through to Mimi.

Elsewhere, Chloe asks Philip what he's thinking about? Philip tells Chloe that he was caught up in this king of the dance thing, but now he realizes it isn't about winning. He says it is about being with someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Philip leaves to get them some punch, so Shawn and Belle asks Chloe to help them with Mimi. Belle says Shawn wants them to confront Mimi to find out what is going on? Chloe says Mimi hates her, but Belle thinks she can help them.
CHloe says she'll do what she can. Some other kids tease Belle and Shawn about their Saturday Night Fever dance at the last dance, and they cheer them onto the dance floor. Shawn and Belle end up salsa dancing to Enrique Eglasias.

Mimi is out in the lobby and says she can't wait a minute longer, she has to do this now. She picks up the phone and makes a call. Unfortunately, the cell phone she calls isn't working. She can't believe the cell phone isn't working, and worries what she will do now.

Philip finally apologizes to Chloe for asking her not to tell anyone about how he walked her home. He says he screwed up, but he thinks he learned an important lesson. Chloe says she thinks she learned something from it too.

Mimi returns to catch Shawn's dance, and Belle thinks it is time to find out what is going on with Mimi. Mimi talks with Jan and Jason, who can't stop giggling. Mimi asks what is up? Jason tells her that tonight, someone will get a blessing from above!

Heather asks everyone for their attention. She says that the ballots have been counted, it is time to announce the king and queen! Heather announces that Chloe and Philip are the king and queen. As Everyone applauds, Jan and Jason high five one another. Philip and Chloe take the stage and are crowned. Shawn sees Jan looking up, and finally spots the bucket. Behind the stage, Jason is holding onto a rope. Shawn finally realizes what is about happen. Jason pulls the rope, and the bucket of blood tips over.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

by NBC

Lucas is rocked when Nicole claims that she has cancer. When he presses her for details, Nicole admits that Dr. Bader never said the word cancer but has called her in for a biopsy. Lucas promises his wife that he will help her get through this but she runs off, leaving him alone and worried. Rex assures Victor that he'll soon have Nicole's last million and once that happens, he's going to make a play for her. Mr. Briscoe, Victor's attorney, advises Victor to settle out of court where Kate is concerned. Kate is saddened by Nicholas' letter in which he informs her that he's leaving town and won't be back. After putting the letter in her purse, Kate leaves the room, unaware that Victor has arrived and is curious about the letter. At the dance Shawn pulls Chloe out of the way of the chicken blood falling from the bucket above her. Philip is doused with the red liquid and goes after Jason for what he has done. Chloe is frightened to realize that blood was meant for her. Later, Chloe, Shawn and Belle follow Mimi and discover she's living in a cardboard box. Bo and Hope are disappointed to find Stefano has arrived for a visit. He hands Hope a bracelet as a gift and inquires about the baby.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Brandon and Sami don their costumes again and head back to the strip club to learn more about Roberto's friend Angela. Sami is rocked to find Candy at the club and mumbles to Brandon that she is the stripper Franco slept with on the day of their wedding. Brandon conveniently bumps into Candy and starts to ask her about the past. Tired and suspicious, Candy's relieved when a couple of thugs grab Brandon and work him over in the alley behind the club. Austin advises Greta to give Eric another chance. She considers it and suggests that they head to the roof for some fresh air. Victor saves Nicole's life when the drunk woman stumbles into the pool, hitting her head on the edge as she does so. He's there when Dr. Bader calls her with the news that she's HIV negative. She confides to Victor about her biopsy set for tomorrow and he responds with concern for her. Eric asks Roman for his help and explains that he thinks Nicole was underage when she made the porno movie. He also thinks that her father was involved. Roman warns his son to do things "by the book" but Eric decides to act on his own.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Brandon confronts Nicole about her illness and asks why she never told him. She assures him that it's nothing. Victor overhears the lie and wonders why she didn't confide in her brother. Admitting that Henderson gave Sami a lead to the strip club, Kate explains to Victor her concerns for Lucas and adds that she may leave town with her son. Victor advises her that it's a terrible idea that would only serve to make them look guilty. He promises to do all he can to keep them out of prison. Eric and Sami are jealous to learn that Greta was with Austin on the roof. Sami confronts Austin about their relationship. He admits he misses spending time with Sami and suggests they have a weekend together. Sami realizes she can't if she leaves town with Brandon. Thanks to Eric's quick thinking, Greta fails to see Nicole's porno tape at his place. She assures him that she knows now that he and Nicole are just friends. Nicole suddenly calls and asks him to meet her tonight.

Friday, July 14, 2000

In the alley, Mimi asks Belle, Shawn, and Chloe to just go. Belle refuses to leave her, and she says they want to help her. Mimi tells them like hell they will! Mimi tells them that they will never understand her situation. She then lays into CHloe, claiming that she must be so happy because she has humiliated her in front of all her best friends. Mimi bolts, and Belle talks to Mrs. Lockhart, who tells Belle that they were all doing fine until Mr. Lockhart was suddenly let go. She says from then on it got worse. She says she wanted to get a job, but she couldn't with a five year old boy to care for. Belle says she never knew things were this bad. Mrs. Lockhart says they cashed in everything, including the kids savings bonds, but it wasn't enough. Belle asks about Mr. Lockhart, but Mrs. Lockhart says they haven't heard from her husband in days. Connor coughs, and Belle says it doesn't sound good. Mrs. Lockhart wants to take him to a doctor, but they don't have any insurance. Belle says there is the free clinic. Mrs. Lockhart says she knows, but Mimi doesn't want them to go there because people will find out about her situation. Belle says she doesn't care how Mimi lives, she will always be her friend and she will always want to help her out. Chloe understands what Mimi is going through, feeling like an outsider, and she tells Belle that she needs to help Mimi whether she wants it or not. Chloe then gets an idea, perhaps their summer project can be helping the Lockharts get back on their feet. Belle decides to tell Mrs. Lockhart the good news while Chloe goes to take care of something else. Belle tells Mrs. Lockhart that they are going to help her family, and she knows exactly how. Belle offers them some of her and her mom's old clothes, which Mrs.. Lockhart thanks her for.

Mimi runs to the park, and Shawn follows her. Shawn wants to know what is going on, but Mimi wishes they hadn't followed her. Shawn tells Mimi that they will not judge her. He says that her family can't keep living like this, they need help. Mimi asks what he's going to do about this? Shawn asks where her dad is, did he skip town? Mimi tells him not to talk about her father like that! Shawn apologizes, and Mimi says not that it is any of his business, but he is in Chicago on interviews. Shawn asks how they are going, but Mimi doesn't respond. She asks if they have heard from him? Mimi says no, which angers Shawn. Mimi says their dad doesn't know how bad it has gotten, he doesn't know they have lost their house. She cries that she needs her dad so much. Shawn asks why she never said anything about this earlier? Mimi says Jan and Jason would trash her, and she hates this town and her life. Shawn tells Mimi that she has dealt with more problems that any normal person ever would have to tackle in a lifetime. Shawn and Mimi return to the tent, and Shawn and Belle both fear for Connor's health. They says they should take him to the hospital. Shawn says his grandmother is on staff there, she will take care of things for them. Mrs. Lockhart tells Mimi that he isn't getting any better, so Mimi says okay. Shawn tells Mimi that he is proud of the way she is holding it together here.

At the high school boysroom, Philip is changing into some clean clothes. Jason wants to go to a party, but Philip is furious with him. Philip fears Jason's lame prank has ruined his rep, and everything was going to swell for him before Jason screwed everything up! Jason says the blood was supposed to end up on Chloe, which Philip says was a lousy thing to do. Jason asks him why he cares about Chloe Lame-O. They almost end up in a fight, until Jan shows up, yes in the boys room. Jan asks Philip if he's coming to the party? Philip doubts it, which disappoints Jan because she had hoped they could go skinny-dipping. Jan then tells Philip that his stock has totally soared, all the girls want him now because not only did he take a bucket of chicken blood for Chloe, but he turned his girlfriend into a goddess. Philip says that she's not his girlfriend, but she is better than them. Jason warns Philip that he better not tell anyone what happened tonight because he was every bit as involved as they were, got it? Philip says if he wants to bust them he will do it. Jan says don't bet on it, and Jason threatens Philip to tell Chloe about his bet. Philip realizes he is in trouble, and says this sucks. Jason says as long as he doesn't snitch, they won't.

Later, Philip contemplates telling Chloe about the bet, but then realizes Mr. and Mrs. Wesley would kill her. Chloe returns to have a chat with Philip. She apologizes about his suit, but Philip tells her it wasn't her fault. Chloe says she knows the blood was meant for her. Chloe tells Philip he probably wants to forget about tonight, but Philip smiles and says not all of it. Chloe wonders why Philip is looking at her the way he is. Philip says there are a lot of losers at this school, and Chloe says she knows that, but she says she also knows there are nice kids like Shawn, Belle, and him. Philip is happy she doesn't think he had anything to do with the prank tonight. Chloe says she knows he didn't, he wouldn't purposely destroy his designer suit. Philip then tells Chloe that there is something else she should know.

At the hospital, Craig is angry that he has been contacted about a broken MRI machine. Craig says he is not Mr. Fixit! The nurse says the repair man showed up and got into a fight with someone, so she called him to try to settle things. Craig tells her to just show him where the machine is. The machine ends up fixed, and Craig lays into a Dr. Smith for biting off their chief engineers head. Craig says that next time Dr. SMith should think before he speaks, or their will be more than the MRI machine will be in jeopardy! Alice asks to speak with Craig, but he refuses and storms off. Alice tells the nurse that no chief of staff should ever speak to his staff in that manner. Alice says Michael asked her to keep an eye on Craig, and so far she doesn't like what she is seeing. ALice comments that she guesses she's going to have to do something about it.

Nancy goes to talk to Craig to try to cool him down, but he says he is dealing with an incompetent staff here! Nancy says she knows she is partly to blame, but . . . . Craig says "but what!" He tells Nancy first she wants him to make nice with CHloe, and then when he makes progress with the girl, she goes and gets jealous! Nurse Brenda shows up, and warns Craig that Alice Horton is not pleased with the way he has been treating his staff. She tells him that Alice Horton pulls a lot of weight in this hospital, and she may even have the power to get him fired! Craig is furious and says Alice Horton has way to much time on her hands, she needs to develop a hobby or something. Meanwhile, Alice calls Mrs. Winston up to talk to her and the board about Craig Wesley. Bo and Hope are on the way to the hospital with "their" baby, who has stopped breathing. Bo is speeding, and a cop pulls up behind them. Hope thinks they should pull over because he might be able to help them, but Bo doubts that. Bo says they'll be there in a few minutes, so she should hold on. Bo says it must be a rookie who doesn't recognize the truck, so he's sure as hell not going to stop for him. Suddenly, the baby cries, which means he's okay. Bo is glad to hear the cry, and decides to end this hi-speed chase. The officer apologizes to Bo and says he didn't know it was him. Bo and Hope explain the situation, and the officer escorts them to the hospital.

Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital, and Nancy and Craig decide to do some damage control by taking very good care of Hope and "her" baby. Craig checks on the baby, and later tells them that it appears he had a crib seizure, which is very normal. Alice and Hope go in to see the baby, and Craig tells Bo what a wonderful woman Alice Horton is. He also says he is saddened by the fact that he never met Tom Horton and hopes he'll be able to earn half the respect he was given one day. Bo tells him he's on his way, and then leaves to see the baby. Nancy applauds Craig's Oscar worthy performance. Later, Craig apologizes to Alice for the way he acted earlier, but she says Dr. Smith is the one he needs to apologize to. Craig says he will get it, and then asks Alice how she stays so calm and in control. ALice ends up telling Craig that if he really wants to change he should stop firing women who ask for maternity leave. Craig says she is right, and Alice walks away. Nancy asks what happened, and Craig swears he will win that battle-ax over. In one of the rooms, Bo assures Hope that she is not to blame for "their" baby's condition, and he swears that they will all get through this together.

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