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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on GH
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Sonny and Carly talk about her moving to the brownstone (because Carly doesn't understand why Sonny still wants her to stay at the penthouse,) now that the baby is gone. Michael interrupts their "talk" when he has a bad dream and Sonny assures him all is well. Carly tells Sonny how good he is with Michael and wants their relationship to continue. Sonny tells Carly he will be there for Michael and hopes she will be happy. It's what they won't say that we're all waiting for.

Emily receives a call from someone saying she "Saw what you did last Friday." Liz, Lucky, Nikolas and Emily begin to panic about being blackmailed, and vow to stick together.

Laura has a drink with Tim, her first pool partner. They dance and after a few drinks, Laura has angry words with Tammy and Mike about Luke and their "friendship." A tipsy Laura, calls her mom for help and advice. Her mom suggests a vacation to recharge her spirit.

On the CD, Stefan hears Helena's concerns over Chloe and wonders what Helena's plans for Chloe are. Stephen reviews Chloe's background check and is baffled over the lack of connection between Helena and Chloe.

Helena and Jax begin their evening of romance with verbal sparing and a dance. Jax wants proof the medication is on board before he will "consummate" the deal. Helena assures him she has kept her end of the deal, and the games begin. Jax promises her a side of Jasper Jax no one has ever seen and produces a set of handcuffs to add to the sexual excitement. Instead, he secures Helena to the bed and gags her, while he looked for the medication and deed to the company. He finds the medicine, and uses her computer to send an email to confirm the sale of the company, while she watches in anger. The sale is confirmed and Jax leaves Helena tied up ... knowing Jax has won for now. Andrea's rescues a very upset Helena.

Back at the penthouse, Jax watches Chloe sleep with hope in his heart at last.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Liz is pleased to note an apparent change in Lucky's attitude towards her. AJ continues his relentless pursuit of Hannah. At L&B, Juan pesters Nikolas for word of Emily but is frustrated by a news blackout. Monica confides her secret to Lila, who is delighted to learn that another little Quartermaine may be on the way. Roy and Bobbie enjoy their first morning in Hawaii. Ned surprises Alexis by readily agreeing to trot out his "Eddie Maine" persona again for a three-night stint in Detroit. Alan admits to Monica how much he's hoping their new child will be another boy so they can make up for all the mistakes they made with their older sons. Later, both the doctors Quartermaine are sorely disappointed when Monica's test results reveal that she isn't expecting at all but only entering perimenopause. Nikolas icily reminds Juan that he shot himself in the foot where Emily is concerned. Meanwhile, Emily's blackmailer phones again and demands five thousand dollars. Bobbie tries to reassure Roy that she doesn't need a lot of expensive things to be happy because she's finally back in the arms of her first love. Afterwards, out of Bobbie's earshot, Roy calls Mike and instructs him to wire three thousand dollars from the blues club.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Monica confided in Lila about her hopes and dreams relating to her possible pregnancy. Monica sees this as an opportunity to make up for her past parenting. Lila too was hoping that Monica would be pregnant. Alan returned home. Then he and Monica began to reminisce about their lives in the past. The both recounted the many days of the lives of their children that were missed because either they were absorbed in work, themselves, or affairs. They wished that they could just go back and spend the time with Jason and AJ (hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?). The phone rang and it was the hospital with the results. The discussion started out good, but then Monica found out the symptoms that she was experiencing was pre-menopausal. Alan immediately came to her aid and said that its okay and even suggested that they could use this as an alarm. They could still actually make an effort to have a child. Monica, however, was not so sure because she was really devastated by the news that she was not pregnant.

At Kelly's AJ's relentless pursuit of Hannah continued. Hannah was leaving Kelly's to go to a crime scene and some how AJ finagled his way into driving Hannah to work. Hannah's resistance started off strong, but she is definitely warming up to AJ and his charm. They arrived at the crime scene and Hannah asked AJ to stay out of trouble (good luck, he was looking for something to get into). He started looking over the shoulder of a detective and irritating him. Hannah had to go over and save him. Hannah asked AJ exactly what he was trying to do and he answered, to get a date. She told him that there are much easier ways. He replied that he had been trying, but he has not been able to find any. While AJ was making a case with Hannah, Taggert arrived and looked on at them from behind a building. AJ returned Hannah to Kelly's and gave her a few parting words, but as she turned around to go to her room, guess whom she saw? Taggert was waiting for Hannah. He asked how her ! day went at the crime scene. She replied that it was uneventful. Taggert surely must be worried at this time; AJ is just making himself too accessible for Hannah. Taggert then invited Hannah to dinner at his place. She accepted.

Ned surprised Alexis and Nikolas with a stunning reply when both asked about this mini tour that Nikolas arranged for Eddie Mane. Ned actually accepted very graciously and without a fight. What is most odd is that Alexis became extremely bothered by Ned's quick acceptance. She tried to put up a fight but had to excuse herself for a little while. When they met later at the boathouse, Alexis was unsuccessfully trying to make hamburgers because we all know that popcorn is her specialty, microwave that is. They kissed and then decided to go out for food. Still Alexis did not resolve her issues about Eddie Mane.

Lucky was helping Liz at Kelly's. Next, of course, Emily entered in her can't take anymore panic mood. She told Liz and Lucky that she can barely stand it at home because it is too hard to pretend that nothing is wrong. Lucky informed her that they are all in this situation together. It was Emily's job to keep cool and keep things together. Lucky went to get French fries. Emily told Liz that Lucky is the best friend ever because he is always there to help in any type of crisis. Liz replied that maybe Lucky was returning. Lucky sat down with the French fries when the phone rang. Liz answered and yes it was the black mailer. She asked for $5,000. Liz became really worried and suggested that they go to Sonny for help. Emily put up a fight about not going to Sonny. Lucky jumped in and said we do not have to go to Sonny cause Nikolas can easily get $5,000 and besides the black mailer is inexperienced. Lucky, with Nikolas' help, planned on catching the black mailer themselves during the exchange of money. Emily had to return home. Lucky offered to take Emily home. When they arrived at the house, Lucky comforted Emily. And as they hugged he reassured her that things would be okay. As Lucky and Emily hugged each other, Juan walked up to the patio door and looked on disappointed.

Juan approached Nikolas about Emily. Juan asked when and why did Nikolas become so protective of his girlfriend. Nikolas replied he became this way because Juan became a jerk to Emily. Then Nikolas blasted Juan about hurting Emily by making out with Allison in front of her. Juan was speechless. Nikolas went to meet Liz. She informed him of today's events. Nikolas agreed that the black mailer was definitely not experienced and Lucky's plan should work. Liz commented on how grateful she was that Lucky was acting himself, but she was not pleased that it had to come because something tragic happened to Emily.

Back at L&B, Sherry turned up at the door as Juan was leaving. She tried to coax him into a tour, but he refused and pointed out that Emily was his girlfriend. Sherry made some comment about where is Emily now and why isn't she with Juan. Since Juan did not want to make the same mistake twice, he politely escorted Sherry to the door. Sherry will be back to badger at Juan, no doubt.

Roy surprised Bobbie with a wonderful breakfast in Hawaii. Bobbie was so surprised. They ate, kissed, and then decided to go for a swim. After returning, Bobbie was looking at a brochure for an evening cruise. Roy was hesitant about the cruise, so she backed down. Roy was becoming quite paranoid about his money situation and how expensive things are in Hawaii. Roy told Bobbie that he is concerned about how he will be able to keep her in the like that she is accustomed. She assured him by saying he is all that she needed. She does not love things; She loves him. Roy later went to buy the tickets to the cruise. Also he telephoned Mike and asked him to wire him $3,000 from Luke's general fund (trouble is brewing).

Thursday, July 13, 2000

While on their trip to Hawaii, Roy became despondent thinking that Bobbie was used to the luxuries Jerry had provided to her. Bobbie let Roy know that she didn't need to go places to be happy. Bobbie waited at the bar while Roy went to make a phone call to Mike to see how things were going at Luke's. While she waited, she talked to a man at the bar about the cruise they had just gone on. The man suggested that perhaps she could join him for it. Roy stiffly informed the man that "the lady" already had plans. The man apologized and introduced himself to them as Joseph Sutherland. As he left, he told Bobbie if she needed anything to let him know. Roy bristled at this, but later told Bobbie he was sorry for the way he acted and gave her a lai so that she would remember their trip

Lucky stopped by Kelly's looking for Liz and Tammy told him that Liz had the day off, but to try her art studio. Lucky saw Emily come into the diner, looking nervous and anxious. They sat down at a table and Lucky reassured her, telling her about the arrangements Nikolas had made for the $5,000.00. Lucky explained that when they meet the girl to give her the money, they will grab her. Emily apologized, saying that she felt bad for getting them all involved. As they were talking, Emily and Lucky overheard Mac talking to Tammy about Stefan's murder case and mistakenly thought he was talking about Ted's murder. She was very relieved to hear Mac mention Luke and Stefan and to learn that it had nothing to do with her. Emily thanked Lucky and kissed him for being there for her. Juan had been standing outside of Kelly's looking in and when he saw Emily kiss Lucky, he came in and angrily told Lucky to stay away from Emily. Juan and Lucky ended up in a fight until Mac broke it up. Mac told Juan that using his fists was not the answer and that Juan needed to try to work it out with Emily. Juan walked out. Emily suggested to Lucky that maybe she should tell Juan the truth about what happened after the rave. Emily received another phone call from the blackmailer, who instructed her to meet her at 9:00p.m. on Friday in an alley on Hartford Street. They learned that the call had come from apartments near the hotel where Ted had died and Lucky speculated that the blackmailer must be an amateur or she would have asked for more money. He felt that she would most likely come herself to get the money and then he and Nikolas would nab her.

Stefan looked for information on Chloe, trying to learn why she had been to Wyndemere. When his sources came up empty-handed, he was extremely frustrated, wondering what she could know about his "murder."

Helena had made arrangements for a party on her yacht tomorrow. She personally went to Jax's penthouse to invite him and Chloe to the party. Jax told Helena he had no interest in going to her party, but Chloe spoke up and asked Helena what time it would be Helena said cocktails were at 6:00p.m. Chloe told her they might be able to make it and assured Helena they would let her know. After Helena left, Chloe told Jax that she needed to get onto the yacht and see if she was able to get any clues about her dreams.

Chloe told Jax it gave her the creeps to think about him in Helena's arms or kissing her and that she was grateful that hadn't happened. Jax told Chloe they didn't have to worry about that anymore because Helena was history. Chloe told Jax she needed to get on the yacht. Jax explained to Chloe that it was a long shot. Chloe assured Jax they would take just one quick tour of the yacht and then leave. Chloe dreamed about the music box and she told Jax it was in the room where Stephen was murdered.

Back on the yacht, Helena angrily noted that her music box was not where she had left it and reprimanded Andreas for not doing his job in keeping the music box where she instructed.

Ned told Alexis he had made a reservation for her and him at a hotel in Detroit, but she sadly told him she couldn't go...she just didn't have the time. Ned asked Alexis why she was distancing herself from Eddie Maine. Alexis frankly told Ned she wants him to be Eddie Maine, but doesn't want to lose Ned in the process; that she was comfortable with Ned's lifestyle, but not Eddie Maine's. Ned told Alexis he would say good-bye to Eddie Maine for her. Alexis said she could figure out how to get around in Eddie Maine's world.

Liz and Nikolas ran into each other on the docks. Liz asked Nikolas if he thought Lucky was acting more like his old self. Nikolas told Emily to give Lucky a little time.

Friday, July 14, 2000

Helena reminds Lucky that he must cut Liz loose so she'll be free to be with Nikolas. Mike drops by the penthouse and finds his son in an unusually foul mood. Meanwhile, at the brownstone, Carly grumbles to Leticia about being forced to adjust to their reduced circumstances. Nikolas cautions Chloe not to go anywhere near his grandmother's yacht but she ignores his sage advice and pesters Jax to take her to Helena's party. Juan glumly informs Sherry that he and Emily have broken up. Leticia gently encourages her employer to go back to Sonny but Carly insists that they would never work as a couple. Liz is hurt and confused when Lucky does another abrupt about face and icily reminds her that they are through. Sonny snarls at Marcus when he spots the police detective trying to make friends with Michael. Later, Sonny shyly invites Carly and her son to come to his place for dinner next week. Delighted to hear that Emily is no longer an obstacle, Sherry makes her move on Juan. Lucky and Nikolas plant the money, then wait nearby for the blackmailer to appear. Sonny encounters a heartbroken Liz on the docks and listens sympathetically to her tale of woe. Emily walks into L&B just as Juan and Sherry begin to make love.

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