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Passions Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on PS
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Luis' intent had been to protect Sheridan, but Sheridan thought that Luis was hitting on her. Luis wished that Sheridan had been quiet so that he could have focused on finding the gunman. Luis drove Sheridan home from the woods, and the hit man followed them. While at the cottage, Sheridan told Luis that she wanted to take a shower. Luis commanded Sheridan to wait for the police, but Sheridan defied Luis and headed towards the bedroom, not knowing that the hit man had been waiting there.

T.C. caught Julian all over Eve, and T.C. punched Julian while shouting that he hated Julian and his family. Eve made up a lie to prevent T.C. from beating Julian to a pulp. Eve explained to T.C. that she had been falling over, and Julian had caught her. T.C. believed Eve but still threatened Julian by ordering Julian to stay away from his wife.

Ivy confronted Sam, but Sam made it very clear that he and Ivy would never be together. Ivy was convinced that destiny would have drawn her and Sam together. Sam walked away from Ivy. Ivy ran into a drunken Julian and told him that he looked horrible.

Ivy locked Grace in the cabin. A window opened by the force of the wind, and the cabin was flooded with water. Grace was frantic and called out for help. On the other side of the boat, Sam searched for Grace. Ivy kept quiet but felt guilty and decided to take Sam to Grace. When Sam and Ivy got to the cabin, the door jammed while they were trying to pry it open. Sam threatened to kill Ivy if anything were to happen to Grace.

Kay tried to persuade Miguel to dance with her, but Miguel was thinking about Charity, his Prom Queen. Miguel wondered what could have happened to Charity. She had disappeared. Kay had a flashback of Charity with fish guts all over her head, courtesy of Kay. Kay tried to talk Miguel out of hanging around Charity because, according to Kay, trouble always followed Charity. Tabitha agreed with Kay's assessment of Charity.

Charity conjured up a strong wind. Everyone was shocked because the weather was calm, yet a strong wind had suddenly appeared. Reese, the school nerd, wondered why the wind had not affected the rest of Harmony. Simone mentioned to Kay that things were not going well, and then a lightning bolt struck the deck, inches away from Kay. Simone convinced Kay that the lightning bolt was a sign and that she and Kay were going to hell.

Miguel continued to look for Charity and saw Gwen on the way. Gwen told Miguel that she had seen Charity and that Charity was in a deep trance. Miguel found Charity, but Charity could not hear Miguel because Charity was overcome with evil. Both Timmy and Tabitha were excited because the dark side was in control of Charity.

Gwen hurried to get back to the boat because she could not shake the feeling that Theresa was up to something. Back on the boat, Theresa pledged her love to Ethan; however, Ethan thought that Theresa loved him only as a friend. Theresa tried to explain her love for Ethan, but Ethan changed the subject. Theresa was still convinced that her love for Ethan was real because of the kiss they had shared.

Ethan explained to Theresa that what she was feeling was infatuation, especially at such a young age. Ethan embraced Theresa and suggested that they get back inside the boat. Gwen interrupted Ethan and Theresa before they went back inside. The boat rocked from side to side, and Gwen was thrown overboard. Ethan caught Gwen before she fell in the water. Theresa told Ethan not to risk his life because she could not bear to live without him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Luis went to check on the prom boat and left Sheridan with Hank. Hank received a phone call from Sheridan's attacker. The hit man threatened to kill Hank if Hank did not kill Sheridan. Sheridan walked into the room and offered to make coffee for her and Hank.

While Sheridan was in the kitchen, making coffee, Hank pulled out a gun with the intention of shooting Sheridan, but there was a knock at the door. Pilar was there to look for Luis because all the kids were on the prom boat that was caught in the storm. Everyone was bewildered about the storm, since the sky looked so clear.

Luis spoke to the man in charge of the docks, and the man said that there wasn't any storm registering on the radar and that the sky was clear. Luis told the man that two of his siblings were on the prom boat, so he needed a patrol boat. The man refused to give Luis a patrol boat because the prom boat was not showing up on the radar. Luis then requested to use Sam's boat. The man refused to give Luis permission to use Sam's boat. Luis got impatient and knocked the man unconscious.

Charity was still overcome by evil and started to chant, "Kill them, kill them," in a demonic voice. Miguel lay on the ground, lifeless, next to Charity. Tabitha saw Miguel's lifeless body, and that made her extremely happy. Tabitha immediately started to send subliminal messages to Charity, ordering Charity to kill Miguel. Miguel got up, placed his arms around Charity, and told her that everything would be okay. Charity looked at Miguel strangely, and then proceeded to choke Miguel.

Miguel begged Charity to stop and yelled for help. Tabitha and Timmy looked on without interfering. Tabitha wanted Miguel out of the way because that would free up Charity to go to the dark side. Luckily, a priest walked by. The priest sensed the evil and grabbed Charity's pendant, then threw it away. Charity released Miguel from her clutches, but Charity was still in a deep trance. Miguel asked what had happened. Tabitha told Timmy that the pendant had already made Charity evil in her subconscious.

Back on the boat, the storm had gotten worse, so Sam ordered everyone off the boat. Sam told everyone to get to a lifeboat or use their life vest to swim ashore. Eve and T.C. inquired about Whitney, and they were told that Chad and Whitney had jumped overboard and swum to shore. Eve was worried about Whitney.

During the evacuation process, Theresa was still professing her love to Ethan. Theresa asked Ethan to kiss her just in case she did not make it. Ethan told Theresa that everyone was trying to save his or her life, so he had no time for such nonsense. Theresa continued to beg Ethan to kiss her.

Ethan was about to kiss Theresa when Gwen interrupted and asked what was going on. Theresa told Ethan to tell Gwen that Ethan loved Theresa. Gwen sensed that something was off, and that made Gwen angry. Gwen blamed herself for leaving Ethan alone with Theresa. Gwen demanded to know what was going on, but before Gwen could get an answer, a huge wave swept everyone overboard.

T.C., Eve, Grace, Kay, and Simone, were on the lifeboat. Both Kay and Simone said that one day they would laugh about the incident when they were married to Miguel and Chad. In addition, Kay said that she and Miguel, and Simone and Chad, were meant to be together and that God was testing them.

Sam swam to the lifeboat and got on. Grace heard someone calling Sam's name. It was Ivy Crane attempting to swim ashore. Ivy was determined to tell Sam that Ethan was his son, just in case Ivy did not make it back to shore. A board hit Ivy on the head. Sam saw and immediately jumped in the water to save Ivy.

Chad and Whitney struggled while attempting to swim ashore. Whitney felt a cramp in her leg and told Chad that she could no longer swim ashore. Chad begged Whitney not to give up. Suddenly, the storm stopped.

In another part of the ocean, Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa were swimming ashore. Theresa yelled out Ethan's name, asking for help. Ethan went to Theresa, and that made Gwen very angry. Luis heard the cries for help and went to their rescue.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

The hit man threatened to kill Hank if Hank did not kill Sheridan at nightfall. Hank asked for more time, but the hit man refused to give Hank more time. In addition, the hit man said that Hank would be the perfect person to do the job because no one would suspect Hank. Pilar and Sheridan were waiting on Hank to give them some information about the prom boat. Sheridan asked Hank to get another boat so that they could go look for Luis. Pilar did not think that it was a good idea because Luis had left Hank behind to protect Sheridan.

Miguel and Charity stood in silence until Miguel decided to ask Charity why she had been choking him. Tabitha and Timmy looked on. Tabitha quietly warned Miguel not to ask Charity anything because Miguel would be sorry. Timmy wondered how Charity could be so nice despite what the pendant had done to her. Tabitha told Timmy that the seeds of evil had already been planted in Charity's subconscious. All Charity needed to do was to have killed Miguel.

Whitney and Chad struggled to swim to shore. Whitney's cramp was ongoing, so Chad advised Whitney to stay calm. Whitney told Chad that they were going to drown. Chad kept telling Whitney to stay calm and positive.

Grace yelled out for Sam, but Sam did not respond. Grace hoped that Sam had found Ivy and that they were both okay. Simone told Kay that she was scared that everyone was going to die; moreover, Simone compared Charity to Carrie because of the powers Charity had displayed prior to the storm. Kay thought that Simone was crazy.

Luis rescued Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa. Both Luis and Theresa were worried about the others, especially Ivy. Luis asked Theresa what was going on between her and Ethan. In addition, Luis warned Theresa that the Cranes were evil. Theresa told Luis that it was unfair to judge her because it was quite obvious that both Luis and Sheridan had developed feelings for each other. Furthermore, Theresa informed Luis that there had been something transpiring between Sheridan and Hank.

Luis told Theresa that Hank was only Sheridan's bodyguard. Suddenly, everyone heard singing. It was Chad and Whitney stranded in the water. Luis rescued them. Chad and Whitney started to shiver, so Luis had to abandon looking for Ivy and decided to take Chad and Whitney to shore. Gwen reassured Ethan that Ivy would be fine.

Everyone arrived at the dock safely except for Sam and Ivy. Charity was out of the trance and had no memory of the prom boat. Miguel held Charity's hand and informed Eve that Charity had not been herself. Kay and Simone looked on, and Kay hoped that Charity had no memory of the fish guts Kay had dumped on her. Timmy feared that Charity would not be evil because Charity had no memory of the prom boat incident.

Rebecca was happy to see Gwen alive but feared that Theresa might cause problems for Gwen and Ethan. Rebecca told Theresa that her services were no longer needed and that Gwen could plan her own wedding to Ethan.

Sam spotted Ivy and swam to her rescue. Ivy shouted to Sam that she knew that Sam loved her. Ivy went off on a tangent and wished that she had married Sam. Sam reminded Ivy that he was not married to her and that they had no kids together.

Ivy told Sam that she had something to tell him. Sam said that they had no time to talk and that they had to save their strength. Ivy was worried about their son and asked if he had gotten off the boat safely. Sam thought that Ivy was referring to Noah, but Noah had been away at school. Ivy then told Sam that they had a son together, and his name was Ethan.

Friday, July 14, 2000

Kay was in possession of the evil pendant, which she had intended to use against Charity. Kay was determined to get Miguel, even if Charity was driven to an insane asylum during the process. Simone thought that Kay was the unstable one, based on Kay's behavior. Tabitha and Timmy spied on Kay and Simone, and Tabitha was excited because the evil pendant was working its magic on Kay. Timmy was worried because Kay had already had a mean spirit.

Charity felt better and was having a discussion with Miguel. She did not understand why she had choked Miguel. Miguel was not angry because Miguel had already known that Charity was not herself. Eve examined Charity and determined that Charity was fine. Eve then told Charity and the rest of the girls to go home. Tabitha showed up at that very moment and agreed to take the girls home.

When the girls got to the house, Jessica tricked Kay so that Miguel and Charity would have some time alone together. Kay laid the pendant down. As soon as Kay walked out of the room, the pendant floated in the air and made its way to Charity's room. Kay returned and started to look for the pendant, to no avail.

Tabitha and Timmy saw the pendant floating in the air. Timmy noticed that the pendant had turned red when it glowed. Tabitha concluded that evil was about to take over Harmony. A demonic voice roared from the pendant. It was directing Charity towards the pendant. Suddenly, Charity's eyes widened and started to glow in a red color. Charity had the same expression she'd had when she had tried to kill Miguel during the prom boat disaster.

After Luis dropped everyone off, he and Ethan took the boat back out to look for Sam and Ivy. Luis and Ethan saw people in the distance, floating. Ethan noticed that it was Sam and Ivy. Sam shouted at Luis and Ethan, and Ethan threw out a flotation device.

While Sam and Ivy made their way to the boat, Ivy told Sam that Ethan was his son. Sam said that Ethan could not have been his son because Ethan was Julian's son. Ivy asked Sam not to tell anyone because Julian would have ruined all their lives. Ivy and Sam climbed on to the boat. Ethan was happy that his mother had made it back to shore.

Theresa was upset about the confrontation with Rebecca, but that did not deter Theresa from pursuing Ethan. Whitney and Pilar told Theresa that she had gotten caught, so it was time to give up trying to fight for Ethan. Theresa ignored Pilar and Whitney and told them that Ethan would choose her. Pilar got angry and explained to Theresa that Gwen and Ethan's marriage had been planned since they were kids and that the Cranes would not let anything interfere with Gwen and Ethan's upcoming nuptials. Theresa acknowledged that she was aware of the situation and added that Ethan had not met her at the time.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Hotchkiss was talking to Gwen and demanded that Gwen have a discussion with Theresa. Rebecca wanted Gwen to tell Theresa to back off. Gwen preferred to talk to Ethan first, but Rebecca disagreed and told Gwen that if Gwen did not talk to Theresa, Rebecca would.

Immediately after the conversation with Gwen, Rebecca marched over to Theresa, grabbed Theresa's arm, and spun Theresa around. Rebecca then warned Theresa to stay away from Ethan. Pilar was very angry with Rebecca and warned Rebecca to keep her hands to herself, or else Rebecca would be very sorry. Rebecca took offense to Pilar's tone, since Pilar was Ivy's housekeeper.

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