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Phoebe Forrester
Actor History
Jeffrey and Jacob Wold / William and Charlie Carter
September 21, 1999 to December 24, 1999
Grace and Kelly deMontesquiou / Alexis and Allyson Collins
April 13, 2000 to August 29, 2000
Alison and Brooke Johnston / Taylor and Brooke Toneman
November 27, 2000 to January 10, 2001
Brooke and Madison Dinsmore
January 2001 (never appeared on-screen)
Sophia and Whitney Schuring
January 16, 2001 to October 16, 2001
Brynne McNabb
January 15, 2002 to August 4, 2003
Chandler Mella
January 22, 2004 to March 2004
Keaton Tyndall
April 2, 2004 to December 24, 2004
Addison Hoover
April 22, 2005 to September 29, 2005 [contract]; January 18, 2006
Born September 21, 1999
Was stated to be 2 years old in March 2001
Was stated to be 6 years old in January 2002
Believed to be a pre-teen in 2004
Worked for Forrester Originals
Resides At
3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA (at time of death)
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Ridge Forrester, Sr. (father)
Taylor Hamilton (mother)
Thomas Hamilton Forrester (brother)
Stephanie Forrester (sister; twin)
Ridge Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
Jack Hamilton Marone (half-brother/half-cousin)
Jack Hamilton (grandfather)
Sharon Hamilton (grandmother; deceased)
Massimo Marone IV (grandfather)
Stephanie Douglas (grandmother; deceased)
John Douglas (great-grandfather; deceased)
Ann Douglas (great-grandmother; deceased)
Zach Hamilton (uncle)
Dominick "śNick"ť Marone (half-uncle)
Diana Carter (half-aunt)
Angela Forrester (half-aunt; deceased)
Thorne Forrester (half-uncle)
Kristen Forrester (half-aunt)
Felicia Forrester (half-aunt)
Nicole Marone (half-cousin; deceased)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-cousin; via adoption)
Alexandria Forrester (half-cousin; deceased)
Pamela Douglas (great-aunt)
Oscar Marone (first cousin once removed)
Flings & Affairs
Harry Jackson (flirtation)
Shane McGrath (flirtation)
Rick Forrester
Constantine Parros (flirtation)
Crimes Committed

Lied to the police and her family to cover up Taylor's role in Darla's death [2006]

Brief Character History

Phoebe Forrester, along with her identical twin sister, Steffy, was born after a difficult pregnancy for Ridge and Taylor Forrester, who was stricken with tuberculosis. As children, Steffy fell overboard during a family boat trip in St. Thomas and was presumed dead in a shark attack. Two-year-old Phoebe didn't understand when her parents tried to explain that Steffy had gone to heaven. It turned out that Morgan DeWitt, who once had been forced by Stephanie Forrester to abort Ridge's child, had kidnapped Steffy and tried to raise her as her own. Once Ridge and Taylor rescued Steffy, Phoebe and Steffy developed a close bond. After Taylor was killed in an altercation with Sheila Carter, Ridge remarried Brooke, who helped raise Phoebe and her sister.

Everyone was stunned when Taylor turned up alive; Taylor's former husband, Prince Omar of Morocco, had spirited Taylor away to his palace to heal her, planting a wax dummy in Taylor's grave. Phoebe's family was reunited until Taylor told Ridge that, long ago, she had slept with her friend James Warwick. After Ridge and Taylor's divorce, Phoebe and Steffy went away to boarding school in London. In 2006, Phoebe returned to Los Angeles alone, while Steffy stayed behind in Europe.

Phoebe got a flat tire on the way to the birthday party of her Uncle Thorne's daughter, Alexandria. Thorne's wife, Darla Einstein, arrived to help her change it. But Taylor also came to help, and Darla was killed as she fell into the path of Taylor's car. Taylor had been drinking, and Phoebe was terrified to lose her mother again, so she convinced Taylor to keep quiet. When the truth came out, Taylor did go to jail, but Shane McGrath testified that he had witnessed Darla's fall, and Taylor was set free. Phoebe and Shane dated briefly, but Phoebe's attentions soon turned to Rick Forrester.

Even though Phoebe and Rick weren't technically related, their close proximity within the family caused an uproar for the Forresters, especially Ridge and Brooke. Phoebe went on a business trip to Australia as the new "Face of Forrester", where Ridge exploded after finding Phoebe in a clinch with Rick. Phoebe and Rick continued to see each other, although she was bothered by his past relationship with the worldly Ashley Abbott. Phoebe dreamed of becoming a singer and did some duets with Rick, attracting the attention of Constantine Parros. Constantine wanted to sign Phoebe to his label, Boldface Records, but a jealous Rick balked. Phoebe and Rick drifted further apart as Rick accused Ridge of killing Shane, then shared romantic moments with Ashley. Although Constantine was interested in Phoebe, and Rick wanted to make love to her, Phoebe ultimately rejected them both and went on a concert tour.

Phoebe came home from touring and found Rick in bed with her mother, Taylor, who felt guilty. After a time, Phoebe came to accept the relationship, although it ended when Taylor told Rick she'd always love Ridge. Steffy, now Phoebe's fraternal twin, came home from London and was soon propositioned by Rick. Phoebe was appalled that Rick had made moves on both her mother and her sister. Phoebe stormed into Rick's office and accused him of seducing all of them out of his lifelong hatred for Ridge. Rick got into his car to leave, but Phoebe jumped in with him, screaming at him, slapping him, and stomping on the pedals. Rick lost control of the car, and, because Phoebe hadn't put on her seat belt, she was thrown into a ravine. A bloodied Rick interrupted Ridge and Brooke's wedding rehearsal for help. Ridge ran to Phoebe, who weakly sang the song she had written for him, then died in his arms.

Phoebe's death resonated especially deeply for Taylor, who blamed herself, and for Steffy, who briefly entered into her own forbidden romance with Rick and never fully recovered from losing her sister.

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