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Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr.
Actor History
Nicole and Ryan Miller
1990 [recurring]
Jeremy Snider
1990 to 1995 [recurring]
Steven Hartman
December 1995 to December 19, 1997 [recurring]
December 31, 1997 to September 15, 1999
October 19, 1999 to 2003 [contract]; 2003 to 2004 [recurring]; 2004 [contract]; 2004 to 2006 [recurring]
January 25, 2007 to April 2011 [contract]
September 26, 2011 to present [contract]
Born on-air November 8, 1990
Aged to a pre-teen in 1995
Aged to 16 in 1998
Aged to 18 in 1999
Executive in unspecified position at Forrester Creations
Runs Forrester International
Former CEO of Forrester Creations
Former president of Forrester Creations
Former designer at Forrester Creations
Former President of Forrester Creations
Former Head of Forrester International
Former Vice President of Forrester Creations
Business major at college
Resides At
The Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly a Malibu beach house once owned by Taylor Hayes
Formerly Paris, France
Formerly Milan, Italy
Formerly The Forrester Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA
Formerly The Logan Mansion
Formerly Brooke Logan's apartment
Formerly Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan's condo
Marital Status
Married to Maya Avant as of August 12, 2015
Past Marriages
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore [Married: 1999; divorced: 2000; first time]
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore [Married: 2001; divorced: 2003; second time]
Caroline Spencer [Married: 2013; divorced: 2015]
Eric Forrester (father)
Brooke Logan (mother)
Stephen Logan, Sr. (grandfather)
Elizabeth Henderson Logan (grandmother; deceased)
Helen Logan (great-grandmother; deceased)
Bridget Forrester (sister)
John Forrester (uncle)
Storm Logan (uncle; deceased)
Donna Logan (aunt)
Katie Logan (aunt)
Jessica Forrester (cousin)
Marcus Walton Forrester (cousin; brother via adoption)
Ivy Forrester (cousin)
William Logan Spencer (cousin)
Logan Knight (nephew)
Nicole Marone (niece; deceased)
Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (first cousin, once removed, via adoption)
Thorne Forrester (half-brother)
Kristen Forrester (half-sister)
Felicia Forrester (half-sister)
Hope Logan (half-sister)
Ridge Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
Angela Forrester (half-sister; deceased)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-nephew; via adoption)
Alexandria Forrester (half-niece; deceased)
Dominick Damiano (half-nephew)
Eric Forrester III (stillborn; with Amber, 1999)
unnamed daughter (stillborn; with Amber, 2002)
Flings & Affairs
Kimberly Fairchild
Amanda Wexler
Erica Lovejoy, born Mary Warwick (flirtation)
Caitlin Ramirez
Ashley Abbott
Phoebe Forrester (not consummated)
Taylor Hayes (broken engagement)
Steffy Forrester
Jacqueline Payne Marone (flirtation)
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore (unofficial attempt at reconciliation)
Beverly (flirtation)
Caroline Spencer
Maya Avant
Crimes Committed

Got into a fistfight with C.J. Garrison [1995]

Shot Grant Chambers while in a fugue state [1997]

Let his family believe he was still paralyzed, even though he had recovered [2008]

Used his paralysis to manipulate his parents into making him Vice President of Forrester [2008]

Sabotaged a publicity video to make it sound like Brooke supported him, not Ridge [2008]

Talked Brooke out of sending him back to Europe by playing on her emotions about Phoebe's death [2009]

Seduced Steffy Forrester as a way of striking out at Ridge [2009]

Stole Forrester designs and gave them to Jackie M to undermine Ridge [2009]

Made a play for the married Jackie Marone to free up her husband Owen for Bridget [2010]

Tried to seduce Steffy Forrester into signing Liam Spencer's annulment papers [2012]

Manipulated sister Hope Logan and friend Othello in a ploy to steal Caroline Spencer from Thomas [2012]

Cheated on his wife, Caroline Spencer, with Maya Avant [2014]

Tricked his father into signing over irrevocable control of Forrester for a year [2015]

Shot at Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer [2015]

Lunged at Ridge Forrester [2015]

Punched Bill Spencer [2015]

Health and Vitals
Saved from a falling bookcase [1991]
Seriously injured in a drag racing accident [1998]
Received a kidney from donor Amber Moore [1998]
Accidentally hit by a fire truck driven by Hector Ramirez [2004]
Temporarily paralyzed after a fall from the roof of Forrester Creations [2008]
Survived a car crash that killed Phoebe Forrester [2008]
Crashed through a second story window in a scuffle with Thomas Forrester [2012]
Punched by Liam Spencer [2013]
Shoved to the ground by Liam Spencer [2015]
Ran off the road and crashed his car [2015]
Brief Character History

Eric Forrester, Jr. ("Rick") is the son of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. Brooke nearly aborted her baby when she thought Eric was still interested in his ex-wife, Stephanie Forrester. Brooke spent her whole marriage to Eric longing for Eric's son, Ridge Forrester, who became Rick's godfather. Eric was temporarily blinded when he pushed Rick out of the way of a falling bookcase. Rick had difficulty adjusting when Brooke went back to Ridge. The dastardly Sheila Carter, who had her eye on Eric, became Rick's nanny after Sheila arranged an "accident" for the previous nanny. Ridge was largely responsible for raising Rick.

As a pre-teen, Rick was taunted by Sally Spectra's son, C.J. Garrison, who laughed that Rick's half-brother was also his step-father. After Rick and C.J. punched each other at a wedding, Rick was taken for therapy with Ridge's ex-wife, Dr. Taylor Hayes. Rick lamented to Taylor that he wanted Brooke to be with Eric, not Ridge. Lawyer Connor Davis was surprised to find young Rick in his office asking about his legal rights in terms of living with Eric. Rick continued his battle with C.J. by dumping a big bowl of chocolate mousse on C.J.'s head.

Ridge found a letter addressed to Brooke that suggested she had bribed a doctor into fixing the paternity test of Rick's little sister, Bridget Forrester. While the allegation was untrue, it touched off a custody fight that put Rick and Bridget in the middle. Rick and his sister went to live with Eric and Stephanie after the disappearance of Brooke, who had wandered away during a state of "brief reactive psychosis." Ridge found Brooke in Barbados and brought her home, and eventually Brooke regained custody.

Brooke's new man, Grant Chambers, was shot by an unknown assailant. Grant accused Ridge, who was arrested. But just before Ridge's sentencing, Grant revealed to Ridge that Rick had pulled the trigger. Rick had been furious about Brooke's engagement to Grant and buried himself in a world of heavy metal and violent video games, detaching himself from reality so much that he plotted and carried out Grant's shooting with no memory of the event. Ridge agreed to take the blame to protect Rick, while Grant sent the oblivious Rick for therapy with Dr. James Warwick.

A sixteen-year-old Rick fell for the charms of Amber Moore, Brooke's live-in babysitter. Rick and C.J. had mended fences and performed "Drive My Car" with Amber for a record producer at the Insomnia Café. The wild night of celebrating included a drag race, in which Rick was seriously injured. Amber donated one of her kidneys to save Rick, who recovered and made love to Amber at the Big Bear cabin. Amber got pregnant and wanted an abortion, but Rick and C.J. stopped her. Rick faced the wrath of his family, while Amber remembered a drunken night with her old friend, Raymond Usher. Rick proposed to Amber, though he was uncomfortable about becoming a father at such a young age. Soon, Rick turned his eye toward newcomer Kimberly Fairchild.

Despite his interest in Kimberly, Rick honored his commitment to Amber and their baby in a lavish wedding ceremony. Amber timed a visit to her mother, Tawny Moore, so that she'd go into labor out of sight of Rick in case the child was African-American like Raymond. Amber did give birth to Rick's baby, but it didn't survive the delivery. Amber's cousin, Becky Moore, had just given her own unwanted child up for adoption, so Tawny intervened and got Becky's baby for Amber to pass off as Rick's. Kimberly and Brooke found out about Amber's night with Raymond and reported it to Rick, who was angry and got an HIV test, but Rick eventually forgave Amber for the sake of "their" baby.

Rick had no idea Amber and Tawny were working against Kimberly, who smelled a rat, and Becky, who arrived wanting to be a part of Amber's life. Rick renewed his interest in Kimberly, while Amber set Becky up with a job in Paris. Becky figured out "Rick's" baby was hers, but took the job because she felt Amber could give her child a better life. Rick and Amber went on a belated honeymoon in Venice, Italy, where Becky tracked Amber down and gently said she wanted "little Eric" back. When Amber finally confessed to Rick that their baby died, and that Rick had been raising Becky's child, Rick went back to Kimberly. Becky died of cancer after marrying C.J., who now had custody of Little Eric.

C.J. and Amber found each other and planned to raise Little Eric together. Rick still considered Little Eric his child, so he sought out Deacon Sharpe, the boy's biological father. Rick asked Deacon for sole custody of Little Eric and was floored when Deacon demanded $100,000. Rick brought Deacon to Los Angeles and stopped Amber's wedding to C.J., but opened a Pandora's box when Deacon got custody of Little Eric and thwarted Rick's reunion with Amber by pursuing Amber himself. Deacon showed up at Rick's second wedding to Amber with Bridget on his arm, telling the Forresters they needed to choose between Bridget and Amber.

Rick was overjoyed that Amber was pregnant again, but horrified when she admitted she had some feelings for Deacon. Rick and Amber weathered the storm, and Rick took a more active role at Forrester Creations. After Ridge humiliated a very green Rick in a high-powered business meeting, Rick received coaching from Massimo Marone, Ridge's secret biological father, and became a more confident businessman. Eventually, Brooke made Rick the Vice President of Forrester. Under Rick's tenure, Amber created the very successful Ambrosia line. Rick stood by Amber when she miscarried his second child and subsequently went to rehab after developing an addiction to painkillers.

Rick told his troubles to Little Eric's nanny, Erica Lovejoy. But Rick didn't know that Erica was really Mary Warwick, the daughter of the infamous Sheila Carter. Sheila wanted Erica to have her old life with Eric, and targeted Amber so Rick would be free for Erica. Rick's faith in Amber crumbled as Sheila drugged Amber, made it look like Amber had slept with someone else, and set Amber up to be arrested for vandalism and drug possession. Rick felt drawn to Erica and didn't believe it when Amber insisted Erica was responsible. Finally, Sheila kidnapped Amber so Erica could seduce Rick and get pregnant. But Massimo and Stephanie rescued Amber, while Ridge told a disbelieving Rick he'd almost been taken in by Sheila Carter's daughter.

Rick blanched when an X-rated video showed up claiming Amber was its star, but was relieved when it turned out Amber's twin sister, April Knight, had starred in the flick. Later, Deacon and his new wife, Macy Alexander, got custody of Little Eric since Rick and Amber had never legally adopted the boy. Rick left Amber after she tried to run off with Little Eric and caused their visitation rights to be revoked. Rick moved on with underage Caitlin Ramirez and incurred the wrath of Caitlin's father, Hector Ramirez. Hector accidentally hit Rick with his fire truck, but only gave Rick oxygen after making Rick confirm he didn't have sex with Caitlin. Rick also battled Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester, for Caitlin's affections before taking a position at Forrester International in Milan.

Rick returned for Nick Marone's weddings to Bridget and Brooke. But, in 2007, a more devious Rick came home from Europe with a chip on his shoulder where Ridge was concerned. Rick developed a crush on Ridge's daughter, Phoebe Forrester, causing Ridge to punch Rick while they were on business in Australia. Ashley Abbott came to town, wanting to resume the affair she had with Rick in Paris. Rick kept seeing Phoebe, but dallied with Ashley on the side. Rick and Phoebe started singing together, but had words when Constantine Parros wanted to sign Phoebe to his record label.

Ridge was arrested for murdering Shane McGrath, who had actually shot himself in front of Ridge. Because Ridge had a prior record for shooting Grant, Ridge faced serious jail time, so Taylor worked to set Ridge free by gently coaxing Rick to remember shooting Grant as a teen. Rick was shocked to find out he'd shot Grant, and took responsibility for it in the courts so that Phoebe's father wouldn't have to go to jail, but Rick never actually remembered pulling the trigger. Phoebe was upset when she learned about Rick and Ashley, and later sent Rick mixed signals over whether or not she was ready to giver up her virginity, so Phoebe broke up with Rick and went on tour.

Rick ruffled a lot of feathers when he started dating Phoebe's mother, Taylor. Despite all the opposition, Rick asked Taylor to marry him. Taylor was uneasy because of Rick's previous relationship with Phoebe, who came home from the road early and caught Taylor and Rick in bed. Taylor broke things off with Rick, who blamed Ridge. When Rick and Ridge got into a scuffle on the roof of Forrester Creations, Rick fell and was temporarily paralyzed. Rick used his paralysis to manipulate Brooke and Eric into making him the president at Forrester, and didn't reveal his recovery right away. Rick later sabotaged a publicity video to make it sound like Brooke only supported Rick. Later, Rick came on to Phoebe's sister, Steffy Forrester, and was slapped for his efforts.

When Phoebe realized that Rick had romanced her mother and her sister, she confronted Rick in his car as he drove off. Rick defended himself from Phoebe's punches, but when she stomped on the gas pedal, Rick lost control of the car and crashed. Phoebe, who hadn't been wearing a seat belt, died after she was thrown from the car. Rick was truly remorseful, but also played on Brooke's emotions to talk her out of sending him back to Europe. Rick bonded with Steffy over Phoebe's death, and they began a secret relationship. Rick continued his vendetta against Ridge by stealing Forrester designs and giving them to Jackie M. The Forresters were furious when they discovered Rick and Steffy's affair.

Rick tried to enlist in the Army to prove himself to Steffy, but he was rejected because he had been paralyzed. There were many suspects when Rick's front door was set on fire, and when Rick's car exploded before he could get into it. Thomas confessed he had only been trying to scare Rick, but Steffy still accepted Rick's proposal. Ridge tricked Rick into confessing that he had gone after Steffy out of a long-held desire to get back at Ridge. Ridge recorded the confession and played it for Steffy, who broke up with Rick, then reunited with him. But Rick and Steffy finally ended their relationship when they realized it would always cause an uproar in their families. Ridge and Rick put their differences aside, and Rick and Thomas made peace as well.

Rick's sister, Bridget Forrester, had a baby after a one-night stand with Owen Knight, who was married to Nick's mother, Jackie Marone. When Bridget told Rick she was falling in love with Owen, Rick decided to clear the way for Bridget by flirting with Jackie. Rick told Jackie he wanted to shake up his life and offered champagne dinners and a trip to Paris. Rick went so far as to propose after painting himself like a statue in a seduction attempt. Jackie was flattered, but had no intention of leaving Owen for Rick. Later, Rick was upset when Thomas got his own fashion line at Forrester.

Rick pulled some strings to help his half-sister, Hope Logan, in her unsuccessful quest to reunite with her estranged fiancée, Liam Cooper. Rick also took an interest in designing, and met with Amber, who had caused her own share of trouble for Hope and Liam. Amber improved on Rick's designs, and offered to take a back seat as Rick presented the sketches to the Forresters as his own. Even after Amber's contribution was discovered, Eric decided to put the designs into production. Rick and Amber were elated, and kissed several times. But when Rick flirted with Beverly, a new intern, Amber told Beverly that Rick was hers.

Liam had since married Steffy, but wanted an annulment. When Steffy wouldn't sign the papers so Liam could marry Hope, Rick used his former relationship with Steffy to convince her otherwise. Rick believed he had romanced Steffy into signing and told Hope and Liam to go ahead with their wedding, but it was halted when it turned out Steffy had signed "loser" on the paper. Brooke disapproved of Amber being in Rick's orbit again and hired Caroline Spencer to design with Rick instead. Rick was immediately taken with Caroline and sparred with Thomas over her. But Amber discouraged Caroline by altering photos of Rick so it appeared he liked to wear women's clothes. When Rick found out, on top of finding out Amber had scored potentially tainted antianxiety pills for an addicted Hope, Rick threw Amber out of his life again.

Having changed his mind about supporting Liam, Rick plotted to push Hope toward Thomas and win Caroline for himself. This included getting his friend Othello, a club DJ, to lie that he had seen Liam and Steffy in a passionate embrace the night before Liam's wedding to Hope. Rick also got Thomas to work on Hope's fashion line, which annoyed Caroline. But when an absent Ridge gave Thomas the interim CEO position that Rick wanted, Rick got into a shoving match with Thomas and crashed through a second-story window. A bush broke his fall, but Caroline was horrified that Thomas would resort to violence, and Caroline dumped Thomas for Rick. Now feeling guilty for his scheme, Rick confessed everything to a surprisingly understanding Caroline.

Rick butted heads with Thomas over Thomas' ideas to reboot Forrester, and called company co-founder Eric in to intervene, causing Eric to not be present when Stephanie died of lung cancer. Caroline found out that her uncle, Bill Spencer, Jr., had done his own lying to keep Hope and Liam apart. Rick supported Caroline as she confronted Bill, but Bill and Brooke asked the couple to keep quiet. Rick was furious when Caroline fell over a balcony while arguing with Bill. Caroline insisted she tripped, but Rick, among others, suspected Bill of pushing her. After Rick told Hope how he'd gotten Othello to lie about Liam, Rick found Liam's fist in his face.

When Stephanie died, her will negated the transfer of Forrester stock that would have given Thomas control of the company, instead installing Eric as CEO. Thomas cried foul, and Rick insisted he was entitled to the position because he had more business experience. So Eric challenged them to a fashion showdown, the winner of which would be mentored under Eric as the president of Forrester. Eric ultimately declared Rick the winner of the showdown, and Rick enjoyed lording his position over Thomas, who wanted to move to Paris. Instead, Eric promoted Thomas to vice president and demanded that take Thomas' ideas into account.

Eric wanted to continue Stephanie's work with the homeless and recruited Rick to volunteer at Dayzee's, which used to be the Insomnia Café that Rick had frequented. Caroline was upset that Rick had shelved their glamorous date to bus tables at Dayzee's, and walked out. Rick became fascinated with down-on-her-luck singer Maya Avant, who didn't know Rick was a Forrester. Rick enjoyed being appreciated for himself instead of his lineage, which he kept from Maya. Meanwhile, Rick began distancing himself from an increasingly frustrated Caroline.

Rick enjoyed getting to know Maya, and slept on her couch when he locked his keys in his car. He decided to give her a thrill by taking her window shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where they shared their first kiss. But when Rick was outed as a Forrester at the Forrester boutique, Maya stormed out. Meanwhile, Rick's absenteeism at Forrester was equating to a drop in sales, causing Thomas to make another play for the presidency. Brooke upset Thomas' plans by convincing Eric to relaunch her Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line instead. Rick had serious words for Thomas, and even Taylor, who both disparaged Brooke as too old to be modeling lingerie.

When Rick explained the reason for his deception to Maya, she forgave him, and the two became closer, infuriating Caroline. Though clearly smitten with Maya, Rick continued to see Caroline, who tried to light Rick's fire by wearing skimpy outfits. Rick resisted Caroline's advances by saying he had to work extra hard to keep his position as president. Having patched things up with Hope, Rick supported his unhappy sister as Liam decided to marry Steffy. Rick and Hope realized that Hope's fashion line, Hope for the Future, needed a new direction, so Rick hired Maya to be its new spokesmodel, though Caroline protested. Later, Rick helped Brooke talk Hope out of crashing Liam's wedding.

Rick tried to have serious conversations with Caroline, who admitted she had been a snob and horrible to Maya, but otherwise kept changing the subject. Rick knew that Caroline was trying to avoid a breakup, and when Maya finally told Rick he needed to choose between them, Rick chose Maya. Rick took Maya to a club, with Caroline insisting on tagging along. Rick again tried to end things with Caroline, but instead of taking the hint, Caroline professed her continuing love for him, and warned that getting involved with Maya would only bring him scandal.

Rick was happy to see the visiting Bridget, who was now living in New York, and Brooke arranged a family dinner for them with Eric. Rick and Bridget enjoyed spending time with their parents, but they sensed something was off in the way Brooke kept pointing up her former relationship with Eric. Rick was also confused when he arranged an extensive promotional tour for Brooke's Bedroom that Brooke tried to get out of.

Rick was heartsick when Maya suddenly came to him and said she didn't see a future with him. Caroline wanted to fire Maya from Forrester, but Rick pulled rank on her. Rick felt bad when Caroline arranged for Maya to do a photo shoot in a fake jail cell, dressed in prison-themed fashions. Rick couldn't believe it when Maya confessed that she had pushed him away because Bill was blackmailing her: Bill had tricked Maya into encountering her ex, Jesse Graves, at the club, knowing she could be sent back to jail if she came within 500 feet of him. Rick and Maya thought Caroline was working with Bill. Despite Caroline's innocence, Rick finally told her it was over, and began a relationship with Maya.

A furious Rick called Bill down to the jail set and demanded he leave Maya alone, even locking Bill in the fake cell to emphasize his point. Bill smirked, but seemed to get the message. Rick was thrilled when Maya was cast in a web series, Room 8, starring opposite Carter Walton, a lawyer Rick had hired who was also an aspiring actor. Rick threw a Fourth of July party where Rafael, the show's producer, showed a steamy preview of Maya and Carter's characters in an embrace. Maya insisted that the shoot had been much tamer and that the scene had been edited to look hotter, but Rick was still unnerved, though he likened Maya's job to the way models hit on him at Forrester.

Rick couldn't hide his displeasure when Caroline showed him even sexier footage from the show. Stephanie's sister, Pam Douglas, who shared receptionist duties at Forrester, suggested that Rick talk to Room 8's advertisers about incorporating Forrester fashions into the show. Rick paid a visit to the set and found Caroline in a confrontation with Maya, who had just discovered Caroline was writing the show's racy content to get Rick jealous enough to dump Maya. Rick watched in horror as Caroline got spooked by an escaped guinea pig on set and jumped on the prop waterbed she'd bought, soaking herself when her heels punctured the mattress. Caroline said people in love did crazy things, but the disillusioned Rick told Caroline he didn't know who she was anymore, and brushed off her antics as a test that he and Maya had passed.

When it was revealed that Brooke had slept with Bill while assuming his wife, Katie Logan (who was also Brooke's sister) wanted a divorce, Hope was upset, but Rick was much quicker to forgive his mother's antics. Meanwhile, Rick worried when sales were shown to be slipping at Forrester: Eric told Rick a new president would be installed if improvements weren't made. Caroline offered to help Rick rebrand the Hope For the Future line, while Thorne and Thomas let Rick know they were waiting in the wings to replace him as president.

Handling the crisis at Forrester made Rick miss Maya's premiere screening of Room 8, which he regretted. Maya accepted Rick's apology and prepared for the rebranded HFTF fashion show, to which Rick and Caroline had invited a room full of new foreign buyers. Audience reaction was low and Rick was sure he'd be demoted, but when global orders started pouring in, Eric congratulated Rick and affirmed his place in the company. Rick's celebration was short-lived when Caroline told him that Room 8's producer, Rafael, had seen Carter coming out of Maya's apartment the morning after the premiere. Maya insisted that she and Carter had only kissed and that Carter had spent the night on the couch, but an upset Rick got tipsy with the buyers and woke up to Caroline snuggling next to him.

Rick had no argument when Maya blasted him for making love to Caroline. Tired of Caroline always being an issue, Maya dumped Rick and resigned from Forrester, saying that Rick and Caroline were the better couple. Rick then told Caroline that he wanted to take a shot at resuming their relationship, though he spent much of their time together thinking about Maya. Ditching an HFTF meeting to pay Maya a visit, he was shocked to find that Carter had just proposed to her, and that she had accepted.

Moving on with Caroline, Rick moved up the next HFTF showing due to the publicity over having incorporated a rare blue diamond on loan from Quinn Artisan Jewelers into the line, which forced Hope to delay her wedding to Liam. High on the success of HFTF's association with the diamond, Rick took Caroline to the Forrester entrance, where they first met, and proposed. Caroline happily accepted, and later, when Carter came to Rick and reported how Maya missed being HFTF's spokesmodel, Rick hired his ex back. Inspired by Hope turning the Forrester Thanksgiving dinner into an engagement party for him and Caroline, Rick suggested they get married right then and there, and Caroline agreed.

Rick was surprised when Ridge, who came home after a year in Paris to remarry Brooke, asked Rick to be his best man. Along with his family, Rick was horrified when Katie fainted during the ceremony, but later, Bill came to Rick and told him that Katie fainted on purpose to stop the wedding because she had developed feelings for Ridge. Learning that Ridge reciprocated those feelings, Rick was furious that Ridge would leave his mother yet again.

Problems also mounted at work: it came out that Wyatt Fuller of Quinn Artisan Jewelers had pocketed the HFTF diamond and ultimately planted it on actual jewel thieves to make himself look good to Hope. Fearing that the resulting scandal that would severely damage Forrester, Rick decided to keep a lid on Wyatt's "theft", but when Eric found out, Rick came under fire for not telling him what had happened. As company president, Rick begged his father to let him handle things, and stuck with his decision to protect Forrester by continuing to deal with Quinn Artisan and burying what Wyatt had done.

However, when Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller, showed Ridge a photo of herself in bed with Bill, Ridge took off to the Middle East to stop Bill and Brooke's wedding, which resulted in Ridge falling out of a helicopter and into the Persian Gulf. With Ridge presumed dead, everyone at Forrester blamed Quinn for her interference, and Rick finally terminated Forrester's contract with Quinn Artisan; later, Rick was overjoyed to learn that Ridge was alive. Rick then got a surprise in the Forrester steam room: Maya, who declared that she wanted Rick back. Rick turned Maya down and told Caroline, who was none too pleased about the encounter. Rick listened as Maya said she felt she had never had closure with their relationship, but denied Maya's claim that Caroline was a rebound. Rick was concerned when Maya played him a recording of Forrester photographer Oliver Jones saying he was only dating Rick's half-niece, Aly Forrester, as a means of job security within the company.

Feeling Carter deserved to know the truth, Rick went to him and told him how Maya came on to him in the steam room. After Maya and Carter split up, Rick continued to fend of Maya's attentions. Meanwhile, with the company in need of a new jewelry designer, Rick teamed up with Eric to bring distant relative Ivy Forrester in from Australia to offer her the job.

Rick couldn't understand why Ridge, who had fallen out of a helicopter in the Middle East but claimed he was fine, was keeping his new collection a complete secret. Rick also was disturbed to learn that Caroline was working so closely with his half-brother; Rick felt something was amiss when Caroline went on about how great it was to be mentored by Ridge. Finally, Rick was aghast when Caroline admitted that Ridge's ability to draw had been impaired by the helicopter accident, and that Ridge was only able to design by physically guiding her hand. Rick was sure Ridge was using Caroline, who insisted that the collaboration was mutual. Rick then told Eric about Ridge's condition, and campaigned for himself when Eric decided to step down as CEO and name a successor.

When Eric ultimately named Ridge as CEO, Rick was furious and hurt -- but even more so when Maya piped up that she had seen Ridge and Caroline kissing. Caroline couldn't deny it, so Rick turned his back on his wife and began an affair with Maya, even moving her in with him. Rick refused to give Caroline a chance to explain, and initially refused the CEO position Eric now offered him as well, but Maya encouraged Rick to take the promotion, telling him they could run Forrester together. Rick made Maya the design house's lead model, and, despite having promised Eric he would work with everyone fairly, he was nasty to Caroline and Ridge every chance he got.

With Ridge and Caroline's collection about to go public, Rick tried to sabotage the designs by overpricing them. The line was a success regardless, and Eric blasted Rick for basing business decisions on his personal feelings. Rick sassed that Eric had no problem putting his ex-lovers on staff, but Rick backed down when Eric declared he'd demote Rick if he didn't dump Maya and reunite with Caroline. Rick appeared to do exactly that, then privately told Maya he was only pretending to take Caroline back until he could get Eric to sign a piece of paper that would mean Rick could never be removed as CEO. Rick assured Maya they would continue seeing each other in secret, and bought Steffy's old condo for Maya to move into.

At Forrester, Rick made a show of attempting to fire Maya and giving Ridge and Caroline his blessing to work together on more designs. Seeing Eric was impressed, Rick tried to get his father to sign the papers, but hit a wall when Eric tabled the subject. Meanwhile, Rick kept begging off of Caroline's desire to be intimate; he was shocked when Caroline suggested they have a baby. Rick stole away with Maya at the condo, not expecting Ivy to see them kissing in the hallway. Rick threatened to have Ivy sent back to Australia if she told anybody she'd seen him with Maya, and later demanded that Maya be more discreet with her displays of affection at work.

After Eric amended Rick's contract to state that he would only have irrevocable control of Forrester for a year, Rick announced that Maya was the woman he wanted by his side, not Caroline. Eric, Ridge, and Caroline were furious; when Eric went on an extended trip, Rick moved Maya into the Forrester mansion and replaced Stephanie's portrait with one of Maya. Rick continued berating Ridge, Caroline, and Ivy at work to the point all Forrester employees were walking on eggshells; during a particularly vicious tirade during which Rick tried to fire Caroline, Liam rushed in and shoved Rick to the ground. Rick laughed, then warned Liam not to mess with him. Caroline tried once more to reach Rick, but he took Caroline's video call and made sure Caroline could see he was in bed with Maya.

Rick was surprised to hear that Maya had a sister, Nicole Avant, who had come to town, and told Pam he wanted Nicole investigated. When Caroline stopped groveling and displayed some of her former spunk, Rick accused her of carrying on with Ridge again. Rick found an old gun of Stephanie's in Eric's bedroom and gave it to his lawyer, with whom Rick had just filed divorce papers. When the lawyer forgot the gun, Rick went after him, but saw Ridge and Caroline kissing and fired warning shots into the room. Rick came home to find Brooke, who had been away in Milan; Rick admitted shooting at Ridge and Caroline but insisted he was just trying to scare them. Later, Rick scoffed when Ridge and Caroline threatened to go to the police if he didn't step down as CEO, but Brooke burst in, demanding the authorities not be called and that Rick forgive Caroline and go back to her. Rick ignored his mother's request, staying with Maya.

Rick continued lording his power over his employees, both at work and at home: he fired Wyatt for standing up for himself, then promised Aly to look at her shoe designs, a lie meant to get Aly to bring him and Maya ice cream. Rick worried when Eric made a surprise visit and chided Rick for shooting at Ridge and Caroline; however, Eric presented proof that sales had increased during Rick's tenure, and Rick was thrilled when Eric threw his support behind him. Rick began to wonder if he had, in fact, been too hard on his staff, and called a meeting to offer apologies and reassurances. Rick was rattled when Ridge deemed the gesture a performance for Eric's benefit and promised to take Rick down. Later, Rick was confused when Maya turned away her sister, Nicole Avant, who came looking for a place to stay after losing her apartment at college.

Buoyed by Eric's support, Rick went on taunting Aly, making her rub Maya's feet and forcing her to give up her room to Nicole, whom he'd decided to house. When Ivy threatened to go her father, John Forrester -- also Eric's brother -- Rick scoffed and reminded Ivy she had no contract with Forrester. Rick then went to the exiled Quinn and offered to reinstate her as Forrester's jewelry designer, knowing Ivy would be uncomfortable and angry about having to work with her.

Rick saw how thrown Maya was when Nicole showed up to a photo shoot; Pam reported that she had heard Maya and Nicole arguing about a secret. Rick persisted in praising Maya's honesty to anyone who would listen; later, when Maya said she had something to tell him, Rick admitted seeing the tension between Maya and her sister and offered to find Nicole another place to live. Afterwards, Rick was pleased to see Maya and Nicole getting along better.

Curious to find a bottle of estrogen pills in Maya's possession, Rick asked Maya if she was sick, understanding when Maya replied she was taking the hormone to "regulate" herself. As Maya got emotional over the future of their relationship, Rick assured her that once his divorce from Caroline became final, he would be on one knee.

Rick brought Brooke back to work at Forrester full-time, and Eric came home from an extended trip; Rick was humbled when Eric presented him with a watch he'd been given as a lifetime achievement award in acknowledgement of Forrester's success under Rick's tenure. Rick told his parents that he'd been thinking of proposing to Maya, looking forward to a scandal-free marriage unlike the unions he'd had with Amber and Caroline. Later, Rick caught Pam and Charlie in his office without permission, shuddering when the lovebirds said they were looking for a private place to get close.

Rick bought an engagement ring and took Maya up to the Big Bear cabin to propose, unprepared when Maya confessed she had been born Myron Avant. Not having a chance to process that Maya was transgender, Rick called it an embarrassment when he discovered Bill had splashed Maya's identity throughout his publications. Rick followed after Maya, who took off; they drove down the mountain talking on the phone via Bluetooth, but when Maya asked if Rick still wanted to marry her, Rick ran off the road and crashed. Convalescing at Brooke's, Rick was dismayed when Maya wouldn't return his apologetic messages, but more so when Ridge arrived delivering Maya's resignation from Forrester. Rick lunged at Ridge after their conversation became heated, and Rick was stunned when Eric wanted to invoke a "behavioral morality clause" in Rick's contract, removing Rick as CEO. Rick reminded Eric how Ridge had stolen both their wives, and convinced his father to keep him in the position.

Sure that Ridge would no longer be a problem, Rick turned his attention to Maya when Nicole arrived saying Maya was ready to leave town because she thought Rick had hung up on her. Learning from Nicole that Maya was hiding out at her old apartment above Dayzee's, Rick appeared at her table as a waiter in an attempt to recreate their first meeting, clearing up the miscommunication following Maya's disclosure.

Rick was stunned when Ridge, Steffy, Thomas, and Liam amassed enough shares to force him out as CEO. Rick approached Bill and tried to convince him to sign his shares over to Eric instead of Liam, sweetening the deal by promising Bill more control at Forrester -- but, when Bill called Maya a disgrace that had to go, Rick punched Bill and walked away from the company. Public support for the outed Maya was overwhelming; Rick was floored when Maya accepted Ridge's offer to return to Forrester on the condition that Rick be allowed to join her. Overjoyed, Rick and Maya reunited.

As Ridge developed the provocative California Freedom line, the showing of which would feature transgender models, Rick shared his family's dismay when Aly, who had a history of mental problems stemming from the violent death of her mother during childhood, popped off about the indecency of the proposed fashions. Rick tried to take responsibility for his poor treatment of Aly, apologizing to her for his bad behavior.

Rick worried for Maya when her parents, Julius and Vivienne Avant, came to town trying to get Nicole away from Maya's supposed bad influence. Rick assured the Avants he loved Maya, but, based on Maya's stories of her father's poor treatment, Rick was dubious when Julius appeared to embrace his transgender daughter, especially when Julius later questioned Rick's sexuality and wondered how Rick could be with someone like Maya. Rick made his intentions known when he publicly proposed to Maya at the conclusion of the California Freedom showing, offering to pay for the Avants to extend their stay in Los Angeles so they could be in town for the wedding.

When Rick's divorce from Caroline became final, his wedding to Maya was almost ruined by Julius after Maya overheard him calling the ceremony a "freak show." Rick watched as Maya stopped the wedding to confront her father and order him to leave; afterwards, Rick exchanged vows with Maya and took her on a lavish honeymoon to Copenhagen. Settling into married life, Rick shared Maya's desire to have a baby and suggested adoption, stunned when Maya hoped Nicole would serve as their surrogate instead.

After exploring the legalities and physicalities of surrogacy, Rick and Maya asked Nicole to carry their baby for them. Rick was thrilled when Nicole ultimately said yes, but faced opposition when Julius and Vivienne returned, having moved to Los Angeles; Rick had to clarify when Julius misunderstood and thought Rick and Nicole were having a baby the conventional way. Rick was pleased when Nicole's first attempt at fertilization took and when Julius tried to embrace the idea of Nicole's pregnancy at Thanksgiving dinner. At Christmas, Rick decided to take Maya, Nicole, their parents, and Zende on a trip to Hawaii, but felt bad when it meant he couldn't attend a holiday dinner planned by Brooke.

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