Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr.
Actor History
Nicole and Ryan Miller
1990 [recurring]
Jeremy Snider
1990 to 1995 [recurring]
Steven Hartman
December 1995 to December 19, 1997 [recurring]
October 19, 1999 to 2003 [contract]; 2003 to 2004 [recurring]; 2004 [contract]; 2004 to 2006 [recurring]
January 25, 2007 to April 2011 [contract]
September 26, 2011 to present [contract]
Born on-air November 8, 1990
Aged to a pre-teen in 1995
Aged to 16 in 1998
Aged to 18 in 1999
Executive in unspecified position at Forrester Creations
Runs Forrester International
Former CEO of Forrester Creations
Former president of Forrester Creations
Former designer at Forrester Creations
Former President of Forrester Creations
Former Head of Forrester International
Former Vice President of Forrester Creations
Business major at college
Resides At
The Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA)
Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly a Malibu beach house once owned by Taylor Hayes
Formerly Paris, France
Formerly Milan, Italy
Formerly The Forrester Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA
Formerly The Logan Mansion
Formerly Brooke Logan's apartment
Formerly Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan's condo
Marital Status
Married to Maya Avant as of August 12, 2015
Past Marriages
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore [Married: 1999; divorced: 2000; first time]
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore [Married: 2001; divorced: 2003; second time]
Caroline Spencer [Married: 2013; divorced: 2015]
Eric Forrester (father)
Brooke Logan (mother)
Stephen Logan, Sr. (grandfather)
Elizabeth Henderson Logan (grandmother; deceased)
Helen Logan (great-grandmother; deceased)
Bridget Forrester (sister)
John Forrester (uncle)
Storm Logan (uncle; deceased)
Donna Logan (aunt)
Katie Logan (aunt)
Jessica Forrester (cousin)
Marcus Walton Forrester (cousin; brother via adoption)
Ivy Forrester (cousin)
William Logan Spencer (cousin)
Logan Knight (nephew)
Nicole Marone (niece; deceased)
Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (first cousin, once removed, via adoption)
Thorne Forrester (half-brother)
Kristen Forrester (half-sister)
Felicia Forrester (half-sister)
Hope Logan (half-sister)
Ridge Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
Angela Forrester (half-sister; deceased)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-nephew; via adoption)
Alexandria Forrester (half-niece; deceased)
Dominick Damiano (half-nephew)
Eric Forrester III (stillborn; with Amber, 1999)
unnamed daughter (stillborn; with Amber, 2002)
Elizabeth Forrester (daughter, with Maya, with Nicole as surrogate mother, 2016)
Flings & Affairs
Kimberly Fairchild
Amanda Wexler
Erica Lovejoy, born Mary Warwick (flirtation)
Caitlin Ramirez
Ashley Abbott
Phoebe Forrester (not consummated)
Taylor Hayes (broken engagement)
Steffy Forrester
Jacqueline Payne Marone (flirtation)
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore (unofficial attempt at reconciliation)
Beverly (flirtation)
Caroline Spencer
Maya Avant
Crimes Committed

Got into a fistfight with C.J. Garrison [1995]

Shot Grant Chambers while in a fugue state [1997]

Let his family believe he was still paralyzed, even though he had recovered [2008]

Used his paralysis to manipulate his parents into making him vice president of Forrester [2008]

Sabotaged a publicity video to make it sound like Brooke supported him, not Ridge [2008]

Talked Brooke out of sending him back to Europe by playing on her emotions about Phoebe's death [2009]

Seduced Steffy Forrester as a way of striking out at Ridge [2009]

Stole Forrester designs and gave them to Jackie M to undermine Ridge [2009]

Made a play for the married Jackie Marone to free up her husband Owen for Bridget [2010]

Tried to seduce Steffy Forrester into signing Liam Spencer's annulment papers [2012]

Tried to steal Caroline Spencer from Thomas Forrester [2012]

Slept with Caroline Spencer while involved with Maya Avant [2013]

Cheated on his wife, Caroline Spencer, with Maya Avant [2014]

Tricked his father into signing over irrevocable control of Forrester for a year [2015]

Shot at Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer [2015]

Lunged at Ridge Forrester [2015]

Punched Bill Spencer [2015]

Health and Vitals
Saved from a falling bookcase [1991]
Seriously injured in a drag racing accident [1998]
Received a kidney from donor Amber Moore [1998]
Accidentally hit by a fire truck driven by Hector Ramirez [2004]
Temporarily paralyzed after a fall from the roof of Forrester Creations [2008]
Survived a car crash that killed Phoebe Forrester [2008]
Crashed through a second story window in a scuffle with Thomas Forrester [2012]
Punched by Liam Spencer [2013]
Shoved to the ground by Liam Spencer [2015]
Ran off the road and crashed his car [2015]
Brief Character History

Eric Forrester, Jr. ("Rick") is the son of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. Brooke spent her whole marriage to Eric longing for Eric's eldest son, Ridge Forrester, who became Rick's godfather. Eric was temporarily blinded when he pushed little Rick out of the way of a falling bookcase. Rick had difficulty adjusting when Brooke went back to Ridge; the dastardly Sheila Carter, who had her eye on Eric, became Rick's nanny after Sheila arranged an "accident" for the previous nanny. Ridge was largely responsible for raising Rick.

As a pre-teen, Rick was taunted by Sally Spectra's son, C.J. Garrison, who laughed that Rick's half-brother was also his step-father. After Rick and C.J. punched each other at a wedding, Rick was taken for therapy with Ridge's ex-wife, Dr. Taylor Hayes. Rick wanted Brooke to be with Eric, not Ridge, and went to lawyer Connor Davis to ask about his legal rights in terms of living with Eric. Rick continued his battle with C.J. by dumping a bowl of chocolate mousse on C.J.'s head.

Rick and his little sister, Bridget Forrester, went to live with Eric and Stephanie after the disappearance of Brooke, who wandered away in a state of "brief reactive psychosis" after a letter was found suggesting Brooke had fixed Bridget's paternity test. Once Ridge found Brooke in Barbados and brought her back to L.A., Rick and Bridget went home to Brooke, never knowing that Stephanie had been lobbying to take custody of them.

Furious when Brooke became engaged to Grant Chambers, Rick buried himself in a world of heavy metal and violent video games. Rick became detached from reality and shot Grant with no memory of the event. Rick went back to therapy, this time with Dr. James Warwick, unaware that Ridge had taken the blame for Rick and even served jail time to protect him.

A sixteen-year-old Rick fell for the charms of Amber Moore, his live-in babysitter. Rick and C.J. had mended fences by this time and performed "Drive My Car" with Amber for a record producer at the Insomnia Café. On a dare from Amber, Rick drag raced C.J. and was seriously injured. Amber donated one of her kidneys to save Rick, who recovered and made love to Amber at the Big Bear cabin. Rick and C.J. stopped Amber from getting an abortion when she turned up pregnant; Rick sparked the wrath of his family when he proposed to Amber, though he was uncomfortable becoming a father at such a young age.

Rick soon turned his eye toward Kimberly Fairchild, though Rick married Amber in a lavish ceremony. Rick was pleased when Amber gave birth during a visit to her mother, Tawny Moore, but fumed when Kimberly and Brooke found out that Amber had a one-night stand with her friend Raymond Usher. Rick forgave Amber for the sake of their baby, but remained interested in Kimberly.

Rick and Amber took a belated honeymoon trip to Venice, Italy, where Rick received a shock: his baby hadn't survived the delivery, so Tawny arranged for Amber to take the unwanted baby of Amber's cousin, Becky Moore, and raise it as Rick's. Rick went back to Kimberly, and Becky took custody of "his" son, Little Eric. Becky died moments after marrying C.J., who eventually proposed to Amber; Rick didn't want C.J. rearing Little Eric, so Rick sought out Deacon Sharpe, the boy's biological father, and asked Deacon for sole custody. Rick's plan backfired when Deacon demanded $100,000, then got custody of Little Eric himself and worked to take Amber away from Rick, who wanted Amber back. Rick blanched when Deacon crashed his wedding to Amber with Bridget on his arm, demanding that the Forresters choose between Bridget and Amber.

Rick worried when Amber admitted having some feelings for Deacon, but the newlyweds weathered the storm, and Rick decided to take a more active role at Forrester Creations. After a very green Rick was humiliated by Ridge in a business meeting, Rick mentored with Massimo Marone, not knowing that Massimo was actually Ridge's biological father. Rick became a more confident businessman, earning a vice presidency at Forrester and overseeing Amber's creation of the very successful Ambrosia line.

Rick stood by Amber when she miscarried his second child and became addicted to painkillers, though he told his troubles to Erica Lovejoy, Little Eric's nanny. Rick felt increasingly drawn to Erica as Amber downward spiraled into vandalism, drug possession, and infidelity; Rick didn't believe Amber when she swore Erica was responsible. As Rick was about to give in to his attraction to Erica, Ridge burst in with the news that Erica was really Mary Warwick, the daughter of Sheila Carter, who had returned to reclaim Eric and win Rick for Erica by framing and kidnapping Amber.

Rick was relieved when an X-rated video seemingly made by Amber really featured April Knight, Amber's twin sister. Later, Rick and Amber lost custody of Little Eric to Deacon since they had never legally adopted the boy. After Amber ran off with Little Eric and sabotaged their visitation rights, Rick divorced Amber and moved on with Caitlin Ramirez, incurring the fury of her overprotective fireman father, Hector Ramirez. Rick was accidentally struck by Hector's fire truck, but Hector would only give Rick oxygen if Rick swore he hadn't been intimate with Caitlin. Rick also battled Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester, for Caitlin's affections before taking a position at Forrester International in Milan.

Rick returned for Nick Marone's weddings to Bridget and Brooke, but, in 2007, a more devious Rick came home with a chip on his shoulder regarding Ridge. Rick pursued Ridge's daughter, Phoebe Forrester, earning a punch in the face from Ridge during a business trip to Australia. Meanwhile, Rick also resumed an affair with Ashley Abbott, with whom he'd dallied in Paris. Rick started singing with Phoebe, but was jealous when Constantine Parros wanted to sign Phoebe to his record label.

Taylor came to Rick when Ridge was arrested for murdering Shane McGrath, who had committed suicide in front of Ridge. Rick was shocked to find out he'd shot Grant as a teen; Taylor needed Rick to testify that Ridge had taken the blame for Rick, since Grant's shooting was on Ridge's record. Rick accepted responsibility for Grant's shooting to keep Ridge out of jail, but never actually remembered pulling the trigger. Rick received mixed signals from Phoebe about losing her virginity, especially after Phoebe found out about Rick and Ashley; after Phoebe broke up with Rick and went on tour, Rick set his sights on Phoebe's mother, Taylor.

Rick dated Taylor and soon proposed, but Taylor broke things off after Phoebe came home early and caught Rick and Taylor in bed. Rick blamed Taylor's lingering feelings for Ridge and fought with Ridge on the roof of Forrester Creations; Rick fell and was temporarily paralyzed. Rick kept his recovery from his family and used it to manipulate Brooke and Eric into making Rick president of Forrester. Rick later sabotaged a publicity video to make it sound like Brooke only supported Rick, not Ridge. Rick came on to Phoebe's sister, Steffy Forrester, earning a slap for his efforts.

Rick was on his way to Brooke and Ridge's wedding rehearsal when Phoebe, furious to learn Rick had romanced both her mother and her sister, jumped into Rick's car and pummeled him while he was driving. Rick lost control of the car when Phoebe stomped on the gas pedal; Phoebe, who wasn't wearing a seat belt, died from her injuries. Rick was genuinely remorseful but still played on Brooke's emotions to keep her from sending him back to Europe. Rick and Steffy bonded and began dating, infuriating the family; Rick also stole Forrester designs and provided them to rival company Jackie M to stick it to Ridge.

After Rick proposed to Steffy, Rick's front door was set afire, and his car exploded. The culprit was Thomas, who only wanted to scare Rick; later, Ridge tricked Rick into confessing on tape that he had only gone after Steffy because of his vendetta against Ridge. Rick lost Steffy briefly, but soon they agreed that their families would always have a problem with their relationship, so they went their separate ways. Rick then made peace with both Ridge and Thomas.

Bridget had fallen in love with and become pregnant by married man Owen Knight, so Rick, who wanted to shake up his life, tried to clear the way for Bridget by coming on to Owen's wife, Jackie Marone. Rick offered Jackie champagne dinners and even proposed after painting himself to look like a statue, but the flattered Jackie stayed true to Owen. Rick was annoyed when Thomas got his own fashion line at Forrester, and later pulled some strings to help his sister, Hope Logan, in her quest to reunite with her estranged fiancée, Liam Cooper.

Rick's initial attempts at design needed work, so Amber, who was back in town, improved on them, and Rick and Amber secretly teamed up to create a collection. Rick and Amber kissed several times, but Rick also took a brief interest in Forrester intern Beverly. When Brooke brought namesake designer Caroline Spencer to Forrester, Rick connected with Caroline but was confused by Caroline suddenly backing off; it turned out Amber had doctored photos of Rick to make it took like he wore women's clothes in an effort to deter Caroline. However, it was Amber scoring potentially tainted antianxiety pills for a dependent Hope that prompted Rick to kick Amber out of his life for good.

Rick tried to help Hope by romancing Steffy into signing Liam's annulment papers, but Steffy saw through the ruse and wrote "loser" on the signature line. Eventually deeming Liam unworthy of his sister, Rick had his DJ friend Othello lie that Liam had kissed Steffy the night before his wedding to Hope. Rick also worked to edge out Thomas, who had taken an interest in Caroline. When Ridge gave Thomas the interim CEO position Rick wanted, Rick crashed through a second-story window during an altercation with Thomas; a bush broke his fall. Rick confessed his anti-Thomas plot to Caroline but won her anyway.

Rick and Thomas' business argument caused Eric not to be present as Stephanie died of lung cancer. Rick suspected Caroline's diabolical uncle, Bill Spencer, of pushing Caroline over a balcony when Caroline learned of the crimes Bill had committed to keep Liam and Hope apart. Rick got punched by Liam when Liam and Hope found out about Rick's own interference in their relationship.

When the presidency of Forrester was up for grabs, Rick battled Thomas in a fashion showdown and lorded the position over Thomas when he won, earning Eric's reprimand. Agreeing to help continue Stephanie's work with the homeless, Rick volunteered at Dayzee's (formerly the Insomnia Café where he performed with Amber) and met down-on-her-luck singer Maya Avant, who didn't know Rick was a Forrester. With Caroline becoming increasingly materialistic, Rick found Maya a breath of fresh air and enjoyed being appreciated for himself instead of his lineage. Rick kissed Maya, but when she discovered he had lied about his identity, she stormed off.

Meanwhile, Rick continued to clash with Thomas at Forrester, defending Brooke when Thomas and Taylor deemed Brooke too old to model lingerie. Rick resisted the frustrated Caroline's advances after Maya forgave him, then made Maya the spokesmodel for Hope's HFTF line. Rick repeatedly tried to break up with Caroline, who seemed to be avoiding the issue; Rick put his foot down and chose Maya after she demanded he decide between her and Caroline.

After enjoying a brief reunion with his visiting sister Bridget, Rick lost Maya, who said she didn't see a future with him. But Rick soon learned that Maya was being blackmailed by Bill to clear the way for Caroline; as Caroline had tried to humiliate former jailbird Maya by making her model striped fashions on a mock jail set, Rick lured Bill to the set and locked Bill in the cell to teach him a lesson.

Rick championed Maya when she won a starring role in the web series Room 8, but was uncomfortable with her progressively steamier scenes with lawyer/actor Carter Walton. Rick visited the set and found out that Caroline, who knew the show's producer, was sexing up the content to make Rick jealous. Rick and Maya survived the plot, but, when Rick missed the premiere of the reshot Room 8, Rick retaliated against Maya kissing Carter by sleeping with Caroline. After Maya dumped Rick and accepted Carter's proposal, Rick rethought his relationship with Caroline. Excited over their successful rebranding of HFTF, Rick recreated his first meeting with Caroline on the steps of Forrester and proposed.

Hope turned the traditional Forrester Thanksgiving dinner into an engagement party for Rick and Caroline, who married on the spot with Carter officiating. Rick came under fire when he kept quiet about Wyatt Fuller pocketing a rare diamond on loan to Forrester and planting it on jewel thieves to impress Hope; Rick assured Eric he was trying to protect the company. Before long, Rick was confronted in the Forrester steam room by an emboldened Maya, who wanted Rick back. Feeling Carter had a right to the truth, Rick ratted Maya out, causing Carter to jilt Maya.

Rick disapproved when Caroline started working closely with Ridge, who had fallen out of a helicopter in the Middle East and suffered some brain damage. Rick felt Ridge was using Caroline when she admitted Ridge was only able to design with her help. Eric was about to step down and name Ridge CEO when Maya burst in, reporting she had seen Caroline and Ridge kissing. A vengeful Rick became CEO instead and made Maya his mistress and the design house's lead model. After Rick tried to sabotage Ridge and Caroline's collection by overpricing it, Eric threatened to demote Rick unless he took Caroline back, so Rick pretended to do so, all the while tricking Eric into signing an iron-clad document that would make Rick CEO for a year. With Rick's position secured, Rick flaunted his relationship with Maya.

Rick moved Maya into the Forrester mansion and replaced a beloved portrait of Stephanie with one of Maya. Rick taunted Ridge, Caroline, and Liam's new girlfriend, Ivy Forrester; Liam shoved Rick to the ground after Rick went off on Ivy. Rick found a gun in Stephanie's bureau and gave it to his lawyer, who had just filed Rick and Caroline's divorce papers. But when the lawyer forgot the gun and Rick caught Ridge and Caroline kissing, Rick shot at them. Rick offered apologies and assurances to his embittered staff, but Ridge deemed the move strictly for Eric's benefit.

Buoyed by Eric's continuing support, Rick toyed with young Aly Forrester, making Aly rub Maya's feet and serve them ice cream under the false promise that Rick would consider Aly's shoe designs. When Maya's sister, Nicole Avant, came to town, Rick didn't understand why Maya was so averse to Nicole's presence. Rick praised Maya's honesty to anyone who would listen, then found a bottle of estrogen pills in Maya's purse, accepting Maya's explanation that she needed them to "regulate" herself. Rick proposed to Maya at the Big Bear cabin and was stunned when Maya admitted she was transgender and had been born Myron Avant.

Rick called it a disgrace when Bill splashed Maya's story across his publications, prompting Maya to run out; Rick followed and crashed his car. Rick nearly lost Eric's backing when Rick charged Ridge during a heated argument, and would have lost Maya had Nicole not told Rick where to find her; Rick appeared at Maya's table at Dayzee's, recreating their first meeting. Rick forgave Maya for not disclosing her transition to him and accepted her. But Rick was forced out of the CEO seat when Ridge, Steffy, Thomas, and Liam amassed enough shares to give them controlling interest in Forrester. Rick approached Bill to sway him into not signing his 12.5% to Liam, but when Bill scoffed that Maya would have to go, Rick punched him.

Rick found himself back in a lesser position at Forrester after Ridge offered Maya the chance to headline a fashion show featuring transgender models and Maya accepted on the condition that Ridge rehire Rick. Joining his family in handling Aly, who had a history of mental illness stemming from the childhood death of her mother and was frantically opposing Ridge's California Freedom line, Rick tried to make restitution with Aly for his poor treatment of her.

Rick worried when Maya's parents, Julius and Vivienne Avant came to town to wrest Nicole from Maya's supposed bad influence. Rick fielded questions from Julius about his sexuality and assured Maya's father his intentions were honorable, proposing to Maya at the California Freedom showing. Rick watched as Maya stopped the wedding and took Julius to task for calling the ceremony a "freak show"; afterwards, Rick and Maya honeymooned in Copenhagen.

Rick suggested adoption when Maya wanted a baby, but agreed with Maya's idea that Nicole become their surrogate. Although Rick faced opposition from Julius, who initially thought Rick wanted to have a child with Nicole the conventional way, Rick celebrated when Nicole's fertilization took and spirited away Maya, Nicole, their parents, and Nicole's boyfriend, Zende Forrester Dominguez, on a holiday trip to Hawaii.

Rick balked when Ridge replaced Maya's portrait with Stephanie's; not getting the support he wanted from Eric, Rick left the mansion with Maya and Nicole and found a home with Brooke. Intrigued when Brooke let it slip that Ridge's baby with Caroline was a miracle because of Ridge's reversed vasectomy, Rick began to feel Ridge had other secrets and searched Ridge's office, hoping to find something that would put Rick in the CEO chair again. After hearing that his aunt, Katie Logan, had seen Ridge in heavy conversation with a doctor who was killed by a truck minutes later, Rick grilled Katie, feeling she had the ammunition against Ridge he was looking for.

A different dream of Rick's came true when he finally became a father after having lost two children with Amber; Nicole presented Rick and Maya with a baby girl, whom Rick named Elizabeth in honor of his grandmother, Beth Logan. Tired of being under Ridge's thumb at Forrester, Rick was ready to leave Los Angeles with Maya and baby Lizzie until Ridge suddenly gave Rick more responsibility at the company. Later, Rick inadvertently interrupted Brooke, who was entertaining a man in her bedroom; Rick shared the news with Katie but didn't share his aunt's belief that Brooke was sleeping with Bill.

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