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Ashlyn Pearce
Alexandria Forrester
Actor History
unknown babies
April 25, 2003 (dream)
unknown babies
January 1, 2004
Charlotte Jennings
January 1, 2004 (never appeared on-screen)
Caylie Button and Tommy Christian
February 4, 2004
Haven Cain
June 11, 2004 to August 6, 2004
Kate and Madeline Phillips
December 24, 2004
Ava and Emma Ashcraft
December 23, 2005
Harley Graham
July 12, 2006 to September 2, 2009
November 19, 2013 to July 23, 2015; August 13, 2015 (guest appearance)
Born on-screen Los Angeles on January 1, 2004
In 2006, her birth month was changed to July
Other Names
Aly (nickname)
Employed at Forrester Creations in unspecified position at time of death
Worked on developing Forrester's first shoe line
Interned with Hope Logan at Forrester
Resides At
The Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly Thorne's beach house, Malibu, CA
Marital Status
Single/Never Married
Past Marriages
Thorne Forrester (father)
Darla Einstein (mother; deceased)
Eric Forrester Sr. (grandfather)
Stephanie Douglas (grandmother; deceased)
John Forrester (great-uncle)
Ivy Forrester (first cousin, once removed)
John Douglas (great-grandfather; deceased)
Ann Douglas (great-grandmother; deceased)
Kristen Forrester (aunt)
Felicia Forrester (aunt)
Angela Forrester (aunt; deceased)
Dominick "Dino" Damiano (cousin)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (cousin; via adoption)
Pamela Douglas (great-aunt)
John Forrester (great-uncle)
Jessica Forrester (first cousin, once removed)
Ivy Forrester (first cousin, once-removed)
Ridge Forrester Sr. (half-uncle)
Rick Forrester Jr. (half-uncle)
Bridget Forrester (half-aunt)
Thomas Forrester (half-cousin)
Steffy Forrester (half-cousin)
Phoebe Forrester (half-cousin; deceased)
Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr. (half-cousin)
Logan Knight (half-cousin)
Eric Forrester III (half-cousin; stillborn)
Nicole Marone (half-cousin; stillborn)
Flings & Affairs

Oliver Jones (dating at time of death; never consummated)
Crimes Committed

Blacked out Taylor Hayes' pictures with a crayon after hearing from Hope Logan that Taylor was responsible for the death of her mother, Darla Einstein [2007]

Shredded Taylor's wedding dress [2007]

Slapped Wyatt Fuller [2014]

Threatened Taylor Hayes with an axe [2014]

Tried to hit Steffy Forrester with her car [2015]

Health and Vitals
Almost hit by Taylor's car [2007]
Held over a second-story railing by Quinn Fuller [2014]
Died of a head injury [2015]
Brief Character History

Alexandria Forrester was the daughter of Thorne Forrester and Darla Einstein. Through a misunderstanding between Thorne and his ex-wife Macy Alexander regarding Macy's estranged husband, Lorenzo Barelli, Thorne got drunk and slept with Macy's best friend, Darla, though he thought he was making love to Macy. The encounter ruined Darla's friendship with Macy, and Darla wanted an abortion, but Thorne talked Darla out of it. When Macy died later that year, Darla named her daughter Alexandria in honor of Macy. Thorne and Darla got married and happily raised Alexandria.

One night, Darla was helping Phoebe Forrester change a flat tire on a foggy highway and fell into the path of an oncoming car. Alexandria was devastated by her mother's death, but comforted by Phoebe's mother, Taylor Hayes. Little Alexandria was even the catalyst in healing the decades-old rift between her grandmother, Stephanie Forrester, and her great-grandmother, Ann Douglas.

Eventually, Thorne and Taylor became a couple and planned a wedding. During Alexandria's play date with Hope Logan, Hope innocently blabbed that Taylor drove the car that killed Darla. It was true: Taylor had been drinking but raced to help Phoebe anyway, hitting Darla due to the fog and Taylor's impaired response time. Alexandria ran away, and a sober Taylor went after her, almost running Alexandria down on the same foggy highway. Little Alexandria couldn't understand how Thorne could marry Taylor and blacked out pictures of Taylor with a crayon. On her wedding day, Taylor found her dress ripped to shreds; Thorne and Taylor called off the wedding, realizing that Alexandria wasn't going to accept their relationship.

Thorne continued raising Alexandria as a single parent, with Alexandria only seen on holidays and special occasions. In 2013, Alexandria resurfaced as Aly, a college student who came home needing to complete an independent survey; Thorne and Aly's grandfather, Eric Forrester, put Aly to work at Forrester Creations. The earthy Aly enjoyed a close relationship with her father, grateful Thorne had devoted so much time to raising her, and speaking of the recent encouragement she had received from Sally Spectra, longtime friend to her deceased mother, Darla.

After Thorne sold the beach house where Aly was raised, they moved into the Forrester mansion with Eric. Aly was instructed to "shadow" her childhood friend, Hope, who had become very successful at Forrester. Aly was awed to see Hope juggling her on-again-off-again paramour, Liam Spencer, and Liam's half-brother, Wyatt Fuller. Aly developed a crush on Liam, which did not go unnoticed by Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller, who wanted Hope to stay with Wyatt. Quinn gave the unassuming Aly a makeover and sent her to distract Liam, but he was still hung up on Hope.

Thorne took a position running Forrester International in Paris, but when Aly visited, she became unreasonably hostile toward Wyatt, feeling he was distracting Hope from the purity message Hope once embodied with her Hope For the Future (HFTF) clothing line. Thorne admitted that Aly had anger issues after having been bullied in school, and worried that Wyatt would be a trigger. Aly, who had built a shrine to Hope, was also having visions of Darla; it was revealed that "Darla"ť had told Aly to shred Taylor's wedding dress years before, and was now insisting Aly protect the Forresters from Wyatt.

Aly freaked when she caught Wyatt and Hope in bed together, slapping Wyatt. When Aly found out that Wyatt had pocketed a rare diamond to impress Hope with its "rescue,"ť Quinn confronted Aly and held her over a second-story railing to keep Aly from telling Eric. Aly ratted Wyatt out anyway, furious that Eric chose not to prosecute Wyatt to avoid a scandal. Aly also went on high alert when Hope briefly considered taking over her mother's once highly successful lingerie line.

Forrester photographer Oliver Jones took an interest in Aly, who told Oliver how much she hated Taylor for killing her mother. When Thorne brought Taylor home to tell Aly they were once again engaged, Aly threatened Taylor with an axe. Oliver convinced Aly to hear Taylor out; after Taylor admitted how guilty she still felt for robbing Aly of her mother, Aly relented, hugged Taylor, and gave Taylor her blessing to be with her father. Aly continued to see Oliver, even taking him to a medieval-themed outing with her grandmother's sister, Pam Douglas, and Pam's boyfriend, Charlie Webber.

Aly ran away when Oliver confessed that a recording had been made of him saying he was only dating her because she was a Forrester, not listening when Oliver added he had since fallen in love with her. While at Medieval Times with Pam and Charlie, Aly saw that Oliver had replaced one of the "knights"ť on horseback to prove his devotion to her. Aly forgave Oliver and later worked on a medieval story with him, Pam, and Charlie.

Aly became best friends with Ivy Forrester, her first cousin (once removed), who had come to Los Angeles from Australia. Aly and Ivy overtly supported a relationship between Hope and Liam, even running interference with Wyatt. Later, Taylor visited, offering to be a mother to Aly after hearing that Aly was still having visions of Darla. Aly assured Taylor she was fine and watched as Darla's ghost blew in Taylor's direction, physically fluttering Taylor's hair.

Aly felt targeted when her half-uncle Rick Forrester took over as CEO of Forrester Creations and threw his weight around; Rick taunted Aly by telling her she'd have to move out to make room for his mistress, Maya Avant, and by pretending to show an interest in Aly's fledgling shoe designs. Aly even waited on Rick and Maya and massaged Maya's feet to demonstrate her commitment. When Aly's other-half uncle, Ridge Forrester, commandeered control of Forrester Creations from the tyrannical Rick, Aly's relief was short-lived because she viewed Ridge's daughter, Steffy Forrester, as flaunting her sexuality both in modeling bikins and lingerie and trying to seduce Liam away from Ivy.

Aly loudly opposed Ridge's California Freedom line, interrupting business meetings and accusing a confused Oliver of ogling Steffy during a photo shoot. As Aly felt increasingly dismissed by her family, her saintly visions of Darla turned dark, and Aly felt her mother was commanding her to stop Forrester's foray into filth. Aly pretended to go along with Ridge's collection, which was to be showcased by transgender models, including Maya. It was also revealed that Aly hadn't actually forgiven Taylor; Aly created a hate board filled with blacked-out photos of Maya and Steffy. After the California Freedom showing, Aly punched a hole in Steffy's tire and tried to run Steffy down in the exact spot where Darla had died years ago. Refusing Steffy's conciliatory overture, Aly came at Steffy with a tire iron, which fell to the ground; when Aly threatened to bash Steffy's head in with a rock, Steffy grabbed the tire iron and swung at Aly, who fell, hit her head, and died.

Weeks later, Ivy had a dream about Aly, in which Aly demanded justice for her death.

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