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Taylor Hayes
Actor History
June 6, 1990 to June 1994; November 1994 to May 1996; October 1996 to October 30, 2002; December 2002; April 22, 2005 to July 3, 2013; February 28, 2014 [recurring]; April 25, 2014 to May 15, 2014 [recurring]; November 5, 2014 to present [recurring]
Sherilyn Wolter
1990 (temporary recast)
Other Names
Taylor Hamilton (maiden name)
Laila (name while amnesiac)
"Doc" (Ridge's nickname for her)
Formerly an oncologist working with Caroline Spencer Forrester
Resides At
Paris, France
Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly a beach house in Malibu, CA (where she had previously lived from 1997-2002)
Formerly 3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Blake Hayes (divorced)
Ridge Forrester Sr. [Married: 1992; dissolved by her presumed death: 1994; divorced: 1995]
Omar Rashid [Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1995]
Ridge Forrester Sr. [Married 1998; dissolved by her presumed death: 2002; vows renewed: 2005; annulled: 2006; second time]
Dominick "Nick" Marone [Married: 2007; divorced: 2008]
Whipple "Whip" Jones [Married: 2010; divorced: 2011]
Jack Hamilton (father)
Sharon Ashford Hamilton (mother; deceased)
Zach Hamilton (brother)
Thomas Hamilton Forrester (son)
Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (daughter)
Phoebe Forrester (daughter; deceased)
Jack Hamilton Marone (legal son; biological mother is Brooke Logan)
Flings & Affairs
Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (formerly engaged)
James Warwick (one-night stand)
Eric Forrester (flirtation: 1995; dated: 2013)
Thorne Forrester (dated: 1997-1998; broken engagement: 2007; dated: 2011-2012)
Hector Ramirez (kissed)
Stephen Logan (lovers)
Rick Forrester (broken engagement)
Crimes Committed

Unintentionally committed bigamy when she married Omar while technically still married to Ridge [1994]

Masqueraded as a hospital volunteer to tend to a blinded Ridge [1995]

Lied to Ridge Forrester about the paternity of her baby [1997]

Drove under the influence, contributing to the vehicular manslaughter of Darla Einstein [2006]

Let Phoebe and Hector convince her to keep quiet about her role in Darla's death [2006]

Broke into Brooke's confidential hospital files, risking her medical license [2013]

Health and Vitals
Almost froze to death at Big Bear cabin after an earthquake [1994]
Suffered amnesia after being mugged in an airport in Cairo [1994]
Had a claustrophobia-induced panic attack while trapped in an elevator [1996]
Suffered burns to her face after accidentally setting her nightgown on fire [1997]
Contracted tuberculosis from homeless man and almost died in childbirth [1999]
Flatlined after being shot in an altercation with Sheila Carter [2002]
Rendered unconscious in a boating accident [2007]
Underwent in vitro fertilization to have a baby with Nick Marone [2007]
Had hallucinations after eating psychedelic berries [2011]
Brief Character History

Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes had a patient in Caroline Spencer Forrester, who was dying of leukemia. As Caroline died, she inadvertently set a triangle in motion when she asked both Taylor and Brooke Logan to watch over her husband, Ridge Forrester. Taylor struck up a friendship with Ridge while dating her old college classmate, Brooke's brother Storm Logan. Ridge's mother, Stephanie, wanted Taylor to stay away from Ridge so that he'd go back to Brooke, who had married Stephanie's ex-husband, Eric Forrester. Storm wanted to marry Taylor, but left town after Taylor rejected him. Ridge also proposed, but Taylor wondered if he'd only done so because Brooke wasn't available.

Taylor's ex-husband, Blake Hayes, came to town on a mission to win Taylor back. His methods included having Ridge beaten up and finding Karen Spencer, Caroline's long-lost twin sister, so that Karen could portray Caroline and lure Ridge away from Taylor. Blake also showed Taylor a tape of Ridge making love to Brooke in the lab at Forrester Creations. Taylor flew to St. Thomas to think, but Ridge followed and proposed again on the beach. The day of Taylor's wedding, Brooke discovered she was pregnant but didn't know whether Eric or Ridge was the father. Taylor bonded with Stephanie over their mutual displeasure regarding Brooke's constant presence. Ridge helped deliver Brooke's daughter, Bridget, at the Big Bear cabin, with Taylor serving as midwife via telephone. A paternity test named Ridge as Bridget's father, but no one knew that Sheila Carter, who wanted Eric, had tampered with the results.

Taylor felt Brooke was using Bridget to get closer to Ridge, and Brooke's takeover at Forrester put her in Ridge's orbit even more. Frustrated Taylor channelled her energies into helping her former mentor, James Warwick. James spoke of a terminally ill girlfriend and a mother who lived in Scotland, but, against Ridge's wishes, Taylor travelled to Scotland with James and got to the root of James' abuse at the hands of his father. Taylor thought Ridge was flying to Paris with Brooke on business, so she and James went to the Big Bear cabin, where there was a violent earthquake. The cabin was destroyed and James and Taylor were freezing to death. To keep warm, and because James didn't want to die a virgin, Taylor made love to James.

Taylor left on a business trip in the Middle East and confessed her lovemaking to James in a letter she left behind. Stephanie intercepted the letter before Ridge could find it. When Taylor's plane crashed and her charred belongings were found in the wreckage, the devastated Forresters had a funeral for her. But Taylor had stepped off the plane during a layover and been mugged in the airport bathroom, which left her with no memory. Prince Omar of Morocco found her and took her to his palace to recuperate. Omar called Taylor "Laila" and determined to make her his princess, even after discovering Taylor's identity and family back home.

Ridge married Brooke, and Omar manipulated their honeymoon so they would end up at his palace. Taylor had regained her memory, and Omar made Taylor watch Ridge and Brooke from behind a one-way mirror. Taylor agreed to let Ridge go, and married Omar. But when Taylor's father, Jack Hamilton, had a heart attack, Taylor escaped from the palace and revealed herself to Jack in his hospital room. Taylor hired a beautician, Gladys Pope, to make her unrecognizable so she could be sure about Ridge's happiness with Brooke first-hand. But when Ridge was blinded in an accident at the Forrester lab, Taylor posed as a British hospital volunteer to help him recover. Taylor revealed herself first to a horrified Brooke, then to a stunned Ridge once Ridge got his sight back. But when Omar showed up looking for his wife, Laila, Stephanie and Ridge were furious.

Although a judge declared that Ridge was still legally married to Taylor, Ridge decided to divorce Taylor and stay with Brooke. Eric briefly pursued a flattered Taylor, who declined further involvement out of respect for Stephanie. Taylor was on hand to counsel young Bridget when it was revealed that Eric was her father, and offered a diagnosis of "brief reactive psychosis" when Brooke wandered off to Barbados in a fugue state. Grant Chambers, an old friend of Taylor's, wanted to turn their friendship into a romance, but Taylor wasn't over Ridge, and she left town for a while to get away from him.

Ridge got Taylor to model a wedding gown at a Forrester fashion show and proposed to her on the runway, but only because he mistakenly thought Brooke had gotten involved with Grant. Taylor got drunk one night and accidentally set herself on fire. Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, rescued Taylor and stood by her as she recovered from severe burns to her face. Afterwards, Ridge was arrested for shooting Grant, and Thorne, who had fallen for Taylor, was upset to find Taylor and Ridge in an embrace. Ridge pushed Taylor toward Thorne after confessing to the shooting to protect Brooke's teenaged son, Rick Forrester. Thorne convinced Taylor, whose stress level was threatening her unborn child, to announce that her baby was his and not Ridge's. Brooke worked with Thorne to keep Taylor from Ridge. On the way to Ridge and Brooke's wedding, Taylor went into labor in Thorne's car. The truth came out, and Taylor named the baby Thomas after St. Thomas, where Ridge had originally proposed.

Ridge annulled his marriage to Brooke and became a family with Taylor and Thomas. Taylor started working with Dr. Pierce Peterson, a hypnotherapist, and wanted to experience the technique, so she agreed to be hypnotized into reliving the disco era in a night with Ridge. Pierce's assistant, Bailey, knew Pierce wanted Taylor, and gave Taylor hypnotic suggestions to help things along. Brooke also lobbied for Pierce to win Taylor. But Ridge and Taylor's marriage was stronger than ever when Taylor became pregnant with twins. However, Taylor contracted tuberculosis from a homeless man and refused treatment, fearing it would harm the babies. Taylor got sick and almost died, even asking Brooke to take care of Ridge. But after flatlining and having an out-of-body experience, Taylor rebounded and gave birth to Steffy and Phoebe Forrester.

Taylor befriended Morgan DeWitt, who years ago had been forced by Stephanie to abort Ridge's child. Morgan played on Taylor's sympathies and forged e-mails between Taylor and Ridge in which Taylor gave Ridge "permission" to father a baby with Morgan. Morgan lied that she'd been artificially inseminated, but Taylor discovered the truth and argued with Morgan on the stairs, causing Morgan to lose the baby. Ridge and Taylor tried to repair their marriage on a boat trip to St. Thomas, where little Steffy was washed overboard and presumed dead in a shark attack. Taylor was inconsolable. But Morgan had kidnapped Steffy and dyed her hair red to raise Steffy as her own. Taylor later found Steffy in Morgan's living room, so Morgan imprisoned Taylor. Ridge rescued Taylor and Steffy by crashing his car into Morgan's house, and Morgan was institutionalized.

Brooke continued chasing Ridge, so Taylor reluctantly went along with a scheme devised by Massimo Marone (who no one knew was Ridge's biological father). All Taylor had to do was help convince Brooke to move to Paris to be with her "dying" father, Stephen Logan. Taylor felt horrible about her part in the failed scheme. Later, Amber Moore, the wife of Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, felt she was being framed and came to Taylor for help. All roads seemed to lead to Amber's nanny, Erica Lovejoy, whom Amber believed wanted Rick for herself. When Amber was arrested for vandalism and drug possession, Taylor believed her innocent. Erica was really Mary Warwick, Sheila's daughter with James. Sheila wanted to give Erica the life she once had while married to Eric. Taylor walked in as Sheila had a gun on Eric and had almost talked Sheila down when Sheila was startled by the arrival of Brooke. Taylor lunged for the gun and was shot in the struggle. Taylor died in Ridge's arms, and the entire Forrester family was devastated.

A few years later, Ridge had remarried Brooke, who had stepped in as a mother for Taylor's children. Ridge was spooked when he thought he saw Taylor. Ridge dug up Taylor's grave and was shocked to find a wax dummy there. The real Taylor then revealed herself to Ridge. Omar had spirited her away from the hospital and healed her at his palace in Morocco, then held her prisoner. Taylor was able to escape with the help of Dante Damiano. Taylor's children campaigned for Ridge to reunite with Taylor, and they got their wish when Stephanie had a heart attack and expressed the same desire. Ridge and Taylor's marriage was still valid, so they renewed their vows in Stephanie's hospital room. But Brooke found out that Stephanie had faked her attack to manipulate the outcome, and Taylor began to doubt Ridge's newfound devotion.

Ridge and Taylor clashed over Thomas' involvement with Gabriela Moreno, an illegal alien. While Ridge was away on business, Taylor let herself kiss Hector Ramirez. Taylor felt so guilty that she told Ridge about Hector and confessed her long-ago encounter with James. Ridge was furious and asked for a divorce, feeling Taylor was a hypocrite for judging Brooke for years while keeping such a secret of her own. Stephanie, who had warmed to Brooke, gave Brooke 50% ownership in Forrester and presented Taylor with a mere 2%. When Taylor called Stephanie out for her Oedipal obsession with Ridge, Stephanie slapped Taylor. Stephen Logan persuaded an inebriated Taylor to sign the 2% to him, which he immediately gave to Brooke, giving Brooke control of Forrester. Afterwards, Taylor had a very brief affair with Stephen.

Taylor began drinking heavily and got behind the wheel to help Phoebe, who had a flat tire. Thorne's wife, Darla Einstein, was there ahead of Taylor, but Darla fell into the path of Taylor's oncoming car and died. Because Taylor had been drinking, Phoebe and Hector convinced Taylor to keep quiet about her part in Darla's death. Taylor tried to assuage her guilt by spending time with Thorne and his daughter, Alexandria Forrester. Thorne and Taylor found romance, but it imploded when Thorne's proposal prompted Taylor to confess about Darla. Thorne got past his rage and stood by Taylor when she turned herself in. Taylor was found not guilty when a witness, Shane McGrath, told the court how Darla had fallen. Thorne and Taylor got ready for their wedding, but young Alexandria, who had learned of Taylor's part in her mother's death, blacked out Taylor's pictures with crayon and slashed Taylor's wedding dress, so Thorne and Taylor called things off.

When Stephanie's anger came to a head, Taylor helped Stephanie remember her abuse at the hands of her father, and encouraged Stephanie to confront her mother. Meanwhile, Brooke's other on-again-off-again husband, Nick Marone, came to Taylor for help uncovering memories from his childhood. Nick and Taylor connected romantically, and he declared his love after Taylor was knocked unconscious in a boating accident. Despite Brooke's jealousy, Taylor married Nick and considered having another baby. When Taylor found out she couldn't conceive easily, she opted for in vitro fertilization. Taylor stood by Nick as he was falsely accused of murdering Shane. When Ridge was arrested, Taylor coached Rick to remember that he'd shot Grant years ago, thereby clearing Ridge's record. Taylor was also concerned when Rick started dating Phoebe. Taylor went into labor early and wanted to meet baby Jack's egg donor, but was horrified to learn that a mix-up in the hospital by Bridget had resulted in Taylor carrying Brooke's biological child.

Unable to bond with Jack because of his connection to Brooke, Taylor started drinking again. Nick and Taylor went to therapy with James, but Nick's confession that he still loved Brooke torpedoed Nick and Taylor's marriage. When Nick filed for custody of Jack, Taylor found comfort with Rick. Brooke didn't want her son involved with Taylor and threatened to ruin Taylor's chances for custody. Taylor got back on track with Rick's help, and Nick and Taylor were awarded joint custody. But when Taylor couldn't soothe Jack, she asked Brooke to raise him instead. Taylor was uneasy seeing Rick because of his prior involvement with Phoebe, and broke things off after Phoebe caught Taylor and Rick in bed. Taylor also realized she had never gotten over Ridge, infuriating Rick, who put the moves on Steffy.

When Phoebe realized Rick had romanced her, her mother, and her sister, she angrily confronted Rick as he drove off in his car. Phoebe hit Rick and stomped on the gas pedal, causing Rick to lose control of the car. Phoebe was thrown and died in Ridge's arms. Taylor was devastated, and later ordered Steffy to stop seeing Rick. When someone targeted Rick by setting his house on fire and blowing up his car, Taylor and her family dragged Steffy to Big Bear for safety, only to discover that Thomas had been trying to put a scare into Rick. Ridge leaned on Taylor as he clashed with Brooke over Rick and Steffy's involvement. Taylor gave Ridge an antianxiety pill to relax, but Ridge secretly upped the dosage and fell into bed with Taylor, putting the final nail in Ridge's marriage to Brooke.

Taylor proposed to Ridge. Steffy and Thomas tried to ensure the wedding by intercepting and faking text messages between Ridge and Brooke. But Brooke discovered the plot and interrupted Ridge and Taylor's ceremony on her horse. After Ridge left Taylor at the altar, Brooke and Taylor demanded that Ridge choose between them. Ridge wanted Brooke and Taylor to resolve their own conflict first and sent them for "family counseling" with James. Taylor and Brooke tried massages, foam bats, and mud baths, but all ended in disaster. When Ridge later reminded Brooke and Taylor how much they had helped each other over the years, the ex-wives hugged and apologized to each other.

Taylor tried Internet dating and was surprised to find that her date was PR whiz Whip Jones. Whip had once been married to Brooke, but fell head over heels for Taylor. Whip wanted to test Taylor's feelings for him and arranged a double date with Ridge and Brooke. Taylor spent most of her time reminiscing with Ridge, but had an epiphany about Whip, who then proposed. Whip and Taylor were married as country artist Beau Davidson played at the ceremony.

Steffy secured 25% ownership in Forrester for Taylor. When Taylor refused to sell to Brooke, the ladies got into a catfight in a fountain. Taylor didn't seem to mind Steffy's anti-Logan campaign, and, when Steffy was blamed for a video exposing Brooke's "mistaken identity" sex with Whip's cousin, Oliver Jones, Taylor gave her 25% stock to Steffy. Thomas was hurt that he received none. Brooke and Taylor briefly bonded when Stephanie was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. But soon after, Taylor went ballistic as Thomas worked with Brooke on the revived Forrester men's line and kissed Brooke on the runway as a publicity stunt. Taylor was terrified that Brooke would try to sleep with Thomas. Ridge told Taylor he'd return to her if that happened.

Taylor spent most of her marriage to Whip thinking about Ridge, even calling Ridge's name in bed. Taylor counseled Brooke's sister, Katie Logan, and Katie's husband, Bill Spencer, Jr., after Bill plotted to kill Amber. When Thomas and Brooke went missing after their plane crashed at sea, Bill led the rescue effort, during with Taylor bonded with RIdge. Thomas brought some of the psychedelic berries he'd eaten to survive home from a deserted island. Taylor ate one and hallucinated she was on St. Thomas with Ridge. Whip tired of competing against Ridge, and offered Taylor a divorce. When Thomas confessed he'd had sex with Brooke on the island, Ridge made a beeline for Taylor and proposed. But at the wedding, Stephanie admitted she had tempted Thomas into lying by offering him her 25% in Forrester. Ridge went back to Brooke, and Taylor railed at Stephanie, who tried to make up for her misdeeds by designating Taylor the trustee of Thomas' shares.

Taylor disapproved when Steffy pursued the married Bill Spencer. Steffy brought Bill home to make love, but Taylor walked in and kicked Bill out of her house. Steffy rebelled by getting her own place, while Taylor went to Katie to expose the affair. Thorne approached Taylor about the stock she and her children held and suggested that if she combined the shares, the 55% would give her controlling interest in Forrester. Thorne and Taylor's plot to control Forrester reunited them romantically. But when Thorne made a power play, Taylor didn't want to pit Thomas and Steffy against their father, though Thorne and Taylor continued to date.

Ridge and Taylor feared for Steffy's life when she fell from an ATV in Cabo San Lucas and was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress. They never knew that Steffy's MRI had been faked by Bill, who was manipulating his son, Liam Cooper, into staying married to Steffy. Taylor and Brooke spent a lot of time arguing: was Liam better with Steffy, or Brooke's daughter, Hope? Was Caroline Spencer better with Rick or Thomas? Taylor and Brooke had one thing in common: they were both very invested in their children's' love lives.

When Ridge and Brooke remarried yet again, Taylor declared to a happy Thorne that she was finally able to move on from Ridge. Yet, a few months later, Taylor announced that she and Thorne had broken up.

Taylor was brought in when Bill's wife, Katie Logan, began exhibiting signs of postpartum depression. Katie disappeared, leading Bill and Brooke on a wild goose chase to Aspen, though Katie continually called Taylor, who offered professional counsel. Taylor was torn whether or not she should reveal Katie's whereabouts to Bill. Taylor was disturbed to learn that Katie was trying to set Bill up with Brooke romantically. Katie, a heart transplant recipient, wouldn't listen to Taylor's contention that she wasn't dying.

Taylor was on hand when Katie finally checked herself into the hospital. With gentle coaxing, Taylor finally made a breakthrough with Katie, aided when Katie's sister Donna brought Katie's baby for a visit. Taylor supported Katie as she told Bill and Brooke she had been playing matchmaker for them. But then Taylor overheard Bill and Brooke discussing a kiss they shared, and went straight to Katie with the news, encouraging Katie to confront Brooke about it.

Taylor was devastated when her best friend Stephanie finally succumbed to lung cancer. But Taylor was outraged when Stephanie left a DVD nullifying her transfer of stock to Thomas, instead bequeathing them to Eric. Thomas and Rick both vowed to win the fashion challenge Eric set forth, and Taylor hoped that Thomas would beat "the Logans." Ultimately, Eric deemed Rick the winner and named him president of Forrester. When Thomas responded by declaring he was moving to Paris, Taylor blasted not only Eric, but Stephanie's portrait, which seemed to respond by falling from its perch over the Forrester fireplace. Eric appeased Taylor by promoting Thomas to vice president, prompting Taylor to kiss Eric.

Taylor inadvertently found Steffy's pregnancy test, which revealed she was pregnant by Liam. Taylor insisted that Steffy tell Liam, who was thinking about reuniting with Hope, but Steffy swore Taylor to secrecy. Taylor and Eric began spending time together, which raised eyebrows. Taylor told Eric about Steffy's pregnancy, while Eric confessed that his later years with Stephanie hadn't been intimate. Eric later gifted Taylor with lingerie he designed specifically for her.

Brooke got wind of Taylor's new relationship with Eric and insisted that Taylor was taking advantage of him. Eric told Brooke to butt out, then moved Taylor into the Forrester mansion, declaring her the new matriarch of the Forrester family. Taylor and Eric got a shock when Stephanie's sister, Pam, who had hoped for a relationship with Eric herself, stormed their bedroom brandishing a knife, which was actually a spatula. Pam laughed at the prank, but Taylor and Eric were concerned.

When sales started slipping at Forrester, Taylor encouraged Eric to revisit Thomas' progressive ideas, which Eric had previously shelved. But Brooke interrupted Thomas' presentation with a mini showing of the once successful Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line. Taylor was disgusted and called Brooke a "desperate, aging fool," then reported Bill and Brooke's flirty celebration to Katie. Taylor had questions when Katie suffered heart failure, wondering what would distract Katie from taking her anti-rejection medication. Bill and Brooke denied any wrongdoing, and even Donna shut Taylor down, telling Taylor not to involve herself in family business.

Taylor asked Eric if Steffy, who was carrying Liam's child, could have her wedding in the Forrester courtyard. Eric agreed, but Taylor was surprised when Steffy came riding up the aisle on a motorcycle, wearing a black dress/suit Eric had designed. Taylor happily welcomed Liam into the family. Later, Taylor overheard Brooke's conversation with Lt. Baker, who suspected Brooke of covering up a drunk driving accident Bill was involved in. Taylor confronted Brooke and got her to admit that she had brought Bill home to recuperate, leading Taylor to deduce that the guilty-looking Brooke had slept with her sister's husband. But Eric intervened, and told Taylor to back off. Brooke warned Taylor to watch her step, bragging that she could have Eric back "just like that." A rattled Taylor got assurance from Eric, who said his days with Brooke were behind him.

When the pregnant Steffy was in a motorcycle accident, Taylor rushed to the hospital and was devastated to learn that Steffy had lost the baby. Taylor tried to counsel her grief-stricken daughter, who blamed herself for riding her motorcycle when Liam asked her not to. Taylor gently advised Steffy to stop blaming herself, and suggested Steffy put together a memento box to pay tribute to her child. But Taylor also suggested that Steffy and Liam try for another baby as soon as Steffy was up to it. Steffy agreed, and Taylor went straight to Hope with the news, telling her daughter's rival to stay away from Liam.

Taylor was intrigued to hear there was a new man in Brooke's life. But when Taylor learned from a party planner that Brooke had called upon him to create an exact replica of the honeymoon tent she had once shared with Eric, Taylor wanted answers. Eric admitted that Brooke had been trying to convince him to give their relationship another go, but that he remained devoted to Taylor. Upon hearing that Brooke had spent the night in the hospital, Taylor broke into her medical records and found out that Brooke had suffered a miscarriage.

Sure that Brooke had slept with Bill and tried to get Eric to claim fatherhood of Bill's baby, Taylor attended Brooke's birthday party and exposed Bill and Brooke's affair in front of all the guests! Taylor admitted to a mortified Eric that her timing wasn't the best, but that she felt Katie needed to know what her sister and husband were up to. When Eric railed that Taylor had broken the law and risked her medical license just to humiliate Brooke, the angry Taylor walked out on Eric mid-conversation. Eric later indicated to Brooke that he didn't know where Taylor had gone, but eventually he learned that Taylor had gone to Paris to visit Steffy, who had left Los Angeles and told Liam to be with Hope.

Several months later, Taylor visited Los Angeles to check in on some patients and dropped into Forrester to see how Eric was doing. Eric relayed that Thorne's grown daughter, Alexandria, who now went by Aly, had joined the company, but seemed to have some anger issues. Though Taylor agreed that Aly needed psychiatric help to deal with the childhood trauma of losing her mother, Darla, she felt there was nothing she could do, since she had hit Darla with her car, something she still felt guilty for every day. When Taylor and Thorne reignited their relationship in Paris, they knew Aly needed to be told. But, when Taylor got Aly alone to talk, Aly freaked out and threatened her with an axe. Taylor sadly agreed when Thorne said he had to honor Aly's wish to break things off -- but Aly's boyfriend, Oliver, convinced Aly to listen as Taylor admitted how horrible she felt for hitting Darla with her car and causing Aly so much misery. Aly surprised Thorne by hugging Taylor and giving them her blessing to be together, after which Taylor returned to Paris.

Off her conversations with Thorne, Taylor returned to Los Angeles to check on Aly, who was having visions of Darla. Taylor offered to be a mother to Aly, dubious when Aly admitted that her relationship with her spectral mother was unorthodox. Taylor felt a sudden breeze ruffle her hair as Aly reported that Darla was in the room with them. Taylor then met with Eric, telling him that she and Thorne had broken things off. Taylor apologized for how she had exposed Brooke's affair with Bill, and Eric forgave her, some of the old spark of their former relationship still there.

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