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Dominick "Nick" Marone
Actor History
Other Names

Born Dominick Payne
Silent owner of Jackie M Designs
Former owner of Forrester Creations
Head of Marone Industries
Former tanker captain for Marone Industries
Resides At
Marone Mansion (68210 Rose Briar Place, Los Angeles, California)
Formerly The Shady Marlin
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Bridget Forrester [Married: 2005; divorced: 2006; first time]
Brooke Logan [Married: 2006; divorced: 2007]
Taylor Hayes [Married: 2007; divorced: 2008]
Bridget Forrester [Married: 2008; divorced: 2008; second time]
Bridget Forrester [Married: 2009; divorced: 2010; third time]
Massimo Marone (father)
Jacqueline Payne (mother)
Oscar Marone (cousin)
Ridge Forrester Sr. (half-brother)
Diana Carter (half-sister)
Thomas Forrester (half-nephew)
Steffy Forrester (half-niece)
Phoebe Forrester (half-niece; deceased)
Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr. (half-nephew)

Hope Logan (adopted)
Jack Marone (son; with Brooke via surrogate Taylor)
Nicole Marone (daughter; with Bridget; stillborn)
Unnamed Child (with Katie; miscarried)
Unnamed Child (with Bridget via surrogate Agnes; miscarried)
Flings & Affairs
Brooke Logan
Felicia Forrester
Taylor Hayes
Bridget Forrester
Katie Logan
Agnes Jones (AKA Sandy Sommers)
Pam Douglas
Donna Logan
Crimes Committed

Attacked Massimo Marone [2003]

Tricked Samantha Kelly into thinking Ridge Forrester was interested to keep Ridge away from Brooke Logan [2003]

Arrested for bribing government agents (only Massimo was guilty of wrongdoing) [2004]

Punched Ridge Forrester [2005]

Cheated on wife Brooke Logan with her daughter, Bridget Forrester [2006]

Broke into Stephanie Forrester's house and held her over a second-story railing [2006]

Blackmailed Eric Forrester into signing over control of Forrester Creations [2006]

Tried to ruin Forrester Originals [2007]

Arrested for the murder of Shane McGrath (he was framed by Stephanie and Ridge) [2007]

Arrested for violating an unknown restraining order issued by Stephanie [2007]

Suspected of shooting Stephanie Forrester after threatening to kill her [2007]

Cheated on Bridget with a "dying" Katie Logan [2008]

Didn't reveal he knew that Rick Forrester had stolen Forrester designs [2009]

Punched Owen Knight [2010]

Was complicit in stealing and reworking Forrester designs for Jackie M [2011]

Health and Vitals
Knocked unconscious after a tanker accident at sea [2003]
Held captive by Sheila Carter [2003]
Obsessed over Brooke Logan to the point of having hallucinations [2005]
Slapped and tossed overboard by Brooke Logan [2006]
Shot at by Stephanie Forrester [2007]
Had a non-cancerous spot removed from his lung [2011]
Punched by Bill Spencer [2011]
Brief Character History

Nick Marone was raised as Dominick "Nick" Payne by his mother, the then-Jackie Payne. Nick grew up believing that Frank Payne was his father. A sea captain for Marone Industries, Nick was injured after his tanker ran aground and a ceiling collapsed on him as he tried to save the tanker's crew. Nick met Bridget Forrester, one of his doctors, and argued with his boss, Massimo Marone, over what caused the tanker's oil spill. Nick and Massimo were shocked to discover they owned identical insignia rings, and soon Jackie revealed that Massimo, not Frank, was Nick's father. Nick also learned he had a half-brother in Ridge Forrester, who had also been fathered by Massimo.

Nick bought a boat, The Shady Marlin, and settled into a desk job at Marone Industries, where he clashed with Ridge. Tensions flared further between Nick and Ridge when Nick took an interest in Brooke Logan, Bridget's mother and Ridge's on-again-off-again love. Nick comforted Brooke after she called off her most recent wedding due to Ridge's fascination with his now-not-half-sister, Bridget. Nick took Brooke sailing on the Marlin and serenaded her with songs he wrote especially for her. But Brooke and Ridge ultimately reconnected and remarried, leaving Nick in the cold.

When Ridge was kidnapped from his honeymoon suite in South America, Nick aided in the rescue. Nick found Ridge in the clutches of villainess Sheila Carter, who foiled Nick's escape attempt and imprisoned him, too. In the melee that ensued when Massimo and Brooke attempted their own rescue, Ridge fell into a furnace and was believed to be dead. Nick and Brooke bonded over their grief and made love. But Ridge turned up alive, and Brooke turned up pregnant. A paternity test revealed that Nick was the father, though only Jackie knew the results had been fixed by a vengeful Sally Spectra. Nick wooed Brooke, who reluctantly annulled her marriage to Ridge and accepted Nick's proposal after the Forresters and Marones pressured her into it. Nick also adopted little Hope Logan, Brooke's daughter with Deacon Sharpe.

Ridge searched for evidence that Nick was cheating on Brooke and accidentally decoded some files on Nick's computer. The day of Nick's marriage to Brooke, Nick and Massimo were arrested by the FBI for paying off government officials. After they were released for lack of proof, Brooke went into labor, and Jackie confessed about the fixed paternity test. Nick was furious that his mother let him believe Brooke's baby was his, and let Brooke go after a new test confirmed that Ridge was the father.

Nick commiserated with Ridge's mother, Stephanie Forrester, who also lamented Ridge's reunion with Brooke. Later, Nick met Stephanie's daughter, Felicia Forrester, and casually dated her. Nick became concerned when he saw a mysterious bottle of pills fall out of Felicia's purse. Nick reported them to Stephanie and did research to find out what Felicia was taking. Felicia confided to Nick that she had colon cancer. Nick and Felicia grew closer and made love, but after Felicia's cancer went into remission, Felicia left for Europe. Meanwhile, Nick was horrified to learn that Jackie was cheating on husband Massimo with Deacon while mute Massimo was recovering from a stroke.

Nick and Bridget bonded over the sorry state of their love lives. Nick tried to set Bridget up with a fellow doctor, but Nick fell for Bridget after rescuing Bridget and Ridge from a mine shaft. Jackie worried that Nick was transferring his feelings for Brooke over to Bridget. When Ridge accused Nick of using Bridget to get to Brooke, Nick punched Ridge, who later lost his memory and wandered off. Nick spent time with Brooke in Ridge's absence, but ultimately proposed to Bridget. Nick and Bridget's wedding was postponed when Ridge thought he saw his dead wife, Taylor Hayes, lurking outside. Nick and Ridge dug up Taylor's grave and found a wax dummy inside; Taylor was indeed alive.

Jackie advised Nick not to marry Bridget, feeling Brooke would be free once Ridge returned to Taylor. Nick wanted to marry Bridget in Las Vegas, but Bridget begged off, since that was where she had married Deacon. Later, Stephanie had a heart attack and announced that her dying wish was to have Ridge remarry Taylor. Nick consoled Brooke and told her that she, Hope, and R.J. were the most important thing in life to him. Bridget overheard the confession and ended up kissing former flame Dante Damiano. Dante told Bridget that Nick would never get over Brooke, and Nick was stunned when Dante handed Nick Bridget's engagement ring. But, while Nick and Bridget reunited, their third wedding attempt was interrupted when Jackie rushed in with proof that Stephanie had faked her heart attack.

Nick was there for Brooke yet again when Hope almost drowned in a Jacuzzi. Bridget found out she was pregnant, but lied that she had an abortion to test Nick's loyaties. Just after Nick fell into Bridget's trap and promised himself to Brooke, Bridget arrived and admitted she was really still pregnant. Nick met with Brooke to discuss the situation, but instead they made love. Brooke dated Dante to push Nick back toward Bridget. It worked, and Nick and Bridget finally were married on the fourth try, although Nick pined for Brooke to the point of having hallucinations.

Nick and Brooke coincidentally ended up at the Big Bear cabin at the same time and kissed. Stephanie saw them and squealed to Bridget, who walked out on Nick. When Nick went to Brooke to tell her they could now be married, Nick was shocked to find that Brooke had remarried her ex-husband, Eric Forrester. Eric lobbied to reunite Bridget and Nick as Nick and Brooke realized they could never be together. Bridget took Nick back, but discovered there was a problem with her pregnancy as Felicia returned to town with Nick's baby in tow. Felicia's cancer had returned and the prognosis was terminal, so Nick and Bridget offered to raise little Dominick.

Bridget had a close call when she fell decorating the nursery, but later, Bridget miscarried, leaving Nick devastated. Bridget told Nick he was free to go back to Brooke, who felt Dominick would help heal Nick and Bridget's loss. But Nick lost another child when Felicia discovered that Dante was actually her baby's father. Nick approached Brooke, but she was getting ready to remarry Ridge. Nick got drunk with Taylor, and there was an attraction, but ultimately Brooke reunited with Nick, and the two vowed to keep from being intimate until Nick's divorce went through out of respect for Bridget.

Massimo had Jackie arrested on false charges to coerce her into helping him split up Nick and Brooke. Jackie refused, and Nick smelled a rat, so he investigated and found out how Massimo had framed Jackie. Nick disowned Massimo and had him kicked out of Marone Industries. Later, Nick and Ridge came to blows after Ridge made love to Brooke while she was incapacitated from taking antianxiety pills. Nick and Brooke's relationship survived, but, when Ridge had a heart attack, Stephanie uncharacteristically worked to win Brooke for Ridge. Brooke was determined to marry Nick anyway, so Stephanie took discarded nude photos of Brooke from a cancelled promotional campaign and plastered them on billboards for Nick to see during his seaside wedding to Brooke. Nick walked out, but returned to exchange vows with Brooke in a private ceremony.

Brooke's sister, Donna Logan, befriended Nick and reported back to him when she saw Brooke kissing Ridge. A furious Nick rebelled by sleeping with Bridget. When Bridget revealed she was pregnant, Brooke slapped Nick and threw him overboard from his own boat. But Bridget had only assumed she was carrying Nick's baby; she was actually pregnant by Dante instead.

Jackie and Stephanie's argument over which of their sons belonged with Brooke ended with Jackie falling over a second-story railing at the Forrester mansion. Donna witnessed the accident and again ran to Nick. When Jackie weakly nodded that Stephanie had pushed her, Nick angrily held Stephanie over the same railing. Then, Nick told Eric that if he didn't sign over control of Forrester Creations, Nick would put Stephanie in jail. Nick made Jackie the new president and Donna the lead model, though his takeover of Forrester cost him his marriage to Brooke, who joined the Forresters to open a new design house, Forrester Originals.

Nick agreed he was full of anger and agreed to therapy with Taylor, a psychiatrist. Nick didn't know that Taylor was only trying to convince Nick to return control of Forrester. In his sessions, Nick recalled a repressed memory of his mother accepting money for sex. Nick was disillusioned with Jackie, who cried that she had only turned tricks to make sure Nick had food on the table as a boy. Nick watched in horror as Donna walked down the runway with one of Jackie's former johns, who Stephanie had dug up in order to expose Jackie's secret to the world.

Nick surprised Taylor with a kiss, even though she was engaged to Thorne. Meanwhile, Nick sought revenge for Stephanie's exposure of Jackie by weakening Forrester Originals' ties with its distributors to make the company ripe for a takeover. Nick also bought a chain of boutiques out from under the Forresters. Later, when Taylor and Thorne called it quits, Nick swept Taylor off her feet in a series of romantic gestures, which made Brooke unhappy. Nick rebuffed Brooke's attempts at a reunion and proposed to Taylor. After Nick and Taylor were married, they decided to have a baby through in vitro fertilization.

Nick was arrested when it appeared he had killed Shane McGrath. In reality, Shane had shot himself in front of Ridge, who panicked and used Nick's boat to get rid of Shane's body. After Nick confronted Stephanie and accused her and Ridge of framing him, Nick was taken back to jail for violating a restraining order Stephanie had secretly placed against him. Just as the judge convicted Nick for Shane's murder, Ridge stepped forward and explained about Shane's suicide, making Nick a free man. Later, Nick accidentally left his lighter behind after visiting Hope and R.J., who set the living room ablaze and prompted Child Protective Services to take them away from Brooke.

Eric approached Nick with an offer to buy back Forrester Creations, but Nick would only sell if Eric divorced Stephanie and kicked her out of the company. Eric reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile, Nick discovered there had a been a mix-up in the lab: Taylor's in vitro egg donor was Brooke. The baby was born with an immune deficiency, and, though Brooke donated bone marrow, Taylor was livid when she found out about Brooke's connection to her child. Nick was concerned when Taylor had trouble bonding with their son.

Nick bought Spectra Fashions for Jackie and became a silent partner in the new company, which was renamed Jackie M. Later, after Stephanie inadvertently caused Brooke to be raped, Nick threatened Stephanie's life. Stephanie was shot after a fashion show, and Nick was a suspect, but he was soon cleared of the crime, which had actually been committed by Brooke's brother, Storm Logan. Nick discouraged Brooke's attempts to connect with her biological child while Jackie encouraged Nick to reconnect with Brooke. Nick was forced to admit that, while he was committed to Taylor and baby Jack, he was still in love with Brooke. Taylor walked out on Nick and started drinking again, causing Nick to seek custody of Jack. Brooke and Taylor's squabbling made the custody fight nasty, and Nick was awarded sole custody of his son. Ultimately, Taylor was awarded joint custody, but when she still couldn't form a maternal bond with Jack, Taylor asked Brooke to raise the boy instead.

Nick and Brooke affirmed their love, but when Brooke decided to stay with Ridge, Bridget pursued Nick herself. Nick also became close to Brooke's sister, Katie Logan, when Katie became Jack's babysitter. Nick was confused about his feelings for the three ladies. Bridget moved in with Nick just as Katie was accidentally shot by her brother, Storm, and required a heart transplant. Storm shot himself to donate his heart to Katie, but when Bridget realized Katie's body was rejecting the new heart, Bridget encouraged Nick to spend time with Katie, knowing Katie had a crush on Nick. A dying Katie was touched when Nick and the Logans threw her a makeshift prom, but she was thrilled when Nick took her sailing to Catalina Island.

Bridget discovered an experimental treatment that cured Katie. Nick was upset to hear that Katie's mother, Beth Logan, had been out of touch during Katie's health scare, so Nick confronted Beth in Paris and brought her back to Los Angeles, where Beth admitted her absence had been caused by the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Nick's gesture caused Katie to fall deeper in love with him, but she pushed Nick and Bridget together, even officiating at their wedding. Soon, Katie found out she was pregnant. Nick made love to Bridget, then told Bridget about his encounter with Katie on Catalina. Bridget walked out on Nick and handed her rings to Katie. Nick wasted little time in bedding Katie and proposing to her.

Nick worried when Jackie M hit financial trouble. Then, Nick received a mysterious e-mail from "Stormy Seas." It was Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, who was feuding with Ridge and offered Forrester designs to Nick in exchange for a presidency at Jackie M. The deal didn't work out, but Nick kept quiet about Rick's betrayal. Later, Jackie hired a new designer, "Madame X", to give Jackie M a shot in the arm. Nick was amused to find out that "Madame X" was really Bridget, who had taken up designing. Jackie wanted to reunite Nick and Bridget and convinced Bridget to bust up Nick and Katie's wedding. When Katie couldn't refute Bridget's harsh words about what happened with Nick, Katie postponed the wedding.

Nick ran into Stephanie, who was despondent over being forced out of Forrester when Eric married Donna. Nick offered Stephanie a job at Jackie M after Stephanie offered to bail them out financially. Nick embraced his former enemy and even threw a pep rally for her when Stephanie had trouble rebounding from a mini-stroke.

Nick was jealous when Bridget dated Owen Knight, who had been hired as a Jackie M model. Katie, who was tired of waiting for a new wedding date, dumped Nick via a note, and Nick and Bridget found their way back to each other and remarried. Nick and Bridget honeymooned in Hawaii, where Nick was horrified to find Jackie marrying Owen, of whom Nick didn't approve. Nick considered a vasectomy as a way of protecting Bridget's health when Bridget wanted another child. But soon Nick was inspired by Owen's idea of having a baby by surrogate and brought in Sandy Sommers to carry Nick and Bridget's child. When Nick found out that "Sandy" was really Agnes Jones, who had been raped years before and was hiding under the fake name, Nick confided in rape victim Brooke, though Nick chose not to say anything to Bridget.

Nick started digging around to help Agnes solve her cold case. Their investigation led to Graham Darros, a photographer. Nick pretended to be interested in hiring Graham so he could extract a DNA sample by getting Graham to chew a piece of gum. The police matched Graham's DNA, so Nick and Agnes raced to Graham's apartment, where they discovered Graham about to rape a grown-up Hope. Nick saved Hope, then Agnes, from Graham. Bridget was furious that Nick had kept such huge secrets from her, yelling that Agnes, who had fallen in love with Nick, was nothing but an incubator. Nick invited Agnes to dinner with him and Bridget to smooth things over, but when Bridget and Agnes got into an argument, Agnes fell down the stairs and lost the baby. A devastated Nick was perplexed when Bridget disappeared for the night.

Nick celebrated Bridget's return and thrilled to discover that Bridget herself was pregnant. Nick looked forward to fatherhood during Bridget's surprisingly normal pregnancy, but Agnes overheard Bridget and Owen discussing the "grief sex" they'd had the night of Agnes' miscarriage, so Agnes ran straight to Nick. After Bridget couldn't deny what happened, Nick punched Owen and divorced Bridget, going so far as to humiliate Bridget by exposing her baby's paternity in front of the whole Jackie M staff. Nick moved on with Agnes and hired former Forrester designer Amber Moore to replace Bridget and Owen.

Amber came on to Nick, who wasn't interested and instead worried about the quality of Amber's designs. Nick was glad when Amber stepped up her game, but furious when he found out Amber's improved designs were actually ripped off from Forrester. Nick fired Amber, and later was dismayed when doctors found a spot on his lung. It wasn't cancerous, but Stephanie, Jackie, Agnes, and Owen staged an intervention on Nick with several cancer survivors to get Nick to give up his cigars. Nick gave the Forresters the benefit of his seafaring experience when Brooke and her step-son, Thomas Forrester, went missing at sea after a plane crash. Soon, Agnes, who felt that Nick wasn't really into her, left Nick suddenly and returned to New York.

Nick let Katie stay on the Marlin when she fought with her new husband, Bill Spencer, Jr., Bill found Katie on the boat and punched Nick. Later, as Jackie M's financial troubles resurfaced, Jackie and Owen sold their loft and moved in with Nick, cramping Nick's style. Nick balked when a repentant Bill lobbied to buy Jackie M in an attempt to crush Forrester Creations. Nick finally agreed to sell half of Jackie M to Bill, but, months later, Jackie nixed the deal, saying she would rather fail on her own than give up the company to a congolmerate.

Stephanie's sister, the recently dumped Pam Douglas, showed up in Nick's steam room to seduce him. Nick was appalled when Jackie suggested that Nick play on Pam's affections to get Pam to steal Forrester designs. But Nick ultimately found Pam interesting and kissed her passionately when she delivered the first stolen sketch. Donna needed a place to stay after her own relationship tanked, so Nick put Donna up on the Marlin. Nick and Donna grew closer and kissed after a romantic cruise on the boat, making Pam jealous of their connection. When Jackie M presented a preview of "their" new line, Bridget recognized Eric's work and blew the whistle. Although Nick and Jackie denied having stolen the designs, Brooke, Bridget, and Donna were upset that the usually forthright Nick had engaged in such unscrupulous behavior.

Pam convinced Nick to appear on Let's Make A Deal, where they dressed up as sea creatures. Donna saw the broadcast and realized that Pam had stolen the designs. Donna was furious when Nick finally confessed, but Nick appeased Donna by also confessing that he had fallen in love with her.

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