Shane McGrath
Actor History
Dax Griffin
Assistant office manager (office management, waste consultants)
Former gardener
Resides At
An apartment/basement suite in Los Angeles
Formerly 3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90214
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
Unknown (they're all in Atlanta)
Shane was adopted as a baby
Flings & Affairs
Phoebe Forrester (flirtation)
Crimes Committed
  • Has a restraining order against him in Atlanta from the bank he worked for after he switched jobs
  • Arrested for theft -- stole a sandwich at the Big Rock market in Los Angeles [July 15, 2006]

Brief Character History

Shane came to Los Angeles in the hopes of getting a job as a studio carpenter with the hopes that job would segue into an acting career. Unfortunately, he had some bad luck and ended up homeless, which was what put him in the right place at the right time the night that Darla Forrester died. He witnessed the accident that killed her, and a few weeks later he showed up working for the landscaping company that took care of Taylor Forrester's yard. He initially planned to blackmail the Forrester family with knowledge of Taylor's role in Darla's death, but after Phoebe's attempts to cheer him up resulted in a serious injury to his hand that put him out of work for months, the family paid off all his bills and allowed him to move in with them. Shane changed his mind about blackmailing the family and confessed his knowledge to Phoebe, as well as clearing up misconceptions about the restraining order against him in Atlanta, and the night that he stole a sandwich from a local market.

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