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Passions Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on PS
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Kay is upset that Miguel went off to Mexico on a dangerous mission, and Tabitha reminds Kay that Miguel is the reason that they cannot use magic. Kay hears ominous music and asks Tabitha to explain, and she tells Kay that the sound of organ music means that someone is going to die. Immediately, Kay thinks that it's Miguel. Tabitha doesn't know for sure. All she knows is that it's someone very close to Kay. Tabitha and Kay indulge in chocolate to drown their sorrows. Kay then hears the sound of a grave being dug, and Tabitha tells her that someone is being buried. Kay continues to drown her sorrows in chocolate since she swears to Miguel not to use magic. Steam begins to pour out of Kay's ears, and she is horrified and begs Tabitha to make it stop. Tabitha discovers that Kay's premonition is manifesting, but Kay is confused. She can't tolerate it anymore and faints. Kay recovers and starts worrying all over again, and Tabitha informs her that death is trying to tell her something. Tabitha notices that death is trying to pinpoint the exact location, and the location turns out to be Mexico. Kay asks Tabitha what to do, and she tells Kay to use the power of magic. Kay refuses to use magic because she doesn't want Miguel to break up with her.

Miguel, Luis, and Ethan are aboard a plane, on the way to Mexico, to help Pilar and Theresa. Miguel finds out through research how dangerous Juanita really is. Luis shares with Miguel and Ethan that Fancy has been acting strange and thinks that it's a curse. Miguel knows it's magic but keeps it to himself. Miguel, Ethan, and Luis have romantic fantasies about the women in each of their lives. Each of them awakens suddenly and pretends they weren't having fantasies. Luis plans a strategy so they know what to do when they get off the plane. He mentions that they should use detective skills because Pilar and Theresa won't magically appear. Miguel tells himself that they could use magic.

Pilar is captured and brought back to Juanita's house, and Juanita tells her that she is going to die. Juanita is enraged that Theresa has escaped her men's clutches. Meanwhile, Theresa is outside preparing to rescue Pilar. She tries to think of a way to get her mom out and also a way to get back to Harmony to be with Ethan. Juanita prepares to use a Taser on Pilar in order to force Pilar to give up the location of the rest of her family. Pilar resists and Juanita uses the Taser on her. Theresa can't take it anymore, so she rushes to Pilar's rescue, but is stopped by one of Juanita's men. Theresa fights him off and heads straight for Juanita. She then uses the Taser on Juanita. Juanita falls to the floor, but Juanita's henchman recovers from the blow Theresa gave him and tries to get the Taser from Theresa. He is not successful because Theresa uses the Taser on him as well. Theresa then grabs Pilar in order to escape, but Juanita recovers in time to hold them at gunpoint. Juanita tells Pilar and Theresa that she is going to torture them before killing them, and Theresa tells Juanita that she is not afraid of her. Theresa finds a window of opportunity to use the Taser on Juanita again, and then escapes with Pilar. She drags Pilar to the pier, and Pilar tells Theresa to save herself, but Theresa refuses to give up on Pilar. Theresa then leaves Pilar on the pier and tells her that she is going for help. She jumps into the water to swim for help. Pilar passes out as soon as Theresa hits the water. Pilar comes to her senses and notices that there is a sign mentioning sharks in the water. She screams for Theresa to return. Theresa continues to swim while a shark tails her. Theresa notices a boat, but the shark circles, and she begins to scream. Juanita swears that she will find Pilar, and kill her and Theresa without hesitation.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eve is out of rehab and is already drinking. She dreads the idea of examining Vincent because it brings back so many bad memories. Eve refers to Vincent's baby as a freak, and he is not too pleased with that word. In addition, Eve tries to figure out the family relations. Vincent and his own child will be siblings. Julian will be both a father and a grandfather. Eve will be both a mother and a grandmother. It gets so complicated that Eve doesn't even know what the baby will be to Whitney and Simone. Eve proceeds to examine Vincent and cracks a joke that Julian has been down there. She tells Vincent to dress up as Valerie the next time she does an exam for him because it's very disconcerting. Eve gives Vincent's baby a clean bill of health, and Vincent thinks that he is destined for motherhood. Eve tells Vincent that his child will suffer if the truth comes out, and Vincent tells her to make sure that the truth will not come out. He wants to protect the child. Eve decides to take another look at Vincent while Julian is outside deciding whether he should go in to see her. He knocks on the door. Vincent frantically tells Eve that Julian cannot see him or else he will have to kill him. Julian peeks through the window in wonderment.

Esme comforts Viki while Sam asks Julian if he would risk his life to capture the serial killer. Sam decides to plan a trap for the serial killer and hopes that it doesn't backfire, but Viki is very close by. Esme manages to send Viki to the kitchen so that Sam can lay out his plan for the serial killer. Esme does not like the idea of using Julian as bait.

Pretty goes to check on Fancy and reminds her of her deplorable behavior the night before, but Fancy swears that she did not do those things. Noah and Paloma barge into Fancy's room. Noah wants to talk, but Paloma rips into Fancy and calls her a bitch. She cannot understand why Fancy would behave in such a manner when they are such close friends. Pretty quietly tells herself that she is responsible for Fancy's outbursts and will not stop until Luis is hers. Fancy apologizes and tells everyone that she does not remember any of what she did. Paloma thinks it's too late and tells Noah that she doesn't think she can trust him again. Noah tries to explain to Paloma that too many strange things have been happening in Harmony, but Paloma refuses to buy into "the devil made me do it" scenario. She tells Noah that she hates him.

Luis, Miguel, and Ethan finally arrive in Mexico, and they set out to find Pilar and Theresa. All three realize that Juanita controls the town, so they won't get any information on her. Miguel learns Juanita's home address from a drunk. They arrive at Juanita's home, but Juanita is not there. They do find evidence that Theresa was there however.

Juanita and her henchman prepare their weapon before going in search of Pilar and Theresa. Juanita wants to make sure that they are dead tonight. Juanita gives orders to shut down all means of transportation in order to capture Pilar and Theresa. Juanita's henchman tells her that there are men in town trying to locate Pilar and Theresa. Juanita thinks her top priority is to find Theresa and Pilar first before she deals with the visitors.

Back at the harbor, Pilar screams for Theresa, who is in the water trying to get to a boat. Theresa suddenly realizes that there is a shark circling her. She screams for help while shouting that she is going to die. Theresa manages to get on the boat without getting hurt, but she is still surrounded by sharks. After noticing the boat that Theresa is in rocking back and forth because of sharks, Pilar screams. Theresa falls in the shark-infested water but manages to get back on. She starts the boat, and then she steers for Pilar. Theresa gets back to a very weak Pilar. She gets Pilar on the boat, but the sharks are still circling. Pilar hears someone calling out for them. Unaware that it's Luis, Ethan, and Miguel, Theresa gets the boat started and tells Pilar that it's best if they go for help because whoever is calling out for them could be working for Juanita. Juanita and her henchman arrive at the harbor and Juanita notices that Theresa and Pilar are about to escape in a boat, so she gets ahold of her rifle and takes a shot at the boat. She misses twice, so she decides to use the rocket launcher. Luis, Ethan, and Miguel hear the shot and duck for cover. They try to warn Pilar and Theresa, but it's in vain. Juanita takes aim and declares that Theresa and Pilar will be blown to pieces. She shoots the rocket launcher, and the boat that Theresa and Pilar are in explodes. Ethan, Luis, and Miguel look on in horror.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gwen flies to Mexico to stop Ethan from discovering that she was responsible for blackmailing Pilar and Theresa.

Ethan, Miguel and Luis are horrified when Juanita fires a rocket at the boat Theresa and Pilar are on! As the men rush to save them, Juanita gets Pilar in her cross-hairs, determined to put an end to her once and for all.

Kay considers breaking her promise to Miguel and use magic to save him.

Julian shows up at Eve's doorstep and tells her he knows her big secret! Vincent awaits, in hiding, ready to kill Julian and keep his sick secrets.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, February 8, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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