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Monday, February 4, 2008

Angie informed Jack, Erica, Kendall, Zach, and Aidan that Greenlee was in grave danger. Angie stated that the antidote was not working because she could not figure out the right dosage to give Greenlee and Frankie. Aidan instantly volunteered to take the antidote, in order to help find a proper dose. Angie was grateful, but declined the offer because it was too dangerous.

Jack was distraught over Greenlee's desperate situation. So, Erica brought him to the chapel to renew his faith. Erica affirmed that Greenlee would survive. She also stated that they would always be a team, regardless of their divorce. Jack thanked Erica for her sentiments.

Ryan finally believed that Annie was his wife, but still could not remember her. Ryan was frustrated because he could not recall the last four years of his life. Annie wanted to console Ryan, but he wished to be alone. He then took a walk around the hospital and saw Kendall. When Ryan encountered Kendall, he remembered the relationship they shared in the past. This prompted Ryan to hug Kendall and profess his love for her. Kendall sensed that something was wrong with Ryan. However, Ryan refused to discuss his problems. Kendall explained to him that Greenlee's condition worsened. Ryan remembered Greenlee and wanted to see her. Ryan went to Greenlee's room and sat by her side. He held her hand as he encouraged her to get better.

Zach saw Annie in the hospital and detected that she was upset. Annie explained that Ryan could not remember the last four years of his life. Zach assured Annie that Ryan would recover quickly. Annie then reminded Zach that Ryan and Kendall were engaged four years ago. Annie worried that Ryan was in love with Kendall again. Zach proceeded to warn Kendall that Ryan might think they were engaged.

Tad was visiting Frankie when he saw Jesse lurking outside the room. Tad immediately ran after Jesse, but could not catch him. Tad returned to Frankie's room and wondered if he was hallucinating. Then, Angie entered. Angie told Tad that Jesse would want her to fight for their son's life. She began to cry because she could not develop a cure. Then, Angie remembered that Aidan volunteered to take the antidote, which gave her an idea. Angie quickly ran to her lab to do some research. Joe approached Angie and inquired if she made any progress. Angie explained that if she mixed the antidote with blood, it might be the right dosage to cure Greenlee and Frankie. Still, Angie admitted that this procedure would be risky and possibly unethical. Joe agreed, but he told Angie to do it anyway.

Angie administered the newly formulated antidote to Greenlee and Frankie. Everyone waited anxiously as the patients remained unconscious. Finally, Greenlee and Frankie opened their eyes. Everyone rejoiced because the antidote worked.

Tad was in the hospital's parking garage. Just as Tad reached his car, he dropped some of his belongings. As he kneeled down to pick up his things, a mysterious figure slowly approached. Tad looked up at the figure and gasped as saw Jesse standing in front of him. "It's been a long time, Thaddeus," Jesse said, confirming that Tad was not hallucinating.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tad tells Jesse that his son has pulled through the medical procedure. Jesse is overjoyed with the good news as tears stream down his cheeks. Tad wants Jesse to tell Angie he is alive, but Jesse wants to keep it a secret. Jesse said his family would be endangered if they knew he was alive. Tad explains that Dixie kept her identity a secret to try to protect others, but it ended up hurting the ones she loved even more. He begs Jesse to come clean, but Jesse refuses to tell his family the truth. Tad walks out of the car without promising Jesse anything.

Doctors tell Frankie that his condition is improving thanks to his mother's efforts. Frankie apologizes for disappearing without letting Angie know his plans. Angie says it's not important now that he is home. She kisses his forehead and stands outside the door, where she whispers to Jesse's spirit that Frankie has survived.

Kendall and Zach come to see Annie and Ryan at the hospital. Although the newspaper says it is 2008, Ryan says he feels like he is still engaged to Kendall four years ago. As Ryan asks Kendall about her life, Annie watches sadly in the background. Ryan senses Annie is uncomfortable, and apologizes for the pain he has inflicted upon her. But Ryan admits that he looks at Kendall and can only see her as the woman he loves. Aidan joins the group as Annie and Ryan leave to see Joe. Aidan asks if Ryan is feeling well and Zach tells him about the amnesia. Zach says he will do what he can to make Ryan feel better, but wants Ryan to stay away from Kendall until his memory returns.

Angie wanders back to Frankie's room. She lays her head on Frankie's bed and dreams of her time with Jesse. After Angie wakes up, Frankie senses his mother was thinking of Jesse. Frankie admits that he came back to Pine Valley to try to reconnect with his dead father. Angie decides to get some sleep now that Frankie is out of harm's way. Angie sees Tad get out of Jesse's car as Jesse drives away. When Angie asks Tad who was in the car, he says it was just an old friend.

Joe tells Annie and Ryan that the tests do not reveal any logical explanation for Ryan's amnesia. Symptoms might be associated with associative amnesia, which means the patient blocks out an intense period of time, Joe says. Joe tells Ryan that the chances of his memory returning might be slim because the case is so unusual. Annie suggests Ryan see other doctors and psychiatrists. She wants to go home and show Ryan pictures to jog his memory, but Ryan says he wants time to sort things out alone. Aidan assures Annie that Ryan has never been happier with anyone else.

As Greenlee stirs in her sleep, she is awakened by a passionate kiss from Aidan. Angie checks on her patient. Greenlee takes the opportunity to thank Angie for saving her life. Angie says it was her calling to come to Pine Valley and save her son after being gone for 17 years. Greenlee asks about Jesse's whereabouts, but feels embarrassed when Angie says Jesse died in the hospital many years ago. Angie thinks that Jesse was watching over Greenlee and Frankie to make sure they pulled through. Kendall comes in to spend some "girl time" with Greenlee. They joke that Greenlee needs a manicure, so Kendall whips out her nail file. Greenlee immediately pulls her hand back when Kendall grinds too harshly on her nails. She asks Kendall if something is wrong, but Kendall only uses Greenlee's near-death experience as an excuse. Aidan goes to see Greenlee, who makes a few special requests for items from her home. While Aidan is gone, Zach keeps Greenlee company. She tells him that everyone is acting weird, but doesn't know why. Zach explains about Ryan's amnesia.

Amanda gets ConFusion ready for the launch of Kendall's book signing. Kelly, a representative from the publishing company, shows up and immediately asks where Greenlee and Kendall are. Amanda says that she is not sure if Kendall will show up, but Kelly insists that Kendall needs to be at the signing. Amanda calls Kendall, but Kelly whisks the phone out of Amanda's hand and orders Kendall to come to the party. Greenlee snatches Kendall's phone and tells Kelly her friend will be there. Kendall arrives at the book signing with fans screaming and clapping. Reporters who are eager to know more about the book immediately swarm around her. Ryan joins the party, unaware of Kendall's new venture. As soon as he sees Kendall, he swaggers out to the roof. Kendall finds him moments later. He holds out his hand and asks her to be with him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ryan asks Kendall to bring him up to speed on what he's missed during the last four years. But when Kendall informs him that they share a son, he's floored by the news. Then, Kendall tells Ryan that his friendship with Greenlee brought about the downfall of his and Kendall's relationship. Taking it all in, Ryan can't shake his feelings of love for Kendall. Afterward, Annie arrives on the rooftop to find Kendall and Ryan in an embrace, but she takes it in stride. A determined Annie then attempts to make Ryan remember what they have together. Meanwhile, Zach listens intently as Greenlee recalls the colorful history that she, Ryan and Kendall all share.

A seething Adam eavesdrops on JR and Krystal via the listening device implanted in JR's ring. While with JR, Little Adam accidentally drops the ring down the drain. However, Babe suggests that JR just have another one made, and Adam will never know the difference.

Annie regrets not having a better relationship with Richie, who learns what's going on with Ryan. Later, Joe has some potentially good news for Richie. At the same time, Erica is speechless to learn that one of her financial accounts has been frozen by the government.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tad checks on Frankie, who is getting pampered by his mother. Angie says that Frankie may be released in a few days if he continues to get better. Angie asks Tad about the stranger she saw him talking to in the parking lot. Tad shrugs it off as no one special. Before he can elaborate any further, Frankie notices that the family picture is missing from the table beside his bed. He figures one of the nurses must have moved it. Tad asks Angie if she took other pictures of Jesse before he died. Angie looks at Tad strangely and points out that the only pictures taken of Jesse were before he died. Angie and Frankie are intrigued by Tad's new interest in Jesse. Tad says that he has taken a case where the victim went through a death similar to Jesse's. Frankie asks for the victim's name, but Tad does not want to say anything more. As Angie takes a phone call, Frankie thinks Tad knows something about his father's death. Before Tad can confirm Frankie's suspicions, he is whisked away to answer a phone call.

In his hotel room, Jesse looks at the picture he stole from Frankie's room. He asks Angie to forgive him for keeping his identity a secret. Jesse remembers seeing the headlines about his death in the newspaper as someone continuously kicks him in the stomach. The culprit beating Jesse warns him that his family will die if they know he is alive. Jesse calls Tad to make sure that Tad is keeping his mouth shut. Tad agrees, but the phone goes dead as Jesse makes his way out the door. Jesse hears a loud bang on his hotel door before he can leave. A woman calls out for someone to help her so Jesse opens the door. A woman rushes in the room with her angry boyfriend right behind her. The man pulls a knife on Jesse, but Jesse has him on the ground in only seconds. As Jesse's back is turned, the man hits him on the head and Jesse collapses. The woman leans over Jesse and shakes him, but he is unresponsive. She calls for an ambulance, takes his wallet and runs off.

Angie allows Tad to accompany Frankie in a wheelchair around the hospital. As Frankie searches for answers, Opal joins the duo. She recalls many of her memories shared with Jesse before heading out. Frankie is saddened that he did not get to know his father like so many others did. He tells Tad that he did not see a ghost because he could smell Jesse's aftershave. Frankie asks Tad if there is a chance his father is alive, but Tad points out that Angie watched Jesse die. Frankie still believes the case Tad is working on involves his father.

Kendall assures Zach that Ryan would never hurt her, but Zach thinks otherwise. Kendall teases Zach for being jealous over Ryan's feelings toward her. A bit turned on, Kendall tries to seduce Zach on the couch. But Zach's fears continue to nag at Kendall, so their kissing session comes to a halt. Kendall says that she hopes Ryan will remember he loves Annie. Kendall catches a flight to Chicago for a book signing.

Ryan decides to run some errands, but Annie says it makes her feel as though he is trying to run away from her. Annie suggests they try to talk, but Ryan feels uncomfortable being around her. She thinks Ryan may feel better if he just spends more time at their home and learns about the life they shared together. Annie promises to stay with Ryan, no matter how long it takes, until he remembers her. Ryan says that his memories might not come back, but she is confident he will remember their life. Annie is determined to make Ryan remember their love, so she demands that he take off his shirt. Annie takes him outside in the cold, which is the last place he was before his memory went blank. She tells him about the moment they shared outside and kisses him. Annie tries to kiss him again, but Ryan stops her. He says he can't fake loving Annie and goes to the park. Annie goes to Kendall's home, but Kendall is not there. Annie collapses in Zach's arms in tears.

Greenlee and Aidan lay in the hospital bed together. Aidan asks Greenlee what kind of future she wants. Greenlee suggests they take a trip to London and open a private investigation firm with Aidan's blessing. Aidan jokes that he should work as a model at Fusion. Greenlee chuckles at the thought of Aidan sitting in a make-up chair and getting lip injections. She asks him if he has been with anyone else since they began dating. Aidan flashes back to the moment he shared with Kendall, but tells Greenlee she is the only one he has been involved with. Angie stops in as Aidan leaves to take a phone call. Tad asks Aidan to go to Chicago to help him with his new case, but Aidan is scared to leave Greenlee. Greenlee insists Aidan help Tad, who will be traveling to Canada to follow up on his own leads. As Angie checks Greenlee's vitals, Greenlee compliments Angie on her locket necklace. She shows Greenlee the picture of Jesse inside the locket. Greenlee calls Ryan and asks him to have lunch with her at the hospital.

Aidan is surprised to find out that he is on the same flight as Kendall.

Angie hears a dispatcher describe Jesse's condition as they load him onto an ambulance.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Looking at a desk calendar, Angie flashes back to the conversation that she had with Jesse right after his death-where she wishes beyond all reason for more time with him but, knowing that is impossible, revels in knowing that she will always have his love, and their child. Joe interrupts her reverie and she tells him that she is wistful because of Jesse's birthday. He tells her that he has some news that might make her a bit happier-in that morning's board meeting, they voted unanimously to bring her back on staff. She appreciates the offer but tells him that there is no way that she can stay in Pine Valley. She goes to see her son and, in the face of his disapproval that she is still at the hospital, she tells him that because she had been away from him for so long, she wants to cherish her time with him while she can. She starts to ask some inane questions but is interrupted when Frankie tells her that it's okay to talk about Jesse on his birthday. Although she didn't realize he'd remembered, Frankie takes her down memory lane when he talks about spending Jesse's birthday with her every year and celebrating their lives together. He tells her that he remembers the last day he had with his father and Angie, remembering it as well, agrees that it was indeed a very good day. Frankie says that he knows his father was a good man, and that his only memories now are the ones most recent, where Jesse told his son to take care of Angie. She grows teary-eyed, and says that she sometimes wishes she could look into her husband's eyes one more time. Wanting to cheer his mother up, Frankie asks for her to take him on another spin around the hospital in a wheelchair, and she gladly agrees.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital with an unconscious Jesse strapped to the gurney. The EMTs give the medical staff the rundown of his condition as a doctor shines a light into Jesse's eyes to see if he can rouse him. Slowly, Jesse returns to consciousness and, as a nurse checks for ID, he asks where he is. When the doctor tells him that he was brought to Pine Valley Hospital, he freaks out, knowing that his wife is working there. He tries to get up and attempt at a getaway but his head wound prevents that. Instead, he sinks unsteadily to the ground. They get him to his feet and Jesse tries to convince them that he is fine. The doctors, having heard that he broke up a domestic dispute, praise him, but Jesse, needing to go, tries to brush off the compliments. The doctor says he would like for Jesse to be seen by another doctor and asks his assistant to page Dr. Martin. Upon hearing his old friend's name, he protests even more and tries to wrench himself out of the doctor's grasp. He calms down then, knowing that doing so would be the best way out of his predicament. He asks for a prescription for the pain so that he can leave and, secure that he would be okay for a few moments, they depart to oblige his wishes.

Jesse tries to sneak down the hall, but hears the doctor talking to his wife and son. Alarmed, he sneaks into a nearby room, hoping to avoid a run-in. He then hears the doctor asking Angie to look at a patient, and worries about how he might get away. He is relieved when the doctor leads Angie to another patient, and uses that as his opportunity to leave. He mostly covers his face and slips out of the room, heading for the nearest hallway. His son notices and tries to make sense of what he thought he saw. Jesse makes it to a supply cabinet, and after taking a moment to recompose himself, decides to take advantage of the situation and stock up on some medical supplies. Before he has a chance, Julia comes into the room and demands to know what he is doing. He initially makes up a bogus story about being lost but after he sees that she isn't buying it, he tells her that he lost his family here, and that he got overwhelmed emotionally and had to find a place to let it out. As they talk, she finds him vaguely recognizable and asks what his name is. Startled, Jesse quickly makes an excuse that allows him to leave instead of giving her any further information.

Joe and Angie run into each other again at the end of the day and he apologizes for ambushing her with the job offer earlier. She accepts his apology and tells him that she is more consumed with being in Pine Valley Hospital on Jesse's birthday. Joe asks if visiting his grave would make her feel better and, not having done that in years, Angie tells him that she will give it some thought. After he leaves, she looks at the picture in her locket and decides that Joe's suggestion is a good one. She talks to Julia briefly before telling her that she is going to visit someone special, and takes her leave.

After Zach releases Annie from a comforting hug, he invites her into the house. She tells him about Ryan walking out on her due to his discomfort with the situation, and her hope that her wayward husband had gone to Zach's house, to be with the only woman he remembers loving. Zach reminds her that Kendall is on her way to Chicago as part of the book tour. Annie goes on to tell him that she was supposed to accompany Ryan to another series of tests today in hopes that some insight could be gained into his memory loss, but now she is worried about his AWOL status and what he might do. Zach tells her that Ryan lost his memory, not his mind, and that she needs to stop thinking about Ryan for a moment and just breathe. She asserts that she can't do that because she is worried about the things he must be thinking, given all the time he has lost. She says that it is her job to make sure that he knows he is not alone in this, and that she will never give up on him. In an effort to talk about something else, Annie asks about Spike, knowing that his implant will be turned on soon. Zach tells her that he is doing well, and will need a lot of speech therapy. Automatically, Annie offers herself and her husband up to help out with whatever is needed, but cuts herself off when she remembers that Ryan doesn't know his own son. Zach tries to assuage her fears by reminding her that things won't always be this way.

Annie goes to pick up her coat so that she can renew the search for her other half, and Zach offers to help her through the ordeal if she will allow him. They sit back down and he asks her how she is doing. She tells him that she feels like she is drowning in the endless possible outcomes and worries about losing the love of her life. She says that she needs to believe that everything will right itself. Zach makes her stand up at that moment and offers up one of the decorative pillows for her to punch. She wonders aloud if she is supposed to pretend that it's Ryan and beat it up. Zach tells her to pretend that the pillow is fate, as fate had not been kind lately. She hits it half-heartedly at first but when Zach starts to push back, she lands a few good punches before throwing it to the side. Zach promises her that Ryan would come out fine on the other end of this ordeal, and reminds her that Kendall just went through something similar but kept believing, against all odds, that Zach was alive. She tells him that she was talking with her daughter the other day and found out just how much Emma had been missing her father. Zach offers to step up and help out until Jonathan gets back from Europe. Annie says that it's sad that Richie isn't a dependable uncle, which prompts Zach to ask how her brother is doing. She tells him that neither she nor her father is a match for Richie. This leaves Emma as the only possible donor, which she cannot allow. She then recalls that Ryan was the one that protected her and Emma from all the world's bad guys, and Zach offers to help out in that capacity as well, hoping this will help everything to get back to the way it should be.

Ryan arrives at the hospital with food from BJ's and Greenlee invites him to sit down and tell her all of his problems. He notes that his biggest issue is that the woman that he loves is married to another man. She tells him that she had to see for herself that he was in love with Kendall again. He agrees, but says that for him, it never ended, and he can't imagine his life without Kendall. Greenlee is amazed that he has zero memory of falling in love with and marrying Annie, and Ryan admits that she feels like a stranger. He notes that all Annie wants is for him to hold her and tell her that everything is going to be all right, and says that he can't fake those kinds of feelings. He then says that he can't talk about his feelings to Kendall because his memory loss is really freaking her out. He tells her that he needs Greenlee to fill in some of the blanks, given that the two of them had been married as well. Greenlee is unsure of how far to go with this, as Ryan might not like everything he hears. They talk about their married life and how being with him was the first time that she was truly happy since Leo. Ryan then asks what went wrong, and she tells him that she isn't sure that she can relive the heartbreak he put her through one more time. She manages to tell him about wanting to have his child and how that thought drove him toward drastic measures. Ryan finds it difficult to absorb all of the information but is certain of one thing-how sorry he is for all of the grief and pain he made her live through. He tells her that if he had the means to take it all back, he would. Tears begin to form in her eyes. She says she is grateful for the sentiment but admits that she did bad things as well when she got back. He tells her that it must have been like seeing everyone else with the life she had always wanted. She agrees with him, but says that the way things are now is the way they should be, even though that's not what Ryan wants to hear. He echoes her latest statement, saying that he doesn't get Zach as a person and has a strong urge to rescue Kendall from his grasp. Greenlee said that for a long time, she would have supported that, but after being with Zach in an impossible situation, she has seen him in a whole new light. She then tells Ryan that he needs to stop obsessing over a past that he doesn't remember but he says that it's the only thing he has right now. She says that the love that she and Zach had for their respective partners was mirrored in his relationship with Annie. She offers that he should give Annie a chance or be okay with being lonely since everyone else had moved on. A nurse comes in to hang a new bag, and Ryan decides to take his leave.

Zach helps Annie on with her coat and offers to help her search for Ryan. She tells him that she doesn't think it's a good idea, given that he is married to the person Ryan thinks he is in love with. Ryan walks up to the door of the Slater house and through the front door glass, he sees Zach gives Annie a hug, and is unsure of what to make of it.

Kendall demands to know what Aidan is doing on her flight, and is irate when he tells her that he is on a job. She thinks it might look bad if it seems they are going somewhere together and insists that Aidan never should have left his girlfriend alone in the hospital. He reassures her that Greenlee is not alone, and points out that Greenlee told him to go. Kendall begins to worry again about what would happen if Greenlee found out about what they did, and decides that the best course of action would be for her to change seats. Aidan refuses to let her go, demanding that they work things out once and for all. He tells her that he thought they were doing well around each other, and she explains it by saying that they were focused on Greenlee and making sure she got well. He tells her that she is needlessly paranoid because he is secure in his love for Greenlee and one night together won't change that. She tries to quiet him, worried that people would hear them, and then says that what they did was wrong but keeping the secret from Zach is worse. She tries to get up and change her seat but the flight attendant informs her that not only are they full, but that the plane is taxiing in preparation for takeoff. Aidan jumps in and tells the attendant that Kendall is just nervous and that everything will be fine.

When the attendant walks away, Kendall says that she wants to stop thinking about what they did but can't because it is tearing her up inside. She reminds him that she lost Ryan because she tried to sleep with Aidan and she refuses to lose Zach for the same mistake. She says that she can't trust herself around Aidan but he replies that despite their recent behavior, she can trust him that it won't happen again. Annoyed, she tries to ignore him by reading her book, but she clearly struggles with it. A few comments from him about why she is reading her own creation and she is right back to sparring with him over why he is so calm about everything. Kendall admits that she is making him a scapegoat so that she doesn't have to take the blame for sabotaging yet another one of her relationships. She then says that she can't live with the lie, and Aidan demands that she stop being so selfish. She is aghast at the accusation, but he explains that in classic Kendall Hart style, she wants to admit to what they had done, but only to relieve her guilt. He swears that he will do whatever it takes to stop her from hurting the woman that he loves. Realizing that he has a point, Kendall waves a mock white flag and apologizes. She says that she was wrapped up in her history of ruining relationships and not thinking about anyone else. Aidan tells her not to beat herself up since they were both in pain and didn't believe that their significant others would make it through such dire circumstances. Kendall asks if he ever feels any guilt, and he tells her that he would rather deal with that guilt every day than to lay any more pain on Greenlee, as she has had enough to last her a lifetime. Kendall is still hesitant, saying that secrets always have a way of getting out. Aidan notes that since only the two of them know, if they make a pact to never talk about it, things should be fine. He tells her that there are good lies, and this is one of them. Kendall says that what they did was devastating and she isn't so sure that she is interested in whitewashing it and making things easier for them. Before she can continue her ranting, she starts to feel nauseous and runs off to the bathroom before caving in to the sick feeling. When she comes back, she tells him that since she can't think of anything else, her getting sick was probably due to the stress of all the lying

After the nurse leaves, Greenlee spies Alfonso and decides to give her man a call. On the plane, Aidan prepares to get some ginger ale and crackers for Kendall, who protests but fails to keep him in his seat. She hears his phone ring and, not recognizing the number, she answers the call and is surprised to hear her best friend on the other end of the line. She quickly asks Greenlee if everything is okay but Greenlee says that Kendall will have the answer to that when she explains why she is with Aidan.

Jesse visits the plot in the cemetery where he is supposed to be buried and bears up under the weight of being away from his family for twenty years.

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