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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 11, 2008 on GH
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Monday, February 11, 2008

In a grungy room somewhere on the Port Charles waterfront, mob leaders attended a meeting the Zacchara family had called. They expected Trevor's appearance but were stunned when Claudia walked in. She and Sonny were equally surprised to see each other. Both still remembered the passionate night they'd spent together, but neither let on about their previous acquaintance. She announced that she was Anthony's daughter. Trevor arrived, and Claudia made sure everyone knew that she, not Trevor, was in charge.

As Claudia explained her family's move into Port Charles, one of the mobsters insulted her brother and father. When Claudia grabbed him by the tie, he attacked her. Sonny sat by with a sly smile on his face to see how she would handle the confrontation. Claudia responded to the threat by kneeing the man in the groin. He went down, and she put her very high, red, spiked heel on his throat and told him that he needed to learn how to treat a lady.

All the goons rushed in, but Sonny and the other bosses, including Claudia, sent them away. She said, "What happens in this room stays in this room." They all agreed. They further agreed that they all wanted the waterfront property that had previously belonged to Lorenzo Alcazar. They would meet again when one of them acquired the property. Claudia left first, followed by the other bosses. Sonny remained behind. Outside, after the Zaccharas left, the other bosses agreed that they would wait and see what happened between Sonny and the Zaccharas before committing their allegiance to one side or the other.

Inside, Sonny called Jason and chewed him out for letting his personal life interfere with business. As soon as he hung up, he received another call. It was from Claudia. She told Sonny that just because they'd slept together did not mean that she would not kill him if he got in her way. Sonny agreed that he felt exactly the same way she did. "Good," she said. Before hanging up, Claudia got in the last word. "Doesn't mean I won't sleep with you again, either," she said. Sonny was left staring at the phone.

Before the meeting, Trevor phoned Marianna and threatened to expose an undisclosed secret if she did not do as he said. Ric walked into their hotel room as she hung up. He complimented her honesty with him and begged her to trust him. He got a call from the hotel desk and left. Marianna decided to burn the papers that would give Ric title to the pier properties, but Ric walked in just as she set fire to them and put out the blaze before the papers were destroyed. She said that she had done it for him. A part of him would like the papers destroyed, he admitted.

Ric listened to Marianna's story about her parents, who had apparently engaged in illegal smuggling and had used her to help them, even though she had been a child. When Ric tried to tell Marianna how much he cared for her, she got agitated and rushed out. Outside the hotel, she received another call from Trevor, who said that Ric could be killed and she would be destroyed if she did not secure Ric's deed to the Alcazar pier properties for him.

Spinelli and Maxie discussed the Text Message Killer case in Kelly's. Maxie believed Sam's story about the killer not being dead. Spinelli remembered that Logan had an injured side. They leaped to the conclusion that Logan was the killer. With Maxie acting as driver, they staked out Logan's apartment.

Lucky confronted Jason outside Kelly's. Since Jason had shown up at the scene of Sam's accident, Lucky thought Jason had to be the hit-and-run driver. Jason listened to Lucky rant. As he walked away from Lucky, he advised Lucky to take himself off the case, not because Jason had something to hide but because Lucky was too close and could not be objective.

Liz went home with her children. Nikolas dropped by for a visit. Liz encouraged him to have the surgery while the window of opportunity existed. He was reluctant, but Liz told him that Emily was gone, and he had his son, Spencer, to think about. He agreed and asked her to help him with a birthday party for Spencer.

While Nikolas played with the boys, Liz received a call from Jason. He told her that Lucky had just accused him of Sam's accident. He encouraged her to keep quiet until he learned more. Later, she asked Nikolas if he knew about Sam. It was the first that he had heard of Sam's accident. He shared his fears with Liz. He'd had a blackout in the same area, at the same time as Sam's hit-and-run. He was worried that he had been the driver and did not remember.

Sam was sleeping in her hospital room when the Text Message Killer assaulted her again. He strangled her but did not complete the deed. He told her it was more fun when she fought back. She struggled to get out of bed, but he managed to escape, and nobody saw him.

Dr. Devlin entered the room. Sam was distraught, and he comforted her. He did believe her, he said, and he would go call the authorities. While he was gone, Jerry entered and apologized for leaving her alone. When Devlin saw Jerry, he went away.

Lucky showed up, but Sam had been given tranquilizers and fell asleep. As she did, she told Lucky to find the doctor who had helped Patrick take care of her injuries. Alexis and Diane waited outside her room and traded quips while Sam slept. Alexis defended Jerry while Diane trashed him.

Later, Lucky waited for Sam to wake up. When she did, he told her that he had been unable to locate Dr. Devlin, and all he had was her word. Sam responded, "Is it going to take for me to die for you to believe me, Lucky? Is that what you want, for me to die?" "No," said Lucky sadly as he left her room.

After leaving Sam's room, Jerry met the mystery man with the tattoo in the mystery man's sleazy motel room. He mocked Jerry but left no doubt that Jerry had to secure the waterfront property -- or else. Jerry confidently responded that he had an in. It was Alexis Davis, who was "quite taken with me," said Jerry.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alexis asked the mayor, Scott, and Mac if they had any idea who had left Sam for dead on the side of the road. Mac told her she should ask Lucky, since he was in charge of that investigation. Lucky walked in and told them he couldn't be on the case anymore. He couldn't keep a clear head after dealing with his history with Sam and all her lies. Lucky said Sam had called him before her attack and had told him about the text messages she had been receiving, and he hadn't believed her.

Alexis accused Lucky of wanting the Text Message Killer to finish her daughter off. She couldn't believe he hadn't even filed a report. Mac was stunned. He'd thought they'd had the real killer with Coop. All the evidence, the DNA, and his apparent suicide had led everyone to believe Coop had been the Text Message Killer.

Lucky wanted to find Sam's phone to see if there were any text messages on it. He mentioned he would go to the hospital first to see if anyone had gone in with rib injuries. Scott volunteered to do that for him. Alexis told Mac that if Sam was right, then the killer was still out there. Mac and the mayor were reluctant to let the media in on their information. Mac wanted to wait until they found Sam's phone. The mayor told Alexis to work with Scott on it. She was only temporary D.A., after all.

With a guard posted at her door, Sam fell asleep but had more nightmares about her attacker. She startled awake and tried to calm herself down. Patrick entered and asked why he was just finding out about her being attacked by an unknown man in his hospital. Sam explained that Coop had not been the Text Message Killer, and the killer was still on the loose. Lucky didn't believe her, which was why the information wasn't on the news. Robin watched as Patrick tried to comfort Sam.

At the hospital, Liz told Jason she planned on going to the police and telling them she might have been the one who'd hit Sam. He warned her against doing so until he could check out the other suspects in the case. He saw Monica, but Liz told him not to do that to himself. Jason didn't think Liz was responsible for Sam's hit-and-run, but Liz pointed out to him that he didn't know that as a fact.

Luke talked to Monica about Tracy and the lawsuit. Monica had a hard time paying attention, and her thoughts kept wandering back to when she would get another drink. Luke wanted Monica and Tracy to make amends until Tracy overheard it and balked at the suggestion. Jason listened in as Tracy mentioned Monica drinking and driving. Once Luke and Tracy left, Jason confronted Monica about the night Sam had been hit and Monica's claims about her car being stolen.

Lulu reminisced about her kiss with Johnny. Logan walked up behind her and surprised her. She accused him of sneaking up on her. Logan apologized and told her he had just been watching the sunlight in her hair. She didn't buy his line and tried to walk away. She said she should have known not to give him a second chance to hurt her. He blurted out that he knew what her father had done to her mother. She was shocked.

Logan admitted his father had told him about it. He would have never pushed himself on Lulu if he had known. Lulu said she should have had a clue about him all along. Their relationship had started with an ill-placed bet. It never could have amounted to anything. Logan told her he knew she understood his feelings, and she had felt the same way until Johnny had happened along.

Lulu warned Logan not to blame their problems on Johnny. Logan told her the war had chipped his faith. He had been dead until he'd met her. Logan was going to take his mother's advice and let Lulu go. He had to let her find out on her own what kind of person Johnny was. When she was ready to return to Logan, he would be there, waiting for her.

Johnny went to the hospital to talk to Patrick. He wanted information on his father's condition. Anthony claimed he could move his toes, and he made a big deal out of showing Johnny. Nothing happened, though. Johnny told Patrick about Anthony speaking about his mother and the roses. He acted lucid one moment then suddenly he was talking about Johnny's mother like she was still alive.

Johnny questioned if there was any chance his father could get better. He got no answer, and later Johnny walked on the hospital roof and stood on the ledge. Luke went out and offered to shove him and see if he could fly. It would be great to get Johnny out of Luke's daughter's life, and it would make his good friend, Sonny, very happy.

Epiphany, in a terrible mood, barked orders at everyone around her. Regina and Kelly took baby presents to Robin, but Epiphany yelled at them about how it was a hospital. Robin thought Epiphany needed to talk to Lainey about her feelings from Stan's death. A package was delivered to Epiphany. She opened it and discovered Stan's ashes. Epiphany yelled at everyone to get back to work. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sneed talked with Cassius and discovered one of Epiphany's errors.

Jason visited Carly to talk to her, but he hung out with the boys first. He asked Michael and Morgan to go upstairs while he talked to their mom. Michael said he wanted to know what was going on. There was a battle of the wills until Carly finally put her foot down and made him go upstairs.

Once the boys were gone, Jason asked about Carly's accident. Carly wanted to know why Jason cared. It was not Jason's problem. She hadn't hit Sam, so he shouldn't bother with it. Carly thought she needed increased security if the Text Message Killer was really still out on the streets.

Michael overheard Carly and walked back to his room. He locked the door, got his gun out, and loaded it. Suddenly, Morgan fiddled around and managed to get the door open. Michael hid the gun just in time. He couldn't believe Morgan had gotten in with the door locked.

Back downstairs, Jason left, and Lulu entered for some love life advice. They talked about the difference between Logan and Johnny. Carly knew she couldn't tell Lulu to drop both men, so she didn't even bother with that advice. Carly was shocked to learn Johnny was holding back with Lulu because he didn't want her to get hurt. Lulu said the more Johnny didn't want to drag her into his dangerous life, the more she was attracted to him. Both women realized Lulu was in a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Luke had a heart-to-heart chat on the hospital roof. Johnny told Lulu's father he didn't want to hurt Lulu, and he was going to stay away from her. Luke told him that would just make him more attractive to Lulu. Luke said if he were the type of man to try to control his daughter's love life, he would have dropped Logan off the roof a long time before.

Liz went into Sam's hospital room to take her vitals and witnessed Sam having a nightmare. Liz apologized to Sam just as she woke up. Sam wanted to know what she was sorry for. Liz explained to Sam that she had been having a nightmare. Sam thought she had seen the person driving the car, but the lights had been very bright.

Suddenly, Lucky stopped by and asked how Sam was doing. Liz told him Sam's vitals were good, and she left. Lucky told Sam that her cell phone had been found, but the text messages were not recoverable. He told her it was not his problem anymore, and he left. Sam couldn't believe no one believed her.

Liz went back to the nurses' station and offered to cover for Epiphany if she wanted to go home. Epiphany told the staff she could never leave a hospital full of sick patients to them. She berated Leyla about a mix-up with medications. Patrick ran after a very upset Leyla and tried to comfort her. Robin noticed it, and Liz walked over and reminded her that Patrick was not the dog he had once been. Liz said no man was ever ready to be a dad until it happened. Sometimes it was the most unlikely guys that made the best fathers.

Back in the break area, Cassius told Liz he planned on going to Dr. Ford about Epiphany if she didn't take some time off. Liz returned to Epiphany and offered again to cover her shift. Cassius asked her why she was being so stubborn. Epiphany grabbed Stan's ashes and told them she just wanted to be left alone. She went to the locker room and cried, and she held Stan's urn to her chest. Suddenly, she clutched her chest and fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, Mac arrived and asked Robin if he could question Sam. They ended up talking about Robin's baby, and she admitted the anonymous donor wasn't so anonymous after all. The donor was not ready to be a father yet, though, and she was not going to take his freedoms away. Patrick overheard the conversation.

The Text Message Killer was shown getting a bottle of beer out of a small fridge. He walked over to newspaper clippings and photos of his victims. There were red X's next to Leticia, Georgie, and Emily, the three women he had killed. There were also pictures of Maxie and Carly. A red phone cord and cell phone were shown on the desk.

During a musical montage, Johnny stared over the ledge at the overlook. Carly told Lulu she was not going to tell her what to do or what guy to choose -- Lulu would do whatever she wanted, anyway. Morgan got under Michael's bed and pulled out the box with the gun inside. Sam woke up and found Jason standing over her bed. Liz saw Lucky in the hospital and told him she wanted to talk to him about something she'd done.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sonny gave Max and Marco their marching orders. He was not happy about how things were going. As they left Sonny's office, Luke walked in and asked for a job. Luke pointed out all the reasons Sonny should take him on, but Sonny thought Luke should take it easy. He was worried that Luke or someone Luke cared for would get hurt. Sonny said the business had changed -- anyone was expendable.

Luke tried to call in a marker, but Sonny refused to give Luke a job. Luke was having a hard time accepting his limitations. He grumbled, "You think I'm a walking obituary like everybody else. You think I'm too feeble to play cops and robbers anymore. But I can tell you that I'm too damned stubborn to take a desk job, so I don't know where that leaves me. Just staring into the barrel of another dark, lonely night, I guess."

Sonny said sadly, "Luke, I don't know where it leaves any of us, but I can tell you right now it's getting dangerous out there." Luke said that he was not giving up, and Sonny said maybe he was doing Luke a favor by turning him down. After Luke left, Mike dropped by to tell Sonny that he'd caught Michael on the pier, buying bullets. Sonny rushed out.

At the Zacchara estate, Claudia castigated Vaughn for his failures before sending him on an errand. Trevor sprung to Vaughn's defense, pointing out his loyalty. "Loyalty to who?" snarled Claudia. "The Zacchara family empire," retorted Trevor. "You mean the Trevor Lansing Living Trust," cooed Claudia. Trevor then asked Claudia if she was really upset because the meeting with the five families had not gone as well as expected. Claudia responded that she was just trying to get information on Sonny.

A snide Trevor asked if it was business or personal and pointed out the sexual sizzle he'd noticed between Claudia and Sonny at the meeting. When Claudia made a joke about Trevor's sexual opportunities, he toughened up and told her he did not confuse sexual satisfaction with business. Trevor sneered and said if Claudia wanted to run the family empire, she would have to stop treating the meetings as a personal pick-up place.

Claudia stiffened her spine and put Trevor on notice. She was the one who had cleaned up the mess in Sydney and gotten the organization back on track, not Uncle Rudy as everyone thought. Unlike Trevor, she was not content to stay in the background. She would run the organization. Trevor tried to shake her confidence by mentioning Anthony, but Claudia was convinced that she could understand her father's crazy mind. As she stalked out of the study, Trevor allowed a smug smile to show.

Jax met Kate at the Metro Hotel Grill so they could go over plans for the new magazine he was backing for her. Talk immediately turned to Kate's past. Jax berated Kate for her continuing interest in Sonny, but she hastened to point out Jax's ill-fated relationships. He hated to see her waiting around for Sonny, he said. Jax tried to steer the conversation back to the magazine, but Kate told Jax that she'd decided to be more direct. They would talk about the magazine later, she told him as she got up and abruptly left the table.

In a hospital waiting area, Liz told Lucky that she felt responsible for Sam's hit-and-run. As she started telling her story, Lucky stopped her when she reached the point of leaving the hospital because she'd wanted to see her children. He told Liz that she had no need to feel guilty because it was his fault for throwing Sam out of his house. Besides, Lucky said, he had reason to believe that Jason had done the deed.

When Liz scoffed that Jason drove a motorcycle and Sam had been hit by a car, Lucky did not swerve but remained fully fixated on Jason. Jason might not have hit Sam, said Lucky, but Jason had no conscience, and he knew something about the accident. "So, please," said Lucky, "Keep your distance. It's still the best thing for our little boy." Liz was thoughtful as he walked away. Later, she met Jason on the roof. He warned her to be careful as he shared his fears that the Text Message Killer was still out there.

At the nurses' station, Patrick asked Robin if sperm donors were anonymous. She told him that they were. Before they could get into further conversation, Cassius rushed in to say Epiphany had collapsed and was unconscious. Later, Leo told Epiphany that she had suffered a heart attack and needed to begin treatment immediately. Nothing was wrong, she blustered, and she attempted to get up to go back to work.

Leo stopped Epiphany, and Cassius asked to speak to her privately. He pointed out that she was not following the advice that she would give another -- and part of her job was to live. He was very stern with her. She listened, and when Leo returned, she agreed to the treatment. She let Cassius know that she still wanted to know why he had taken such an interest in her welfare.

Jason went to Sam's hospital room to ask her about the accident. Sam was still very bitter and gave Jason no useful information until she mentioned the Text Message Killer. Jason was shocked. Sam thought he did not believe her, but he did. Sam softened momentarily, and Jason said he was sorry for hurting her. She wondered out loud if "Saint Liz" had caused the change in him.

Sam hardened her heart and shouted for Jason to get out. Dr. Devlin, whose mouth and jaw bore a striking resemblance to Jerry's unseen, whispery mystery man, walked in. He stood up to Jason, who left after telling Sam that he would listen if she wanted to talk. Sam was impressed with Devlin and told him a little about her past with Jason and about Jason's place with Sonny.

The Text Message Killer got a telephone cord from the stash in his lair. He was wearing black. Even though his face was not visible, newspaper headlines detailed his exploits, and he had pictures of Sam and Alexis.

Claudia dropped in at Jake's bar. Coleman asked what she was looking for. "Trouble," she said. Behind her, Luke replied, "I can arrange that." She offered cash for information. Luke was interested when she produced a large wad of cash and dropped it on a table, but when it turned out that she was looking for info on Sonny, he spoke in generalities. He warned her not to hurt Sonny's family.

"A house will fall on you out of nowhere," Luke said, "and your little red shoes, too." Claudia was not impressed and refused to pay Luke. She went to the ladies' room. Luke asked Coleman for a job. Coleman had a big laugh and refused him. "Oh, hell," said Luke as he left the bar, "No broad, no booze, no bread."

Claudia was playing pool when Jason walked in to ask after Spinelli. When Jason rested his back against a wall, she spoke to him. "Are you interested in taking me on?" Claudia asked as she put her wad of cash on the pool table. (The scene paid homage to a similar scene when Jason had first met Carly, then played by actress Sarah Brown, who was in the role of Claudia.)

In Michael's bedroom, Morgan got the box where Michael had hidden the gun he'd bought on the docks. Michael walked in on him, and they struggled over the box. Michael wrested it away and hid it just before Sonny walked in. He talked to Michael about the bullets he'd bought. When Sonny asked Michael if he had a gun, Michael looked Sonny in the eyes and denied having one. Sonny believed him when Michael said he'd bought the bullets first.

Sonny was very firm when he said to Michael, "I'm going to tell you again. Do not go anywhere near guns. I don't care if you are trying to protect your mother from the bad guys or what. If I hear or see you going anywhere near a gun, you'd better run and keep running. You got that?" "Yeah, I got that," said Michael. But when Sonny left the room, Michael got out his gun again.

Diane dropped by to visit Alexis at the lake house. Even though they were on opposite sides of a court case, they snickered and giggled about what they would do to each other in court. When Kristina mentioned that her doll was outside, Alexis went to look. The Text Message Killer was watching. Alexis sensed that something was wrong, but before she could investigate, Diane found the doll inside.

Alexis continued to feel uncomfortable and watched out the window. When she noticed a figure by the lake, Diane turned out the lights, grabbed her gun, and went out to investigate. She cold cocked a man who was lurking on the porch. When Alexis turned on the lights, they discovered it was the mayor, who had gone there in response to a phone call from Alexis. Once they were inside, Alexis calmed down and apologized to the mayor. Kristina looked out the window and saw the Text Message Killer. She started screaming.

Sonny was in his office when Kate walked in and said that they needed to talk.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tracy sat at the counter at Kelly's and looked at a menu. She ordered a salad and was surprised to find Luke working behind the counter. He informed her that he was working there and was also staying in the spare room above Kelly's. He tried to persuade her to go and live with him there. Tracy told him she wanted to divorce him but couldn't right away because Monica had had her assets frozen, and she couldn't afford an attorney.

Luke told Tracy he missed her. She told him she didn't miss him at all and tried to get up and leave. She ended up spraining her ankle, so Luke got some ice for her. Luke tried to persuade her to give him another chance. Tracy told him she thought Monica might have been the one who'd hit Sam with her car and had probably been drunk that night.

Luke thought he and Tracy could investigate the accident themselves and maybe find evidence to use as leverage against Monica. Tracy listened to Luke's idea but thought that by helping him investigate her theory, it would be too easy to get involved with him again. Luke kissed her, but she still turned him down.

Carly and Jax watched the newborn babies in the maternity ward of the hospital and were excited about their unborn child. Jax left Carly alone there so he could run an errand. Robin showed up there, saw Carly watching the newborns, and guessed she was pregnant. Carly looked at Robin's reaction and realized she was pregnant also. Carly made some insulting remark to Robin, who gave it right back.

Carly asked Robin who would be stupid enough to agree to be her sperm donor. Patrick showed up and asked what was going on between the two of them. Carly asked Patrick about Robin's pregnancy. Robin told her it was none of her business. Patrick admitted he wasn't the father.

Jax returned and found out that Robin knew about Carly's pregnancy. Carly thought Robin would tell the whole hospital about her pregnancy. Robin said she wouldn't do that. Jax found out that Robin was pregnant and was excited and happy for her. He congratulated Patrick, who told him he wasn't the father. Jax asked Robin to keep Carly's pregnancy a secret for the time being. Robin congratulated him even though she couldn't stand Carly.

After Jax and Carly left, Robin told Patrick that she would have to talk to Kelly about making sure that she and Carly were not visiting their doctors on the same day, since the stress of being around Carly wouldn't be good for the baby. Patrick told her to go to him if she needed anything and reminded her she had lots of friends and family to support her. Robin wondered if she was doing the right thing by not telling him he was her baby's father.

Patrick returned later and found Robin watching the newborns. He handed her a small bouquet of yellow roses and wished her a happy Valentine's Day. Robin was touched by his gesture and agreed with him that she would like them to be friends at least.

Jax surprised Carly by taking her to Jake's for Valentine's Day and reserving the place for just the two of them. Coleman opened up the covered plate on the table to reveal a mound of chicken wings, Carly's favorite. Carly was touched by the gesture and kissed Jax.

Alexis and Diane tended to an injured Mayor Floyd while Kristina walked over to the window. She saw someone outside, looking through the window at her. She started to scream, which drew Alexis' attention to her. Alexis asked her what she had seen outside. Kristina didn't answer her and seemed catatonic. Alexis sat with her and comforted her; she asked Diane to call the cops.

Mayor Floyd tried to go outside to investigate but had a dizzy spell and had to sit down again. Mac, Scott, and the other cops showed up to search the property. Detective Harper returned inside and told them he hadn't found any evidence of an intruder. Scott asked Alexis if it was possible that Kristina might have seen an animal like a cat or a dog. Alexis told Scott that Kristina knew what a cat and a dog looked like and wouldn't be screaming about that. Alexis was sure the killer was out there still and was targeting them and Sam.

Later, Diane and Alexis discussed what had made Kristina so scared and if she had recognized who the killer was. The killer went back to his place and angrily ripped up a picture of Sam, Kristina, and Alexis.

Jason went to Jake's to wait for Spinelli to show up. Claudia Zacchara was there and asked him to play a game of pool with her. He accepted her offer. She tried to make a wager with him about what each of them would get if they won. Jason decided to wait until the game was over to choose what he wanted from her. She told him that if she won, she wanted him to agree to a dance with her. Jason went along with it.

Spinelli showed up and hollered out to Jason while Claudia was trying to make her shot on the pool table. She ended up startled enough to miss her shot. Spinelli looked at Claudia and wondered why Jason was hanging out with her. Jason was all business and asked Spinelli if he'd gotten the address for him. Spinelli referred to Claudia as "Vixenella." Jason told Claudia he had to leave and said they would finish the game another time.

Later, Jason and Spinelli showed up at the police impound warehouse where Jason planned to break in. Spinelli called out different possible combination codes to open the secured door. Spinelli asked Jason about Claudia. Jason told him he didn't know who she was and that she'd gotten on his nerves a little, but he'd agreed to play a game of pool with her to pass the time. Jason tried the door and found that it was unlocked after Spinelli mentioned that if Maxie were there with him, she probably wouldn't waste her time on electronics and would just try the door.

Dr. Devlin walked with Sam down the hall to make sure she didn't fall or get dizzy suddenly after she decided to take a walk around the hospital. Liz and Nadine were at the nurses' station when Sam approached the desk to lean on it for support. Dr. Devlin was paged suddenly and asked Liz to monitor Sam for him while he went to see about a patient. Liz hesitated before answering him. Devlin asked her what was wrong. Liz told him she was supposed to be manning the station, not watching out for patients.

Devlin told Liz that he only needed her to watch out and make sure Sam got back to her room safely. Liz told him it wasn't a good idea for her and Sam to be around each other. Devlin ordered Liz to be professional and treat Sam as she would any patient. Liz agreed to do as he asked. Sam told Devlin that she and Liz had a man in common with each other and told him that the truth wasn't Liz's strong suit. Devlin left them.

Nadine approached Sam and offered to walk with her to make sure she got back to her room safely. Sam thanked her but decided to stay there and talk to Liz alone. Sam confronted Liz about telling Lucky the truth about what she had done. Liz said she'd had no choice but to tell Lucky everything, since he'd overheard their conversation that day and had known she'd been keeping something from him. Sam warned that the ball was back in her court.

Liz thought Sam was threatening her, but Sam said she was only telling the truth. Nikolas arrived and approached them. Nikolas asked to speak to Sam before his appointment with Patrick. Sam walked over to the waiting area with him. Nikolas told Sam about how he'd blacked out that night while he had been driving and that he might have been the one who'd hit her. Sam told him that she wouldn't hold him responsible if he'd done that, since she knew it wasn't his fault.

Liz overheard Sam and Nikolas talking and wondered if maybe Nikolas had hit Sam with his car and it hadn't been her after all. Jason showed up at the hospital to see Liz. She told him about her discovery that Nikolas might have been the one who'd hit Sam with his car. Jason told her it hadn't been Nikolas, and he had proof of it. He told her that the police report stated Sam had been hit from the passenger side of the car, and Nikolas' car didn't have a dent on that side, so he couldn't have hit her. Liz realized her car was dented on that side, so she could still be the one who'd hit Sam.

Spinelli met with Maxie at Kelly's. Maxie was reluctant about opening the Valentine's gift she'd found in Cooper's room that had been addressed to her. She was afraid that if she opened it, she would end up crying and wouldn't be able to stop. Spinelli told her he had to leave but would see her later.

Maxie sat and stared at the present until Mac showed up. Mac told her about how he'd just returned from Alexis' house, and Kristina had seen someone outside her window and screamed. Maxie believed it proved that Cooper hadn't been the killer and had probably been killed because he'd known who'd done it. Mac told her she needed to move on with her life. Maxie told him she had lost everyone she had ever loved.

Maxie opened the present finally and found a necklace inside with a heart-shaped pendant. Mac told her that Cooper had asked him a few weeks before what he should get her for a gift. Maxie read the card inside, and it made her cry. Mac went over to her and comforted her. Spinelli returned to Kelly's to see Maxie. She told him about what had happened at Alexis' house earlier and that it had convinced her that the killer was still out there.

Spinelli suggested to Maxie that she tell Mac about their suspicions regarding Logan. She told him she couldn't, since Scott would find out and try to cover up for his son. Spinelli pointed out that everything so far led him to believe that they needed to see what the killer had in common with the victims and not the other way around.

Kate visited Sonny in his office and tried to persuade him to give her another chance. Sonny thought she couldn't accept who she was, and he couldn't be with her because of that. Kate mentioned old times and how he had shut her out when he had been upset with her, and she said back then he would turn to another woman for comfort. Sonny looked over at the earring Claudia had left in his hotel room the night they'd slept together. Kate surprised Sonny by kissing him and wishing him a happy Valentine's Day.

Claudia started to walk into Sonny's office and saw Kate kissing him. She shut the door before they could see her. Kate tried to get Sonny to admit he still loved her. He kissed her instead of admitting anything. Kate left his office.

Claudia entered Sonny's office after Kate left. She asked him about Kate and guessed Kate was the woman Sonny was trying to get over, and that was why he'd slept with Claudia that night. Sonny asked her why she was there to see him. She told him she wanted to offer him a trade. Sonny listened to her offer. Sonny was confident he would get his hands on the property that had once belonged to Alcazar.

Claudia mentioned Kate again to see Sonny's reaction. He warned her to stay away from Kate -- or else. Claudia told him that she liked the challenge of another woman to go up against. Sonny warned her again to stay away from Kate or anyone in his family -- or deal with the consequences. He told her he was not interested in any trade with her and dismissed her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

While Carly folded laundry in Michael's bedroom, Jax entered and asked her what she was thinking. Carly told him she wanted to tell the boys that night that she was pregnant. While they talked, Michael walked in and demanded they leave his room.

Jax told Michael not to talk to his mother in that tone, but Michael quickly said Jax was not his father and therefore could not tell him what to do. Jax quickly calmed everyone down and admitted they shouldn't have been in his room. They apologized, and Michael apologized for his behavior. They decided to talk later about respecting each other's boundaries. When Jax and Carly left, Michael locked the door and moved the gun from his drawer into his bag.

Later, when Michael left, Jax and Carly went back into Michael's room. Carly knew there was something there he didn't want his parents to see, and she was determined to find out what her son was hiding. Jax and Carly agreed that as soon as they found it, they would call Sonny and tell him. While they searched the room, Jax mentioned Kate had been looking at a building down by the docks. Carly decided she should also look at the building -- if Carly decided to buy the property, Kate wouldn't know what had hit her.

Sonny and Jason tried to talk about business, but Jason was distracted. Sonny reminded him that business was first. He told Jason about Michael buying bullets and trying to get his hands on a gun. Claudia was the priority, though. They decided to have Spinelli get information on Claudia. Sonny left to check on Kristina.

Kate confided in Alexis about her relationship troubles. Sonny soon arrived at the door to check on his daughter. Kristina still wouldn't eat after having witnessed an attack by the Text Message Killer. She sat and stared off into space. Sonny tried to comfort Kristina and asked her to talk to him or Alexis when she felt better.

Alexis took Kristina to another room, and Kate and Sonny were left to talk. Kate revealed that she was willing to do whatever she needed to do to try to make their relationship work. Sonny said there was still a lot wrong with their relationship, but he was not ready to admit defeat yet, either. Kate left to check on her waterfront property and asked Sonny to tell Alexis goodbye.

When Kate got to the docks to look at the building, Trevor approached her. He threatened her and told her not to be so sure about life anymore. He said she could live to regret it.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia tried to talk to her brother. Johnny was not interested in rekindling their bond yet, though. She understood it was difficult to act like nothing had happened after she'd been gone for so many years. He asked what had kept her from returning earlier. Claudia said it was the same thing that had kept him locked up.

Claudia and Johnny talked about the house and how things had changed within their family when Trevor had entered their lives. He asked if she was there to claim the family empire. He told her he hadn't decided if he wanted to take over for his father or not. If Claudia was shocked, she didn't show it. Instead, she laughed and asked her little brother if he was challenging her.

Johnny revealed much-needed information to Claudia about Sonny and his brother, District Attorney Ric Lansing. Claudia couldn't believe there was another messed-up family like their own family. She thought she and Johnny should team up against Sonny and Trevor by using their own hatred against them.

While Jason talked on the phone to Max, Claudia approached him and asked to shoot some pool. Jason declined the invitation, but she asked why he was always in a hurry. They talked about their business and how they were both busy people. When Jason tried to leave, Claudia said she didn't even know his name. Jason said that should tell her something, and he left.

While Spinelli and Maxie were inside, Lulu sat outside Kelly's and read the paper. Spinelli thought they should warn Lulu about Logan, but Maxie feared she would tell Logan about their suspicions. They watched as Logan approached Lulu. Lulu asked Logan where he had been, and he revealed he had been searching for a job. He asked if she had seen Johnny, but she said she was staying with her brother and concentrating on school.

When Logan left, Lulu turned to go inside and saw Maxie and Spinelli spying on her. She walked past them and decided she didn't want to know what they were up to. Maxie soon left to talk to Robin about her progress with the mystery pill they'd found. As soon as Maxie was gone, Spinelli talked to Lulu and asked her to be careful. Lulu was curious but still didn't want to know what was going on. Spinelli revealed to her that he and Maxie had some suspicions about her "hostile and often high-strung suitor," a.k.a. Logan.

Lulu thought Maxie had set Spinelli up to the scheme and was even more convinced after she heard Spinelli's name for Maxie, "the wounded blonde one." Spinelli revealed all the evidence they had against Logan, but Lulu still wasn't buying it. He asked her to think if her heart would believe the Text Message Killer and Logan were not the same person. Lulu stormed off but returned and saw Jason looking at a computer with Spinelli. Jason was trying to get information about Claudia Zacchara. Spinelli pulled up a picture of Claudia with Jason.

Lulu went to Logan's apartment and watched him leave. Once the coast was clear, Lulu used her key to get inside. There were engine parts on the table, along with a pill bottle. Lulu went to the closet and found a black box inside. She opened it and saw a black mask and gloves. She stood up just as Logan opened the door.

Nikolas arrived at the hospital, where Liz greeted him. They talked about it being Spencer's birthday. They were both worried about the killer still being on the loose. Liz said she still didn't think he was responsible for Sam's hit-and-run. Sam overheard their conversation and told Nikolas he should listen to Liz about that.

Sam thought Nikolas should concentrate on getting well and being with his son. Nikolas said he couldn't be with his family because of his blackouts. Liz thought it was the perfect reason for getting the surgery. When Sam and Liz left, Nadine walked over and told Nikolas she knew why he was struggling with his decision. If he had the tumor removed, he would no longer be able to see Emily.

Robin and Ian arrived to check on Nikolas and see if he'd made any progress. When Maxie arrived, Robin asked for an update about the pill Maxie and Spinelli had found in Coop's bedroom. Ian looked at the pill and told them it was a research drug that was commonly used overseas with military servicemen and women. It was used for liver damage. Anyone could be a hero when they were taking those drugs, and there were very few side effects. People who took it regularly tended to carry a sweet smell on their body, though. Maxie was shocked.

While in the hall, Liz saw Nikolas, who didn't look very good. She asked him if he was okay. Nikolas fell to the ground, and Liz called for help. Nikolas had a flashback of the ball. He told Liz he could see Emily. Liz wanted to get Patrick, but Nikolas begged her to stay with him. He thought he saw someone else with Emily at the ball.

Sonny called Skye and left a message saying she had something he wanted. When he hung up the phone, Claudia stopped by and mentioned she was glad she hadn't arrived empty-handed, since there were other things he also wanted. She took off her coat to reveal a sexy red dress.

Carly and Kate both stood in front of the building on the docks. Meanwhile, Michael hid in an alley. He tried to throw the gun away, but it fell and went off.

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