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Monday, February 11, 2008

Brooke broke off the kiss with Nick, and they stared at each other. Nick said Brooke couldn't marry Ridge because it never worked out when she tried, and her place was with Nick. Brooke told him she was engaged to marry Ridge, and they shared a son, R.J. Nick offered to raise R.J. and Hope as his own. Brooke reminded him that R.J. was Ridge's child, not his. Nick said that everything they'd ever wanted was there -- all Brooke had to do was say she wanted it, and it was hers.

Nick said things happened for a reason, and they shared a son together. Brooke was visibly upset and told Nick that she couldn't talk about it with him. She started to leave, but Jack cried, and she stopped. Brooke walked to the crib, picked up Jack, and quieted him down. Nick watched and said that he'd never seen anything more beautiful than her holding their son. They sat on the bed with Jack, and Nick reminded Brooke that she shared a bond with Jack. He told Brooke that he loved her and wanted to share his life with her.

Brooke put Jack down to sleep, and Nick told her again how things happened for a reason. He said he knew they were meant to be together and that she knew it too. He asked her permission to hold her, and she shook her head yes. He drew her into his embrace as they both looked over each other's shoulders, looking content.

Taylor broke off her kiss with Rick and asked if she had done something to make him think she'd wanted the kiss. Rick said no, she hadn't, but he cared about her and had some feelings for her. He began to leave then turned, grinned, and giggled. Taylor laughed and asked him what his Cheshire grin was about. He told her it was about them and his urge to kiss her again.

Rick joked with Taylor about having her analyze why he wanted to kiss her. Taylor laughed and said she knew he was trying to make her feel better, but she wanted to know why he was there. Taylor smiled as Rick laid the flattery on thick. He said it didn't warrant him kissing her, but he should be disciplined, punished; she should feel free to slap him at any time on any cheek -- any one of the four would do.

Taylor laughed and told Rick that was weird. Rick said to think about what he'd said to her, as she had a lot to offer, and he didn't want any of it to go to waste. He kissed Taylor's cheek, said goodnight, and left.

In Eric's office, Eric and Donna had just made love on his couch. They talked about their deception of Stephanie as the phone rang. Eric answered it; it was security alerting him to Stephanie's arrival. Eric convinced a skeptical Donna that they could put on a show for Stephanie to convince her that they really were over. They scrambled and got dressed as Stephanie got off the elevator and exchanged small talk with a maintenance man.

Stephanie overheard Eric yelling at Donna to get all of her stuff out of Forrester Creations, or he was going to burn it. Donna begged and pleaded with him to listen, but he told her that Stephanie was right about Donna. She was not a sex addict; it was just a stupid excuse so she could jump into bed with every man she met.

Stephanie continued to eavesdrop outside Eric's door as Eric shoved a box of Donna's belongings from her office into her hands and told her to get out. Donna begged and pleaded with Eric to listen to her, but he said he was done listening to her lies; he was back with Stephanie where he belonged. Stephanie hid around the corner as Eric opened the door, turned, and told Donna it was over and she had better not be there when he got back.

Eric stormed off as Stephanie rounded the corner and walked into Eric's office. Donna turned around, saw Stephanie standing there, and bitterly asked her what she wanted. Stephanie said it was her lucky day -- she'd gotten to see that Donna and Eric were over with her own eyes.

Donna told Stephanie it was not a good time. Stephanie said she'd overheard the argument and had needed to see with her own eyes that things were over between Eric and Donna. She and Donna exchanged some insults, and Stephanie said she'd thought Donna was incapable of having genuine feelings for anyone, but she realized that Donna was able to truly care for someone.

Stephanie taunted Donna about her DNA and how neither she nor her sister would ever learn. Stephanie said she had fought for her family to keep them away from the Logans her entire life, and she was glad to finally be rid of them. Donna began to threaten Stephanie when Eric walked in and told her to stop, as he wouldn't have her speaking to his wife that way.

Donna tried to plead with Eric, but he stopped her. Eric told her that a wonderful woman had been wronged and that he was going to do everything he could to protect the love of his love for whatever time he had left. He walked past Donna to Stephanie's side as Stephanie thanked him for what he'd said. Stephanie gave Donna the boot, and Eric backed her up. A tearful Donna left as Eric hugged Stephanie.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At home with his three sisters, Storm told them that his therapy was helping him.

Storm admitted that he was overwhelmed with the guilt of having shot Stephanie. He also admitted that he had the urge to go to the police to tell them the truth. Storm, however, promised that he would not go to the police because he valued his freedom too much. Storm elected to stay in Los Angeles and continue the therapy rather than travel to Paris as their father, Stephen, had suggested. Stephen had wanted Storm to have his therapy with a famous therapist in Paris. Storm told his sisters that he felt more comfortable in L.A. with them.

Meanwhile, Brooke continued to think about the fact that Nick had asked her to return to him and become a mother to baby Jack. Donna noticed that Brooke's mind was elsewhere.

When Storm left, Katie and Brooke warned Donna that she needed to really end her relationship with Eric immediately. Brooke and Katie warned that Donna and Eric could slip up and that that Stephanie could find out they were still together. Brooke and Katie pleaded with Donna for Storm's sake to break it off with Eric until it was safe to resume their relationship.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia arrived for a meeting. They gave their consolation to Eric over his breakup with Donna. Donna called Eric on his cell phone and asked him to meet her immediately. Eric made up a vague excuse that he had to leave the office for business reasons.

When Eric left, Ridge asked Stephanie what was really going on with Eric. Ridge didn't understand why Eric would have ended his relationship with Donna because he loved her so deeply. Ridge told Stephanie that she should not be disappointed if Eric did not warm up to her. Ridge warned Stephanie that Eric was very in love with Donna, and it could be a while before he was over her. Stephanie assured Ridge that Eric and Donna's relationship was really over and that she had seen evidence of that herself.

Later, Brooke arrived at Forrester Creations, late for the meeting. When Stephanie was alone with Brooke, she questioned if Donna would really stay away from Eric. Stephanie indicated she was happy that Donna seemed to be keeping her end of the deal and had ended her relationship with Eric. Stephanie threatened Brooke that if Donna interfered with Stephanie's marriage, Stephanie would go to the police and inform them that it was Storm who had shot her.

At their secret meeting place, Donna told Eric of her concerns of Stephanie finding out about their relationship. Eric had the same concerns but told Donna that he did not want to give her up. Eric promised Donna that soon they could be together. As Donna and Eric made love, at the Forrester Creations office, Stephanie noticed that Eric had been gone from the office for quite some time and began to wonder where he was. Stephanie called the security office. They did not know where Eric had gone. Stephanie continued to wonder where Eric was.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ridge walked into Brooke's office and kissed her. He showed her some material he'd gotten in for her wedding dress and wanted to talk about her dress, but Brooke was reluctant. Brooke said something had happened and told Ridge the latest news about Taylor and Nick and that things were turned upside down. Ridge corrected her and said that things were upside down for Nick and Taylor but not for them.

Ridge said he was surprised that Taylor would leave the baby, as it was not like her to do that, but he guessed she had to have had a good reason. Brooke said she was worried about the baby and who would be a mother to him. Ridge told Brooke to let Nick and Taylor worry about it, as it was not their problem. As Katie walked in, Brooke asked Ridge if they could swing by on their way home to check on the baby. Ridge couldn't believe Brooke had asked that of him and wanted to know if she'd heard a word he'd said.

Ridge reminded Brooke that they shouldn't be involved. Brooke said she was just worried about Jack not having a mother. He asked Brooke if she thought of herself as Jack's mother, but before she answered, Katie, who hadn't been noticed, interrupted by knocking and announcing herself. Ridge's phone rang, and he was called to the cutting room, so he left the office, inquiring where Thorne was when he needed him.

Katie asked Brooke what she was doing, as Brooke had been in love with Ridge forever and was going to blow things with him if she kept it up. Brooke said Katie was being overdramatic. Brooke told Katie about Taylor's leaving and her concern for Jack not having a mother around, and Katie realized that was exactly what Nick wanted.

Nick was playing with Jack on the couch when the doorbell rang; it was Bridget. Bridget said she'd stopped to check up on Taylor, and Nick informed her that Taylor had moved out. Bridget said she was surprised Taylor had left the baby with Nick. Nick told her that things happened for a reason.

Nick explained to Bridget why Taylor had left, and Bridget's eyes opened wide when Nick told her he was still in love with Brooke. She asked him if Brooke knew, and he said yes. Bridget reminded Nick of Brooke and Ridge's relationship and their bond with R.J. Bridget asked Nick if he'd proposed to Brooke, and Nick told her he had in a roundabout way. She asked what Brooke had said, and Nick replied that Brooke hadn't answered yet.

Bridget looked uncomfortable as she told Nick it was not fun to hear him confess how he felt about her mother or to see him with Jack. She asked him if he ever thought about what things would be like had Nicole lived and if he ever even thought about her. Nick said he did every day, and they shared a tender moment as he hugged Bridget. She said he looked like he could use a friend, and he joked and asked if she was offering. Bridget said she'd always be there for him and Jack. Nick said he would always think of Bridget as more than a friend.

Katie told Brooke she could not just go and take care of Jack, as she had work, Ridge, Hope, and R.J. to take care of. Brooke said she'd always find time because Jack was her son, and she loved him. Katie asked if she loved Nick, too, and Brooke didn't answer. Katie told Brooke it was what she always did -- acted impulsively without regard for the consequences. Brooke said it was about love, and when Katie fell in love one day, she would understand.

Katie said she was tired of Brooke and Donna assuming she'd never been in love -- it was condescending. Brooke told Katie that Nick wanted her back, and Katie asked if she'd answered. Brooke said she hadn't, and Katie yelled at her for leaving something so big hanging. Katie told Brooke to think it through, because it could be her last chance with Ridge, and it was a huge decision. Quietly, Brooke said she needed to speak with Nick, and she left.

Katie finished a business call as Bridget walked in and inquired as to where Brooke was. Katie told her Brooke had needed to leave. Bridget and Katie exchanged pleasantries, and Katie invited Bridget to lunch, but Bridget was lost in her thoughts and didn't hear Katie. Katie asked what was wrong because Bridget looked upset.

Bridget said she was worried Brooke would make a huge mistake, and Katie asked if it was about Nick. Bridget realized Brooke had confided in Katie and thought Katie had encouraged Brooke to go back to Nick. Bridget looked relieved when Katie reassured her she hadn't and that she believed Brooke's future was with Ridge.

Nick walked to the patio doors and reminisced about his last conversation with Brooke. He was pulled back to the present when his doorbell rang, and he opened it and found Brooke standing there. Nick smiled as he asked if it was the Good News Gang or the Bad News Bears, but instead of answering, Brooke asked how they were doing. Brooke asked if he'd heard from Taylor, and Nick said she had called to ask about Jack and had sounded better.

Nick said he wanted to give Jack what he hadn't had growing up -- a stable, loving home without conditions and with two parents who loved each other. He told Brooke he loved her and that she was Jack's mother. He said he hoped she was there to tell him she wanted to be with him because if she didn't, there was no way she could convince him she didn't love him as much as he loved her. Brooke said she had searched her heart and soul and made a decision. She knew what she had to do.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bridget visited Nick and wondered aloud to Nick and later to Katie what might have been if Nick and Bridget's daughter, Nicole, had lived. Katie played matchmaker and tried to rekindle romance for Bridget and Nick by encouraging Bridget to go after her ex-husband, Nick. Katie's motive was to keep Brooke and Ridge together. Bridget agreed she still had feelings for Nick and admitted to feeling a strange attachment to baby Jack. She reasoned that it might be due to her role in the egg mix-up.

The Brooke marry-go-round continued as Brooke visited Nick to tell him she was going to marry Ridge, and she begged Nick to love her enough to let her go. They kissed and pawed one another, but Nick said he did love her enough to let her go -- if that was what she really wanted. He asked, "Is that what you really want?" Brooke cried and admitted it wasn't what she wanted. Kissing and hugging ensued.

Donna and Eric celebrated Valentine's Day with diamond earrings for her and a honey of a gift for Eric. Donna presented him with a bear full of honey in honor of her "Honey Bear" nickname for him. She said they'd be having fun with the honey. After a bout of honey-do lovemaking, Eric said he was grateful to have found her at his age, and Donna noted that he had plenty of energy and stamina.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie wondered aloud to Ridge if Eric had truly broken up with Donna. Ridge told his mom she couldn't be so suspicious of Eric if she wanted to keep him. Stephanie was more than a little suspicious. She'd found Eric's stash of Viagra and showed the bottle to Ridge. Stephanie noted that he was not popping the pills for her benefit.

Friday, February 15, 2008

At Nick's house, Brooke asked Nick if he loved her enough to please let her go. Nick said that he understood her position and that Ridge wasn't right for her, but he did love her enough to let her go if that was what Brooke wanted. Crying, Brooke told him no, and they fell into a passionate kiss. Brooke broke off the kiss and told Nick they couldn't. Nick said maybe not that day, but it was going to happen, and they both knew it. Brooke grabbed her purse and ran out the door.

Nick was playing with Jack when the doorbell rang; it was Bridget. Bridget said she had a long break at the hospital, so she'd thought she'd swing by and see how things were. She took Jack and sent Nick off to heat up a bottle as she played with the baby.

After feeding the baby, Bridget and Nick played with Jack on the couch. Bridget said she felt connected to both Jack and Nick and that Jack was lucky to have Nick as a father. Bridget put the baby down for a nap then asked Nick how things had gone with her mother. Nick told Bridget what had happened with Brooke but said it was not over between them -- not even close. Bridget looked uncomfortable.

Nick told Bridget that he had to do what was right for the boy. He said that he knew Brooke had loved Jack since she'd found out she was his biological mother, and he knew she'd change her mind and that they'd raise him together. Bridget walked over to him, held his arm, and said he'd be a wonderful father and would do an amazing job raising Jack. Nick smiled down at her, put his arm around her, and told her she was special. Bridget glowed with happiness when she looked down at Jack then back up at Nick.

In the Forrester mansion, Stephanie held Eric's prescription for Viagra. She told Ridge she could not believe Eric was lying to her and was still sleeping with Donna. She said that Eric had played her for a fool, and Donna would learn what it was like to lose someone she loved. Ridge said just because Eric was missing one pill didn't mean he was still with Donna. Stephanie laughed and asked what else it could mean because he was certainly not getting it on with her.

The phone rang, and Stephanie answered it. It was Rocky, the private investigator she'd hired. Rocky said he'd found Eric at an apartment on the other side of town. Stephanie hung up and repeated her phone conversation to Ridge. Ridge told Stephanie it was going to be painful, and Stephanie agreed it would be -- but not as painful as it would be for Donna.

At Brooke's house, a very happy Storm greeted Katie. Katie asked why he was so happy, and he said it was because he was grateful for every moment of his freedom, which he had thanks to Stephanie. Storm walked away as Katie watched him uncomfortably.

Storm and Katie were sitting on the couch, reading, when Brooke walked in. Storm inquired if she was okay, as she looked tired. Brooke assured him she was fine, just that it had been a long day. Katie reiterated what Brooke had said and told Storm things were fine. He took their word for it and said he had to leave for another therapy appointment. He thanked his sisters for helping him and left.

Katie waited until the door closed and told Brooke she looked "like hell" then asked how things had gone with Nick. Brooke said that her future was with Ridge and the kids. Katie said Brooke had done the right thing, but Brooke wasn't convinced. She admitted she was worried about Nick and Jack being alone and not having anyone there to help. Katie reassured Brooke that Nick would have all the help he needed, just not from Brooke. Brooke asked what Katie meant, and Katie said that Nick had a lot of people who loved and cared about him and the baby, especially Jackie.

Brooke asked Katie if she thought Storm was okay, and Katie said he seemed fine. They both expressed concern that his freedom hinged on Stephanie. Brooke asked where Donna was, and Katie said she had no idea but hoped, for Storm's sake, that Donna was not with Eric. Katie said that Donna was selfish being with Eric when it was Storm's life at sake. Brooke said angrily that Donna had better not slip up.

At their hideaway, Donna and Eric were in bed, making small talk. Eric was pleased that he and Donna were beating Stephanie at her own game. They fell into a kiss and started making love.

Donna told Eric how much she loved him. She grabbed Eric's palm and pretended she was a palm reader. She predicted they'd be in love for a very, very long time, with Stephanie out of the picture. She said she was proud to be with Eric, loved him very much, and wanted to shout it from the rooftop. Eric said that once their game was done, he would join her in shouting their love for one another.

Eric and Donna were napping when Stephanie started banging on the door, announcing herself and asking them to open up. Donna put on a robe, opened the door, and asked what Stephanie wanted. Stephanie said she knew Eric was there and searched Donna's apartment. Stephanie demanded Donna tell her the truth, and Donna told her to leave.

Stephanie saw Donna looking nervously at the window, so she turned around and tried to open it. Outside the window, a naked Eric stood nervously on the ledge, clutching his clothes.

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