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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Will and Gwen return home from their first mini-date away from baby Hallie and they find Barbara asleep on the couch. Barbara wakes when the two come in and they thank her for watching Hallie. Gwen goes into the bedroom to check on the baby and finds the crib empty. She rushes back into the living room frantically asking where Hallie has gone. Will asks his mom how she could let this happen and Barbara is at first confused, but then realizes Sofie must have taken Hallie. She tells Will and Gwen about Sofie's earlier attempt to see Hallie and concludes that Sofie must have returned and taken the baby while she slept. Gwen is convinced that if she calls Sofie that she will bring Hallie back. She tries to phone Sofie, but Sofie refuses to pick up. Will and Gwen decide to go to the Lakeview to look for Sofie, while Barbara agrees to stay at the house to wait for any news.

In the meantime, Sofie exits the elevator at the Lakeview holding Hallie. She comforts the baby girl and reassures her that everything will be okay, since Sofie is her mother. Later we see Sofie sitting on a bus and holding her baby as she ignores all calls from Gwen.

Will and Gwen arrive at the Lakeview to look for Sofie and run into Aaron, who is getting off work at the Lakeview bar. He learns from the two that Sofie has taken Hallie and agrees to help them look for their baby girl. In a desperate attempt to find Sofie and Hallie, the three go upstairs to Sofie's room and Aaron lets them in with a master key. They search the room and find Sofie has packed up all of her things and they now firmly believe she has run away with Hallie. Aaron agrees to call Sofie to find out where she is. When Sofie sees the call is from Aaron, she decides to pick up. The two start out having a normal conversation, but when Aaron asks her if she took Hallie, Sofie tells him that the baby is hers and she has every right to be with her. Aaron asks her where she is and all Sofie will tell him is that she has the baby and they are never coming back to Oakdale.

Will, Gwen, and Aaron go to the police station and tell Margo that Sofie has taken Hallie. They explain the entire story and Margo tells them she will issue a statewide Amber alert for Sofie and Hallie. A distraught Will and Gwen aren't convinced that Margo has done enough, but she explains the procedure and then sends them home to wait for news. Aaron stays behind to help in the search for Sofie.

Will and Gwen arrive home and find Barbara crying. Will scolds his mother for falling asleep while watching their baby. She leaves the two after they promise to call with any news about the baby. Alone in their home, Gwen explains to Will that she knows why Sofie took the baby and remembers how she felt when she took Johnny from Carly. Gwen blames herself for letting Sofie have so much time with Hallie, but Will tries to persuade her that it isn't her fault. Aaron arrives at the house and tells the two that he believes he knows how to find Sofie. He explains she once ran away to Chicago, and gives Will and Gwen the address where he found her before. The two decide to go to Chicago to see if Sofie has returned there.

Paul and Emily arrive at Chris's hotel room and they let themselves in with the key Emily had when she lived with Chris. The two discuss their plan to put a listening device in Chris's room in the hopes he admits he is behind Dusty's murder and Bob's poisoning. While in the room, Emily hears Chris coming down the hall and Paul hides in the closet. When Chris opens the door, he is angry to find Emily in his room and immediately tells her to get out. Emily tells Chris she is there to apologize and she misses him. Chris refuses to believe her and tells her to leave, but Emily tries to seduce Chris. He is reluctant to accept her apology and sexual advances at first, but when she continues to come on to him, Chris relents. The two begin to make love and the entire time Emily tries to convince Chris that she never believed the terrible things Dusty said about Chris poisoning Bob. Chris strips Emily of most of her clothes and then abruptly stops kissing her and asks, "Where's the bug?" A shocked Emily denies spying on Chris, but he doesn't believe her and starts to tear the room apart looking for a listening device. Emily tries to get him to stop, but Chris finds the bug behind the headboard and grabs Emily. She yells for him to let go, as Paul rushes out of the closet and tells Chris to get his hands off of Emily. The two men begin to fight, but Emily breaks it up. Both men threaten to call the police, but instead Chris throws the pair out.

Paul and Emily head downstairs, where Emily explains to Paul that she and Chris had a deal not to tell anyone what they knew about the other's involvement with Dusty. She is convinced that now that Chris knows she has told Paul, he will tell the police about her problems with Dusty. Emily explains that they need to find the lab tech who was running tests for Dusty so they can prove that Chris was involved with poisoning his father and killing Dusty. Paul wants to go to the police, but Emily initially refuses, since she knows that Chris could reveal her past as a prostitute.

Emily heeds Paul's advice and heads to the station to talk to Margo. She tells Margo that there may be a link between Dusty's murder and Bob's stroke. Emily explains that Dusty believed that Chris was trying to incapacitate his father so he could take over the hospital. Margo tells Emily that they have been trying to contact the lab tech Dusty was working with, but have been unable to get ahold of him. Margo is curious why Emily has waited so long to come to her with this information. Emily tells her she couldn't say anything before because she had a deal with Chris, but finally reveals the truth of her prostitution to Margo. A shocked Margo is doubtful of Chris's involvement in Bob's stroke and then criticizes Emily for making such bad choices. Margo and Emily are certain they need to find the lab tech to find if he has evidence to exonerate Holden and Emily, or if the evidence might pin suspicion on Chris.

Paul waits at the Lakeview and overhears a meeting between Chris and Evan in the hotel bar. Chris details his latest run-in with Emily and Paul and both he and Evan agree that Emily's allegations could cause problems for their joint venture, Memo 21. Evan voices the idea that Emily must be taken care of, but Chris thinks that his warning will keep her from making any trouble for the two.

Noah and Luke enjoy a coffee at Java, and Noah tries to comfort Luke as he stresses over his father's arrest. Noah encourages Luke to focus on helping his mom and dad. As the two are talking, a friend of Luke's from college, Reg, comes into Java and Luke introduces him to Noah. Luke explains that Reg is the president of the Oakdale University alliance for homosexuals. Reg invites Luke and Noah to a friend's house for a weekend getaway with other gay couples and gives the two a moment to talk it over. Noah thinks the time away at the lake house, might be just what Luke needs to relax. The two are also excited by the idea of getting a chance to share a bed together. They discuss their relationship and the lack of alone time they have. Luke tells Noah how much he loves him and wants to be with him, but he is worried about going away when his father is being accused of Dusty's murder. Noah is understanding and realizes that this isn't the time for a romantic getaway.

Later in Old Town, Luke tells Noah that he called his dad, and Holden told him to go ahead and go on the trip with Noah. Luke is excited at the prospect of meeting other gay couples and spending time alone with his boyfriend. Noah is equally thrilled with the prospect of a passionate weekend with Luke. The two run into Reg and his boyfriend, Tony, and tell them they will happily accept Reg's invitation to the lake house. Noah heads out to pick up supplies for a class as Luke continues to talk with Reg and Tony about the upcoming trip. Luke looks a bit apprehensive after hearing the two describe the parties that take place at the lake. Noah returns to find Luke alone and when Luke explains that the party sounds a bit wild, the two decide they will leave the partying to the other boys and just focus on getting a little alone time.

Back at the farm, Noah and Luke decide not to go to the party. They feel that it really isn't their crowd and that their time together will be better spent once Holden is cleared of harming Dusty and they can focus on each other with friends they have more in common with.

At the Snyder farm, Lily and Holden try to figure out how to clear Holden of the charges of Dusty's murder. Lily asks Holden to let her get one of Lucinda's attorneys to represent him, but Holden refuses because he fears they will make him accuse Lily. Holden reassures his wife he isn't going to jail, but more importantly he will make sure she is never a suspect. Lily admits to Holden that it is hard to get used to him being on her side since just weeks ago they were bitterly fighting. Holden remarks that everything has changed and they need to focus on their family. Just then, Lily receives a phone call from an unknown number and the man on the other end tells her he has a message for her from Dusty Donavan. Lily wants to know who the man is and he explains he is Neil Perkins, the lab tech Dusty hired to analyze Bob's coffee cup. He explains that he can't go to the police with the information he has and that Dusty had told him to go to her in case anything happened to him. He asks Lily to meet him at Yo's in twenty minutes and warns her to come alone. Lily thinks this might be the break they have been waiting for and tries to go alone, but agrees to take Holden with her to meet Neil to find out what information he has.

At Yo's, Lily and Holden wait anxiously for Neil to arrive. While the two sit in the bar, Lily relates her last experience at Yo's to Holden and explains that this is where she started her day the time she overdosed. As the wait continues, they begin to doubt Neil is coming, but a stranger arrives with a note from Neil telling her that she was supposed to come alone. Her phone rings again and Neil tells her that she has once last chance to meet him alone at his car or he will disappear with the information. Holden is reluctant to let Lily go by herself, but she convinces him she can do it.

Lily arrives at the man's car, but finds he is not there. Lily waits for a time alone and is startled by Holden when he grabs her shoulder. She tells him she wanted to do this on her own. He explains she has been waiting long enough and he believes she is being set up. Holden notices the man's car is unlocked and finds his keys inside the car. Holden uses the keys to open the trunk and finds Neil inside. Neil is obviously injured and might even be dead.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At Metro, Sam tells Carly they need to book more bands to perform at the club, because they only have one booked for the weekend. He thinks they should go to Chicago, because he has contacts there. Carly doesn't think it would be a good idea for the two of them to take a road trip together. Instead, she suggests Sam take Kit. Carly leaves to meet with Parker for hot chocolate at Java. Carly tells Parker that Sam and Kit will be out of town for a few days. She asks Parker if he'd like to work at the club with her while they're gone. Parker agrees and seems happy about it.

Meanwhile, Sam takes matters into his own hands and calls the band that is booked to play at Metro that weekend. He cancels the gig. Sam then tells Kit that the band called and cancelled the booking. Kit is worried about the money they'll lose if they don't have live entertainment. Sam tells Kit he'll be the live entertainment if she will go to Chicago on her own to look for more acts. Kit agrees, reluctantly. Carly and Parker walk in, and Sam gives Carly the bad news about the cancellation. He offers to perform instead, and Carly agrees that there's nothing else they can do. Parker can't believe it and walks out, upset.

Carly follows Parker and tries to convince him that Sam didn't have anything to do with the band canceling their engagement, but Parker is unconvinced. He leaves, and Carly goes to Java. Kit finds Carly there and tells her she appreciates Carly keeping Sam at Metro despite Jack and Parker's feelings. Kit tells Carly that she and Sam have been together a long time, but Kit knows Sam has a roving eye. Kit says that doesn't matter to her as long as Sam doesn't become involved with another woman. She asks if she can trust Carly with her man. Carly says as far as she can see, Sam only has eyes for Kit.

Parker goes back to Metro, where he overhears Sam talking to a member of the band whose gig was cancelled. Parker sees Sam pay the man for one night's performance and hears Sam tell the man not to come back again. Parker realizes Sam is the one who cancelled the band's appearance. After the band member leaves, Parker accuses Sam of lying and says he has proof. Sam tells Parker that Jack and Carly won't believe him if he accuses Sam of doing something wrong yet again. Sam tells Parker that if he keeps telling stories, Jack and Carly will have no choice but to send Parker away. Sam says if Parker keeps his mouth shut, he won't tell Jack and Carly about Parker's little "spy games." Parker says he doesn't need any favors from Sam, and he leaves. Sam gets Cowboy Jack out, and Cowboy Jack tells Sam he'll have to get rid of Parker because he's trouble. Sam says he knows just what to do, but Cowboy Jack's not going to like it.

After Parker leaves, Kit returns to Metro. Sam tells Kit he shut Metro down early because he wants a romantic evening with her before she leaves for Chicago. Meanwhile, Carly finds Cowboy Jack burning in her fireplace at home.

Lily and Holden are at the police station, where they have gone to tell Margo about the body they found in the car trunk. Margo tells them the preliminary forensics report indicates the man, Neil Perkins, died of a lethal injection, like Dusty. Since that's how Dusty died, Margo wonders just how involved Lily and Holden were. Lily tells Margo that Neil called her to say he was analyzing residue he found on a coffee mug, and Dusty told him to contact Lily if anything happened to him. Holden points out that he and Lily wouldn't have come to the police station if they were guilty of murder. Margo tells them they can go but warns them not to leave town.

Dallas tells Margo they've got Neil's computer and are going through the files on it. Margo tells him to look for anything that could point to Dusty's killer. Dallas asks if this means she believes Holden and Lily's story. Margo says she doesn't think they would turn themselves in if they were guilty. When Dallas asks whom Margo suspects, she reluctantly says Chris.

Lily and Holden go to Al's for coffee. Holden thinks Lily could be in danger. He calls Lucinda, who joins them at the diner. They tell her about the dead lab technician, and Holden points out that Lily is a link to both Dusty and the lab tech. He says he's afraid Lily might be the next one hurt or killed. Lily asks Lucinda who at the hospital could be this desperate. Lucinda says she can't believe Chris Hughes would be capable of doing all of this, but she doesn't know who else would. Holden asks if Lucinda can take Lily out of town, for Lily's protection. Lucinda says she knows a good medical spa where they could go. Lily protests, but Holden and Lucinda tell her she doesn't have any say in the decision.

Lucinda gets a call from Meg, who says she urgently needs to see Lucinda out at the farm. After assuring Holden and Lily that they'll all be all right, Lucinda goes to the farm. Meg tells her she's been doing some thinking about the company, and she wants to right a wrong by giving it back to Lucinda. Lucinda is thrilled to hear this news. Lucinda says, "I just wish that you'd done it months ago, before..." Meg asks, "Before what?" but Lucinda says it doesn't matter now. They make arrangements to meet in the morning to handle the paperwork, and Lucinda leaves. Lucinda makes a call on her cell phone and tells someone that she needs to see them right away. When they meet at the hospital, Lucinda tells the person, "We're going to call the whole thing off."

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Craig and Chris talk about Emily's accusation that Chris is responsible for Dusty's murder. Chris tells Craig that Emily is working with Paul. Craig tells Chris to concentrate on the work he's doing at the hospital, and Craig will take care of Emily and Paul. At the bar, Emily tells Paul that Margo didn't seem to believe her accusations about Chris. Craig walks up and interrupts them. He tells Emily to be careful what rumors she spreads. After Craig leaves, Paul and Emily discuss what Craig's motive would be for killing Dusty. They decide the fact that Craig's company was backing the Memo-21 project is reason enough, because Craig would want to protect his investment.

Margo goes to the hospital to talk to Chris. Chris is very upset that his sister-in-law is accusing him of murder. Margo says it's Emily who's accusing him, but Chris says Margo should consider the source and not believe a word Emily says. Margo reminds him it's her job to follow every lead.

At the farm, Luke comes home and finds Meg in the kitchen. They discuss their love lives. Meg is happy for Luke that he's found Noah. Luke tells Meg it sounds like she misses Paul. She admits that she does, but says their relationship is complicated. Meg says Luke and Noah seem to be getting very close. Luke says they're not as close as they'd like to be, because of Emma's rules about separate bedrooms. However, Luke says it's probably best that he and Noah are taking things slowly. He tells Meg about the weekend party he and Noah were invited to, but he says it sounded like it would be too wild. Luke says he wants his first time with Noah to be special.

Paul goes to the farm to see Meg. He tells her that he thinks Craig might be behind Dusty's murder. Paul says if they can prove that Craig is responsible for Dusty's murder, then Holden will be off the hook. Meg says she has no control over Craig anymore. Paul says that's not true, because Meg still owns Montgomery Enterprises. He tells Meg that if she pulls the company out from under Craig, the Memo-21 project will lose its funding, and whoever is responsible for Dusty's murder will show their true colors. Paul tells Meg to do this for herself, to find out who really murdered Dusty and to clear Holden's name. He kisses Meg on the cheek and leaves.

Emily finds Craig in the lobby of the Lakeview. She tells Craig that she thinks Chris tried to murder his own father and then killed Dusty because he suspected Chris. Craig tells Emily that story is too strange even for her tabloid publication, but Emily insists Craig is backing the wrong horse by supporting Chris. Craig tells Emily that she's the one who had an affair with Dusty that ended in a very bad, very public way, so she's the one who should be accused of killing Dusty.

Paul meets Emily back at the Lakeview, and Emily tells him her encounter with Craig didn't go very well. Paul says he thinks he convinced Meg to pull Montgomery Enterprises from Craig. He says Memo-21 will lose its funding, and the whole research project will collapse. Paul says if that happens, somebody will "get ticked off enough that they'll show their hand; then, we can catch ourselves a killer." Chris approaches Emily and Paul and warns Emily that she's not going to get away with accusing him of murder.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

After returning home from Metro, Carly finds Sam's puppet, Cowboy Jack, ablaze in her fireplace. She rushes over and pulls the dummy out and tries to put the fire out. She hollers Parker's name, assuming he is the one behind Cowboy Jack's fate. Parker comes downstairs and immediately tells her he didn't do anything. Carly doesn't believe her son and calls Jack to help deal with the situation. When Jack arrives, Parker continues to proclaim his innocence, but because of his recent run-ins with Sam, neither Jack nor Carly believe him. A phone call from Sam asking Carly if she has seen Cowboy Jack only adds to Jack and Carly's suspicion of Parker. When Parker realizes who is on the phone, he grabs it away from his mother and demands that Sam confess to setting him up. Sam plays dumb and refuses to change his story. Jack pulls the phone from Parker and apologizes to Sam. Jack and Carly try to talk to Parker and get him to admit he stole the doll again, but Parker tries to explain that all of this is Sam's plan to get him out of town so Sam can get closer to Carly. Jack sends Parker to his room to cool down and talks with Carly to figure out what to do with their son. Jack decides to call Parker's therapist and when she arrives, she explains that Parker needs more therapy, but even more than that, he needs time with his entire family together to give him a sense of security. She goes upstairs to talk to Parker. Carly and Jack decide they will work together to help Parker, and Carly admits she needs to quit Metro to help the process. Jack tries to talk her out of giving up Metro, but Carly is convinced it is the right thing for her family. She leaves to return Sam's dummy and tell Sam and Kit that she is leaving the business.

Carly arrives at Metro and returns Cowboy Jack to Sam who is there alone. She explains she is quitting Metro, but Sam says he can't let her do that. Carly details for Sam the importance of giving up the club to try to save Parker. Sam is upset, but can't change Carly's mind. Once Carly leaves, Sam talks to the burned up Cowboy Jack and they agree that if he wants to be with Carly, he needs to get her away from her family, especially her son, Parker.

At home, Jack tells Parker that Carly is giving up her part of the business. Parker is hesitant to believe Carly would give up Metro for him, but Jack tries to convince him that nothing is more important to him and Carly than their children. When Carly returns home, she tells Jack she quit and that she knows they can do this together. She tells him she realizes they aren't together as a couple, but as a family for their kids. Jack stops her and tells her that they will get through this. Jack calls Parker down and gives him a hug and tells him he loves him. Carly does the same and they seem to be on the path to being a happy family.

Gwen and Will continue their search for Sofie and baby Hallie. They are in Chicago and are looking in the neighborhood that Aaron said he found Sofie in the last time she left Oakdale. They question a woman on the street, who says she believes Sofie lived in the area at one time. The two ask if she has seen Sofie recently and the woman admits she hasn't seen Sofie since she moved. They continue to ask around, but become discouraged when no one else recognizes the photo. Will checks in with Margo and learns that there is no news about the baby or Sofie. Margo tells the two that going to Chicago was not a good idea and that they should return home and let the police handle finding Sofie and Hallie. Gwen isn't convinced the police will do enough to find their daughter and continues her search. Will finally convinces his wife that they need to return home to wait for news.

Gwen and Will arrive home and reminisce about their baby girl. Will gives his wife a bathing suit for their daughter and tells her that he knows by next summer they will be sharing warms days at the beach as a family. Gwen is comforted by Will's words, but not convinced that everything will be all right.

Aaron arrives at the Lakeview and learns from his boss that the police were there looking for Sofie. He explains that he gave them the information from her employment records, but refuses to show Aaron the papers when he asks. Aaron explains that he needs to see where Sofie might have gone so he can help her. When his boss hears Aaron's plea, he agrees to let Aaron see her application. Aaron looks through her paperwork and learns that there is really nothing there to offer any help in locating Sofie and Hallie.

In the meantime, Sofie has arrived in New York, not Chicago, and looks around at the immensity of the city she has just entered. A police officer, questions if Sofie and the baby are fine and her curt response seems to spark suspicion in the cop, as he watches her from afar. Sofie begins to walk the cold streets with her baby, looking for a place to stay. When Hallie begins to cry Sofie struggles to find a pacifier and loses her wallet while trying to comfort her daughter. As Sofie walks along talking to Hallie, she realizes she has lost her wallet. When Hallie begins to cry again, Sofie becomes flustered and decides to call Aaron for help. Aaron tells Sofie he will help her, but she insists she will only let him help if he promises not to tell anyone where she has gone and he agrees. She tells him she is in Central Park and that she has lost all of her money and needs help.

Some time later, Aaron arrives in Central Park and tells Sofie he will help with the baby and then they need to go home. Sofie says she can't go back, but Aaron insists he can fix everything. Sofie maintains she just needs money and then she will go to Canada with the baby, but Aaron explains if she goes back now she can change her mind about the adoption and not spend her life on the run from the police. Sofie begs Aaron for one normal night with her baby, but Aaron says he can't let Will and Gwen worry for one minute longer. Sofie relents and says she just needs a minute to change the baby before they go back. As she walks away to the restroom, Aaron calls Gwen and Will and tells them the good news. The two are overjoyed and agree to wait for Aaron to return with Sofie and Hallie. Once he ends his call to Will and Gwen, Aaron looks for Sofie and realizes she lied to him and has run off again with Hallie. Aaron calls Will and apologizes for losing track of Sofie. Will shares the bad news with Gwen who looks devastated.

At Memorial, Lucinda meets with Evan and learns that her cohort is responsible for poisoning Bob and killing Dusty and Neal. He claims that he did what had to be done to continue his research. Evan eerily locks the door and closes the blinds to the lab and turns on Lucinda. She asks if he has lost his mind, but Evan tells her that his research is more important than three lives. Evan shoves Lucinda on to a chair and removes a syringe from his coat pocket and holds it ominously close to Lucinda. She tries to talk him out of harming her by telling him that she will help him get away and to continue his research somewhere else. Evan is persuaded and tells Lucinda he wants 10 million dollars and a private jet to take him someplace with no extradition. Lucinda agrees and says she will do it first thing in the morning, but Evan wants it done immediately.

At the farm, Holden tries to send Lily to a spa getaway in the hopes of getting her out of Oakdale, but Lily overhears and cancels his plans. She insists she wants to stay in town with her husband and won't go until she knows who is behind Dusty's murder. Holden reminds Lily that the killer may be after her next and he just wants to protect her. Lily believes Holden is in just as much danger, but he is not concerned for his own safety, just hers. Holden tries to convince Lily to go and decides to go out to the barn to give her time to think it over and take care of some chores. Right after Holden leaves, Lily gets a call from her mother, who is pretending she is calling her banker to get the money for Evan. Lily realizes her mother is in trouble, but doesn't quite understand and leaves to go to Memorial to see what is going on.

Lily arrives at the hospital and goes to Evan's lab where he pulls her into the room. Evan brandishes the syringe at the ladies and Lucinda tells Lily that she wanted her to go for help. Lily finally realizes what is going on and that Evan is behind the recent mayhem in Oakdale. Evan explains to Lily that Lucinda was the one who brought him to town and told him to do whatever it took to get her company back. Lily is furious that her mother brought this monster to Oakdale, but Lucinda explains she didn't know Evan was a lunatic. She only brought him to set up a medical project that would fail and bring down Craig's company. Lucinda's phone rings and Evan lets her answer when she and Lily explain that Holden will come looking for them if they don't talk to him. When Lucinda starts to drop hints, Evan pulls the phone from her and tells them it is time for them to help him get out of town. When Evan grabs Lily and holds the syringe to her neck, Lucinda agrees to be his hostage, while Lily gets the money and plane in order. Evan decides he needs two hostages and that they need to figure out another way to get the money. Lily persuades Evan that the only other person who can get the money is Holden and that she needs to call him to arrange everything.

Holden arrives at the police station and tells Margo that Lily is in trouble. Just then, he gets the call from Lily explaining that she needs ten million dollars in cash and that he can't tell anyone. Holden understands and explains to Margo that the call is from Lily and everything is fine, but Margo senses something is wrong and decides to follow Holden. Back in the lab, Evan looks for Holden as he continues to threaten Lucinda and Lily. When Holden arrives he knocks on the door and Evan grabs the duffle bag and closes the door behind him, leaving Holden in the hall. He checks the money and tells Lucinda it is time for the company jet. When he peeks into the hall, he sees the cops have followed Holden and grabs Lily, threatening her with the needle.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Luke and Noah meet for lunch and talk about their sexual attraction to one another. They fantasize about how it should be the first time they are together.

Meg pays a visit to Craig at their old room at the Lakeview, but it's strictly business. She tells him that as of tomorrow he will no longer be the CEO of Montgomery Enterprises because she has decided to sign the corporation over to its rightful owner, Lucinda. Craig is furious, but Meg is firm. Craig can't understand why this sudden decision, and Meg tells him it is because of Dusty's murder. She is not convinced that Craig was not involved in it somehow.

Emily runs into Paul and tells him that Dusty's killer has taken Lily and Lucinda hostage in a room in Memorial Hospital. Paul informs her that Meg is returning Lucinda's company back to her and he is also hopeful Meg will come back to him. He then calls Meg and asks her to come to the lobby where he tells her about the hostage situation. They head to Memorial as Meg is concerned about Lily's safety.

Outside room 408 at the hospital, Holden is furious that Margo and the police have trailed him there for the ransom drop. Inside the room, Evan tells Lucinda to get her private jet fueled and waiting on the runway for him. Lucinda tries to talk him down and Lily begins to clue in that Lucinda has some involvement in Evan's research plans perhaps as a way to regain Worldwide. Holden begins shouting through the door to Evan and Lucinda calls out Evan's identity to the police who do not know the hostage-taker's identity. Chris arrives and is stunned to learn, along with the police, that it is Evan who is the murderer. Margo persuades Chris to go inside and try to talk Evan into coming out.

Evan lets in Chris but Evan is out of control and furious that Chris is not supporting his actions. Give it up, says Chris, but Evan threatens Lily with the poisonous syringe and throws Chris out. While Evan's back is turned, Lily grabs a scalpel from a medical cart in the room and hides it behind her. She makes a move on Evan, but he overpowers her.

Holden calls WOAK on his cell and asks for the station helicopter to fly onto the hospital helipad to transport Evan and his hostages to Lucinda's plane. Lucinda tries to make a deal with Evan to fund his research if he will only let Lily go. The three of them exit the room and make for the stairway to the roof. Evan bolts the rooftop door from the outside as the helicopter hovers overhead. Evan lets Lily go and grabs Lucinda instead and Lily jumps him. In the struggle, the needle and syringe impales itself in Evan's chest.

The Oakdale PD breaks down the door and rush onto the roof, accompanied by Chris. Chris pronounces Evan dead and the women unhurt. Margo is curious about why Evan Walsh chose Oakdale in the first place for his research headquarters and asks Lucinda if she had any prior contact with Evan before he came to Oakdale. Lucinda lies and answers no. Margo tells Lucinda she will be in touch with her with questions. Lily then quizzes her mother on her involvement in Evan's scheme. Lucinda admits she brought Evan to town but that her motives were based on reacquiring her company. Emily and Chris have a conversation that starts well but ends in Chris' telling her that he is definitely finished with her.

Craig appears on the roof and tells Lucinda that Montgomery Enterprises will never be hers again. He is suspicious that somehow Lucinda was behind Evan's actions. The former hostages go back to the fourth floor of the hospital where Paul and Meg are happy to see them. Paul and Meg hug, and that prompts a declaration of love from Paul, but Meg says they can never be together.

Holden takes Lily back to the farm where they end up having a meaningful conversation and embracing one another. The girls, Faith and Natalie, arrive home, having seen the news on television.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Luke joins Lily, Holden, Faith, and Natalie at the farm. After sending the girls out of the room, Lily fills Luke in on the details of the ordeal Evan Walsh put her and Lucinda through. Luke is relieved to find out Dusty's killer has been exposed, which means Holden's name has been cleared. He asks why Holden didn't do more to protest his innocence; Lily says Holden was trying to protect her. Lucinda arrives and asks if she's welcome at the farm. Luke doesn't understand why she wouldn't be. Lucinda makes it sound as though she just didn't want to interrupt a family moment.

When Lucinda goes to get something from her car, Luke follows her and asks her what's really going on. Lucinda says she blames herself for what Evan Walsh did, because of her connection to him. Luke assures her that she could not have anticipated what happened any more than anyone else at the hospital or on the board of directors could have. He tells his grandmother to remember that she and Lily were the victims, and he's glad they got out alive. Lucinda points out that Dusty wasn't that lucky.

Inside, Meg joins the rest of the family in the kitchen, and Holden asks her why she was with Paul at the hospital. Meg tells Holden that Paul wanted to help clear Holden's name. Holden says he hopes that isn't enough to make Meg want to be with Paul again. Meg says she still loves Paul, but she knows she can't be in a relationship with him because he's no good for her. Holden tells Meg she's not alone, because her whole family is there to support her.

Luke goes back inside and tells his mom that Lucinda is upset. Meg offers to check on Lucinda, saying she has something that will make Lucinda feel better. Outside, Meg offers Lucinda the paperwork to transfer Montgomery Enterprises back to her. Meg is shocked when Lucinda pushes the paperwork back at Meg and claims she doesn't want the company anymore.

Inside the farmhouse, Holden tells Lily it's time to start all over again. Lily asks if he means alone or with her. Holden tells her that the only way he can start over with her is if she promises not to keep secrets from him anymore.

Meg goes inside and tells Holden and Lily that Lucinda has turned down her offer to return the company. Lily suggests that perhaps her mother feels the events with Evan Walsh have tainted the company somehow. Lily tells Lucinda, "Maybe it's time for all of us to make a fresh start. Meg's giving you another chance; I think you should take it." Privately, Lucinda tells Lily not to let Lucinda's mistakes jeopardize Lily's relationship with Holden. Lily says she'll keep her mother's secret (that she's the person who brought Evan Walsh to town) on one condition-that she sign the paperwork to take back her company. Lucinda does, and she tells Lily that she'll try to make her proud again.

After Lucinda leaves, Lily tells Holden that she does want to start over, but she confesses that she has a secret. Lily tells Holden the secret is one she can't share with him because it's not hers to tell. Holden asks whose secret it is, and she says it's her mother's. Lily says if she tells Holden, it would involve him in another legal mess. Holden tells Lily that he'll have to trust her enough to not ask for any more details. Surprised, Lily asks if he means that, and Holden says he does. He says they need to start over "right now, right here."

At the hospital, Chris apologizes to his dad for having gone ahead with the Memo-21 project and admits he was wrong to go behind Bob's back. He asks his father to forgive him, and Bob does, but Bob points out that others might not be as forgiving in light of all that has occurred under Chris's watch. He suggests Chris might find it easier to leave Oakdale and start all over again someplace else.

Will and Gwen go to see Margo at the police station. They tell her that Aaron has gone to New York City and found Sofie, but Sofie managed to get away from him. Margo calls the authorities in New York and tells Gwen and Will that the best thing they can do is to go home and wait. They leave, reluctantly.

In New York, a police officer questions Sofie about why her baby is outside in the cold weather crying so much. Sofie says she's the baby's mother and is taking good care of her. The officer thinks the baby is sick and that perhaps Sofie has no insurance and doesn't know what to do. He tells her any ER will have to treat her whether or not she can pay, and he offers to take her to the nearest hospital. As he makes a call on his phone, Sofie slips away with the baby.

Sofie finds a business card for Chris Hughes in her pocket. She calls Chris and tells him the baby has a fever. Chris asks her to bring the baby in so he can examine her, but Sofie tells him they're not in Oakdale. Concerned, Chris asks if Sofie is with Gwen and Will, but Sofie hangs up. Chris calls Sofie back and tells her the baby's fever needs to be treated. He asks her to bring Hallie home. Sofie tells him Oakdale is no longer her baby's home. Chris tells Sofie that one of the toughest parts of being a parent is knowing when to put your child's needs ahead of your own. Sofie hangs up again, but she takes out the plane tickets to Oakdale that Aaron had given her.

A car drives by Sofie and the baby, and the driver offers her a ride to the airport. Sofie gets into the car as Aaron comes up the street, shouting for her to wait. Aaron watches as the car drives off, then he calls Gwen and Will and tells them what just happened. After they hang up, Gwen listens to a message from Chris about his phone calls with Sofie. On the message, Chris tells Will and Gwen that it appears the baby is sick.

Will and Gwen rush to the hospital, where Chris tells them he doesn't know exactly where Sofie is. Will says he's going to get on a plane and go to New York to find her, but Sofie comes walking around the corner, holding the baby. Gwen tries to take the baby from her, but Sofie won't let her. Instead, she gives Hallie to Chris, who asks both Gwen and Sofie to wait in the hall while he examines Hallie.

Gwen is very upset that Sofie took the baby away. Sofie reminds Gwen that she and Will promised her she could spend time with her baby, and then Will's mother shut the door in her face when she tried to go see Hallie. Gwen agrees that she's at fault for not realizing how difficult the open adoption would be for Sofie and not setting reasonable boundaries sooner. As they are talking, Will walks up with Margo, who arrests Sofie for kidnapping Hallie.

At the police station, Jack finds two tickets to a hockey playoff game in an envelope on his desk and assumes that Parker's hockey coach has left them as a gift. He leaves early to surprise Parker with the tickets. When Jack meets Parker for dinner, he tells him about the tickets. Parker says it's impossible for the tickets to be from his coach. He asks if Jack knows for sure that his coach left the tickets, and Jack admits he doesn't. Parker thinks Sam left the tickets for some strange purpose of his own. Jack asks why Parker would think Sam left the tickets since Parker thinks Sam hates him. Parker doesn't have an answer for that, so Jack insists that they go to the game and enjoy themselves. Parker wants to stop by Metro first, but Jack says they can see Carly after the game.

At Metro, Sam asks Cowboy Jack if he thinks Jack "took the bait." Carly arrives and apologizes to Sam for having to let him go. Jack calls Carly and tells her about the hockey tickets. Carly thinks this might be a good way for Parker and Jack to spend some time together. After she hangs up, she tells Sam she has to go work on the books for Metro. Sam takes out Cowboy Jack, who tells Sam, "It's time to make your move!" Carly walks by and asks Sam what he meant by that. Sam tells her he just meant it was time for him to pack up and move on to something new.

Sam goes upstairs, and Carly answers the Metro phone when it rings. The caller is from the band whose appearance was cancelled. The band member ultimately tells Carly that the band didn't cancel the gig, Sam did. When Sam comes back downstairs, Carly confronts him with this news. Sam admits it's true. He tells Carly he did it because he's in love with her. Carly is shocked to hear this and tells Sam she had no idea he felt this way. When Sam tells her he arranged for Kit to be out of town so he could be alone with Carly, Carly responds forcibly by saying that nothing will ever happen between them. Sam asks Carly not to tell Kit about this, since nothing actually happened. He then says he'll leave after he finishes his beer. When Carly returns to the bar area later, Sam has five or six empty beer bottles in front of him. Carly tries to get Sam to leave, but he refuses.

Jack and Parker arrive at Carly's house after the hockey game only to find that she's not home yet. Because Parker's worried about his mom, Jack calls Carly at Metro. She answers, but before she can say much to Jack, Parker grabs the phone and asks if Sam is bothering her. Carly tells Parker she's okay and will be home soon. She hangs up. Parker tells Jack he has a gut feeling that something's wrong. Carly again asks Sam to leave so she can lock up and go home. Sam tells her he'll leave after she gives him one kiss. He pushes himself on her, and when she resists, he shoves her down onto a loveseat. As he tries to force himself on her, a shot rings out; he slumps over and falls to the ground.


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