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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 11, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Ryan went to see Kendall at her home but found Zach and Annie there instead. Annie was upset to discover that Ryan was seeking out Kendall's company again, so she left. Zach told Ryan that he was being insensitive to Annie's feelings. Zach asked Ryan to sit and talk with him. Zach explained that they were good friends and that he wanted to help.

Ryan accused Zach of wanting to keep Kendall away from him. Zach admitted that he was protective of Kendall, just like Ryan had been protective of Annie in the past. Then, Rachael carried Spike into the room. Zach introduced Ryan to his son. Ryan held Spike and instantly connected with the baby.

Zach asked if his paternal interaction was as instinctual with Emma as it was with Spike. Ryan sheepishly answered that he had not had a chance to spend time with Emma yet. Zach encouraged Ryan to make his relationship with Annie work. So, Ryan went home to see his wife. He promised her that he would try to make things right between them. However, when Annie left the room, Ryan stared at a picture of Kendall.

Greenlee was surprised to hear Kendall answer Aidan's cell phone. Kendall nervously explained that she and Aidan had randomly ended up on the same plane to Chicago. Soon, Aidan returned and got on the phone. Greenlee inquired why Kendall had sounded weird. Aidan claimed that she was nervous about the book tour. He then told Greenlee that he loved and missed her.

After Aidan hung up, Kendall became frantic with worry that Greenlee suspected they'd had an affair. Aidan assured her that Greenlee was not suspicious. Kendall again ran to the bathroom because she was nauseous. When she returned, she said that Spike seemed to have given her a "bug."

Aidan urged Kendall to stop stressing out over their tryst. Kendall could not relax because she dreaded losing Zach over the affair. Aidan suggested that they make a vow to never tell their secret. Kendall agreed, and they shook hands. Then, the flight attendant announced that the flight was canceled.

Jack visited Greenlee in the hospital. Greenlee admitted that she was jealous of Kendall and Aidan. Jack asked if Greenlee worried about the nature of their relationship. Greenlee said no. She explained that she was upset because they were both living exciting lives while she was stuck in the hospital. Greenlee said that she could not wait to return to her normal life.

Jack left, and a nurse entered. Greenlee told the nurse that she wanted her aesthetician to visit her in the hospital. The nurse laughed and stated that was not allowed. Greenlee said that she wanted to be beautiful for when Aidan returned. Just then, Aidan entered with a bouquet of flowers. Aidan told Greenlee that she was beautiful already and did not need a makeover. She joked that he did not understand women. So, Aidan indulged Greenlee and painted her toenails.

Kendall waited in the airport for the next flight to Chicago. A pregnant woman saw Kendall and instantly detected that she was not feeling well. The woman gave Kendall antacids and stated that they had saved her during her first trimester. Kendall looked horrified as she realized that the woman thought she was pregnant.

Kendall clutched her stomach and recalled having sex with Aidan. Kendall immediately bought a pregnancy test. Then, Zach called her. He told her about Ryan's visit to their home. Kendall felt sorry for Annie because she had essentially lost her husband. Kendall hoped she would never lose Zach. Zach promised he would never leave her.

Jesse stood by his grave when Tad approached him. Tad asked why he had not left town yet. Jesse said that he was about to leave. Tad urged him not to go. Tad asserted that he was no longer the "screwup" Jesse had known. Tad said he could help his old friend out of the predicament he was in. Jesse stated that his situation was hopeless, so he made Tad swear to keep his secret.

Angie was about to leave the hospital when Joe paged her. Joe needed her to sign some papers. As Angie did that, Joe tried to persuade her to work at Pine Valley Hospital. Angie said that she could not live in Pine Valley without Jesse. Then, Angie left to visit Jesse's grave.

When Angie arrived, she was stunned to see Jesse standing in front of his own grave. Angie cried out, "Jesse," and fainted. Jesse caught her and held her in his arms. Jesse immediately called 9-1-1. As he waited for the ambulance, he kissed Angie. Jesse cried as he professed his love for her.

Jesse heard the ambulance's siren and left. The paramedics arrived and took Angie to Pine Valley Hospital. Joe examined her and diagnosed her with hypoglycemia. Angie looked dismayed as she told Joe about her encounter with Jesse. Joe assumed that Angie had conjured up Jesse's image because she was so desperate to see him. However, Angie insisted that she had truly seen Jesse.

Jesse accosted Tad in the hospital's parking garage. Jesse explained what had happened at the cemetery. Jesse begged Tad to convince Angie that she had hallucinated what she had seen at his grave. Tad was doubtful that Angie would believe it. Nevertheless, he promised to try. Tad then invited Jesse to stay in his basement. Jesse agreed to stay there until he was certain that Angie was healthy and safe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A team of professionals sat around the table at New Beginnings. Erica showed the gentlemen a piece of ice to represent her assets being frozen. She said that she had learned her funds had been frozen when she'd tried to buy a home. Erica threw the chunk of ice across the table and demanded answers. The professionals explained the federal government was conducting its own investigation.

When Erica asked how to fix the problem, the men were silent. She said they were all fired. She called Jackson, but he did not answer. Moments later, Samuel Woods and Pam, the producer, entered the room. Pam said Samuel would like to be a guest on the show. Erica suggested she interview Samuel that afternoon, but he had made other plans.

Samuel got into the elevator but returned seconds later. Samuel said he could rearrange his plans to appear on the show. Once the show began, Samuel said he was not on the show to announce his candidacy for the Senate because "that's already been discussed." Erica then asked if Woods wanted to keep her and the viewers guessing about the reason for his talk show visit. "Miss Kane, when I want something from you, you'll know it," Samuel responded suggestively, "I will never, ever keep you guessing."

Jesse had a nightmare that Angie was being held hostage while he was pinned in a chair. He immediately woke up, dripping in sweat, and promised Angie he would never let anyone hurt her. Tad took Jesse some supplies and updated him on Angie's condition. Tad begged Jesse to be honest with his family, but Jesse insisted revealing the truth was too dangerous.

Angie told Frankie she had passed out from being exhausted and tired. But Frankie said he knew Angie had seen Jesse at the gravesite. Angie said her vision of Jesse had not been real, but Frankie insisted his father was alive. Frankie said that he'd smelled Jesse's aftershave, and someone had called the paramedics after Angie had passed out. Frankie claimed that Tad knew something about Jesse, but Angie did not want to hear his myths anymore. Angie begged Frankie to accept that Jesse was dead. After Angie was released from the hospital, she went to see Tad. Jesse hid in another room before Angie could see him.

As Aidan packed up Greenlee's belongings, Greenlee had trouble saying goodbye to the hospital. Greenlee wanted to be her old self -- partying with friends, making Fusion better, and traveling -- but worried her experiences over the past several years would make that task difficult. Aidan assured Greenlee she was not the same person anymore. He joked that her taste in men had improved.

Kendall's pen ran out of ink at the book signing. After digging through her purse, she looked up and saw Zach standing in front of her. Zach took a seat beside Kendall, who quickly moved her purse so he wouldn't see the pregnancy test inside the bag. Kendall got back to signing books for her fans while Zach went to another part of the bookstore. Greenlee called Kendall to make sure Zach had arrived safely.

Kendall was surprised that Greenlee had known her husband was heading out for a visit. Greenlee said that their lives were finally spinning in the right direction. Kendall rushed to the bathroom after she began to feel sick. Zach told Kendall that he knew something was bothering her. She said she wanted Zach to stay with her because they hadn't had much alone time. As Zach changed his flight, Kendall knocked her purse over.

Greenlee told Aidan that she appreciated his support through all the good and bad times. Aidan promised they would be together for a very long time. Joe took a wheelchair to Greenlee, but she refused to be seen in the contraption. Greenlee walked out with Aidan following behind.

Krystal told Babe she was worried about Tad because he had been acting strangely. Krystal said Tad was not cheating, but Babe said he wouldn't be breaking the rules if he had another woman on the side. After all, their marriage was more of a business arrangement, Babe added. Krystal said that she and Tad were not an item, but both wanted to make the marriage work.

Babe found Richie, who said he had been getting blood transfusions regularly. Doctors had found a possible bone marrow donor, but the patient was not interested in helping, Richie said. Babe asked who the donor was, but Richie said the doctors wouldn't reveal the name. Richie said jokingly that Babe could break into Joe's office to find out who the donor was.

After Richie left, Babe explained that doctors had found a donor for Richie, but the name was not being revealed for privacy reasons. Krystal could see Babe had already hatched a plan. They hacked into Joe's office and found Richie's records. Babe was shocked when she learned that JR was the match for Richie.

Adam noticed the ring was missing from JR's hand. JR claimed the ring had accidentally fallen down the sink. As Adam got up, an earpiece fell from his lap. He said the device was part of a new security system and rushed from the room to get some paperwork for JR. While JR took a call, Adam muttered to himself that he knew his son was a liar. Later, Colby walked in with JR's ring that her friend had managed to salvage from the sink. JR looked closer at the ring and saw a microphone implanted inside.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kendall dropped her purse, and the pregnancy test fell out. Zach bent down to help Kendall pick up her belongings. Kendall did not want Zach to see the pregnancy test, so she distracted him by giving him kisses. They then went to a Chicago pizzeria for dinner. Zach commented that Kendall was too worried about another man.

Kendall looked nervous and inquired what Zach meant by that. He said that she was too focused on Ryan's memory loss. Kendall seemed relieved that Zach was referring to Ryan instead of Aidan. However, Kendall proceeded to slip up when she told Zach that she did not want to talk about Aidan anymore. Zach looked confused and reminded her that they were not discussing Aidan.

Kendall quickly covered up her mistake and claimed that she was thinking about Aidan and Greenlee lately. She worried that Aidan might break her friend's heart. Zach urged Kendall to stop agonizing over other peoples' lives. Then, he pulled out a jewelry box and wished Kendall a happy Valentine's Day. The box contained a locket with Spike and Ian's pictures in it. Kendall thanked Zach. He revealed that there was an extra space in the locket for their future children.

Kendall was surprised to hear that Zach wanted to have more children. Zach happily divulged that he desired many more children. Still, Zach affirmed that he was satisfied with their family, so Kendall should not feel pressured if she did not want any more children. Kendall smiled and stated that she did want to have another child. So, she rushed him back to their hotel room. Kendall then gave Zach his Valentine's Day gift, which was a passionate night of lovemaking. Before they left the hotel room to return to Pine Valley, Kendall threw away the pregnancy test.

Annie was in the penthouse, getting ready for her "first date" with Ryan. Annie dreamed that Ryan would walk through the door and remember who she was. That did not happen. Ryan went to the door with roses, but he still did not recover his memory. They went to ConFusion for their date.

Ryan asked Annie if she wanted a drink. Annie said yes, but Ryan did not know what to order. Annie stated that she liked white wine and margaritas. Ryan laughed as he recalled Greenlee's love for tequila. Annie looked annoyed, so Ryan stopped talking about Greenlee.

Ryan said he was at a disadvantage because Annie knew everything about him, but he knew nothing about her. So, she told him some of her favorite things, like chocolate, hot baths, and sleeping in the nude. Annie asked if Ryan had anything he wanted to tell her. Ryan disclosed that he had a deep, dark secret. He revealed that sometimes he forgot to recycle. They both laughed. Annie explained that Emma was very environmentally responsible due to Ryan's influence. Ryan was glad to hear it.

Ryan told Annie that he'd met Spike and that he'd felt an instant connection to his son. Ryan attributed it to the fact that Kendall was his mother. Annie looked hurt by the comment. She said it was very difficult for her, and she needed some time to deal with the situation. So, they returned to the penthouse. Ryan commented that he should go upstairs and make love to Annie, but it did not seem right. She agreed because it would not be "real."

Erica was still conducting her interview with the U.S. Attorney, Samuel Woods. Erica asked Samuel how he would help the average American. Samuel said that he wanted to stop the corruption caused by corporate pirates. Samuel stated that it was getting harder and harder for Americans to "keep their heads above water." He felt that he could help those Americans by not allowing the rich to get even richer off of the poor.

Erica commended Samuel for his righteous platform. She then asked him about the death of his wife. Samuel became very somber as he explained that his wife had died in 9-11. He said that he had not been able to help his wife, but he wanted to help other Americans. After the interview, Pam flirtatiously giggled as she complimented Samuel on his high morals. Erica also complimented Samuel and affirmed that she would support his campaign if he ran for senator.

Samuel thanked Erica for interviewing him. He said that his wife had been a huge fan of her show, which was part of the reason he'd wanted to be on it. After Samuel left, Erica told Pam to schedule another interview with him because he was "great TV." Meanwhile, Samuel made a phone call. He told the person on the other end to be "prepared for tomorrow" because they were dealing with Erica Kane.

Tad and Jesse were horrified to see Angie at the front door. Jesse immediately hid in the living room, while Tad and Angie spoke in the doorway. Angie asked Tad to help her get over Jesse. Angie began to cry when she explained to Tad that both she and Frankie had thought they'd seen Jesse. Tad wished that he could tell her the truth, but he affirmed that Jesse was dead instead.

Krystal arrived at home. She sensed that Angie was upset and invited her to sit in the living room. Jesse quickly hid in the basement as the women entered the living room. Angie explained that she missed Jesse very much. Krystal suggested that talking about Jesse might make her feel better. So, Angie detailed her entire life with Jesse from start to finish.

As Jesse listened to their love story, tears welled in his eyes. Krystal felt bad for Angie and invited her to spend the night with them. Tad looked nervous and tried to convince Angie that she should not stay. Krystal gave Tad a dirty look and insisted that she stay with them. Tad relented and invited her to stay with them for as long as she needed.

Angie explained that she would only stay for one night because she was leaving Pine Valley the next day. Krystal told Angie to sleep in the guest bedroom, but she wanted to sleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Tad went to see Jesse in the basement. Jesse was extremely anxious because Angie was sleeping one floor above him. Tad suggested that he wait for Angie to fall asleep and then sneak out of the house. Jesse agreed, but Krystal ruined that plan when she inadvertently locked Jesse in the basement.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Angie told Krystal that it had helped the night before to talk about her life with Jesse. Krystal was so blown away by the romance Angie and Jesse had shared that it made her teary-eyed. Krystal said it saddened her that the relationship between Jesse and Angie had ended so soon. Angie agreed but said she would not change her past with Jesse. Angie gave Krystal a hug and headed to the airport.

As Jesse hid from Angie, Tad said that fate kept throwing Jesse and Angie together. Jesse said he needed to leave town. Krystal was shocked when she found Tad talking to Jesse downstairs. Krystal immediately began asking how long Jesse had been staying in their home. Tad said that no one could know Jesse was alive.

Krystal said Tad had better give her one good reason why she shouldn't tell a heartbroken Angie the truth. She stormed out of the basement and grabbed her coat. Jesse understood that Krystal was upset but tried to explain that his family would be in danger if they knew he was alive. Krystal was silent as Tad took Jesse to the train station. Before buying a ticket to Toronto, Jesse asked Tad to keep his family safe.

Angie called Krystal to see if she'd left her wallet and plane ticket at the house. Krystal found the items and offered to take them to her at the airport. Jesse slept while Tad tried to convince the train employee to tell him where Jesse was going. The employee refused to divulge the information until Tad forked over some cash.

Erica and Babe straightened the Campbell's sign on the wall at Campbell's "Go Red for Women" fashion show. Babe asked Amanda if she had talked to JR lately. Amanda wondered why Babe wanted to have anything to do with JR again. Babe said she needed to discuss some personal business with him.

Aidan and Greenlee arrived at the party. Erica threw her arms around Greenlee because she hadn't seen Greenlee since she had been released from the hospital. Greenlee told Erica that Kendall had been acting weird. Aidan brushed it off as Kendall not feeling well on the plane. After Greenlee left, Erica asked Aidan why Kendall would be so mysterious over a stomachache.

Adam, Colby, and JR gathered in the living room. Colby told them she was going to model in the Campbell's event later that day. JR insisted they should go to support Colby because Adam liked to know everything that was going on in the Chandler family. After Colby was gone, Adam told JR that he was the bone marrow match for Richie. Adam said he'd told the hospital JR was not interested in helping Richie. JR said his father was not allowed to make decisions for him.

JR pulled the ring out his pocket and said he knew Adam had been eavesdropping. Adam did not apologize for his actions, claiming JR was a traitor. JR called his father a traitor for making Krystal believe Kate might be alive so Krystal would crawl back. JR said Krystal couldn't stand Adam, even though Adam still loved her. Adam said JR shouldn't get Adam's feelings for Krystal twisted into what he felt for Babe. JR thought he could prove his love to Babe by agreeing to be Richie's donor. He told his father he would be moving the next day.

When Kendall began munching on chocolate early in the morning, Zach said it reminded him of her pregnancy with Ian. Kendall said she was only eating the chocolate to calm her nerves. Greenlee called Kendall to say that she needed her to get to the party soon. Kendall asked Zach to stop by the drug store before they got to the party. She claimed the chocolate binge was not sitting well with her stomach.

Zach and Kendall arrived at the party. Zach went to have a drink with Aidan so that Kendall, Greenlee, and Erica could get details finalized for the party. Erica found Kendall in the bathroom, not looking well. Erica was curious if her daughter was pregnant. Kendall was thrown off guard by her mother's suspicions but admitted that she was not sure if she was pregnant. Before Kendall could say any more, Ava needed Kendall's help with the decorations.

Greenlee swayed Aidan to fill in for a model who had dropped out of the show. Colby arrived at the party and found Babe. Babe told Colby she needed to speak to JR about being a donor for Richie. Colby wondered how Babe would even get JR to consider helping Richie. Babe joked that Colby did not want to know how she would convince JR to help.

Erica took Kendall back to the bathroom to finish their conversation. Kendall admitted that she and Aidan had had sex when they'd thought Greenlee and Zach had been dead. She said that she'd forgotten to take her birth control pill before they'd had sex. Erica told Kendall that she needed to take a pregnancy test, but Kendall was afraid. Kendall decided to take the test and patiently waited for the results. Greenlee walked in, and the test fell to the floor.

Ryan was upset when he found the program for Erin's funeral. Annie said that she hadn't known how to tell Ryan his sister had been murdered. Ryan decided to get some air and headed to work. Annie rushed out to find Zach. She told him that Ryan had left for work, which he thought was Cambias Industries because of his memory loss. Zach went after Ryan, who was shocked to find Zach with his own office at the building. Ryan looked through recent newspapers as Zach walked in. Ryan accused Zach of stealing his life.

Amanda and Ava surprised Annie by dressing Emma up in a red dress for the show. Emma asked if her dad would think she looked pretty. Annie said Ryan always thought Emma looked beautiful.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Krystal delivered Angie's wallet and ticket to the airport, and Angie asked what else Krystal had to tell her. After briefly flashing back to Jesse's warnings, Krystal covered and told her that she just wanted to wish her a safe flight and gave her the picture from Frankie's room for safekeeping. Having decided to wait with Angie, Krystal went to get them drinks. When she returned, they heard that Angie's flight had been delayed. Krystal asked if the train would be a viable option, since she could take the express into New York City and arrive more quickly. Realizing the validity of that option, Angie made a call to find out when the next train left.

At the train station, Tad called upon the memory of his sister and a bit of guilt to try to convince Jesse to stay in town. Jesse retorted that he'd chosen to live his life that way to protect his family. Tad said that Jesse was the best friend that he had ever had and wished he could make Jesse stay. He thought there was a greater power at work that was showing Jesse he could be home with his wife and son again, but Jesse disagreed. Tad then asked why Jesse wasn't flying to Toronto, since his plans were to get there quickly. With no real reason, Tad offered to drive him to the airport.

Jesse realized that Angie might be at the airport and called Tad on it. Tad tried to feign innocence but when he realized it wasn't working, he offered that perhaps the airport held the reunion that had been years in the making. Jesse stuck to his guns, stating that letting Angie know he was alive would endanger her life. Tad then asked if it was the final goodbye, and Jesse said that once he left, he was never looking back.

Jack went into the backstage area just as a seamstress tried to keep Erica still for last-minute alterations. He kept her focused enough by complimenting her and asking how New Beginnings was involved in the fashion show. Erica told him that the issues supported by the fashion show were things that she wanted to make sure the general audience was aware of. Once finished with the seamstress, Erica flitted around and continued getting ready.

Jack, having followed Erica, asked if she'd found someone to take care of her financial issues. She told him that she'd thought she could count on him to take care of that, and he reminded her that he was a lawyer, not an accountant. Before he could continue with the lecture, Pam interrupted to show Erica the footage from the Samuel Woods interview. When the clip concluded, Erica asked Jack what he thought, and he told her that she should stay away from the politician. Jack called Samuel an opportunist, but Erica brushed that off and said she thought the real problem was that Jack was jealous of the way Samuel Woods had looked at her.

On the other side of the room, Emma continued to model for her mother, who complimented her highly. Emma then asked if her father would be there to see her. Annie replied that Ryan had been feeling sick lately and that had him a bit confused, so he probably wouldn't be at the show. She promised the little girl that she would take lots of pictures so they could all look at them together later. She then sent Emma off with Corrina to practice her runway walks. When the little girl was gone, Babe and Amanda told Annie that she'd handled the situation amazingly well. Annie said she was not as worried about Emma as she was about her husband.

Josh happened upon Aidan, who was getting alterations on his clothes, and harassed him a bit about going into modeling if the private investigator gig didn't work out. Josh then said that he was looking for his sister, and Aidan said that Kendall was probably somewhere with Greenlee -- plotting to take over the world. After the alterations were completed, Josh showed up again with glasses of beer as a peace offering. He told Aidan that he understood why Aidan was modeling, since love could make a person do some crazy things. Aidan agreed and said that he couldn't imagine life without Greenlee.

Aidan and Josh took a spin around the backstage area, and Aidan noted that it seemed to be a single man's dream. Josh laughed and said that he had retired from the dating game. Aidan didn't believe it, instead saying that Josh was simply waiting for the right woman to happen along. Aidan noted that if he hadn't taken the chance with Greenlee, he wouldn't be nearly as happy as he was.

Zach arrived at his office and told Ryan that not only was Annie at the fashion show but that she was worried about him. Unconcerned with her feelings, Ryan wanted to know how it was that Zach had stolen his life. Zach said that things had happened quite amicably, which Ryan would know if he could remember. Ryan replied that his only insights to those memories were what people told him along with the research he had done.

Zach asked what Ryan had been able to find out, and Ryan told him he'd discovered that his baby sister had been murdered by a man presumed dead, Zach's father. He then said he wanted to know how Zach had ended up with the company that had been bequeathed to Ryan, his son, and the woman he loved, and if he should start taking it personally. Understanding that Ryan was somehow trying to blame him for all the bad things that had happened, Zach tried to distance himself by noting that his father was a sick man, and for that reason, he'd severed ties with him years before.

Unwilling to let go, Ryan told Zach that perhaps if he had stayed around and faced up to his father, good people like Erin and Simone wouldn't be dead. Zach said that Alexander had tried to kill Kendall, too, but the two of them had stopped it from happening. That enraged Ryan because it made them sound like a team when, in his reality, they were strangers, and Zach had not earned any trust. Zach suggested that Ryan find someone that he did trust to fill him in.

Ryan then asked about his job, and Zach said that because his father was still alive, the terms of the will no longer applied. He also noted that he'd asked Ryan to run Cambias with him, but because of what had happened with Erin, Ryan had turned him down. Zach apologized for what happened, but Ryan thought he was being pitied, which was not what he wanted. Zach asked what Ryan did want, and the confused young man said that he simply wanted his life back. Zach said that the last four years had been hard on everyone, but Ryan didn't believe it, considering the life Zach led.

Irritated, Zach ran down a short list of how Ryan had hurt both Kendall and Greenlee, and Ryan admitted that he'd obviously made some mistakes. Ryan proposed that Kendall would be much happier with him, and Zach said that he was dead wrong. Ryan thought that perhaps Zach had everyone fooled into thinking he was a good guy and wondered how it was that he'd gotten Kendall to believe in him. Zach offered that he simply loved Kendall deeper than any man ever had.

Ryan tried to throw Zach off by saying that Zach didn't deserve Kendall, but surprisingly, Zach agreed with him. He said that, for whatever reason, Kendall had chosen him, and that was something Ryan would have to accept. Ryan said that he refused to accept anything that didn't feel right to him. Deciding that he wanted the conversation to end, Zach said that if Ryan wanted to live in the past, he could, but if he wanted a future for himself, he would have to learn to accept that things had changed beyond his recollection.

In the bathroom, Greenlee stared at the pregnancy test box that had fallen out of Kendall's hands. Kendall tried to play it off, saying that she'd bought it on impulse after feeling sick to her stomach and that Spike had probably given her something he'd caught at his playgroup. Greenlee said there was only one way to find out for sure and pulled her over to the stalls. Kendall refused to do it, but Greenlee said that Fusion couldn't afford to have her off of her game because she was distracted by the possibility. Kendall then tried to say that taking the test while Greenlee waited was embarrassing, but Greenlee knew that she was lying and said that she knew the real reason why Kendall was hesitant.

Kendall tried to make up some more excuses, but Greenlee interjected that Kendall was probably trying to be cautious of her best friend's feelings, since Greenlee couldn't have children. Kendall jumped at that as a good excuse and apologized if she'd ever made Greenlee feel bad. Greenlee told her that if Kendall wanted to have a huge family, Greenlee would support her all the way. Kendall said that she wasn't sure if it was the right time, and Greenlee asked what Zach thought.

Suddenly on edge again, Kendall told Greenlee that Zach knew nothing of the possibility and urged Greenlee to keep quiet about it. Greenlee said that kind of news was not hers to tell, but she thought Zach would be thrilled. Kendall reiterated that it was probably a stomach bug and asked if they could just do the show and pretend that they'd never talked about the possibility. Greenlee agreed and marched back out to the floor, with Kendall following after a few moments of hesitation.

Jack asked Erica why she felt the need to talk about jealousy every time he asked about a man in her life. Erica didn't think Samuel Woods qualified, and Jack warned her that with Woods, nothing was ever as it seemed. Unwilling to be lectured any further, Erica spotted Kendall and used that as a way to get away from Jack. She asked Kendall if she'd taken the test, and knowing that her mother wouldn't let it go, Kendall said that she had and that it had been negative. Erica was elated and allowed her daughter to continue getting ready for the show.

Jack approached his ex-wife and asked what news she had gotten. Refusing to be specific, Erica just said that it was the best thing she could have heard then laid a deep kiss on him. A short time later, Jack found her again and asked her where the kiss was from. She told him that it was from of years of loving each other despite any obstacles. She then told him that she needed to get some other things ready so, still swayed by the thrill of the kiss, he let her go.

While Amanda and Babe talked about the gift bags that were being handed out, Annie was preoccupied with checking to see if she'd gotten any messages from Ryan. The other women offered to call Ryan to remind him about the show, but Annie told them that Zach had already asked. Amanda then asked if the doctors had been able to determine the cause of his memory loss, but Annie had no news to offer. She did tell them that, for the moment, she and Ryan were trying to get to know each other again and that they'd recently gone on a second first date. She followed by saying that she had to believe that everything would be all right again someday, as Ryan was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Kendall ran into her brother, and he told her to break a leg. She asked if he'd seen Zach, but Josh told her that he hadn't and asked if everything was okay. She brightened up to erase his worry and told him that things had been crazy. She excused herself to go talk to press, but as soon as she got in front of the cameras, she started to feel ill again.

Tad and Krystal showed up at the fashion show, and Krystal told him that she had been hoping for a Valentine's Day miracle for Angie and Jesse. She filled him in on how she'd had to take Angie's ticket and wallet to her, and Tad asked if she'd spilled the beans about Jesse. Krystal assured him that she hadn't but admitted that she had suggested taking the train instead of flying. Tad thought it was a brilliant idea and said that he'd had the same idea when he'd suggested flying to Jesse. Krystal thought they might have caused the two star-crossed lovers to miss each other altogether.

Babe went over just then to quickly check and see if her mother had seen JR, and Tad took the opportunity to get drinks. When she hadn't seen JR, Babe took off just as Tad returned. Tad said they needed the drinks, since they would most likely never see Jesse again.

Aidan got a drink and took it to Greenlee shortly before Annie joined them and told Aidan he was needed backstage. Once he left, Annie told Greenlee that whatever the subject of the discussion she'd had with Ryan had been, it had sent him straight to Kendall. Greenlee assured Annie that she'd intended for him to go to his wife because she, along with all of their friends, wanted to see Ryan get better. Angry, Annie espoused her belief that Ryan would recover with her help and asked Greenlee to stay out of the situation.

The fashion show finally started, with a highly photographed introduction by Kendall and Greenlee and an impressive lead-up to Erica's entrance as hostess of the event, in which the audience found out the event would be broadcast live. Aidan went out as a teaser of what was to come then Erica told the audience that he, along with all the models, would be back soon for the main event. Zach arrived during the break, and under Greenlee's watchful eye, he and Kendall hugged warmly. Kendall then went to check on Annie and asked if she was still up for being at the show. Annie said she was excited for Emma, and as the two women hugged, Ryan walked in.

A few feet away, Erica spotted Samuel Woods and thanked him for attending. He told her that since he was still in town, he'd thought he would catch the show to top off what he believed would be an unforgettable day. They parted ways, allowing Jack to sidle up to Samuel to see why he'd decided to show up. Samuel didn't show his hand but did indicate that he might be interested in more than just fashion.

Greenlee and Aidan found each other again, and after a few terse words, Aidan asked if everything was okay. With an apologetic note in her voice, she said that everything would be fine then asked if he could keep a secret.

Angie cashed in her airline ticket at the counter and noted that she was going to take the train. At the same time, Jesse tried to avoid the cops at the station as the announcement sounded over the speakers that his train had been delayed. A short while later, Jesse skulked around the platform so as to go undetected. He took one long, last look at Pine Valley then boarded the train and found a seat near the window. Angie arrived and went to get a ticket.

On the train, Jesse thought back to all his experiences while in Pine Valley. As his train took off, Angie reached the platform and spotted him through the window. She ran after the train, but unable to keep up, she fell on the tracks, wracked with sobs. She finally made her way back to the platform and looked up to see the train returning to the station. Several people disembarked, and as Angie waited with hope in her heart, she finally saw Jesse emerge through the train's smoke.



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