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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 11, 2008 on GL
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Josh pronounced Natalia and Gus man and wife. They celebrated in the church with Rafe, Daisy, Bill, Lizzie, and Sarah. Meanwhile, at the Bauer cabin, Olivia pounded on the bathroom door, begging anyone to let her out. She panicked because she only had one hour to respond to the heart donor alert.

Meanwhile, Beth visited Alan at the house in San Gabriel. She professed that she wanted him instead of Rick. Alan thought Beth was putting on a charade for Lizzie and Jonathan's sake. He was adamant about returning to Springfield to confront Jonathan. Beth said she'd thought Alan wanted her. Well, there she was, she claimed. She kissed him. Finally, Alan relented. He asked her to make herself comfortable while he told his pilot the trip was delayed.

Back in Springfield, Jonathan sat outside in the dark, muttering that Alan wouldn't get away with what he'd done to Tammy. A stranger sat beside him. Jonathan exchanged a package for a gun. As the man left, Jonathan loaded the gun.

At the church, Lizzie discussed with Bill how her marriage to Jonathan had failed. Bill thought she was too good for Jonathan. They bickered about Bill's intentions toward her, about how to best keep her and Sarah safe, and about Jonathan.

Beth interrupted with a desperate call to Lizzie. Beth informed Lizzie that she was in San Gabriel, stalling Alan's return to Springfield. Lizzie thought her mother had lost her mind by lying to Alan that she wanted to leave Rick for him. Beth believed she had to do it because she had failed Lizzie so many times in the past.

Beth further said that Alan knew about Jonathan and Sarah. Beth didn't know how Alan knew, but she was determined to stop his war with Jonathan. Beth rushed off the phone, and Lizzie worried about her mother. Frantically, she dialed a number, telling Bill that she needed help. Bill offered to assist, but Lizzie waved him off, saying that she needed Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Alan returned to the home on San Gabriel. He happily told Beth that Alex had left on the jet. They had the house all to themselves. He touched her stomach, saying, "Just you, me, and our baby." Beth appeared concerned.

In another room at the church, Jonathan and Josh talked. Jonathan appeared despondent. Josh told Jonathan that he was proud of him for staying in town and not running away. Worn and distracted, Jonathan responded that his legs were tired. Josh told Jonathan that he seemed different. Raising Sarah on his own might have matured him. Jonathan mumbled that Josh gave him too much credit. Josh replied that Jonathan had finally become the man that Tammy had always known he was. "That's a nice thought, Josh," Jonathan cynically replied.

Back in the sanctuary, Gus and Natalia prepared to go to a Chicago hotel for their wedding night. Daisy wanted to alleviate any concern about Rafe and herself. Gus trusted them, but Daisy assured Natalia that she would stay at her own house. Off to the side, Natalia reminded Rafe to let Olivia out of the bathroom at the cabin.

Just then, Gus received a call from the hospital about Olivia's heart. When he hung up, Gus seemed concerned that Olivia hadn't answered the calls or pages about the heart. He worried that Olivia might be skipped over on the heart transplant list. Natalia admitted that she had locked Olivia in the Bauer cabin and explained why. Gus grabbed Natalia's hand, and they rushed out of the church. At the Bauer cabin, Olivia huffed and sank to the floor, vowing to return and haunt Natalia.

Back on San Gabriel, Alan wondered how Rick had handled Beth's decision to leave him. She said that she'd just left Rick a note. Alan said that he would start divorce and adoption proceedings. Beth knew Rick wouldn't agree to Alan adopting the child. If Rick didn't agree, Alan said that he would crush him.

Beth became uneasy. Alan wondered at her surprise that he planned to fight for their future. He thought she loved that about him. Beth nodded, but she decided that they had to get something straight about the future. She told him that Lizzie's baby was off-limits. Alan smiled and assured Beth that his first concerns were her and their baby.

When Alan went to prepare Beth a meal, she slipped in a phone call to Rick. She told him that her train was late. She'd call him when she knew more. Rick noted that she sounded strange. Beth told him that she loved him, and he shouldn't ever doubt that. She hurried off the phone.

Meanwhile, Bill escorted Sarah and Lizzie back to the hotel. She asked him to go away. Bill repeated that Lizzie needed help, but he didn't understand why she needed Jonathan's help and not his. Lizzie said it was not a competition. She was worried about her mother throwing herself at Alan when she should be at home, surrounded by loved ones. Bill believed that all the problems with Alan started and ended with Jonathan; therefore, Lizzie needed to stop siding with him. Instead, Bill asked Lizzie to move in with him so he could keep her safe.

In the kitchen at the church, Jonathan wanted to show Josh something. He reminded Josh that he was no angel. He flicked a lighter. Josh asked if Jonathan was going to burn down the Spaulding mansion and said doing so wouldn't solve anything. Josh saw that Jonathan was still on the path of revenge and implored him to turn the other cheek. Jonathan said that he fought fire with fire. Josh wanted to know where that mantra had gotten him. Jonathan sarcastically asked where Josh's mantra had gotten him.

Jonathan reminded Josh of all that Alan had done to him then asked Josh if he'd just let those things go. Josh admitted that he'd wanted to kill Alan. Out of that anger, Josh claimed to have found his faith and calling. Jonathan snickered, but Josh pleaded against revenge. He challenged Jonathan to find faith in his child then he left.

Gus and Natalia arrived at the Bauer cabin. Natalia shamefully handed him the bathroom key, and Gus found Olivia on the bathroom floor. As Gus carried Olivia from the house, Olivia accused Natalia of leaving her there to die.

In the sanctuary, Josh cleaned up after the wedding. Rick rushed in and asked Josh for use of the Lewis jet. Jonathan listened from the balcony as Rick explained that Beth was with Alan on the island. The birth of Beth and Rick's baby was a week away, and Rick was concerned because of how strange Beth had sounded. Josh agreed to call Billy for the jet. He asked Rick not to do anything crazy. Rick said he wouldn't, but he vowed Alan would pay for it. After Josh and Rick left, Jonathan said to himself that miracles really could happen.

Back at the hotel, Bill and Lizzie continued to argue about her reliance on Jonathan. Bill's solution was for Lizzie to move in with him. Lizzie told Bill that he wasn't offering her enough. She could be roommates with Jonathan. Bill repeated his concern about Lizzie being around Jonathan, since Bill knew what Alan was planning. Suddenly it occurred to Lizzie that Bill had tipped Alan off about Jonathan and Sarah. Bill chuckled nervously, and Lizzie seethed that he'd sold her out.

Back on San Gabriel, Beth went to her room to rest. Alan received a phone call notifying him that Rick had landed. Alan believed he had just enough time to give Dr. Bauer a proper island welcome.

At the hospital, Olivia, Gus, and Natalia saw the heart specialist. The doctor informed Olivia that her heart had gone to someone else. Olivia yelled that the heart was hers. They couldn't just give it to someone else. As she broke down, Gus asked to talk to the doctor. Natalia attempted to apologize to Olivia. Olivia silenced Natalia, saying that Natalia had gotten the ring and the guy; it had only cost Olivia her life. Olivia hoped it was worth it.

At the church, Josh called Will's school. He was surprised to hear that Will had checked out when Josh had just recently enrolled him. Josh groaned when they explained it had been Will's mother.

Olivia returned to her hotel room with Gus and Natalia behind her. When Olivia went to the bathroom to freshen up, Natalia wondered if they should have made Olivia stay at the hospital. Gus seemed annoyed at Natalia's concern for Olivia after what she had done. Natalia claimed that she hadn't meant to hurt Olivia. Gus expressed anger over Natalia's mistrust of him. He was tired of telling Natalia that he was just Olivia's friend. Natalia knew that Gus meant more to Olivia.

Gus was appalled that Natalia had locked Olivia in a bathroom. He found it preposterous that Natalia had thought Olivia could stop him from saying his vows. He blamed himself. He thought Natalia being with him made her mean -- nothing like the girl he'd known. Natalia screamed back that she wasn't the girl he'd known. She was who she was "today, right now." She reminded him that it was their wedding night.

Gus realized it was their wedding night, but someone needed to stay with Olivia. Natalia suggested Ava or a nurse. Gus opened the door and told Natalia to leave. He owed it to Olivia to stay. He felt that Natalia owed it to Olivia as well.

On Main Street, Bill and Lizzie argued about Bill's betrayal to Alan. She wondered if Bill had used her to ingratiate himself with Alan for future business deals. Bill claimed that he had done it for Lizzie and Sarah. He said that he needed Lizzie. Bill thought that Lizzie needed him as well. Jonathan would take off at the first sign of trouble. Bill declared that he wouldn't leave Lizzie. He said Lizzie knew that she didn't really want him to leave her either.

Back on San Gabriel, the moment Rick arrived at the house, Alan had him arrested for trespassing. As Rick was carted off the porch, Jonathan slipped up to Alan from behind and said, "You didn't ask me how my flight was."

Sobbing, Natalia returned to the church. Meanwhile, Olivia resurfaced from the bathroom and found Gus still there but Natalia gone. Olivia mentioned that it was his honeymoon. Olivia knew Natalia probably thought Olivia was celebrating. In truth, Olivia would love it if they'd gotten their honeymoon and she'd gotten her heart. Gus settled Olivia down on the sofa with a blanket, still encouraging her about the future. He told her that she'd get whatever she wanted. When Olivia repeated him, he added, "Within reason."

Lizzie asked Bill to repeat that he needed her. Lizzie qualified that it had nothing to do with Spaulding money or connections. Bill said that he had his own. She insisted he say the words. Bill quoted Jack Nicholson, saying that Lizzie made him want to be a better man. He suggested they could go to his place and stop all the talking. They kissed. Lizzie slapped him, grinned triumphantly, and strolled away.

Back on the island, Alan thought Jonathan looked pretty good for a corpse. Jonathan retorted that death agreed with him. Alan mentioned calling the police. Jonathan pulled out his gun and "double-dog" dared Alan to call them. Alan wondered if there had already been enough killing.

Jonathan aimed the gun at Alan. Alan then told Jonathan that a woman and baby were inside the house. Meanwhile, Beth walked into the living room in her robe. She said to herself that her water had just broken.

Back on the porch, Jonathan told Alan that he had gone too far and waited too long. Alan would not leave there until he suffered -- and suffered worse than Tammy had. Then and only then, when Alan begged, would Jonathan kill him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jeffrey and Reva were enjoying a meal at Company when Josh approached. Josh told them Cassie had discovered that he'd enrolled Will at the special school without telling her. Consequently, she'd removed Will from the school. Lizzie interrupted Josh. She had just learned from Remy that Jonathan had bought a gun, and she left Sarah with Reva and Jeffrey.

Lizzie made up an excuse that she and Jonathan had something to take care of, and she'd call if they weren't done by evening. She left before anyone could question her. After the three wondered what was happening with Lizzie, the conversation between them returned to Cassie and her reasons for removing Will from the academy. Josh felt that Will was taking advantage of Cassie's guilt.

Meanwhile, Will and Cassie returned to the farm. Will went upstairs, and a weary Cassie received a visit from Figment Tammy. Cassie admitted to Figment Tammy that maybe she shouldn't rely on Josh because he didn't always know what was right for Will. Figment Tammy said that Cassie did know what was right for Will, and that was all that mattered. Cassie called Josh while he was still with Reva and Jeffrey, and she asked him to return home to discuss Will.

When Josh arrived at the farm to talk to Cassie, she told him that she loved him, but she hated what he'd done. Josh didn't regret his actions. He thought Cassie couldn't give Will the help he needed. Cassie didn't think Josh had the right to dump Will in an institution.

With great difficulty, Josh conveyed that Cassie might not be thinking clearly or making the right choices where Will was concerned. Will entered the room and interrupted, claiming to have a headache. Josh wanted to continue their talk, but Cassie insisted her son needed her right away. Cassie dismissed Josh, telling him to go work at the church. Josh left, saying that she knew where to reach him.

Later, Will flipped through TV channels and paused a couple times when the Guiding Light theme played. Cassie figured out that he'd only pretended to have a headache to get rid of Josh. Will asked if Josh would take him away again if Cassie wasn't around to stop him. She said she'd tell Josh not to. Will didn't think Josh would listen to her because he hadn't listened before. Cassie decided to call Daisy to babysit Will so Cassie could take care of something.

While Daisy babysat Will, he dragged a suitcase downstairs. Daisy, who was watching TV, asked Will if he thought he was going somewhere. Will said he wasn't; Josh was. Will thought Josh was on his way out, and "this time" for good. He asked Daisy to help him as he lugged Josh's books into a pile and packed them in the suitcase. Daisy told Will that he had to have misunderstood something. Will said he understood everything perfectly. He asked her to help him take Josh's things to the curb.

On the island of San Gabriel, Alan and Jonathan faced off. As the two men fought, Beth staggered to the front door. She pleaded for help because she was in labor. At first, Jonathan wasn't concerned about Beth, only his vendetta against Alan. Alan tussled with Jonathan then dared Jonathan to shoot him in the back. Once Alan determined that Jonathan wouldn't shoot, he rushed to Beth's side. Jonathan approached the threshold. Reluctantly, Jonathan decided to help Alan deliver the baby.

Alan got towels and directed Jonathan to get a first aid kit from the car. Jonathan went outside and found that Lizzie had just arrived. Frantically, she told Jonathan that she knew he had a gun. She urged him leave before there was trouble. As she tugged at him, Jonathan hustled her through the front door of the house. She saw her mother inside, about to give birth. Alan assured Beth that she had three people to help her through it. Beth hollered as the inexperienced trio prepped her for the birth.

Once Beth delivered a baby girl, Alan and Jonathan went outside to await the ambulance. Alan thanked Jonathan and said he felt changed since he had his new child and Beth back by his side. Alan proposed a truce. He agreed to back off about Sarah as long as Jonathan agreed to put Tammy's death behind them. Alan had his baby girl, and it was all that mattered. Lizzie went onto the porch and told Alan that the new baby belonged to Rick. Lizzie revealed that Beth had been fooling Alan in order to stall a confrontation between Jonathan and him.

As Alan wrestled with the information, Rick showed up at the house. Alan still insisted that Beth didn't want Rick, but Rick retorted that Beth had called him, professing her love. Rick went inside to greet Beth and the new daughter that he claimed was his.

On the porch, Alan grappled with Beth's deception. Jonathan said that, even though Alan hadn't gotten what he'd wanted, he'd better stay away from Sarah. Alan was sullen, and Jonathan mocked him, asking how it felt to lose everything he loved. Jonathan thought watching Alan suffer in his loneliness was much better revenge than killing him. Alan asked Jonathan to shoot him. He said that if Jonathan shot him, it would be an act of kindness.

The paramedics arrived to collect Beth. Lying on a stretcher, she apologized to Alan. He uttered that she didn't have to go. Beth believed that she did. Once Beth had gone, Alan pleaded with Lizzie and Jonathan to stay, saying that he believed they'd all shared a special moment earlier with the birth of the baby. Lizzie and Jonathan didn't feel that way. They left and warned Alan not to follow them.

When Jonathan and Lizzie went through Customs, Jonathan realized that he'd left his gun outside in the bushes at the house. Lizzie thought that was a good thing. They could go through Customs and return to Sarah without incident.

Meanwhile, Alan drank alone at the house. He discovered the gun on the veranda. He cocked the gun and examined it more closely.

Back in Springfield, at Jeffrey's office, Jeffrey and Reva babysat Sarah. They talked about their relationship. Reva said that her life was complicated and offered him a way out. Jeffrey didn't want a way out. He thought the complications were worth it. They reaffirmed their decision to continue to see each other.

Reva and Jeffrey visited Josh at the church. Jeffrey offered another solution for dealing with Will. He suggested Will be criminally charged for pushing Edmond. Will would then be sent to juvenile hall. Jeffrey further explained that the boy would have access to trained psychologists and that Josh could also appeal to the court for custody of him. In the middle of the discussion, Cassie blazed in. She accused them all of scheming to take Will away from her.

Cassie vowed not to lose another child. She wouldn't fail Will the way she'd failed Tammy. Jeffrey said she hadn't failed Tammy. Cassie yelled that she had, and she'd never forget it. Cassie thought they weren't even listening to her. Reva took hold of Cassie's arms, trying to calm her. Cassie jerked herself away and demanded Reva get off of her. Reva fell backward against the front pew. Cassie stormed out, leaving everyone, including church visitors, shocked.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

God Bless the Child

Reva visited Joshua at the church and found him troubled about performing the baptism for Beth and Rick's baby when he was keeping a secret about whom the child's real father was. Josh was unsure that he could be true to both his faith and to his wife. Even more, he was troubled by Cassie's decisions regarding Will and by the way Cassie had attacked Reva the other day. Reva made light of the incident with Cassie and told Josh that he would do the right thing -- he always did.

On Main Street, Will played on benches. Cassie made him get down then had a serious talk with him. She reprimanded Will for packing up Josh's things. Cassie explained that she and Josh were just working things out, but Josh wasn't gone from their lives. Will thought he was to blame for their problems, but Cassie assured him that he wasn't. They hugged, and Cassie asked him to behave later when Daisy babysat him while Cassie attended the baptism.

In the Bauer kitchen, Leah, Jude, James, and Lillian decorated for the baby's party. When Rick left to call Ed, Beth consulted Lillian, worried because Alan had not called. Beth seemed sorry for Alan. She tried to express her conflicted feelings but wound up just shrugging.

While Rick and Beth opened baby gifts, the phone rang. Beth tensed. She admitted to Rick that she was worried about Alan. Rick said he understood her feelings for Alan. It was natural for Beth to have some compassion for Alan, since he'd been a large part of her life. Rick said that he was fine with it because he was very happy to have married his high school sweetheart and to have a family with her. They hugged, and with prodding from Leah, they decided to name the baby. They chose the name Bernadette Bauer in honor of Rick's late grandmother, Bert.

Josh went to visit the baby. Once Beth left to put the baby down, Josh related to Rick his doubts about conducting the baptism and being the godfather while "this lie" hung over them. Rick said that Josh couldn't back out at that point. Appearing in the doorway, Cassie boldly retorted, "Oh, he'll do it."

Beth resurfaced, and Cassie, the godmother, held Bernadette. Even though others didn't see it, Beth insisted the baby had Rick's eyes. Rick and Josh nervously exchanged glances, but Cassie had no problem reaffirming that Bernadette did have Rick's eyes. Beth retreated with Leah to change the baby, commenting that Leah had been warmer since the baby had gone home.

Once Beth left, Josh reiterated his concerns about saying vows in church while purporting that Rick was Bernadette's real father. Cassie and Rick pressured him to remain the godfather. Reluctantly, Josh agreed to do it, but he recused himself from performing the ceremony. He decided to ask Steven Rutledge to perform it instead.

At the Beacon, Lizzie, Sarah, and Jonathan played on the floor. In conversation, Lizzie concluded that Alan was a broken man, and they might have beaten him that time. Jonathan seemed skeptical. Lizzie drew a bath for Sarah but screamed because an insect was in the tub. Jonathan went to her aid, leaving Sarah alone on a blanket. Alan sneaked into the hotel room. He was holding Sarah when Jonathan and Lizzie reappeared from the bathroom.

Alan appeared happy and grateful to see Sarah, but Lizzie took the baby from him. Alan sought to uphold their agreement to a truce and planned to earn Jonathan's trust. He handed Jonathan a check for Sarah's education. Jonathan ripped it up. Lizzie intervened, reminding Jonathan that they needed to try to coexist for the children's sakes. Jonathan tersely agreed. Lizzie took Sarah for her bath. Jonathan joined Alan in the hallway, where all pretenses faded.

Jonathan warned Alan that if he went near Sarah again, Jonathan would snap his neck. Alan told Jonathan how easy it had been to get to Sarah. He'd paid a maid twenty bucks. Before leaving, Alan told Jonathan to sleep well because it could be that easy again at any time.

Agitated, Jonathan returned to the room and relayed to Lizzie what Alan had just told him. Lizzie assured him that they had family support to help fight Alan. She suggested ideas to deter Alan, saying that marriage might make them appear solid. Jonathan balked at that idea, and Lizzie rolled her eyes. Jonathan left to get more baby food, taking Sarah with him.

While out, Jonathan received a text message -- seemingly from Lizzie -- saying that Alan had returned to the hotel and tried to force her to leave with him. The text urged him to pack Sarah's things and meet at the Bauer cabin. Jonathan hurried back to the hotel. After packing, he ran into Bill in the hallway. Bill saw him packed and accused him of taking off with the baby. Bill continued, saying that he'd known Lizzie couldn't trust Jonathan. Before exiting with Sarah, Jonathan threatened to pound Bill if Bill didn't get out of his face.

Jonathan arrived at the Bauer cabin, and two men ambushed him. Seeing Alan, Jonathan realized that he, not Lizzie, had sent the text message. As one of the men restrained Jonathan, Alan took Sarah to a nanny in the back room. He returned and revealed that he planned to make it look as if Jonathan had run away with Sarah again. Jonathan doubted Alan could raise Sarah without anyone knowing. Alan boasted about keeping Phillip hidden. He planned to keep Sarah at the Spaulding mansion, change her name, and cut her ties to the Lewis family.

As one of Alan's men held a gun on Jonathan, Alan forced Jonathan to call Reva and lie about running away with Sarah. On the phone, Reva tried to persuade him not to run again. Jonathan told her that he wouldn't be able to call her for a long time. He hung up even though Reva still pleaded with him. After the call, Alan allowed Jonathan to say goodbye to Sarah. As Alan watched, Jonathan gave Sarah a necklace that had once belonged to Tammy. Alan took Sarah away as Jonathan sobbed about how much he loved her.

Alan arrived at the Spaulding mansion. He instructed Jeremy to dismiss the staff indefinitely because he planned to renovate the home. Hearing a baby cry, Jeremy became suspicious but left to inform the staff of their paid leave. Alan's henchman took in Sarah. Alan told Sarah that she was a Spaulding. She needed just one more thing: a mother. Alan stared at Beth's photo.

On Main Street, Bill reported to Lizzie his suspicions that Jonathan had left town with Sarah. Lizzie didn't believe it. She called Jonathan several times but got no answer. Reva walked up to them and informed Lizzie that Jonathan had run. No matter what Bill and Reva said, Lizzie strongly disagreed that Jonathan would ever take Sarah from her again.

Later, near a barn, Alan's hired hands tied Jonathan up and shoved him into the trunk of a car. Lizzie arrived on the scene in time to witness it. She tricked the men into thinking that Alan had collapsed behind the barn. While they rushed to assist Alan, Lizzie freed Jonathan from the trunk. Jonathan filled her in on Alan's deeds, and she decided to go to her mother for help. After a brief face-off with Alan's men, Jonathan and Lizzie raced to the baptism.

At the church before the baptism, Cassie apologized to Reva for shoving her. Reva told her it was fine, but she said that Cassie wasn't the only mother worried about her son. Rutledge approached to gather Cassie for the service. Before Cassie turned away, Reva warned her that if she did it again, it wouldn't be fine -- not even close.

The baptism began. Josh and Cassie were presented as the godparents and were asked to take their vows. Josh took a breath and agreed. Alan stealthily appeared in the back of the church. The baptism continued as Lizzie arrived. Lizzie pulled Reva aside to explain what had transpired with Alan.

Meanwhile, Jonathan crept up behind Alan with a gun. Alan pleaded for his life. When Jonathan became distracted by a baby's cry, Alan knocked him off balance and took the gun. Everyone in the church turned from the ceremony to view the commotion in the back.

Reva cried for Alan to stop. As Alan wielded the gun, Reva promised not to file charges as long as Alan returned Sarah. Alan was on the edge, saying that his family had left him. If he gave up Sarah, he would be left with nothing. Reva told him that he did have something. She revealed to him that the DNA tests had been wrong. Alan was actually the father of Beth's baby.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

During the standoff between Alan, Reva, and Jonathan at the church, Reva claimed that Bernadette Bauer was really Alan's child. Beth became hysterical. Cassie whispered to Josh to stay quiet. However, when Alan pointed the gun at Reva and called her a liar, Josh stepped forward and confirmed that the baby really did belong to Alan. Cassie stared spitefully at Josh as she cradled Bernadette in her arms.

Immediately Reverend Rutledge confiscated Alan's gun. Lizzie and Jonathan questioned Alan about Sarah and discovered that she was at the mansion. Alan asked Cassie to give him Bernadette, but she refused. Rick warned Alan to stay away from his baby and instructed Leah to take the boys to the car.

Rick turned to Beth, assuring her that the tests didn't mean anything. Alan said that the tests didn't mean anything because Rick had altered the results. Alan threatened Rick with jail. Finally, Cassie confessed to tampering with the DNA tests. Cassie claimed that protecting the child from Alan was what mattered -- not DNA results. Beth took her baby and scathed Cassie for her gall.

Alan attempted to approach Beth, but Cassie halted him. She raged that the baby was just another pawn to him. She talked about how he had taken Tammy away from her. Alan told her that she needed serious help. Cassie ranted, attempting to rile the crowd to stop Alan. Beth couldn't take any more and commanded Cassie to stop it. Beth asked Cassie who had given her the right to choose the baby's father. Cassie stubbornly shook her head and glared at Alan.

Rev. Rutledge took command of the situation. He refused to allow the church to be further demeaned by bickering, threats, and violence. If they felt compelled to continue, he directed them to go outside. Josh tried to speak to him, but Rutledge strode by him to the back exit.

Once Rev. Rutledge was gone, Alan approached Beth. Rick stroked Beth's hand as she held the child. Alan reminded Beth of her feelings that a man should not be separated from his children. Rick asked her not to listen to Alan, and Beth swatted Rick's hand away. She could barely contain her anger with Rick for lying to her. Against Rick's wishes, Beth handed the baby to Alan and introduced him to his baby girl. Overjoyed, Alan held the baby and suggested that Beth move into his house. Rick said that he'd known Alan would start taking over.

Beth told the men to stop pressuring her. She took the baby from Alan and told Rick that he needed to find his own way home. If either man loved her, Beth said that they would give her time to sort it all out. Beth asked Lillian to leave with her. Back at the Bauer house, Lillian made Beth some hot tea. She asked Beth if Bernadette was asleep. Despondently, Beth uttered, "That name -- I just can't get used to it."

Back at the church, Alan taunted Rick, saying it wouldn't take long for Beth to make up her mind. Rick said he was done with Alan. Alan innocently said that he wasn't the one who had lied to his wife and stolen a child. Alan asked Rick to see the irony in the situation. "You," Alan said with a chuckle, "have turned into me." Rick walked away as Alan continued to laugh.

Meanwhile, once Cassie witnessed Alan hold the baby for the first time, she became appalled and strode out of the sanctuary. Josh chased her to the vestibule, and Reva followed. Cassie accused Reva of running her mouth and Josh of betraying her. Cassie noted how readily Reva and Josh jumped to each other's defense. Shaking her head, Cassie said that some things never changed.

Josh reasoned with Cassie that she had to know that what had happened in the sanctuary had been inevitable. Cassie claimed that Reva had known what revealing the secret would do to Cassie, but she'd revealed it anyway. Reva replied that Alan had been threatening her son. Cassie accused Josh of supporting Reva instead of her. Cassie thought that no one had believed Reva until Josh had confirmed it. Josh said it wasn't about him backing Reva. Cassie snickered that it sure wasn't about him backing his wife.

Josh implored Cassie to understand that he'd told the truth. She believed he'd told "a truth." Another truth was that Rick had planned to be a wonderful father. Because of Josh's truth, Alan was going to destroy that baby's life -- just like he'd destroyed Tammy's. Reva implored Cassie to see that, because Alan had gained a child of his own, Jonathan and Sarah had a chance to escape him. Cassie bitterly replied that she shouldn't have expected Josh and Reva to love Tammy the way that she did. Tearfully, she strode away.

Before Josh left the church, Rev. Rutledge warned him that keeping the secret would cause him serious consequences from the church board. Rutledge apologized that he wouldn't be able to help Josh. After Rutledge left, Josh seemed distraught. To his surprise, he discovered Reva sitting in the back pew.

Angry, Cassie sat on the bench outside Company. Figment Tammy appeared beside her. Cassie thought she had failed her dead daughter. Contrarily, Figment Tammy thought that Cassie just couldn't count on the people she'd once believed would support her. Cassie told Figment Tammy that Josh always took Reva's side, and Reva always sided with Josh. Figment Tammy asked Cassie what she would do about that.

Meanwhile, after learning that Cassie had switched the paternity tests, Lizzie and Jonathan slipped out of the church to rescue their daughter from the Spaulding mansion. Once they successfully knocked out one of Alan's armed men, Jonathan pulled Sarah from a nearby crib. Jonathan thought of Alan's plan to dispose of him and wondered how in the world Lizzie had found him in the car trunk. Lizzie replied that she had done what had been necessary to reunite him with Sarah and her.

Jonathan recovered the necklace he had given Alan to keep for Sarah. Lizzie wished she had a keepsake for her new sister. She couldn't believe Cassie had done what she had. Lizzie wondered how many others had known about it. Some secrets, Lizzie believed, were better left buried. Jonathan replied that if his secret about faking his death were still buried, then he, Lizzie, and Sarah wouldn't be together. Jonathan retrieved the unconscious man's gun, and they exited the mansion with Sarah.

Once Sarah was safely in her crib at the Beacon, Lizzie sighed, unable to imagine what she would have done had Sarah lost Jonathan. Shrugging out of his coat, he murmured that Sarah would have had her mom. Lizzie then wondered what if "I lost you." Jonathan replied that he wasn't going anywhere. Lizzie pressed her forehead against his chest, asking him to promise her that. His arms close around her, he seemed to surprise himself as he responded, "I just did." Lizzie and Jonathan kissed passionately.

Embarrassed, the two pulled away from one another, wondering what had motivated that kiss. They both offered excuses about having had an emotional day. Lizzie commented that the kiss hadn't been right. Jonathan agreed, adding that he wasn't over Tammy. Lizzie quickly added that she had a thing with Bill. They agreed to just stick to being parents.

Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Cyrus fawned over Marina as she healed from her injured knee. Marina appreciated his efforts, but she noticed that he seemed agitated and preoccupied with fulfilling unnecessary needs. It was Valentine's Day, and she tried to get romantic with Cyrus, but her injury impeded her. Cyrus decided to run out for her favorite food, Buzz burgers. She said that he didn't have to, but Cyrus rushed out of the room before she even finished her sentence.

Meanwhile, at Harley's house, Frank entered her bedroom, claiming that her front door had been wide open. When Frank mentioned that Marina was recuperating with Cyrus' help, Harley seemed surprised. She mentioned Marina's job at the station and thought it would be rash for Frank to hire a replacement.

Frank had begun to realize that Cyrus and Marina were together and would move to France in a month when her leg was healed. Harley implied that much could change in a month. Frank thought that Harley hoped more time would change Marina's mind about leaving. He appreciated Harley's optimism, but he was resigned to his daughter being in love, and nothing would change it.

During Frank's visit, they heard Cyrus call to Harley from the stairs. Cyrus entered her bedroom and halted when he discovered Frank in the room as well. Frank postured, wondering if Cyrus had just had the audacity to let himself into Harley's house without knocking. Harley changed the subject, wondering if Cyrus was there to give her an update on Marina. He agreed that he was. When Cyrus mentioned Marina's discomfort, Frank decided to visit her.

Once Frank was gone, Harley worried that he would tell Marina that he'd seen Cyrus at her house. Cyrus thought that eventually they needed to reveal their relationship to Marina. Cyrus wondered if he and Harley were indeed "still together." She nodded. They caressed each other, all the while discussing how they would stay cool with their romance until Marina was healed enough to handle the truth. They drew nearer to the bed and wound up making love. Afterward, Harley reaffirmed that they would keep their distance from each other. He agreed, and they began kissing again.

At the Beacon, Frank visited his daughter. Marina explained to Frank how attentive Cyrus had been. She could hardly tell that he was disappointed about postponing their trip. Frank proposed a deal to Marina. If she stopped trying to convince him of Cyrus' goodness, Frank promised not to complain that Cyrus was stealing his little girl. Marina agreed. Frank departed for work.

Once Frank left, Marina called Company to add pie to the order that Cyrus had said he would pick up. The server at Company informed her that Cyrus hadn't been to the restaurant. When he returned without food, she commented that she was hungry.

Cyrus lied and said that Company had been too crowded. He hadn't even gotten to order. Retrieving a menu, he suggested they order room service. Marina glared at him. He asked if everything was okay. She told him all was fine and to just order her a slice of pie.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Gus was on the phone, trying to contact a doctor about Olivia. When Natalia entered the room and asked what he was up to, he was short with her. Natalia asked how long he was going to be like that and again apologized for what she had done. She stated that it had been an honest mistake but that Olivia had been trying to ruin their wedding. Gus, having given up on holding for the doctor, retorted with, "So you ruin it?" Gus lamented starting out their marriage like that, and Natalia decided to do something about it and led him out of the room.

A weak and tired Olivia gave Ava a letter to give to Emma when she turned 13. Natalia and Gus arrived with groceries while an upset Ava rushed out, saying that she'd already watched her mom die once; she could not do it again. While Gus was checking on Emma, Natalia gave Olivia some soup. Olivia asked if it was supposed to make up for what Natalia done then asked why she should help Natalia ease her conscience. Natalia apologized again and stated that she would never do anything to jeopardize Olivia's life. She stated that she would do anything to make it up to Olivia.

Olivia told Natalia to give Olivia her husband. Until death do they part -- it should not be very long because of Natalia. Olivia did not feel proud asking for that but pointed out that she did not have a man to take care of her. She said that as a single mother, Natalia should know how important that was. At first, Natalia said she could not do that but then said she would think about it.

Suddenly, Emma ran in and asked Olivia to take her outside. Olivia told her daughter she could not, and Emma complained that she never took her out anymore -- she never spun her anymore either. Too weak, Olivia asked Emma to ask Natalia to spin her.

Later, Gus arrived with good news. Olivia might be a candidate for a new drug that would keep her heart strong while they waited for a new one. The doctor would be stopping by soon to speak with Olivia. Gus privately asked Natalia if Olivia looked worse to her, and Natalia said she thought Olivia was just tired. Gus told Natalia that he would like to meet the doctor, and Natalia agreed. When Natalia left, Olivia apologized to Gus for him not getting a honeymoon. Later, Gus fell asleep waiting for the doctor, and Olivia gently covered him with a blanket.

Marina was peppering Cyrus with questions about how crowded Company had been and if her family had been there. When Cyrus got up to take out the trash, Marina asked where he was going, and he gave her a sarcastic response. Cyrus then apologized but admitted that he felt like he was being grilled. Marina admitted she had been doing that but said it was only because she was cooped up in the room. After they discussed how hard it had to be for Marina to be stuck in the room by herself, Mallet arrived for a visit. Cyrus left so they could talk.

Mallet told Marina how bad he felt about what had happened to her and promised to help her. He admitted that it killed him to see her like that and asked if she knew how much she meant to him. An upset Mallet got himself a drink and admitted to Marina that Dinah had turned off his cell phone. That was why he had not been able to go to her aid. Mallet felt like he'd put Marina in danger. Marina told him not to worry about it -- she wanted him and Dinah to work things out.

Marina and Mallet's talk turned to Cyrus. Marina admitted that she'd caught him in a lie but had not called him on it. Mallet suggested that maybe Cyrus just felt guilty for not being able to prevent what had happened to her, or maybe he was getting cold feet about moving and taking her away from her family. That reminded Marina that she'd never canceled payment on the farmhouse in France, and she tried to get up to find the number. Mallet got it for her and told her he would take care of it.

Mallet left to make the call and get coffee. When he returned, Marina asked about the deposit, but Mallet simply said that it had been taken care of. Marina thought he meant that Cyrus had already called. Mallet tried to change the subject, but she could tell that he was stalling and called him on it. Mallet revealed that payment had been cancelled before Marina had suffered her accident. Marina insisted that there had to be a mistake then wondered if her father had canceled it.

Harley arrived at St. Mark's to pick up Jude. She asked how the baptism had been, and Jude stated it had been scary. Rick gave Harley the low-down on everything that had happened, including the fact that Beth's baby was not his. Harley was shocked, even more so when she realized that Rick had already known about it. Rick told Harley that her son had really needed her and stated that he assumed she'd had a good reason for not being there.

Harley apologized to Jude, who asked if she had been working with Cyrus. Harley said that she and Cyrus were not working together anymore. Rick asked Harley if he could spend the rest of the day with Jude, and she complied. Later, Cyrus drop[ed by Harley's place and found her in her bedroom. Harley was upset that she had not been at the church during the baptism. She went on to state that her kids were older. They understood things and would ask questions.

Harley was trying to figure out how she and Cyrus could continue their clandestine affair. Cyrus pointed out that they would have to meet in hotels or not at all. Harley said, "Not at all does not work for me" and decided that they could meet at the house when the kids were in school. Harley decided if her kids asked any questions, she would have to lie to them. They both agreed that it was just until Marina recovered.

At that point, Rick arrived and saw the pair in close proximity. Rick was there to pick up a book for Jude. Harley tried to tell Rick that Cyrus had dropped off a box of files, but he was not convinced. Cyrus left, and Rick asked Harley if that was the reason she had not gone to the church. He then asked point-blank if she was sleeping with Marina's fiancÚ.

Harley tried to tell Rick that she and Cyrus were just friends, close friends. But Rick knew what he'd seen. Harley confessed that there had been an attraction at first after the building collapse. Rick asked if she had visited the doctor he'd referred her to. Harley stated that she had not; things were not so bad.

Upset, Rick asked how she could take care of their son when she could not even take care of herself. Growing extremely angry, Rick yelled that he did not want Cyrus anywhere near Jude. Rick stated that Cyrus was a known criminal, and if she continued to carry on with him, then Rick wanted Jude to live with him.

Harley told Rick to calm down and said that Cyrus was not a danger. She tried to get him to see that his anger was misplaced. He was not upset about Cyrus and Jude. He was angry about losing his daughter to Alan. Harley pointed out that he was going to have a fight with Alan over the baby, and she asked why he would fight her too. Rick appeared to be unconvinced and walked out to pick up their son from practice.

Cyrus finally returned home. Marina asked where he had been but then shrugged off the question and asked him to sit down by her. She then kissed him. As they kissed, the phone rang. Cyrus went out in the hall to answer it. It was Harley.

Harley told Cyrus that they needed to be more discreet. She told him that Rick had seen more than they'd wanted him to and had threatened to take Jude away. She said that she thought she'd calmed him down. As Harley was saying that the next time they were in bed together, they needed to be careful not to get caught, Marina was listening on the other line.

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