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Wes helped Marty escape; Marty was named as the likely murderer of the therapist and kidnapper of Liam. Clint confessed to Eddie's murder after a news reporter intended to run a story about Matthew. Clint also admitted to switching the paternity test results and kidnapping David. Nora was shocked that Clint needed a heart transplant. Nate punched Matthew and ordered him to confess his crime. A man with Todd's face prior to plastic surgery emerged from a coma.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 16, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, May 16, 2011

At an undisclosed location, an agent of some sort paid a visit to a highly guarded prisoner who looked like Todd, prior to Todd's presumed plastic surgery. "Now's the time to talk," said the agent. When the man remained silent, the agent leaned over with a huge syringe. He had a "new compound" to try, one that had been successful in the past. It was the "end of the line," the man stated, shooting the substance into the prisoner's neck. He added that if the prisoner didn't talk, he probably never would. The agent turned to go, but the man grabbed his arm.

Destiny stumbled into Matthew at Angel Square. Before she was able to run off, Matthew stopped her and informed her that he'd been trying to reach her. Destiny advised him that she'd been busy, and she turned to get away quickly. Unfortunately, she bumped into Marty and knocked Marty's belongings to the ground. As Destiny stooped to pick everything up, Matthew saw Marty holding Liam. "Who's baby is that?" he asked the doctor. He asked whether Marty had been babysitting.

Marty tried to stop Destiny from collecting Marty's items, but Destiny didn't pay attention. Destiny was confused when she found a gun, and Marty quickly grabbed it out of Destiny's hand and pointed it at the teens. Suddenly, someone called out Marty's name, and Marty panicked. Marty informed Matthew that he was lucky that she loved his mother, and she promptly fled after she collected her belongings.

A breathless Brody ran up only seconds after Marty's departure. He was struggling to talk, and the teens noticed that he was bleeding. Suddenly, Brody fell to the ground. He was extremely anxious, and he wanted to know about Marty and the baby. Matthew tried to persuade Brody to go to the hospital, and Brody concurred after submitting a police report with an APB on Marty.

John sat with Natalie and tried to question her regarding her fall from the roof of the Angel Square Hotel. Natalie revealed that she couldn't remember anything, and she had no idea what John was referring to. She had no clue how she'd ended up in the hospital bed. The doctor stopped by to check on Natalie, and he explained that a memory loss due to the trauma that Natalie had experienced was common. He added that it was possible for Natalie's memory to return. John continued to question Natalie, and he replayed the scene leading up to Natalie's hotel visit as he knew it.

Natalie was more concerned with seeing her son, but John assured her that the baby was probably with Brody, because John hadn't heard from the police officer. John played the message that Natalie had left John on his voicemail, but Natalie shook her head. She was unable to summon the reason for her urgent call. John wondered what the last thing was that Natalie did remember, and she recalled kissing Brody and hearing Liam cry. "I was with Brody," she said.

John asked what the couple had been up to, and Natalie told him that she and Brody had been talking. She recalled that Brody had left, but the period after that was blank. She asked John to find Liam.

Téa happened upon Dani as Téa emerged from Todd's room. Dani explained that she'd been with Nate, but his baseball team had lost their game, and Nate didn't seem to want company. Dani was there to visit with Todd, but Téa revealed that Todd was gone. Téa had already checked with the staff, and they were not running any tests on him. Dani wondered where Shaun might be, because the security guard should have been keeping watch over Todd, and Shaun was not at his post.

Just then, Shaun walked off of the elevator, munching on a bag of chips. The women immediately confronted him, but Shaun advised them that he'd had to let Todd go off, because Todd was his boss. Shaun had wandered to the cafeteria to get a snack. Téa was livid, and she slammed into Shaun, but Shaun explained that he'd been led to believe that Téa was waiting in the car for Todd. He thought that the couple had wanted some "alone time." Téa didn't want to call the police, but she thought she'd better start a search for her husband.

Téa tried to call Todd, but she was unsuccessful in reaching him. She left him an angry voicemail instead. Shaun offered to search for Todd, too, and Téa proclaimed that sometimes she felt like she knew her husband well, and at other times, she didn't have a clue about him. An annoyed Dani told her mother about the situation with Nate, James, and Deanna, and Téa supposed that while James had gotten rid of Deanna, he'd made it Dani's problem, with Deanna staying at Nate's place.

Téa suggested that Nate wouldn't even notice Deanna when she was around. "Please mom, he's a guy," Dani lamented. Téa reminded Dani that Deanna cared about James, though Téa understood Dani's feelings. "We're all territorial," Téa noted. Dani commented about Deanna's sexual experience, and Téa warned her daughter not to feel obligated or allow Deanna to ruin things for Dani. Téa didn't want Dani to do anything before she was ready. Téa proposed that Dani visit Nate, and Téa would call her daughter when Todd was located.

John left Natalie's room and saw Brody as Brody arrived at the hospital. Matthew and Destiny were there, and they revealed how they'd seen Brody, and the man had been unable to walk. John asked Brody about Liam, and the cop revealed that he'd found the baby on the roof, but Marty had slugged him over the head. When he'd awakened, the baby and Brody's gun were gone, Brody concluded.

Destiny informed John that Marty had pointed the gun at them. "She has my son, John," Brody declared. John thanked Matthew and Destiny for helping out. "Dr. Saybrooke was really scary," Destiny proclaimed. "Out of her mind crazy," Matthew added. John advised them that he'd call if he needed statements from them. Once John was gone, Matthew advised Destiny that he'd been trying to protect her from Marty when he'd stepped between them, but Destiny was horrified. She would have never forgiven herself if something had happened to Matthew, she said.

Matthew was confused. If that were the case, then he couldn't understand why Destiny had been avoiding him. Destiny assured Matthew that there was nothing to talk about. "Destiny, we had sex," Matthew exclaimed. "You did what?" Shaun shouted as he walked over to the teens. Shaun wondered if he'd just heard what he thought he had heard. Shaun was certain that he'd heard "we." Destiny hurriedly confirmed that Matthew had been talking about himself and his girlfriend, and she made it clear that she and Matthew were only friends.

Destiny was annoyed at Shaun for embarrassing her, and she ordered her brother to go and look for Todd. She began to walk away, but Matthew grabbed her arm. He wasn't finished. Destiny assured him that she'd only tried to make him feel better, and she hadn't meant for anything to happen. Matthew confessed that he should have said something to her at the time, but she definitely meant something to him.

Matthew insisted that he wasn't lying. He wouldn't hurt Destiny and he cared about her. He should have let her know sooner that he needed her, and she wasn't just anybody. Destiny's eyes widened in surprise.

John stood talking to Brody, and John revealed that Natalie had been asking about Liam. He explained that Natalie's memory was "fuzzy," and he thought Brody shouldn't even say anything about Liam when he visited Natalie's room. Maybe they could find Liam first, John suggested.

Brody looked in on Natalie, and she appeared to be sleeping. He lightly knocked on the door and walked inside the room. Natalie opened her eyes and spotted the bandage on Brody's head. He advised her that it was a scratch obtained while on the job. Natalie confessed that she remembered waking up on the pavement, but she recalled nothing else. "It will come back," Brody reassured her. Natalie asked about Liam, because she wanted to hold her son.

Brody recommended that she get some rest first, and she would be able to hold the baby later. Looking at Brody's face, Natalie gasped. She was certain that Liam was in trouble, and something was wrong. Brody quickly advised her that Liam was at home asleep. He promised not to allow anything to happen to either Natalie or their son, because he would "die first." Brody left her room and found John. He admitted that he'd lied to Natalie, and he hoped that John would be able to find Liam. Brody was apologetic, given the situation, but John assured him that the baby was missing, and that was important.

Nate returned home and angrily informed Deanna that his team had lost the game. "Some lessons are just harder to get over than others," Deanna stated as she looked longingly at James's MyFace page. Nate noted that the apartment was uncomfortably hot, and he was unable to get a window open, because it had been painted shut. Deanna explained that she'd heard that the heat had been turned on in the building by accident. She didn't mind because she was grateful and happy to have a roof over her head.

Nate understood, because he and his mother had lived in a shelter at one time, he revealed. Deanna joked that Nate smelled, and he ran off to take a shower. Later, the teens pigged out on some ice cream, and Deanna told Nate how much he resembled James. She could definitely tell that they were brothers, Deanna said as she eyed Nate's shirtless torso. Nate pointed out that the brothers were dating sisters, which was unusual. Deanna wanted Nate to let her know if he ever wanted some privacy.

Nate acknowledged that he and Dani were "not there" yet, because they were taking their time. Deanna thought that was "cool." She had an idea on how they could cool themselves down too.

Todd visited Tomas at the local jail and warned Tomas that he planned to kill him. Tomas calmly stood and posed himself, waiting for Todd to pull the trigger. "So let me have it, Todd," Tomas dared Todd. Tomas braced himself and even changed poses several times when nothing happened. Todd sarcastically exclaimed that he'd had to check his gun at the door, but he had hoped to "clear the air." Tomas urged him to hurry, because he was certain that Téa would think to look for Todd at the jail.

Tomas revealed that Téa had fired him, and Todd figured it was because Téa had seen through her brother. Tomas wondered what would occur when Téa finally saw through Todd as well. Todd noted that they both had secrets, though he certainly wasn't at the top of a CIA list like Tomas. Both of the men began to verbally attack each other. "Too bad your aim wasn't better," Todd goaded Tomas. "Yeah, too bad," Tomas replied. Todd's face lit up as he pointed out that Tomas had just confessed to the shooting.

Tomas confirmed that he had been at the scene, and he would confess if need be, but he vowed to tell all there was to tell about Todd. "Pull up a chair," Tomas urged his nemesis. He told Todd what he knew, and all Todd could say was that it was a "fairy tale," and he didn't mind if Tomas wanted to spill all to John. Tomas pointed out that everyone in Todd's life would abandon him, but Todd reminded Tomas that Tomas' life would be ruined too. Tomas thought that there might be another solution.

"So we agree?" Tomas asked. Todd didn't want to lose his family, nor did Tomas. Tomas stressed that it was bigger than them, but maybe they could both try to get what they wanted. He looked forward to working with Todd.

Marty checked into the Minute Man Motel with Liam in tow. She handed some money to the clerk, explaining that she trusted him to be discreet. She announced that her name was Mrs. John McBain. Marty talked to the baby when they were alone, and she spoke about how she'd tried to "reason with Natalie." Marty was happy that Natalie was gone, and Marty had Liam. Soon she would have John, too, Marty added. "All's well that ends well," she said.

Marty planned to give John time to get over Natalie, so she planned to return with Liam around Christmas. Marty would announce that she'd found Liam in the snow, and of course after that, tests would be run to make sure that the baby was okay. Among the tests, Marty believed that a DNA test would be run too. John would learn that Liam was his son, and then Marty and John would get married. The only stumbling block was the tape of her session with Dr. Buhari, and Marty grew desperate to locate the tape. It wasn't among her things.

Marty wasn't aware that the missing tape was lying on the ground, under a bench, in Angel Square.

Dani arrived at Nate's apartment and found him playing a lively game with Deanna. They were shooting water guns at each other.

Shaun returned to Todd's room with Todd beside him. Todd claimed he'd been out searching for a magazine. Téa began to yell at her husband, and she bombarded him with questions. Finally, Todd sighed. He admitted that he'd gone to Rodi's and the scene of the crime. Téa requested that Shaun leave the room. Todd stated that he'd hoped to remember something, and he did. He'd been wrong. Tomas hadn't been the one to shoot him.

A police officer stopped at Tomas' cell and advised him that Tomas' arraignment had been scheduled. He thought that Tomas should contact his attorney, because Tomas wouldn't be able to enter a plea without one. Tomas didn't think it would be necessary.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back in his hospital bed, Todd advised Téa that he'd been wrong, and he had not seen Tomas at the scene of the shooting. He insisted he had made a mistake. Téa demanded to know why her husband was changing his story, but Todd could only say that it had been dark, and things had been confusing after he'd emerged from his coma. Téa thought that Todd was lying, and she began to shout at him. She was only seeing lies and more lies, she yelled.

Todd insisted that his new version was correct, and he hadn't seen anything at the window. It had probably been a glare from the sun. Téa wondered why he'd identified her brother as the shooter, and Todd shrugged and said that it was because he didn't like Tomas. He thought that Téa should be happy that her brother was off the hook.

Out in the hospital hallway, Starr chatted with James on the phone. She told him that she wouldn't be able to see him, but Blair grabbed the phone from her daughter's hand. Blair told James that she would send Starr to visit him. She advised Starr that Kelly was doing well, and Blair believed that Starr deserved some quality time with James. Starr began to argue with her mother, but Blair promised to call if there were any changes in Kelly's progress.

Blair walked into Todd's room and into the midst of the shouting match between Téa and Todd. Téa explained that Todd had changed his story regarding his accusation of Tomas. Both Blair and Téa were angry with Todd, and Téa reminded Todd that she'd walked out on her brother because of Todd. She stated that the police and district attorney would still be involved in the case, and it wasn't that easy to just drop all of the charges. She left the room to make a phone call. She called Dani to tell her that Todd was okay.

"How could you do this to me, Todd?" Blair inquired once Téa was gone. Blair had realized that she really didn't know Tomas at all. She explained that she'd had her doubts about Tomas, and the mysteries about him had switched from being romantic to being questions. One particular question was the painting of her that Tomas had done when she'd first married Todd. She had been sure that Tomas was withholding information, but she'd almost decided to trust him.

Things had changed after Todd had accused Tomas of shooting him, Blair continued. Todd was changing the story again, and she was furious. Todd wondered why she thought it was his problem, and Blair tried to clarify what she meant. If Tomas really had tried to kill Todd, she couldn't be with Tomas, and Tomas had understood that when Blair had turned her back on him after her visit to the jail cell. She wondered if Todd were telling the truth this time.

Todd asserted that he was merely trying to fix his mistake. "You better not be lying to me, Todd Manning," Blair professed. After Blair was gone, Todd looked at the encrypted paper that showed the photo of the Todd with the pre-plastic surgery face.

James was amused when Ford returned to their apartment, dressed in his hotdog outfit, along with a friend dressed as a hamburger. Ford introduced James to Patty, and Ford noted that Patty was helping him out with his custody case. While the friends indulged in a couple of beers, Ford asked whether he'd be able to get custody of his son if the mother were crazy. He clarified that while Tess was crazy, she was also "funny, sexy and smart."

Patty agreed that Ford had a chance at custody. Ford had another question, but Patty expressed how disappointed she was that she didn't have a change of clothes with her. She agreed to accept Ford's offer of a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, but Ford was annoyed when she asked him to help her out of her costume. Patty grew angry when she realized that Ford wanted legal advice and didn't want to sleep with her. She complained that Ford was obviously still "hung up" on his wife, and she stormed out of the apartment.

James was amused that his brother had turned down an opportunity to "hook up" with a woman, and he agreed with Patty. Ford was still "hung up" on Tess. Ford was irritated at his brother's comment, and James tried to explain that it had been a joke. They were saved from an argument when Starr showed up. Ford exclaimed that Tess meant nothing to him, just like Patty.

Shortly after, Ford changed his clothes and emerged from his bedroom. Starr and James were kissing on the sofa. Ford emphasized that he was angry with Tess, and she was the last thing on his mind. He was going to a bar. Starr and James got back to their kiss, but Starr was doing some thinking. She wondered if Ford really cared about Tess, but she hoped not. Tess wasn't a real person, and Tess needed help, Starr declared. James pointed out that they were finally alone. Starr reminded James that he always jinxed it.

Dani arrived at Nate's place and found her half-dressed boyfriend in the middle of a water gun fight with Deanna. "We were hot," Nate declared. "Oh yeah, I see that," Dani retorted. Nate attempted to explain that the heat had been turned on in the apartment building accidentally, and they'd been trying to stay cool. He handed Dani a gun and tried to get her involved in the game, but Dani wasn't in the mood. She told him that her father was missing.

Nate was certain that Todd would show up, but he was more interested in continuing talk about the water gun game with Deanna. Dani received a phone call from Téa and the latest on Todd's situation. Dani happily repeated the conversation to Nate. Her father had been wrong about Tomas being the shooter, and she thought it was amazing. Nate thought it was weird, and there were still plenty of questions, like the syringe with Tomas' fingerprints. An already irritated Dani was angry that Nate was still trying to make her uncle look guilty, and she wondered why he was so obsessed with it.

Nate denied being obsessed, and the couple began to argue over the situation involving Tomas and Todd. Deanna listened without being seen. "Shaun still thinks..." Nate began but stopped himself. Dani grew more irate when she understood that Nate and Shaun had been discussing her family. Dani was through, and she headed to the door. She suggested that Deanna and Nate go back to cooling themselves off. After Dani was gone, Nate was irritated that he had fought with her over her uncle again.

Starr stopped kissing James and announced that she didn't want to wait any longer. James reminded her that he'd wanted things to be perfect for their first time, and Starr assured him that it would always be perfect with him. They headed to the bedroom. Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the front door. It was Dani, and she knew that James was inside. He finally opened the door, and Dani stomped in.

Dani was furious at James for putting Deanna into her life. She related the situation she'd found herself in when she had turned up at Nate's apartment. She'd felt like a third wheel, and she'd portrayed herself to be the jealous girlfriend.

Aubrey attempted to reach Joey on the phone while she was at Capricorn, but she was unsuccessful. She admitted to Rama that she was concerned that he had run off to be at Kelly's side at the hospital.

At the bar, Wes wondered why he wasn't drunk, and Cutter offered to take Wes to another nearby bar. "You're not taking him anywhere," Cristian advised Cutter. Turning to Wes, Cristian proclaimed that Capricorn was the best bar around. He offered Wes another beer, though Wes wanted a shot added to it. Cristian thanked Rama for suggesting that he give Wes the non-alcoholic beer. Rama flirted with Cristian.

Aubrey ordered Cutter to stop trying to take Wes out of the club, because she was trying to keep Wes there. Cutter reminded her that they weren't "on the same team anymore." He thought that he might be able to get Tess to return, because Tess was "hot" for Cutter. When Cristian went off to answer the phone, Cutter found himself behind the bar. He exclaimed that Cristian had been pouring the non-alcoholic beer for Wes, and Wes was angry. Wes accused Cristian of cheating him.

Cristian claimed that he'd made a mistake, but Wes wondered how that could have happened five times. Cristian offered to make it up to him, but Cutter again suggested that he take Wes elsewhere. Aubrey called Cutter a loser, and Rama invited Wes to join her and Aubrey at their mansion instead. Cutter informed Wes that Aubrey was married to a Buchanan, and there were guns at the mansion. A war of words ensued between Aubrey and Cutter until finally, Wes agreed to take Cutter up on his offer. Wes questioned the fact that Cutter was married, and Cutter called his relationship with his wife an open one.

Aubrey took one last stab at trying to keep Wes at the club, but her effort was futile. "I win, you lose," Cutter taunted her. As Cutter and Wes left the bar, they ran into Ford, who took one look at Wes and seemed puzzled. "You look like a guy," Ford accused Wes. Cutter walked away with Wes, and Ford went inside.

Ford found Aubrey, who confirmed that Tess was a man named Wes. She had no idea what had happened, except that Wes had emerged while Brody and Cutter had been arguing. Ford asked Aubrey to contact Cutter, but she refused. She admitted that they'd had a falling out. Ford questioned why Aubrey wasn't with Ryder, and she advised him that she had a staff at home to look after the infant.

Cristian thanked Rama for trying to help him out with Wes. He was only sorry that he hadn't been able to keep Wes in the club. He wondered if Rama had ever told her husband that she really wasn't pregnant, and Rama admitted that she hadn't. She would hurt him, and she didn't know if it would be worth it. She wouldn't explain her comment, but said she'd wanted to give Vimal hope, and she was a terrible person. Cristian assured her she wasn't, and he put his arms around her. There was an awkward moment, and Cristian moved away quickly.

Ford was angry. He'd recognized that someone like Aubrey could never take care of a baby. Aubrey was infuriated too. She might have been a "party girl," but Ford had been a "player." It had been possible for both of them to change, she snapped. She clutched Rama and announced that they had to leave. Aubrey had to explain to Joey that she'd lost his sister. Rama looked back at Cristian sadly.

Claude paid Tomas a visit at the jail and mentioned how surprised he had been to learn that Tomas had been arrested. Tomas noted that the problem was more than likely being solved as they spoke, because he and Todd had chatted. Tomas had believed it was "time to come clean." "How clean?" Claude asked. Tomas announced that he and Todd had arrived at an understanding, and Tomas had made a "deal with the devil."

Téa turned up at the jail, and she was curious about the statement that she'd overheard her brother make. Tomas quickly referred to his attorney, and he introduced Téa to Claude, though he made it clear that Claude wasn't the attorney in question. Claude was a friend of his. Téa refused to shake Claude's hand. Claude revealed that he'd seen Téa in a photo that was in Tomas' possession, and Tomas loved her very much. She wondered why Claude was in Llanview.

Claude claimed to be in the area on business when he'd heard about Tomas' predicament. Téa announced that Tomas' plight no longer existed, as Todd had changed his story. It was "hard to believe," though, Téa stated. While she did trust her husband, there were certain things that "don't add up," she said. Most specifically, the syringe in Todd's hospital room that contained Tomas' fingerprints. Tomas asked Téa to help him out, because everything had changed.

Téa agreed, though she advised Tomas that things wouldn't be so simple. She left to visit with the district attorney, and Claude informed Tomas that Téa was not a fool. He didn't want Tomas to be a fool either. Certain past events would never change, Claude pointed out. The truth couldn't be kept hidden forever.

At the undisclosed location, the man who looked like Todd pre-surgery, reached out to grab the agent's arm. "So? You've decided to come back to us," the agent proclaimed. He flashed a light into the man's eyes and noted that the pupils were "responsive." The man slowly looked around as the agent called out to him. "Can you hear me?" the agent asked. "Yeah," the man replied.

"Welcome back," the agent said. "Back?" the man replied, as he looked around again. "Do you know who you are?" the agent inquired. The agent in the suit identified himself as Baker. "Do you know who you are?" he repeated. "Of course," the man answered.

Cutter and Wes returned to their room at the Minute Man Motel. Cutter explained that they were there because he wanted to change his clothes. He quickly removed most of them as he paraded in front of Wes, who was more preoccupied with a magazine full of women's photos. He didn't notice Cutter at all. Cutter ripped the magazine from Wes's hand and challenged him to an arm wrestling match. Wes offered to make the match interesting. "Oh, it'll be interesting," Cutter declared as he planted himself on the bed next to Wes.

It was a struggle, and Cutter couldn't believe how strong Wes appeared to be. Finally, Cutter won the match. His next move was to jump on top of Wes. He began kissing Wes, in the hopes that Tess would appear.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John was on the phone with Bo, talking about Marty. John had put an Amber Alert out for Liam. John didn't have any leads on Marty. Bo said that the combination of "a disturbed woman" who had a weapon and a young child didn't give Liam good odds. John told Bo that he and Brody were about to talk to Marty's therapist.

Brody watched Natalie through the window, and Viki saw him. She walked out of the room and hoped Natalie would stay asleep until Liam was found. Brody warned Viki not to let Natalie watch the television, because Marty was most likely all over the news. John told Brody that they had to talk to Dr. Buhari, so they turned to leave. Before John left, he made a point to look in on Natalie.

John and Brody arrived at Dr. Buhari's office, and asked to see the doctor. The receptionist informed them that the doctor wasn't in her office. They asked for a contact number. The receptionist revealed that she had already tried calling, but the doctor wasn't picking up the phone.

John and Brody asked the receptionist when the last was that she'd heard from the doctor, and if the doctor had left a note. The receptionist related that it wasn't like Dr. Buhari to just leave, or to cancel appointments. At John's request, the receptionist saw that the doctor's last appointment that day had been with Marty. When Brody noticed blood on the door to the office, John demanded the key to the office.

John and Brody entered the office with guns drawn to find blood all over the room. John found Dr. Buhari sprawled in the corner of the office. Brody demanded a doctor, and the receptionist ran from the room to get one. John related that it was too late for a doctor, because Dr. Buhari was dead. John realized that Marty had already killed the doctor when she had seen him earlier and shown him Dr. Buhari's signature.

A short while later, the crime scene investigators did their job as John and Brody tried to form a timeline of the night. Brody pushed John against the wall and blamed John for what Marty had done to Kelly, Natalie, and Liam. John told Brody to get off, and ordered him out of the room. Brody attributed Marty's release from St. Anne's to John, and wondered if John hated Brody and Natalie that much. Upset, John threatened Brody's life if he ever said anything like that again. John said that they were wasting time that they could be spending looking for Liam.

A short while later, Brody apologized to John for being out of line. "Let's go find your son," John told Brody, and the two left.

Wes fell on the floor, and Cutter got on top of him and kissed him. Wes pushed Cutter off, and informed Cutter that he didn't "swing that way." Wes continued that there were a lot of gay guys in the Navy, so he was comfortable around them. Wes said that he was straight, but that Cutter should be proud and "come out." Wes didn't think that Cutter was being fair to his wife. "You are my wife!" Cutter exclaimed.

Wes was shocked at Cutter's revelation, and turned to leave. Cutter explained Jessica's illness to Wes, and then began to appeal to Tess. He informed Tess that Brody was gone, and promised to keep her safe. He also told Wes what Brody had done with Natalie, which had made Tess emerge. A disbelieving Wes said that Brody would never do that.

Wes slowly began transforming, and started to cry. Cutter told her not to waste tears on Brody. Suddenly, Jessica recognized Cutter, and asked where they were. She demanded to know where Brody was. When Cutter realized that it was Jessica, he told her that he understood why she didn't want to be in the world. He continued that Brody loved his child, and didn't care about Jessica.

Suddenly, Wes told Cutter to leave him alone. Cutter tried to stop Wes from leaving, but Wes punched Cutter. "I'm not a chick," Wes stated. He continued that it seemed like Brody was doing the right thing with his child. Wes decided that he didn't have a problem with Brody's actions, and left.

Rick sat in bed, watching his newest movie. He exclaimed at how good it was, but how Deanna would have been better. He regretted that her "boyfriend" had walked into the room to save her. Through the wall, Rick could hear Liam crying. He pounded on the wall for someone to "shut that kid up," because he was trying to work.

Marty frantically searched the room for the recorder. She knew she had to find it because, in the hands of "the wrong people," John could find out that Liam was his baby and not Brody's. In frustration, she threw a glass against the wall, and it shattered. Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. "They found us," Marty anxiously told Liam.

Marty tried to quiet the baby, and yelled for whoever was knocking to leave them alone. It was Rick, who threatened to call the cops, so she opened the door to him. She apologized, and claimed that she'd tried everything to quiet the child. Rick walked past her, and into the room. He kneeled in front of the baby as Marty picked up her gun.

Liam stopped crying, and Rick explained that Liam had just needed a "man's touch." He continued that Liam probably missed his father. Marty lied that Rick should go, because Liam's father would return soon. Noticing the mess in the room, Rick hoped that the father hadn't been the one to tear the room up. If that was the case, Marty shouldn't want the man to return, in his opinion. He wondered what had happened.

Marty explained that she had misplaced something, and had torn up the room, looking for it. She thanked Rick for helping her, and for being a nice guy. He said he'd stay nice as long as Liam stayed quiet, because Rick had work to do. He gave Marty his card, and instructed her to call if she ever needed a job. He left, and Marty thought that it had been a close call.

Marty was upset that Rick had gotten a good look at her and Liam. She got all of her stuff together, picked up Liam, and left the room. Outside of the room, Wes walked past. "Marty?" he called out to a shocked Marty.

Viki hid the remote control to the television in a drawer in Natalie's room. Natalie woke up, and Viki asked how she was feeling. Natalie was in disbelief that she couldn't remember "something that hurt so much." Viki hoped that Natalie wouldn't remember that, or anything that Marty had put Natalie through. Natalie didn't want to talk about Marty, so she expressed her happiness that Liam was safe. Natalie wanted to see her son, but Viki didn't think it was a good idea.

Natalie told Viki that she needed to hold her son. Viki told her daughter that it wasn't an option, as Clint was wheeled into the room. Viki wondered if it was all right for him to be out of bed, but he replied that no one could "keep us down." Viki and Clint exchanged a look, which Natalie noticed. Natalie realized that there was something that Viki and Clint weren't telling her. As Natalie prodded more, Viki told her that Natalie and Clint needed to rest. A nurse entered and said she needed a few minutes alone with Natalie, so Viki and Clint left.

Outside the room, Viki couldn't believe that she had agreed to lie to Natalie for Brody about Liam, and for Clint about his condition. She related that she was a terrible liar.

As the nurse went about her business, Natalie asked if the nurse knew whether or not the police had found Marty. The nurse didn't know, so Natalie asked for the television remote. There was a news report on the television about Marty kidnapping Liam, and that Marty should be considered "armed and dangerous." Natalie yelled for Viki.

Viki and Clint returned to the room, and Natalie frantically told Viki and Clint what she had seen on the news. The nurse apologized and left the room. Viki promised Natalie that Brody and John were out looking for Liam, and would find him soon. Clint added that the entire police department was out looking for Liam. Viki also promised that Marty wouldn't hurt Liam, because Marty was a mother as well.

Natalie had known something was wrong. Viki said she had needed to lie to Natalie because Natalie had needed rest. Natalie didn't care what happened to her. She just wanted Liam. Viki told Natalie to have faith, and to trust John and Brody.

Matthew and Destiny walked through Angel Square, and wondered whether or not Marty had been caught. They agreed they were lucky that Marty hadn't used her gun on them, and that Brody was all right after the hit on the head. Destiny was glad that Matthew had been with her during the "crazy night," because she didn't think she could have handled it on her own. She was also glad he thought that their night together meant something to him. "Because it did," he said, and kissed her.

As Destiny and Matthew shared a kiss, Dani passed through. She was shocked to see the two kissing, and hid behind a statue. Matthew pulled away and said that he needed to get home. They agreed to meet the next day, and he left.

Bo summarized for Nora what had happened with Natalie and Liam. He confided that everyone had agreed not to say anything to Natalie about Liam. There was a knock on the door, and Nora answered it to Blanca. Blanca wanted to give Bo and Nora a heads-up on one of her upcoming stories. She revealed that her next story involved the cold investigation on Eddie Ford's murder. She believed that Bo and Nora were covering for the real murderer -- Matthew.

Bo and Nora didn't know where Blanca had gotten the information, but they threatened to sue her for defamation if she made the report. Blanca informed them that journalism school had taught her that, if something is true, "it's sure as hell not defamation." She left a worried Bo and Nora.

Matthew entered the apartment and wondered why he had seen Blanca Morales. Bo and Nora confided that Blanca wanted to say on her show that Matthew had killed Eddie. They assured Matthew that Blanca had been threatened with lawsuits, so she would be stupid to go along with her plan. Bo and Nora tried to figure out how Blanca had considered Matthew as Eddie's killer. Bo banked on Clint, but Matthew admitted that it must have been Destiny.

Bo and Nora were surprised that Matthew had told Destiny. Matthew feared that Blanca wouldn't be afraid of the lawsuit threats. Bo stated that Blanca would need evidence in order to report on something so important, but she had no evidence. Matthew said he'd rather be in jail than have the entire town talk about him. He realized that he couldn't keep having his parents cover for him, because they could lose their jobs. Matthew decided that he needed to confess. He didn't want to wait for someone else to figure it out. He related that the secret was like "a ton of bricks." He wanted to turn himself in.

Dani walked up to Destiny and asked about the kiss Dani had just witnessed. Dani was surprised because she hadn't known that Matthew and Destiny were dating. Destiny denied it as Dani prodded more. Finally, Destiny blurted out to a stunned Dani that Destiny and Matthew had had sex. Dani wanted to know how it had happened, since Destiny and Matthew were apparently only friends. Destiny didn't want to talk about it, especially since Dani had previously dated Matthew. Dani reasoned that it was a long time before, and she had a boyfriend, "even if I want to throw something at his head."

Destiny was curious, so Dani explained about Deanna staying with Nate. However, Dani still wanted to hear Destiny's story. Destiny explained that Matthew had been upset, and dealing with things on his own. He had wanted someone to understand him, and someone to help him make everything go away. However, Destiny said it hadn't worked.

Blanca appeared and called Destiny her "number-one girl." However, Destiny said that she wasn't Blanca's friend. Blanca explained to Dani that her audience would know who had killed Eddie thanks to Destiny. Dani was curious, so Blanca told her that the killer was Matthew. Destiny yelled that Blanca couldn't say that on television because it wasn't true. Blanca's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it.

Destiny related that a person couldn't say whatever they wanted on television, just because it would make a good story. Dani assured Destiny that no one would believe the story, anyway, because it was a lie. "Isn't it?" Dani asked as a result of Destiny's silence. Dani babbled on that it couldn't be the reason that Destiny and Matthew had gotten together. However, Destiny's silence told Dani that it was.

Blanca answered her phone to Clint. He believed that she owed him for giving her so much material to report on, so he wanted a favor. He wanted her to help get his daughter's baby back.

A short while later, Blanca was setting up her equipment in Natalie's hospital room. Viki wasn't sure about enlisting Blanca's help, but Clint insisted that it would help get Liam back. Clint and Viki made sure that Natalie was all right with Blanca's help. Natalie said that she'd do anything to get Liam back.

On the air, Blanca summarized Natalie's story for the viewers. She continued the segment, and showed a picture of Marty.

At the Minute Man, Rick sat in bed and turned on Blanca's show on television. He was stunned to see that he recognized the kidnapper, and that Clint was offering one million dollars for any information about Marty.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dani begged Destiny to tell her that Matthew hadn't really killed Eddie. Nate was walking through, but stopped when he heard Destiny yell that Matthew had killed Eddie. He became upset as Destiny pleaded with Dani not to tell anyone, especially Nate. Dani couldn't promise not to tell anyone, so Destiny threatened her. Destiny said that she would deny telling Dani anything, and would say that Dani was just jealous of Destiny and Matthew's relationship.

Destiny and Dani agreed that there was no telling what Nate would do when he found out about Matthew. Dani offered to talk to Téa for Matthew, but Destiny once again begged Dani not to tell anyone. Destiny believed that Nate would kill Matthew if Nate found out. Dani wondered when Matthew had become a killer. Destiny explained that it had just happened, and that no one missed Eddie anyway. Matthew had done the world a favor.

Dani reminded Destiny that Nate had almost gone to jail for Eddie's murder. Destiny confessed that Clint had made Matthew keep quiet. Destiny revealed that she'd figured out what had happened because she could tell that something was wrong with Matthew. She'd kept after him about it, so he'd told her. Dani realized that it didn't matter if she told anyone, because Blanca would broadcast it anyway.

Matthew told his parents that he was going to turn himself in. Bo and Nora begged Matthew to trust them, and to not do anything until they figured out the best way to deal with things. Matthew thought it was his decision, but Bo refused to let his son do anything. Nora blamed it on Clint. Matthew suggested that his sentence would be lighter because he was a minor, but Bo reminded him that he could still be charged as an adult.

Nora informed Matthew that he could still get life in prison. "Cole's dealing with it," Matthew yelled. However, Nora told him that the two situations were completely different. Matthew said that, once Blanca said something on the air, things would be over anyway. Bo and Nora vowed to stop her. Bo made a call and found out that Blanca was at the hospital.

Matthew thought that Bo and Nora would just make things worse, but they promised to get Blanca to back down. Matthew said he could call John and confess. He wanted to protect Bo and Nora from losing their jobs, and possibly going to jail for helping Matthew cover up the crime. Matthew told them to do their jobs and take him to the station, but Bo refused to lose another son. Matthew finally agreed. Bo ordered Matthew not to open the door or answer the phone for anyone, and Bo and Nora left.

A short while later, there was a pounding on the door. Matthew answered it to Nate, who immediately punched Matthew in the face. Matthew fell back and hit his head on a table. "You killed my father, you son of a bitch," Nate spat at Matthew. Backing up, Matthew asked who had told Nate. Nate demanded that Matthew be a man and admit what he'd done. Matthew finally admitted it, and explained everything that had happened that night.

Nate yelled at Matthew for keeping quiet while Nate had been charged with the murder. Clearly in pain, Matthew told Nate that Clint had forced Matthew to keep quiet. Nate accused Matthew of being a "spoiled rich kid" who couldn't get over Dani dumping him. Nate informed Matthew that Dani never would have "crawled back" to Matthew had Nate gone to jail.

Matthew asked what Nate was going to do. Nate wasn't going to do anything, but ordered Matthew to turn himself in. If Matthew didn't, Nate promised to go to the cops himself. Nate left and slammed the door behind him.

Marty was distraught about Rick "getting a good look" at her and Liam, as she frantically gathered her things. She picked up Liam, and walked out the door. Outside of the room, Wes walked past and recognized Marty. Not realizing Wes wasn't Jessica, Marty grabbed her gun. Wes reintroduced himself to a confused Marty. Marty finally realized that it wasn't Jessica, so she covered and said that Wes had changed.

In his room, Rick scrambled to get his clothes on after seeing the report about Marty. Finally dressed, he left his room, and spotted Marty outside. He snapped a picture with his cell phone. "There's my million bucks right there," he said smiling. "Feature films, here I come!" Rick called the hotline from the television. He refused to give any information without getting the money first. After the person on the other end refused, he decided that he would tell the family himself, and left the room.

Marty claimed that people around were "nosy," so she suggested that she and Wes talk in her room. Noticing the mess, Wes asked what had happened. Marty said she had lost something and had tried to look for it. Wes wondered if Liam was Marty's son, which Marty confirmed. Wes made sure that the baby wasn't his, "because we were more than roommates." He held the baby, and asked if the father was in the picture. Marty replied that Liam would help Marty get back together with Liam's father.

Marty was glad that she had run into Wes, but needed to run an errand. She needed to find her lost possession. Wes thought that Marty wouldn't be able to find anything in the dark, so he suggested that they watch television. He turned on the television to see a report about Marty and Liam on the news. Marty swore to Wes that "it's not how it sounds."

Marty wanted to explain things to him, but didn't want to lose him as a friend. He promised not to leave her. Before telling him anything, Marty made him promise to let her keep Liam. Suddenly, Wes had a flashback to Natalie and John's failed wedding, when Marty had needed to tell Jessica something. Marty asked Wes what was wrong.

Blanca finished up her segment with Clint, Viki, and Natalie. They thanked Blanca, and a nurse arrived to take Clint back to his room. Clint promised Natalie that he would get Liam back "if it's the last thing I do." Clint looked very tired as he got in his wheelchair. As he was wheeled away, Blanca followed after him.

John summarized all of Marty's crimes to his officers. One of the officers asked about the reward, but John hadn't heard about a reward. He dismissed the officers, and told Brody that he'd talk to Clint about the reward. Brody wanted to check on Natalie, so John said he'd meet Brody there.

Clint was wheeled around the corner, where John stood. John asked him about the reward. When Clint confirmed that he'd offered a reward, John informed Clint that it would attract people more interested in the money than in Liam. John asked Clint to let the police know about a reward if there was a next time. Clint agreed, as long as John didn't let his "psychopathic ex-girlfriends" hurt Clint's family.

Clint said that John was responsible for half of the crime in Llanview, but John countered that Clint was responsible for the other half. John left to join the search for Liam as Clint went into his room. Clint got into bed, and the nurse warned him to ease up on the stress. Blanca entered the room, and Clint demanded that the nurse get the "vulture" out. She thought that Clint would want to hear what she had to say, because it had to do with his family.

Blanca wanted a comment about Eddie's murder, but Clint reminded her that the charges against him had been dropped. Blanca mentioned that there were going to be murder charges filed against Matthew. Clint said it was impossible. Blanca suggested that Bo and Nora had been covering the crime up. He threatened to "run you into the ground" if she continued with the story. As she turned to leave, he stopped her.

A short while later, Bo and Nora arrived in front of Clint's room. A guard outside wouldn't let them in to see Blanca, because she was on the air, about to identify Eddie's killer. Worried, Bo and Nora got into the room anyway. They were just in time to hear Clint admit to Eddie's murder on the air.

Natalie was worried about her father, but Viki informed her daughter that Clint was worried about Natalie as well. Brody arrived, and Natalie was distraught that there was no news about Liam. Viki knew that, since Marty was a mother as well, she wouldn't hurt Liam. Natalie wanted to leave, but Viki wouldn't let Natalie leave until the doctors said she could.

Brody told her that many people were looking, but she noticed that he looked distressed. She demanded that he tell her what was on his mind. Brody admitted that he and John had found Dr. Buhari dead in her office. Marty had been the last appointment, so it was assumed that Marty had killed the doctor. Brody tried to reason why Marty would kill the doctor, but Natalie thought she knew why.

Natalie mentioned the tape from Marty's session that Natalie had gotten a hold of. She had gotten it to find out why Marty had been saying that she had broken John and Natalie up. She'd been about to listen to the tape, but she had run into Brody. She thought back to the kiss they had shared, and said that seeing Brody was the last thing she remembered. She had no idea what had happened to the tape.

Viki reminded Natalie that she had left John an urgent message, and then gone to John's with Liam. She had found Marty on the roof and, somewhere in between, lost the tape. Natalie assumed she had listened to the tape, because it was probably why she had wanted to see John.

Rick entered the hospital and saw John. He asked if John was with the Buchanan family, and mentioned that he knew where Liam was. Rick wanted his money first, but John informed Rick that trying to scam the family would result in a felony. Rick joked about John being a cop, so John flashed his badge. "I've seen more convincing hardware on strippers," Rick said.

John showed Rick his gun, so Rick instantly believed him. Rick said that he had the picture to prove that he wasn't lying. He showed the picture of Marty on his cell phone to John. John wondered when the picture had been taken. When Rick refused to tell John, John pushed him against the wall. He demanded an answer, and threatened to send Rick to Statesville.

A short while later, John entered Natalie's room. He said that he knew where Liam was. Brody promised to get Liam home, and left with John. Later, Natalie worried about why John and Brody hadn't yet called with news. Viki reassured her daughter, and once again said that Marty wouldn't hurt Liam. Viki promised that Liam would be back soon.

John, Brody, and two other officers stood in front of Marty's room at the Minute Man. With guns drawn, they kicked down the door, and burst into the room.

Friday, May 20, 2011

In Llanview Hospital, Rex knocked on Natalie's door. When Natalie welcomed him in, Rex informed her that John and Brody would do anything to return Liam to his home. Natalie feared that Liam would be cold, because it was late. Natalie then revealed that John and Brody had gathered a lead and had flown out of the room. When Natalie attempted to get out of bed to help with the search, Rex suggested that Natalie watch television.

Natalie told Rex that Clint had offered a million dollar reward for information that would result in finding Liam. Natalie then apologized to Rex, when she realized that Clint had still not acknowledged Rex as his son. When Rex mentioned Marty's tape, Natalie revealed that she had taken the tape, and that she remembered that she had rushed home with it. However, Natalie could not remember what was on the tape.

Natalie felt that if she could remember what was on the tape, they could know where Marty had taken Liam. Rex handed Natalie a strawberry milkshake and remarked that Roxy was in Vegas for the Barry Manilow tour. Natalie refused the shake and revealed that Marty had also killed Dr. Buhari. Rex believed that there would be a clue to the reason for the doctor's murder on the tape.

Natalie cried that a psycho had her baby. When Rex asked Natalie what she could last remember, Natalie pictured that she had kissed Brody. Natalie admitted that she and Brody had kissed. She thought that they had been getting closer, thanks to Liam. Rex wondered if Natalie was falling for Brody.

In his hotel room, Cutter awoke on the floor and wondered what had happened. He then remembered that Wes had knocked him out. "Yep, you just got knocked out by your wife, who thinks she's a dude, who thinks you're gay. Llanview's really working out for you."

At the same hotel, John and Brody burst into the door of Marty's room with guns and found Wes, who told John that he was just hanging around. Wes then reminded John that he had once worked for him, and Brody quickly explained that Wes was another one of Jessica's alters. Frustrated, John left the room. Outside, John placed a call and stated that Marty had just been at the room less than an hour earlier, and that he wanted all units out for the search.

Brody stressed that he needed to find Marty Saybrooke, because Marty had taken his kid. Brody informed Wes that Marty was sick, and that she was dangerous, however, Wes refused to renege on his word to Marty. Brody grabbed Wes's shoulders and yelled that she was really Jessica, not Wes. When Wes insisted that he was not Jessica, Brody begged for Jessica to help him. John walked back into the room and told Brody to back off.

When Cutter entered the room, Tess told Cutter to tell the bozo to keep his hands off of Cutter's wife. Cutter cheered that Tess was back, and Tess denied knowing anything about Marty. When John told Tess that Marty had kidnapped Liam, Tess said to John, "Hold on a're helping this monkey find the kid that he made with your skanky ex. That's awesome."

Tess looked around and realized that she was not in her room, and that she was not wearing her clothes. Once Cutter explained, Tess recognized that Wes had made an appearance. When Brody asked for Tess to let Jessica out, Tess refused. Tess claimed, "Look, don't worry. She's not even trying to get out, ape-man. She doesn't want to see your love child reunited with you and Natalie." Brody then arrested Tess, who maintained that Wes was the witness that Brody wanted.

Back in Natalie's room, Rex asked about John, and Natalie realized that the ship had already sailed for Natalie and John as a couple. Rex then insisted that Natalie get some rest. Rex told Natalie that he would see what he could find out and left. John walked in the door and stated that he would not stop searching for Liam, until Liam was safe. John hugged Natalie and held her in his arms.

In Kelly's hospital room, Dorian greeted Kelly, who had just regained consciousness. After Kelly asked if the police had caught Marty, Dorian claimed that John and the entire Llanview police force were after Marty. Dorian then revealed that she had not been the only all-night visitor for Kelly.

As Joey gazed at Kelly and held her hand, he expressed that he was glad that Kelly was still with them. Kelly insisted that Joey return home to get some rest, but Joey refused to leave. Joey insisted that he owed Kelly an apology and then revealed that he had found out everything about Aubrey. Joey announced that Cutter had married Tess and then had intended on selling Jessica back to the Buchanan family, so they could commit her.

Joey also explained that Aubrey had expressed disbelief that Cutter could ever do something like that, but then Aubrey had claimed that Cutter had been raised by their father. Joey pointed out that it had given him a pretty good picture of Aubrey, so he had talked to his dad. Joey exclaimed that Clint had revealed that Aubrey and Cutter were actually lovers, not brother and sister, and that it had all been a scam.

Joey recognized that Kelly had been trying to tell him that all along, but that he had refused to see it. Kelly stated that she had hated being right about Aubrey, because she had not wanted to see Joey hurt. Joey said that Clint had asked Joey to pretend that nothing was wrong, so he would not tip his hand to Aubrey. However, Joey did not know how he could pretend that everything was okay, when a fantastic person, who was really in love with him, had been standing right in front of him all the time.

In Clint's room at the hospital, Clint told the news reporter, Blanca, that he had killed Eddie Ford, just as Bo and Nora walked in. Blanca then had the camera rolling, as she held a televised interview with Clint for Channel 7, WVL News. After Clint admitted on live television that he had confessed to murder, Blanca asked why Bo and Nora had cut Clint loose. Clint indicated that the police commissioner and the district attorney had found no evidence, because Clint had covered his tracks.

Clint exclaimed that he had gotten away with murder, because he had been resourceful. Clint then revealed that there were other things that he had gotten away with. When Blanca questioned if Clint had gotten away with more crimes, Clint stated that he had put his nephew, David Vickers, in a Moroccan prison to keep David away from his father, Bo, and from David's fiancée, Dorian Lord. Clint reflected that Bo and Rex had eventually found David and rescued him.

Clint then revealed that he had hired his employee, Vimal Patel, to break into the hospital laboratory and change the paternity results of Clint's daughter's unborn baby. Clint exclaimed that when Vimal had been arrested, Clint had kept quiet and let Vimal take the fall for it. When Blanca asked if Clint were ready to recognize Rex Balsom as his son, Clint asked to move on and then explained the whole story about Robert Ford, Brody, and Jessica. Clint insisted that he had just tried to give Jessica a happy ending, but he had been wrong, because the consequences had turned out to be much worse than the truth.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rama and Aubrey were watching Clint's interview, and Rama hoped that Vimal would be able to get out of jail. Then Rama remembered that Vimal thought that Rama was pregnant. Aubrey wondered why Joey had been short to her earlier in the day; she felt that something was wrong. However, Aubrey believed that Cutter would not out her, and that if Joey knew anything, he would have already thrown her out.

Aubrey then feared that Clint had already told Joey about Cutter and her. As Aubrey tried to call Joey, Rama grabbed the phone from her hand. Rama yelled that Joey would kick them both out on the streets if Aubrey told him. Rama then explained that Aubrey would also be sent to jail, and that they would both lose everything.

Aubrey tried to calm herself and stated that it was over between her and Cutter, and that she had since fallen in love with Joey. However, Rama insisted that the truth was not always the answer, and that Vimal would hate her if he knew the truth. When Aubrey exclaimed that she did not know what to do, Rama said that when Aubrey figured it out, she should let Rama know.

In Kelly's room at the hospital, Dorian informed Joey and Kelly that Clint had confessed to killing Eddie Ford. Dorian speculated that no one had forced Clint to confess, and that he had just taken his chances. Joey stood up and remarked, "You know, maybe it's time for me to put my cards on the table and take my chances too."

After Joey had left the room, Kelly told Dorian that Joey had said almost everything that she had wanted to hear. When Dorian asked if Joey would kick the slut out, Kelly mentioned that he was thinking about it. Dorian maintained that Joey and Kelly belonged together. "And the sooner you make that happen, the better." At the Buchanan mansion, Joey ran into the lobby, and Aubrey leaped off of the stairs. Joey glared at Aubrey.

In Clint's hospital room, Blanca asked if Clint had anything else to tell her, and Bo demanded that she stop filming. As Blanca left, she yelled, "I want an exclusive when you haul him up to Statesville." When Nora asked Clint why he had held the interview, Clint claimed that he had stopped Blanca from saying that Matthew had murdered Eddie Ford. When Nora claimed that it was all a trick, Clint asked why Bo had not told Nora that Clint was dying.

Clint recognized that he had a rare blood type, which would make it difficult to find a donor. Nora called Clint a martyr and asked him if he wanted her gratitude. Clint stated that he did not want Nora's gratitude and had only wanted to protect Matthew from Blanca. Clint realized that he had wound Matthew up and had then turned him loose. Clint cried, "Please, would you give Matthew a chance? Matthew's life is just beginning. Mine's over."

As Rex walked up to Clint's room, a television reporter informed Rex that Clint had still refused to acknowledge Rex as a son. Rex yelled, "No comment," and stormed off.

An agent handed Agent Baker a file with the encrypted document, and Baker entered the security room. Agent Baker greeted the man, who was restrained in a chair, and who had Todd's original face, which included the scar. Baker claimed that he had questions for the man. Baker shined a light into the man's eyes and acknowledged that the man was in remarkable shape after how long the man had been in a catatonic state.

When the man asked for the date, Baker informed him that it was May 20, 2011. The man insisted that the year was 2003, not 2011. The man could not believe that he had been in that room for eight years and screamed to be released. Baker revealed that they had a few things to discuss, which included John McBain. The man stated that he did not know John McBain, and that he did not know anything about the encrypted file.

When the man claimed, "I don't know what you're talking about," Agent Baker insisted, "We both know better." The original Todd-like man cried, "Whatever it is that you think that I know, I don't know, I forgot.'s been for eight years? Eight years?" Baker acknowledged, "Eight years. It went like that in your mind. You are here with me now, and I can see your mind working."

The man maintained, "I don't know what that means. What are you even talking about?" Baker yelled, "You took it. We know that, and we need it back." After the man stated, "Okay," Baker said, "Okay, now make it easy on yourself and tell me. Where is it?"

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