The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 16, 2011 on Y&R

Tucker fell into a coma. Ashley said that she'd hit Tucker and was arrested for attempted murder. Katherine took over McCall Unlimited and continued the search for Tucker's missing son. Colin revealed his plan to drive Lily mad. Adam invited Diane to live with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 16, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, May 16, 2011

In the park, Billy and Victoria pleaded with Lucy's foster mother to let them speak to their infant daughter. The woman explained that if she allowed access to the baby, they would all be in trouble with Child Protective Services. Victoria looked crushed after the woman walked speedily away pushing Lucy in a stroller. Billy blurted out that he and Victoria weren't neglectful or abusive parents.

The foster mother stopped pushing the stroller when Victoria tearfully begged to see her baby. The woman assured Billy and Victoria that Lucy was in a caring household. The woman finally relented. Billy and Victoria knelt next to the stroller and promised a sobbing Lucy that she'd be home soon. The woman seemed nervous, suddenly backed the stroller away, and abruptly left. Victoria was devastated. She broke down and leaned against Billy for support.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Jack reminisced about Ashley and Tucker's rehearsal dinner. Jack said he couldn't shake the feeling that Tucker meant trouble. Traci suggested that ruthless businessmen were Ashley's type. The siblings proposed a toast to Ashley's happiness.

Billy and Victoria arrived and told Jack and Traci about what had taken place in the park. Victoria sobbed and explained that she longed to hold her baby. Traci comforted Victoria. Victoria said she worried that Lucy might feel abandoned. Diane phoned Jack and told him about the accident involving Ashley, Abby, and Tucker. Jack said he'd phone Katherine while he waited for Kyle's sitter. He sent Victoria, Billy, and Traci to the hospital to be with Ashley and Abby.

Tucker lay unconscious on the pavement after Abby hit him with her car. Abby's car, wrapped around a tree, smoked and hissed. Ashley awoke and became distressed when she found Abby unconscious. A police officer arrived, quickly assessed Tucker's condition, and radioed that he had a critically injured patient on Route 12 near mile marker 13.

Diane rushed to the scene and told the officer that she'd been driving behind the car and had witnessed the accident. Diane identified the injured man as Tucker McCall, and she knelt beside Tucker while the officer checked inside the mangled car. When the police officer pried open the driver's door, he found Ashley sitting in the driver's seat and Abby seated on the passenger side. Both women appeared to be unconscious. Abby's face was splattered with blood.

Ashley crawled out of the car and instructed paramedics to attend to her daughter. Diane stood nearby and was surprised to see Ashley emerge from the driver's side of the car. Ashley rushed to Tucker, but a policeman held her back. Ashley told the officer that she hadn't seen Tucker until it was too late. Ashley insisted on riding in the ambulance with Abby. An officer approached Ashley and told her she'd have to give an accident report. Ashley staunchly refused.

As Ashley headed toward the ambulance, she paused near Tucker, who'd been fitted with a device that stabilized his upper body. An oxygen mask covered his face. After Ashley walked away, Diane approached the officer and told him that she'd been driving behind Abby's car for several miles. Diane reported that the car, traveling very fast, had repeatedly swerved in and out of its lane.

The officer questioned the coincidence of Diane's arrival at the scene. Diane explained that she'd just happened to be on the road behind people she knew. The officer instructed Diane not to speak to anyone but police about the accident. Two paramedics hovered over Tucker. One told the other that he hoped for Tucker's sake that a competent neurosurgeon was on duty at the hospital. Tucker blinked his eyes and said in a whisper, "Ashley. Ashley."

At Gloworm, Katherine told Murphy that she had hoped to contact Tucker, but she'd decided to wait until the following day to tell her son that she wished him and Ashley a lifetime of happiness. Jack phoned Katherine and told her that Tucker had been involved in a car accident with Abby and Ashley. Katherine told Jack that she and Murphy would meet him at the hospital.

At the Newman ranch, Segundo rested on his bed while Victor spoke on the phone to his broker about stocks. Victor found a note under his dog's paw. The slip of paper turned out to be the annulment papers Victor had shredded after his fight with Nikki. Victor sighed and told Segundo that he never would understand women. The phone rang, but Victor opted to ignore it. After the answering machine picked up the call, Victor heard Diane saying that Abby had been seriously hurt in an accident. Victor picked up the receiver and asked what had happened.

Jack, Traci, Victoria, and Billy were in the waiting area at the hospital when Katherine and Murphy arrived. Paramedics wheeled Tucker in first and announced that he had sustained severe head trauma. The doctor ordered a nurse to set up several tests to determine the extent of Tucker's injuries. Katherine told the doctor that she was Tucker's mother. The doctor promised to give Katherine an update as soon as possible.

Abby arrived next. She was comatose, but the paramedics told the doctor that Abby's vital signs were stable. The doctor ordered a "tox screen" and a few other tests while Abby's stunned family and friends looked on. Traci comforted Ashley. When Victor arrived, Ashley told him that Abby was stable. Ashley told everyone that she and Abby had been driving to the cabin.

Detective Harriet Mauro of the Wisconsin State Patrol arrived and told Ashley that she'd need to have her blood drawn, so police could determine her blood alcohol level. Katherine's eyes widened when the detective said that Ashley had been at the wheel when the vehicle struck Mr. McCall. Ashley refused to leave the waiting area until she received an update about Abby's condition.

Detective Mauro explained to Ashley that officers had discovered a liquor bottle in the car and that an eyewitness reported having seen the car being driven erratically before the accident. Katherine asked Ashley if she'd been drinking and driving. Ashley's siblings agreed when she insisted that she'd consumed only one glass of champagne. Billy explained that Ashley's refusal would be considered implied consent. Mauro added that refusal was an admission of guilt, so Ashley complied.

As Detective Mauro escorted Ashley to the lab for blood work, Ashley claimed that she'd been driving her daughter's car because her daughter had been drinking. Katherine was stunned to learn that Ashley had run Tucker down. After Murphy took Katherine to Tucker's room, Jack wondered aloud why Tucker, Abby, and Ashley had been traveling to the cabin. Jack added that he certainly didn't understand why Diane had been there, too.

In a corner of the waiting area, Victor and Victoria talked about the accident. Victoria said she hoped that Abby would be all right. Victor said, "It's hard to see one of your children hurt or in pain without being able to do one damn thing about it." Victor's face seemed drawn, and he looked disheartened. Victor and Victoria stared into each other's eyes without saying another word.

Murphy and Katherine learned that Tucker, in critical condition, had sustained a skull fracture and an acute subdural hematoma. The surgeon told Katherine that he'd need her consent to operate on Tucker's brain to relieve pressure that could cause brain damage or death. Katherine pleaded with the doctor to do whatever was necessary to help her son.

After the doctor left to prepare for surgery, Katherine hovered over Tucker and said, "We've had some ugly arguments, but I am so proud of you and what you have made of yourself. I am so proud to be your mother." Sobbing, Katherine reminded Tucker that he was a fighter. She begged Tucker to fight. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Katherine added, "Fight for me, please -- please." Murphy offered a gesture of comfort by gently resting his hand on Katherine's shoulder.

Murphy and Katherine joined the others in the waiting area as Tucker was wheeled to the operating room. Jack assured Katherine that Dr. Charles was a topnotch surgeon. Katherine told Jack that Jill was informing the rest of the family. Ashley and Detective Mauro returned, and Mauro confirmed that Ashley was sober. Victor said that Abby's doctor hadn't updated them about her condition. Traci told Ashley that Tucker was in surgery to relieve pressure in his skull.

Traci led everyone to a waiting room to sit and drink tea. Diane arrived and listened outside the door as Mauro questioned Ashley. Ashley told Mauro that the liquor bottle belonged to Abby. Ashley insisted that she'd been driving and had swerved after she and daughter began arguing. Ashley insisted that she'd tried to miss Tucker.

Diane walked away after Abby's doctor entered the waiting room. The doctor announced that Abby had sustained a mild concussion but would be fine. He added that Abby's level of blood alcohol was above the legal limit and was likely the reason she remained unconscious. Detective Mauro scribbled notes as the doctor spoke. The doctor allowed Abby's parents into their daughter's room. Diane reappeared and tiptoed down the hallway.

Murphy phoned Esther and told her to pray for Tucker. Traci and Katherine suddenly remembered the wedding and decided to phone the wedding planner to help them contact the guests. Jack asked Murphy to relay updates about Tucker. After Billy, Victoria, and Jack went to the cafeteria to phone guests, Diane stepped out from behind a door and watched the comings and goings near Abby's room.

Tucker's doctor found Katherine and Murphy in the waiting room and told them that he'd successfully relieved some of the pressure on Tucker's brain. The doctor explained that Tucker had sustained a contrecoup injury to the opposite side of his brain from the violent jarring of his skull. The doctor added that Tucker was on a respirator and might never wake up. Katherine seemed crushed by the news.

In Abby's room, Ashley brushed Abby's hair off her forehead. Victor calmly assured Abby that she would be all right. Detective Mauro entered and asked to speak to Ashley. Abby opened her eyes, and Victor requested privacy with their daughter. Detective Mauro backed out and closed the door. Ashley used the intercom to contact the nurse's station and asked them to summon Abby's doctor.

After Detective Mauro stepped out of Abby's room, Diane stepped up and told the detective that Abby's car had been drifting from one side of the road to the other. Diane said that she never saw the car's brake lights illuminate, but she did notice that the driver, a blonde woman, seemed to have hit Tucker on purpose.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the hospital chapel, Victoria and Billy lit a candle and prayed for Lucy's return. Billy and Victoria realized that Tucker and Abby needed their prayers, too, because of the car wreck. In the hospital room, Ashley sat at Abby's bedside and urged her daughter to open her eyes. Daniel arrived, and Ashley told him that Abby had suffered a concussion in the crash. Daniel informed Ashley that Kay had said that Tucker was on his way to recovery. Ashley left to see how Tucker was doing.

Taking Abby's hand, Daniel told the unconscious Abby that if she'd give up the partying, he would do the boyfriend thing for her television show. Daniel wished he could go back in time and do things over with Abby. Billy and Victoria walked into the room and Daniel apologized for the Lucy situation better. Daniel said that he wished he'd told the truth from the start. Victoria felt bad that she'd neglected her sister when Abby was crying out for help. Billy said they all had to concentrate on Abby! getting well.

While meeting with Phyllis at Gloworm, Sofia called Tucker's phone and left a message about the wedding. Malcolm suggested that they visit Tucker's house to check on the groom. Before leaving, though, Malcolm told Phyllis he and Sofia had some good news to share. Phyllis was happy to hear that the newlyweds were having a baby. Phyllis said that she was expecting, too -- -- she expected that Daniel would be awarded custody of Lucy. Malcolm and Sofia were surprised, and Phyllis admitted that it was a complicated situation.

In the recovery room, Kay and Murphy explained to Ashley that Tucker had made it through the operation to relieve the pressure on his brain. The doctor told them all that Tucker might be in a coma for weeks or may might never recover fully. The doctor needed to know if Tucker had a living will. Ashley began to cry and grew emotional about the severity of Tucker's condition. Murphy suggested that they talk in the hallway. The doctor followed them, anxious to know what Tucker's wishes had been. Kay said that the doctors had to exhaust every possibility before considering Tucker's last wishes. The doctor said that it was imperative to know if Tucker had ever prepared documents in the event of his becoming incapacitated.

Malcolm's phone rang, and Kay asked to speak with Sofia. Kay broke the news that Tucker had been in an accident and was in grave condition. Sofia put Kay on the speaker so that Phyllis and Malcolm could hear about the accident. Kay said that Abby had a concussion, but was all right. Tucker, however, had massive brain injuries, was in a coma, and could not breath breathe on his own. Kay asked Sofia if she knew if Tucker had a living will. Sofia said she'd bring take Tucker's attorney to the hospital. After hanging up the phone, Kay blamed herself for not knowing such important information about her son. Kay felt she'd squandered the second chance she'd been given when Tucker came toarrived in Genoa City.

Looking at Tucker, Kay told Murphy that she'd do whatever was necessary to keep Tucker alive. Sofia arrived with Tucker's attorney, Nelson McGinnis. McGinnis told Kay that he had Tucker's living will. The lawyer revealed that Tucker had not wanted any extraordinary measures used to keep him alive in the event of an injury like this.

In the hallway, Detective Mauro met with Diane to ask her more questions about the accident. Mauro confirmed that Diane claimed that she'd witnessed Ashley driving the car and accelerating before the crash. Diane said that the brake lights had never been applied. Diane was certain that Ashley had meant to hit Tucker. Mauro thought that it was curious that Abby and Ashley were in the same place as Tucker and Diane.

Diane admitted that she'd been there to meet Tucker. Diane implied that Tucker had invited her for a romantic tryst. The detective pointed out that Tucker was supposed to be married the next day, and Diane was a married woman. Diane told Detective Mauro that Tucker's injuries may might not have been caused by accident.

Jack entered the waiting room with pastries for the family. The Abbotts weren't there, but Victor was. Victor rejected Jack's offering and said he'd had food sent over as well. When Jack mentioned that if Tucker died, there'd be a question of who would lead McCall Industries, Victor told Jack to stick to delivering cinnamon rolls.

Later, Jack walked into Tucker's room and overheard Ashley telling a comatose Tucker that he'd caused this tragedy. Jack asked his sister what she'd meant. Ashley told Jack that Tucker said he'd gone to the cabin for a bachelor party, but that it had been a ruse because he'd a arranged a tryst with Diane. Jack was shocked. Ashley couldn't believe that Tucker would have done that to her the night before their wedding.

Jack returned to the waiting room and told Victor that Tucker had gone to the cabin to meet with Diane. Jack said that Ashley had told him that Abby insisted on their going to the cabin because she knew had known about Tucker's meeting with Diane. Jack blamed Victor for allowing Diane to wreak havoc. Victor told Jack that he was a jerk, but Victor agreed with Jack that Diane was a troublemaker.

Mauro demanded that Ashley agree to an interview about the accident. Mauro said she'd take Ashley to the station if Ashley refused to speak with her. Ashley told Mauro to ask her questions. Mauro wanted to know why Ashley had not braked when she saw Tucker. Victor intervened and told the detective to speak with Ashley some other time.

Mauro said that she'd compiled forensics evidence, a motive, and a witness that all pointed to Ashley as a suspect. Victor said that Mauro's witness was his wife, Diane, and she was biased. Mauro want wanted to continue questioning Ashley. Victor said that he would go over Mauro's head if she didn't back off of Ashley immediately.

Ashley returned to recovery and learned that Tucker had a living will. Ashley said that Tucker was a fighter, and he would not give up. McGinnis said the ventilator had to be removed because those were Tucker's wishes. Ashley would not allow the machine to be turned off. McGinnis explained that Ashley had no power because she was not Tucker's next of kin.

Kay said that she would use her power as his mother to keep the ventilator breathing for Tucker. McGinnis appeared in the waiting room and told Sofia and the others that there was another document to be dealt with. Tucker had arranged for all his business to be transferred in the event of his becoming incapacitated. McGinnis needed to meet with Sofia about that transfer. Jack was interested in how Tucker's wishes would impact on Jabot.

Victor went to Abby's room, where Ashley was beside Abby's bed. Ashley was worried about the detective's questions. Victor advised Ashley to refuse to answering answer any questions without a lawyer present. Victor offered to have Michael represent Ashley. Daniel received a call and said the genetics lab had the DNA results. Billy and Victoria wanted to go to the lab with Daniel, but he asked them to let him hear the information on his own.

Daniel walked out, and Victoria and Billy admitted that they were concerned. Victor announced that he needed to leave. Billy lashed out at Victor for not caring about Victoria. In the hallway, Victor told Daniel that he Daniel held Lucy's fate in his hands. Victor hoped that Daniel would not hurt Victoria.

Diane walked into the waiting room, and Jack told her that she was responsible for all the trouble that had occurred. Victor walked in and asked Diane why she'd accused Ashley of running over Tucker with the car. Jack was disgusted with Diane. Victor accused Diane of lying about Ashley and planting suspicion in the detective's mind. Diane said she knew what she'd seen. Victor told Diane he was done with her. Diane called Victor a hypocrite. Victor promised that their marriage was over, and he would wipe Diane out financially. Victor ordered her to move out of the ranch.

Jack told Ashley about Diane's accusations against her. Ashley was worried that the police would be after her. Jack received a called that Tucker would be taken off the ventilator. Abby began to stir. Ashley sent Jack to Tucker's room for her. Abby woke up and told Ashley that she remembered that she'd been driving. Abby wondered what had happened to Tucker. Abby recalled that she'd run Tucker over. Ashley declared she'd been the driver, not Abby.

Kay went to the chapel, and Billy appeared. Kay said that she had no power with the hospital to keep Tucker hooked up to the ventilator. Billy sympathized. Kay said that she'd been looking forward to making things better with Tucker. Billy urged Kay to make a deal with God, as she had in the past. Kay wondered if Billy and her might both pray for help with their problems. They agreed to pray together.

In the recovery room, Sofia, Malcolm, Murphy, Kay, and Jack watched as the doctor removed the apparatus from Tucker, even though Tucker would likely die without it. Kay was distraught. The doctor removed the tube. Kay urged Tucker to breathbreathe. Kay beseeched God to make him breathbreathe. Suddenly, Tucker took a deep breath on his own.

Daniel was alone in the chapel. Phyllis showed up, and he handed her the DNA results. Daniel said he'd sent a copy to the court. The results were 99.9% positive that Daniel was Lucy's father. Phyllis said that Daniel could take Lucy out of foster care and bring take her home.

Phyllis offered give Lucy a home. Phyllis said it was up to Daniel. Phyllis urged Daniel not to give let Victoria and Billy have his daughter again. Victoria and Billy walked in just as the words left Phyllis' mouth. Billy was disappointed in Phyllis.

Daniel handed the Abbotts the DNA results. Phyllis said that Lucy had never been Victoria and Billy's child. Daniel said he was fed up with all three of them. Daniel left to get Lucy out of foster care.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Billy met with Rafe at Gloworm to discuss the legal issues involving his daughters. Rafe offered to help Billy with Lucy and Delia's custody cases. Rafe believed that Phyllis was intent on not living up to her offer of shared custody of Lucy. Rafe believed that Phyllis would fight for sole custody. Billy asked Rafe about Delia. Rafe suggested that Billy attempt to work out an arrangement with Chloe and avoid going before a judge.

Rafe said he had to leave for court and said goodbye. As Rafe exited, Adam walked into the restaurant and saw Billy. Adam approached Billy, asking him to write a story in Restless Style, refuting the claims that Sharon had committed suicide. Adam felt that a story in Billy's magazine would carry a lot of weight with the public. Adam mentioned the editorial that Billy had written for Lily after Cane's death. Adam asked Billy if he would clear Sharon's name for the sake of her children. Billy agreed to write an article about Sharon.

In Sam's barn, Sharon spoke to Fanny, the lamb, about the reports she'd read online that claimed that Sharon had committed suicide. Piper showed up and noticed that Sharon had been crying. Sharon explained that she was feeling sad. Sam arrived with a stray dog he'd found on the side of the road. Piper, Sharon, and Sam bathed the dog, then Sam used a microchip reader to find out the name of the stray's owner.

A woman arrived at the barn and said the dog was hers. His name was Whisper, and the woman explained that Whisper had run off when a car backfired. The lady left with Whisper, and Piper told Sam that she was ready to take Fanny home. Sam asked if Piper was prepared to handle the lamb. Piper said she was. After Piper and Fanny left, Sam sympathized with Sharon over losing the companionship of the lamb.

Sam mentioned that there was a storm heading their way. After preparing for the rainstorm, Sam and Sharon returned to the barn. Sam feared flash flooding and asked Sharon to go to the main house to ride out the storm. Sharon said she'd be fine in the barn. A short time later, Sam returned with supplies to get them through the storm. Among the items in the bag of goodies were chocolates and a chessboard. Piper showed up and said that Fanny had escaped from her pen. Piper was afraid that the lamb would be lost in the storm. Sam and Sharon left to find the lamb.

Victor told Diane that the staff had packed her bags. Diane wanted to call a lawyer. Victor warned Diane that the pre-nuptial agreement would not apply because they hadn't been married a year. Victor told Diane to get out. Diane was concerned about her son. Victor said that Kyle could stay at the ranch, but Diane declared that he'd stay with her.

Before leaving, Diane looked in her suitcase and asked about her diamond necklace. Victor said he'd taken it back and wanted her engagement ring, too. Diane accused Victor of dumping her because he wanted to reunite with Nikki. Victor described his marriage to Diane as nothing more than a business arrangement. Diane said that she'd tried to be a good wife. Victor sneered and reminded Diane that she'd arranged a tryst with Tucker at the Abbott cabin.

Victor opened the door and ordered Diane to leave or he'd call security. Diane said that she had nowhere to go. Victor didn't care. As a final jab, Diane told Victor that she'd made love to Jack the night that Victor had turned her away. Victor assured Diane that Jack would never touch her again after Diane had accused Ashley of trying to kill Tucker. Victor closed the door in Diane's face.

At Gloworm, Diane called Jack and asked him to let Kyle stay at his house while she figured out where she was going to live. Adam overheard Diane and approached her at the bar. Adam recognized that Victor was the cause of Diane's misfortune. Diane said that Victor had kicked her off the ranch. Diane was embarrassed that she had nowhere to go.

Adam asked Diane to move in with him. Diane was confused by Adam's invitation. Adam said that he felt an obligation to anyone who'd been screwed over by his father. Diane considered Adam's offer. Later, at Sharon's house, Adam told Diane to make herself at home. Adam mentioned that he hadn't been able to put any of Sharon's belongings into storage. Diane appreciated Adam letting her stay in the guest room. Diane said that she owed Adam a favor.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe read a newspaper story about Ashley's car accident. Kevin felt bad for Tucker. Michael noted that everyone was talking about the car accident. Michael said that he'd had it confirmed that Jana had died of a brain aneurism. Michael said the case against Kevin had been closed.

At the ranch, Victor told Michael that he wanted an amendment to the annulment agreement so that Diane would be cut off financially. Michael learned that Diane was no longer living at the ranch. Victor also wanted Michael to find a way to get Adam out of Sharon's house. Victor explained that he'd left the place to Sharon when she and Nick had separated. Michael explained to Victor that Sharon had the legal right to leave the home to Adam.

Victor demanded that Michael find a legal way to evict Adam. Michael inquired about who paid the taxes on Sharon's home, and Victor said he paid them. Michael described Sharon's house as an island on the property. Victor figured out what Michael had in mind and urged him to proceed. Victor was excited to see Adam's reaction when Victor made his next move.

Chloe was relieved that Kevin was off the hook for Jana's death. Kevin felt bad that he hadn't realized that Jana had been ill. Kevin pointed out that Jana had done bad things, but she'd also been a good person. Chloe suggested that Kevin have a memorial for Jana. Kevin called the medical examiner's office to claim Jana's remains.

Kevin learned that Jana's body was no longer in Genoa City because a relative of Jana's had claimed the body. Chloe suggested that Kevin drop the idea of a memorial. Chloe said that she'd decided to drop the custody suit against Billy. Chloe didn't want to cause Billy any further pain. Billy arrived and asked Chloe if they could have a talk.

Chloe admitted to Billy that Jana's craziness was a result of her being sick. Billy pointed out that Kevin had mental problems, too. Chloe defended Kevin to Billy and reminded Billy that among Billy's sins were buying a baby. Billy and Chloe continued squabbling, airing all their dirty laundry to each other. Chloe became upset and said that she would be seeking full custody of Delia after all.

After Billy left, Kevin told Chloe to calm down. Kevin reminded Chloe that Delia's well-being was the most important thing. Chloe said she wanted to keep Billy away from Delia. At the same time, Billy reported to Rafe that his meeting with Delia had been a disaster. Billy swore to countersue for full custody of Delia if Chloe filed against him.

At the coffeehouse, Jill read about Tucker and Ashley's accident in the newspaper. Jill told Colin that she felt bad for Ashley and was concerned about Katherine. Jill said she would go to the hospital to check on Kay. Colin reminded Jill that she had some lovely baby outfits for Mattie and Charlie. Colin offered to take them to Lily while Jill visited with Kay.

Lily was shocked when Cane appeared in their home. Cane said he wasn't sure how he was able to be there. Lily worried that Cane might disappear and never return. Lily hugged Cane and said she needed him. Cane confessed that his time away from Lily was hard to describe. Cane explained he could only speak with her.

There was a knock on the door and Colin called to Lily. After a moment's hesitation, Lily opened the door and tried to keep Colin from entering. Colin handed her the gifts that Jill had for the twins. Colin moved past Lily and into the living room. Colin asked Lily if she'd been speaking with someone. Lily didn't respond. Cane told Lily that Colin couldn't see him. Colin wondered if Lily had been a little out of it. Lily said she'd been praying to Cane. After Colin left, Lily took the twins to see Cane.

Colin and Jill met at Gloworm. Jill was upset about her visit to the hospital. Colin told Jill that Lily had acted very strangely when he went to her house. Colin was concerned about Lily. Jill wondered if Colin had caught Lily speaking to Cane's memory. Colin feared that Lily might be losing it. Colin asked what would happen to the children if Lily were unable to care for them. Jill agreed that they should consult with Neil about Lily's mental state.

Lily and Cane watched the twins in the playpen. Cane apologized for not being able to help Lily care for the babies. Lily said that Cane had been a wonderful father when he was alive. Lily suddenly noticed that the twins could see Cane and wondered how that was possible.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

At Gloworm, Colin urged Jill to return to the hospital to see Katherine. Colin believed that Kay would appreciate having Jill there as a comfort while Tucker was recovering. Jill wasn't sure that Kay really appreciated having Jill nearby. Colin assured Jill that Kay cared more than she let on. Colin offered to drive Jill to the hospital, but when Neil walked into the restaurant, Jill urged Colin to speak with him about Lily.

Neil listened as Colin told Neil about visiting Lily earlier in the day and his concern for Neil's daughter. Tucker told Neil that he'd seen Lily making wild gestures and looking as though she was interacting with another person. Neil said that he'd done something like that himself when he imagined speaking with Dru. Jill understood, but Colin told Neil that it had worried him. Colin asked Neil if Lily had been seeing a therapist.

Jill received a call and said that she had to rush to the hospital. Jill urged Colin to continue speaking with Neil about Lily. After Jill walked away, Neil reminded Colin that Colin hardly knew Lily. Colin said that while Neil was right, Colin had watched Lily through difficult times and he'd grown to admire Lily's grace. Colin said that he was still concerned that Lily might have reached a breaking point. Neil said that Lily's family was taking care of her.

Neil was curious about Colin's insistence that the twins were in jeopardy. Colin said he'd only mentioned his worries about the children to Neil and Jill. Neil cautioned Colin about suggesting that Lily was a danger to her children because that kind of talk could have serious consequences. Neil told Colin that Lily's children meant everything to Neil. Colin was very aware of how important the kids were to Neil.

Lily asked Cane to leave the house because she was upset by his presence. Lily wondered how the twins had seen able to see Cane. Lily told Cane that it was risky for him to be at their home. Cane kissed Lily passionately. When Cane took off his shirt and continued kissing Lily on the couch, Lily was aroused. Lily said that she could feel Cane, and it was confusing her.

Cane thought Lily would enjoy making love with him again. Lily pushed Cane away. Lily declared that she had to remain sane for the twins' sake. Lily wanted to establish ground rules for when she would see Cane. Cane wanted to be with Lily and see the twins. Lily feared that Cane was only a figment of her imagination. There was a knock on the door. Lily turned away from Cane, and when she looked back, he'd disappeared.

Neil walked into Lily's house and asked if she had been all right. Lily said she'd been preoccupied with the twins. Neil wondered if Lily had been getting enough sleep. Lily asked her father why he was checking up on her. Neil mentioned that Colin had said that Lily had been off when he visited. Colin had said that Lily seemed to be talking with someone else when nobody else was there. Lily defended herself.

Neil told his daughter that he was nearby if Lily needed him. Neil left the house, but he was clearly worried. In the park, Colin sat on a bench, waiting for someone. Cane approached, and Colin was glad to finally meet with him. Colin told Cane that the game was afoot, and Lily was on her way to a mental breakdown. Colin revealed that it was his intention to seize Mattie and Charlie from Lily to raise them as Atkinsons.

Kay sat beside Tucker's hospital bed. The doctor walked in and said that the next 24 hours would be critical in Tucker's recovery. Kay entered the chapel to speak with God. Kay recalled all the deaths from the past year and Murphy's illness. Kay asked God to spare Tucker the way He'd saved Murphy. Kay told God that she was grateful for all of His good graces, but she felt the Lord was trying to teach her humility. Kay declared that she would be humble forever if God saved her son. Kay thanked God for giving her a second chance with Tucker.

In Tucker's room, he began to struggle to breathe. The doctor ordered that Tucker be taken to surgery. Kay returned to the room and discovered that Tucker had been taken away. Kay was confused and asked God what had happened. Jill entered and saw that Tucker wasn't there. Jill embraced Kay.

Later, the doctor met with Jill and Kay and said that Tucker had a brain bleed. It had been more serious than the injury from the car accident. The doctor said that Tucker had been placed on a ventilator for surgery, but because of the living will, they had to remove it. The doctor said Tucker might not breathe on his own. Kay was distraught and told Jill she'd been praying for Tucker to recover so she could reconnect with him. Kay asked God to let Tucker awaken one more time so Kay could tell him that she loved him.

Detective Mauro appeared in Abby's room to question her about the accident. Ashley explained that Abby had been taken to radiology. Ashley asked Mauro to stop harassing her and Abby. Mauro walked out. A short time later, Abby was wheeled back into the room. Abby was anxious to go home. Abby asked about Tucker's condition and learned that he was in a coma.

Abby told her mother that she remembered being behind the wheel of the car. Ashley said that Abby had been driving, but that Ashley had taken the wheel because Abby had been drinking. Ashley lied to Abby, saying that Abby had been asleep when the accident happened. Abby couldn't remember anything that happened after leaving Gloworm. Ashley told Abby to focus on getting better rather than retrieving memories from that night.

Abby asked if the police had questioned Ashley about the crash. Ashley admitted that Mauro had been pressing her for information. Abby regretted that she'd ruined Ashley's wedding. Ashley said that Abby had been right about Tucker all along. The doctor entered to examine Abby. The doctor completed his exam and declared Abby well enough to be released.

After the doctor left, Abby recognized that Ashley was still in love with Tucker. Ashley admitted her feelings, but she couldn't forgive Tucker for meeting with Diane the night before their wedding. When Abby tried to tell Ashley that Abby had arranged for Diane to go to the cabin, Ashley cut her off. Ashley never heard Abby's explanation. Jill walked in to tell Ashley that Tucker had taken a turn for the worse. Abby urged Ashley to go to see Tucker.

Kay and Ashley spoke outside of Tucker's room. Kay said that Tucker would never have given up, and she was sure the living will was not what Tucker wanted. Kay assured Ashley that Tucker loved her. Kay didn't believe the rumors about the accident. Kay told Ashley that she knew that Ashley had not tried to kill Tucker.

Jill was alone with Tucker in his room. Jill said that Tucker was a tenacious person, and so was Katherine. Jill asked Tucker not to let Kay down. Jill said that Kay depended on Tucker. Kay walked in and told Jill that her attorneys had found a loophole in Tucker's living will.

Abby went to the chapel to speak with God. Abby explained that she believed that Tucker would have hurt Ashley with his lies. Abby wanted to tell Ashley the truth about having arranged for Tucker and Diane to meet, even though she knew Ashley would hate Abby for being so manipulative. Abby said that she had never wanted Tucker to die, but she did want him out of Ashley's life. Detective Mauro entered the chapel. Abby said that she wasn't supposed to speak with the cop. Mauro wondered why Ashley wouldn't want Abby to speak with the police.

Mauro said she was anxious to wrap up the case. Abby said that she didn't remember anything after leaving Gloworm. Abby confirmed that Ashley had been driving. Abby said that she had no memory of the car swerving on the road because she had passed out by the time Tucker was in front of their car. Mauro said that Ashley had said that Abby and Ashley had been fighting right before Tucker was hit. Ashley appeared and asked what was going on. Mauro said she needed to speak with Abby and Ashley because there were discrepancies in their stories. After Mauro left, Ashley called Victor to ask if Michael could be her attorney.

Abby entered Tucker's room. Abby told him that she was worried about Ashley. Abby wished she'd just stayed out of Tucker and Ashley's relationship. Abby said that she was sorry. Kay and Jill met with the doctor. Kay allowed the doctor to put Tucker on a feeding tube, knowing that he would require a ventilator at the same time. Kay was pleased.

Chloe found Jana's Ouija board at Crimson Lights. Kevin threw it in the trashcan. Chloe urged Kevin to say goodbye to Jana. Chloe took the Ouija board from the trash and told Kevin to try to communicate with Jana. Kevin was surprised that Chloe was interested in doing the Ouija board with him.

Kevin and Chloe put their hands on the pointer and called out to Jana for a message. The letters spelled out the word "good." The second word was "bye." Kevin suspected that Chloe had pushed the pointer to make it spell that word. Kevin wanted them to do it again and let the magic happen. Kevin asked Jana what he should do without her. The Ouija board spelled out "spray tan girl." Chloe playfully smacked Kevin. Kevin assured Chloe that he'd said goodbye to Jana a long time before.

Friday, May 20, 2011

As the storm continued, Sharon and Sam returned to the barn with Fanny, the lamb. Piper was thrilled that they'd found the lost animal. Piper wanted to spend the night with Sharon, but Sharon said that she needed to go home to her family. Piper apologized for making Sharon sad when she asked if Sharon had ever lost a loved one. Sharon forgave the child, and Piper hugged Sharon.

Sam entered and told Piper that he'd called her parents, and she could spend the night. Sharon and Piper decided to bunk together in the barn for a night. Piper asked Sam to stay with them. Sam agreed he'd stick around until they fell asleep. Sharon admitted that she enjoyed having Sam around. Later, Sharon held Piper as the little girl slept. Sam felt that Sharon had the instincts of a mother.

At Sharon's house on the Newman ranch, Diane informed Adam that she'd made minestrone soup, and he could have some. Diane said that she was prepared to pitch in as Adam's roommate. Diane said that she was going for a run. From Victor's living room, Victor saw Diane stretching for her run. Diane returned to Adam's place after her run.

Diane brought up Kyle and asked if Adam was prepared for Kyle to stay with her there. Adam agreed to let Kyle sleep there as long as Kyle didn't give him any attitude. There was a knock on the door, and Victor appeared. Adam told Victor that Diane was his roommate. Victor said that they would regret playing games with him.

Diane invited Victor for dinner, saying there was plenty of soup. Victor accused Diane of being a user who jumped from one bed to another. Diane claimed that she and Adam were not lovers, but Adam let Victor think that he and Diane were having sex. Victor revealed that Diane had had sex with him and Jack and Nick. Diane wondered if Victor had married her because he'd known about her fling with Nick. Adam was surprised that Diane had been involved in an affair with Nick. Victor glowered at Adam and declared that Adam would never beat him. Adam dared Victor to do his worst. Victor walked out.

Diane was furious over the things that Victor had said. Diane declared that she'd seen Victor buffing Nikki in the barn. Adam told Diane to stop whining about Victor. Adam proposed that Diane should team up with him to get even with Victor. Diane liked Adam's idea of getting even. Adam called their plan, "operation head explode," because that was what Victor's head would do once they bested him.

Adam enjoyed another bowl of soup. Diane was glad that he liked her cooking. In return, Diane asked Adam if he would give her some gas money so she could visit Kyle. Adam was shocked that Victor had left Diane without any funds. Adam offered to drive with Diane to the gas station rather than trust her with his credit card.

At the hospital, Traci arrived with clothes for Abby so Abby could change and return home. Ashley was grateful that Abby would be able to check out of the hospital. Ashley was stressed out about the situation with Abby and Tucker and worried about the detective investigating the accident. Jack offered to engage an attorney, but Ashley said she'd accepted Victor's offer of Michael Baldwin. As Abby looked at the clothes that Traci had taken to her, Traci had memories of Colleen, and it shook her up. Abby embraced her aunt as Traci began to cry.

After Traci left the room, Detective Mauro walked in without knocking and said she had questions for Abby. Mauro downplayed the importance of her questions. Mauro wondered if Tucker and Ashley had enjoyed themselves at the party. Mauro asked if they'd fought. Abby realized that Maura suspected that Ashley had meant to run over Tucker with the car.

Traci returned to the waiting room and said that she'd had a meltdown in Abby's room because she had been reminded of Colleen. Jack was worried about Ashley and suggested that a doctor check her out. Ashley resisted and walked out of the waiting room. Jack mentioned to Traci that he was concerned about Jabot. Traci was shocked that Jack was thinking about business during the crisis. Jack refused to apologize for caring about their father's legacy. Jack said that the Abbotts had to rally around Jabot in order to keep the company on track. Traci didn't want to hear Jack justify his obsession with Jabot.

Abby told Detective Mauro that Ashley adored Tucker, and she'd been excited to marry him. Mauro wondered if Abby's vandalism in the park had caused a split between Tucker and Ashley. Abby said it was just the opposite, that Tucker and Ashley were united in wanting Abby to stop being a troublemaker. Mauro asked why Tucker had been going to see Diane that night. Abby explained that Tucker had been on his way to a bachelor party.

As Mauro spun a theory, Abby declared that Diane had only gone to the cabin because Abby had sent her there. Ashley walked into the room and heard Abby say that she'd arranged for Tucker and Diane to meet at the cabin by sending them text messages. Ashley told Abby to be quiet. Ashley asked Mauro to get out of Abby's room. Abby tried to explain how she'd sent the misleading texts for Diane and Tucker. Ashley was furious that Abby had lied to Tucker and Diane. Abby said that she'd told Mauro the person responsible for the accident was Abby. Ashley told Abby to never say that again.

Sofia was surprised to find that Tucker had been put on a ventilator again because his living will forbade it. Kay explained that there was loophole in the living will, and as long as Tucker was on a feeding tube, he could use the ventilator. Sofia was grateful for Kay's efforts to keep Tucker alive. Sofia talked about how impressed she'd always been by Tucker.

Kay wondered how Sofia and Tucker had become friends. Sofia explained that Tucker had been a friend of her father's. After Sofia's father died, Tucker had become like a father to her. Sofia spoke to Tucker and told him that he had more life to live. Sofia wanted to see Tucker back in control of his empire.

Jack approached Kay and asked about Tucker's condition. Kay said that Tucker was doing as well as possible under the circumstances. Jack was curious about how Kay was handling the management of Chancellor Industries. Kay told Jack not to try to horn in on Jabot. Kay declared that business didn't matter as that time. Kay returned to Tucker's room and talked with Sofia about a deal that Tucker had been finalizing. Sofia wanted to finish what Tucker had started, but Kay told her to leave it alone. Sofia was confused.

Victor arrived at the hospital. Jack told Victor that somebody needed to be running Tucker's business while he was in a coma. Victor had faith in Katherine handling her son's business. Jack wasn't so sure. When Victor suggested that Jabot was one of the vulnerable businesses in McCall's empire, Jack protested. Victor walked away. In Tucker's room, Kay greeted Victor and he embraced her. Victor said that he was concerned about Ashley and Abby. Victor convinced Kay to go with him for a cup of coffee.

Ashley entered Tucker's room and sat by his side. Abby watched from the doorway. Ashley told Tucker that she had been wrong to believe that Abby had accepted their engagement. Ashley told Tucker she had to protect Abby by keeping her out of jail.

Kay walked in and heard Ashley say that she wished she could go back and do things differently. Kay was suspicious; even though Ashley explained that she'd been telling Tucker how much she loved him. Kay took Tucker's hand and hoped that he could feel her touch and hear her words. Sofia returned with Tucker's attorney. McGinnis said that there were additional addenda to Tucker's will that Kay needed to know.

Jack complained to Traci about Victor's comment about Jabot. Jack was convinced that Kay would sell Jabot to Victor if she were in charge of McCall Unlimited. Abby walked into the waiting room and told Traci and Jack that she'd done something terrible. Abby explained to her aunt and uncle how she'd tricked Tucker and Diane to go to the cabin. Abby claimed that she'd wanted Ashley to stop the wedding.

Victor walked in and wanted to know why Abby was crying. Jack said that Abby was stressed out. Victor hugged Abby. Victor asked Abby to go home with him at the ranch. Abby didn't want to leave Ashley alone. Victor left to check on Kay, and as he exited, he received a call. Victor was pleased that what he'd ordered had been done. At the security gate, Diane and Adam were told by the guard that they could not return to Sharon's house because Victor owned the driveway. Adam looked at the legal document and realized that the only way he could return to Sharon's house was by helicopter.

McGinnis explained to Sofia, Kay, and Victor that Tucker had designated Kay to run his conglomerate in the event of his death or incapacitation. Tucker had also set aside 20 million dollars to continue the search for his son. Kay and Sofia were stunned to discover that Tucker had a missing son. Victor was shocked, too.

Jack approached Ashley to say that he knew about Abby's actions. Even though Ashley was distraught, Jack told his sister that they had to talk about Jabot. Jack wanted to take the reins of the company from Ashley to protect the cactus formulation that she'd been developing. Before Ashley could respond, Mauro walked in and announced that Ashley was under arrest for the attempted murder of Tucker McCall.

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