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Monday, May 16, 2011

In Ridge's office, Dayzee entered with a dress Thomas had designed for her, but Ridge said he hadn't asked to see her about that. Instead, he'd wanted to ask if she'd be there to listen once Thomas was ready to open up. Dayzee readily agreed to help. Ridge thought that was good, since he'd already set up a special dinner for her and Thomas that evening. Ridge further explained that he'd taken care of her shift at the coffeehouse, and he'd also called in hair and wardrobe to help her get ready. The overwhelmed Dayzee chuckled when the stylists entered.

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to play off her anxiety, but Taylor insisted that working through things was the only way Brooke could truly return home to Ridge and her family. As Brooke remembered the horrible crash, she suddenly snapped at Taylor for involving herself.

As Taylor persisted, Thomas entered and guessed Taylor was there because she really just wanted to know what Brooke had done with him on the island. Taylor swore that wasn't the case, but relented nonetheless. Taylor left, saying she'd get Brooke the doctor referrals later.

Once alone, Thomas decided that Brooke could benefit from seeing a professional. Brooke, however, said she needed to be honest with her husband. She refused to keep anything from Ridge again, and she also worried that Taylor could tell that Brooke was lying. Thomas reasoned that no one was lying, because they didn't even know what had happened.

Brooke stated that she hadn't been a perfect wife, but Ridge had always been understanding. Thomas doubted Ridge would understand their situation. She confided that Ridge had told her that crossing the line with Thomas would be the end.

The two continued debating whether to tell Ridge. Thomas asked if she'd say they had kissed, but Brooke said she couldn't recall their lips even touching. Thomas figured they'd know if something had happened. Agreeing, Brooke said that Thomas, who had the younger and stronger mind, would surely remember. She figured it'd be fine tell Ridge about the berries and the intimate moments. Thomas, however, insisted that his father didn't need to know. "What don't I need to know?" Ridge asked, rounding the corner.

When Taylor got home, she didn't even notice Whip awaiting her on the bed. Whip said to never mind him, because he was just the husband who'd also patiently awaited her return from the South Pacific. Since Taylor had been gone so long, he'd concluded that Brooke had apparently opened up, but Taylor revealed that it hadn't exactly gone that way.

In bed at the Malibu house, the shirtless Liam stopped short of having sex with Amber. Amber said she was just happy to have him hold her. Tawny entered and shrieked, and Amber berated Tawny for barging in unannounced. Tawny saw Liam's phone vibrating and distracted Liam by saying he needed to talk sense into Amber about eating right. Amber told him to ignore her mother, and Tawny slipped the phone into her bra.

As Tawny went into the living room and deleted Hope's text message from Liam's phone, Liam was in Amber's room looking for the phone. Amber entered and discovered Tawny with Liam's phone. Tawny pretended to be playing cell phone games on it, but she was really sending Hope a message from Liam.

Back in the bedroom, Liam fixated on the text messages he believed Hope had sent him. He recalled "Hope" telling him to make a life with Amber. Liam picked up the landline and called Bill, who wasn't at home. Katie answered and noted that Liam seemed upset. He apprised her of Hope's decision to end things to be with Oliver. Liam inquired about the plans for the Malibu house. Katie said she and Bill weren't planning to move there, so Liam was free to take it.

Amber returned, and Liam announced that he was considering moving in with her. Amber giggled, saying that nothing would make her happier. Liam clarified that he wouldn't share a room with her, but Amber seemed too ecstatic to even care. With a kiss, she exclaimed that she'd make him "so happy!"

In the studio, Hope charged her phone before she and Oliver took off. He asked if she wanted to be the woman who always waited by the phone, but she insisted that Liam would respond to her promptly, just as he always did. Oliver stated that Hope was sending Liam mixed signals -- even if she weren't aware of it.

Hope figured Oliver thought she was being silly. She sensed that she was making him unhappy, too, but he said she wasn't. He reasoned that standing strong kept him in the running. Just before Hope and Oliver prepared to leave, Hope received a devastating text message from Liam. In it, "Liam" wrote that he had a family, and Hope needed to move on with Oliver.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

by Pam

At home, Ridge joined Brooke and Thomas on the patio. He told them that they both needed to relax, and he had some ideas that would help them. First Ridge thanked Thomas for all that he had done to keep Brooke alive on the island. Ridge then announced that he had planned a special evening for all of them to forget their life-threatening adventure.

Ridge had planned a private dinner for Thomas to share with Dayzee. Almost on cue, Dayzee walked around the corner in a stunning yellow cocktail dress. Thomas recognized the dress as one of his own designs for the new Taboo women's line. Ridge said that he had found the design among Thomas' notes, and he'd had it made just in time for dinner. Dayzee said that Ridge had also called in a makeup artist and hairstylist to help her get ready for her date.

Thomas thanked his father, and Ridge coaxed Thomas to put on a dinner jacket because he appeared under-dressed to be dining with such a lovely date. Ridge added that servers were already preparing dinner in the kitchen. Thomas and Dayzee headed inside for dinner.

Dayzee and Thomas shared a glass of wine and dinner. She told Thomas that he was a special man. She said that his ordeal seemed to have given him strength. He seemed confident, and she added that he had a vastly improved relationship with his father. Thomas said that he was grateful that his father had arrived when he had because he wasn't sure how much longer they would have lived.

Dayzee wondered if Ridge and Brooke were celebrating, but Thomas said that he believed Brooke needed some low-key time alone after the stress of the press conference. Dayzee wondered how they had survived on the island. Thomas replied that they had gone for days without food or water, and there were parts of the ordeal that he did not remember. They kissed.

At Taylor and Whip's home, Taylor chatted with Whip about Brooke's curious anxiety. She was concerned that something had happened on the island and wondered why Brooke was so erratic. Whip said that Brooke and Thomas had remarkably survived a plane crash in the ocean and days without food and water on an island. It was understandable that Brooke was under a lot of stress.

Whip asked Taylor to stop worrying about Brooke. Whip was concerned that Taylor had not relaxed or taken any time to chill out with her husband after she had been gone for days. He told her that she needed to forget about everyone else's problems and relax and reconnect with him.

Taylor was offended and lashed out at Whip. She told him that he didn't understand. She started her customary rant about why everyone should be concerned about Brooke and Thomas. Whip angrily shouted that Taylor had been getting overly excited about everything that Thomas and Brooke had done: the kiss on the runway, the kiss on the plane, and every time that Brooke and Thomas were together. He reminded her that Thomas, not Brooke, had initiated every action. Yet she continued to blame Brooke for getting close to every Forrester man including Taylor's son.

Taylor continued her rant about Brooke crossing the line and Ridge's reaction. She slipped and said, "I know my husband," in reference to Ridge. She stopped short and Whip reminded her that Ridge was her ex-husband. They argued, and Whip accused her of loving Ridge. Taylor countered that she would always love Ridge because they shared children together.

Whip disagreed. He shouted that he was convinced that Taylor wanted Brooke and Thomas to cross the line so that Ridge would run back to her. Taylor remained silent, and Whip angrily challenged her to look him in the eye and tell him that he would never be second in her heart. She was silent, and Whip walked out. Later, Taylor sat and stared at photos of Brooke and Thomas on the Internet, dating back to the introduction of Taboo.

Over at the Forrester home, Ridge and Brooke kissed and embraced in their bedroom. Brooke apologized for her mood at the press conference and afterward. She admitted that Taylor had encouraged her to get professional help, but she insisted that Ridge was all the help that she needed.

Ridge said that he understood. He reminded her that she had been through a terrifying, life-threatening experience. He agreed that she and Thomas needed to talk about it to someone, but he didn't want to pressure her.

Brooke said she wanted to put the memories out of her mind. She begged Ridge to help her forget. He started to undress her, and they made love. Brooke had a look of concern on her face. Later, they cuddled and kissed. Brooke begged Ridge to promise that he would love her forever no matter what. He promised, and Brooke rolled over with a faraway look on her face.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

by Pam

At Dayzee's restaurant, Anthony remarked that Dayzee appeared to be in love. Dayzee smiled, but said that she wasn't sure about the L-word. Anthony said that he recognized when a woman was in love. Dayzee said that no one had ever treated her like Thomas had. She shared that they'd had a spectacular date the night before. Anthony told Dayzee that he was happy she had found someone special.

In his office, Thomas called Dayzee and thanked her for the date. She said that she'd had a great time, and Thomas agreed. He said that he wanted to see her and asked her to check her calendar. He said that he had to get down to see all the new décor at Dayzee's place. Steffy entered in a wild getup and hugged Thomas tightly. She said that she felt she had never told him that she loved him often enough, so she was going to make up for lost time.

Thomas smiled and begged her to let go. He asked if she had been eavesdropping on his conversation. She said that she had overheard him and that he sounded happy. She was happy for him. Thomas said that his date with Dayzee had been very special because Ridge Forrester had taken care of everything in his inimitable fashion.

Steffy smiled. She asked if Thomas wanted to talk about what had happened on the island, and he declined to discuss it. Thomas turned the tables on her and asked what had happened between her and Bill. Steffy admitted that she had told Bill that she loved him, and he said that he loved her. Thomas warned her that Bill was married. He added that Bill was dangerous and she needed to watch out for Bill because she owned Forrester stock. Steffy ignored him and squeezed him with another big hug.

Donna and Katie visited Brooke, and Brooke admitted that she might never get over her experience on the island. Brooke said that she had grown tired of talking about her ordeal. She wanted to know how things had gone with Bill since Katie had tried to patch things up with her husband.

Katie admitted that they had not reconnected. She said that they had not been intimate since she returned. She lamented that she had been gone for weeks, and they normally couldn't keep their hands off one another. Donna reminded Katie that Bill was probably still hurting because she had walked out on him.

Donna also worried that there was more to it. She blamed Steffy for chasing Bill. Katie said that she could deal with Steffy, but Donna warned her not to underestimate Steffy. Katie said that she was confident she could fix her marriage.

Donna and Katie left, and Thomas entered. He shared that he'd had a wonderful time with Dayzee, but Dayzee clearly knew that something was wrong with him. They prattled on about telling Ridge or not telling Ridge. Brooke said that she could not keep another secret from Ridge. Thomas warned that they didn't know what had happened, and Brooke said that Ridge would understand. She was adamant that she had to tell him that they had eaten the berries and had no idea what had happened on the island.

In Bill's office, Justin updated Bill on a deal they had going, but Bill had clearly not been listening. Bill spilled the story about how Steffy had told him that she loved him. Justin smirked and wondered how Bill had handled it. Bill said that he had told Steffy that he loved her. Surprised, Justin suggested that Bill was in lust, not love. Bill said that it was a deeper feeling. He added that he had only told one other woman, Katie, that he loved her.

Before they continued their conversation, Bill reminded Justin it was a private conversation and not to be shared with Donna or anyone. Justin agreed. Bill said that he and Katie had not been physically intimate since she had returned. He told Justin that it was unlike them. Justin asked why Bill and Katie hadn't gotten together.

Bill poured a drink and said that Katie had betrayed him during the therapy session with Taylor. She had blabbed to Taylor about his experience with Amber, and it could have sent him to jail. Justin suggested that it had been confidential, but Bill worried that Katie had wanted to change him, while Steffy loved him for who he was. Justin wondered if that wasn't just an excuse. He suggested that Bill was interested in Steffy. Justin left. Bill called Steffy, and they agreed to meet at Eric and Stephanie's guesthouse.

Bill arrived and said that he needed to talk to her. Steffy said that she didn't want to talk. She kissed him passionately. Afterwards, Bill pulled away and stared at her.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

At the Forrester guesthouse, Bill tore himself away from Steffy and declared that he was married. That meant nothing to Steffy, who didn't want the man Katie had. Instead, Steffy wanted the man Katie kept refusing. They moved to the sofa as they made out, but again Bill pulled away. Yearning for more, Steffy declared that she was already his, if he'd let it just happen. Bill, however, said he didn't let anything "just happen."

Sighing, Steffy admitted that the feelings scared her, too, but she was enamored by his heroism in her brother's rescue. Bill reasoned that he might have just been trying to redeem himself from the Amber incident. Steffy believed it was more than that, and she refused to let him go. She said he was an egotistical jerk, but she'd make him her egotistical jerk.

Bill stated that he'd arrived there to tell Steffy that he'd meant what he'd said on the jet. Steffy replied that she knew he loved her, and she loved him, too. Bill clarified that he was referring to what he'd said about marriage. Steffy admired his loyalty, but said it was to the wrong woman. She said he was in love with two women, but he'd eventually have to choose.

At Brooke's house, Stephanie arrived, hoping to talk to Brooke about the unfortunate way their relationship had regressed. Brooke was still bitter about Stephanie holding Brooke responsible for Thomas' kiss on the jet. Stephanie tried to smooth things over, but Brooke was fed up, because Stephanie would always see Brooke as the slut from the Valley.

Stephanie guessed Brooke didn't want to work on their relationship, but Brooke retorted that she hadn't been the one to bail out on it to begin with. Stephanie offered to apologize, but under Brooke's expectant stare, Stephanie admitted that doing so wasn't easy. Stephanie said Brooke wasn't the girl that Stephanie had wanted for her son, but he was devoted to Brooke, who'd also been there in Stephanie's time of need. "So I apologize," Stephanie finally said. She quickly added that she had a right to expect Brooke to be forthcoming with Ridge, though.

Brooke said friendship was about actions, not words. Stephanie revealed that she'd been afraid when she'd thought Brooke might die. Brooke complained that Stephanie only liked Brooke when Stephanie was in need. Furthermore, Brooke had been insulted by Stephanie's shocked realization that Brooke hadn't wanted Stephanie to die of cancer. To Brooke, life seemed to be all about Stephanie, and Brooke refused to live in fear of Stephanie's disapproval.

Stephanie said she didn't want to return to the same old warring, either. Brooke admitted that she wanted the friendship back, but only if Stephanie could allow herself to like someone that she disapproved of. Stephanie reasoned that she'd married Eric several times, and the women laughed. Though the two were still unsure of where their relationship was headed, Stephanie said that if Brooke always did right by Ridge, then they'd never quarrel.

In his living room, Thomas was slipping berries into a plastic bag when Taylor startled him. He spilled some berries onto the table she'd set for a lunch with Whip. Thomas picked the berries up and guessed Taylor was making Whip a special lunch because a picture of her and Ridge had appeared in a front-page article about the rescue. Taylor said she simply hadn't spent enough time with her husband. Whip arrived for lunch, and Thomas took off, unknowingly leaving a berry or two in Taylor's fruit bowl.

At a lab later, Thomas chatted with a lab tech and then asked her for some confidential help. He pulled out his bag of berries and asked if she'd ever seen anything like them. The lab tech wondered if the berries had once displayed a white, powdery bloom. Thomas confirmed it, and she said she might be able to juice them enough to tempt her fruit flies.

Back at Taylor's, Whip, who'd missed his and Taylor's relationship, said he appreciated her effort to make time for him. As they ate, the couple chatted about her work until Whip suddenly asked, "Are you still attracted to me?" Taylor was speechless, and he added that they hadn't had sex in a while. Taylor claimed that he'd been tired; however, he said he was never tired. He just wasn't willing to reach out to get rejected.

Whip felt that relationship discussions always got deflected back onto him, as if he were her patient. For their marriage to work, Whip felt she needed to discuss her emotions, too. The conversation turned to Ridge, and Taylor was at a loss for what to say that wouldn't hurt her husband. Whip said there was no point to it if Taylor couldn't be honest with him.

Taylor said she needed both Ridge and Whip in her life, but she'd never be unfaithful. Whip asked if "faithful" meant sleeping in the same bed with her husband, but not touching him.

Taylor started to feel woozy, and Whip steadied her. She giggled that he took her breath away. Whip went to the kitchen, and when she stepped off a rug, she heard a splash. She looked down to see watery ripples on the hardwood floor. As if the living room were a curtain, the hallucinating Taylor peeled it back and unveiled Ridge on a deserted beach, wearing a turquoise Speedo.

Friday, May 20, 2011

At the lab, Leslie, Thomas' friend, completed testing on the berries. She explained that, indigenous to the South Pacific, the berries caused delusions of grandeur, heightened sexual awareness, and lack of inhibition. She didn't know of any lasting effects, but warned against eating them. She advised him to dispose of them before someone accidentally ingested them.

At home, Ridge arrived early from work. He offered to take Brooke out, but she wanted to be at home with him and the kids. It was all she'd dreamed of doing while she'd been marooned. Brooke felt guilty for distracting Ridge from work. He replied that he was right where he needed to be, but he wondered if she weren't really feeling guilty about something else.

Brooke stammered, and Ridge suggested that she had survivor's guilt. He vowed to help her open up and get through it. Brooke conveyed that she really wanted to tell him what had happened, but it was an overwhelming thing to explain. Ridge said he'd be there for whatever she needed. He held Brooke for a while and assured her that it was safe to tell him anything.

Ridge left to get her some tea, and Brooke received a call from Thomas, who wanted to let her know that the berries had no side effects. Brooke was appalled that he'd returned with the fruit and had confided in his friend about what had happened. He swore that he hadn't said a word, and Brooke asked if Leslie could explain the berries to Ridge. Thomas shut the idea down, but Brooke said she was agonizing over the secret. Thomas, however, ordered her to keep quiet.

Ridge returned and asked if Thomas had been talking about Taboo. "Yes, it was 'Taboo,'" Brooke nervously responded. Ridge was worried about Thomas, but Brooke advised Ridge to just be supportive. The couple cuddled on the sofa, and Brooke pondered the tiny moments she'd taken for granted in the past. She said that, on the island, she'd feared being unable express her love to her family one last time; however, she also rejoiced over the time she'd had with them. She grew tearful as she expressed what Ridge meant to her. Finally, Brooke decided that she was ready to talk about the crash and the horrible days that had followed.

In her living room, the hallucinating Taylor gasped to see Ridge on the beach, heading toward her in a turquoise Speedo. Taylor asked if he could believe they were there. Nodding, Whip said their house was great. Taylor beckoned Whip to join her in the hunt for treasure. Whip looked confused, but in Taylor's mind, she was on the beach in her bikini with Ridge.

Whip played along as Taylor hallucinated that the young Ridge dug up a bottle of wine and wine glasses, as he'd done on their St. Thomas trip years earlier. Whip asked if she were okay, but she didn't hear him. She was too busy reliving the beachside dinner and dancing to the beating of steel drums, exactly as she and Ridge had done all those years earlier.

Whip stared on as Taylor scratched the carpet. In her mind, she sifted through sand to discover a treasure box with an engagement ring inside. Ridge slipped the ring on her finger, and she relived every word she and Ridge had said to each other during the St. Thomas proposal. Taylor passionately kissed Ridge, but in reality, she was kissing Whip.

Suddenly, Taylor started hyperventilating. Whip tried to help her as she sank to the floor. Thomas entered and rushed to his mother's side. Whip urged Taylor to breathe and said it was like she'd been poisoned. Thomas realized that she'd eaten the berries he'd taken back from the island. The paramedics rushed in and guessed she was having an allergic reaction. Whip and Thomas watched in horror as the paramedics assisted Taylor, who gasped for her every breath.

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