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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 23, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Jake was reluctant to get out of bed after he and Amanda made love, but he insisted that he had to go to a board meeting. Amanda assured him that she understood. She watched Jake walk to the shower and then started to get out of bed, but stopped when she was hit by dizzy spell. Amanda realized that the last time that she had felt like that was when she had been pregnant with Trevor. Later, Amanda called out to Angie when she spotted Angie near the nurses' station at the hospital. Angie revealed that she had been checking on Madison and Ryan.

Amanda felt terrible for Madison and Ryan's tragic loss. Angie agreed that she and Amanda should count their blessings because their children were healthy. Amanda explained that she was at the hospital for a blood test to confirm her suspicions that she might be pregnant. Amanda realized that Angie didn't approve of Amanda's methods, but Angie promised not to lecture her friend. Angie wished Amanda well and then left.

Later, Jake joined Amanda in the waiting area. He assumed that Amanda had stopped by to whisk him away for the afternoon, so he had cleared his schedule. Jake was stunned when Amanda confessed that she had continued to try to get pregnant, even though Jake had made it clear that he wanted to wait. Jake wondered if she were trying to tell him that she was pregnant. Amanda admitted that she didn't know, but she had taken a blood test to find out. However, she was confident that a baby would make everything okay.

Jake felt betrayed because he believed that Amanda wanted to have a baby to save their marriage. Jake insisted that it was a decision that they should have made together, but Amanda explained that she had been afraid that they would keep putting off having another baby until it was too late. Jake argued that her biological clock was far from winding down, so there hadn't been a rush. Jake was certain that Amanda's desperation to get pregnant stemmed from her belief that it would make their problems go away. Amanda was relieved that Jake had finally acknowledged that they had a problem. Frustrated, Jake wondered what he had to do to reassure Amanda that he loved her.

Amanda explained that she just wanted to have another baby, but Jake argued that having a baby wasn't the issue. Jake didn't appreciate how Amanda had gone about it. Jake decided to take a walk to clear his head, so he left. Later, Amanda saw Angie again. Angie was curious if Amanda had heard back from the lab. Amanda revealed that the lab was backed up, so it would take time; however, Amanda confessed that she had told Jake about the possible pregnancy, and that Jake was upset. Angie felt bad for Amanda, but Amanda was confident that Jake would be fine once the baby was a reality.

Tad stopped by the free clinic to tell Cara that he had to go out of town on a case. Cara was in a foul mood as she replied "Great, fabulous." Tad was curious what was troubling Cara. She revealed that it was Griffin's birthday and that she and Griffin had always talked to each other on their birthdays, no matter where they were in the world. Cara began to cry as she admitted that she missed her brother. Tad felt terrible for Cara, so he confided that his job had to do with Griffin.

Cara immediately perked up as she insisted on joining Tad on the trip. Tad refused to consider it because he would be too worried about her to focus on the case. Cara threatened to find her own lead if Tad didn't include her, but Tad promised her that he would get Griffin back, if she stayed out of the investigation. Cara admitted that she was certain that Griffin had liked it in Pine Valley. She had hoped that her brother would settle down, so that she and Griffin could be near each other. Cara then assured Tad that she didn't expect Tad to stay trapped in a marriage to her forever.

Cara admitted that it was work to pretend to be married and to be a family, but Tad disagreed. He recalled seeing how effortless the camaraderie between Cara, Kathy, and Jenny had been in the park. Cara confessed that she loved Tad's daughters and that Kathy was a force to be reckoned with. Tad smiled as he agreed that Kathy was a lot like her mother, Dixie. Cara hoped that she could continue to be a part of Kathy and Jenny's lives after Cara and Tad went their separate ways. Tad suggested that they wouldn't have to worry about that for a while.

Cara smiled and then wondered when Tad would be home. She was disappointed when he revealed that it would be late. Cara explained that she had been hoping to have a horror movie marathon with the girls. Tad regretted that he couldn't join them, but he promised to get all the details from Cara when he got home. Cara thanked Tad for being amazing and great, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "That's what family does," Tad assured her with a soft smile.

At the abandoned house, Griffin watched a video of Ricky and Diana frolicking in bed with stacks of money. Griffin noticed that the bundles of cash were wrapped in a band that indicated that the money had been taken from Eden Falls Casino. Seconds later, someone knocked on the door, so Griffin armed himself and then checked to see who it was. Griffin relaxed when he saw Chavo. Chavo had stopped by to drop off something that his grandmother had baked in appreciation for Griffin helping her. Griffin thanked Chavo and then explained that he needed a favor: a car.

Kendall was startled when she arrived home to find Ricky sitting in a chair as he stared intently at the front door. Kendall explained that she had intended to call him later, but all she wanted to do was go to bed because she was exhausted after spending the night at the hospital. Ricky asked her, "Did you lie to me?" Kendall had no idea what Ricky was talking about. Ricky explained that Spike hadn't known about their engagement. Kendall assumed that Ricky had told Spike, but he assured her that he had kept quiet because Ricky had figured that she had a good reason not to tell the boys about the wedding.

Kendall admitted that she had been afraid about how the boys would react to the news. She insisted that she tell the boys on her own timetable and then pleaded with Ricky to stop pressuring her about the boys. Ricky quickly apologized. He assured her that he loved her, but he confessed that sometimes he sensed that she didn't feel the same way. Kendall promised Ricky that she was committed to him.

Kendall realized that she should have been honest with Ricky, so she asked if he could forgive her. "Yes," Ricky replied and then kissed her. Ricky suggested that she get some rest and then left. Kendall wiped her mouth as she reached for her cell phone to call Griffin. Griffin asked her to meet him at the abandoned house as soon as possible.

A short time later, Kendall arrived at the abandoned house. Kendall was shaken after she watched the video of Ricky and Diana because she realized that Ricky had killed a woman who had cared for him. Kendall had seen it in Diana's eyes. Griffin insisted that the video didn't prove that Ricky had killed Diana or Zach. Kendall admitted that she had mistakenly believed that she was safe because Ricky was in love with her, but the video made her realize that Ricky was a sociopath. Griffin revealed that the video had yielded a clue. Griffin had learned that the money in the video was from Eden Falls Casino, so Griffin intended to go there.

Kendall begged Griffin to reconsider because she didn't want Griffin to risk being captured by the police. Griffin assured her that he would be fine, but Kendall hated how Ricky was able to walk about as if he were a hero. She insisted that she despised Ricky's touch, and the way he kissed her. Kendall yanked off the engagement ring and then threw it across the room. Griffin immediately tried to calm Kendall down. Once Kendall regained her composure, Kendall and Griffin began to look for the engagement ring.

Kendall apologized for her outburst, and then revealed the details about her encounter with Ricky when she had arrived home. Griffin wasn't surprised that Ricky had discovered that Kendall hadn't told the children about the engagement. Kendall explained that she couldn't tell her sons about Ricky because she didn't want to them to think of Ricky as a potential stepfather. Griffin found the ring in a corner and then slid it onto Kendall's finger as he promised that they would soon "nail the bastard." Moments later, Chavo returned to the house to tell Griffin that the car was ready.

Griffin questioned Kendall about the private investigator, so she assured Griffin that she was shadowed constantly and then reminded him that she always wore the wire. Later, Griffin encountered a man in the Eden Falls Casino parking lot. The man revealed that the casino had closed up without warning, and that none of the employees had received severance pay. Griffin handed the man pictures of Ricky and Diana and then questioned if the man had every seen the couple. The man studied the pictures for a moment, but claimed not to recognize them. Griffin tried to question the man further, but the man insisted that he had told Griffin all he knew.

As the man walked away, Tad stepped forward and then suggested that a well-placed fifty-dollar bill often helped. Griffin quickly filled Tad in on what he had discovered about Ricky and that he was certain that Ricky and the casino were connected. Tad revealed that he had been following up on a lead about the casino, which had led him to Griffin. Griffin insisted that they needed answers quickly because Kendall was engaged to Ricky. Tad warned Griffin that Griffin and Kendall were playing a dangerous game with Ricky. Tad realized that Griffin had strong feelings for Kendall when Griffin made it clear that he would risk his freedom to help Kendall.

Tad was curious if Griffin still had the hard drive to the computer with the video on it because Tad knew someone who might be able to help them. Griffin wanted Cara left out of it because he feared that Ricky wouldn't hesitate to hurt her. As if on cue, Cara called Tad for an update. Tad explained that he was still looking, but he promised to call her if he found anything. Griffin thanked Tad after Tad ended the call. Tad had doubts about lying to Cara, but Griffin clarified that he appreciated how good Tad was to Cara.

Tad joked that it was the way that he rolled; he took his "fake marriage vows" seriously. Griffin suggested that the marriage might have started out that way, but it didn't mean that it couldn't become real. After Griffin left, Tad called Cara back to leave her a voicemail message. Tad revealed that he had good news to share with her and that he would be home in time for the movie marathon.

In Erica's bedroom, Jane giggled with delight at her reflection because she had been able to convince everyone that she was Erica Kane. However, Jane realized that she would have to remain vigilant, so that no one realized that Jane was an imposter. Jackson was puzzled about whom she had been talking to when he had entered the bedroom. Jane claimed that it had been a business call, but Jack just stared at her. Jane nervously wondered what Jack was looking at, so Jack admitted that he couldn't believe that she was really there. Jane started to relax until Jack walked up and then kissed her.

Jane pulled away from the heated kiss, clearly rattled. Jack confessed that he didn't recall Erica ever kissing him like that before. Jack kissed Jane again and then led her to the bed, but Jane balked. Jack wondered if something were wrong, so Jane scrambled to explain her odd behavior. Jane assured Jack that it wasn't him; it was her. She claimed that she wanted to be with Jack, but she was still shaken from her ordeal with the kidnappers, so she didn't feel like herself.

Jane insisted that when they made love "again," she wanted it to be as if it were the "first time." Jane suggested that Jack could help by taking her out on a date. Jack chuckled, but Jane insisted that she wanted "high romance," so that they could fall in love "all over again." Jack liked the sound of that, so he pretended that they had met for the first time and then invited her out to dinner. Jane smiled with satisfaction and then happily accepted the date. Moments later, Ricky called to ask to meet Erica on an urgent matter regarding Kendall.

Shortly after Jane left, Bianca stopped by to see her mother. Jack explained that Erica had left to meet Ricky, so Bianca was curious how Erica was doing. Jack confessed that Erica was shaken, but refused to take it easy. Bianca wasn't surprised. Jack revealed that he was having a difficult time accepting that Erica was back and that their relationship was on track. Jack confided that he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Jack regretted that he had believed the emails, instead of realizing that Erica had been coerced. Bianca thought that Jack was being too hard on himself, but Jack argued that if he had truly known Erica then he would have sensed that something wasn't right. Bianca was distracted when she spotted a key on the floor. She picked it up, but neither she nor Jack recognized it. They agreed that the key chain didn't look like something that Erica would own.

Jane met Ricky at ConFusion. After a warm hug, Jane was curious why Ricky had called. Ricky explained that he wanted to do something special for Kendall, but he wasn't sure if Kendall would be on board with his plans. Jane assumed that Ricky wanted to throw a surprise engagement party for Erica and Jack, but Ricky explained that he had been thinking of something a little more special.

Cara invited Kendall to join her when Kendall entered Krystal's restaurant. Cara was curious if Kendall had heard from Griffin. Kendall wondered why Cara would ask that, so Cara shrugged and then admitted that she had figured that Griffin would call Kendall before anyone else. Kendall relaxed as she denied hearing from Griffin. Cara was surprised when she suddenly noticed the engagement ring on Kendall's hand. Kendall confirmed that Ricky had proposed and then assured Cara that Ricky was a good guy.

Cara didn't believe it, and suggested that Griffin wouldn't either. Kendall's interest was piqued, so she questioned Cara about Griffin. Cara reluctantly confided that Griffin had strong feelings for Kendall, and that Cara had suspected that Kendall returned those feelings. Kendall claimed that she and Griffin were just friends. Cara decided that she needed a refresher on how to read people because Cara had completely misread the vibe between Griffin and Kendall. Moments later, Erica called to arrange to meet Kendall.

After Kendall left, Cara went to ConFusion to order a drink, and celebrate Griffin's birthday. She was startled when she saw Jake enter moments later.

On the yacht, Ricky gave last-minute instructions to the captain as Ricky prepared to whisk Kendall away later that evening. The captain insisted that he needed more time to get everything ready before they could set sail, but Ricky insisted that wasn't an option. Meanwhile, Kendall arrived home to find Jane, posing as Erica, waiting. Jane explained that she wanted to celebrate her homecoming with Kendall, Bianca, and Jack, so she had laid out something special for Kendall to wear. Kendall found her mother's behavior slightly odd, but she went along with Erica's plans.

After Kendall went to the bedroom to change clothes, Jane called Ricky to let him know that everything was "all set." Ricky thanked Erica; he knew that he could count on her. After Jane ended the call, Kendall returned to the living room, wearing a stunning white dress. Kendall had donned the wire, so Griffin spoke into Kendall's earpiece to find out what was going on. Meanwhile, Erica handed Kendall a long-stemmed rose and then answered the door. It was Bianca.

Jane announced that she had lied about the dinner. Seconds later, another knock on the door heralded the arrival of Ricky and another man. Kendall and Bianca were stunned when Ricky triumphantly revealed that he and Kendall were to be married, "right here, right now."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal noticed that Tad seemed preoccupied. She asked if he was in danger and offered to help. He inquired if she could keep him from falling in love with his wife. Tad called himself a jerk for asking his ex-wife for advice about his fake spouse. Krystal encouraged him to open up. Tad emptied his pockets to show various examples of how Cara had become part of his life, including a goofy picture of Cara on his cell phone and a dry cleaning receipt.

Tad admitted that he was excited about a horror movie marathon that he and Cara had been planning. Krystal realized that Tad's feelings for Cara were genuine, but he thought he was a fool for even considering the possibility of a real marriage, because Cara would never love anyone but Jake. Krystal agreed to help Tad keep his mind off Cara, if Tad helped Krystal to keep her distance from Jackson. Tad pointed out that Erica's marriages failed, and he felt that Krystal still had a chance. Tad wondered how he could one day walk away from his marriage when it felt real. Krystal reminded him to keep his feelings in check.

At the hospital, Amanda inquired about her pregnancy test results, but a nurse informed her that they weren't available and offered to send her a text message when they were. Amanda went to Krystal's and ordered coffee, but she quickly clarified that she wanted decaf. Krystal observed that Amanda appeared rattled, and Tad noticed that Amanda kept checking her phone for a text message. Krystal left, and Tad asked Amanda if she and Jake were having problems. Amanda admitted that her marriage wasn't doing well and cried that she couldn't lose her husband.

Tad gently pushed Amanda to explain what was going on. Amanda had believed that her marriage would get back on track once Tad and Cara had wed. Amanda remarked that Tad and Cara seemed like a real couple and that they were good for one another. Tad was surprised by her observation. Amanda wanted her and Jake to be like they had been before they'd started having problems. Tad blurted that they had to work things out, and he quickly added that Jake and Amanda were obviously in love. Tad urged Amanda to keep working on her marriage, because Jake would be stupid to mess things up.

Krystal presented Amanda with a cup of decaf, and Amanda credited Tad for helping her. Amanda vowed to do whatever it took to make her marriage work. Amanda left to check her text messages. "So much for pulling back," Krystal scolded Tad. After Tad departed, Amanda asked Krystal if she thought Tad could make Cara happy. Krystal said yes, and Amanda hoped Tad and Cara would become a real couple. Krystal advised that Tad and Cara's relationship couldn't be forced and that it had to evolve over time. Amanda received a text message.

As Cara chugged back shots at ConFusion, Jake remarked that it was early for happy hour. She suggested that perhaps she was celebrating, but he knew otherwise. Cara confessed that it was Griffin's birthday. Jake assured her that Griffin would return home safely, and she dejectedly murmured, "When?" Cara lamented that Griffin had just started to open his heart before he had left. She declared that she should take a lesson from Kendall and simply move on. She was happy when Jake offered to join her for a drink, and he ordered an "ER special."

Jake updated Cara regarding activities at the hospital. He asked if Griffin's name had been cleared, and Cara said that Tad was working on it and that Tad had been a great husband. Jake made a comment about how Tad and Cara's marriage was in name only, but Cara gushed about everything that Tad had done for her. Jake said that was what married people did. Cara wished Jake happiness and sipped his drink. Cara became upset to find that it was only soda, and she stumbled into him as she tried to leave. They shared an awkward moment as he caught her.

Cara barked that she didn't need Jake to abstain from alcohol so he could watch out for her. He explained that he ordered his special drink when he was on call, and the bartender confirmed his story. Jake recalled that Cara couldn't handle more than a couple of drinks, and he worried that she'd do something crazy in her emotional state. She asserted that she didn't want to lean on him any more than he wanted to lean on her. They bickered, and he suggested that he go back to work and she go back to her husband. Tad entered and declared that she didn't have to, because he was already there.

Jake started to leave for the hospital, and Tad reported that Amanda needed Jake. Jake said he'd go home after stopping at work. Tad offered to pay for Jake's ER special, and Cara felt embarrassed by her misjudgment. Jake departed, and Tad asked if Cara was okay. She admitted that she should have stopped at one drink, but she had missed Griffin on his birthday. She thanked Tad for trying to help Griffin. Tad said he'd do more than try and urged her to trust him. Cara said she did.

Cara explained that she had been wallowing when Jake had shown up in a similar mood. Tad counseled her not to beat herself up, because they all had been trying to do the best they could. She thanked him for understanding and asked if he'd found any leads. He balked at providing any details, but he was optimistic that Griffin would be exonerated. She said hope was the best gift Griffin could get. Cara inquired about what else was on Tad's mind, and he said spending the night with her.

Cara wondered what Tad meant, and he made a joke and clarified that he'd meant their movie marathon. She called their evening a date. Tad was disappointed when Cara expressed relief that he hadn't expected more.

In the park, Amanda called the hospital to confirm that her pregnancy test had been negative and tearfully hung up the phone. She turned and spotted Jake. He explained that he had seen flowers delivered to the hospital in commemoration of Sara Lavery's death, and he had wanted to hug Amanda and Trevor. Amanda called their family lucky. He was still angry that Amanda had fibbed, but he said that if a baby was meant to be, he'd be happy if she was pregnant. She started to cry, and he asked if the lab had called. She lied that she was still waiting for the results, but she hoped for good news. They embraced.

Kendall was stunned to realize that Ricky had arranged for their wedding to take place immediately in her living room. Ricky grinned and said he'd known that she'd be surprised. "Erica" admitted her involvement in the plan and remarked that it was a romantic gesture. Bianca stammered that the event was sudden. Ricky asked Kendall to say that she couldn't wait to be his wife. A worried Griffin listened via Kendall's wire.

Kendall claimed that she wanted to marry Ricky, but his arrangements were sudden. Bianca pointed out that Jackson wasn't there, but "Erica" said he would be along shortly. Ricky proclaimed that he'd waited long enough and asked Kendall if she wanted to be married as much as he did. She insisted that she did, but she wanted Jackson to be present. "Erica" announced that there would be a lavish reception after the ceremony, and she urged Kendall to take the leap.

Griffin warned Kendall not to go through with the wedding. Kendall reacted to Griffin's advice, but she covered by noting that Spike and Ian weren't there. Ricky revealed that Bianca's nanny was on her way with the boys, as well as Gabby and Miranda. Bianca became irate. Ricky explained that he had thought of everything, because all he could think about was becoming Kendall's husband. He told the minister that they were ready.

Ricky acknowledged that the ceremony was unexpected, but he explained that they loved each other and that he didn't want to wait. He pointed out that he had gathered the people she loved most in the world. Griffin instructed Kendall to say that she hated surprises. Kendall blurted that she couldn't do it. "Can't do what?" Ricky asked incredulously.

The minister began the ceremony, as Griffin begged Kendall not to proceed. Griffin reminded her of her wedding to Zach and how marriage wasn't a game to her. Meanwhile, Ricky said that his life had been a pilgrimage from darkness to light, and he had been afraid of the darkness until he'd found her. Griffin ordered Kendall to stop. "If only ..." she started, but Ricky cut her off and professed that they were soul mates who would be together forever. The minister prompted Kendall to recite her vows.

Kendall apologized because she hadn't planned what to say. Ricky told her to speak from her heart. Bianca interrupted and suggested that they wait for Jackson to give Kendall time to prepare her vows. "Erica" encouraged Kendall to find the words to tell Ricky how much she loved him. The minister asked if there was a problem, but Ricky declared that everything had been planned, including the honeymoon. Ricky announced he and Kendall were going to sail on a private cruise aboard Jackson's yacht. Jackson arrived, and "Erica" marveled that Kendall was about to marry the man she loved. Griffin again implored Kendall not to marry Ricky, but Kendall proclaimed that she was ready to speak from the heart.

Kendall said that she had also been on a pilgrimage, and she trusted Ricky because he'd proven himself to her. She asked him to trust her, and he said he did. She acknowledged that he'd gone to a lot of trouble to surprise her, but she wanted their wedding day to be everything she'd dreamed about. He wondered if she was calling off the wedding, but she clarified that she wanted it to be a day they'd never forget. "Erica" promised that it would be the party of the century, next to her own wedding to Jackson. Ricky reluctantly gave in. Kendall suggested that she and Ricky go sailing on the yacht together.

"Erica" offered to brainstorm ideas for a theme wedding. Ricky pointedly asked Bianca whether she didn't like his surprise, and Bianca retorted that she was looking out for Kendall. Ricky replied that he was, too. Kendall said that she had to pack for the cruise, and "Erica" urged her daughter to enjoy romance on the high seas. "Erica" and Jackson left, and Ricky asked what he could do to help. Kendall told him to meet her on the yacht, and he said he'd have champagne chilling when she arrived. They kissed goodbye, and Ricky exited.

A disgusted Kendall asked Bianca to look after the boys. Bianca worried about Kendall being alone with Ricky on the boat, but Kendall was determined not to let anyone else she loved get hurt. The sisters hugged, and Bianca stepped outside to wait for the kids. Kendall was startled when Griffin advised Kendall to listen to Bianca. Kendall said she had to act quickly, because Ricky was getting suspicious. Griffin reminded Kendall that Ricky had killed Diana when they had been alone. Kendall said that Griffin had helped her enough, and she removed her earpiece. When Kendall didn't respond, Griffin cursed and prepared to leave the cabin.

At Krystal's, "Erica" chatted enthusiastically with Jackson about details for Kendall's wedding. Jackson commented that it seemed like she'd never planned a wedding before, but "Erica" said she felt lucky every time she looked at her engagement ring. Jackson pulled out the keychain he'd found at the penthouse and mused that he wouldn't need that particular lucky charm. He was surprised when she grabbed it and claimed it was hers. She explained that she'd found it in the room where she'd been held hostage.

Jackson thought that the keychain might be a clue and suggested that they show it to Jesse, but "Erica" downplayed its importance. Krystal presented Jackson with some paperwork, and he stepped out to tend to a work matter. Krystal apologized for her prior confrontation with "Erica" and noted that Jackson was crazy about his fiancée. "Erica" thanked Krystal, but then warned her not to try to steal Jackson or she'd "kick her ass until next week." Krystal was shocked by "Erica's" choice of words.

Krystal repeated "Erica's" threat in disbelief and laughed at her lack of subtlety. "Erica" explained that she had gone into survival mode while she had been held hostage. Jackson returned and asked if everything was okay. "Erica" complained of a headache, and Jackson offered to take her home. Krystal looked puzzled by "Erica's" behavior.

Miranda and Bianca entered the Slater home, and Bianca left the room to retrieve her purse. Ricky returned and told Miranda that the wedding had been postponed, but he asked her to be the flower girl at his real wedding to Kendall. Bianca sharply called to Miranda when she found her daughter hugging Ricky. Ricky left to retrieve his cell phone from the kitchen. Bianca advised Miranda to stay away from Ricky and asked her daughter not to say anything to the other kids about a wedding. Ricky glared at Bianca as she left with Miranda, and he followed them out the door. Kendall entered with a suitcase. The back door opened, and she turned expecting to see Ricky, but Griffin stormed in.

Kendall warned Griffin that he was taking a risk, and she declared her intent to take Ricky down that day. She disclosed her plan to tell Ricky that she knew he had killed Zach, but to convince him that she loved him anyway. She expected Ricky to feel safe and to confess. Griffin wondered what would happen if Ricky figured out that she was playing him. She asserted that she could take care of herself and turned toward her bags. Griffin grabbed her purse and discovered a gun inside. She demanded that he return the gun, but he threw her over his shoulder and carried her out the door.

Bianca arrived on the yacht in response to a text message she'd received from Kendall. Ricky entered and ominously welcomed her aboard.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At the mansion, JR prepared for Asher's homecoming, and Marissa said she was impressed that JR had helped rescue Asher. Scott arrived to speak to Marissa alone. JR exited, and Scott told Marissa about Madison's baby and his decision to work on the gatehouse until Madison stopped pushing him away. JR returned in time to see Marissa and Scott hug.

Scott left to work on the gatehouse, and Marissa told JR what had happened with Madison and the baby. Marissa had hoped the baby would cement Madison and Scott's relationship, but instead, it had ripped them apart. Marissa felt that any woman would be lucky to have Scott, and she vowed to be there for him. JR, however, said that was a big mistake.

Marissa wondered if JR was jealous, but he said he didn't do jealousy anymore. JR figured it'd be harder for Madison and Scott to reconcile with Marissa in the picture. JR advised her to focus on her own relationships. Marissa asserted that she was a houseguest, not his wife, and her friends were her business, not his.

Marissa left upset, and JR reared back to throw a decorative egg, but stopped when Maya shrieked. Scott entered, looking for Marissa, who'd already gone. JR offered his condolences about the baby. He also permitted Scott to take their flat in London, since Madison had left him. Scott suspected that offer was derived from JR's insecurities about Marissa.

JR quipped that Scott could think what he wished, as long as he did it out of JR's sight. Scott asserted that JR was spinning his wheels with Marissa, who'd already declared that the marriage was over. JR suggested that Scott go pound some nails. Scott left for the gatehouse, and once alone, JR thanked Scott, because there was nothing JR enjoyed more than a challenge.

Later, May a told JR that she'd overheard Marissa saying she was strictly a houseguest. JR looked upset, and Maya figured she needed to learn to keep her own mouth shut. JR said that no matter what she'd hear around the house, family meant everything to him, and no one would stand in the Chandlers' way.

On the boat, Bianca arrived after receiving a text message from Kendall. "Welcome aboard," Ricky said. Bianca quickly deduced that he'd lured her there. Ricky said she'd never have arrived at his request. He knew she didn't like him, even though he'd been supportive of Kendall. Ricky thought it was time for Bianca to tell him what secret she thought he was hiding.

Bianca pretended that Ricky was overreacting. Assuming that Griffin had badmouthed him, Ricky wished to clear the air. Bianca thought it was as clear as it could be. She darted for the door, but guessing she knew everything, Ricky grabbed her. As she fought back, Bianca had flashes of fighting with Michael. During the tussle, she fell, hit her head, and passed out.

Ricky carried the unconscious Bianca to his hotel room door. Marissa happened down the hallway and anxiously wondered what had happened to Bianca. He claimed that Bianca had just passed out after visiting him about the wedding. Marissa helped him get Bianca inside the room and onto the bed. When Marissa decided to call hotel security, Ricky grabbed her and said she had awful timing. "I'm sorry I have to do this," he said, advancing on her.

Later, Marissa awakened to find herself tied back-to-back to Bianca in Rick's closet. "Get the hell away from me!" Bianca cried out as she awakened. Meanwhile, Ricky was in the park when he noticed that Ryan's investigator was following him.

At Griffin's hideout, Griffin hustled Kendall inside. He said she was bent on self-destruction, but he'd stop her. He insisted it wasn't the time to introduce a loaded gun into the mix after she'd jilted Ricky at the altar, nor was it good to be alone with Ricky on a boat. Kendall declared that she couldn't keep up the charade, and it had to end -- one way or another.

Kendall intended to make Ricky confess by pretending to understand what he'd done to Zach. "Can you even say that without fire coming out of your eyes?" Griffin asked. She said she'd do it for Zach, but Griffin had to trust her. Griffin agreed to do so, but said he'd sneak onto the boat and have Ryan's investigator disable the engine, so it wouldn't sail off.

Griffin offered to take Kendall someplace special once it was all over. He said they'd go to the prison, so she could shove Ricky's ring down his throat. She and Griffin shared a long hug, and feelings sparked between them. He said he'd see her soon. She nodded and took off.

Later, Kendall and Ricky arrived on the boat at the same time. They hugged, and each suspected that it'd be a special night. Ricky said he'd been nervous because she'd called off the wedding, and her sister didn't like him. Kendall said she'd merely postponed it, and no one else mattered, because she knew the real him.

Ricky tried to put a flower behind Kendall's ear, but she flinched, pretending to worry about her hair. Ricky insisted, and she directed him to put it on the side without the earpiece. During the movement, her earpiece dislodged from the other ear and fell into the ice bucket.

Ricky left the room, and Kendall retrieved the wet earpiece. She was unsure if Griffin could still hear her, but said she was going ahead with the plan. The roar of the boat engine startled her. Ricky returned to say they'd set sail--just him and her, as it had been meant to be.

At his hideout, Griffin realized he couldn't hear anything from Kendall's microphone. He made a frantic call to Ryan's investigator, who didn't answer because he lay dead by the water. Griffin rushed to his door, but swung it open to find a police officer on his doorstep.

At home, Ryan took a call about making funeral arrangements. The call ended, and Greenlee offered to deal with it for him. Ryan said he hadn't been there for the baby in the beginning, but he'd be there for her "now." He decided to visit Madison at the hospital. Greenlee wanted to go, too, but he said he needed to do it alone.

Outside the infant viewing area at the hospital, a nurse asked if Madison wanted her baby moved closer to the window. David sent the nurse away, but Madison thought he had some nerve to approach her. She blamed him for the baby's death, because he'd started it all by blackmailing her into seducing Ryan. David, who'd once lost a child, too, said he knew how she felt.

David explained that his daughter had died on the operating table, and no one had allowed him to save her. He wanted Madison to know that someone else knew her pain, and it was a pain she'd eventually learn to live with. He started to apologize for pushing her toward Ryan, but Madison said, even knowing the outcome, David still would have done it. Agreeing, David said he was selfish and shortsighted, but also sorry for what she was going through.

Ryan approached, and after the men exchanged barbs, David left. Ryan reluctantly mentioned the funeral arrangements, and the two went to Madison's room to work on them. Afterward, she recognized the pain Ryan was going through over the baby. As she touched Ryan's hand, Scott entered and sensed he'd interrupted something.

Ryan said it was okay, and he took off. Madison wished that Scott would leave her alone. Scott said he loved her, and he'd keep returning until she realized that what they'd shared was real. Scott said he couldn't see a future without her in it, but she claimed that her feelings had changed. "It's gone. It's nothing. I feel nothing now," Madison said through sobs.

Scott said Madison should give it more time, but Madison wished people would stop saying that, because time would dull the pain, not remove it. She didn't know if she'd ever feel anything again. Scott sadly left, but unbeknownst to Madison, he sat in a chair outside her room.

Back at Ryan's house, David arrived, and Greenlee tried to slam the door. He pushed it open and reminded her that he was the one person she could count on. She claimed she didn't need him, but he assumed she did, because she'd broken Ryan's moral code with her baby secret.

Greenlee said Ryan wasn't alienating her, but David reminded her that she could be herself around him. David said they'd forged something greater than a marriage or blood oath, because his saving her life had connected them on a life and death plain. "Goodbye, David," she said, pulling the door open. As he strode out, he said she hadn't been wrong to keep secrets because everyone had to at some point. "And believe me, I still have plenty," he added and left.

When Ryan arrived home, he noticed that Greenlee was setting out food that she'd had delivered for him. She was surprised when he began opening up about the funeral planning. He said it had been the hardest thing he'd done, and he'd kept thinking about what the baby would have been like if she'd grown up.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

While tied to Marissa in Ricky's closet, Bianca flashed back to her struggle with Ricky and to the moments before Michael had raped her. She screamed, and Marissa tried to calm her. Bianca cried that it was happening again, but Marissa assured her that they were alone. Bianca anticipated that Ricky would return and hurt her like Michael had. Marissa asked what was going on. Bianca said it hadn't been safe for Ricky to kill them yet.

Bianca called Ricky a thief and murderer who had killed Zach, and she informed Marissa that Ricky had attacked Bianca when he'd realized she'd known what he'd done. Bianca worried that Ricky would hurt Kendall. Marissa said that Kendall was strong and asked who Michael was. Bianca hesitantly recounted the circumstances under which Michael had raped her. Bianca explained that when Ricky had attacked her, she had felt the same helplessness that she had during the rape.

Marissa realized why Bianca had been motivated to open the Miranda Center. Bianca expressed amazement that her beautiful daughter was the product of such an ugly event, but Marissa thought that Bianca herself was amazing. Marissa inquired how Bianca had gotten through, and Bianca admitted that she'd shot Michael dead. Marissa pointed out that there was a difference between self-defense and murder, and she professed that she was in even greater awe of Bianca.

Marissa called Bianca the strongest person she knew, but Bianca wondered why she herself was still haunted by memories of Michael. Marissa believed that Ricky's attack had drummed up a lot of history and that Bianca's emotions had been overwhelming. Marissa urged Bianca to look at her, and Marissa vowed that they'd be all right. Bianca sobbed that she was to blame for Marissa's involvement in the situation. Marissa said she wasn't sorry to be there with Bianca.

Marissa sang a few lines of a song to comfort Bianca. Bianca said she was glad she wasn't alone. Marissa proclaimed that she'd loosened a knot, and they worked together to successfully free themselves from the ropes. They didn't have anything to pick the lock with, so they joined forces to break the closet door down. Marissa wanted to take Bianca to the hospital, but Bianca was more concerned with finding Kendall. Marissa offered to call the police on the way.

At Erica and Jackson's penthouse, Jane excitedly phoned in an order for doves, ice sculptures, and extravagant flowers for Kendall's wedding. Jackson entered and gently scolded her for not resting, but she said her headache had disappeared when she had focused on the wedding arrangements. Jackson grabbed the phone and ended the call. He declared that the plans could wait until Kendall returned, because he wanted to romance his fiancée.

As Jane prepared for their date, Jackson offered to call the restaurant to say they were running late. "Erica" opened the door in a stunning gown, and he gushed that she took his breath away. She seemed flustered by his compliments, and he commented that she seemed like a wide-eyed child. He professed his love and escorted her out.

Jackson led "Erica" to ConFusion, which he'd rented out for a private dinner. She stared in amazement at the table and gushed that it was beautiful. He recalled that he had planned something similar on New Year's Eve, and that things hadn't been the same between them since then, so he considered the evening to be a chance to start over. She wholeheartedly agreed.

Jackson and "Erica" shared a toast, and Jackson asked if she remembered their toast on New Year's Eve. She vaguely said that she remembered everything about her time with him, but she wanted to drink to the future. Jackson's phone rang, and she urged him to let the call go to voicemail, but he answered it when he saw Marissa was calling. After he hung up, Jackson informed "Erica" that Bianca was on the way to the hospital. "Erica" looked disappointed.

At the hospital, Frankie escorted Bianca to a treatment bay, and Jane and Jackson arrived. Under her breath, Jane complained to herself about the turn of events and reminded herself that Bianca wasn't her daughter. Jackson found Marissa at Bianca's bedside. Bianca credited Marissa with keeping her safe. Jackson and "Erica" were flabbergasted to hear that Ricky had attacked Bianca. Bianca explained that Ricky had also killed Zach. Marissa said that Ricky had fooled everyone, but Bianca had figured out the truth.

Bianca noted that "Erica" seemed oddly quiet, and "Erica" claimed that she was just trying to piece the facts together. Bianca whimpered that she was scared. Marissa excused herself to give mother and daughter privacy. Bianca begged "Erica" to tell her that Kendall would be all right. "Erica" awkwardly suggested that she get Bianca some food, and in spite of Bianca's protests, she abruptly left. Meanwhile, Jackson thanked Marissa for helping Bianca, but Marissa asserted that they'd helped one another.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jake pondered what to order, and Amanda suggested they enjoy a private meal at home instead. He speculated that she might have odd cravings soon, and he wondered why the lab hadn't called with her pregnancy test results yet. Amanda amorously said that she was feeling frisky and proposed that they take their order to go. Tad and Cara entered, and Amanda looked disheartened.

Jake, Tad, Amanda, and Cara made small talk. Cara asked how Trevor was, and Amanda mentioned that her son was excited about having a younger sibling soon. Tad asked if Jake and Amanda had news to share, and Jake said not yet. Cara looked uncomfortable, and Tad and Cara headed to the bar. Jake wondered why Amanda had mentioned a new baby in front of Cara. Amanda replied that she had simply told the truth. Jake received a page, and Jake requested that Amanda call him if she heard from the lab. He left.

Cara absolved Tad of the duty of trying to cheer her up. Tad thought perhaps he had been getting on her nerves, but she simply stated that she was giving him an out. She admitted that she wasn't up for drinks and wanted to return to the clinic. Cara departed, and Tad left a message for Griffin, because he felt he could no longer keep Cara in the dark about Griffin's whereabouts.

At the hospital, Frankie reported to Jake that Mackenzie, the young leukemia patient Cara had bonded with, had undergone a successful transplant. Jake offered to notify Cara. Frankie returned to work, and a nurse expressed regret to Jake that Amanda's pregnancy test results hadn't been better news. Jake was surprised, and the nurse quickly realized he hadn't known. Jake asked when she'd gotten the results, and the nurse disclosed that she'd received them a few hours before.

At the clinic, Cara clicked on a link to an article about humanitarian doctors who had been killed on the Afghan border, where Griffin was supposedly stationed. She frantically made calls to verify whether Griffin had been involved in the incident, but she was told his name wasn't on the list of doctors working in the area. She broke down in tears. Jake entered and started to tell her about Mackenzie, but she hysterically cried that she believed Griffin could be dead.

Cara wailed that there weren't any more updates online, and she realized that Griffin probably wasn't using his real name. Jake assured her that Griffin was tough and that there was a strong chance he was working elsewhere. She refused to do nothing and reached for her purse, determined to go find her brother, even if leaving the country caused immigration issues. Jake argued that Cara wouldn't help anyone by leaving the States. He pulled her into his arms to keep her from leaving, and she took his hand and tearfully asked him to let her go.

On his way to help Kendall, Griffin opened the door to the cabin, and a police officer announced that Griffin wasn't going anywhere. Griffin pleaded that he had to help a woman in trouble. The officer asked what Griffin was doing on the abandoned property. Griffin attempted to bolt, but the officer pulled a gun and ordered Griffin to freeze.

Griffin swore he'd cooperate, but he begged the officer to allow him to rescue Kendall first. Tad overheard from the doorway and stepped in to defend Griffin. Tad showed his identification to the officer and vouched for Griffin, but the officer considered Griffin a criminal. Griffin barked that the officer would have to shoot Griffin to stop him from helping Kendall. Griffin began to rush toward the door, but Tad held Griffin back. Tad advised Griffin to stay calm for Cara's sake. Griffin pushed Tad into the officer and made a run for it.

Later, at Krystal's, Tad explained to Jesse over the phone that he had helped Griffin because Kendall was in legitimate trouble. Tad ordered a copy of Diana's coroner's report. Amanda approached Tad and asked if everything was okay, and Tad hoped it would be. Amanda inquired if he'd seen Jake. Tad counseled that regardless of what was going on between Jake and Amanda, she needed to make things right.

Kendall became alarmed when the yacht began to move. A suspicious Ricky wondered why she was surprised, because the trip had been her idea. Ricky refilled their champagne glasses as Kendall explained that she was nervous about leaving her boys. Ricky stepped out to ensure they were on course. She grabbed her cell phone from her purse and left a message for Griffin to inform him that the ship was setting sail. Ricky returned as she ended the call, and she claimed that she had checked in with the babysitter. Ricky felt entitled to know exactly what was going on.

Ricky said he had been hurt when Kendall had called off the wedding, but he reiterated that she'd agreed to go on a cruise with him. He demanded that she tell him the truth. She confessed that she hadn't been honest, because she had been conflicted about how she was supposed to feel about their relationship. She claimed that she had fought her feelings for Ricky when they'd first met, because she had just lost Zach. She admitted that she knew that Ricky had killed Zach. A stone-faced Ricky set his champagne glass down. She begged Ricky not to deny it and professed that she was glad he had done it.

Kendall urged Ricky to tell her everything and implored him to trust her. She insisted that despite everyone's doubts and her own guilt, she had fallen in love with her husband's killer. She swore that she wanted Ricky not in spite of everything, but because of it. Kendall called him the man that Zach could never be, because Ricky would do anything for the woman he loved. "Anything," Ricky repeated. Kendall vowed that Ricky was the man she should be with for the rest of her life. She pointed out that she'd told him her deepest secret, and she wanted to know his.

Kendall seductively asked Ricky to admit that he'd killed for her. He looked at the ring on her finger and said that he would do it, and that he had. He admitted that he'd killed Zach. Ricky proclaimed that he felt like a burden had been lifted. Kendall claimed that she hadn't been able to marry him with a huge secret between them, so she had wanted to get him alone so they could start fresh as a couple. "As an engaged couple," he clarified. She said she needed to know how he'd made it look like there was no foul play in Zach's accident.

Ricky bragged that he had planted an undetectable explosive in a vulnerable part of the plane's engine. He hesitated to continue, but Kendall expressed relief that they had shared their secrets. He said the accident had been casino business, and he hadn't planned to fall in love with her, but he intended to never let her go. He pulled her into a passionate kiss and started to undress her. She pulled away, and he spotted a recorder strapped to her side, under her open blouse. He demanded to know what it was. "Your ticket to hell," she spat.

A livid Ricky realized that Kendall had used his feelings against him. She angrily revealed that she'd only ever felt loathing and disgust toward him. Ricky snatched the recorder from her. He dropped it to the ground and crushed it with his foot. He snapped that Kendall couldn't handle his kind of love, and she called him insane. Ricky proclaimed that he loved Kendall, and he would continue to do so long after she was gone.

Kendall informed Ricky that she had been working with Griffin. Ricky called out for Griffin to make his presence known. When no one appeared, Ricky snarled that that Griffin had left the country to protect himself, so no one was there to save Kendall. Kendall countered that she didn't need to be saved, and she pulled out her gun. He taunted that she didn't know how to use it, but she dared him to take one step closer so she could prove she did.

Griffin arrived at the dock and panicked when he saw the yacht wasn't there. He made a call and yelled that he needed immediate access to a boat.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Erica cried as she looked at photos of Jack and her daughters. The guard entered the room and asked what Erica was holding. When Erica told him, she immediately begged him not to take the pictures away. The guard was sympathetic, and asked Erica if she was all right. Erica said that being held captive was taking its toll on her. Erica added that it wasn't easy to be Erica Kane, and noted that Jane would soon discover that.

Erica thought that attempting to take over someone else's whole life was more exhausting than one might expect. Erica asked if the guard wanted to go to prison for Jane's desire to become Erica. When the guard didn't respond, Erica decided to try a different tack. She asked if he would at least tell her his name. At the same moment at the hospital, Jane flashed back to her recovery from her plastic surgery. The doctor told her that changing her face wouldn't fix what was actually wrong.

When Erica's guard remained silent, Erica told him a bit more about the people in her life. Erica said that Jane was trying to take away the people that Erica cared about the most. Erica asserted that the guard couldn't possibly be as cruel as Jane. The guard found his voice and told Erica that she had no idea what he'd taken from people. The guard's phone rang, and he exited the room.

Jane asked for an update on Erica via phone. The guard said that he hadn't ever seen Erica so unhappy before, but he knew that Erica couldn't do anything about the situation. The guard then asked how Jane had been faring. Jane said that she was fine, but that she'd had to deal with reminders of things that she wanted to forget.

Erica looked in the mirror and chastised herself for letting Jane get the best of her. Erica silently swore that she would not let her captor win. Erica reminded herself that there was only one true Erica Kane -- and Jane was not it.

After a call from Jack, JR went to the hospital and found Marissa. JR said that he didn't know the details but wanted to know if Marissa was okay. Tears filled Marissa's eyes, and she shook her head. Marissa launched herself into JR's arms and held on tight.

JR offered to take Marissa back to the mansion so that she could recuperate. Marissa resisted at first because she didn't want to leave Bianca. JR said Jack had shared that Bianca was okay. JR took in Marissa's shaken appearance, and said that he would make sure Ricky paid for what he had done. JR put his arm around Marissa and escorted her out.

Back at the Chandler mansion, JR called to find out if there had been any updates in the search for Ricky. Marissa arrived in the living room, and JR saw that Marissa was still shaken. He settled her in with a glass of wine and a blanket. Marissa leaned into JR so that she would feel more protected, and JR instinctively wrapped his arms around her.

Marissa talked candidly about her fear that Ricky would have killed her and Bianca. Marissa mentioned Annie and said that no one really knew what a snapped mind was capable of. JR apologized for his role in what Annie had done to Marissa. JR said that he could make it up to Marissa if she would let him. Irritated, Marissa wrenched herself out of JR's grasp and crossed the room. Marissa said that she knew JR too well not to realize that he was using the situation to keep Marissa close to him.

JR insisted that he was just trying to be compassionate. Marissa apologized, and JR said that Marissa was likely freaked out. Marissa said that she didn't feel as bad as she thought she would. She told JR that she had used her anger at Ricky to help her and Bianca to escape. JR was sure that if Ricky had returned, Marissa would have made him pay.

Jack checked in on Bianca in her hospital room. Bianca insisted that she was fine, and that they should be more worried about Kendall. Jack pointed out that Bianca had been through a traumatic experience. Jack also noted that it might have caused the return of some painful memories. Bianca said she realized that Ricky wasn't Michael Cambias.

Jack told Bianca not to worry about anyone or anything but herself. Jack assured her that he would find Kendall, and he would do whatever he could to make sure that Ricky spent the rest of his life behind bars. Bianca thanked her uncle, and then wondered aloud what had detained Erica. Jack admitted that he'd been thinking the same thing.

Jane ended her call and flashed back again to when she was post-surgery and still bandaged. She had told the doctor that she no longer needed to deal with the pain of what she'd lost because as Erica Kane, she wouldn't suffer. Jane was suddenly jarred out of her reverie when Jack found her and called Erica's name.

Jack asked "Erica" what had delayed her. "Erica" said that a reporter had called and that her phone hadn't stopped ringing. Jack suggested that "Erica" turn the phone off. "Erica" said that she would and then indicated that she wanted to find Bianca food, as she had originally planned to do. Jack stopped "Erica" from leaving and asked why it seemed like she didn't really want to be in her daughter's room.

Jack said that Erica was not the kind of woman who went in search of food -- she had it delivered. At that, "Erica" was forced to drum up a different lie. She told Jack that being in the room made her recall horrible memories, and said that she just wanted to go back to happier times. Jack assured "Erica" that one day, their family would be happy again.

Jack said that Bianca needed her mother, because Erica was the hallmark of the Kane women. He suggested that "Erica" take a walk to clear her head before she saw Bianca again. "Erica" thought that was a good idea and quickly parted company with Jack.

Bianca tried to get up from her hospital bed, but immediately felt lightheaded. She stumbled back towards the bed and sat down again. The memories of the two similarly traumatic events flashed with lightning speed through her head -- first Michael, and then Ricky. Terror threatened to grip Bianca but she pushed it away. Bianca stated resolutely that she wouldn't be afraid of Michael, Ricky, or anyone like them again.

Frankie stopped in to see Bianca. He told her that he still needed to see her labs, but said Bianca would be able to leave in the morning. Bianca asked if she needed any medication for the panic attack she'd had. Frankie said that physically, Bianca checked out. Frankie thought that after a good night's sleep, Bianca would be fine. After Frankie left, Bianca spotted a cell phone on her bed tray.

Before JR left to check on AJ, Marissa thanked JR for taking care of her. JR joked that if she ever told anyone, he would deny it. After JR left the room, Marissa's phone rang. Marissa took the call, and said that she'd just been thinking about calling Bianca.

Tad asked Liza to meet him at Krystal's restaurant. When she arrived, Liza found out that Tad wanted to talk about Diana Holden's autopsy report. Liza said that she'd read the report repeatedly and it told her that Griffin was the killer. Tad insisted that if Liza were interested in the facts, she would realize that the most important detail had been left out of the report. Tad was certain that Liza's mistake would cost Griffin his life.

Liza said that the evidence against Griffin was overwhelming. Tad pointed out that Diana had gotten DNA under her fingernails that didn't match Griffin. Liza chalked the find up to a lack of hygiene. Liza added that the information in the file was more than enough to convict Griffin. Tad said that if Liza were more interested in the truth than a conviction, she would retest the DNA against Ricky Torres.

Liza was flabbergasted at Tad's claim that Ricky was guilty. Tad said that what he'd found so far was complicated, but that Ricky was implicated in Diana's murder as well as Zach's. Tad's last claim got Liza's attention. Tad said that it was unfair for Griffin to be on the run and for Kendall to risk her life when there was enough reasonable doubt in the file to investigate Ricky. Liza finally caved in, and Tad offered sincere thanks from both him and Cara. Liza realized in that moment how much Tad really loved Cara.

As she cried, Cara begged Jake to let her go. Cara said that Jake couldn't help her. With a solemn look upon his face, Jake told Cara that he couldn't let her go. Distraught over the belief that her brother was dead, Cara told Jake that she needed to find answers. Jake insisted that Griffin would want Cara to stay in Pine Valley, where she was safe.

Cara said that Jake couldn't stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Cara grabbed her purse and started to leave. After a moment, Cara went back and kissed Jake. They kissed passionately and tore at each other's clothes for a few moments until Jake's cell phone started to ring. Jake was able to tear himself away from Cara to take the call.

After Jake wrapped up his call, both he and Cara tried to figure out what had happened between them. When that was unsuccessful, they were both glad that things hadn't gone too far. Just then, Tad walked in, glad that he'd found Cara. Tad told Cara that Liza had agreed to reopen the case and test the DNA found under Diana's fingernails against Ricky's DNA. When Cara didn't seem happy, Tad asked what he had missed.

Jake volunteered information about the report that a group of humanitarian workers had been slaughtered. Cara painfully told Tad that she was worried Griffin had been in the group, but said she hadn't been able to get any answers. Tad revealed that Griffin had never left town because he had wanted to prove his innocence and protect Kendall.

With her gun aimed and ready, Kendall tossed the engagement ring at Ricky. Ricky was shocked at just how much Kendall had fooled him. Ricky wanted to know what Kendall planned to do. With the recorder that contained his confession destroyed, Ricky believed that Kendall couldn't shoot him. If she did, Ricky said that Kendall wouldn't have a defense, and her kids would grow up without either parent.

Kendall told Ricky that she wouldn't let him use her kids against her any longer. Ricky said that Kendall had the wrong idea. Ricky said that killing Zach was business, but everything else he'd done had been because he loved Kendall. Kendall admitted that she'd never loved Ricky, and that everything she'd said and done had been to uncover the truth. Ricky tried to get closer to Kendall, but she re-aimed the gun. Kendall said that Zach had taught her well, and added that she had no qualms about shooting Ricky.

Ricky said that Kendall didn't want to shoot him. Kendall said that she knew all she needed to know from Ricky. Ricky chuckled and said that he had information about Bianca. Kendall was instantly panicked and demanded to know what Ricky had done to Bianca. Kendall was thrown off balance by Ricky's claim, and Ricky saw it. Ricky told Kendall that Bianca needed to be rescued -- soon. Kendall demanded that Ricky call the police and tell them where he'd stashed Bianca.

Instead, Ricky distracted Kendall enough to gain control of the gun. They struggled, but Ricky triumphed. With Kendall on her back, Ricky sat astride her to keep Kendall from escaping. With the gun pressed against her chest, Ricky said he still wanted Kendall. Ricky leaned in close and whispered menacingly in Kendall's ear that he always got what he wanted. Ricky kissed Kendall on her lips and along her neck. Ricky told Kendall that he could make all of the bad things in her life -- Zach, Bianca -- go away.

Kendall could only tolerate Ricky's touch for a few moments before she attempted to free herself. She violently shoved her knee into his groin and tried to escape. Although he was in pain, Ricky was able to drag Kendall back to him. He pushed the gun into her ribs and said that he had to kill her. At that moment, Griffin burst into the cabin.

Ricky was surprised at Griffin's arrival and wanted to know how Griffin had managed to find them. Griffin said that he'd convinced someone with a speedboat that there was a woman in danger that he needed to save. Ricky realized that he had his means to get away, and a story that would explain how Griffin and Kendall had ended up dead.

Ricky said he would tell people that Griffin had shown up on the boat and found Kendall with her fiancé. Enraged, Griffin had killed Kendall and then turned the gun on himself. The lie angered Kendall, and she elbowed Ricky and escaped his grasp once again. Griffin took the opening and launched at Ricky, in hopes of wresting the gun from Ricky.

Ricky put up a good fight and, in the process, the gun went off. Kendall jumped at the sound and was afraid that Griffin was the one who'd been shot. After a brief scuffle, Kendall realized that Ricky had been shot in the leg. Griffin recovered the gun and aimed it at the wounded Ricky. Ricky said that he would live to make another plane explode in the sky because Griffin didn't have any evidence to help convict Ricky.

Kendall begged Griffin not to shoot Ricky, but Ricky attempted to encourage Griffin. Ricky compared himself to the doctor, and said that the two of them had been reasonable men until Kendall had walked into their lives. Ricky said Kendall caused all reason to disappear. Griffin said that he was nothing like Ricky. Jesse burst in at that moment and ordered Griffin to drop the gun. Griffin quickly did as ordered. Ricky immediately claimed that Griffin and Kendall wanted to kill Ricky.

Ricky attempted to maintain his innocence while Kendall and Griffin claimed that Ricky was lying. Jesse silenced everyone and then announced that Ricky was under arrest. Ricky was flustered until Jesse revealed that Bianca and Marissa had been locked up in Ricky's closet. Jesse read Ricky his rights, but as Ricky was being dragged out of the room, Ricky told Kendall that he loved her.

Furious, Kendall ran at Ricky and pummeled him with her fists. Griffin dragged Kendall away from Ricky as sobs wracked Kendall's body. Griffin tried to calm her down and said that their ordeal was over. Kendall's crying quieted, and she noted her gratitude that her kids were safe. Kendall thanked Griffin for all he'd done to bring Ricky to justice. After they hugged, Kendall realized that Griffin had been shot. Although Griffin told Kendall that he was fine, Kendall thought that Griffin needed to go to the hospital.

Griffin tried to ease Kendall's fears and reminded her that their ordeal was over. Jesse walked back in and told Griffin that he was under arrest as well. Kendall tried to use Griffin's flesh wound as a way to keep Griffin from being arrested. Jesse said that he just needed to do his job. Kendall said that every law that Griffin had broken had been to save her. Jesse was sure that the truth would be revealed. Kendall promised Griffin that she would do whatever it took to make things right so that his life would be normal again.

Tad told Cara that he'd only recently found out that Griffin was hiding in Pine Valley. Tad went on to say that he'd promised Griffin that he wouldn't tell anyone, especially Cara. Tad said Griffin wanted to keep Cara from doing anything rash, and Tad was glad to note that Griffin had accomplished just that. Tad's phone rang with a call from Jesse. When Tad ended the call, Tad shared that Griffin and Kendall were safe and that the real killer had been apprehended. Tad said that Griffin would want to see his sister, so Cara quickly followed Tad with only one sad look back at Jake.

Bianca and Marissa chatted via phone. Jack rushed into Bianca's room, and said that Kendall and Griffin were safe and Ricky was in custody. Marissa overheard the news, and both the women were relieved. JR rushed back into the living room and repeated the news that Jack had already shared. The women soon ended their call. JR told Marissa that her room was ready, and said that he would see her in the morning.

Cara and Tad reached the hospital, and Cara paced as she waited for Griffin to arrive. In an attempt to distract her, Tad asked how angry Cara was that the truth had been kept from her. Tad said that he took his wedding vows seriously. Tad said that by lying to Cara, he felt that he had broken his vows and let her down.

Jake went back to the hospital, his mind heavy with thoughts. He opened his locker and saw the pictures of himself with his family. Plagued with memories of the searing kiss he'd shared with Cara earlier that day, the guilt Jake felt appeared all over his face.



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