One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on OLTL

Blair flew to Tahiti to talk to Ross. Todd proposed to Téa, while Ross told Blair that he and Téa were married to each other. Stacy was unsuccessful in drugging and seducing Schuyler. Fish finally admitted to Cristian and Layla that he was gay. During a sting operation, John and Fish learned that one of the local cops was in cahoots with the mayor. Dorian agreed to be Mayor Lowell's campaign manager while Viki decided to run for the office herself.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Everybody Loves Rayburn

Inside Marty's office, Todd was shocked when Marty insisted on administering his final court-ordered psychiatric session. Initially, Todd hesitated, but he agreed to allow Marty to counsel him. The counseling session became intense when Marty questioned why Todd had slept with Blair, although he claimed to have feelings for Téa. Explaining that Blair had seduced him, Todd maintained that he was finally over Blair, and expressed his desire to move forward with Téa.

Fascinated by Todd's sense of logic, Marty continued to press Todd for answers. Marty listened intently as Todd related his experience with Téa on the deserted island. Realizing that Todd was serious about his feelings for Téa, Marty wondered why Todd was hesitant to admit that he loved Téa. Confessing that Marty was the last woman that he had loved, Todd reminded Marty of the hurt he had caused her. As Marty continued to delve into Todd's past, she became convinced that Todd's past involvement with her was preventing him from moving forward and building a new life with Téa.

Marty appeared affected by her discussion with Todd. Marty warned Todd that he would never have a meaningful relationship unless he stopped living in the past. Baffled by Marty's emotional outburst, Todd wondered if Marty was actually referring to her own situation. Touched by his conversation with Marty, Todd admitted that he had been holding back concerning his true feelings for Téa. With a look of concern, Todd told Marty, "I don't want to be the reason you can't move on with John. I seriously hope you can!" As Todd left the office, Marty appeared stunned by his statement. Later, Marty noticed the lunch that John had prepared for her. A smile crossed Marty's face as she thought about John.

At Todd's house, Elijah urged Téa to cooperate and give Ross Rayburn what he desired. Pleading with Elijah to understand, Téa claimed that she was unable to give Ross what he wanted. Terrified that Todd would learn of her secret, Téa begged Elijah to convince Ross that Elijah had failed to retrieve the item that Ross sought. When Elijah refused to sympathize with her, Téa scolded him for working with Ross, and vowed to take her secret to the grave. Elijah warned Téa that threatening Ross wasn't a good idea.

Clinging to a renewed sense of hope, Téa remembered that as a result of the role he had played in the attempted kidnapping of Todd's children, Ross was living in Tahiti as a fugitive and was unable to enter the United States. Relating that Ross had nothing to lose, Elijah made it clear that Ross wouldn't hesitate when it came to destroying Todd. Furious, Téa threatened to use her power to have Ross extradited back to the U.S. Once Ross was returned to Llanview, Téa stressed that he would be prosecuted on kidnapping charges and sent to prison.

Gloating, a confident Téa remarked, "Tell Ross to back off!" With a smirk, Elijah placed a call to someone. Handing the phone to Téa, Elijah stated, "Tell him yourself!" Téa accepted the call and spoke directly to Ross. Displaying no fear, Téa declared, "Ross, you think you can push me, I'll push right back!"

Reminding Téa that Ross was a dangerous man, Elijah commented that Téa's secret would destroy her relationship with Todd. Near tears, Téa begged Elijah not to reveal her secret to Todd. Unmoved by Téa's emotional state, Elijah walked away. Alone, Téa fell to the floor and wept.

At Rodi's, Blair was elated when Rex announced that he had located Ross Rayburn in Tahiti. Blair was certain that Ross could provide answers regarding Téa's missing years, but Rex informed her that he hadn't uncovered any evidence that linked Téa to Ross during the time period in question. Rex related that Ross had been living with an unknown woman during the time Téa's whereabouts were unaccounted for. Stating that Ross had used several aliases, Rex admitted that Téa might have also lived under an assumed name. When Blair insisted that Téa was the mystery woman, Rex reminded Blair that her assumption hadn't been proven.

Anxious to expose Téa's past, Blair suggested that Rex accompany her to Tahiti to confront Ross. Explaining that he had family business to attend to, Rex told Blair that he couldn't travel to Tahiti. Cautioning Blair that Todd might seek revenge against her for hurting Téa, Rex warned Blair that she might also ruin her own life in the process of destroying Téa. Disregarding Rex's warning, Blair raced off with the file that contained information regarding Ross Rayburn's whereabouts.

While walking along the pier, Schuyler encountered Gigi. Noticing Schuyler's nervous demeanor, Gigi reminded him that Llanview was a small town and that they would probably run into each other often. Schuyler told Gigi about his conversation with Rex. Gigi was appalled to learn that Rex had paid Schuyler a visit and suggested that he leave town.

Irritated by Rex's interference, Gigi stated that she had made it clear to Rex that the kiss she had shared with Schuyler meant nothing. Unable to contain his emotions, Schuyler blurted out, "It meant something to me!" Schuyler confessed to a shocked Gigi that he had strong feelings for her and couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. Touched by Schuyler's revelation, Gigi replied, "I do care about you, but I'm in love with Rex!" Stating that he understood Gigi's predicament, Schuyler insisted that he place some distance between Gigi and himself. Schuyler was doubtful that there was any reason to remain in Llanview. Gigi told Schuyler that she didn't want him to leave town. As a teary-eyed Gigi stated that she wanted Schuyler to be happy, Schuyler walked away.

At Rex's loft, Stacy and Kim discussed how Stacy would seduce Schuyler. Insisting that in order to trick Rex into believing that she was carrying his child, Stacy was adamant that she needed to conceive that night. Commenting on Schuyler's love for Gigi, Stacy wondered if she would succeed at convincing Schuyler to have sex with her in one night.

Displaying a bottle of pills, Kim suggested that Stacy drug Schuyler. Reminding Kim that Schuyler was a recovering addict, Stacy was skeptical about drugging him. Kim convinced Stacy that a small amount of the drug wouldn't hurt Schuyler. Kim was certain that placing the drug in his drink would allow Stacy the opportunity to have her way with Schuyler. Pushing Stacy out the door, Kim laughed, "Get out there and make your baby! You'll have a new bun in the oven and no one will know it isn't Rex's child!"

At Mayor Lowell's press conference, a sarcastic Dorian attempted to provoke Viki by suggesting that Viki run for mayor. When Viki expressed no desire to enter the political arena, Dorian stated that Viki wasn't capable of launching a successful campaign against Mayor Lowell. As Dorian and Viki bickered, Charlie barged into the press conference and confronted the mayor about rescinding Charlie's work permit. While the members of the press took notes, Charlie questioned how the mayor could sacrifice the large number of jobs that Charlie's construction project brought to the community. Sensing that a media attack was on the horizon, Dorian pledged her support to Mayor Lowell's campaign and ushered the press members away from Charlie. Afterward, May or Lowell warned Charlie not to make any public accusations unless Charlie could back them up.

Determined to convince the mayor to vote in favor of her becoming chief of staff of Llanview Hospital, Dorian offered him her private number and suggested that they discuss plans for an upcoming fundraising campaign over dinner. Meanwhile, a disgusted Viki cringed as she listened to Dorian flirt with Mayor Lowell.

Later, Viki laughed as she told Charlie about Dorian's proposal that Viki run for mayor. To Viki's surprise, Charlie reminded Viki of her love for the town, and suggested that she consider a mayoral run.

Back at Rodi's, Gigi confronted Rex about his visit with Schuyler. Outraged, Gigi questioned why Rex would encourage Schuyler to leave town.

Distraught, Schuyler returned home and trashed his apartment as he thought about his failed relationship with Gigi. Schuyler was surprised when he discovered Stacy at the door. Reminding Schuyler that he had invited her over, Stacy barged into the apartment. Observing Schuyler's emotional state, Stacy wondered if something had gone wrong between him and Gigi. When Schuyler commented that Gigi loved Rex, Stacy reminded Schuyler of the close times they once shared. Stacy insisted that she wanted to help Schuyler. As a depressed Schuyler lay across the bed, Stacy laced his drink with drugs. Unaware of Stacy's plan for him, Schuyler took a sip.

At La Boulaie, an elated Dorian rushed into Blair's room. Excited to tell her niece the news about her possible reinstatement at Llanview Hospital, Dorian paused when she discovered Blair packing. When Dorian inquired about Blair's plans, Blair announced, "I booked a flight to Tahiti!"

At Todd's house, Téa headed to the door with her luggage. When Téa opened the door, she discovered Todd standing there. Staring at her bags, Todd asked, "Where are you going?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Thin Line Between Love And Rage

John and Fish set up a sting operation in the hopes of discovering who Keaton was in cahoots with. John was impressed that Fish had managed to steal Keaton's police shield in order to plant a small bug on the back of the badge. Fish would be able to monitor Keaton's conversations and track the bad cop's whereabouts on a laptop that he had set up in John's office. Within a short time, Keaton placed a telephone call to arrange a meeting with someone.

While John and Fish waited for Keaton to meet his contact, Fish took the opportunity to reveal that he was dating Layla. Fish was a bit surprised that John didn't appear to have an issue with co-workers dating. As Fish spoke, he confessed that he feared he might hurt Layla. John was surprisingly intuitive; he wondered if Fish was concerned because he was lying to Layla about something. Fish was spared from having to answer John's question when the computer program alerted them that Keaton was near the warehouse front along the piers.

Fish and John eagerly waited to hear whom Keaton had arranged to meet.

Cris was outdoors, working on a painting, when Layla approached him. She had decided to jog to the gym. As Cris and Layla chatted, Layla confessed that she couldn't get over Stacy's attempt to seduce Fish. Cris was confident that Stacy wasn't Fish's type. As Cris reassured Layla, an image of Kyle and Oliver flashed through his mind.

At the gym, Nick and Kyle talked about Fish. Nick felt bad for the way that Fish had treated Kyle. Kyle appreciated Nick's support. Before Kyle walked away, Nick and Kyle made plans to meet. Later, Layla noticed Nick stretching on a yoga mat. When Nick saw that she had a similar mat tucked under her arm, he invited her to join him on the floor. Layla hesitated until Nick assured her that he wasn't trying to pick her up.

Layla relaxed when Nick revealed that he was involved with someone. The two struck up a conversation as they went through their stretches. Layla confessed that she was happily involved with someone, which prompted Nick to open up about his new relationship. Layla was surprised when Nick mentioned Kyle's name. Nick was equally astounded when he discovered that Layla's roommates knew Kyle.

Layla was stunned when Nick began to talk about Kyle's ex-boyfriend. Nick revealed that Kyle's ex-lover was a police officer who was pretending to be straight by dating a woman. Nick was unaware of the bombshell that he had dropped. Layla's shock gave way to nausea. She quickly excused herself before she lost the contents of her stomach . A short time later, Layla left the gym.

Kyle was out for a run when he bumped into Cris. Kyle confided that he had decided to move forward with his life. He told Cris that he wished Fish well, but it was time to put everything that had happened between them in the past. Moments after Kyle left, Layla walked up. She was visibly shaken as she sat down. Layla realized that Cris had spent months trying to tell her something. She admitted that she knew what it was: Oliver was gay. Layla explained that she had been forced to face the truth after a chance encounter with someone at the gym.

Stacy slipped Schuyler some drugs. Her plan was to trick Schuyler into sleeping with her in the hopes of getting pregnant. When the drugs took effect, Schuyler flopped down on his bed. Stacy quickly undressed Schuyler and then climbed into bed with him. Despite the drugs, Schuyler resisted Stacy's attempts to seduce him. Schuyler didn't want to be with anyone except Gigi. Eventually, Schuyler managed to climb out of bed. He decided to take a shower, but first he wanted Stacy to leave.

Schuyler stumbled across the room to open the door and then ordered Stacy out of his apartment. In the hallway, Stacy worried about how she would get pregnant.

At the carriage house, Gigi confronted Rex about his demands that Schuyler leave town. Gigi was furious, while Rex was unrepentant. He insisted that Schuyler wanted Gigi. Rex feared that Schuyler would eventually take advantage of Gigi's friendship. Gigi was adamant that she loved Rex.

Rex lashed out at Gigi as the argument escalated. He didn't think that asking Schuyler to leave town was any worse than Gigi's attempt to persuade Stacy to have an abortion. Gigi was hurt by the reminder. She explained that she had been desperate to save her relationship with Rex. Gigi admitted that she had a difficult time accepting the fact that her "bitch of a sister" was pregnant with Rex's baby.

As the heated argument continued, Gigi decided that she needed some fresh air. Rex blocked Gigi's efforts to leave the house. The pushing and shoving gave way to passion as Gigi jumped on Rex and then began kissing him. After they made love, Rex admitted that he had been wrong to expect Schuyler to leave town. Rex realized that he didn't have any reason to be concerned about Gigi's fidelity, because she wasn't in love with Schuyler.

Gigi appreciated Rex's apology. However, Gigi declined Rex's invitation to join him in the shower. Gigi claimed that she wanted to straighten up the living room before Shane discovered the mess and figured out what his parents had been doing.

Téa prepared to leave Todd's house, but when she opened the door, she found her way blocked by Todd himself. When Todd saw Téa's suitcase, he realized that she was headed out of town. Todd suspected that Téa had no intention of returning, despite her claims that she was going to Tennessee for a short business trip. Todd didn't believe Téa because she had clearly planned on leaving without informing Todd of the trip.

Todd suspected that Téa was attempting to run away because things were getting serious between them. He admitted to his own attempt to sabotage their relationship by sleeping with Blair. Téa wondered where Todd's insight and honesty were coming from. Todd surprised Téa by revealing that he had a therapy session with Marty.

Todd confessed that Téa made him happy and he was also fairly certain that he made Téa equally happy. Téa was moved to tears, but she insisted that she couldn't cancel her trip. Todd refused to watch Téa walk away from what they had. He wondered if Téa's decision to leave had anything to do with Todd hiring Elijah. Téa insisted that Elijah was not the issue, but she refused to elaborate beyond that.

Todd resorted to pleading in an effort to sway Téa to stay in Llanview. When that failed, Todd tried to bribe her with a romantic dinner in Manhattan. Téa refused to change her plans; she maintained that her trip was business-related and that she would return. Todd grew desperate. He decided to give Téa what she wanted.

Téa's confusion turned to disbelief when Todd declared that he loved her. Téa warned Todd not to lie about something that important, but Todd insisted that he was sincere; he loved Téa. Téa confessed that she'd been waiting a long time to hear those words. She said she loved him, too, but she refused cancel her trip. Todd stood quietly as Téa gathered her suitcase and then walked away. However, Téa didn't get far. After a few steps, she turned to look back at Todd.

Todd approached Téa, took her suitcase, and then went inside. Téa hesitated a few seconds before she followed Todd. Inside, Téa and Todd kissed and then slowly walked upstairs to the bedroom, arm in arm.

At La Boulaie, Dorian opposed Blair's decision to fly to Tahiti to track down Ross Rayburn. Dorian thought it was unhealthy for Blair to continue obsessing over Todd. Blair argued that she needed to know what Téa was hiding, for the sake of the children. Dorian didn't believe Blair; she was certain that Blair was motivated by a desire to reconcile with Todd.

Dorian threatened to call John; she hoped that John could talk some sense in to Blair. Blair was forced to confess that she wanted to "stick it to that bitch, Téa Delgado." Dorian wasn't mollified. Dorian insisted that Blair deserved better than Todd. Dorian wanted Blair to find someone who would earn Blair's love. Dorian advised her niece to focus on herself, rather than on Todd, but Blair refused to be deterred from her mission.

Dorian urged Blair to reconsider; she didn't want Blair to humiliate herself. Blair watched Dorian leave and then resumed her packing. Later, as Blair waited for her flight to take off, she vowed that she would ruin Téa. Blair was confident that Téa wouldn't know what hit her until it was too late.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Real Buchanans of Llantano County

As Starr and Langston lounged around the pool at La Boulaie, the girls talked about going back to school in September. Starr made a startling declaration, informing her best friend that she would not be returning to school. She wanted to stay home and take care of Hope, since she had already missed out on so much of her baby's life. Mortified, Langston stressed that there was a waiting list of babysitters at La Boulaie and nothing could be worse than Starr giving up her own life.

Cole was disturbed when Sergei showed up at the rehabilitation center, and wondered why the man seemed to be following him. He didn't feel that it was necessary for every minute of his life to be accounted for, Cole retorted to his boss. Demanding to know why Cole was with the authorities, Cole informed the man that he wanted to stay clean and needed to put on a good show for his mother's boyfriend, who was a cop. Sergei wanted a list of Cole's customers, but Cole felt that he wouldn't be needed if he provided that. Sergei advised him that he wasn't needed, and if he had nothing to hide, he shouldn't be worried about being followed.

Téa vehemently objected to Elijah's line of questioning regarding Matthew's judgment making. The judge allowed Elijah to continue as he pursued the reasons for Matthew being in the wheelchair.

Jessica visited Brody at Rodi's and confided that she was probably hallucinating all of the signs she had been spotting of Nash's return from the dead. No one knew about the "heart thing" except herself and Nash. Brody explained that he had managed to spot the heart drawn on the glass door, and rebuked the notion that Jessica herself had put it there. He had managed to lift a fingerprint, he explained, and her visions were real. He suggested that perhaps someone had seen her draw the heart on her baby's casket at the cemetery.

As Jared and Natalie showed Clint the DVD they had mysteriously received showing Nash's death, Nigel was busy attempting to keep David Vickers and his film crew from entering the premises. As David narrated his latest foray into the world of reality, Ford felt that it wasn't working. Ford complained that he was promised crazy rich people. David soothed his associate, explaining that he had needed to offer the "shots of fame" to Dorian and Viki first, but his family was just as interesting.

He proceeded to fill Ford in on his relatives like the cowboy, the madam of a brothel, and his own brother, who was the "Tiny Tim of Llanview High." Priscilla began to tickle Nigel in order to sidetrack him and she succeeded, allowing David and company to pass through. Bursting into the room where Clint, Natalie, and Jared were deep in conversation, Nigel attempted to explain. As Clint ordered the camera crew out, he went out to have a chat with Nigel. David turned his sights on Jared and Natalie.

Facing the camera to narrate, full of explanations for his audience, he commenced. "Cousin Natalie, former trailer trash and a pool hall hustler, and now the dainty flower of Buchanan house. Like Natalie, I came to the Buchanan family picnic late," David added. As Jared pushed David away, calling him a freak, David spoke to his audience again. "Speaking of freaks..." he pointed to Jared. David commented on the man who posed as Natalie's uncle and was someone who could be violent, pushing Natalie's sister's husband to his death. Markko continued to film in his new role and part-time job as cameraman.

Returning to the room, Clint yelled that everyone knew that Nash's death had been an accident. Suddenly, Clint had a thought and wondered out loud if David had been the one to send the DVD with pictures. Natalie found it strange that the pictures had turned up the same day as David. As David began to pursue a new angle, Jared pushed David, and Clint punched David in the face. Landing on the floor, David remembered to turn to the camera. "And that's how we roll. We're the real Buchanans of Llantano County."

Clint advised Jared and Natalie to warn Jessica about the existence of the recently received pictures. On her way out, Natalie advised Markko to be careful. She understood his predicament of needing a good paying job.

Jessica paid a surprise visit to Madame Delphina, who acknowledged feeling another presence from the "other side," besides Asa, during the night the family celebrated at the lodge. Jessica expressed her belief that she had seen signs that Nash was around. Delphina offered to contact Nash, noting she was "running a recession special on séances." While Jessica contended that she didn't believe in ghosts, Delphina explained that spirits returned to check on their loved ones.

Finished with scheduling, Langston informed Starr that she had signed Starr up for classes, but had kept the school day to a minimum. Starr seemed to be full of additional excuses, and Langston sensed that something else was wrong. Starr admitted that she was concerned about Cole and his community service, and couldn't wait for it to be over. She confided that she was unable to disclose any other information to Langston.

Sergei was confused over a book he found in Cole's possession, and the young man explained that he needed to obtain his GED, head to college, and make more money. He felt that it would be profitable to sell drugs to all of the incoming freshman, and he wanted more business. Sergei offered to help him, and made veiled threats towards Cole's family again. Once he left Cole, Sergei made a call to someone about a shipment. Cole eavesdropped behind the office door.

As Elijah continued his attack on Matthew, Destiny stood up and shouted that it was all the fault of Becca and Justin. She was ordered to sit, and Elijah picked up from where he left off. Citing the fact that Cole was on drugs, Matthew stood up for his friend, informing the court that Cole had tried to toss him from the car. This brought Elijah back to Matthew's poor judgment and how he not only stayed in the car, but didn't have his seatbelt on. Matthew pointed out that everyone made mistakes, including his parents. Elijah suggested that Matthew's next decision might put him in the ground.

Téa resumed questioning and the courtroom was enlightened on Matthew's newly found decision-making skills. He explained that he fully researched any aspect that had to do with his possible surgery, including the doctor and the doctor's former patients. He had done extensive investigation on the Internet. With Matthew finished, the court was adjourned for the day. Bo and Nora were not happy with Elijah's attacks on their son, but their attorney felt that Téa and Matthew weren't above playing dirty. Téa felt confident that she had won. She ripped up the paper that Elijah gave her regarding her past.

David insisted that he was waiting for his father, Bo, to arrive home. When he learned that Bo no longer lived there, and that Nora was married to Clint, his new attack on the family began, comprehensively clarified for a prospective audience. He accused Clint of stealing his father's love by marrying Nora. David went on about brother versus brother. When Clint had enough, he tried to choke David. He refused to sign a release form, but then changed his mind. He felt it would be good viewing because he was planning to kill David on camera. Leaving the room but hastily returning, Clint pointed a gun at David.

Natalie and Jared rushed into Rodi's to see Jessica, but Brody informed them that she had gone to Bree's school. He asked them if they had noticed anything strange at Llanfair. He was of the opinion that Jessica had a stalker, he advised them. Jared and Natalie mentioned there was a picture of someone on the security camera taken at Buchanan Enterprises.

Cole made a quick phone call to Starr. Sergei made another phone call, suggesting that Cole sell drugs to freshman at Llanview University. He told the unseen person that it was his idea. He said that so far, Cole checked out, but something about him "put a bug in my ear." He was of the opinion that Cole was eager to "move up."

As Bo, Nora, and Matthew arrived at the mansion, Bo suggested they talk about what Matthew had said while on the stand. He told Matthew that he wanted to tell Clint about the kiss if Matthew planned on using it against them. As they walked into the house, the first thing they saw was Clint's gun trained on David. Clint demanded that David turn over all footage that had been filmed. "My dad's here," David exclaimed when he saw Bo.

As the séance began, the doors flew open. "Nash, is that you?" Jessica asked.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leave The Bottle

In a darkened alleyway, an anxious Cole met up with John. Cole asked John how long he would have to continue as an undercover operative, and said he missed his family. He asked about Starr, Hope, and Marty, and John gave him updates and reassured him that everyone was fine. Cole was pleased to hear that Marty had gone back to work at the hospital, but dismayed that he was unable to be there for his loved ones. John told Cole that they were close to a bust, and explained that they'd tracked a leak in the department back to the source of the drug trafficking.

John was reluctant to name names, but after Cole pushed him, he nodded towards a nearby campaign poster for Mayor Lowell. Cole was shocked to realize that the mayor himself was involved in the drug network, and asked why John hadn't moved on him. John explained that they were still building their case. Cole was worried about Lowell's reach, and feared for Starr and Hope's safety. John promised him that his family was in no danger.

At La Boulaie, Starr watched Dorian, dressed to the nines, greet Mayor Lowell . As Dorian introduced Starr, and Starr brought up Hope's babysitting schedule, Lowell was put out to realize that Starr was an unwed teen mother. Annoyed by his attitude, Starr left to check on Hope, while Dorian and Lowell got into campaign mode. Dorian explained to Lowell that she was eager to help his campaign, and be helped in return in her efforts to regain the chief of staff position at the hospital. Lowell told Dorian he couldn't help her, as the chief of staff was a close friend and contributor.

Dorian was about to withdraw her support, but Lowell made her a counter-offer, suggesting she become his campaign manager. Lowell flattered Dorian, calling her "the queen of Llanview," and said that his new run was going to be a launchpad for the governorship and beyond; he promised Dorian a position as his right hand, with equal amounts power and prestige. Charmed, Dorian agreed to his proposal.

Starr returned to the drawing room with Hope in her arms, just in time to hear Dorian accept Lowell's offer. She was upset that her aunt would support a politician who was against young mothers. Lowell quickly backpedaled with Dorian's help, insisting that he only wanted to promote "family values," no matter what kind of family that might be. Seizing a P.R. opportunity, Dorian handed Hope to Lowell over Starr's protests, then told Starr and Lowell to stand together for a picture. "Say 'White House!'" Dorian trilled, snapping the shot of Lowell, Hope, and the irritated Starr.

At Llanfair, Viki and Charlie sat up in bed, hard at work on their individual projects. The television caught Viki's eye, and she turned on the sound, only to hear a broadcast of Mayor Lowell's speech from earlier in the day. Disgusted, Viki began to vent about Lowell's corruption and incompetence once more. Charlie again urged Viki to run against Lowell, but Viki scoffed at the idea. She said whoever opposed Lowell would need money, influence, and experience, but Charlie reminded her that she possessed all three. "Give 'em hell!" he said.

Viki said she didn't want to put the children in the public spotlight, and warned Charlie that Lowell would use Jessica's troubles as a lightning rod for criticism against her. Charlie reassured her that Jessica was strong, and would only be encouraged by Viki's example. He reminded Viki that she'd run for mayor, and won, once before, but never served her full term due to her gunshot injury. He asked her how different Llanview would have been if she'd served her full term, leaving no room for men like Stan Lowell to take control. Viki said that she loved Llanview as her home, and hated to see men like Lowell ruining it with greed and corruption. Charlie pushed Viki to take on Lowell, and finish what she'd started.

As Viki and Charlie cuddled in bed, she told him that they'd have less time for themselves if she became mayor. Charlie suggested they take a page from the president and have "Date Night," then asked Viki if that was a "yes" to running against Lowell. Viki hedged and said she'd have to talk to the children. Charlie rooted around for the phone, suggesting she call them immediately, and said there was no time to lose against Lowell. He said she could beat Lowell, and Viki replied that she could do anything as long as she had Charlie. "I'm with you," Charlie said, embracing her.

At the Buchanan stables, Markko returned to find Langston in an intimate conversation about "love stories" with Ford. Interrupting, he informed them of the footage he'd shot at the house with Greg and Rachel. Ford asked if there had been sparks or tension between the two, and Markko said there was definitely action with Greg, Rachel, and their anger at David. Ford quickly rushed off to find David and Priscilla.

With Ford gone, Markko confronted Langston about her new rapport with Ford. Langston said they'd only worked on creative ideas for the show's "story arcs," and suggested they center around romance. Markko asked if that meant she was working on the show, as well, and Langston wondered if he had a problem with that. Markko said he didn't, and that it just meant more time for them to be together. He asked about Langston's obvious approval of Ford, and Langston teased him as she recounted the tableau of Ford dousing himself with a bucket of water. Markko decided to outdo the young producer by stripping off his shirt and repeating the same scene with the bucket, drenching himself and Langston. Turned on, Langston said he was hotter than Ford, and asked if he had a condom. When Markko said yes, she pulled him back into the stables.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Rex were annoyed to see Stacy, who introduced them to Kim. Stacy said they had to talk about the baby, but before she could get a word out, Kim and Gigi began to spar, with Gigi calling Kim a whore and nearly charging her. Kim defended Stacy, but was nonplussed to hear Gigi retell the tale of her sister's assault on her car and the attempt to throw Gigi down the hospital stairs. Stacy told them to stop fighting, and said she had something important to tell everyone.

Once again, Stacy was interrupted as Shane returned home, shocked to see his not-so-loving aunt. Furious, Shane began to unload on her, calling her a liar who had pretended to be his bone marrow donor and made his parents break up, just so her father could love her. He told a tearful Stacy that Rex didn't love her, and never would. Shane raged that Stacy had made him think his mother was a slut, but instead, "you're the slut!" He screamed that he wished she wasn't pregnant, and that her baby was dead. Kim intervened, calling Shane a brat and telling him not to speak to his aunt that way. Stacy apologized to Shane and began to speak, but Kim cut her off. Defiant, she warned the Balsom-Morasco family that Stacy and her pregnancy were a fact of life that they would have to get used to.

Kim began to usher Stacy out, but Stacy attempted once more to tell Rex and Gigi the truth, despite Kim's protests. "I have to tell them!" Stacy said. Rex asked Stacy what she wanted to say, and Stacy folded, making up a story about how she'd found another doctor for her check-up. With that, the two strippers beat a hasty retreat. As the Balsoms recovered, Shane apologized to Gigi and Rex for what he said about the baby. Gigi hugged him and said she knew how he felt.

At Layla's apartment, Fish returned home, only to find Layla waiting for him in the living room. Fish arrived bearing wine and gifts, ready for a romantic evening, but Layla wasn't in the mood. She told him she needed answers about him and Kyle Lewis. Fish was full of denials, but Layla pressed on with what she'd heard from Nick at Serenity Springs, and inquired about his mysterious college years. She asked him point-blank, "Were you sleeping with Kyle Lewis?" Fish admitted that he'd been involved with Kyle in college, but said that he'd been young and confused, experimenting. He said he ha d put his past behind him and was thoroughly heterosexual, ready to commit to Layla.

Layla dropped the other shoe, asking him to explain the kiss with Kyle that Cristian had witnessed at the Buenos Dias. Fish insinuated that Cris was manipulating them because he wanted Layla for himself, and said that Kyle had assaulted him against his will. Layla didn't buy it, explaining what Nick had told her about "Kyle's jealous ex," and how Cristian had said that both men were into their kiss. She said she'd worked with many gays and lesbians in the fashion world and could understand youthful experimentation, but that wasn't what Fish was. "Say the words," Layla snapped. "You're gay."

Deep in denial, Fish refused to tell Layla what she already knew. He insisted that his relationship with Kyle had been a phase, but Layla said that his run-ins with Kyle proved that his feelings were still there. Growing tearful, she told him she feared having a "safe," loveless relationship with a good man who cared for her, but kept all his passion hidden away for secret trysts with other men. She said she wanted a man who could give her all of himself, and wanted her the way Fish wanted Kyle, not just as arm candy to impress his parents or co-workers. Fish reminded Layla that they'd made love. "It's not supposed to feel like a test, Fish," Layla said softly, and told him she wouldn't let him use her to hide his secret.

Crying, Fish pleaded feebly with Layla, reminding her that he'd told his parents about her. He said he needed her, that she was the perfect woman, but his platitudes began to sound increasingly platonic as Fish told Layla he loved hanging out with her and could be what she needed. "I can't be gay," Fish insisted, claiming it wasn't how he was raised or who he wanted to be. Fish said he wanted a family, but Layla told him gays and lesbians raised families. Growing angry again, Layla called him "a gay homophobe," and accused Fish of hating himself. Fish begged Layla to give him another chance, promising he'd go to therapy or church, but Layla told him no. She said he was lying to both of them, and she deserved better.

Layla asked Fish to leave. As he prepared to go, Fish wept and told Layla that he was sorry and had never meant to hurt her. "I'm sorry too," Layla said, slamming the door in his face. After he left, Layla picked up Fish's Llanview Police Department cap and held it, then collapsed to her knees. She sobbed her heart out as she threw the cap across the living room.

At Rodi's, Kim and Stacy regrouped after the disaster at the carriage house. Stacy was sure her pregnancy dreams were a thing of the past. Kim insisted that they were down but not defeated, and suggested Stacy reconsider a sperm bank donor. Beaten, Stacy refused, and asked Kim to go back to the loft. Kim kissed Stacy's forehead and said she'd give her friend an hour. Alone, Stacy ordered a bottle of tequila, saying to herself that it didn't matter anymore.

At the Buchanan stables, Langston and Markko cuddled together in the hayloft, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Langston reassured Markko that Ford might have piqued her fancy, but Markko was the only man for her. Satisfied, Markko pulled Langston into a kiss.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Rex sat on the porch, musing over their run-in with Stacy and Kim. Gigi was skeptical about Stacy's visit, and wondered if Stacy had really visited just to confess about finding a new doctor. Rex told Gigi that it didn't matter, because it was over.

Back at Rodi's, Stacy got her tequila and prepared to drink herself into a stupor. Unbeknownst to her, Fish sat across the bar, downing shots.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Am I, Anyway?

When Layla awoke, Cristian greeted her in the kitchen. A concerned Cristian inquired about Layla's meeting with Fish. Layla told Cristian that she had confronted Fish about engaging in a physical relationship with her, while hiding the fact that he was gay. Explaining that Fish was in an emotional state when he left the apartment the night before, a worried Layla stated, "He could have spent the night anywhere!"

At Rex's loft, Fish was stunned when he awoke and found himself in Stacy's bed. When Fish inquired about what had taken place, Stacy proudly informed Fish that he had cheated on Layla. Suffering from a serious hangover, Fish had a flashback of the previous night. Fish remembered that Kyle had confronted him at Rodi's and accused Fish of interfering in Kyle's relationship with the guy from the gym. Fish cringed when he recalled how Kyle had demanded that Fish admit that he was gay.

While Kim tried to kick Fish out of the apartment, Stacy offered him comfort. Stacy told Fish that he had been in desperate need of company at Rodi's. Insisting that she had wanted to ease his pain, Stacy told Fish that they had shared an intimate night together. As Stacy continued to flirt with him, Fish pulled away, and informed Stacy that she had no idea of who he really was.

While a tormented Fish tried to remember the details of the previous night, Kim sought answers from Stacy. Reminding Stacy that she had already seduced Fish, Kim was adamant that Stacy no longer had any need to keep Fish around, and questioned why Stacy hadn't sent Fish on his way. With a sly look, Stacy related that she was still ovulating and wanted to have sex with Fish one more time just in case her attempt to conceive the night before had been unsuccessful. Desperate for another opportunity, Stacy did her best to seduce Fish again. Terrified, Fish related that he couldn't hurt another person, and raced out the door.

Layla blamed herself for not realizing that Fish was gay. Cristian listened as Layla recounted her conversation with Fish. Layla stated that Fish initially denied his sexuality, but finally admitted that he had been romantically involved with Kyle in college. While Layla appeared concerned about Fish's emotional state, Cristian criticized Fish for using Layla in an attempt to hide his secret. Touched by Cristian's concern for her, Layla thanked him for being a good friend. As Layla and Cristian shared an embrace, Fish entered the apartment.

At Rodi's, Viki and Charlie met with Jessica, Natalie, Jared, and Brody. Viki informed her family that she was considering a mayoral run. Everyone was pleased to learn of Viki's venture, but she warned them that the life of a public official was difficult. Viki informed her family that every aspect of their personal lives would be scrutinized. Viki wondered if her family members were willing to live their lives in a fish bowl during her run for mayor.

Assuring Viki that they were willing to make the sacrifice, Jessica, Natalie, Jared, and Brody encouraged Viki to go ahead with her plans to run against the corrupt Mayor Lowell. When Charlie mentioned that their family secrets were all known, Viki noticed her daughters' uneasiness.

Sensing that Jessica and Natalie were hiding something, Viki questioned if they were keeping secrets again. Upon learning that someone was trying to convince the family that Nash was still alive, Viki became concerned. Assuring their mother that Bo was handling the matter, Jessica and Natalie urged their mother to run for mayor. After agreeing to throw her hat in the ring, Viki was appalled to see a headline in the Intruder that introduced Dorian as Mayor Lowell's new campaign manager. Viki knew that Dorian would do her best to humiliate Viki.

Later, Jessica, Natalie, Jared, and Brody exited Rodi's. They discussed how the campaign would help the entire family move forward. Brody believed that the stalker might leave the family alone once the campaign placed them in the spotlight. As they walked away, someone stood in the bushes and observed them.

At La Boulaie, while Dorian placed phone calls in support of Mayor Lowell, Blair phoned and interrupted Dorian's campaign work. Dorian was disturbed when Blair proudly announced that she had arrived in Tahiti and was standing in front of Ross Rayburn's home. Dorian advised Blair that Todd had won joint custody of the children and was no longer required to reside at La Boulaie. Hoping to convince Blair to give up her plan of reuniting with Todd, Dorian revealed that Todd had spent the night with Téa. Commenting that Todd had moved on, Dorian begged her niece to return home. Blair refused, and set out to discover Téa's secret.

Upon discovering Hope's picture in the Intruder, alongside Mayor Lowell, Starr lashed out at Dorian. Refusing to allow Dorian to use Hope for political gain, Starr warned Dorian to back off. Ignoring Starr's request, Dorian tried to convince Starr to use her experience as a teen mother to enhance the mayor's campaign. Viki and Charlie arrived and interrupted the argument. Dorian was speechless when Viki announced that she was running for mayor. A smile crossed Starr's face.

In Tahiti, Blair stared at Ross Rayburn's residence and exclaimed, "I'm going to find out Téa's secret!" After knocking on the door and receiving no answer, Blair picked the lock and gained entry. As Blair looked around, she was startled when Ross appeared. Ross immediately recognized Blair and questioned why she was in his home.

At Todd's house, Téa and Todd lay in bed after a night of passionate sex. As the two proclaimed their love for each other, Todd received a call from Elijah, who informed Todd that the custody case had been resolved in Todd's favor. When Todd remarked to Téa that he was free of Blair, Elijah asked to speak with Téa. Claiming that Elijah probably wanted to discuss Matthew's case, she agreed to talk to Elijah, and sent Todd on a breakfast run. Warning Téa that he was going to reveal her secret to Todd, Elijah assured her that Todd wouldn't be pleased when he learned the truth about her. Before Todd left the house, he overheard an angry Téa remark, "That isn't going to happen!"

Téa told Elijah that she had a proposal for Ross. When Elijah related that Ross would never agree to Téa's terms, Téa became enraged. As she screamed into the phone, Todd returned and witnessed her outburst. Later, Todd tried to romance Téa, but she informed him that she had plans to pack and move back into the Palace. To her surprise, Todd informed her that he wanted her to live with him permanently.

Blair demanded that Ross reveal Téa's secret. Ross claimed that he hadn't seen Téa since they were rescued from the island. Unable to get answers from Ross, Blair threatened to contact John, her ex-husband with FBI ties. The mention of a former FBI agent sent Ross into panic mode. Cornered, Ross revealed, "Téa is my wife!" Blair's jaw fell to the floor.

Back at Todd's home, Téa was stunned when Todd proposed marriage to her.

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