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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nicole took Sydney to the hospital to undergo the genetic tests that E.J. had ordered. She was nervous about the baby getting her blood drawn, so the nurse told Nicole to step outside so that she wouldn't stress Sydney out. As soon as Nicole got up to leave the room, the baby started to cry. Nicole worried that Stefano wouldn't come through for her, but Stefano asked her, "When did I ever let you down?"

Stefano assured her that no one would figure out that Nicole was not Sydney's biological mother. Nicole wondered how Stefano planned to prevent the truth about Sydney's parentage from being revealed , because they were taking a risk with the DNA test. Stefano assured her again that no one would find out the truth. Stefano took a phone call, while Nicole waited and worried. "There's no way I'm gonna lose my baby," Nicole said to herself. Mia overheard her and asked if something was wrong with Sydney.

Nicole assured Mia that Sydney was fine, and Mia demanded to know why the baby was at the hospital. Nicole said that all of her family was being tested, because E.J. was being overly cautious. Nicole explained that E.J. wanted DNA samples. Nicole assured Mia that the tests would just say that Nicole was Sydney's mother and E.J. was her father. Mia reminded her that DNA didn't lie, and she asked why Nicole didn't call Mia, since Mia could have donated blood so that the DNA would match, and if anything went wrong, the hospital would have the right information.

Nicole reminded Mia that she didn't have a say in Sydney's life, since Mia gave Sydney up for adoption. Nicole also said Mia didn't want to hold Sydney when she was born, and she didn't have a connection with her. Mia said there was a reasonable explanation for that -- she didn't bond with Sydney, because she knew that if she did and she let herself feel something, it would be harder to let go.

The nurse who worked at Dr. Baker's clinic didn't remember seeing Nicole with E.J. the day that Sydney was born, but she remembered seeing Sami the night that E.J. was at the clinic. She asked what Sami giving birth at the clinic had to do with Nicole, and Rafe told her that he was trying to figure that out. Rafe asked the nurse to check if Sami was scheduled to be at the clinic the same day that Nicole had her baby.

The nurse checked, but no one named Brady was listed in the computer system. The nurse acknowledged that Dr. Baker didn't always keep accurate records. The nurse had to leave, but she suggested that Rafe ask Sami and Nicole about the night that they gave birth if he really wanted to find out what happened.

Bo and Hope agreed to work together to get Ciara back, and not to spring anymore surprises on each other. Hope worried that if anything happened to Ciara, it would put a strain on their relationship, similar to when Zack died, but Bo assured her that Ciara would be fine. Bo told Hope that once they gave the kidnappers the money, the kidnappers had no reason to keep Ciara alive.

Kyle worried that he and Brenda shouldn't trust Dean, because Dean's old plan failed. Dean asked if they planned to abandon the plan after all the work they did. Kyle said the ransom was going to be used as a reward to anyone who could track them down, which made them targets. Brenda tried to calm Dean down. Dean planned to exploit Hope's fear to make Bo change his mind about giving them the money.

Hope suggested that they give the kidnappers the ransom money, because if they didn't, the kidnappers would kill Ciara. Bo predicted that the kidnappers wouldn't harm Ciara if they caught the kidnappers first. The television crew arrived at the station, and Bo asked Hope if she supported his decision, but she didn't. Justin asked how Hope was doing, and she told him that what Bo was doing put Ciara in more danger.

Kyle thought that there was no way that Bo would let Hope change his mind about giving the kidnappers the money. Dean insisted that none of them run away unless Dean said so, and he assured them that Hope would change Bo's mind.

Justin was certain that Bo thought what he was doing was right. Hope knew that was what Bo thought, but she said that Bo was wrong. Bo announced a $5 million reward to help find the kidnappers. Meanwhile, the kidnappers watched his press conference and worried. Bo said that Hope was asking for the public's help, too, and he called Hope in front of the cameras. Hope urged the public to help.

Outside the Brady Pub, Will put up pictures of Ciara. He looked at the picture he had of Mia on his cell phone and remembered their kiss. "T" showed up and asked why Will wanted to see him, and Will said he wasn't planning to attend the party they organized, because his cousin was missing and the whole family was trying to find her. Chad interrupted their conversation and offered to help organize the event. With Will busy with his family, Chad wondered what Mia's plans were.

Dr. Baker pleaded with his debtors to give him more time to get the money he owed them, but before he could negotiate an extension, they hung up.

Mia worried that Sydney could get sick like Grace did, and she urged Nicole to give the doctors accurate medical information. Nicole told Mia that while she appreciated Mia's concern, Nicole was handling the situation. Nicole urged Mia to keep her distance. She wondered to herself whether the day could get any worse. Then, Dr. Baker called and said he was giving Nicole a courtesy call before he contacted Sami and told her what really happened the night that Sydney was born.

Nicole told Dr. Baker that she and Sami were friends, so Sami wouldn't believe Dr. Baker's theory about babies being switched at birth. Then, Nicole realized that Dr. Baker blew the money she gave him by gambling. He said he was down $200,000, and he asked if Nicole would pay him, or else he would have to reveal the truth to Sami.

Rafe told Arianna what he had found out about Nicole and Sami giving birth at Dr. Baker's clinic. Arianna suggested that Sami wasn't listed in the clinic's records because she had used an alias. Rafe suspected that Nicole heard that Sami was giving birth at the clinic, and Nicole showed up to do something nefarious, and she hoped no one would ever find out. Rafe assumed that Nicole wanted to do something to eliminate the competition because she didn't want to lose E.J.

Arianna reminded Rafe that Sami and Nicole were friends. Rafe assumed that their friendship was built on guilt, because what Nicole did at the clinic was eating away at her. He said that Nicole was always emotional about Grace, as if she blamed herself for the baby's death. Arianna asked if he thought that Nicole would hurt a newborn baby, and Rafe said he wouldn't put it past her. Arianna told Rafe that he had no proof that Nicole did anything sinister to Sami's baby.

Rafe vowed not to stop digging until he unearthed Nicole's misdeeds. Arianna reminded him that he would be going up against the DiMeras, and they wouldn't be pleased with him digging in their closet. Rafe said it was something he had to do -- for Grace and for Sami. Rafe vowed to figure out the connection between Nicole, Sami, and Dr. Baker.

In the park, Mia wrote in her diary on her laptop about her regrets about giving up her baby. Mia thought maybe it was best that she stayed away from Sydney. Mia realized that she didn't hate Chad like she thought she would.

Nicole told Dr. Baker that she would get back to him. After she hung up, she told herself that Dr. Baker would not say anything to Sami or anyone else. After Sydney's tests were completed, Nicole tried to console Sydney. The nurse asked Nicole to provide a palm or footprint of Sydney's hand or foot. Stefano told Nicole that the tests were complete, and Nicole and E.J. were forever connected to Sydney. Stefano sensed that Nicole was upset, and she told him that Dr. Baker wanted $200,000 or he planned to tell Sami everything.

Stefano told Nicole that Dr. Baker was demanding more and more money. Nicole told him that Dr. Baker would rather go to jail than face the people he owed money to. Stefano told Nicole that Dr. Baker was afraid, and Sami had no money to pay the doctor. Stefano urged Nicole to remain calm.

Hope was furious at Bo for pulling her in on the press conference. She said that she should have told everyone that she was against Bo's plans. Bo said he thought it was good for people to see Ciara's parents. Hope worried that Bo would get Ciara killed. She insisted that the money was irrelevant, and it was about Ciara's life. Bo said that Ciara's life was tied to the money. Hope was so upset at Bo that she stormed out of the room. Bo got a phone call from the governor.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Mia showed up and asked T where Will was. He told her that Will wasn't going to be there, because Ciara was missing and she was his cousin. Mia decided to call Will. Chad showed up, and T needed Chad to watch his stuff, while he ran to the car to get something. After T left, Chad turned around and saw Mia. They stared at each other from across the room, then Will walked in.

The kidnappers worried that with the reward, they had a bigger target on their backs. Brenda suggested that Kyle go back to Los Angeles and she go back to Miami, and they ditch Ciara. Dean insisted that they get the money one way or the other. He played nervously with his cigarette lighter as Ciara, who sat up in bed, shook her head.

The kidnappers noticed that Ciara was sitting up in her bed. Brenda readjusted Ciara's headphones. Dean suggested that Kyle and Brenda get food from across the street.

Hope went to the park and broke down into tears. Justin comforted Hope, and she told him that what Bo was doing would get Ciara killed. Justin urged her not to give up hope. Bo walked up behind them while Justin held Hope. Bo asked Justin not to get so emotionally involved with Hope. Bo asked her not to make it personal, despite her feelings about his tactics. Hope said that if anything happened to Ciara, the blood would be on both their hands, and Hope would never forgive Bo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chad and Mia stared across the bar at one another as "their song" played on the sound system. Will watched Mia and Chad from the doorway for a moment before walking over to Mia and breaking her eye contact with Chad. Will gave Mia a quick update on Ciara, then excused himself to go back home again. Mia reached out to Will and asked him to join her for a short dance.

As Will danced with Mia, a jealous Chad fumed nearby. Kinsey stumbled over to Chad and offered him a swig from her flask. Noting the strong smell of alcohol and her slurred speech, Chad asked Kinsey whether she was drunk. Across the floor, Will leaned over to kiss Mia and she pushed him away. Excited, Kinsey pointed out to Chad what had happened .

Will apologized for trying to kiss Mia in front of everyone from school, and Mia thanked him for understanding. After Will left, Chad told Mia that he was hurt that Mia would dance with Will to their song. "Is it my fault it's over?" Chad asked. Chad begged Mia to tell him what he needed to do to make things right between them again. "How about we don't talk at all," Mia said.

Before Chad could argue, he got a phone call from his mother. As Chad stepped to the side to talk to his mother, a frustrated Mia started to leave. Kinsey stopped Mia and asked her if she needed a ride. Staring over her shoulder at Chad, Mia told Kinsey that she needed to go. When Chad finished his phone call, he looked around for Mia. Upon learning that Mia was leaving with Kinsey, Chad rushed outside to stop Mia from getting in the car with Kinsey.

Outside the Brady Pub, Sami was talking on her cell phone to Nicole. Rafe walked up behind Sami and heard her thank Nicole for her support. Once Sami hung up, Rafe questioned why she was becoming friends with Nicole after hating her for so long. Suspicious, Sami asked Rafe why he was mistrustful of Nicole. When Rafe kept pushing Sami for an answer, she admitted that her change of heart toward Nicole was because of Grace.

When Rafe reiterated the strangeness of the burgeoning friendship, Sami folded her arms angrily. "She's turning out to be a better friend than you are," Sami huffed. With a hurt look on his face, Rafe backed away and agreed to stop interfering in Sami's life.

"You're not in my life. You're not my friend, you're not my lover, you're not my hero. You made it very clear that you didn't want to have anything to do with me, so stay out of my life if you don't mind," Sami said before walking away from the pub. Rafe silently watched Sami walk away and then went in to the pub to talk to Arianna.

Rafe told Arianna about his conversation with Sami, and then he showed Arianna the travel brochures he found in Dr. Baker's office. With no idea where in the Caribbean Dr. Baker could be hiding, Arianna questioned whether Rafe should keep digging for information on Nicole. Arianna reasoned that if Rafe ruined Sami's friendship with Nicole, it would just be another loss in Sami's life.

Though momentarily swayed by Arianna's argument, Rafe decided that, for Sami's sake, he needed to learn Nicole's secret. Rafe remembered that Sister Theresa had been at the clinic the night of Grace's birth, but when he could not reach her, Rafe resigned himself to the idea that he would have to find Dr. Baker in order to get answers.

At Salem Hospital, Nicole listened to her voicemail while E.J. finished getting his blood drawn. On her voicemail was a threat from Dr. Baker to send him the money or else he was going to tell Sami everything. Gritting her teeth, Nicole whispered to herself that she was going to leave Dr. Baker's fate up to Stefano.

E.J. congratulated Nicole on her excellent health and joked that Nicole no longer had to fear that something would happen to Sydney. The couple headed home with their daughter for a quiet evening alone. At the DiMera mansion, an amorous Nicole nibbled on E.J.'s ear as he whispered that he had a surprise for her.

Opening his desk drawer, E.J. pulled out a brochure for a trip to the Caribbean. "No," Nicole said flatly. Noting the look of surprise on E.J.'s face, Nicole explained that the idea was a cliché for a honeymoon and that it was hurricane season. Nicole pleaded for a vacation that would likely not involve natural disasters. With a sparkle in her eyes, Nicole suggested that they go to Paris for their honeymoon. Smiling, E.J. agreed. As E.J. kissed Nicole, Sydney cried out in her nursery. E.J. offered to take Sydney out for a walk to help her go back to sleep.

After E.J. left, there was a knock at the door of the DiMera mansion. Nicole opened the door to find Rafe. With a sigh, Nicole stated that she did not want to see him. "If you know what's good for you, you'll make some time," Rafe countered.

In the park, Sami sat on a bench and thought about when she and Rafe had said goodbye to Grace when the baby girl passed away. As Sami wiped the tears from her eyes, she turned to find E.J. walking toward her pushing Sydney's stroller. Sami and E.J. managed polite conversation until he asked about Rafe moving out. "Let me guess; you're thrilled," Sami said as she rolled her eyes. E.J. protested that he was only interested in how Johnny was taking the change, but Sami announced that she would not be surprised if E.J. was the one that caused the breakup.

"Samantha, you don't need any help from me when it comes to alienating men," E.J. countered sarcastically. Angry, Sami noted that E.J. had his revenge over Grace, because Sami was alone and E.J. had a family and was happy. E.J. warned Sami not to blame him for her problems. "You're glad I'm free," Sami said. E.J. noted that he had no reason to think about Sami, and informed her that he was going on a honeymoon.

Shaking her head, Sami argued that E.J. sounded like he was trying to convince himself that he was happy, rather than convincing her. E.J. tersely said goodnight and walked away. Sami shook her head as she watched E.J leave. Standing alone in the park, Sami was startled when her cell phone began to ring. When Sami answered the phone, the voice of Dr. Baker said, "Hello, Colleen! Or should I say Sami?"

Elsewhere in the park, Hope was upset with Bo's unilateral decision to call off the ransom drop. "I absolutely believe if we pay that ransom, Ciara will die," Bo said determinedly. Bo begged Hope to unite with him and support one another as a team. Holding back tears, Hope reminded Bo that until that moment , he was making the decisions on his own without her consultation. Though Bo urged Hope to believe in him, Hope refused to support his decision.

At the police station, Lexie and Abe took Theo with them to visit Roman. Theo kept repeating the word "angel." When Roman questioned Theo, he started to tug Abe's arm as he said "angel." Roman guessed that Theo was talking about a tattoo of an angel on the kidnapper's arm. Theo sat down in front of a book of pictures and pointed out the angel tattoo that he saw. Abe and Roman ran the tattoo through various government databases and pulled up a match for a man named Kyle Simmons, who was staying at the motel up the street. Noting that Kyle was a registered sex offender, Roman, Bo, and Hope raced to the motel to search for Kyle.

At the shack, Dean stroked Ciara's hair as she sat on the bed blindfolded with music blaring on her headphones. "This is all gonna come to an end for you. Very soon," Dean whispered. When Brenda returned with her brother, Kyle, they informed Dean about the roadblocks. Panicking, Brenda said she wanted to walk away from the kidnapping, but Dean urged her to calm down and let him get the plan back on track.

Dean got a phone call from the station with the news that a witness had spotted Kyle's tattoo when he kidnapped Ciara. Realizing that it was only a matter of time until the cops tracked down their hotel room, Dean agreed it was time to leave town. Dean offered to go clear out the motel, since he could get through the roadblocks with his police badge.

At the motel, Dean grabbed all evidence showing a connection to him from the room, including photos of him with Brenda. With the room seemingly clean of evidence implicating him, Dean headed back to the shack. At the shack, Kyle wondered aloud whether he should take Ciara deep into the woods where no one could find her. Brenda paced the room anxiously until Dean returned. "It's time to go," Dean said as he pulled out his gun and leveled it for a shot. "I'm sorry, Kyle. It's got to be done," Dean muttered and then fired the gun.

Back at the motel, Bo, Hope, and Roman searched the room and found an article about Hope and a forest ranger's map of the woods nearby with circled areas on it. Realizing they found the kidnapper's room, Hope, Bo, and Roman breathed a sigh of relief over the break in the case.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chad ran out of the Cheatin' Heart to try to stop Mia from getting into the car with a drunk Kinsey. Mia referenced the time they'd had sex in Chad's car, and he deduced from how upset she was that something must have happened after they were together. Mia covered. When Kinsey honked and yelled for Mia to get in the car, Chad pleaded with Mia not to go, because he still loved her and didn't want anything to happen to her. He ran back inside to get his keys to drive Mia home, but as soon as he left, she walked off. When Chad returned, he saw Kinsey speed away and crash into a wall.

At the Brady Pub, Will told his dad that he'd left a party early because he thought he should spend the night with his great-grandmother, Caroline, who was shaken up about Ciara's kidnapping. Lucas gave Will a hard time about Mia, because he worried that she would hurt Will. Will retorted that he liked Mia a lot, and it was Lucas' problem if he couldn't deal with that. Lucas argued that Mia might be hiding something other than a drug problem in her past. Will surmised that Lucas was really projecting his own feelings about Chloe. Just then, Will's friend, T, called to inform him that Mia had been in an accident. Will ran out the door.

At the hospital, a police officer informed Chad and Mia that she was lucky to be alive, because the passenger side of Kinsey's car was completely crushed. After the cop had gone, Mia declared with relief that Chad had saved her life. As she hugged him gratefully, Will arrived and spotted them, but instead of being jealous, he, too, expressed his gratitude to Chad. Chad regretted that he'd been so concerned about Mia that he hadn't also tried to keep Kinsey from driving in her condition.

Chad went in to see Kinsey, who was more concerned with what her parents and the kids at school would say than about her whiplash. Chad admonished her for not even considering what could have happened to Mia. Kinsey lashed out angrily at Chad for still being hung up on Mia, and ordered him to move on. Unperturbed, Chad declared that he and Mia were not over, because he'd felt something happening between them before Will showed up.

Mia chastised herself for being so stupid, but couldn't figure out why she was almost in tears. Will thought she was still shaken up, and urged her to talk about how she felt. "That's what my computer's for," Mia replied. "Sometimes it's easier just to write it down, you know?" Just then, Chad emerged from Kinsey's room and listened in with interest.

Rafe dropped by the DiMera mansion to visit Nicole, who was not pleased to see him on her doorstep. Rafe declared that he wanted to talk about Sami-and Grace. Nicole immediately became defensive about why she'd felt a connection to Grace. Rafe let her squirm a little before asserting that he'd finally figured out that it was because Nicole really cared about Sami. He was grateful to her for being such a good friend to Sami. Nicole asserted that Sami needed a friend since Rafe had deserted her.

Dr. Baker called Sami, who was surprised not only to hear from him, but also that he knew her real name. When he told her he was calling about Grace, she assumed it was to offer condolences on Grace's death, but that news stunned Dr. Baker. Stammering, he expressed his sympathy, then hastily explained that he was calling all of his former patients to inform them that he'd moved to the Dominican Republic. He made an excuse and hung up, wondering aloud why Nicole hadn't bothered to tell him about Grace.

Nicole and Rafe were still arguing when Dr. Baker called Nicole's cell phone. Nicole tried to just let it ring, but Rafe got suspicious, so she reluctantly answered. She tried to act casual as Dr. Baker declared that the price for his silence had gone up since he'd learned about Grace's death. When Nicole hung up, Rafe didn't buy her cover story that it was a photographer calling about pictures of Sydney, so she "admitted" that Sami had called.

Rafe distracted Nicole by picking up a picture of Johnny and commenting on his likeness to Sami. Nicole slammed her phone down to snatch the picture away from him, and when her back was turned, Rafe pocketed her phone. He thanked Nicole again for being a friend to Sami, and then left. After Rafe had gone, a dismayed Nicole realized what had happened.

Rafe took Nicole's phone to the Brady Pub, where he used a computer to research the phone's call history. He identified one area code as being from the Dominican Republic, and vowed to track down Dr. Baker there to figure out the connection between Nicole, Sami, and Grace.

Lucas went to Sami's townhouse to pick up the twins, who were leaving the country to visit their grandma. Sami wished she could go with them to see her mom, but needed to support Will at his cross-country meets. Sami told Lucas about Dr. Baker's phone call, and admitted that it was still hard to tell people about Grace. Lucas was glad that Sami had such a supportive family. Lucas was floored when Sami confided that she'd also found a good friend in Nicole, and warned her that Nicole always had an ulterior motive.

Lucas mentioned that he was worried about Will's relationship with Mia. Sami argued that Mia was a sweet girl who happened to have some bad stuff in her past, but Lucas was convinced that Will's heart would get broken. Sami and Lucas each referenced their recent, failed relationships, and both acknowledged that sometimes love wasn't enough.

After Lucas left with the twins, Sami wondered why Dr. Baker had really called.

In the kidnappers' motel room, Hope was still angry about Bo's press conference, in which he essentially put a bounty on the kidnappers' heads. She feared they might already have hurt Ciara, since they no longer had a reason to keep her alive. Bo was certain that the map Roman had found in the motel room would lead them to their daughter.

After a quick cell phone call to issue search orders for the circled areas on the kidnappers' map, Bo, Hope, and Roman headed out of the motel.

In the shack, Ciara was still bound and blindfolded, her tiny form hidden under a blanket that Brenda had thrown over her. Kyle thought he should take the girl deep into the woods so no one could find them. Dean returned, absent-mindedly flicking his lighter, and declared that it was time to go. When Dean pulled out his gun, Kyle and Brenda thought he intended to shoot Ciara, and tried to reason with him. Instead, Dean shot Kyle in the chest.

Shrieking, Brenda ran to her brother, and when he didn't respond, she ran at Dean, pummeling with her fists. She angrily demanded to know why he had shot her brother. Dean confidently asserted that Bo and Hope would proclaim him a hero for getting scum like Kyle off the streets. He then leveled his gun at an incredulous Brenda. "I liked you, Brenda," Dean declared. "But I like this new plan even more, because it's foolproof."

In the woods, Roman split off from Bo and Hope to track down Dean, who they believed was already out in the field. The Bradys found fresh footprints, which they followed in the direction of the shack.

Brenda begged Dean not to shoot her, and to let her help him get revenge on Hope. Dean shakily asserted that he no longer needed a partner, because he was going to take care of Hope by himself. Brenda argued that if they left right away, they could make it to Canada, and start a new life together. She even suggested that they kill Ciara so she couldn't identify them.

Unconvinced, Dean handed his gun to Brenda and told her to go ahead and shoot. She switched tactics, repeating her plea for them to run away together. "It'll just be me and you. Come on," she urged. "I love you." Dean lowered his gun. "I love you too, Brenda," he declared, pulling her to him and kissing her deeply-and then shooting her in the abdomen.

Dean hurriedly removed a pistol from Brenda's knapsack, wiped off the fingerprints, and tossed it on the floor next to Kyle. He pulled another gun from an ankle holster, wiped it down, and wrapped Brenda's hand around it. He pushed the nose of the weapon against his shoulder and grimaced as he pulled the trigger.

As Bo and Hope arrived outside the shack, they heard two gunshots in fairly quick succession. They drew their weapons and rushed inside to find the two kidnappers dead on the floor, and a wounded Dean slumped against the wall. A relieved Hope quickly freed Ciara. Bo and Hope lavished their daughter with hugs and kisses and promises that no one would ever hurt her again.

Pressing his hand against his bleeding shoulder, Dean spun his account of what had happened for a very grateful Bo and Hope: Dean had found a hair clip outside the cabin that he thought might be Ciara's, and there had been no time to call for backup; when he ran inside, both kidnappers had guns, and the woman had fired at him, so he'd shot them both. "I had to; I was afraid for your kid," he explained.

Bo and Hope expressed their gratitude for what Dean had done, but he pretended to shrug off their praise. "I was just doing my job," he stated. When Kyle began to regain consciousness, he lay still as Bo bent down to check his pulse. Kyle swiftly grabbed a log with his other hand and brought it down hard on Bo's head. Dean jumped on top of Kyle, and as the two men struggled, Kyle managed to gasp, "I didn't do it alone!" before he collapsed again. Bo felt for a pulse at Kyle's neck, and declared that Kyle was dead.

Once Roman and some uniformed officers arrived at the shack, Roman said he would look into whether Kyle had an accomplice besides the woman. Bo praised Dean's heroism, asserting that he deserved a medal. Dean wandered outside, where Hope was tending to Ciara. "We owe this man a very big thank you, sweetheart," Hope told her daughter. "He's the man who rescued you." "No he didn't," Ciara replied.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kate fantasized about making love to Daniel. Meanwhile, Daniel was planning to use her attraction to him to his advantage. He tried to reach Lexie on the phone, but Lexie ignored his call, because she wasn't allowed to talk to him about Chloe. As Lexie and Nathan tended to Chloe, Lexie vented to Nathan about Daniel, but she and Nathan were mostly preoccupied with Ciara's disappearance.

Suddenly, Theo cried out, calling out Ciara's name. Lexie rushed out of the room to him, and Abe explained that he wasn't able to get him to calm down. Lexie asked about the police operation to find Ciara, and Abe told her that the police were moving on the house where they believed Ciara was being held.

Stephanie said a prayer for Ciara, and Philip filled Brady in on the volunteer efforts to find Ciara. Although the volunteers were told to go home, Philip planned to stay behind. He heard a noise and hid in the woods.

Hope told Ciara that Dean was the "nice man" who rescued Ciara, but Ciara said he wasn't. Hope asked what Ciara meant, and Dean secretly reached for his gun. Ciara explained that Dean didn't rescue her--it was Hope and Bo. Dean told Ciara that she was right, because her parents never stopped searching for her. Hope sensed that Ciara was still upset.

Melanie accidentally crashed her cart into Nathan, and he snapped at her. She realized he was still waiting on news about Ciara. Abe got a call that the police found Ciara and she was fine. Nathan got so excited that he picked Melanie up and swung her around. Then he ran off to tell the rest of the family. Melanie realized that Philip would be happy to hear the news. Lexie tried to explain to Theo that Ciara was fine, but he was still worried. Abe realized that Theo wanted to see for himself that Ciara was okay.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady heard the good news about Ciara. Daniel overheard Brady's phone call and was happy that Ciara was found, too. Since Ciara was safe, Daniel wanted to know if Brady could help him get to Chloe. Brady told Daniel that he didn't think he could help, and Daniel asked if he meant that he could but he wouldn't help.

Brady said he found out that the drug Daniel wanted to give Chloe could kill her. Daniel pointed out that Chloe was already near death and that the drug dosage he wanted to administer could save her life. Brady wasn't convinced by Daniel's theory. Daniel was frustrated, but said it wasn't just with Brady. Kate put Chloe in a coma, Daniel said, "and everyone just falls right in line."

Daniel started venting about what a wimp Lucas was, but Brady said that Daniel had no business trashing Lucas. Daniel was frustrated because Lucas could have helped Chloe, but Lucas wouldn't. Brady corrected Daniel and said that Lucas just wouldn't do what Daniel wanted him to do. Brady suggested that Daniel contact Chloe's father, who was also a doctor, but Daniel didn't think that would work, because Lucas was Chloe's husband and was therefore in control.

Brady also didn't think that Kate poisoned Chloe, because if Kate wanted Chloe out of Lucas' life, all Kate had to do was tell her son about Daniel. Daniel said that Kate wanted to do more than break Lucas and Chloe up.

At the hospital, Kate stared at Chloe through Chloe's hospital room window, and then Kate scurried away. Melanie asked Nathan if he had told Stephanie about Ciara being safe. Melanie started to tell him about Stephanie and Philip getting back together, but she realized how awful her timing was. Nathan apologized for hurting Melanie's feelings when Melanie saw him talking to Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart.

Melanie said she realized that she misunderstood what was going on with Stephanie and Nathan. Nathan wanted to hear about Philip and Stephanie, so Melanie filled him in on the status of their relationship.

An officer told Philip and Stephanie about the police finding Ciara, and they were elated.

Hope told Ciara that the doctors would take care of Dean. Hope told Ciara how proud Hope and Bo were of her, and Ciara told Hope not to cry, because Hope didn't have to be sad anymore. Bo tried to pull Hope into a hug with Ciara, but there was still tension between the couple.

Daniel urged Justin to call Kate into court so Justin could grill her about manufacturing the evidence against Daniel, but Justin thought it was a bad move trying to prove that Kate poisoned Chloe. Justin would rather try to prove that Daniel didn't poison Chloe. Brady agreed with Justin's take on the situation. Daniel confided to Brady about knowing Kate's Achilles' heel--Daniel.

Brady realized that Kate was obsessed with Daniel and wanted Daniel to suffer. Brady agreed to help Daniel save Chloe. Meanwhile, Kate sneaked into Chloe's room and bragged about what she did. Nathan walked in and asked what Kate was doing in Chloe's room. Nathan told Kate that she wasn't supposed to be in Chloe's room, but he was. Kate apologized and said it was hard for her to see Chloe in that condition. Nathan wished there were more the doctors could do for Chloe. Kate said there was nothing they could do. Nathan questioned whether Kate wanted Chloe to recover.

Kate said she wanted Chloe to get better, but Kate was being realistic. Nathan didn't think it was realistic to give up. Kate didn't want Lucas to get his hopes up that Chloe would recover. Kate said that Lucas trusted Chloe and Daniel, and they had betrayed Lucas. Nathan said if Lucas were a victim, he shouldn't make decisions about Chloe's treatment. Kate told Nathan that it was none of Nathan's business.

Lexie told Roman that Dean would be fine. Roman told Lexie and Abe that there was something not quite right about Kyle and Brenda, the kidnapping suspects, and Bo thought that the suspects had a personal grudge against Hope. Roman was checking to see if Bo or Hope arrested either of the suspects. Roman also told Lexie and Abe about Kyle being a sex offender.

Bo and Hope took Ciara to the hospital to have her checked out. Lexie was glad to see Ciara, and she told Ciara that Theo was anxious to see Ciara, too. Bo asked Roman what he should do if Ciara had been sexually assaulted. Lexie checked Ciara over and told Bo that Ciara wasn't sexually abused.

Philip bought the volunteers a round of drinks at the Cheatin' Heart. Stephanie admitted that she wanted to be in a relationship with Philip, but she wondered if they could work, given their track record. Stephanie said that she didn't want to be the reason that Philip didn't have a relationship with his father. Philip said he had a relationship with Victor, it just wasn't the same as before. Philip added that Stephanie wasn't the reason Philip broke away from the family. Philip wanted a change.

Stephanie blamed herself for making Philip feel he needed to stand up to his father. Stephanie said that if she and Philip had a child, they would have to tell that child that Stephanie wasn't allowed in Philip's father's home, and Victor would try everything he could to get Stephanie out of Philip's life like Victor did with Chloe.

Stephanie was also worried about her family's reaction to her getting back together with Philip. Philip theorized that Stephanie would say anything to keep them apart. Stephanie admitted that she got scared and said that if they loved each other, their families would just have to deal with it. She was hopeful about her and Philip, because they were both being honest. She said with honesty, they could get through anything. Philip started to tell Stephanie the truth about Melanie. He promised Stephanie that if he hurt her in the past, the past was over and he would do whatever it took to make Stephanie happy.

Bo, Hope, and Roman questioned Dean about what had happened when he confronted the kidnappers. Dean said he looked through the window and saw Kyle prepare to shoot Ciara, so Dean killed Kyle and then Brenda. Dean noticed the tension between Bo and Hope, because Hope shrugged Bo's hands off of her shoulders and walked away. Bo asked if Hope was still upset with him for how he handled the kidnapping.

Bo suspected that there was another suspect who was still on the loose, and he wanted to question Ciara about it. Hope just wanted Ciara to forget the kidnapping, but Bo said that if someone else was involved, they needed to know for Ciara's safety. When Bo got up to get some more coffee, he got dizzy and almost fell. Hope asked Lexie to check Bo out. While Bo was being examined, Roman wheeled Dean over to Hope and asked her to sit with him while Roman made a call.

Dean was nervous, but Hope didn't pick up on it. She asked how she could thank him for saving Ciara. Dean said he was just doing his job. Roman returned with news that there was nothing in Brenda or Kyle's background that tied either kidnapper to Bo or Hope. Roman wanted to know for sure that the ordeal was over.

Brady asked Melanie to help him and Daniel save Chloe. Brady wanted Melanie to find someone who had enough medical knowledge to take Daniel's directions, but was low-profile enough that no one would suspect him. Melanie knew just the person to recruit. Melanie told Nathan about Brady and Daniel's plan. Nathan remembered his run-in with Kate and agreed to talk to Daniel.

Daniel drank some alcohol and had a vision of Chloe. Daniel imagined telling her that he was planning to do something that he wouldn't have done if he didn't love her so much, but he couldn't tell her what it was. He imagined that Chloe told him that she loved him and trusted him. After his vision was over, he said to himself, "Whatever it takes. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Daniel approached Kate when she walked by.

Lexie told Hope that Bo had a slight concussion. Bo was anxious to get home, and Lexie let him leave once he promised to return the next day. Bo took Ciara out of the hospital room, and she was asleep on his shoulder. Hope thought that Ciara looked peaceful, but then Ciara started having a nightmare and called out for Hope, saying, "Mommy, no."

Roman wheeled Dean out to the nurses' desk to ask Lexie for some painkillers for Dean. Dean was feeling anxious and wanted to smoke a cigarette. He played with his lighter, and Lexie reminded Dean that there was no smoking in the hospital. As Dean flicked his lighter, Ciara remembered the sound from when Dean did it while she was held captive.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kate was surprised to run into a drunken Daniel on the waterfront. He offered her a sip from his flask, but she refused, and tried to leave. Daniel stopped her by accusing her of breaking his heart. Kate listened skeptically while he rambled on about how, after she had broken up with him, he'd had to rebound with "the anti-Kate."

Kate didn't buy it for a second. Daniel wondered why, but then surmised, "Ah. You have never felt about anyone the way I felt about you." He added that she had spent her whole life trying to hide her true feelings. It seemed to work, because Kate became upset, demanding, "Why are you saying all of this?" Daniel replied that he had never wanted her to know how badly she'd hurt him, but he had lost everything, including his pride. "You didn't have to do anything to Chloe," he asserted. "All you had to do was ask me to come back."

A tearful Kate appeared to believe him for a moment, but then ripped his shirt open and angrily demanded to know where the wire was. To prove he wasn't wearing one, Daniel stripped off his shirt completely and spun around slowly for Kate. She wasn't satisfied, so he started unfastening his pants, but she stopped him before he took them off.

Daniel began ranting about how happy they could have been together if she had only given him a chance. Kate asked, "So are you telling me this thing with Chloe wasn't going to last?" Daniel just shrugged, contending that it didn't matter, because his fate seemed to be sealed. He slurred that Kate should just go home, and she agreed.

After Kate left, Daniel put his shirt back on, and sank onto a bench with a sigh. "I'll do it, Chloe," he vowed. "It makes my skin crawl to touch her, but whatever it takes to bring her down...and to bring you back."

When Kate arrived home, she thought about Daniel's words. "What the hell just happened?" she wondered aloud. "Was he playing me or not?"

In Chloe's hospital room, Lucas admitted to Lexie that he didn't know how to make a decision about Chloe's care. Chloe's father, Dr. Craig Wesley, arrived to examine his daughter, in the hopes of finding something that other doctors had missed. Afterwards, he told Lucas that he hadn't learned anything helpful.

Lucas admitted that he was angry with himself for not having been aware of what was going on around him, but Craig urged him not to blame himself. They discussed Chloe's living will, and Lucas asked for Craig's advice.

Craig said that as a doctor, he knew that Chloe's chances for recovery were slim, but as a dad, he hoped for a miracle. Lucas then left so Craig could be alone with Chloe. Craig sat beside his unconscious daughter and told her how much he and Chloe's mom and little sister all loved her. "You didn't deserve this," he declared quietly, kissing her tenderly on the forehead.

When Lucas returned, Craig promised that he and Nancy would support whatever decision Lucas made. Craig kissed his daughter again and then left to check into his hotel. Lucas gazed down at his wife, and regarded the living will. "I know what I have to do," he stated softly.

At the Brady Pub, Brady asked if Arianna would still be there when he was finished with his meeting. He left after she assured him that she'd be there until closing.

In the Dominican Republic, Dr. Baker looked over a racing form, hoping to turn the blackmail money from Nicole into a fortune.

Rafe was working at the Brady Pub, determined to find out whether what Nicole and Dr. Baker had anything to do with why Grace had died. Arianna scolded Rafe for stealing Nicole's phone, and tried to remind him gently that Grace had died from meningitis. When Dr. Baker called Nicole's phone just then, Rafe answered, but remained silent. Using a laptop computer connected to the phone, he was able to pinpoint the doctor's exact location in the Dominican Republic.

Rafe used Nicole's phone to send Dr. Baker a text message that she couldn't talk because she was with E.J. and Stefano. Dr. Baker sent a reply ordering Nicole to call him when she was alone "or else." While Arianna urged Rafe to return Nicole's phone before she had him arrested, Rafe looked up flight schedules and prices to the Caribbean on the laptop.

Realizing her brother couldn't afford the airfare, and knowing he wouldn't stop until he knew everything, Arianna reluctantly lent her credit card to Rafe. A grateful Rafe hugged her goodbye. After Rafe had gone, Arianna got a call asking her to meet someone in the park. She asked Pete to cover for her, and quickly left.

Mia was jogging in the park when she ran into E.J., who was there with Sydney. They made small talk about soccer. E.J. asked Mia to hold Sydney while he took a cell phone call. Mia agreed, and comforted the tot when she began to cry. After he hung up, E.J. remarked that Mia seemed very comfortable holding the child. They talked briefly about Grace, and E.J. stated that he would do anything for his children. He and Sydney then left to meet Lexie at the hospital.

Brady arrived to find Mia sitting alone on a bench, looking forlorn. He asked what was wrong, and she reluctantly told him that she had just been holding Sydney. Brady knew that when Mia had given Sydney up, she'd done what was best for the baby. "I didn't do what I thought was best for the baby," Mia stated. "I did what was best for me." Brady gently argued that maybe the decision had been the best thing for both of them, and Mia shouldn't feel guilty about moving on with her life. Mia was grateful for Brady's kind words. She then left to finish her run.

Brady called the pub and asked for Arianna, and was surprised that she wasn't there. As Brady left the park, Arianna entered from the opposite direction. When her contact arrived, Arianna asked, "Were you able to do what I asked?" He replied, "I'm trying, but I need a little something extra for my trouble." Arianna offered the man more money in exchange for a meeting with his higher-ups. The man told her that he wasn't talking about money.

Brady returned to the park and saw Arianna talking to her contact, who fled when he saw Brady. Brady demanded to know why Arianna was talking to the same guy who had attacked her a few weeks back.

E.J. found Lexie near the nurses' station and asked for Sydney's test results. Although he claimed it was because of Grace's fatal illness, Lexie suspected that E.J. had other motives. E.J. angrily declared that Samantha and "that guy she hooked up with" deserved to pay for what had happened to Grace, and for keeping Grace from him. Lexie asserted that E.J. was starting to sound like Stefano, and it scared her. She gently posited that E.J. wanted revenge because he was jealous of Sami's love for Rafe. E.J. adamantly insisted that he was very happy with Nicole, Sydney, and Johnny.

Nicole was at home, irritably trying to report her cell phone stolen, when an upset Sami rang the doorbell. Sami told Nicole about Dr. Baker's phone call, and how she'd had to tell him that Grace had died. Sami broke down, crying that she just wanted to hold her baby one more time. Nicole put her arms around Sami and tried to comfort her.

Sami said that Dr. Baker had something important to tell her, but after learning about Grace, he'd claimed he was only calling to tell her he'd moved to the Dominican Republic. Sami grabbed her phone to call him back to find out what he wanted, but Nicole urged her to stop obsessing, because men like Baker just liked to cause problems. Sami realized that Nicole was right, and thanked Nicole for talking her down. As Nicole walked Sami to the door, she encouraged Sami to let her know if Dr. Baker called again. After Sami left, Nicole seethed. "You went too far, Dr. Baker. And I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Dr. Baker called Nicole on the mansion's phone later. She flipped out when he mentioned her text message, but he promised to keep quiet if she just wired him the money. Nicole refused, so Baker threatened call Sami again. When Nicole informed him that Stefano knew about the doctor's demands for more money, Baker abruptly hung up on her. As Nicole was leaving an urgent message for Stefano, E.J. returned home and asked why she needed to talk to his father.

Sami went to the pub, looking for Rafe. Pete informed her that he'd overheard Rafe and Arianna talking, and Rafe was on his way to the Dominican Republic. Sami took the brochures Rafe had left and rushed out, vowing that if Rafe were going after Dr. Baker, so was she. She went home and quickly packed a bag, then grabbed her passport and got into a cab headed for the airport.

Meanwhile, Dr. Baker was hurriedly throwing things in a suitcase when a knock at his door startled him.

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