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Monday, August 24, 2009

Brooke, Donna, and Katie, clad in bikini s and tiaras, waited for the Eye on Fashion photo shoot to begin. Brooke expressed surprise that Bill Spencer would be willing to give the Forrester s a cover shoot. Donna chimed in and announced they owed it all to Katie, because Bill and Katie had a crush on one another.

Brooke seemed leery and cautioned Katie that Bill could be using her. Donna informed Brooke that she set up a test for Bill and tried to seduce him. Katie pointed out that Bill didn't take the bait. Katie felt certain that if her sisters gave Bill Spencer a chance, they would see a softer side of him than they had previously witnessed.

Eric, dressed in a full king's robe and crown, joined the ladies. Eric said the new Royalty campaign was a great success, and Forrester Creations owed it all to Katie. The photographer arrived and took multiple photos of Eric in his robe surrounded by the Logan girls in their bikinis.

The photographer took photos of Katie, Donna and Brooke while Eric watched from the sidelines. Bill arrived on the scene, and Eric asked when Bill planned to pull the rug out form under him. Bill assured Eric that he understood why Eric would be suspicious of Bill, but added that he had shifted his focus. Bill said he was far more interested in something that was more valuable than any company he could acquire, including Forrester. Bill gazed at Katie with a gleam in his eye as he explained his change of heart to Eric.

Katie walked over and she and Bill embraced. Eric was very surprised to discover Bill and Katie were an item. Brooke pulled Bill to the side and cautioned him against hurting Katie. Brooke explained to Bill that Katie had been through a lot, and said she didn't want to see her sister hurt. Bill assured Brooke that he realized how special Katie was, and had no intentions of hurting her.

Brooke promised Bill that as long as he was treating Katie well, the two of them would get along just fine. Bill told Brooke that Katie brought something to his life he had never experienced before, and he would cherish her sister for the impact Katie had on his life.

Jackie was lost in thought about Owen's twin brother, Casper. Owen bounded down the stairs and thanked Jackie for the special night they had shared, and said it was just what they needed to reconnect.

Nick tried to call Jackie and got no answer. He and Bridget were concerned about Jackie's state of mind following what they believed to be Owen's harsh interview. Nick and Bridget watched Jarrett's update on Owen's interview and were concerned about Jackie being humiliated. Nick promised if Owen ever showed his face in the office again, Nick would damage it.

Owen thanked Jackie for handling the interview debacle with such grace. Jackie pointed out that it would be absurd for her to hold Owen accountable for things his twin brother did and said. Owen informed Jackie that he had contacted Whip to set up another interview for him, so he would be able to set the record straight. Owen wanted the world to know he adored his wife.

Jackie arrived at the office and found Whip in her office. Whip apologized for the kiss that had happened between the two of them. Jackie said he had no reason to apologize. Whip admitted he felt responsible for what happened. Jackie said she was not angry with Whip, but added that she needed him to keep his distance from her.

Jackie announced that she intended to tell Owen that she and Whip had kissed. Jackie strongly suggested that Whip take a paid leave of absence for the time being, so Owen would not have to see Whip after he heard the news about their kiss. Whip agreed.

Owen walked in the office and Nick grabbed Owen's lapel and dragged him into Nick's office. Just as Nick was about to land the first blow to Owen's face, Jackie rushed in to stop the impending fight. She quickly explained that Owen hadn't given the cruel interview, that it had been Owen's identical twin brother, Casper. Whip arrived and quickly whisked Owen away for a revised live interview.

After they left, Jackie confessed to Nick that she had kissed Whip when she thought Owen betrayed her. Jackie added that she had been drinking when Whip kissed her. Jackie told Nick she felt she had to tell Owen the truth and asked Nick if he thought Owen would understand.

The follow-up interview began, and Jarrett read the transcript from the previous day's interview. Owen explained it was his twin brother, Casper, who had said those horrible things about Jackie. Owen provided a photo of him and his brother together, as well as Casper's birth certificate, as proof. Owen called Jackie to his side and assured the public that he and Jackie were as much in love as ever, and added their relationship was based on honesty and trust. Jackie, still keeping the secret of her kiss with Whip, squirmed and looked uncomfortable.

After the interview, Jackie told Owen the two of them needed some special time away together and noted she had something to tell him. Owen urged Jackie to tell him immediately, but she said the time wasn't right. Jackie said when life blindsided people, they sometimes found a silver lining after the incident passed .

Jackie said her silver lining from the fake interview was that she realized how truly blessed she was to have Owen as her husband. Owen countered that he was the lucky one. Jackie said she hoped Owen would still feel that way after he heard what she had to say. Owen pressed her to spit it out, but Jackie couldn't muster up the courage to tell Owen she had kissed Whip.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

by Pam

Jackie whipped up a Hawaiian dinner party for Owen as she prepared a romantic evening reminiscent of their honeymoon. Before Owen entered, she had flashbacks of some passionate kisses and groping with Whip. Owen entered and was surprised when he saw the extravagant dinner and décor. He was impressed and said that he thought she wanted to return to Hawaii. As they had a luau-style dinner and professed their love for one another, Jackie and Owen seemed the perfect married couple. They shared kisses and relived their love story and how they had become a married couple after starting off as nothing more than a couple of people having some fun and a few dates.

Jackie said that she was a very lucky woman. Owen said that he was a lucky man and that nothing would ever change their love for one another. Owen acknowledged how hurt and angry Jackie must have been after seeing his brother, Casper, say the awful things he had said about their marriage on live television. Owen understood she must have been devastated.

Jackie grew quiet and felt guilty about sharing romantic kisses with Whip. She felt the need to spill her guts to Owen. She told Owen how distraught and heartbroken she had been after she saw his interview on TV, and then finally admitted that she was with Whip after she watched it. She explained that Whip had reached out to her, and she was grateful. She said she had to watch Owen tell the entire world that he really didn't love her. She admitted that she kissed Whip.

Owen was surprised and said that if Jackie had answered her phone when he called, he could have straightened the entire thing out. He wondered if Whip was putting the moves on her. Jackie said that nothing happened, and she begged Owen to forgive her, but he looked disgusted and hurt.

At Bill's office, Katie visited and showed him how to play " Whack-A-Mole" an arcade game that she had delivered. She explained that it was supposed to be a therapeutic game that allowed a person to smack the moles every time they appeared. The game got a few good laughs and showed Katie a fun side of Bill. She noted that he was pretty slow in the whacking moles department. He pointed out that he had a new picture on his desk, and she needed to see it. It was a picture of Bill and Katie.

Hillary, Bill's assistant, walked in to deliver files. She spilled her coffee all over his rug, and she was nearly in tears trying to apologize. Bill wondered why she was working so late. She said she had a lot of work to finish. Bill said that he knew her daughter was playing soccer, so he wanted her to go home to spend time with her family. He insisted that she take the following day off to watch her daughter play in a soccer tournament. She noted that company policy forbade her from taking a day without clearing it first, but Bill told her not to worry because he was the one who made the company policy.

Katie was impressed that Bill took the time to get to know something about one of his employees. She said that she liked the new Bill Spencer. Bill said that he figured his new attitude would get Hillary to work even harder for him, but Katie disagreed. She said that it might surprise everyone that Bill had a heart.

She explained that no one probably suspected he had a heart. She said she enjoyed watching him fumble around trying to figure out how to be nice. She said she could identify. She shared her memories of Storm and her fears of how to measure up when she received his heart.

She admitted that after the surgery that saved her life, she was angry with Storm for dying so that she could live. She said that her sisters never understood how hard it was to be grateful that Storm had given her a wonderful gift of life. She knew that she had a legacy to live up to. She felt that she had to live for both of them and fulfill his expectations for her to do something special with her life. Bill acknowledged that it must be daunting to feel that she had to do something special.

Bill asked Katie to allow him to help her find out what that was. Bill said that he believed Katie was brought back to do something significant. Katie said there must be a purpose for her to be alive, and Bill said that he wanted to be there with her when she discovered what it was. She said she couldn't believe that Bill understood the impact of the heart transplant. She said it was the beginning of a story, and she had to do something big. She shared that she previously tried to cover her scar, but no longer wanted to cover it because it was a part of her.

Bill put his hand over her scar, and told her that she had nothing to hide. He said that Storm's heart was strong. He added that he liked the way she looked at him, and they were going to have an exciting ride trying to figure out what Katie was meant to accomplish. Katie laughed as she said she couldn't believe that it was going to be Katie Logan and Bill Spencer against the world. They kissed passionately.

In Nick's office, Whip explained to Nick that he was trying to comfort Jackie after they had watched Owen's interview. Whip admitted that he was attracted to Jackie and very fond of her, but he understood that she was very much in love with Owen. Nick agreed, and said that he didn't much care for Owen, but he realized that he had never seen his mother happier. Nick admitted that he was also beginning to see how much Owen loved his mother. Whip told Nick that he wished Jackie wouldn't tell Owen about their kiss. He said that he was afraid that Jackie was going to be hurt.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jackie confessed to Owen about her kiss with Whip. She assured Owen that was as far as it went. Jackie asked Owen if he could forgive her. Owen was hurt and shocked by the news that his beloved wife had kissed another man. Jackie asked Owen to put himself in her shoes. At the time the interview aired, she didn't know it was Owen's twin, but believed it was Owen who had said such horrible things about her on national television.

Owen countered that if Jackie had answered her phone following the interview when he called, instead of hanging up on him, the whole thing could have been explained. Jackie said after the interview, she had no desire to hear anything else Owen had to say. She reminded him that she had listened to the interview where he repeatedly said he didn't love her.

Owen wasn't about to let Jackie off the hook. He asked her if he had ever spoken to or about her the cruel way the man on the interview had spoken. She had to admit that Owen had never spoken to her that way. Owen realized the situation was bizarre, but felt that Jackie should have known something was wrong.

Owen said even though Jackie didn't know he had a twin, he could have been drugged, or had a gun pointed at his head to make him say such horrible things. Owen was hurt that Jackie hadn't given him the benefit of the doubt but instead jumped to the worst possible conclusion. Owen said if the roles had been reversed and he heard Jackie on television saying dreadful things about him, his first reaction would have been. "What have they done to Jackie?" because he would never believe that she had turned on him.

Jackie assured Owen that she did not have feelings for Whip. Owen asked Jackie if she could tell him that nothing like that had happened before. Jackie confessed that Whip kissed her on the cheek after the fashion challenge, but that it meant nothing. Owen angrily said it seemed that their marriage meant nothing either.

Jackie assured Owen that their marriage meant everything to her. She admitted she hadn't been thinking when she went up to Whip's place. Jackie explained that she was dying inside because she felt that Owen had betrayed her. Owen asked if Jackie went to Whip just because she needed someone and Jackie said yes.

Owen was hurt that Jackie sought comfort from the one man he hated, and a man who had already inappropriately kissed her once before. Owen said he could understand if Jackie needed to be with someone in a week or a month, but in less time than it took him to drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, Jackie had already turned to the arms of another man.

Jackie was crushed and admitted it had been a mistake. Jackie assured Owen she would regret that choice for the rest of her life. Jackie begged Owen not to let one kiss destroy their marriage.

Pam and Stephanie looked at a tabloid magazine that had an article on Owen's twin brother, Casper. Pam hinted around that perhaps they should hire Casper to be her assistant, so she could keep an eye on him. Stephanie rolled her eyes. Whip entered the office, and Stephanie asked Pam to leave to give her some privacy with Whip.

Stephanie asked Whip what was troubling him, and guessed that it was not a professional but a private matter. Whip asked Stephanie if she really wanted him to bare his soul to her and reveal his secrets. Stephanie joked and replied that there were more skeletons in the closets at Jackie M than gowns.

Whip admitted that he was concerned about Owen and Jackie, and added they had taken the rest of the day off for some much-needed time together. Stephanie pointed out that Whip didn't really like Owen and asked why Whip was suddenly concerned about Owen's marriage. Whip explained that he did care about Jackie, and Jackie cared about the marriage. Stephanie chuckled and said she noticed that Whip cared about Jackie. Whip looked uncomfortable at the thought that other people had noticed his growing feelings for Jackie. Stephanie asked Whip point-blank what he knew about Jackie's marriage that Owen didn't know.

Whip gently explained the situation to Stephanie, about how distraught Jackie had been after the interview, and how much champagne she had consumed. Stephanie said emotional distress was understandable, but not if it led to someone else's bed. Whip strongly told Stephanie that what she was thinking did not happen. Whip said he merely wanted to comfort Jackie because he cared for her, and things had gotten out of hand.

Stephanie pointedly asked Whip if he cared for the real Jackie, or the media image of her that he himself had created. Stephanie said she never imagined she would have to have such a conversation with Whip, because she thought he was a more sophisticated fellow. Whip chuckled and admitted he should have known better than to fall in love with his boss.

Whip asked Stephanie if she wanted him to resign. Stephanie said no. She added that after all the bad publicity Jackie M had gotten after losing the Fashion Challenge and from Owen's secret twin, they could not afford to lose their best P.R. man. She only asked that Whip focus on the job instead of Jackie.

Nick explained to Bridget that after Owen's supposed interview, Jackie had gotten a little tipsy and "hooked up" with Whip. Bridget was shocked that Jackie would hook up with Whip. Nick explained that Jackie said it was only a kiss, but Nick wasn't sure he believed his mother.

Nick explained to Bridget that Jackie intended to confess to Owen, and wondered if that was wise. Nick admitted that he had been wrong about Owen. He believed Owen truly loved Jackie, and noted that Jackie was the happiest he had ever seen her. Nick added that he hoped her happiness didn't come tumbling down due to one stupid kiss with Whip Jones.

Bridget told Nick she was proud of him for coming around and recognizing that Owen really loved Jackie. Nick said after the ad campaign, when he saw his mother dress Owen up in humiliating costumes and parade him around like a dog, he knew Owen must love her. Nick added that Owen hadn't taken any of Jackie's money and that he pulled his weight around the office, too. Nick sincerely hoped his mother would be able to use her charm to make Owen understand, and salvage her marriage.

Owen reminded Jackie of how many people said their marriage could never work. Owen said it pained him to admit it, but it appeared those people had been right. Owen said marriage meant something to him that it obviously didn't mean to Jackie. Jackie begged Owen to try to see things from her point of view.

Owen said in the span of a few hours time, she had given up hope on her marriage and turned to another man. Owen added that he couldn't live like that and would not be able to trust Jackie again. She promised him nothing like that would ever happen again, and offered to fire Whip.

Owen said Whip didn't need to leave, because Owen would leave. Owen left the condo and explained he would be back for his things. He told Jackie he could not live that way, and the trust between them had been irreparably broken. Owen said he would get his things out of the office, too, and told Jackie that it was goodbye.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

by Pam

Jackie was depressed because Owen had left her. Nick entered her office and told her that he was worried about her. He wanted his mother to assure him that she was all right, but Jackie said that Owen was gone. Nick said that he had worried that something would separate Jackie and Owen. Jackie told Nick that he didn't have to worry about the financial ramifications, because Owen had quit Jackie M and left his car and everything with Jackie. Owen wanted nothing -- not cash or anything. Jackie said she had tried to convince Owen that she loved him, but he wanted nothing to do with her.

Nick admitted that he had been wrong about Owen. He acknowledged that he knew she and Owen loved each other, and he promised to talk to Owen for her.

Nick showed up at Owen's beach house. Owen said that he knew Nick was probably there to gloat because Owen was finally out of his mother's life. Nick said that he was there to encourage Owen to take his mother back. Owen was surprised that Nick had shown up to encourage him to pursue Jackie. Nick said that he knew that Owen and Jackie loved each other.

Nick admitted that he had been wrong about Owen. Nick said that he knew Owen still cared about his mother. He reminded Owen that Jackie never knew he had a twin, so she had no reasonable explanation for what had happened when the television show aired with Casper as Owen saying he didn't love Jackie. Owen said that Jackie should have trusted him. He said that he wanted to be alone, and, as he left, Nick said that he wanted Owen and his mother to patch things up.

Later, at Jackie M, Pam tried to cheer Jackie up. After offering lemon bars, Pam suggested that Jackie had to do something very romantic to get Owen's attention. Pam assured Jackie that the problem was fixable, and she promised to help Jackie to get Owen back. Pam suggested flowers and a home-cooked meal, but she realized Jackie didn't cook. Jackie said that she needed to do something that would remind Owen of what they had together. Pam had the idea to do something up in the sky -- a risky adventure that would have her soaring back into Owen's life over his beach house.

Pam wanted Jackie to try parasailing so that she could not be ignored. Jackie loved the idea, and they decided to make a banner that would fly behind her. Jackie hugged Pam and thanked her for the idea to fly over Owen's beach house.

At the parasailing office, Jackie signed a waiver and decided to carry an "I love you, Owen" banner. Jackie met with the captain of the boat, and he gave her final instructions on parasailing. Flying high above Owen's beach house in full parasailing garb, Jackie spotted Owen on his deck and started shouting at him to get his attention. Owen looked up and saw Jackie. He smiled and laughed as he commented on how outrageous it was for Jackie to do such a thing as she called attention to the banner that said, "I love you, Owen." He acknowledged that she was crazy.

At Forrester, Brooke and Beth discussed that they would deal with the adversity of Beth's issues. Ridge entered with proofs of the new Forrester campaign. Beth was impressed with the photos of her daughters dressed up like queens. She pointedly looked at Ridge and said that she wanted to see them treated that way. Beth told Ridge that Brooke was his destiny, and he needed to be back at home with Brooke and their children. Brooke said that she needed to talk to Ridge alone, and she asked her mother to wait for them.

Brooke and Ridge went into Eric's office. Brooke told Ridge that her mother was not herself, and would never be herself again. She reminded Ridge that Beth had been suffering from dementia a year before , and she had developed full-blown Alzheimer's, and it was advanced. She said that Beth would become more and more confused. Brooke said that her mother would often forget what she was doing and was in a complete fog. Other times, she seemed to be fine. Ridge wondered if medication could help, but Brooke said the medication was no longer working, and she started to cry as Ridge hugged and comforted her.

Stephanie walked into the office where Beth was waiting. Stephanie told Beth to leave her son alone. Beth laid into Stephanie and told her that all Stephanie's tricks and strategies were not working on Eric this time. She said that Eric had no choice but to leave because of Stephanie. Quickly, Stephanie corrected Beth by saying that she meant Ridge, not Eric. Beth became anxious and angry, and told Stephanie to stop twisting her words. Beth said the Logans were not going to bow to Stephanie again.

Friday, August 28, 2009

In Ridge's office at Forrester, Ridge told Brooke how sorry he was that Brooke's mother, Beth, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Brooke told Ridge that Beth was getting worse -- she couldn't do basic arithmetic, she was forgetting people's names, and she was extremely volatile. Ridge learned that Katie and Donna didn't know about Beth's disease. Brooke said that she and her father were going to tell Brooke's sisters about Beth.

When Ridge asked if Beth had been acting erratic, Brooke said that even the smallest thing could set the normally meek Beth off. Brooke began crying and said that she hated what was happening to her mother. Ridge comforted Brooke with a hug.

In Eric's office, Beth yelled at Stephanie, accusing her of mistreating the Logan family. She accused Stephanie of pretending to be virtuous and moral, but said that Stephanie's life was filled with lies and dark secrets. Stephanie tried to calm Beth down, to no avail. Beth's voice level continued to rise, and Stephanie told her that there was no reason to get upset. Beth accused Stephanie of ruining Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Stephanie accused Beth of ruining Stephanie's marriage to Eric.

Beth, recounting events that had occurred years earlier, told Stephanie that she had stolen Eric from Beth. Stephanie was confused as to why Beth was bringing up "ancient history." Stephanie suggested that they stay focused on the moment, and asked Beth not to interfere in Ridge's life -- to stop pushing Brooke's relationship with Ridge, as Beth had done ten minutes earlier. Beth didn't remember that Brooke had even been in the room ten minutes earlier.

Beth became more and more confused about what she and Stephanie had just discussed. When Stephanie brought up Brooke's interference in Ridge's life, Beth again began discussing how Stephanie had stolen Eric from her years earlier. An increasingly agitated Beth told Stephanie that Stephanie was a spiteful woman who hated her life. When Beth said that Brooke had never done anything to Stephanie, Stephanie began laughing and asked Beth if she was serious. Stephanie wondered whether Beth had a stroke, or was forgetting everything on purpose. Beth began repeating herself, and Stephanie asked her what was wrong with her. The hysterical Beth shouted, "You are what's wrong with me," and then shoved Stephanie.

Hearing the ruckus, Ridge, Brooke, and Marcus rushed into Eric's office and incorrectly assumed that Stephanie had physically attacked Beth. Stephanie explained that Beth had shoved her. Marcus said that his grandmother was a peaceful person, and that she wouldn't have shoved anyone. Brooke asked Stephanie what they were arguing about. Stephanie said that she had simply asked Beth to stop encouraging Brooke and Ridge's relationship, and then had tried to calm Beth down.

Beth denied shoving Stephanie. Stephanie said that Beth was out of control. Clearly irritated with the conversation, Stephanie began to leave the office, and, to the shock of everyone in the room, Beth went after Stephanie and shoved her again.

Bridget was surprised to learn that Nick had asked Owen to reconcile with Jackie. Nick said that he had been wrong about Owen -- that Owen truly loved Jackie. Bridget asked Nick if he thought that Jackie and Owen's marriage was over. Nick said that Owen needed time to think. Bridget told Nick that she was really proud of him.

Pam entered and told Nick that Jackie was going to be okay, and that Pam had come up with a plan that would lead to Jackie and Owen reconciling. Becoming concerned, Nick asked Pam where Jackie was. Pam said that Jackie wanted to do something adventurous to win Owen back. Nick and Bridget were shocked to learn that Pam had suggested that Jackie go parasailing over Owen's beach house, attached to an "I Love You, Owen" banner. Nick could barely believe that his mother was flying over the ocean with a sign attached to her back. Proud of her suggestion, Pam said that Jackie was like a giant lovebird.

Nick thought that Jackie parasailing over Owen's beach house was insane, but Bridget thought it sounded like something that Jackie would do. Nick said that he just wanted Jackie to be happy, and that, after Jackie's parasailing stunt, Owen would have to take Jackie back.

Owen watched through his binoculars as Jackie parasailed along the California coast, with a banner reading "I Love You, Owen" attached to her parasailing rig. She shouted to Owen, asking him if he could see the banner. Owen smiled and said, "Oh, that crazy woman. I don't believe this." She shouted that she loved Owen, and kept screaming for him to look at the banner.

Owen yelled to Jackie, asking her what she was doing up there. Jackie continued to urge Owen to look at the banner. Suddenly, a large flock of seagulls flew into Jackie. Jackie screamed and began falling towards the ocean. Owen ran out of his house.

Owen rescued Jackie, and took her, soaking wet, to his house. Owen wanted to take Jackie to the hospital, but she refused. Owen was clearly concerned about Jackie, and told her that she could have been killed.

From the proprietor of the parasailing shop, Nick learned that Jackie had fallen into the ocean after a seagull attack. Bridget asked if Jackie was okay. Nick said that, according to the shop owner, Jackie had been rescued by a guy on a surfboard. Bridget and Nick assumed that Jackie's rescuer was Owen. Bridget thought that perhaps Jackie and Owen would kiss and make up.

Jackie wondered if her quest to win Owen back had succeeded. Owen said that if she had intended to scare him to death, then she had succeeded royally. Owen again chided Jackie for risking her life. She said that she had needed to send him a message -- something that was really unique. Realizing that Owen still felt estranged from her, Jackie began to cry. Owen said that he had told Nick that he needed a little time. Jackie sobbed that she couldn't lose Owen -- that she loved him and needed him.

Owen got Jackie a robe, and helped her unzip her wetsuit. She was clearly upset that Owen turned away as she removed the wetsuit and put on the robe. Jackie wanted to talk about her having kissed Whip, but Owen didn't want to discuss it. Jackie said that she never realized how deeply Owen cared about her. Owen wondered if Jackie had believed what his twin brother, Casper, had said on television -- that Owen was just using Jackie for her money. Jackie said that she didn't believe that, but told Owen that May-December romances rarely worked out. Owen said that if Jackie believed that old axiom, then she had never really known how he felt about her.

Jackie said that she knew that Owen was sweet, thoughtful, attentive, and gentle, but until the incident with Casper, she didn't realize how much Owen had loved her, nor how vulnerable he was. She told Owen that when she had planned the dinner to tell him about her having kissed Whip, she had known that Owen would be angry, but she thought that he would easily get over it. She hadn't been prepared for the hurt and the pain that she had seen in Owen's eyes -- and, at that moment, she had realized how much Owen loved her.

Jackie began sobbing again and told Owen that he was her life. She said that she would do anything to get him back. Owen half-jokingly said, "You are completely and totally off your rocker, woman." Jackie chuckled. Owen then declared his love for Jackie. The couple looked into each other's eyes and began kissing passionately.

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