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Mary Jane claimed that she was pregnant. Summer was accepted into a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland. Nick overheard Sharon admit that he was the father of her baby. Adam helped Ashley deceive the doctor into thinking she was stable.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, August 24, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Michael told Victor that Jack had won a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of Ashley's mental health. Victor was livid and admitted that he hadn't yet broken the distressing news to Ashley. Victor trashed Jack for believing that a ward for mentally deranged patients was a better choice for Ashley than her home at the ranch. Michael said he hoped to arrange Ashley's mental evaluation to take place at the ranch. Michael warned Victor that nothing else could be done if Jack didn't back down. Victor believed that Jack's persistent hold on Ashley was Jack's personal vendetta against him.

Upstairs in Ashley's bedroom, Adam zealously attended to Ashley. Shaking and panic-stricken, Ashley told Adam that she should disclose the details of her recent car accident and the recurrent visions of Sabrina to Victor. Adam advised Ashley not to mention Sabrina and insisted that she keep her distance from him until she felt stronger. Ashley admitted that she had already broken down the wall she had built to distance herself emotionally from Victor. Victor entered and asked Adam to leave for a moment.

Victor took a deep breath before he announced to Ashley that Jack had petitioned the court to force her to undergo a mental evaluation. Victor added that the evaluation could compel Ashley to seek professional treatment at an inpatient facility. Adam, with his ear plastered against the door, listened to Victor and Ashley's conversation, Ashley cried, "He wants to have me committed." Ashley told Victor that she couldn't handle being incarcerated in an institution. Victor explained that Michael was already working to undo the court's arrangements. Ashley, taken aback, lashed out at Victor for hiding the truth. Victor reminded Ashley that she had already passed one mental examination.

As Adam continued to eavesdrop, Victor advised Ashley to tell the examiner about the hidden microphones, cameras, and the other distressing events that had recently taken place. After Victor left, Ashley phoned Jack and demanded that he come at once to explain what he was doing. When Jack arrived, Michael attempted to dissuade him from pressing forward with Ashley's committal. Jack refused. Michael explained that Ashley's evaluation would take place at the ranch. Adam walked in and called Jack a hypocrite. Victor walked in and asked Jack why he was there. Before Jack could respond, Ashley summoned Jack upstairs.

After Jack disappeared up the stairs, Adam firmly announced that Jack wouldn't win. Victor wholeheartedly agreed. Michael raised his brow in response to Adam's cockiness. Upstairs, Ashley demanded that Jack explain what he was doing to her. Jack reminded Ashley that she wasn't herself, and that he wouldn't give up on her without a fight. Ashley cried that the ordeal was an embarrassment. Jack said that if he backed away and allowed his sister's condition to deteriorate, he couldn't live with himself. Jack asked Ashley when she last felt joy. Ashley, apprehensive, seemed unable to respond. In tears, Jack asked Ashley what had happened to the bright, vibrant woman she had been the previous winter.

Ashley regained her wits and flatly demanded that Jack stop the court order or risk losing his relationship with her. Jack alluded to the fear he saw in Ashley's eyes and blamed her condition on Victor and the effects of living with his merry band of sadists. Ashley defensively hunched her shoulders forward as she wiped tears from her cheeks. Jack calmly explained that he hoped for positive results from the examiner. Ashley sounded demonic when she charged that Jack wouldn't be happy until she was taken away from Victor and locked up. Ashley's cruel accusation hit Jack like a potent physical blow.

After Jack left his sister's room, he confronted Victor and blamed Ashley's predicament solely on him. Victor explained that he had no delusions about Ashley, but insisted that Ashley had been recovering until Jack stepped in. Jack yelled, "That woman is in pieces up there. If I had any questions about getting a court order, I don't now." Jack and Victor argued about Ashley, but Victor refused to let her leave with Jack. Jack received a call informing him that the examiner would arrive shortly. Jack proudly announced that Ashley's nightmare would soon be over. Victor insisted that Ashley would pass the test. Afterward, Victor warned, Ashley would be through with Jack for good.

Adam returned to Ashley's room. Ashley cried that she was worried about failing the test. Ashley said that she would have to lie about seeing Sabrina, driving the car, and about Adam finding the bloodied clothing. Adam told Ashley that she wouldn't have to mention any of those things to the examiner. Ashley nearly lost her sanity when she recalled the horrors of her previous treatment in a psychiatric facility. Adam promised Ashley that he wouldn't let anyone take her away because she was his only friend. Adam promised to protect Ashley. Adam embraced a sobbing Ashley and insisted that she meant too much to him. Adam clasped Ashley's shoulders and insisted that she would pass the examiner's test if she did exactly as Adam instructed. Adam insisted that Ashley would have to trust him because he was her only hope.

At a chemotherapy clinic, Neil phoned Lily to ensure that she was all right. Cane held Lily's hand and doted on her as medication dripped into a tube inserted into Lily's vein. Lily asked Cane to tell her a story to pass the time. Cane pulled the privacy curtains closed and began his story as if it were a fairy tale. Cane described a young man who toiled on a friend's cattle ranch plagued by powerful and dangerous rustlers. After the rustlers repeated thievery ruined the friend's cattle business, the young man bravely identified the rustlers, and authorities caught the thieves. Lily quickly discerned that her husband was the story's main character and the hero who had risked his life.

Cane sadly noted that he couldn't return to Australia for fear of reprisal from the angered rustlers, who operated much like an organized mafia. Lily worried that Cane's life could still be in danger. Lily visited with another young cancer patient named Celia. After Cane offered to get Celia a drink, the young woman deemed Cane an awesome husband. Lily gazed dreamily into Cane's eyes and responded, "No argument there." After Lily and Cane returned home, Lily insisted that she felt fine. Cane offered to take care of Lily, but Lily insisted that she wanted to fend for herself as long as she felt well enough to do so.

At Newman Enterprises headquarters, Nick and Phyllis lavished compliments on each other for taking special care of Summer during her recovery. Sonia Wells, a reporter for the National Inquisitor brazenly approached Nick and Phyllis. Extending a tape recorder, Sonia asked Nick what he thought about seeing his former wife and spokesmodel in the loony bin. Nick angrily explained that Sharon and other family members were off limits. Nick warned the reporter not to snoop around the building.

After the nosy reporter abruptly left, Nick remained angry and distressed. Phyllis calmly insisted that she understood Nick's reaction to the intruder. Nick seemed distracted. Phyllis said that she realized that Nick was concerned about Sharon, even though he hadn't visited with his former wife at the treatment facility. Nick thanked Phyllis for forgiving him and giving their marriage another chance. After Nick boarded an elevator, Phyllis seemed uneasy.

Nick explained that he and Sharon were trying to avoid complications. Noah claimed that he understood that his dad had chosen Phyllis, but he asked Nick why he had to avoid Sharon. Nick explained that Sharon had plenty of support from Jack, who was her baby's father. Nick added that things were they way they were supposed to be. Nick's stance brought no measure of comfort to Noah.

At an inpatient psychiatric facility, Sharon took a phone call from Jack. Sharon, frustrated by Jack's frequent calls, insisted that Jack give her the space she needed. Sharon thanked Jack for keeping her secret by not telling Nick that he was her baby's father. Noah visited his mother. Sharon welcomed Noah with a tight hug. Sharon acted bubbly and cheery and insisted that she was doing very well. Sharon placed her hands, palms-down, onto her belly and giddily announced that her baby was kicking up a storm. Noah seemed relieved when his mother described the facility as a cocoon, where she felt safe.

After Noah left, Phyllis dropped by. Sharon invited Phyllis in and theorized that Phyllis expected to find Nick there. Phyllis insisted she wasn't insecure about Nick. Phyllis warned Sharon about the nosy reporters who were seeking sensational tidbits regarding Sharon's treatment. Sharon maintained a serene demeanor and insisted that she and her baby were fine. Phyllis suggested that perhaps she had misjudged Sharon. Sharon told Phyllis that Noah had visited and forced himself to remain strong for his mother's sake.

Phyllis offered her home as a respite for Noah and thanked Sharon for taking care of Summer and singing to her. Phyllis' offers of support surprised Sharon, and she joked that she might rip Phyllis' ring off her finger. Phyllis suggested that Sharon reconnect with Jack after her release. Sharon maintained her composure and congenially thanked Phyllis for stopping by.

After Phyllis left, Sharon sorted her belongings and methodically stowed them away. Phyllis returned unexpectedly and startled Sharon. Phyllis observed, "As I was signing out, I noticed that Jack's name wasn't listed once since you've been here. Now why is it that the father of your baby hasn't been here to check on you?" Sharon averted Phyllis' gaze and seemed at a loss for words.

After Noah visited his mother, he stopped by his father's office. Noah told his dad that his mother had pretended that she was enjoying a grand vacation. Noah worriedly admitted that his mother wasn't truly happy. Noah equated his mother's treatment to imprisonment. Nick insisted that Sharon was supposed to be receiving treatment in a top facility. Noah responded, "I guess you wouldn't know because you haven't gone to see her."

Nick later confronted Jack at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nick said that reporters had hounded him about Sharon. Nick expressed concern and asked how Sharon was doing. Jack insisted that Sharon was fine and didn't want Nick to worry about her. Jack cut the conversation short and explained that he had another issue that needed urgent attention. Before Jack left, Nick pleaded with him to relay Nick's thoughts of concern to Sharon.

At the GCAC, Lauren and Michael enjoyed a romantic dinner alone. Michael repeatedly fielded calls from the court regarding Ashley's mental evaluation, so Lauren threatened to confiscate Michael's phone. Michael apologized for always trying to save people. Lauren admitted that she loved Michael for being the caring man he was. Recalling that Eden was lovingly caring for Fen, Michael gently kissed Lauren's hand after he urgently requested a room key from a passing waiter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack told Victor that the psychiatrist would insist that Ashley get the help she needed. Abby overheard the conversation and asked if Jack was trying to get Ashley put away. Victor told Abby not to jump to conclusions. When the doctor arrived, Victor asked to be allowed to stay while Ashley was interviewed. The doctor apologized, but said that the court order would not allow that. When Jack commented that Victor would not be able to manipulate the situation, Victor asked that Jack drop the vendetta against him and think about Ashley for once.

Ashley was worried about her interview with the psychiatrist. Adam told her he had a list of potential questions and prepped her for the psychiatrist's review. When the psychiatrist arrived, Ashley was ready. As Adam told her to do, Ashley was calm and answered the doctor's questions matter-of-factly. Ashley told the psychiatrist that she didn't believe that a ghost was haunting her. After a few more questions, the psychiatrist believed Ashley's story and said that they were finished.

Adam went downstairs and argued with Jack about what he was doing to Ashley. Jack said it hadn't been so long ago that Adam would have done anything to get at Victor. Victor said that in times of trauma, families stuck together.

The psychiatrist went downstairs and told Victor and Jack that Ashley was of sound mind. Jack said that was ludicrous. Victor told Jack it was time for him to get out. When Adam smiled at Jack, Jack wondered if Adam had something to do with it.

Adam told Abby that Ashley had been great to him. Abby apologized for not always being nice to Adam. She said that she had realized it was possible for people to change.

When Victor went upstairs to tell Ashley that the psychiatrist was gone, Ashley was shaken, yet relieved. Victor asked if she would go downstairs with him, but Ashley said she just wanted to go to sleep.

Ashley thanked Adam for helping her with the psychiatrist. Adam said he was relieved that she was staying where she belonged. Ashley told Adam she wanted to be there for him the way he had been there for her. She asked if Adam would stay with her until she fell asleep.

J.T. determined there had been a struggle in Mary Jane's hotel room. He was worried when he wasn't able to reach Paul. He called the police to report a missing person. J.T. then called Nick and asked if he and Phyllis would meet him at the club.

Paul told Mary Jane that he was on her side; he asked that she put the knife away. Mary Jane told him to stop talking and drive. Paul was shocked that she was the same girl who used to make pies at church bake sales. He asked Mary Jane about the person who decided to change the way she looked. Mary Jane said it was none of his business, and threw the knife at him. She was shocked when she accidentally stabbed him. Paul was relieved that Mary Jane did not want to hurt him.

J.T., Heather, and Nick waited for Phyllis to arrive at the Athletic Club. Nick asked if J.T. was positive that Paul was with Mary Jane. J.T. told Nick and Heather that Paul had gone up to Mary Jane's room and hadn't been seen since. J.T. said that he wanted to give Nick a heads-up in case Mary Jane was goi ng after Summer. Heather was overwhelmed and wished she had someone to talk to.

J.T. received information about Paul and Mary Jane. He said that the cops had found them, but that Paul and Mary Jane got away. Heather realized that it meant Paul was being held hostage.

Paul took Mary Jane to a priest and requested protection from the police. Paul told Mary Jane that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.

Phyllis asked Sharon why Jack hadn't visited her in the hospital. Sharon said that it was none of Phyllis' business. Phyllis received a call, but put it on silent. Phyllis said that she wasn't leaving until Sharon told her what was going on between Sharon and Jack.

Sharon told Phyllis the reason Jack hadn't visited was because she asked him not to . She said that she was trying to be independent and strong for her baby. Phyllis was happy to hear that Sharon wasn't trying to rely on her exes. As she was leaving, she heard Nick's voice, asking to see Sharon. Phyllis sighed with disappointment. Nick tried to call Phyllis again and then asked the guards to protect Sharon. Sharon was walking the halls and saw Nick. Sharon said that he had just missed Phyllis. Nick said that he wanted to see her. Sharon thanked Nick for checking in on her. Nick said that he was really proud of her.

Phyllis went to the coffeehouse and asked Jack why he hadn't been to see Sharon. Jack said that he didn't have time to get into it; all he was thinking about was the well-being of his sister. Phyllis asked again why Jack wouldn't want to see Sharon. Jack told Phyllis that she was imagining things. Phyllis knew when she looked into Jack's eyes that he was lying. She asked if Nick was the father. She asked him to look her in the eyes and tell her the truth. Jack looked directly at Phyllis and said he was the father of Sharon's baby. When Phyllis asked if he would lie to her, Jack said no.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bardwells went to the Newman ranch with the photo of Victor hugging Mary Jane outside Mary Jane's hotel suite. Gloria asked Victor why the man who had offered a million-dollar reward for Mary Jane's capture would have been embracing her. Victor asked the Bardwells if they were threatening him.

Jeffrey reminded Victor that he owed the Bardwells money for their help in having Colleen removed from the Newman board. Victor picked up a phone. When Jeffrey asked him if he was calling security, Victor said that he was calling the police, unless they left immediately. The seemingly defeated Bardwells stormed out of the house.

The Bardwells returned to their jobs at Crimson Lights. Gloria complained to Jeffrey that she didn't like being poor. She blamed her husband for having been too heavy-handed with Victor, saying that if Jeffrey hadn't threatened Victor with the photo, Victor would have given them money for their role in handling the situation with Colleen. When Jeffrey made romantic overtures towards Gloria, Gloria said that, until Jeffrey found a way to pay the rent, romance was out of the question.

Later, Gloria complained to Jeffrey about how bad her fingernails looked. She said that she wanted a manicure, but couldn't afford one. She decided that she would go to an out-of-the-way, low-priced salon where no one knew her.

Chloe and Chance ran into each other at the Athletic Club. Chloe told Chance that she and Billy were going to sign their divorce papers that afternoon. Chloe said that she looked forward to her "post-Abbott" life, but wondered who would want an old married woman with a kid. Chance reminded Chloe that she wasn't old, she would soon be unmarried, and that Delia was adorable. Chance received a call that there had been a break in the Mary Jane Benson case. A nearby Heather overheard, and Heather and Chance rushed out of the club.

Jill joined Katherine and Murphy for breakfast at the club. Katherine reminded Jill that the property taxes on the Chancellor estate were due, and that Jill's share was $100,000. Katherine, not knowing that Jill was broke, didn't understand why Jill became so uncomfortable when Katherine brought up the taxes. Jill said that she would have to write a check later. Chloe walked over to the table and began talking about how adorable Delia was. An irritated Jill excused herself and walked out of the club, as Chloe sat down to join Katherine and Murphy.

Jill went to the seedy beauty salon where she had been working as a manicurist. She asked Millie, the proprietor, for as many shifts as possible. Millie was able to oblige Jill, as one of the other manicurists had called in sick.

Later, Gloria showed up at the salon for a manicure. Gloria was pleasantly surprised when she looked up and saw that Jill was going to be her manicurist. An embarrassed Jill held up a chart and told Gloria to pick a color.

Billy ran into Mac at Crimson Lights. He told her that he was signing his divorce papers that day. Billy wanted to celebrate with Mac that night at Indigo, however Mac suggested something more intimate -- a romantic evening at their trailer. The couple toasted to a new beginning.

Back at the Athletic Club, Chloe told Murphy and Katherine that she and Billy were going to be signing their divorce papers that day. Chloe was concerned that Billy would forget about Delia once he had children with Mac. Murphy said that Billy would have to answer to Murphy if he abandoned Delia. Katherine told Chloe that she was a remarkable young woman. Chloe wondered why Billy wasn't able to see that.

Chloe told Katherine and Murphy that one year earlier she had been marrying Cane -- and that afternoon she was divorcing Billy. Katherine and Murphy assured Chloe that they would always be there for her. When Mac showed up at the table, Chloe told her that she was happy for Billy and Mac. Mac seemed surprised at Chloe's sincerity.

Billy and Chloe ran into each other in the hallway outside of the courthouse. She told Billy that she was actually looking forward to finalizing their divorce and moving on with her life. A clerk entered the hallway and asked the Abbotts to enter the courtroom.

Inside the courtroom, the mediator told Billy and Chloe to review the divorce documents and then sign them. They scanned the documents, and Billy said that he wouldn't sign the agreement. When Chloe asked him why, he said that he had some questions about the settlement.

At Newman Enterprises, J.T. told Victoria that Paul and Mary Jane had disappeared. J.T. asked Victoria why she had given him the silent treatment the previous night. Victoria claimed that she had been tired. J.T. again apologized to Victoria for having kissed Colleen. He reminded his wife that, aside from the kiss, nothing had happened between him and Colleen. Victoria said that the tension between the Hellstroms was about more than Colleen. J.T. said that he would ease up on Victor. J.T. received a phone call informing him that Paul's car had been located -- and that blood had been found in the vehicle.

J.T. told Victoria that it looked as if Mary Jane had taken Paul hostage. Victoria wondered whether she should contact Nikki to tell her about Paul. J.T. thought that was a good idea. Victoria then asked J.T. if they could wipe the slate clean and renew their relationship without any tension. As J.T. walked out, he said that it wasn't that simple.

Victoria found Katherine at the Athletic Club and asked her if she had heard from Nikki. Katherine said that she hadn't, adding that it wasn't like Nikki to disappear. Victoria said that was more Victor's style.

At St. Jude's Church, Paul awakened Mary Jane/Patty. Patty became agitated, but Paul told her the church was the only place where she would be safe from the police. Paul assured Patty that he was on her side. Patty said that it had been a long time since she had anyone in her corner.

When Patty said that she had made a mess of things when she shot Jack, Paul reminded her that no charges were ever filed against her. Patty said that after she miscarried, she had tried to get her life together, but that she couldn't handle what people were saying, so she left Genoa City. When Paul asked her why she had returned using an alias, Patty said that a very powerful man who hadn't accepted her in the past might accept her with a new face. Paul asked her if the powerful man was Victor. Patty denied that Victor was behind her return -- she said that she had returned for Jack.

Patty told Paul that she was relieved that she didn't have to be Mary Jane anymore. Paul asked her how she had been able to make the transformation from Patty Williams to Mary Jane Benson. Patty thought about Victor offering her money and telling her to leave town. Leaving the question unanswered, Patty said that she had to be with Jack -- the man who loved her. She suspected that Sharon or Phyllis had called the police, and that the authorities would soon find her. Paul convinced Patty to let him call J.T. Paul said that J.T. would be able to intervene with the police.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Heather received a call confirming that it was Paul's blood in the car. J.T. tried to calm Heather, telling her that Paul had been in far more dangerous situations before. Paul called J.T. and told his partner that the blood was from a superficial flesh wound. Paul revealed that he was at St. Jude's Church with Mary Jane, and he asked J.T. to meet him there. Paul begged J.T. not to tell the authorities where he and Mary Jane were.

J.T. told Heather and Chance that Paul's wound was minor. As he was about to leave, Heather and Chance asked J.T. where he was going. When J.T. said that he had promised Paul that he wouldn't say, Heather reminded J.T. that Paul was her father, and begged him to tell her where Paul and Mary Jane were.

At the church, Paul held Patty in his arms and told her that she must have derived her alias, Mary Jane, from her mother's name, Mary, and her aunt's name, Jane. Paul heard J.T. calling from outside the church. When Paul went out to meet him, he was unhappy to see that Heather and Chance were with J.T. Paul told Heather and Chance that Father Hoffman had granted him and Mary Jane sanctuary from the police. Heather reminded her father that Mary Jane was dangerous. Chance said that he needed to call the chief and find out what he wanted Chance to do.

Paul told Heather that she could see Mary Jane, but he warned his daughter not to freak Mary Jane out. J.T., Paul, and Heather entered the church. Paul said, "This is my sister, Patty. Your Aunt Patty." Heather was stunned. J.T. and Heather realized that Patty Williams and Mary Jane Benson were the same person. Patty decided to light a candle, praying that Heather, the assistant district attorney, wouldn't have her locked up. When Patty walked away, J.T. asked Paul what had happened to her. Heather said that she had heard the story about Patty shooting Jack years earlier, and she tried to convince Paul that Patty was dangerous -- after all, she had nearly killed Summer, and she had poisoned Zapato.

Paul told Heather and J.T. that Patty shouldn't be imprisoned -- he said that she needed psychiatric help. J.T. asked Paul if Patty had said anything about Victor being involved in her return to Genoa City. Paul said that Patty had denied Victor's involvement, but neither Paul nor J.T. was convinced.

After Heather and J.T. left, Paul told Patty that he had tried to locate their brother, Todd, but that he was on a retreat. Paul assured her that she was safe in the church -- that the district attorney wouldn't violate their sanctuary if he wanted to be reelected. Patty asked about their parents. Paul told her that Mary was okay, but was slowing down, and that Carl still wasn't around. Patty said that she wished the family were still together. Patty went to light another candle, as Paul broke down and began sobbing.

Outside the church, Chance and some police officers had gathered. Chance told the officers not to make a move until he gave the word. Heather approached Chance and told him that Mary Jane wouldn't hurt Paul -- that Mary Jane was really Paul's sister, and Heather's aunt, Patty Williams. Chance received a call from the chief ordering him to respectfully invade the church and apprehend Patty. Heather begged for a few more minutes -- she was waiting for a call from the D.A.'s office on how to proceed. Chance gave Heather two minutes to see if she heard from her superiors.

The two minutes passed, and Heather hadn't heard from the D.A.'s office. Chance ordered the officers into position. Using a megaphone, Chance told Paul to surrender Ms. Benson -- or they would enter. Paul opened the door and told Chance that Patty wasn't going to surrender -- if the police wanted to get her, they would have to violate sanctuary.

J.T. went to the Newman ranch and told Victor that Mary Jane was really Patty Williams, Paul's sister. Victor acted as if he was surprised, and asked J.T. why Patty would have had plastic surgery and returned to Genoa City. J.T. told Victor that Patty was obsessed with Jack. Victor asked where Patty was -- J.T. told him that she and Paul were in St. Jude's Church.

J.T. said that he was still curious about the note that was left in his pocket, suggesting that Victor knew something about Mary Jane. Victor denied knowing anything about Patty's return. J.T. accused Victor of paying Patty's way to Genoa City as a method of getting revenge on Jack, and said that Victor hadn't counted on unleashing a mentally unstable Patty on the Newman family. Victor accused J.T. of causing problems in the Newman family by carrying on with Colleen -- and told his son-in-law that he was no longer welcome at the ranch.

J.T. found Victoria at the Athletic Club and told her that Mary Jane was really Paul's sister, Patty. J.T. told his wife that Victor was responsible for Patty's presence in Genoa City. Victoria said that she thought that she and J.T, were going to wipe the slate clean, and that J.T. would no longer make accusations against Victor. J.T. reminded Victoria that wiping the slate clean had been her idea -- and it was apparently not possible to do that with the Newman family.

Victor showed up at Crimson Lights and ordered a coffee from Jeffrey. Jeffrey wondered if Victor had returned to "play ball." Victor told Jeffrey that he had a way for the Bardwells to become rich. Victor said that Mary Jane Benson was at St. Jude's Church, and that if the Bardwells took Mary Jane to him, Victor would make them very wealthy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

After Lily's chemotherapy session, Lily and Cane stopped by the Crimson Lights patio. Cane wiped down the table and Lily's chair to ensure that Lily didn't pick up an infection. Mac stopped by and told Lily how good she looked. Lily thanked Mac for watching Humphrey while she was in chemo. Mac told Lily that Billy thought that Humphrey was adorable. Lily was going to call Billy to thank him for helping to babysit the dog. Mac told Lily not to bother, as Billy was with Chloe, and the Abbotts were busy signing their divorce papers.

After Mac left, a tired-looking Lily was barely able to eat. She attributed her lethargy to the post-chemo crash that the nurses had warned her about. Cane mentioned that the day would mark Chloe's second divorce within one year. He laughed and said it would have been his and Chloe's one-year wedding anniversary. Lily became upset and didn't understand how Cane could find that amusing.

Lily reminded Cane about the hell she had gone through when he had married Chloe. Lily said that Cane was taking good care of her while she underwent chemo, but that she still didn't really know who he was. She told Cane that she didn't believe his story about being chased from Australia by angry cattle rustlers. In a huff, Lily told Cane to take her home.

At the Ashbys', Lily blamed Cane for stealing a year of her life -- a year that she could never get back. She reminded him that although he had been angry that Billy and Chloe had lied to everyone about Delia's paternity, Cane had been lying to everyone about his true identity. Lily said that she needed Cane to take care of her -- but she couldn't forget about Cane's lies. Cane said that he would always be there for her, and that she would be safe with him. Lily decided to go to bed. She refused Cane's offer to lie down with her.

In the divorce mediation room, Chloe was confused about Billy's reluctance to sign the divorce agreement. Billy recalled his happiness when Delia was born, and told Chloe that he needed time to rethink things.

Billy made up lame excuses for not signing the divorce papers. Billy recalled his wedding to Chloe. He told Chloe and the mediator that he needed more time, and suggested that they reschedule the meeting. Chloe thought that Billy was having second thoughts about ending their marriage.

Billy told Chloe not to make any assumptions about his reluctance to sign the papers. Chloe asked the mediator to leave the room so that she and Billy could speak privately. After the mediator was gone, Chloe asked him what the problem was. Billy continued making excuses for not signing -- he said that Chloe shouldn't prosper from having become pregnant on purpose. Chloe wondered if Billy was jealous about the possibility of another man raising Delia. She told him that if he was having even the slightest twinge of regret about divorcing her, he should call it off, and allow Delia to grow up with both of her parents. Billy said that they were past that point. Chloe asked the mediator back in, and told her that she and Billy would call to reschedule the meeting, once Billy decided what he wanted to do. Chloe told Billy that the ball was in his court.

Chloe ran into Mac at Crimson Lights. When Chloe told Mac that the divorce wasn't final, Mac assumed that Chloe had refused to sign the papers. Chloe corrected Mac, telling her that Billy hadn't been ready to sign. Mac looked concerned.

Mac found Billy drinking at the Athletic Club, with the divorce papers sitting on the counter in front of him. Mac told Billy that she had heard from a confused Chloe that he hadn't signed the papers. Mac said that she, like Chloe, was confused.

Billy told Mac that he wanted another chance to look over the agreement, as he didn't want to sign anything that he would regret. He said that he was suspicious that Chloe had made the divorce process so simple. Mac told Billy not to sign the agreement unless he was sure that he wanted to divorce Chloe. She said that if Billy wasn't sure, then Mac couldn't be sure about her relationship with Billy. Mac walked out without saying another word.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Esther that Billy still loved her, and that he had become jealous when he saw Chloe with Chance. Esther warned her daughter not to read too much into Billy's motives. She also told Chloe not to take advantage of Chance, who was a really nice guy. Chloe said that everyone would win -- Chance would have fun, and Delia would get both of her parents back.

Chloe decided to give Chance a call. Esther told her that Chance was busy with the Mary Jane Benson case. Chloe thought that was a perfect opportunity to leave a message for him. She called, leaving a voicemail telling Chance that he was a "supercop" and that he would probably end up being a hero.

On the Crimson Lights patio, a despondent Mac was deep in thought. At the Athletic Club bar, Billy downed a scotch and signed the divorce papers.

At the front door of St. Jude's Church, Chance, with an army of policemen behind him, ordered Paul to allow the cops to enter and apprehend Mary Jane/Patty. Heather stepped between Paul and Chance and told Chance that she couldn't allow the officers to enter the church. Paul told Chance that Patty was unarmed, and that she had been manipulated and set up by someone else.

Chance told Paul that he was out of time. Just as the authorities were about to storm the church, Owen, the senior assistant district attorney, arrived, and spoke to Paul. Owen guaranteed Paul that Patty wouldn't be mistreated. Paul said that Patty wouldn't survive in jail -- that she was living in the past and needed psychiatric help. Owen assured Paul that Patty would receive a psych evaluation in jail, but Paul insisted that it be done at the church. Paul pointedly said that Patty wouldn't surrender unless it was on Paul's terms. He stepped back into the church and slammed the door.

Outside, Owen told Heather that she had 20 minutes to get through to her father. Inside, Paul got on his cell phone and called various media outlets, arranging a press conference.

Heather went inside the church and told Paul that there was no legal precedent for sanctuary in the church -- that the police had the right to arrest Patty there. Paul said that his sister had been victimized, and that if he didn't stand up for her, no one else would. Patty started pawing an uncomfortable Heather, telling Heather that she was her and her Uncle Jack's little niece. Patty wished that Jack was there.

Paul received a phone call informing him that the press had arrived. Heather said that the D.A.'s office didn't want to turn Patty's arrest into a public spectacle. Paul told Patty to stay put, as he and Heather walked towards the front door. Patty picked up Paul's cell phone, which he had inadvertently left on a pew. Patty heard a kitten meowing. She found the kitten, held it, and said, "Hello, little sweetie."

At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey phoned Gloria and left her a message. He wondered why her manicure was taking so long, and told her that Victor had promised them a fortune if they could take Mary Jane Benson to Victor. He told Gloria that he had a plan, but that he needed to speak to her. Jack overheard the end of the message and asked Jeffrey what was going on with Mary Jane Benson. Jeffrey said that he wanted to apprehend Mary Jane and collect the million-dollar reward that Victor had offered.

At the seedy salon where Jill was working as a manicurist, Gloria was thrilled that Jill was about to work on her nails. Gloria taunted Jill about how the mighty had fallen. Jill said, "Just pick a damned color." Gloria told Jill to hurry, as Gloria didn't want to be seen "hanging around this dump."

Still undecided about what color to pick, Gloria joked that her favorites were "gossip" and "blackmail." Jill asked Gloria what it would take to keep her quiet. A special news report began on the television, and Gloria had Jill turn the volume up. Gloria and Jill were both shocked to see Paul outside St. Jude's, telling a reporter that Mary Jane Benson was a disturbed woman. A frantic Gloria called Jeffrey and told him that she was on her way back to Crimson Lights. As Gloria ran out, Jill followed her.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Mac watched the special report. Jack told Mac that he was confused -- Jack thought that Paul had been trying to apprehend Mary Jane, so he didn't understand why Paul was suddenly defending Mary Jane. A reporter asked Paul why he had taken Mary Jane to St. Jude's. Paul said that the church had a history of coming to the aid of the vulnerable and the despised. Paul said that Mary Jane was a mistreated, manipulated woman -- and no monster. Inside the church, Patty petted the kitten. Paul told the reporter that too many people were written off as lost causes, but that Mary Jane wasn't a lost cause.

Patty used Paul's cell phone to call Jack. Jack urged Patty, who he still knew as Mary Jane, to turn herself in. Patty told Jack that she was pregnant with their baby, and asked Jack if he was going to go to the church and help her. From behind the counter, Jeffrey listened in to Jack's side of the conversation. As Jack began to leave the coffeehouse, Jeffrey stopped him. Jeffrey told Jack that he had a plan to bring Victor to his knees -- and surely Jack wouldn't pass on that. Jill overheard the conversation between Jeffrey and Jack from across the room.

Jeffrey told Jack that he needed Jack's help to bring Victor down. When Jeffrey wouldn't give Jack any further details, Jack quickly left Crimson Lights. Jeffrey followed Jack out of the coffeehouse, and Jill followed Jeffrey.

Outside St. Jude's, Owen told Heather that he was upset about the publicity that Paul's press conference was generating. Heather told Owen that Paul was right -- that Patty really needed help. Paul listed his terms for Patty's surrender. Paul wanted custody of Patty. Patty would wear an ankle bracelet, paid for by Paul. When Owen refused, Paul said that was the arrangement that Victor Newman had made for his son, Adam. Paul threatened to go public, saying that the rich and the poor received different types of justice.

Owen explained to Paul that Adam wasn't violent, but Patty had demonstrated that she could be by poisoning Summer Newman. Paul said that he would buy a house in the country and keep Patty away from people. He emphasized that Patty was slipping away and wouldn't survive being locked up.

Jeffrey showed up outside the church, followed by Jill. She told Jeffrey that she wanted in on whatever he was up to.

Inside the church, Patty told the kitten that a wonderful man was on his way to rescue them. Behind Patty, a nun lit a candle. When the nun turned around, she turned out to be Gloria, disguised in a habit.

Jack arrived at the church and told Paul that he thought that he could get through to Mary Jane. Paul took Jack inside and told him that Mary Jane Benson was an alias -- that the woman was really Jack's ex-wife, Patty. Jack was flabbergasted.

Friday, August 28, 2009

At home, Phyllis and Nick walked downstairs after putting Summer to bed. Phyllis wondered where Nick had been earlier, because she had been trying to reach him. Nick confessed that he went to visit Sharon. Phyllis said that she knew that already because she had seen Nick there.

Nick asked Phyllis why she hadn't just told him that she knew he'd been there. Phyllis thought that Nick didn't want her to know, so she had kept quiet. Phyllis understood that he was there because he was worried about security with Mary Jane on the loose. Nick promised Phyllis that he meant it when he told Phyllis that he was back with her and Summer for good. Nick asked her why she spent the day stewing about it when she could have just asked him. Phyllis apologized for her actions.

The phone rang and Phyllis saw that it was an international call. Phyllis told Nick it might be from Switzerland. When Phyllis answered the call, she spoke to the clinic in Zurich and responded positively. Phyllis hung up and told Nick that there was an opening at the clinic in Zurich where Summer could be treated for her brain damage. The only catch was that Phyllis had to leave the next day. Nick encouraged Phyllis to go, and offered to help her with all the arrangements.

At the mental hospital, Sharon's psychiatrist complained to Sharon that Sharon had not been participating in the group therapy sessions. She also warned that Sharon had to get more involved in her recovery, or the court could deny her release after 30 days. The door opened and Sharon's mother, Doris, arrived for a visit.

When Sharon blamed herself for all the problems she had created, Doris defended her daughter and told Sharon not to be so hard on herself. Sharon pointed out that her mother was in a wheelchair because of Sharon. Doris urged Sharon to take advantage of being in the hospital to straighten out her life. Sharon felt that she had to take responsibility for the mistakes she had made.

In the entrance to St. Jude's church, Jack asked Paul how long he has known that Mary Jane was actually Patty. Jack still wasn't sure he could believe that she was really Patty, but Paul was certain that she was, because Mary Jane knew things only Patty could have known. Paul tried to explain that Patty had been mentally damaged and had taken on an alternate persona. Jack offered to intervene for the police and get Patty to turn herself in without incident. Chance objected, because he feared that Jack might wind up in a hostage situation. Owen was also hesitant about putting Jack in harm's way, but Jack was determined to talk to Patty personally.

Outside the church, Jill confronted Jeffrey and asked him what he was doing there. Jill suspected Jeff was up to some kind of scheme, and she wanted to be in on the deal if it involved making money. When the local newsman spoke to the camera and announced that the woman in the church was Mary Jane Benson, Jill turned to Jeff and said that she realized Mary Jane was the reason he was there.

Jill pestered Jeff to tell her what he and Gloria were doing. Jill wondered if it had something to do with the photo Jeff had taken of Victor and Mary Jane together. Jeff told Jill to leave him alone. Jill agreed to walk away, but only if he agreed to give her a piece of the action. Jeff offered Jill $100,000 if she would turn around and walk away.

Jill wanted the money immediately. Jeff didn't have the cash, so Jill dug in her heels. Jeff finally got rid of Jill by threatening to walk over to the news reporter and tell him that Jill, former high-powered executive, was working at a nail salon. Jill angrily stormed off.

Inside the church, Patty fondled her new little pussycat, Kitty. Gloria, who was dressed in a nun's habit, approached Patty and offered to help her. Patty asked her to feed Kitty. Gloria tried to talk to Patty, but Patty was focused on the sight of Jack as he entered through the doorway. Patty was overjoyed to see him, and introduced Jack to Kitty.

Jack said that he was glad to see Patty, but Jack felt bad that he hadn't recognized her when she was Mary Jane. Jack asked Patty why she had kept her true identity from him. Patty claimed she had not told Jack who she really was because Patty had wanted him to fall in love with her again. Lingering nearby, Gloria pretended that was praying, but she was actually listening in on their conversation.

Meanwhile, unable to hear what was going on inside, Paul worried about his sister and Jack. Chance read through the legal file on Patty Williams and learned that Patty had shot Jack years before. Owen was surprised that the records had not been put in the permanent database. Paul explained that his father, a former cop, had used his influence to keep the information out of the computer file to protect Patty's reputation.

Back in the church, Jack asked Patty if she was pregnant like she had told him on the phone. Patty said it was true, and that she wanted to marry Jack as soon as possible. Patty said since they were already in a church, they could have the ceremony immediately. Jack played along and said that it probably made sense. Jack asked Patty to go with him so they could find Father Hoffman and arrange for the ceremony. Patty refused to leave because the police had surrounded the church. Jack told Patty to wait with Kitty and he would go find Father Hoffman. Jack promised Patty that he would return.

Once back in the foyer, Jack explained to Paul, Chance, and Owen that Patty claimed she was pregnant. Paul and Jack knew that wasn't possible because Patty had had a miscarriage years before and was unable to conceive. Owen wanted to bring in a psychiatrist to speak with Patty, because she was obviously delusional. Paul didn't think Patty would speak to a doctor. Paul told Chance and Owen he had a plan to get Patty out of the church safely.

Gloria approached Patty again and offered to help her. Patty became agitated when she realized that Jack had been gone too long. The police put a hidden microphone on Jack, and Jack assured them that he could handle the situation.

Jack walked back into the church, but Patty wasn't there. Jack called out her name, and when Patty appeared, she was wearing a veil and holding flowers. Patty told Jack that she was ready to marry him. Patty asked where Father Hoffman was, because she wanted the ceremony to start right away.

Jack suggested that they delay the wedding plans so they could invite their families to take part. Jack also pointed out that they didn't have rings for the ceremony. Patty flared angrily. Patty accused Jack of lying to her just like everybody else she had trusted. Jack assured Patty that he wouldn't do that to her.

Outside, the police were listening in. Chance wanted to break in and grab Patty. Paul stopped Chance. At the same time, Jeffrey found the electrical unit and opened the circuit breaker box.

An angry Patty complained about the different women who had pursued Jack, bringing up Diane Jenkins. Jack told Patty that he had been wrong to get involved with Diane. When Patty admitted that she had needed to kiss Summer, Jack asked Patty what she meant by that. Jack insisted that Patty tell him what she had done to Summer. Suddenly, the lights went out and the church was plunged into darkness. The cops burst into the church and scrambled to find Jack and Patty. Paul called for his sister.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Eden that he had visited his mother at the mental hospital. Noah explained to Eden that Sharon felt really bad about stealing the books from the bookstore and letting Eden be blamed for the crime. Abby interrupted their conversation to ask Noah if he had asked his parents about attending the Walnut Grove School so he could get away from the kids picking on him at the public high school. Noah had not spoken to his parents yet. Eden thought Abby's idea was a good one and urged Noah to consider it.

Michael and Lauren made a date for the evening, which included dinner and a movie. Michael mentioned Gloria and Jeffrey because he had picked up their mail. He suspected that Gloria was up to something because she was keeping a very low a profile. Lauren noticed the mail and pointed out that Gloria and Jeffrey were behind in all their bills.

Eden joined Lauren and Michael, and asked them if she could transfer to the Walnut Grove School. Michael suspected that she wanted to change schools to be close to Noah. Michael and Lauren agreed to think about it, even though Eden wanted an immediate answer. After Eden left, Lauren and Michael wondered if Eden and Noah might be spending too much time together.

Noah went to see Nick and Phyllis to ask his father about going to Walnut Grove. Nick and Phyllis understood that Noah had been having a hard time at Genoa City High because of Sharon's problems and the publicity the family had been receiving. Nick said that a decision about Noah's school had to be made with Sharon's consent as well as Nick's. Nick suggested they leave right away to see Sharon at the hospital. Noah didn't want to visit the hospital at night, so Nick said he would go on his own. Phyllis understood and approved of Nick going to see Sharon.

Sharon's mother, Doris, realized that her daughter was bothered by something. Doris asked Sharon if she had been keeping a secret. Doris urged Sharon to confide in Jack for the baby's sake. Sharon blurted out that Jack was not the father of the baby. Sharon told her mother that Nick was the baby's father.

Sharon explained that she had lied about the paternity because Phyllis and Summer needed Nick. Sharon said she could not do to Phyllis what Phyllis had done to her. Sharon's mother wanted Sharon to stop living a lie. Before her mother left, Sharon asked Doris to promise that she would not tell anyone that Nick was the baby's father. In the hallway, Nick approached the door and overheard Sharon saying that Nick was the father of her baby. Nick backed away and hid by the pay phone so that Sharon's mother and Sharon could not see that he had been there and heard the truth.

Jill stopped Michael and Lauren from leaving the club to tell them that Gloria was up to something. After Jill walked away, Michael and Lauren wondered if any movie could live up to the craziness created by Gloria and Jeffrey.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Noah she was excited about the prospect of Noah attending Walnut Grove. Abby was glad Noah had asked his father. Eden appeared and told Noah that she had asked Michael and Lauren if she could attend Walnut Grove, too. Noah was thrilled by Eden's news. Noah hugged Eden. Abby grimaced unhappily.

Michael and Lauren stopped by Phyllis and Nick's to talk to Nick about Noah and Eden switching to Walnut Grove. Phyllis then told them that Nick had gone to the hospital to see Sharon to ask her if she approved of Noah's transfer to Walnut Grove. Michael asked Phyllis if she was comfortable with Nick visiting Sharon. Phyllis explained that she had total faith in Nick, because he was committed to her and Summer completely. Phyllis also told them the good news about Summer being accepted for treatment at the clinic in Zurich.

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