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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on GL
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Monday, August 24, 2009

At Company, Christina read Jenna's memoirs to Buzz, and wished she'd led such an adventurous life. Daisy shooed Buzz back to work, and James called Daisy. Christina prodded Daisy to admit that she liked James. Daisy smirked, and then smiled at the phone.

Shayne sorted through Dinah's clothes at the Beacon. Daisy and Christina arrived. He said he'd contemplated throwing Dinah's clothes away, but it just didn't feel right. He figured that Daisy and Christina were about Dinah's size, and bid them to take what they wanted.

At Cedars, Henry's doctor wished he had medical records for Henry's birth parents to determine how to proceed with Henry's vaccinations. Mallet stated that they could procure the birth father's records. Marina worried about involving Shayne, but Mallet refused to take needless risks with Henry's health.

Later, Mallet visited Shayne to explain that Henry's doctor wanted his birth parents' medical records for their files. Shayne said it would expose him as Henry's father, and asked if Mallet could handle it. Mallet felt that he had to do what was best for Henry, in case of an emergency. He said that Shayne could fill out a medical history form at Cedars.

Later, at Cedars, Marina asked Mallet to retrieve Henry's bottle from the car. Mallet exited, and Shayne arrived to fill out the forms. When Marina told the doctor that Shayne was Henry's father, the doctor invited Shayne into the appointment. Mallet returned, and peeked into the exam room. He was crushed to see Marina, Henry, and Shayne inside, interacting as a family.

At the mansion, Phillip told Lillian that she'd been right about Mexico. Lillian said she just didn't want him to waste any more time. Phillip agreed, saying that he planned to spend one-on-one time with his loved ones before making a group announcement that he was dying.

In the parlor, Alan saw James texting Daisy. Alan tossed James's phone in the trash, refusing to let a Cooper get in the way of what James and he were building. James fished his phone from the trash, saying that Alan made things bigger than they had to be.

Later, Phillip asked James to play basketball. James said he was busy. Phillip figured they could play that afternoon or evening. James walked out, saying he just didn't want to do it.

James met Daisy for a game of miniature golf. After Daisy won, James headed into Company's kitchen to make her a sundae. Alan entered, grinning at Daisy. "What do you want?" Daisy asked.

Alan offered to make Company's financial woes disappear if Daisy would stay away from James. James overheard, and told Alan that Daisy wouldn't take any such deal. James said that it meant a lot that Alan needed James, because no other family member ever had. Though James wanted to be there for Alan, he refused to war with Alan or change who he was.

Alan liked James as he was, and didn't want to war, either. James said he liked Alan, but he liked Daisy, too. James stated that she might be his girlfriend, and Daisy smiled. James insisted that Alan accept it. James offered Alan the sundae, and said he'd see Alan at the office.

Natalia went to the Beacon to appeal to Olivia for a job. Olivia figured that Natalia was using work as a ploy to remind Olivia of how much she loved Natalia. Olivia said she didn't want or need reminders. Olivia wished Natalia luck, and left on the elevator.

Later, Phillip arrived at Olivia's to pick up Emma. Olivia confided in Phillip that her relationship with Natalia had ended because Natalia was pregnant with Frank's baby. Olivia figured that Emma needed Phillip, since she wouldn't have a family with Olivia and Natalia.

Afterward, Olivia traveled to Spaulding-Lewis, and asked Alan for a favor. "Well, Olivia, why would I do anything for you?" Alan wryly wondered. She grinned, saying she was asking nicely, and Gus would want Alan to do it. Olivia asked Alan to give Natalia a job.

Frank saw Natalia applying for a job at the mini-mart. Frank worried that she'd be on her feet too much. Just then, Alan called Natalia to offer her a job as his executive assistant. Natalia gratefully said that she'd be right over, and then she told Frank that she'd just gotten a job.

After Alan's call, Olivia told him that Gus would be proud, and left. Later, a grinning Natalia arrived to see Alan. "You're pregnant?" he surmised, frowning. "That sneaky Olivia..." Alan said. He reasoned that Olivia hadn't rehired Natalia because Olivia hadn't wanted to deal with the maternity leave. Natalia said she was six months pregnant, and could work until her due date. Alan said it was no matter, because Natalia was family.

Natalia got ice cream in the park later. She saw Christina, and they discussed the baby's November due date. Christina said to call if Natalia needed a trainer.

At work, Frank sneaked a peek at the online dating site. He went to Company, to find Lillian with Buzz. Frank thanked Lillian for Natalia's doctor referral. Lillian congratulated Frank, who said that Natalia and he were committed to making it work.

Later, Olivia entered to celebrate helping a friend by having some cake. Lillian envied Olivia for being able to participate in her best friend's pregnancy. Olivia claimed she'd be too busy to help Natalia. Lillian thought that was a shame, because Natalia would really need Olivia.

At the hospital, Lillian found Ed poring over research in Phillip's case. Ed hypothesized that a bone marrow transplant might cause Phillip's body to stop attacking itself. Ed worried that they'd need too much marrow to keep the donor alive, and there was still only a 75% chance that Phillip would even survive. Ed wished they had more time.

Phillip and Emma seesawed at the playground. Emma rushed off for ice cream, and Rick sat in her seat. As the men seesawed, Phillip wondered if Rick had time to spend with him. "Will you push me on the swings?" Rick asked.

Olivia met Phillip, Rick, and Emma on the basketball court. She challenged Rick and Phillip to a game. She told Emma that they'd take the old men with no problem. After the girls beat the men, Rick started prattling about opening a fish store, because fish would listen to him better than women. Phillip chuckled that Rick was strange, but he was Phillip's best friend.

As Olivia and Emma walked to their car, Natalia approached to say that she knew Olivia had helped her get a job with Alan. Olivia said Emma and she wanted Natalia to be okay. Natalia commented that they just couldn't stop caring about each other. Emma agreed, and asked Natalia to have dinner with them. Natalia said they'd do it one evening soon.

Cyrus read Jenna's diary, and then pounded on the wall. "Stop banging on my damn wall, Cyrus," Remy said when he arrived. Cyrus showed Remy the journal, and explained that Jenna had left behind some buried treasure in her uncle's backyard in Australia. Cyrus proposed that Remy go with him to dig it up. Cyrus said that he'd give anything he found to Buzz, because Buzz and his family deserved it.

Remy balked that he couldn't leave his job and his wife, and he asked why Cyrus didn't take Buzz along. Cyrus didn't want to get Buzz's hopes up in case there was nothing to be found. Remy didn't trust Cyrus, and Cyrus figured that Remy should go to keep an eye on Cyrus. Cyrus urged Remy to pack, because the plane would leave in an hour.

Christina arrived home to find Remy packing. Remy lied, saying that the police were sending Cyrus and him on a top secret, international case. He promised to return in a few days, but asked her not to talk to anyone about it.

At Company, Cyrus tore a page from Jenna's journal. He sneaked the journal back into Buzz's research stack, and then told Buzz that he had to leave the country to take care of some urgent matters. Cyrus advised Buzz to keep working on their project until Cyrus returned.

Later, Buzz went to the police station, hoping that Frank could help him investigate the missing page in Jenna's journal. After some digging, Frank said that Buzz was way too trusting, and Cyrus was a criminal. Frank explained that Cyrus had booked two tickets to Australia where, according to other pages in the journal, Jenna had allegedly buried some treasure. Frank said he'd warned Buzz that Cyrus would con him.

Buzz rushed home, and threw things into a suitcase. He told Frank that he couldn't let Cyrus run off with things that belonged to Coop, whether they were valuable or not. Frank reasoned that Buzz should wait until Frank could get time off from work to travel. Buzz said he couldn't waste any time, and he hurried away with his suitcase.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As Reva ran an errand, Jeffrey called Jonathan to inquire about his family. Jonathan hoped Jeffrey killed Edmund quickly, so that Jeffrey and Jonathan could be with their children.

Shayne stared at a picture of Henry before heading to Reva's house. He was surprised to find Jonathan alone with Colin. He asked if Jonathan would ever stop running. Jonathan answered that he'd never stop, if it would keep Sarah safe. Jonathan added that if Shayne had children, he'd understand that the fatherly instinct made Jonathan feel like a man.

Shayne said he knew a lot about Jonathan, because Reva constantly talked about him. Shayne asked what Reva had said about him. Jonathan said Reva hadn't talked about Shayne

Just then, Reva entered, excited to see three of her four sons in her living room. Shayne grew irritated listening to Reva and Jonathan joke around with each other about Colin, and abruptly left for a walk. Jonathan grunted, and wobbled liked a brawny man after Shayne left.

Later, Jonathan demanded that Reva take down a picture of Jeffrey, but Reva refused. Jonathan cited that there were at least 100 more on the walls. Reva bargained that she'd remove more the next day. "A bunch more...Ma, it's weird," Jonathan replied. He asked if she'd remove the "Always" mantel as well. Reva shrugged it off as ancient history that went with the house.

Jonathan lobbed a picture frame at Reva, and she caught it, laughing that he thought he had her. "I thought I could get you to put it in a box!" he exclaimed. Reva chased him around the house. When he found a picture of Lizzie and Bill, he asked about Lizzie. Reva said Lizzie had grown up, and she was happily married. When Reva said that Lizzie missed Sarah, Jonathan apathetically said it was too bad.

At the Cooper house, Mallet sat with Marina as she played with Henry on the floor. He told her that he could no longer partake in their family. Marina said that leaving wasn't the answer, especially after they'd worked so hard. Mallet felt that he was only there to play ball with Henry until his real father showed up. No matter how well they fortified the family, everyone would be hurt when it felt apart, especially Henry.

Marina assumed Mallet was hurt by the exchange with Shayne the other day. She felt that they'd work it out, but Mallet said they only had two options: either give Henry to Shayne, or Mallet should leave. Marina refused to talk about it anymore, and left with Henry.

Later, Henry and Marina sat at the gazebo, and Marina contemplated what to do. Shayne approached, wondering if Marina were okay. She cryptically replied that everyone had things that they were going through. Shayne felt that he should be making Henry's life better, but he didn't know how to do it when he was such a mess. Marina advised him to hang in there, because Henry wasn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Mallet relieved stress by striking balls at the baseball field. Bill approached, and said he knew what Mallet had done for Dinah. Bill thanked him for getting her out of town. Bill wondered why Mallet was playing baseball alone. Mallet said it'd been instinctual to go there. Bill felt Mallet should keep following his instincts, because they were good.

When Mallet returned home, he found a morose Marina sitting on the kitchen table. Marina recognized that a lot had changed between them, but she felt it could still work. Mallet replied that it was about more than them; it was about Henry and Shayne having the right to know each other. Mallet felt that they couldn't hide the truth, and be a "happy little family."

When Marina asked why it was happening, Mallet replied that he'd mistrusted her. They'd reconciled to give Henry a family, but Henry had a mother and father even without Mallet. When Mallet reiterated the first choice of giving Henry to Shayne, Marina said she couldn't walk away from Henry. Mallet knew that, citing that with Lara dead, Marina was the only mother Henry had. "But I'm not his dad. He has a real father," Mallet said.

Marina felt that Mallet could cope with it. Mallet yelled that he couldn't deny Shayne access to his own son, but he also couldn't share Henry with Shayne. Marina sobbed, wondering what she was supposed to do. Mallet felt that she was strong enough to raise Henry with the support of her family and Shayne. Mallet loved his family, but he didn't think interjecting himself between Shayne and Henry was best for anyone.

Marina realized that there was only one choice, but asked how Mallet could be so strong about it. A tearful Mallet replied that he wasn't strong, but he was going to go. After Mallet packed, he said he loved Marina and Henry. Henry cried, and Mallet asked Marina to call if she needed anything. After a lingering goodbye, Mallet left his family sobbing on the sofa.

Phillip visited his old gravesite. He was thankful for the time he'd spent with Emma and his best friend, Rick. Phillip wanted to focus on Beth, James, and Lizzie next. When Phillip found James playing basketball later, James declined spending time with his father. Phillip pressed, and James sneered, "When are you going to realize that I don't like you? I just don't, okay?"

Lizzie and Bill shared a meal with Billy and Vanessa. Lizzie was surprised that Vanessa still spoke to Billy after the surprise wedding debacle, but Vanessa proudly replied that she'd gotten a proper courtship out of it.

Bill's parents entertained Lizzie with a naked story from Bill's childhood. Phillip approached with a naked story about a six-year old Lizzie sleepwalking to the roadside. When Beth had found Lizzie, Lizzie said she'd been watching traffic. Everyone laughed, and Lizzie agreed to spend time with her father.

Later, Billy escorted Vanessa to her door. Vanessa said she wasn't ready for the date to end. "Oh..." Billy replied, and followed her inside.

Lizzie and Phillip went to the driving range. She said it was great doing things with her father again. She liked that their relationship had progressed, and hoped to be close to her kids.

Next, Phillip found Beth studying at the library. He tried to coax her into spending time with him by acting a little silly. Beth giggled, but insisted upon studying. Phillip said he'd help her, but wondered if they had to do it in the library. Later, Beth stretched out with Phillip and her studies on a blanket by the lake.

Bill and Lizzie went to visit Reva, but after seeing Shayne's car in the driveway, they decided to walk around the property to give Reva and Shayne more time together. Meanwhile, Jonathan walked the property while on a call with Jeffrey. Jonathan reported seeing no signs of Edmund; however, Jonathan couldn't check very far without being seen. As Jonathan said he'd remain in Springfield a few more days, he heard laughter, and hid in a shed.

Bill heard a noise, and went to investigate. Lizzie reluctantly followed him into the shed where Jonathan had hidden, but Bill saw no one in there. Jonathan listened in, as Bill tried to seduce Lizzie into a quickie before visiting Reva. Jonathan suppressed a laugh as Bill begged for at least one hot moment in the shed. Lizzie politely declined, and they left.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva was surprised by Shayne's return. Shayne asked why Reva hadn't displayed pictures of him. Even though a picture of Dylan and Reva sat eye level with Shayne, Reva claimed she'd gone nuts, and pasted only Jeffrey's pictures everywhere.

Though Shayne didn't fault anyone, Shayne felt that Reva and he had never connected as Reva had with her other sons. Shayne was unsure of how one could fail to connect with his own child. He swore that he wouldn't let his child feel the way he felt right then.

Reva said Shayne would make a good father. Shayne still worried that he wouldn't connect with his child. A confused Reva stated that she sensed a connection with Shayne, and didn't understand why he felt alienated from her. She asked if he felt a connection to Josh. Shayne did, but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted his child to have everything. Reva explained that parenting wasn't science; it was a roller coaster that one just had to ride.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As Marina packed up Mallet's things, Frank entered, wondering why Mallet was getting rid of so much stuff. Frank became upset when Marina said that Mallet was moving out for good. Marina wouldn't divulge the details behind the move, and Frank tore out of the house, vowing to get it an explanation out of Mallet.

At the mini-mart, Lillian saw Mallet shopping, and joked that Mallet had run out of everything at once. Mallet explained that he'd moved out of his house. When Mallet went to the police station, Frank demanded that Mallet explain himself. Mallet replied that it was impossible for him to stay with Marina, but he couldn't discuss why.

Frank retorted that it wasn't good enough. After bickering with Mallet, Frank asked, "You did it, again didn't you?" Mallet insisted that it wasn't anything like what had happened with Harley. Frank didn't believe it, and ordered Mallet to get out of his sight. Frank seethed that he never wanted Marina to see Mallet's face again.

Mallet left, and saw Shayne on the baseball field, pitching balls. Mallet knew that Shayne wanted to be a father to Henry, and Mallet didn't want to Henry to be torn between two fathers. Mallet said he'd left home, because even though Marina and he loved each other, they loved Henry more. "It's time for you to step up, Shayne. Henry's your son, and you need to be his dad," Mallet said. He shook Shayne's hand, adding, "You teach him how to throw that slider."

At home later, Mallet opened a box to see a picture of his family on top. Daisy entered, and noticed the boxes. Mallet stated that he was leaving. Daisy asked if Marina and he were getting a divorce. "Yeah, I mean, we've agreed that I can't live here anymore," Mallet said. Daisy replied that everyone would be mad at him. She slowly realized, "I'm mad at you." Mallet hoped it would make sense some day. They hugged, and said they would miss each other.

Marina took Henry to the bridge by the lake, and sobbed as she tried to explain that Mallet would no longer be with them. Lillian approached, and said she'd talked to Mallet. "Why? Why is this happening?" Marina sobbed, and Lillian hugged her.

Lillian wondered if Mallet and Marina could work it out for Henry's sake. Marina replied that everything they did was for Henry. Marina elaborated that by some crazy miracle, Mallet had traveled to Bosnia to adopt Shayne Lewis' son. Shayne's presence in Henry's life had grown stronger, and they didn't want Henry to be confused. Lillian thought Mallet and Marina were brave to sacrifice their marriage.

Later, Shayne found Marina in the park, and pledged to be there for Henry. As Marina handed Henry to Shayne, Mallet approached to say that "the agency" had offered him a job in Germany, and his flight left within the hour. Mallet took Henry aside to say farewell.

Mallet stated that he'd loved Henry from the moment he'd seen him, but Shayne was his real father. Mallet said he'd do anything for Henry. "You are where you're supposed to be," Mallet sobbed. He handed the baby back to Marina, saying, "Take care of our boy."

At the police station, Mallet told a taciturn Frank about the overseas job with the agency. Mallet stated that he'd said goodbye to his family, and he was there to turn in his badge. He dropped the badge on Frank's desk, and Frank seemed remorseful as he watched Mallet exit. Outside, Mallet slid on his aviator sunglasses, and strode down the street.

Olivia found an anonymous note on her desk, requesting that she go to the roof immediately. On the rooftop, Olivia discovered a romantic breakfast table setting. Natalia appeared, saying that she knew two things about Olivia: Olivia rarely made time for breakfast, and she enjoyed eating outside. Olivia said that Natalia had to stop.

Natalia understood Olivia's concerns, and was willing to wait. Natalia said they'd been accustomed to waiting. Natalia regretted hurting Olivia with the long hiatus, but Natalia knew that they could work it out. Natalia left Olivia to enjoy the meal, and Olivia smiled a little.

Later, Olivia saw Frank buying two cases of beer at the mini-mart, and joked that he should slow down, because he'd be a father soon. Frank retorted that he didn't need any crap from her. Olivia offered him coffee, and he said his problems had nothing to do with Olivia or Natalia. He informed her that Marina and Mallet had broken up. Olivia was shocked, because she thought they'd been very happy. "So did I," he uttered, and walked to a booth.

At Company, Blake heard Holly say, "Are those Buzz burgers as good as they used to be?" Blake turned around, excited to see her mother. Blake took Holly to Blake's room at the Beacon, where Blake said that she needed her mother. Blake wanted to run errands before she talked to Holly about it, and asked Holly to visit friends in the meantime.

At the mini-mart, Blake saw Frank in a booth, upset about Mallet and Marina breaking up. Blake thought it was terrible, and Frank wondered why the couple couldn't work it out. Blake reasoned that sometimes couples just stopped being together, and love didn't always end happily. Frank thought love shouldn't have to end.

Holly went to see Ed at Cedars. He greeted her, saying that he never believed he'd see her while he was in Springfield. Holly said she was there for one day. He asked how she was, and she replied that she'd found herself a life somewhere else that suited her, and she traveled a lot. Ed stated that she sounded free. "I am, finally," Holly responded.

Blake and Holly met up again in the Beacon corridor. Olivia approached, happy to see Holly. Blake said that she'd summoned her mother to town after becoming sentimental over her book about lost love. Holly commented that she'd just seen one of her lost loves, Ed Bauer. Olivia's eyes widened, and Blake responded that Ed had been one of Holly's loves; however, Holly's greatest love had been Blake's father, Roger Thorpe. Blake stated that she'd spent her life watching her parents' turmoil.

Blake noted that Olivia was dealing with a lost love of her own. The three ladies decided to have lunch in Blake's room, where Holly imparted her wisdom about lost loves. Holly said that when it ended, one had to readily let go, and embrace the new person that emerged from the heartbreak. Blake thanked Holly for the advice, and left, saying she'd return shortly.

Holly asked which man had caused Olivia's heartbreak. Olivia quietly said it was a woman. Holly seemed unfazed, and asked what the problems were. Olivia explained that her love had left her, and then returned pregnant. Holly wondered if Olivia still loved the woman, and Olivia affirmed it. Holly said being in love didn't make finding an answer easy.

At Ross's grave, Blake said she was writing an epic love story about Jenna. It reminded Blake of the crazy way that Holly and Roger had loved each other. Blake said that she and Ross had loved that way, too. Blake thought of Ross every day, but looked forward to her future.

When she stood, she saw Ed behind her. Blake laughed through her tears, saying that she went there to talk and cry on occasion. Blake noted that Ed had been Ross's best friend. Ed said that Ross had known how to be a friend. Blake divulged that Ross and she had been discussing love, and how lucky they'd been to have found it. Ed agreed that anyone was lucky to find it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Australia, Remy and Cyrus split up to check out an abandoned house. In the backyard, Cyrus heard Buzz say, "Looking for something?" Buzz lit into Cyrus for double-crossing him over Jenna's treasure. Remy rushed over, and almost hit Buzz with a plank. "What the hell are you doing here? Arrest him! There's treasure buried here, and it's mine!" Buzz yelled at Remy.

Remy explained that Cyrus had traveled there to solve the Coopers' money problems. Buzz calmed down, and Cyrus stated that he hadn't told Buzz, because he'd wanted to save Buzz any disappointment by checking it out first. "Well, let's start digging," Buzz decided.

The men dug a hole by a tree, and discovered a box. Inside was a dog tag engraved with 032055. Buzz uttered that it was Jenna's birthday. Cyrus flashed his own dog tag, which bore the same date. He said he'd had the tag ever since his mother had left him at an orphanage.

Buzz asked about Grady's dog tag, and Cyrus replied that it was fake. Cyrus had wound up in the same foster home with a much younger Grady. Cyrus had felt a kinship with Grady, and tricked officials into believing that Grady was his real brother by creating an identical dog tag. Cyrus said that Grady had been too young to know that it wasn't real.

The men found a statement from Jenna in the box. She wrote that she'd been sent to Australia to live with her uncle upon becoming pregnant at sixteen. She said she'd left her son at an orphanage, but she'd given him a matching dog tag to prove that she was his mother. She hoped to find her son one day, and prove that she was his mother.

Buzz concluded that Cyrus was Jenna's son, and Coop's brother. "I guess this was all about you," Buzz said, and hugged Cyrus. Remy joked that it explained Cyrus' tendency to steal things. Buzz thought that Jenna would want him to treat any son of hers as his own. "Face it. You're a Cooper," Buzz said. Cyrus warily replied that Frank would love that.

At Company, Blake worried about Marina returning to work so soon after Mallet had left. When Marina discovered a letter from the mortgage company stating that they owed even more money, Blake and Ashlee agreed that they'd done the right thing by sneaking the book to the publisher. Blake asserted that they'd make the Coopers a lot of money.

Frank complained about Buzz chasing Cyrus to Australia to stop Cyrus from stealing Jenna's treasure. Blake realized that her book was incomplete. She instructed Ashlee to ask the publisher to delay printing until Ashlee and she comprised a final chapter upon Buzz's return.

Blake took Frank a sandwich, and said he wouldn't do Buzz or Marina any good if he didn't take care of himself. Blake assured him that Marina would make it through, and things with Buzz would end well. Frank commented that Blake's sandwich was delicious.

Outside, Blake saw Marina on the stairs. Marina said she wanted to be strong, but Blake felt that Marina didn't have to be after Mallet had dumped his responsibilities. Marina said that she really couldn't articulate it, but Mallet had done what he thought was best for Henry.

Later, Blake and Frank unknowingly instant messaged each other on their laptops. Frank typed that caring for his family was hard, but worth it. Blake reminded him to take care of himself. Frank replied that a friend had just told him that. Blake called Frank's friend wise.

At H.B. & Sons, Shayne said that he'd used the tragedies in his life as excuses to stay in a funk. He wanted to break free, and thought a job at the family business was a start. Josh hired him, and offered to celebrate. Shayne said he had more things on his list to check off first.

At Cross Creek, Reva fixed sandwiches, and made excuses to Jeffrey's pictures as to why she hadn't ventured out into the real world. When Reva handed Jonathan a sandwich, Jonathan asked Jeffrey's picture if it was Jeffrey's sandwich, or Jonathan's. Reva asked what Jonathan was doing. "Well, you were talking to him. Thought maybe I should say hello," Jonathan replied.

After eating, Jonathan left to "lurk around town a while." Shayne called Reva to apologize for the other day. He had since realized that they were mother and son. Things weren't perfect, but they were doing the best they could. Shayne mentioned that he was checking her off his list. "So I'm just part of your list?" Reva jokingly asked. After the call, she told Jeffrey's picture that Shayne was weird, but good.

Later, Shayne met Marina in the park. Marina guessed that Shayne wanted to discuss custody of their son. Shayne said that Marina was the only mother that Henry knew, and Shayne wanted both of them to raise Henry together. "You're not going to take him away?" Marina asked with relieved laughter. She said she'd be happy to draw up custody papers.

Marina said that Henry loved the bear cub that Shayne had given him. She handed Henry to Shayne, and told Henry that Shayne was his father. Shayne stated that Marina and he would make sure that Henry had a great life.

At Lizzie's house, Christina sought to occupy herself in Remy's absence. She found Lizzie in a lawn chair, basking in the peace and quiet of her backyard. After Christina guilted Lizzie into working on the house, Jonathan sneaked up. He watched them struggle to use a saw.

The ladies returned to Lizzie's lawn chairs, and Josh arrived with blueprints for a playroom. Lizzie announced that Bill and she were working on having a baby. Josh thought it was great to have another Lewis grandkid running around, even if it were Billy's and not Josh's. Josh planned to spoil Lizzie and Bill's child as if it were his own grandchild.

Christina and Lizzie went to Company, where they found Ashlee intensely staring at three phones. Lizzie called a number, and Ashlee scrambled to answer the right phone. After Ashlee discovered the prank, she said she expected Buzz to call her from Australia. Frank elaborated that Buzz was off stopping Cyrus from stealing Jenna's treasure. Christina said that Remy was supposed to be working with Cyrus on police business. Frank stated that Remy had lied. "Oh, he's a dead man," Christina quipped, whipping out her phone.

When Blake arrived at Cross Creek later, Reva rushed outside to meet her. Blake was glad that Reva had called for help, and didn't mind taking the bags inside. Reva said that it wasn't as if she couldn't go to the store herself, but Colin had just taken a nap. Blake understood that it took time to face the world after being widowed. Blake admitted that she'd talked to a picture of Ross for two months after his death.

Blake left, and encountered Josh at the Beacon later. Blake said she'd seen Reva. "Better you than me," Josh replied. Blake thought that, as a widow, Reva would have ups and downs, but she'd level off. Josh commented that level for Reva looked like a stock market chart from hell.

Meanwhile, Reva told Jeffrey's picture that she wasn't crazy, because Blake had done the same thing. Jonathan listened to Reva ask Jeffrey to say hello to Ross. "This has got to stop. Why didn't you invite Blake into the house?" Jonathan asked, snatching the picture from her.

Reva claimed to be helping Jonathan hide, and wondered who he'd talked to while he'd been lurking around town. Jonathan said that he was protecting Sarah, not hiding. Jonathan accused Reva of running. The last time, she'd tried to drive her car off a cliff; next, it was locking herself in her house, talking to her dead husband. "It's running just the same," he claimed.

Jonathan started taking down Jeffrey's pictures. He asserted that Reva was losing her mind, holding full conversations with a dead man while the living surrounded her. Reva retorted that Jonathan had seen visions of Tammy. Jonathan insisted that Reva knew that her behavior was screwy, because she wouldn't let people into the house. Jonathan wondered when she'd last done something normal. "Right now. Watch your brother," Reva said, and left the house.

Jonathan started packing his bag, and Shayne entered. Jonathan said he didn't know if his stay had made things better or worse for Reva, but he had to get back to his child. Shayne thought Reva enjoyed having Jonathan around, and said Jonathan didn't make things worse. Jonathan smiled, joking that Shayne might want to hug. Shayne acknowledged that Jonathan's looking out for his kid made him a good father. Jonathan left Reva a note, and asked Shayne to drop Colin at the babysitter's house. They shook hands, and Jonathan left.

At the mini-mart, Reva encountered Lizzie, who said she'd been meaning to stop by. Reva asked her not to because Colin was sick. Lizzie mentioned that she and Bill were trying have a baby, but she'd never forget Sarah. Reva said that Lizzie didn't have to put her life on hold to prove that she loved Sarah. Lizzie asked if Reva had heard from Jonathan. Reva dodged the question by saying that any baby would be lucky to have Lizzie as a mother.

Reva returned home, and found a note from Jonathan. He said he had to get back to his girl, and Colin was with Rachel. Reva told Jeffrey's picture that she missed him, but Jonathan was right; she couldn't keep doing it. As Reva turned down Jeffrey's picture, Jonathan hitchhiked his way out of town.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Josh went into Billy's office to discuss business. Billy mentioned that he had to shower before his date with Vanessa. When Josh asked how the courtship was going, Billy revealed his ultimate plan. He was going to court Vanessa for one year--a date a week--and then propose.

Later, Josh went to Towers, where he saw Vanessa. After inviting Josh to join her for breakfast, Vanessa confessed that she messed up by not marrying Billy when he "kidnapped" her. Vanessa admitted that she had told Billy that she wanted to be wooed, and he had been doing that with a vengeance. A regretful Vanessa told Josh that she loved Billy, but life was too short and she wished she was married to him.

Josh went to the Beacon, where Olivia apologized for coming on to him the other day. Josh told her not to worry about it and told her that he hoped that things worked out, or didn't, for Olivia and Natalia. Josh said he wanted whatever made Olivia happy. Josh told her about his encounter with Reva in the wedding dress after he had seen Olivia, and joked that he just about swore off women that day. Olivia asked if there was anything she could do to make it up to Josh, and he did have an idea.

Josh told Olivia about Billy's plan to court Vanessa for a year and Vanessa's wish that Billy would marry her soon. Josh knew that Billy and Vanessa had a date at the gazebo, and he wanted to sneak the ring out of Billy's room and hide it so Vanessa would find it. However, Josh needed Olivia's master key to get into the room. Olivia obliged and, after hiding the ring in Vanessa's glass of pink lemonade, the pair hid so that they could watch.

After inviting Vanessa out for a stroll, Billy took her to the gazebo for their date. After taking a sip of the pink lemonade, Vanessa asked Billy how he always knew what she wanted. Vanessa told Billy that she loved him and the answer was yes. A clueless Billy had no idea what Vanessa was talking about until she showed him the ring. Vanessa told Billy that she knew he put it there for her to find, and she wanted him to put it on her finger.

Afterwards, Billy saw Josh lurking in the bushes and Josh asked Billy if he figured out what had happened. Josh told Billy about his conversation with Vanessa. Billy thanked Josh, who remarked that some things were meant to be. When Josh asked where Vanessa went, Billy said that she went to tell Matt the news because she did not want Maureen to hear about it from someone else. Josh told Billy that Vanessa was a good woman, and jokingly warned his brother not to screw it up.

Vanessa met with Matt in the park and told him about Billy courting her. However, Matt had already heard about Billy's 52-date plan from Billy at the convenience store earlier. Vanessa stated that Billy proposed to her already, and she said yes. Vanessa told Matt that she planned to tell Maureen later that day. A surprised Matt told Vanessa that he wanted her to be happy, and wished them well.

Later, Vanessa asked Billy how he knew that it was time to propose. Billy said that he just saw the ring and knew. Billy assured Vanessa that he would not screw up this time. Vanessa assured him that she knew.

While having breakfast with his mother, Rafe told Natalia that he had enlisted in the Army and was leaving in two weeks. Rafe said that he needed direction, discipline, and focus, and he felt the Army would provide that. Rafe said that it was something he had been thinking about for a while. When Natalia asked why he had never talked to her about it before, Rafe stated that she was not there.

Upset, Natalia declared that she would not let Rafe go because he was too young. Rafe reminded his mother that he was 18. Natalia remarked that Rafe could get killed, and he replied that he could have gotten killed if he had become a cop. When Natalia continued to object, Rafe gently asked her why he should respect her decisions if she could not respect his. Rafe apologized, kissed his mother, and told her that he loved her.

Frank asked Marina, Blake, Lillian, Christina, and Daisy to go to Company because he was worried about Buzz. However, when the ladies fired away questions, Frank had no real answers. He just had a feeling that something big had happened in Australia, and he was worried. At that point, Buzz walked in and assured Frank that he was fine. Buzz told the group that the trip was illuminating. When Daisy asked if he had found treasure, Buzz said he found more of a treasure than he could have ever imagined, and invited the group outside to meet someone.

Remy stood outside Company with a very nervous Cyrus. Though Remy assured him that everyone would love him, Cyrus doubted it. Suddenly, Buzz walked out with the group, who were confused when they only saw Remy and Cyrus. Buzz introduced the group to Cyrus Foley---Jenna's son, therefore Coop's brother. Buzz told the stunned group that made Cyrus a member of the family.

After Lillian welcomed him to the family, Cyrus told everyone that he knew it was a shock, and he said that he would do his best to deserve to be a part of the family. At that point, Blake got a call from Ashlee, and walked off. Blake told Ashlee that they could start the last chapter of the book--they had an ending and it was great.

Frank got a call from an upset Natalia, who was asking to meet with him. Later, Natalia ranted to Frank about Rafe enlisting, and asked Frank to talk him out of it. Frank maintained that there was nothing that he could do. Frank told Natalia that Rafe was an adult, not a little boy, and told Natalia it this wasn't about what she wanted; it was about what Rafe wanted.

Remy had gone to the convenience store to buy flowers for Christina because she was miffed that he kept his reason for going to Australia a secret. At the store, he ran into Natalia, who was crying. When Natalia told Remy about Rafe enlisting, Remy admitted that he had thought about doing that when he was younger. Remy said that sometimes young men wanted to prove that they were brave and strong and, when one was searching, the Army made sense. Remy told Natalia that she should be proud of Rafe.

Rafe sat on the stairs of Company while everyone except Daisy was inside. When Rafe pointed out that it sounded like a party was going on, Daisy told him about Cyrus being related to Coop. Rafe told Daisy that he needed to talk to Frank and Buzz, so Daisy invited him to join the party.

Inside, Frank wasn't having very much fun, and walked off scowling. Blake followed him, and Frank ranted about how much Cyrus had hurt the family. When Frank complained that everyone seemed to have forgotten that, Blake reminded Frank that even he hired Cyrus to help at the police station. Frank remarked that it did not mean he wanted Cyrus in the family.

Cyrus approached Marina and said that he knew that the situation was weird. A slightly rattled Marina told him that it was not weird. It was odd, freakish, and troublesome, but not weird. Cyrus asked Marina if it was going to be okay. Marina said that she would learn to deal with it, just as she would have to deal with the other changes in her life.

Remy returned to Company and asked Cyrus how it went. Cyrus remarked that he was still there. At that point, Daisy approached and Cyrus asked if she was okay with the situation. Daisy said that she was since Coop would have liked it.

Frank told Rafe that he was proud of the boy, and then told everyone that Rafe had an announcement to make. Rafe told the extended Cooper family that he had joined the Army. Later, Buzz told Rafe that some people thought what they saw in battle made them a man. Buzz stated that the choice Rafe made was what made him a man. Buzz told Rafe that he was proud of him and knew Rafe's father would be, as well.

Natalia waited outside Olivia's door in tears. Natalia told Olivia about Rafe's enlistment and confessed that she was scared. Natalia declared that she did not want Olivia to fix it, she just wanted Olivia to be there for her. Olivia said that if Natalia wanted her to write a letter to Congress or give Natalia money for an airline ticket, she would do it. However, she could not comfort Natalia, because she could not be certain that Natalia wouldn't bail again when something went wrong.

Later, Josh thanked Olivia for her help and told her that she was a good friend. Olivia seemed upset, but refused to tell Josh the reason.

Natalia went to the church and prayed. Natalia told God that she knew she had to let go of Rafe, but she was afraid that he would never come back. Natalia said that she knew she could not stop Rafe, but was worried that she had not taught him enough. Natalia asked God to watch over Rafe every day and keep him safe.

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