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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on GH
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Monday, August 25, 2009

Jason was on the road to recovery and feeling much better as he and Sam exchanged remembrances of their past. They acknowledged to each other that they had a deep bond. Sam admitted that she had trusted Jason more than anyone else. Jason said that he had always felt comfortable with Sam. She wondered where it had all gone wrong. He said that they had made some bad choices.

It seemed that Sam would say more, but instead, she left Jason alone while she went out to try to fix one of the cars so that they could leave the abandoned church.

Jason was limping around the room, trying to exercise his leg, when Sam came back to check on him. When Jason almost fell, she helped him back to the bed. When he asked her if she could fix the car, she said that she could. They shared a long smoldering look, then Sam abruptly left the room to go back to the car.

Jason was up again, trying to walk when Sam returned with a basin and water so that she could clean the grease and dirt from her hands and face. Jason's leg gave way and he fell into Sam, who helped him sit. Involuntarily, she traced her finger along his. She pulled away and went to the basin to wet a cloth.

Before Sam could use it, Jason stood behind her and put his arms around her, He picked up the cloth and began washing her hands and face. Sam was skittish, but did not resist. When Jason began kissing her, Sam turned to face him and responded ardently to his passionate kisses.

At Sonny's place, Claudia was very pleased when Sonny showed her the papers, which would establish a scholarship in the name of their dead baby. Sonny then told her that he wanted to stay married.

Claudia thought it was because he felt guilty for not believing that the child was his, but Sonny said that it was because he had seen a different side of her while she was in the hospital and he believed that they had a friendship, which they could build on. He told her that he had come to admire her because he had seen her put their child's welfare before her own.

Claudia was willing to stay married, but she told Sonny that she wanted more respect. He said that he could do that, but he also expected to be respected. Claudia said that besides respect, she also wanted another child. She asked Sonny if that was a deal breaker. Sonny said he did not know.

Claudia said that she could appreciate his honesty. She went on to say that a child of theirs would be the heir to all that they had. She said that Sonny's other wives had kept their children out of the business, but a child of theirs would not have those restrictions and would be able to enjoy everything that Sonny had to offer with no reservations. Sonny seemed to be considering Claudia's argument.

Nikolas and Liz shared a passionate kiss before she called a halt and pointed out that Lucky and the boys would be back any minute and how much it would hurt Lucky if he saw them kissing. She also told Nikolas that he could not use her as a substitute for his feelings about Rebecca.

Nikolas apologized for his boorish behavior, but Liz said there was no need because part of the reason she was upset was because she enjoyed his kisses. Lucky and the boys returned with ice cream but did not notice the tension between Nikolas and Liz.

Later, after the boys were in bed and Nikolas was gone, Lucky told Liz how much better Nikolas seemed after the picnic. Liz had qualms, but Lucky did not notice. He hugged Liz and said how glad he was that they had decided to take it slow and try again. He took Liz in his arms and started kissing her. Liz returned his kisses.

Dominic was at Kelly's talking to Carly and Morgan when Olivia came in. She was flustered to see them together. She was sitting by Dominic when Jax appeared. He noticed the resemblance between Olivia and Dominic and Olivia noticed him noticing. She quickly made an excuse about a remembered appointment and hustled Jax away from Kelly's and back to the hotel.

Mike came over to the table and Morgan gave him a souvenir from Yankee stadium. Mike wanted to show off some Yankee memorabilia and Dominic was all set to go along with Morgan and Mike, but Carly preferred that Dominic stay with her.

Carly told him that Morgan felt comfortable with him because he worked for Sonny. She wanted to know why a nice guy like Dominic worked for Sonny. She told him she was concerned for him and thought he could do much better than being a gangster. He told her that he had started something and he would not quit until he finished it.

He asked her how she came to have children with Sonny and she told him her story as well. Carly seemed to genuinely like Dominic but could not understand his lifestyle choice.

At the hotel, Jax told Olivia that he had figured out that Dominic was her son, Dante. He told her that she had to do a better job of hiding her feelings or she would give Dante away. Olivia said that she was sorry that she had not told Jax the whole story, but that she lived in constant fear that Sonny would kill Dante without knowing that he was his son. She begged Jax to use his influence to get Dante off the case.

Jax said he could not do that because he would never do anything that would help Sonny and he did not want to interfere in a police investigation. Olivia said that Jax cared nothing for Dante's life. She said that all Jax wanted was to see Sonny out of his life and that he saw Dante as a means to that end and nothing more. She was angry at Jax when she stormed out of his office.

Jax went back to Kelly's. When Morgan asked Dominic to take him to Sonny's so he could deliver his present to Sonny, Carly was about to say no. Jax interfered and said that he thought it would be just fine for Dominic to take Morgan to Sonny. Carly was very surprised.

After Dominic left with Morgan, Carly wanted to know why Jax had changed his mind about Dominic.

Rebecca was sitting in a chaise lounge on the Quartermaine patio when Nikolas appeared. She was surprised when he said that he had come to apologize. He told her that he had overreacted. He said that he was drunk, furious and out of control and that he had not really listened to her and he wondered if she would answer some questions.

Rebecca was agreeable. He asked if she had meant it when she said that she was sorry and that she had intended to tell him everything. Rebecca was hopeful when she told him yes. Nikolas asked her if there was a chance that they could start over. He said that he missed her and that he did not think that they were done with each other. He asked Rebecca if she felt the same way.

Sonny was alone when Dominic and Morgan arrived. Sonny was excited about the pennant that Morgan had brought him. He asked questions about the new stadium, which both Dom and Morgan answered. They discovered that they all had a longstanding, fervent interest in the Yankees. They were amazed to also discover that when they played baseball, they all played shortstop.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

While taking a break from searching for Michael and Kristina, Sam and Jason made love. Things didn't seem back to normal afterwards, though, and Sam rushed outside to get the car ready. Once she walked back in, Jason seemed content to act as if nothing had happened between them. As they prepared to leave, Sam asked Jason if they should talk about what had just happened between them. They seemed to agree to table any relationship discussions until after Michael and Kristina were found.

Meanwhile, Kristina was missing Kiefer and decided she had to call him. It seemed as if Kiefer knew it was Kristina calling him, because he had a girl who was walking by answer the phone for him. She told Kristina that Kiefer was unavailable, and promptly hung up. Kristina was distraught. She didn't expect Kiefer to move on so quickly, and she told Michael that she honestly believed her boyfriend would have tried to track her down.

Still upset hours later, Kristina told Michael that she should have told Kiefer her true feelings for him, especially after he had covered for her. Michael wanted to know what she was talking about, but Kristina didn't reveal the truth about Claudia's accident. Instead, Kristina told her brother that she had to go back to Port Charles.

At Sonny's house, Morgan excitedly told his father about the Yankees game he had attended with Dominic. Claudia walked downstairs and revealed that she was also a Yankees fan. They talked about going to the World Series, if the Yankees were able to make it that far. Dominic and Morgan were disgusted with the lack of faith that Sonny had, and they all had a chuckle over the two die-hard fans.

GH Recap Photo 090825 After Dominic left to take Morgan home, Sonny told Claudia that he hadn't known she was a baseball fan. Claudia reminded him that there was a lot he didn't know about her. Claudia enjoyed Sonny's kids, and for the first time, she felt like she was really Morgan's stepmother. She thanked Sonny for reversing his stance on keeping his children from her. Sonny explained that he had never intentionally kept his children away from Claudia. He explained that he had signed away his rights to Morgan after Michael was shot, but nothing was intentional towards Claudia.

When Dominic and Morgan arrived at the Jacks house, Morgan was still brimming with excitement. He told Jax and Carly about Claudia being a baseball fan. He said Michael had been right about Claudia being a cool stepmother. Morgan also said that Sonny was going to get World Series tickets for everyone, including Michael. Morgan was sure that his brother would be home in time for the game. When Morgan discovered he had left his pennant at Sonny's house, Dominic offered to retrieve it, and quickly left.

As Sonny and Claudia talked, they discussed the child they lost and that Claudia would need help staying away from that subject. Sonny told her he would like to give their marriage a real shot, and he promised Claudia that he was done with Olivia.

Dominic, after returning for Morgan's pennant, overheard the entire conversation between Sonny and Claudia. He immediately drove to Olivia's apartment, where she reminded him that he was going to blow his cover if he kept showing up at her place. After Dominic told his mother about Sonny's conversation with Claudia, Olivia tried to keep the hurt from showing. Dominic thought it was best if Olivia returned to Bensonhurst, but Olivia pushed that idea aside and ushered her son out of her apartment.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Rebecca couldn't believe her ears when Nikolas wasn't totally shutting her out. She asked him if he wanted to be friends, but Nikolas said he was hoping for more. Since all the lies were out, Nikolas wanted another shot at a relationship with Rebecca. She was hesitant, and Nikolas noted how ironic it was that after all that had happened she was the one who couldn't trust him. Edward walked outside, saw Nikolas, and demanded he leave. Before Nikolas made his exit, he told Rebecca to meet him at Wyndemere that evening.

As Nikolas waited for the launch, Liz found him and tried to talk to him about what had happened between them. Nikolas thought it was funny that Liz couldn't actually say the word kiss. It seemed that Nikolas and Liz were content with remaining friends, and Liz gave her friend some relationship advice--before Nikolas could have any type of relationship with a woman, he had to let go of Emily. Nikolas thanked Liz for her advice, but seemed grateful when the launch arrived.

Meanwhile, Rebecca had another visitor at the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan had stopped by to make amends for ruining Rebecca's chance with Nikolas. Ethan was surprised when Rebecca thanked him and told him she was going to Wyndemere that evening. Nikolas believed in second chances, and they were going to give their relationship a real chance. Rebecca left a defeated Ethan out on the terrace so she could get ready for her evening with Nikolas.

When Rebecca arrived at Wyndemere, Nikolas was in his bedroom lighting candles. He seemed a bit cold towards Rebecca and asked about her relationship with Ethan. They talked about Rebecca's impression of Nikolas when she saw his picture the first time. Rebecca was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation, but she seemed to ease up when Nikolas poured her a glass of wine and then kissed her passionately.

Liz, meanwhile, took a bubble bath and imagined the kiss between her and Nikolas. She sat up, alarmed at the daydream and acting as if she didn't know what she was going to do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At the penthouse, Spinelli carried Maxie over the threshold. He wanted to practice for their wedding day. Maxie was stunned when she realized that Spinelli intended for them to live with Jason after they were married. Spinelli quickly shifted gears to suggest that Maxie honor a medieval custom of wearing a garland of fresh herbs in her hair instead of a traditional wedding veil. Maxie was horrified by the idea; she refused to smell like a "Thanksgiving dinner" on her wedding day. However, Maxie shelved the argument about hair accessories to focus on their living arrangements.

Maxie assured Spinelli that she loved him, but she absolutely refused to live at the penthouse after the wedding. Spinelli argued that Jason's quality of life would diminish if Spinelli and Maxie weren't around to guide him. Maxie was more concerned about Mac. She insisted that Mac would kidnap her and then throw her into the Witness Protection program if he found out that she intended to live in Jason's home. Maxie warned Spinelli that their wedding was off if living at the penthouse was a condition of their marriage.

Spinelli blanched at the mere suggestion of not marrying Maxie. He assured Maxie that he would always choose her over Jason. He agreed to move to wherever Maxie wanted to live. Maxie was touched, but asked if Spinelli was certain about his decision. She confessed that she wasn't comfortable asking him to go against his conscience. Spinelli jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Maxie had changed her mind about living in the penthouse.

Maxie decided to switch tactics. She suggested that Jason might not want newlyweds living under his roof. Spinelli assured Maxie that he'd had plans drawn up to soundproof their bedroom and the closet. Spinelli made a surprising proposal while on the topic of intimacy. He suggested that they abstain from making love until they were married. Spinelli believed that it would make their wedding night more special. Maxie was not thrilled with the idea.

Jason and Sam prepared to leave the abandoned church to search for the teens. When Sam tried to broach the subject of their sexual encounter, Jason seemed slightly uncomfortable. Neither appeared ready to discuss what had happened between them, so they opted to head to the car.

On the road, Sam looked over at Jason. She was concerned that he would reopen his wounds if he continued to drive. Jason reluctantly pulled over, so that Sam could take over the driving. Once they resumed their journey, Sam turned on the radio. She scanned the stations until she found a show about relationships. Jason and Sam listened as a woman called in to the show to talk about how she had reconnected with an ex-lover.

The comments the woman made about her rekindled romance hit too close to home for Sam's comfort. She tried to change the station, but the knob appeared to be stuck. Sam was forced to listen while the show's host noted that sometimes relationships were meant to be, and suggested that perhaps fate had built a bridge for the woman and her ex-lover to find their way back to each other.

When another woman called in with a similar story, Sam snapped. She pulled over to the side of the road, took off her shoe, and then proceeded to smash the radio. Jason watched Sam in silence. Once Sam's mission was accomplished, she resumed driving. Later, Sam glanced over at Jason. When she noticed that he was asleep, she pulled the car to the side of the road. Moments later, Sam tried to get comfortable in the driver's seat, so that she could rest a bit.

When Jason woke up, he found Sam snuggled up against him. As Sam slowly opened her eyes, Jason leaned down to kiss her.

In Cancun, Kristina confessed to Michael that she had caused Claudia's car accident. Michael pointed out that Kristina merely suspected that she had caused the crash. Michael agreed that he and Kristina hadn't had any business being on the road that fateful night; however, he wasn't convinced that Kristina was responsible for the accident.

Michael wanted Kristina to return to Port Charles, so that she could focus on going to Yale and making their father proud. Kristina hated the idea of leaving Michael behind in Cancun. Michael admitted that he'd never expected her to remain with him forever. He made it clear that he didn't hold any resentment towards Kristina for her decision to go home. Kristina asked Michael to accompany her to the bus stop, but Michael refused. He insisted on buying her a plane ticket instead.

Tracy approached Ethan at the Haunted Star. They talked about Rebecca and Ethan's scam to bilk money from the Quartermaines and Nikolas. Ethan confessed that he hadn't counted on becoming emotionally attached to his family. However, Ethan was quick to reveal that he had been disappointed by Luke's sudden disappearance. Tracy didn't have any sympathy for Ethan. She reminded him that everyone had warned him about Luke.

When Lulu joined them, Ethan revealed that he wanted to wipe the slate clean. Ethan explained that he had been Rebecca's partner and that they had planned to swindle money from the Quartermaines and Nikolas. Ethan insisted that the money would have been Rebecca's if she had not been given up for adoption. Lulu was stunned by the revelation.

She was also surprised by Tracy's lack of reaction. Tracy admitted that Rebecca had already confessed everything to the Quartermaines after Nikolas had learned the truth. Tracy accused Ethan of getting "pissed" and then ratting Rebecca out after he had realized that Rebecca had fallen in love with Nikolas. Lulu was outraged that Ethan had helped Rebecca to exploit Nikolas' love for Emily. Lulu turned her back on Ethan, determined to wash her hands of him.

Dominic's sudden appearance blocked Lulu's exit . While Dominic tried to charm Lulu into accepting a date with him, Tracy asked Ethan to intervene. Tracy acknowledged that Lulu had a penchant for bad boys, so she was willing to work with Ethan to keep Lulu away from Dominic. Ethan decided to distract Dominic by challenging him to a card game.

Lulu opted to stay at the casino when Dominic accepted Ethan's offer. As Lulu watched the game unfold, Tracy approached her. Tracy noticed that Lulu's eyes were glued to Dominic. Lulu claimed that Dominic liked to flirt with her, but she insisted that she wasn't interested in him. Lulu added that she simply didn't want Ethan to take advantage of Dominic.

After Ethan won the card game, Lulu marched up to her brother. She quickly revealed the hidden card that Ethan had tucked up his shirt sleeve. Dominic appreciated Lulu's honesty. As Lulu started to leave, Dominic followed her. He offered to show Lulu his appreciation by taking her out for an ice cream sundae.

When Lulu turned down Dominic's invitation, Dominic suggested a kiss to repay Lulu for her kindness. Lulu informed Dominic that she would never kiss him. Dominic accused Lulu of being afraid. Lulu denied it, but Dominic refused to believe her. Lulu played into Dominic's hand when she decided to prove him wrong by kissing him.

Olivia was frustrated as she left Ronnie a voicemail message. She warned Ronnie that he couldn't avoid her forever, even though he had found another place to secretly meet Dante. Olivia promised that she would find Ronnie, and his dirty laundry; she refused to stop hounding him until Dante had been reassigned. As Olivia disconnected the call, someone knocked on her front door.

It was Johnny, holding a huge bouquet of flowers. Olivia invited Johnny inside while she put the flowers in a vase. Johnny wanted to know what he had done wrong, because he didn't intend to repeat his mistake. Olivia assured Johnny that he hadn't done anything wrong. She reminded Johnny of their agreement to stay together for as long as their relationship worked. According to Olivia, the relationship was no longer working for her.

Johnny wondered if his confession about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting had played a role in her decision. Olivia was clear that she did not hold Claudia's wrongdoings against Johnny. Johnny admitted that he cared deeply for Olivia. He didn't want their relationship to end.

She claimed that she was uncomfortable dating someone who was her son's age. Olivia didn't want Johnny to look at her with pity one day. Johnny insisted that he was attracted to Olivia for many reasons, and that he had never seen their age difference. Olivia's resolve weakened as Johnny opened up about his feelings. Eventually they kissed and then made love.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca pulled back when a heated kiss with Nikolas threatened to turn into more. Rebecca worried that everything was moving too fast. She didn't understand how Nikolas could go from hating her to making love to her in less than 24 hours. Nikolas wondered why Rebecca had agreed to return to Wyndemere with him if she had doubts about his sincerity.

Rebecca didn't know if she could trust Nikolas, but she had been hopeful that they could work things out. Nikolas claimed that they needed to take a leap of faith if they cared about each other. When Nikolas kissed her again, Rebecca didn't pull away. After they made love, Rebecca contently cuddled up to Nikolas. Rebecca confided that she had been worried that their relationship was over. Nikolas assured Rebecca that they were far from over.

Later, Alfred served Rebecca and Nikolas dinner. Nikolas enjoyed chilled poached salmon with a dill-mustard sauce, while Rebecca had macaroni and cheese. Rebecca was impressed that Nikolas had remembered what her favorite dish was. She recalled having it often during the months she had spent with Ethan. Rebecca apologized when she realized that she had reminded Nikolas of her association with Ethan.

Nikolas assured Rebecca that he had not been bothered by the mention of Ethan. He wanted Rebecca to feel comfortable enough to discuss anything with him. Nikolas insisted that trust was important if their relationship was going to work. He raised a glass to make a toast. Nikolas declared his love for Rebecca and then vowed that he would not give up until Rebecca believed that he truly loved her.

While Rebecca slept, Alfred cleared away the dishes. Nikolas followed his butler out of the room to instruct Alfred to keep all visitors away. Nikolas did not wish to be disturbed. Alfred took the opportunity to congratulate Nikolas on his reconciliation with Rebecca. Nikolas chuckled as he confessed that Rebecca was a "credulous fool" who had "spit on Emily's grave." Nikolas revealed that he intended to make Rebecca pay for her folly.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Cancun, Michael and Kristina were in the souvenir shop, discussing Kristina's return to Port Charles, when two tourists entered. The man and woman took an instant dislike to Michael and Kristina. The couple was rude and obnoxious as they demanded to rent a couple of WaveRunners for the day. Michael told them that there were none available. When the woman stepped out of the shop, the man approached Kristina. He suggestively offered to hire Kristina to give him a lesson.

Michael made it clear that lessons were not included, but he did agree to rent the man their last two WaveRunners. Michael held out a safe box for the tourist to store his wallet and watch in. The man locked his items in the box and then pocketed the key. After the guy left, Kristina demanded to know why Michael had given in to the tourist's demand. Michael explained that he intended to use the guy's watch to buy Kristina's plane ticket.

When the tourists returned, the woman was quite drunk and belligerent. Meanwhile, the man was furious because he'd been thrown from the WaveRunner. Things didn't improve when the tourist opened the safe box and discovered that his watch was missing. When the guy confronted Michael about the missing item, Michael responded with, "Go screw yourself." The tourist turned violent as he punched Michael in the face.

Diane marched into Alexis' office demanding to know how Alexis had managed to sway the judge. Alexis was confused; she'd been accused of so many crimes recently that she didn't know which one Diane was referring to. Diane informed Alexis that her sentence for causing Claudia's car accident had been reduced. Alexis had been ordered to serve 6 months of community service by taking on pro bono cases. Alexis was also expected to resign as the district attorney.

Alexis was stunned; she insisted that she had nothing to do with the judge's decision. Seconds later, Nikolas strolled in to the office. He quickly took responsibility for persuading the judge to reduce Alexis' sentence. Diane was furious because Nikolas' help had made Alexis look bad.

Diane explained that the light sentence suggested that Alexis had done something underhanded. Alexis couldn't afford any hint of impropriety when she was facing murder charges. Nikolas was unapologetic; he would do whatever was necessary to help his aunt. Diane admitted that the murder case against Alexis was circumstantial. However, Alexis did not have an alibi for the time of Brianna's murder ,and there were some damaging emails that painted Alexis in an unfavorable light.

Nikolas instructed Diane to advise him when Alexis was about to be arrested. He would make arrangements to have her released. Alexis was concerned because Nikolas sounded suspiciously like Stefan. She wondered if Nikolas even cared if she was guilty or not. Nikolas claimed that it didn't matter; she was family. After Nikolas left, Diane remarked that he behaved like a true dark prince. Alexis added that Nikolas appeared to be turning into a Cassadine before her eyes.

After Diane left, Alexis typed up her resignation letter. Alexis wasn't alone for long; Andrea stopped by. Andrea warned Alexis that her legal wrangling to get the sentence reduced had only made Alexis look guiltier. She advised Alexis to get her affairs in order because Alexis was headed for jail. Alexis confidently smiled as she noted that Andrea looked scared.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny watched with interest as Johnny pulled away from Claudia's attempt to affectionately greet him. When Sonny mentioned it, Johnny shut him down. He told Sonny that he was not there for a family bonding moment. Luckily for Johnny, Carly and Morgan entered the living room before Sonny could question Johnny further. Claudia greeted Morgan warmly. As they chatted, Morgan mentioned Michael. When Claudia replied, Johnny accidentally knocked over a table.

Johnny immediately apologized, claiming that he had gotten distracted; he then excused himself. Claudia offered to walk her brother to the door. In the hallway, Claudia demanded to know what was wrong with Johnny. Johnny told Claudia that her fake concern for Michael had made him sick. Johnny reminded Claudia that Michael had almost died because of her.

After Johnny stormed out, Claudia turned around to see Morgan standing in the doorway.

Sonny, Carly, and Morgan went to the country club, where they met up with Molly. While Morgan and Molly walked off, Carly and Sonny sat down on the lounge chairs. Moments later, Kiefer approached them to ask if they had heard from Kristina. Sonny was not impressed with Kiefer, nor did he appreciate the way Kiefer had treated Michael. Kiefer didn't help matters when he referred to Kristina as "K." Sonny reminded Kiefer what Kristina's name was and then made it clear that he did not want Kiefer anywhere near his daughter.

Later, Carly caught Kiefer questioning Morgan and Molly about Kristina. She shooed the younger kids away to have a private chat with Kiefer. Carly warned Kiefer that if he didn't leave the kids alone, she would let Sonny know that Kiefer had tried to rough up Morgan on the piers.

When Johnny arrived at the garage, Olivia was waiting for him. Olivia sensed that Claudia was responsible for Johnny's anger. Johnny confessed that he was frustrated because there was no stopping Claudia. Olivia reminded Johnny that Claudia's one redeeming quality was that she loved Johnny. Olivia advised Johnny not to push his sister into the hole that she was digging for herself. Johnny appreciated Olivia's understanding. The two kissed before Olivia returned to work.

Shortly after Olivia's departure, Claudia showed up at the garage. She accused her brother of trying to get her killed. Claudia revealed that she had found Morgan standing in the doorway shortly after Johnny's departure. Johnny was relieved when Claudia confirmed that Morgan had not overheard anything. Otherwise, Johnny feared that Claudia might have harmed Morgan.

Claudia was hurt by the implication. Johnny reminded Claudia that she had called Jerry when she thought that Michael had caused the car accident. Claudia defended her actions, claiming that she'd been sick with grief at the time. Johnny didn't think that excused Claudia's behavior. He believed that Claudia should have cut Michael some slack for the accident because of what she had put Michael through the year before.

Johnny was disgusted because Claudia had made him complicit in her crime. If Jerry harmed Michael, Johnny would feel partly responsible. Claudia wondered if Johnny hated her. As she asked the question, she pushed Johnny away. Johnny yelled back, "Yes, I do. You're a selfish, evil bitch." At that moment, Sonny walked in. When he saw the confrontation, Sonny decided it was time for them to talk.

At the penthouse, Maxie crept downstairs to the living room, where Spinelli was asleep on the sofa. Maxie woke Spinelli up with kisses. It would have led to more, but Spinelli put the brakes on Maxie's seduction. Maxie was disappointed. She didn't understand why Spinelli wanted to wait to consummate their love. Spinelli insisted that abstinence would make their wedding night more special.

A knock at the door interrupted their debate. It was Mac. Mac had stopped by to talk to Spinelli; however, when he saw Maxie, he demanded to know if she had spent the night. Maxie reminded Mac that she and Spinelli were engaged, so of course she had spent the night. Mac was not pleased. Neither was Maxie, because she suspected that Mac was there to persuade Spinelli to call off the wedding.

Maxie was correct about Mac's intentions. Mac didn't apologize; he refused to stand by while Maxie spent every moment of her life in danger because she had married Spinelli. Maxie declared that she was happy with Spinelli and nothing would keep her from marrying him. She smugly announced that there was nothing that Mac could do to stop her. Spinelli beamed with joy.

Later, Spinelli admitted that his heart had soared when she had stood up to Mac. Spinelli confessed that he had been worried that Maxie might have been slightly reluctant to marry him. However, her confrontation with Mac dispelled all of Spinelli's doubts. Spinelli was convinced that Maxie was as happy and eager to get married as he was.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick discussed Brianna Hughes's murder. Patrick worried that Robin was too focused on Andrea. He reminded Robin that she'd once been equally certain that Garrett had murdered his mistress. Robin realized that most of her evidence was circumstantial, but she was confident that she was on the right track.

At Jax's office, Jax asked Olivia to arrange a meeting with Spinelli. When he mentioned Dante's siblings, Olivia admitted that she was uncomfortable with how freely Jax discussed Dante. She worried that Jax might slip in front of others. Jax understood Olivia's concerns; he promised to be more cautious in the future.

Robin and Patrick went to talk to Jax and Olivia about the contents in Metro Court's rooms. Robin explained that they suspected that Brianna's killer had used an item in the hotel room to inflict the killing blow. A short time later, Olivia returned with interesting news. The room had been inventoried in April. At that time, the mayor's room contained a certain statue that had since disappeared. Olivia showed Robin and Patrick a replica of the statue from one of the other rooms. Patrick realized that the statute could have been the murder weapon.

Robin went to see Alexis in her office. Alexis revealed that she was about to submit her letter of resignation. Robin hoped that her news would brighten Alexis' mood; she outlined her theory about how Brianna had been murdered and then named Andrea as the killer. Neither Alexis nor Robin was aware that Andrea lurked on the other side of the office door, listening to every word.

In Jax's office, Jax admitted that he knew Spinelli had lied when he had claimed that he'd been unable to locate the teens. Jax understood why Spinelli had lied and even praised Spinelli for trying to protect Michael and Kristina. However, Jax was determined to find the kids; he was confident that he could provide them safe passage home. Spinelli was reluctant to divulge where the teens were until Jax assured him that Jason would want Spinelli to help Jax for Carly's sake.

Dante broke into Sonny's home. While he searched Sonny's desk, he heard people approaching. Dante snatched up a piece of paper, tucked it away, and was about to slip out the back door when Max and Diane entered. Max tossed Diane onto the sofa and then drew his gun before Dante could make good on his escape.

Dante managed to convince Max that he had an appointment with Sonny, but had gotten the times mixed up. After Dante left Greystone Manor, he met Ronnie at a laundromat. Ronnie reviewed the information that Dante handed to him. Ronnie thought it was enough to intercept one of Sonny's shipments and possibly grab a couple of Sonny's lieutenants, but it wouldn't help take down Sonny, which was the whole point of their operation.

Ronnie worried that Dante might lose sight of their goal. He explained to Dante that people started seeing criminals as friends when they worked undercover for a long time. Ronnie admitted that he was concerned because Dante had spent quite a bit of time with Morgan. Ronnie worried that Dante might be reluctant to take Sonny away from Morgan because Dante knew what it was like to grow up without a father. Dante assured Ronnie that he wasn't going soft. He hoped that seeing Sonny's downfall would inspire Morgan to avoid a life of crime.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Maxie arrived at Crimson in high spirits until she discovered that she had missed her first editorial deadline. Maxie scrambled to get it in, but was sidetracked when Lulu discovered an online article about Giselle's arrest for cooperate fraud. Lulu and Maxie worried that Giselle might reveal that she had been blackmailing Kate. As if conjured by their thoughts, Kate strolled into the office.

Kate was in a surprisingly good mood, so the girls debated whether or not to ruin Kate's day by warning her about Giselle's arrest. Lulu and Maxie decided that they didn't have a choice; Kate needed to be prepared for the worst. They marched into Kate's office, resolved to break the news to Kate together. Maxie opted to lead by confessing that her article had been submitted late, but Kate beat her to the punch. Kate revealed that she had just received a call to inform her that Maxie's editorial had been a half an hour late.

Shockingly, Kate was forgiving. She warned Maxie not to let it happen again. Lulu and Maxie tried to muster up the courage to tell her about Giselle. However, when they were on the verge of spilling the beans, Kate asked them to gather as much information about Giselle's arrest as they could. Kate confided that she and Jax had worked together to orchestrate Giselle's downfall. Maxie and Lulu were impressed, especially when Kate led them to believe that it had been planned from the very beginning.

Kate also revealed that she had been aware for some time that they had known about Giselle's blackmail. Kate appreciated Lulu and Maxie's efforts to protect her and the magazine. She promised to remember their loyalty. Lulu and Maxie breathed a sigh of relief once they had returned to their desks. Moments later, Kate stepped out of her office and then began barking orders in her usual manner.

Jason and Sam caught up with the teens at the souvenir shop in the knick of time. An angry tourist had assaulted Michael and had threatened more bodily harm if Michael didn't return the stolen watch. Jason took control of the situation by drawing his gun and pointing it at the furious man. The belligerent tourist and his intoxicated girlfriend immediately changed their attitude. Jason switched tactics when Michael admitted that he had stolen the man's watch.

Jason offered to pay handsomely for the stolen item. The tourist realized that he had little choice in the matter; he readily accepted the cash and then promised to keep quiet about the incident. Afterwards, Jason, Sam, and the kids returned to the hotel where Michael and Kristina were staying.

Kristina was stunned when she realized that Jerry had shot Jason. While the hotel doctor checked and dressed Jason's wound, Kristina admitted to Michael that she was disappointed with her mother's taste in men. Kristina didn't understand how Alexis could have had an affair with a man like Jerry Jacks. Michael excused himself when Sam stepped out of the back room to update the teens on Jason's condition.

Sam took the opportunity to question her sister about why she had run away. Kristina claimed she hadn't wanted Michael to be alone, but Sam suspected that there was more. As they talked, Sam realized that Kristina had no idea about Alexis' confession. Kristina was speechless when Sam revealed that Alexis had admitted to causing Claudia's accident. When Jason joined them, he asked where Michael was. Kristina explained that Michael had gone for a walk to clear his head.

Jason found Michael at the souvenir shop. Michael announced that he intended to stay in Cancun.

Andrea eavesdropped as Robin and Alexis discussed Andrea's role in Brianna's murder. Robin was determined to prove that Andrea had killed Brianna with a decorative object from the hotel room. Meanwhile, Patrick managed to catch Andrea listening in on his wife's conversation. Andrea claimed that she had overheard her name; she insisted that she had a right to know what they were saying behind her back.

Patrick invited Andrea to confront her accusers. Andrea didn't hesitate to march into Alexis' office. Andrea warned Robin and Alexis not to try to frame her for Brianna's murder. Alexis clarified that she and Robin had no such intentions, but Andrea ignored her. Andrea turned to Robin to remind the young mother that she had a lot to lose. Patrick appeared concerned as Andrea left the office.

Robin assured Patrick that she had not been intimidated by Andrea's unspoken threat. If anything, Andrea's behavior had strengthened Robin's resolve to expose Andrea as the killer. While Patrick tried to impress upon Robin how potentially dangerous Andrea could be, Alexis received a phone call to alert her that Michael and Kristina had been found. Alexis dashed out of the office moments later.

Patrick and Robin lingered a few minutes longer. Robin refused to allow Alexis to pay for Andrea's crime. Patrick remained concerned; he told Robin to be careful. Robin was confident that Andrea would not target her. As Patrick and Robin left the office, Andrea lurked nearby, watching them. Andrea had just completed an Internet search on various poisons.

Sonny walked into Johnny's garage just in time to hear Johnny refer to Claudia as a "selfish evil bitch." Sonny didn't appreciate his wife being berated. He demanded that Johnny apologize to Claudia. When Johnny refused, Sonny wondered if Johnny was jealous. Johnny laughed at the idea; he suggested that Sonny was the one who was jealous because Johnny was with sleeping with Olivia.

Sonny let Johnny know that the only reason that Johnny remained alive was because of Claudia. Sonny insisted that Johnny apologize to Claudia or else Sonny would feel compelled to take action. Johnny apologized to Claudia, but there wasn't any true remorse in his tone. He told his sister that Sonny and Claudia deserved each other. Claudia was hurt by Johnny's hostility.

A text message from Jason interrupted the ugly confrontation, and informed Sonny that Michael and Kristina had been found. Sonny decided to go home. He offered to give Claudia a ride, but she declined. Claudia wanted to remain behind to talk to Johnny. After Sonny left, Claudia tried to defend her actions.

Johnny didn't want to hear it. He was disgusted because Claudia had sent a madman after Michael without thinking things through. Johnny had a terrible feeling that things would not end well for Claudia. Claudia ignored Johnny's dire warning; she claimed that he'd been saying that for a long time. Johnny insisted that she couldn't keep her secret forever.

Claudia wondered what had turned Johnny against her. Johnny carefully told her that the minute she had sent Jerry after Michael, what loyalty and devotion he had harbored for her had disappeared. When Johnny made another plea for Claudia to leave town, Claudia snickered that he wanted her to disappear, yet he intended remain in Port Charles with his "Bensonhurst cow."

Johnny was livid. He suggested that she go home to her "fake husband" and grovel to Sonny. Claudia turned back to her brother. She promised him that Jerry would never tell Jason anything. It wasn't out of loyalty to Claudia, but rather because Jerry refused to give Jason anything. Johnny responded, "Good, then you'll live" and then washed his hands of her.

Carly relaxed at the country club while Morgan and Molly splashed in the pool. She was delighted when she saw Jax approach. Jax confided that he had a lead on Michael and Kristina. Carly was eager to go with Jax, but Jax refused to consider it. He assured Carly that things would go smoother if he didn't have to worry about her.

Nearby, Kiefer listened in on Jax and Carly's conversation. A teenaged girl approached Kiefer to talk to him, but he told her that he was too busy. When she didn't take the hint to leave, Kiefer turned physical. He grabbed arms and squeezed until she cried out in pain. She fled as soon as Kiefer released her.

Meanwhile, Jax agreed to take Carly, Morgan, and Molly on a tour of the jet. They decided to pick up some ice cream along the way. Kiefer managed to intercept Molly when she ran to her locker to get her clothes. Morgan approached as soon as Kiefer began questioning Molly about news on Kristina. Morgan reminded Molly that they weren't obligated to share any information with Kiefer. As the kids walked away from Kiefer, Morgan revealed that Jason had called; Michael and Kristina had been found.

Carly, Jax, and the kids went to the Jacks residence to wait for Michael and Kristina's return. While Carly fetched everyone some snacks, Jax reminded the kids that he would pay them if they managed to get Carly to eat some healthy food. After Jax left the room, Morgan confided that he didn't like Kiefer. A short time later, Kiefer dropped by for a visit.

Morgan immediately accused Kiefer of trying to do damage control before Kristina arrived home. Carly suggested that the next time Kiefer wanted to drop by for a visit, he call first. Jax realized that his family was not fond of the young man. Kiefer tried to charm everyone in the room, but the tension remained thick until Kiefer left.

A short time later, Carly announced that she had prepared Michael's room. Jax cautioned Carly not to get her hopes up; there was a possibility that Michael would not want to move in with them. Carly smiled with confidence as she assured Jax that Michael would soon be home.

Kiefer left a voicemail message for Kristina. He was eager for to her return.

Sonny found Diane and Max in a heated embrace when he entered his living room. Max and Diane jumped apart while Sonny informed them that Kristina and Michael were on their way home. Max was happy for Sonny. Moments later, an excited Alexis entered the room. Diane took the opportunity to ask if Alexis would retract her confession. Alexis had no intention of allowing her daughter to plead guilty to Claudia's accident.

Sonny hustled Diane and Max out of the room, so that he could speak to Alexis privately. Alexis stubbornly refused to change her mind. She insisted that Kristina didn't deserve to lose everything because of a mistake. Sonny worried about the impact it would have on Kristina if she didn't take responsibility for her actions. He feared that the guilt would eventually destroy Kristina or she would be vulnerable to blackmail. Alexis believed that the only people who knew the truth loved Kristina too much to use the information against her.

Sonny made his intentions clear; he wanted to spend more time with Kristina once she returned home. Alexis didn't argue about the visitation. She reiterated that the case had been settled, so there was no reason for Kristina to confess to the accident.

Neither Sonny nor Alexis realized that Claudia lurked in the hallway. Claudia seethed with fury when she overheard that Kristina had caused the car accident.

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