One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on OLTL

Carlo kidnapped Cristian. Dorian made plans to adopt Langston. Jared located Langston's uncle, Ray Montez, in prison in Colombia. Carlo met Jared. Todd and Marty grew closer. Rex was stunned to hear Shane announce his intentions to change his last name to Lovett, like his father, Brody. Tess threatened Tina to do her bidding, or Tina would expose the stolen Mendorran jewels.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, September 8, 2008

"Live, From the Lord Library..."

Todd helped Marty take her first steps across the room. Thrilled by her progress, Marty and Todd embraced and shared a passionate kiss. Feeling guilty, Todd pulled away and apologized to Marty. Believing Todd had no reason to apologize, Marty wondered what was bothering him. Todd suggested that he and Marty move far away from Llanview and start a new life together with his grandchild. When Marty reminded Todd that he would be leaving his children behind, Todd acknowledged that he was aware that he would no longer have access to his children, but expressed his need to get far away from Blair and John. Citing that it was the only way to start over, Todd urged Marty to consider changing their identities and relocating to a deserted island. Marty worried that John would find her, but Todd assured her that he wouldn't. Marty agreed to start a new life with Todd.

On the roof of the Angel Square Hotel, John and Blair flirted over a few drinks. Blair wondered if John was still consumed with thoughts of Todd's mystery woman. After admitting that he was, John inquired about why Blair no longer wore her wedding ring. Stating that she had no regrets, Blair confessed that she still thought about Todd spending time with another woman.

John and Blair discussed their relationship. Unable to keep their hands off one another, John and Blair kissed. Moments later, they headed downstairs to John's apartment.

Inside John's office, a clear image of Marty appeared on the computer screen.

In the basement at Llanfair, Tina tried to figure out a way to free herself and David Vickers from Tess's secret room.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sarah interrupted Tess's conversation with an unconscious and drugged Natalie. Claiming that Nat was asleep, Tess tried to convince Sarah that Nat hadn't been feeling well because of her troubled relationship with Jared, and needed to rest. Upon observing Nat in an uncomfortable position on the couch, Sarah suggested that they wake her so that she could go to sleep in her own bed. Attempting to prevent Sarah from disturbing Nat, Tess asked Sarah to leave. A determined Sarah tried to wake Nat, to no avail. Fed up with Sarah's interference, Tess pushed Sarah out the door.

While cuddling David Vickers, Tina discovered a television remote in the locked secret room. Upon turning on the television monitor, Tina witnessed Sarah arguing with Tess. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Tina demanded that Tess stay away from her daughter. Enclosed in the sound-proofed room, Tina's screams went unheard.

Out on the patio, Tess continued to chastise Sarah about interrupting Nat's nap. Realizing her cousin wasn't herself, Sarah asked to see Tina. A devilish Tess told Sarah that her mother had gone to New York to shop and wouldn't return home until late. After Sarah left, Tess headed inside to plot her next move.

Tess entered the basement and spoke to Tina through the glass window. Tina demanded to know what Tess had done to Sarah and pleaded with her niece not to hurt Natalie. After assuring Tina that Sarah was safe, Tess unlocked the door and allowed Tina to leave. Revealing one of the Mendorran stones to a shocked Tina, Tess told her that she would tell Carlo about Tina's thievery unless she did Tess's bidding. Tina refused to allow Tess to hurt Nat. Reminding her that Carlo would undoubtedly harm Sarah if he were to ever find out that Tina had escaped with the jewels, Tess blackmailed her aunt into keeping quiet about her knowledge of Tess surfacing. Tina was convinced that Carlo was locked inside a Mendorran prison and couldn't wreak havoc any longer. Tess reminded Tina that Carlo would escape and torture his enemies.

Tess advised Tina to leave David Vickers in the secret room because she would need the use of both her hands. Cornered, Tina followed Tess back upstairs.

As David Vickers watched from the secret room, Tess and Tina dragged an unconscious Natalie out of the library. Moments later, Tina watched in horror as Tess locked a sleeping Natalie inside the secret room. Tina wondered how Tess could do such a thing. Screaming, Tess claimed that everything she had done was for Bree. Turning off the lights, Tess remarked, "Good night, Sis!"

Inside an unknown location, an enraged Carlo spoke to an unconscious and shackled Cristian. Carlo ranted about the embarrassment Talia, Cris, Antonio, and Sarah caused him in Mendorra. Carlo stated that Cris and his accomplices should have made sure that he was dead before attempting to go on with their lives.

Upon regaining consciousness, Cris attempted to unshackle himself and attack Carlo. Unable to free himself, Cris continued to struggle with his restraints and lunge at Carlo. Laughing and staying out of Cris's reach, Carlo taunted Cris. Frustrated, Cris demanded to know what Carlo had planned for him. Citing that he wanted to keep him alert, Carlo assured Cris that he didn't intend to kill him. Cris warned Carlo that Antonio would find him. Carlo exited the room and locked the door behind him.

At the cottage, Brody provoked Rex into hitting him in front of Shane. After coming to Brody's aid, a furious Shane demanded that Rex leave at once. Rex pleaded with Shane to allow him to explain, but the child made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with Rex. Reminding Rex that he had a chance with his mother and blew it, Shane stated that Rex chose Adriana. Gigi threatened to punish Shane unless he apologized to Rex. Refusing to apologize, Shane said he couldn't be punished because he had everything he always wanted-his dad. As Shane bolted out of the room, Rex and Gigi appeared devastated. With a smirk, Brody insisted that Rex leave.

Rex and Brody became embroiled in another argument. Brody continued to degrade Rex about running out on a pregnant Gigi, and Rex insisted that Brody remove himself from Shane's life. Upset over Shane's display of anger and the battle between Rex and Brody, a teary-eyed Gigi asked Rex to leave.

Insisting that Shane needed to know the truth about his paternity, Rex begged Gigi to tell their son that he was Shane's father. Agreeing that Shane needed to know the truth, Gigi begged Rex to give her more time to break the news to him. Gigi walked Rex to the door. Stating that she was exhausted from the trip, Gigi promised to tell Shane the truth in the morning. Rex agreed to leave, but reminded her of her promise. Gigi presented Rex with a photo of Shane and assured him that she would make Shane understand the truth about his paternity. Rex appeared hopeful. As they hugged and said goodbye at the door, Brody interrupted and told Gigi that Shane was waiting for her. While Rex walked away distraught, Gigi found Shane and Brody waiting to speak to her. A tearful Gigi listened as Shane announced that he hated Rex and never wanted to see him again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saving Face

Blair woke up in John's bed to find him sitting at the foot of the bed, on the phone with Officer Fish. John told Fish he wanted to meet as soon as possible. As John finished his call, Blair pulled John back into bed for more lovemaking. Afterwards, Blair and John talked about his priorities; Blair said she knew the "Jane Doe" case was still important to him, and John admitted that she was correct, and that the mystery still preyed on his mind. Blair said that she understood that his work often came first. She mused that at times she felt as if she didn't really know him, but insisted she understood the way his life worked. Blair said that when she was with John, she didn't dwell on the past or worry about the future, but only lived for the present, "just now." Fish called John, and informed him that there was a high likelihood that the scanning program was already done processing their image. John ordered Fish to meet him at his office immediately, and rushed off to the Llanview Police Station with Blair's encouragement. Meanwhile, at John's office, the finished image of Marty was crystal clear on the computer screen.

Outside John's office, Fish was confronted by Mayor Lowell and his flunky. Lowell wanted to know what Fish was doing there, and where the keys to John's office were. Fish made a cover story about hoping to come back to the LPD, and said he didn't have the keys; Lowell told Fish to leave, then conferred with his crony. The mayor was determined to get into John's office and get to any incriminating evidence about his activities with Lee Ramsey before John could use it. As Lowell schemed, Fish listened in from the adjoining corridor.

At Llanfair, Tina struggled to open the wall safe in the drawing room, only to find that Tess had changed the combination. Tess slunk in, gloating about her triumph, and told "Auntie T" that she would have to keep her mouth shut about Tess's plans for Natalie if she ever wanted to retrieve the crown jewels. Tina demanded to know what Tess had planned for Natalie, and asked Tess how she could do such terrible things to her sister. Tess snapped that Natalie was not her sister, and said Jared and Natalie would get what they deserved for what they'd done to Nash and the Brennan family.

Fed up, Tina rushed to a phone to call an old friend-Bo. She said she was going to end Tess's charade. Tess reminded Tina that she had skeletons in her closet, as well, and promised that if Tess went down, Tina would, too. She also warned Tina that if the world knew Tina had the jewels, nothing would stop Carlo, Jonas, and others from coming after Sarah to get to Tina. Frightened for Sarah, Tina relented and put the phone down. She asked if Tess was going to kill Natalie. Tess said Natalie would wish she was dead, and that she and Jared would learn what it was like to have love torn away from them. "That bitch broke my heart," Tess said, "and I'm gonna break her. Totally." She ordered Tina to stop asking about her plans and to forget what she'd seen, then flounced out to see to Natalie. Anguished, Tina took an old picture of herself and Viki off Viki's desk and spoke to it, apologizing for being such a terrible sister, castigating herself for her dirty deals. She said she was forced to choose between being a good sister and putting Sarah's life in danger.

At Todd's house, Todd greeted Marty with breakfast in bed. Marty was touched, and told Todd she'd dreamed of him the night before. Todd assumed it had to be a nightmare, but Marty said it had been a good dream, one of their future. Marty mused that it had seemed too good to be true, and wondered if Todd's plans for them to move away and start a family with his grandchild weren't just a fantasy. Todd insisted his plan could work, but Marty said that taking on a child was already a huge responsibility, and "we don't know what we are to each other." Todd said they could figure that out one day at a time.

Todd presented Marty with a gift: A piano book, and a large electronic piano. He explained to Marty that she had once been a piano prodigy, and had taught his niece, Jessica. He hoped that by providing her with the tools, Marty would be able to recover innate "muscle memory" of how to play the piano, using it as "occupational therapy." Hesitant, Marty tried it, and was overjoyed to find that she did indeed remember how to play. After playing "Fur Elise," Marty urged Todd to sit on the bed beside her and join her in an impromptu duet. Todd was a slow study, but managed to participate by doing one half of "Heart & Soul" along with Marty, to Marty's delight.

Back at John's apartment, Blair attempted to make coffee, only to find John's milk supply to be horribly past its expiration date. As she ordered breakfast by phone, she felt awkward asking for it to be delivered to John McBain's residence. When she went looking around the apartment for a pen to leave John a note about his milk, she stumbled upon a framed picture of John and Marty in his bedside drawer-unbeknownst to her, the same picture Ramsey had given the amnesiac Marty. Unsettled by her discovery, Blair tried to shrug it off as she wrote her note to John and closed the drawer, writing to John that it was time for him to replace his milk: "out with the old, in with the new."

At the LPD station, Bo returned to work, proudly restoring fallen police officer John Perry's plaque to its place on the wall outside his office. As Bo settled in behind his desk, Antonio and Talia rushed in to congratulate the "Commish" on his return. Bo thanked them for their well-wishes, but said he was eager to have them both return to work as well, and asked them to fill him in on the "long story" behind their "summer hiatus." As Antonio and Talia recounted the Mendorra caper with Tina and Carlo, Bo did his best to take the new information in stride. Talia apologized for not telling the LPD the truth about her parentage when she came to town, but said she hadn't wanted to be judged by her diabolical father and what he stood for. Bo assured Talia that he could understand what it was like to grapple with the legacy of a domineering parent, as could Antonio, and happily reinstated her to the police force. He was pleased to have both Antonio and Talia back on the job.

John met Fish outside his office, where Fish warned him that Mayor Lowell had been prowling around trying to get inside. Worried, John rushed in, only to find Lowell already there, sitting behind John's desk-in front of the computer, and the finished image of Marty, which only Lowell could see. Lowell had gotten a master key from an on-duty officer, and harangued John for wasting taxpayer dollars on a closed investigation that he had been ordered to abandon by the Commonwealth. John shot back that Lowell was only trying to cover his and Ramsey's tracks. Furious, Lowell slammed the laptop closed, shutting it down without the image being saved to the hard drive. Lowell and his men confiscated the computer and John's files and stormed out. John and Fish were infuriated that they had come so close to discovering "Jane Doe," only to be stymied again. Fish told John that Mayor Lowell had to have seen the finished image, and not wanted anyone else to.

Back in Bo's office, the trio of cops was wrapping up their meeting when Sarah rushed in, screaming to Bo that something had happened to Cristian. Sarah explained to the others that Cristian had yet to arrive home from his later flight despite it being a day later. Bo dispatched Antonio and Talia to check all possible leads, but they continued to come up with no sign of Cristian at any airports. Antonio and Bo both feared that Carlo could be behind Cris's disappearance. Just then, John entered to speak to Bo. Bo told John that Cristian was missing, and they could use his help.

In Colombia, Jared arrived at his destination, entering a darkened building. He called Natalie multiple times, only to receive her voicemail over and over. Finally, he left a message, fearing that she was screening her calls and avoiding him. He begged Natalie to try to understand why he was doing Clint's bidding, and said he had to make things right for the Buchanans and the business so that the family could forgive Natalie. He told Natalie that he loved her, and hung up. Alone with his thoughts, Jared flashed back to his goodbye with Natalie at the airport, where he'd told her not to get any ideas about disappearing on him.

In the basement below Llanfair, in Tess's secret room, Natalie awoke to find herself trapped in an unfamiliar place. Wondering where she was, she tried the door, only to find it locked. Screaming for help, she had no idea that the room was soundproofed. She reviewed her memories but found that the last thing she could recall was having tea with "Jessica." Natalie tried another door and found a bathroom, where she discovered a gift-wrapped present addressed to her. Returning to the main room, Natalie unwrapped the present, a large scrapbook labeled "Memories." As Natalie flipped through the strange book, she found it was full of newspaper clippings relating to her rocky history in Llanview, as well as Jared's, focusing on his Buchanan scam and the downfall of Buchanan Enterprises.

Towards the end of the scrapbook the pages began to fill with disturbing homemade images, such as Jared and Natalie's pictures with a heart drawn around them, and a dagger plunged through the center. The final image was of Nash's bloodied body on the ground after his fall at the BE shareholders' meeting. Horrified, Natalie flung the scrapbook aside, and looked up to see Tess watching her from behind the glass wall. Natalie rushed to the glass, begging "Jessica" to let her out. Tess expressed disappointment that Natalie didn't like her "present," which she'd worked hard on. Natalie was horrified as she finally realized that "Jessica" wasn't Jessica...she was Tess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inmates on the Inside:

John, Antonio, and Talia were at the police station, gathered in Bo's office. Bo couldn't quite wrap his mind around the fact that Talia was Carlo Hesser's daughter. Attention quickly diverted to Sarah, when she walked into her uncle's office. She was frantic because Cris had suddenly vanished. Everyone soon realized that Carlo could be involved in Cris's disappearance. Bo decided to place a call to the authorities in Mendorra. Their fears were realized when Bo was told that Carlo had managed to bribe his way out of prison. John, Antonio, and Talia decided to start their search for Cris in New York. Before they left, Antonio and Talia were reinstated to Llanview's police force.

Cris woke up from a romantic dream of Sarah, and discovered that he was chained to a wall. His captor was Carlo Hesser. Rather than show fear, Cris began taunting Carlo with how much Talia hated her father. Carlo tried to dismiss what Cris was saying, but couldn't for long. He soon grew annoyed with his prisoner and began issuing threats. Cris refused to be intimidated. He told Carlo that Talia would kill him the first opportunity she had. Carlo had had enough. He informed Cris that they were headed to Columbia, where Carlo intended to throw Cris into a prison to rot. As Carlo walked out of the room, two of his goons stepped in and began pummeling Cris.

Jared walked into the Del Plato prison in Bogota, Colombia, and was taken to a room. While Jared waited for the guards to fetch Langston's uncle, his cell phone rang. It was Clint, calling to check on Jared's progress. Jared took the opportunity to inform Clint that Langston's uncle had been convicted of murder. When he asked Clint if he wanted to reconsider their plan, Clint refused. He instructed Jared to make sure Ray Montez came to Llanview.

After Jared ended his call with Clint, Ray was brought into the room. His hands were cuffed behind his back. Ray quickly guessed that Jared was an American. He demanded to know what Jared wanted. Jared broached the subject slowly. He told Ray his sister, Linda, and her husband had been killed in a car accident and left behind a daughter. When Jared told Ray about the plan for Ray to go to Llanview and petition for custody of Langston in order to force Dorian's hand, Ray refused.

Ray insisted that he be given more incentive to cooperate, than just his freedom. He wanted a big payoff from Jared, something that would make it worth playing the "concerned" uncle to Langston.

Starr strolled out to the pool and found Langston working on the laptop. Langston was doing research, hoping to find her long-lost relative. Starr was concerned about Langston's search. She pointed out that there might have been a reason that Langston's mother had not talked about her family. Starr reminded Langston of Adriana's story and how Dorian had to hide her daughter's existence for her own safety. Langston appreciated Starr's concern, but she wasn't deterred from her quest.

The conversation then switched to Cole and his latest visit to LaBoulaie. Starr was upset when Langston told her about the incident with Karen at the country club. Langston was quick to let Starr know that she didn't have any reason to worry; Cole wasn't interested in Karen. Talk of Cole led to talk of school. Starr admitted that she was nervous about returning to school pregnant. She worried that she would be ridiculed by her peers. Langston reassured Starr that she would not be alone; Langston would be by Starr's side.

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew turned to Cole for advice on what to wear the first day of school. Matthew was starting his freshman year in high school and was desperate to make a good first impression. Cole didn't think Matthew had anything to worry about, but Matthew didn't believe him. He told Cole about the things he had read, posted by previous freshman, on a popular blog site. Matthew also pointed out that, as a senior, Cole was at the top of the social ladder.

Things took a momentary uncomfortable turn when Matthew brought up Starr's name. Cole quickly dismissed Matthew's apologies, saying they were unnecessary. He told Matthew that he had to get used to hearing Starr's name and seeing her, since school was about to start. Cole then switched the topic back to Matthew. Cole let Matthew know that he would keep an eye on Matthew, to make sure no one gave him a difficult time. Matthew appeared greatly relieved.

Natalie was stunned when she realized that Tess had returned and was the personality in control. Tess was happy to confirm Natalie's worst fears. As Tess walked Natalie through the previous few months, Natalie was shocked to learn that Tess was responsible for Viki's car accident. She was also surprised to discover that Tess had served Natalie and Jared poisoned risotto. Hope sprang eternal when Tess revealed that it was Jessica who had stopped Natalie and Jared from eating the deadly dish. Natalie warned Tess that Jessica would regain control. For the first time, Tess appeared rattled, but she quickly recovered.

Tess took delight in letting Natalie know that she intended to make Natalie suffer the same fate that Natalie and Jared had forced Tess to endure. Tess wanted Natalie to know what it felt like to live without the man she loved. Natalie feared that Tess meant she would kill Jared, but Tess told her that what she had planned was far worse than death.

Natalie watched helplessly as Tess walked away and sealed Natalie away in her hidden prison.

Tina was plagued with guilt over her role in Tess's plot for retribution. Tina paced the living room and spoke her regrets aloud, as if she were speaking to Viki. Clint walked in and overheard Tina talking. Luckily, for Tina, Clint didn't hear anything specific.

Clint explained that he had stopped by to see Jessica. Tina lied and told him that Jessica was in the shower, hoping that Clint would leave. He didn't. Clint decided to wait for Jessica in the living room. When Tina tried to leave, Clint stalled her. He mentioned that he had spoken to Cord, who had told him that Tina was in Llanview for Sarah's sake. Tina seemed to grow increasingly nervous as the visit progressed. A few innocent comments by Clint seemed to trigger Tina's desire to confess. Just as Tina appeared to be on the verge of telling Clint about Tess and Natalie, Tess walked in. Tina froze when she saw her niece.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Spanish Prisoner

At La Boulaie, Dorian surprised Langston and Starr with a multitude of shopping bags filled with back-to-school clothing. The girls were obviously trying to hide something and were forced to admit their research of Langston's family tree. Dorian thought it "an utter waste of time." After Langston went off to put on a new outfit to model, Starr accused her great-aunt of being rude for trying to stop Langston. Dorian quickly assured her that she merely wanted the research to be put on hold, with the start of the new school year.

After watching Langston model the first outfit, Dorian presented Starr with new baby clothes. She was hoping that Starr would change her mind and keep her baby and raise it as a Cramer. Starr firmly told her great-aunt that her decision had been made and that Dorian needed to accept it. She suggested that Dorian's energy be directed towards Langston, instead, and her search for long lost relatives. Dorian was reluctant, citing Langston's right to have some privacy. A confused Starr pointed out that Dorian was intruding in her own private decisions and that Langston would appreciate the help.

Dorian spoke of her girls, including Langston, who admitted that she felt special when she heard that. She also admitted to feeling guilty, because she was searching for relatives on the advice of a phony psychic. She was overcome by feeling part of Dorian's family everyday. Comforting her, Dorian offered to have all of the names on Langston's list investigated. When Langston tried to thank her, Dorian put her off. She was doing it for herself, she admitted. She revealed that she wanted to adopt Langston legally as her daughter.

In Colombia, Jared completed the deal with Ray Montez. "What about the money?" the criminal wanted to know. Montez was informed that there was no money and that the deal was non-negotiable. Though Montez bragged of having his own plan for escape, he readily gave in as Jared made a strong case for his immediate release. He asked Jared for a coat for the incoming cold weather. Elsewhere in the prison, a new inmate was dragged in. The warden was informed, by a disguised Carlo Hesser, that the man was the "worst criminal in all of Colombia." The prisoner was Cris! The warden readily accepted the money that Carlo handed to him, as Cris vowed to find Hesser some day. "Who?" the warden immediately asked, appearing to recognize the name. A sneering Carlo pointed out that the prisoner was a dangerous assassin and more, someone who should hardly be believed. It was decided that Cris belonged in solitary confinement. Carlo assured Cris that everyone was guilty of something, as Cris continued to yell that he was not a criminal.

Carlo asked to be kept informed of the prisoner. Cris vowed to kill him. Finished with his business with Ray, Jared stepped into the outer room, only to come face-to-face with Carlo. When he demanded privacy, the warden assured him that "Mr. Bern" was discreet. Jared introduced himself as Jeb Stuart, causing a jolt in Carlo. Mentioning that he once knew someone of the same name, possibly a relative, Jared assured him it was common in the South. Carlo immediately summoned up the Internet on his cell phone, and learned of Jared's involvement in the Buchanan scam. The warden was the recipient of additional funds, this time from Jared. Ray was curious to learn that he'd be riding in a limo. Jared informed him that he had the power to send Ray back to prison as quickly as he had been able to get him released-if he misbehaved. Jared planned on introducing Ray to his niece.

At the police station, Bo tried to persuade Sarah to go home and let the police look for Cris. He didn't want her to do anything foolish. When he compared her to Tina, Sarah was highly insulted and insisted she was nothing like her mother. Bo asked that she prove it. Rex bolted in and offered to help Sarah in the search. which angered Bo, who finally convinced Sarah to leave. "My son hates my guts," Rex blurted out to a surprised Bo.

"How's it feel?" asked a very pleased police commissioner.

Rex explained how much he liked Shane. He understood why Gigi had kept him a secret but he wished he had known about his son sooner. He also explained the situation with Brody and how Brody had turned Shane against Rex. He was thinking that maybe he shouldn't be in Shane's life, that Shane and Brody were happy together, and that he shouldn't screw up Shane's life. Playing devil's advocate, Bo asked what would happen if Shane found out, later in life, that Rex was his real dad. Rex wanted Bo to give him advice. Bo admitted that his biggest regret was not being around for his own son, Drew, and that he did the same thing that Rex was thinking about.

Bo advised Rex that if he wanted Shane as his son, then the truth needed to be told. He further advised him that the boy would be angry, but he needed to know that Rex would be there for him, no matter what or when. Additionally, Rex would have to be in it for life. Bo didn't want him to live with regret as Bo did.

As an anxious Natalie looked on from the secret room in the basement, Tina seemed about to tell Clint the truth about Tess. To her surprise and happiness, "Jess" emerged and sweetly told her dad how happy she was about Tina being around for her. A bewildered Tina played along and assured Clint that she had forgotten why she was so upset earlier. "Jess" innocently suggested that perhaps Tina was pregnant like her. She added smugly that pregnancy always caused her to be forgetful. As Tina tried to tell Clint the truth again, "Jess" interrupted, dramatically declaring that she had done something terrible to Natalie. As Tina encouraged her, "Jess" spoke about making a mistake in having Natalie move in, that things between them were not too good and she had snapped at Natalie after hearing her apologize one too many times. She was afraid that Clint and Viki had been correct in telling her it was too soon to have Natalie there. Clint was sure that Natalie understood.

As Tina urged "Jess" to continue with the truth, Sarah burst into the room, crying that Cris had been taken by Carlo. She broke the news that Carlo had escaped from prison. Tina wondered why no one could build a decent prison. The realization that Carlo had hounded the family for years caused fear to consume the room. Clint promised to have extra security around all family members. As Tina was leaving the room to comfort her daughter, Clint remembered that they hadn't all finished their previous discussion. Clint offered to speak to Natalie, when Tina declared that she was being pushy, but "Jess" refused his offer of help. She thanked Tina for telling the truth. She felt she had been wrong in asking Natalie to move in but she thought she had it all under control. Once Clint was gone, Tess turned to face the camera, and Natalie. She repeated that she had everything under control. "You bitch," Natalie sputtered.

Back at Rodi's to work, Gigi learned she'd been fired, having been away for too long. Insisting that her absence was a life-or-death situation didn't sit well with the manager. Brody came to her rescue, pointing out that a replacement hadn't been hired yet. He suggested that they could both be fired if she missed any work again and the manager reluctantly agreed. Gigi assured Brody that she was still planning on telling Shane about Rex being his father and was hoping that Brody would be present. Pointing out that it was her lie, not his, Brody adamantly announced that he would not attend her meeting. Gigi reminded him of his phony DNA test and that she would expect answers for her son.

An angry Brody repeated his claim of running the DNA test to protect Shane in the event that she didn't return to Llanview. He was angry that he was put in the middle of the entire incident and thought that if they were planning on being a family ten years ago, that they still could. Gigi's response was that she loved Rex and Brody's request was impossible to fill. She apologized that she wasn't over Rex. Brody thought it a good thing that his mother had declared him dead so many years ago. He wondered what would have happened if they had gotten married, had their own kids, and then run into Rex. Shane arrived as Gigi was resolutely telling Brody to let her and Shane go. They claimed to be discussing dinner. Just then, Rex showed up, too. Shane advised him to leave, citing a family meeting. "Then I guess it's a good thing I'm here," Rex replied.

Clint received a call from Jared to let him know that the job was completed. Clint was pleased, hoping to get his company back swiftly. As Cris was led to his cell, any evidence of his identity was destroyed. "We have no Cristian Vega here," the warden said, as he ripped up his papers.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Everybody in the (Gene) Pool!

At Rodi's, an angry Shane demanded to know why Rex felt the need to intrude on his time with Gigi and Brody. While Rex listened, Shane announced that he wanted to change his last name to Lovett. Blindsided by Shane's request, Gigi urged her son to reconsider, but Shane was adamant about having the same last name as his father. Unnerved by Rex's presence, Shane lashed out at him. Reminding Rex that he chose Adriana over Gigi, Shane pushed Rex and said that he hated him. A distraught Rex apologized to Shane and walked away.

Gigi scolded Shane and begged Rex to stay. Rex conceded that they had waited too long to tell Shane the truth. Fearing that Shane would hate him and Gigi, Rex said he couldn't bear to tell the child the truth. Although Gigi wanted to tell Shane that Rex was his father, Rex refused to hurt his son. Urging Gigi to calm Shane down, a hurt Rex left the bar. As she watched Rex leave, Gigi was heartbroken.

Alone with Shane, Gigi tried to convince the child to keep his given name, but Shane refused. After Shane stormed off, Gigi approached Brody and informed him that she didn't plan to lie to Shane any longer.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Roxy presented Marcie with a handful of mail. Looking troubled, Marcie stated that she had already gone through the mail and it all belonged to Mike. As Marcie headed out the door, Roxy told Charlie that Marcie and Mike should have never broke up. While Roxy babbled away about losing Rex because of her refusal to tell him the truth about his father, Charlie reminded her about his renewed relationship with Jared and assured her that things could change.

As Roxy continued to confide in Charlie, a distraught Rex entered the hotel. Excited to see Rex, Roxy wondered what was troubling him. Both, Roxy and Charlie were stunned when Rex announced that his son hated him. Realizing that Rex was referring to Shane, Roxy had questions. Rex spoke rudely to Roxy and Charlie and berated them about the lie they had told him. Charlie apologized to Rex and hoped that he could work things out with Shane. Before leaving, Charlie told Rex that he didn't come to the hotel because he was angry with Roxy-he needed his mother.

As Rex told Roxy about the situation involving Shane, Roxy comforted her son. When Roxy applauded Rex for putting his love for Shane ahead of his own feelings, Rex appeared touched. Roxy assured Rex that it might take time, but he would develop a relationship with his son. Rex apologized for his treatment of Roxy over the past several months. Acknowledging that Charlie was right about him needing his mother's love, Rex allowed Roxy to console him.

At Llanview Hospital, Layla approached Mike and apologized about causing any problems between him and Marcie. Mike assured Layla that she had no reason to apologize for simply being a friend to him. Agreeing that they had helped each other deal with matters of the heart, Mike and Layla hugged. As Mike and Layla thanked each other with a friendly embrace, Marcie approached and gave them a knowing look. Layla apologized again and quickly excused herself.

Mike wondered if Marcie had come to visit him, but Marcie announced that she had an appointment to see Starr's gynecologist, Dr. Joplin. Although Mike and Marcie attempted to be cordial to one another, the conversation became tense when Marcie asked Mike to accompany her to speak with the doctor. Mike declined Marcie's offer and wished her luck.

At LaBoulaie, Dorian told Langston that she wanted to legally adopt her. Appearing stunned by Dorian's announcement, Langston wondered if Dorian wanted to adopt her out of fear that Langston was searching for her relatives. Overhearing the conversation, Starr approached and reminded Langston how much the family loved her, and advised her to accept Dorian's offer. Admitting that Delphina's revelation about Langston's possible relative prompted her to seek adoption, Dorian expressed her love for Langston and the desire to make her an official member of the family. After much urging from Dorian and Starr, Langston happily agreed to allow Dorian to legally adopt her.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint spoke to Jared over the phone. As Clint ordered Jared to keep him updated on his progress concerning bringing Langston's uncle to Llanview, Nora entered the room and overheard the conversation. Clint abruptly ended his call. A sarcastic Nora suggested that they toast to Clint's desire to destroy Langston's life. Nora was certain that Clint's scheme would somehow hurt Langston. Upset, Clint promised Nora that his plan wouldn't cause Langston any problems. As Clint advised Nora that he had to use Langston as leverage against Dorian, Markko interrupted the discussion and asked what was going on regarding Langston. Markko had come to the mansion looking for Cole, but wanted answers from Clint.

Making up an excuse, Clint avoided directly answering Markko's question. Clint told Markko that he intended to regain control of Buchanan Enterprises and take down Dorian. Clint said he feared Langston might get hurt in the process. Satisfied with Clint's explanation, Markko stepped away to answer a call from Langston. As Clint and Nora listened, Markko rejoiced at the news that Dorian planned to adopt Langston. Overhearing the news, Clint appeared interested, but Nora was visibly worried. Before leaving, Markko remarked that Dorian was a kind-hearted person and suggested that perhaps Clint was wrong about her.

Nora was concerned that Clint wasn't bothered by the possible outcome of his plan. Expressing his animosity for Dorian and blaming her for the destruction of his family, Clint was determined to take back his company, but promised to spare Langston. Clint assured Nora that Dorian wouldn't actually lose Langston-the plan was for her to believe that she might. Nora feared that Clint's plot wouldn't go as planned.

An elated Markko showed up at LaBoulaie and congratulated Langston and Dorian. Dorian announced that she intended to throw a lavish party to announce to the world that Langston was a Cramer woman.

Todd panicked when he entered Marty's bedroom and couldn't find her. Smiling, Marty appeared in the doorway and demonstrated her new and improved walking skills. Realizing that Todd was worried, Marty asked him if he was disappointed by her progress. Todd admitted that he feared Marty might not need him anymore. Marty told Todd that she was thankful for all that he had done for her and assured him that she had no intention of deserting him. Marty was certain that her improved health was a good thing because it meant she was with him because she chose to be and not because she needed him. Marty reminded Todd that she needed to be healthy in order to help him raise his grandchild.

Marcie paid a visit to Dr. Joplin and asked some questions concerning Starr's pregnancy. Delighted to speak with Marcie, the doctor gave her a good report. Marcie thanked Joplin for taking such great care of Starr. After Marcie left, Dr. Joplin appeared deep in thought. Seconds later, she picked up the phone and placed a call.

Marty asked Todd to dance with her, and he obliged. While the two glided across the room, Todd's cell phone rang. Noticing that the call was from Dr. Joplin, Todd answered. The doctor requested that Todd come to her office immediately. When Todd refused, Dr. Joplin demanded to see him. Todd excused himself and headed over to the hospital.

Outside of Dr. Joplin's office, Marcie placed a call to someone and stated that her baby was due in November. Todd appeared and stared at Marcie as she walked away. Todd entered Joplin's office and inquired about what she wanted. Joplin informed Todd that she had no intention of giving him Starr's baby.

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