The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on Y&R

Nick bought Restless Style from Jack. Jack and Adam joined forces to get revenge on Victor. Jill gave the FBI proof that Brad had secretly covered David's gambling debts, and Brad was arrested. Daniel kissed Amber. River arrived in town to visit Michael. .
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, September 8, 2008

At Restless Style's headquarters, Jack approved when Sharon asked if Noah could spend a semester as a work-study intern at the magazine. Phyllis startled Jack and Sharon when she rushed in and announced that Victor was home. Phyllis phoned the Webzine's administrator and demanded to have the "Where in the World is Victor Newman?" story removed immediately. Jack asked why Victor had pulled the stunt and why he had gone out into the ocean in the first place. Phyllis said that Nick was probably asking Victor the same questions at a meeting with his father. Sharon left to phone Noah and share the good news. Jack announced that Phyllis was right to pull the story because the Webzine should be updated with a tell-all story about Victor Newman's return from the dead. Phyllis shook her head in dismay.

When Jack mentioned Victor along with the word "scoop," Phyllis asked Jack when he had turned into Rupert Murdock. Phyllis added that everything Jack had done so far to increase circulation had hurt Nick and Victor, so she had the feeling that Jack's aim was to twist the knife in Victor's back. Through gritted teeth, Jack admitted that he enjoyed having a public venue to expose Victor Newman as the lying bastard he was. Sharon had returned and overheard. Sharon asked Jack point-blank if that was all that the magazine meant to him. Phyllis recalled that Jack and Victor's vendetta had been ongoing for years and years, and was affecting Jack and Nick's personal and business relationships. Jack reminded Phyllis and Sharon that Nick had begun the magazine venture as a means to "stick it" to his father. Jack raised his voice and added, "If it's too hot in the kitchen, Phyllis, I can show you the door. My offer to buy you two out still stands. My formula for success is working here, and I am not going anywhere!"

Phyllis implored Sharon to do something about Jack, who was out of control. Sharon suggested that Phyllis and Nick sell their share to Jack. Sharon said that the fighting between the couples would hurt Noah. Phyllis argued that she and Nick should not be expected to step aside just so Jack and Sharon could have their way. Sharon chided Phyllis for not realizing that protecting Noah from family bickering was the most important issue. Phyllis rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Jack retreated to a corner to phone his stockbroker. Jack told his broker that he needed to raise some serious money fast to buy his partners out of Restless Style. "We don't share the same vision," Jack offered as a reason. After Jack hung up, he smiled as he looked at the Webzine's home page, which touted in red "Breaking Story: Victor Newman Sighting."

At Newman headquarters, Adam replayed in his mind the moment Victor fired him and reinstated Neil as CEO. However, Adam took his seat at his desk and conducted business as usual. Neil was taken aback when he walked in and saw Adam at the helm. Neil asked, "Are you out of your damn mind, running things as if nothing has changed?" Adam cleared his threat and responded, "I don't think anything really has." Adam added that Victor was depressed and distraught, and that Victor would change his mind because, Adam bragged, he was Victor's son and had given invaluable service to the company. Neil looked quizzically at Adam and asked, "You eat denial for breakfast?" While Neil waited for a security officer to arrive, Adam explained that he hoped there were no hard feelings since he was ready to work with Neil. Neil laughed and said, "No hard feelings? Adam, you fired me!" When J.T. arrived, Neil calmly requested that Mr. Adam Wilson be escorted from the building. J.T. took Adam by the arms, but Adam wrestled free. As J.T. whisked Adam away, Adam declared, "An eye for an eye, right, Neil?" Neil yelled out, "Goodbye, Mr. Wilson!"

When J.T. returned to Neil's office, J.T. said that Victoria had high hopes that she could reconcile with her father. Neil worried that something was different about Victor. After J.T. cited that at least Neil was back in charge at Newman Enterprises, Neil said that there was no way that Victor would allow Neil to run the company alone.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria rushed over and put her arms around her father. Victor remained indifferent as both Victoria and Nick told their dad they were happy to have him back home. Nick and Victoria asked Victor why he had come home after he had told Nikki that he would not. Victor said that he preferred to come back and set matters straight instead of be hounded by paparazzi and private investigators. Victor thanked Victoria and Nick for the way in which they handled the situation while he was away. He said that he forgave them both for their actions during Sabrina's last days. When Nick asked why Victor had gone to Mexico, Victor said that he had gone away to heal.

Victoria thanked her father for being forgiving and told him that she had been touched by his letter. Victoria added that she hoped things could be different. Without emotion, Victor said, "There have been a lot of changes in my life and in our business." Victor added that Victoria and Nick would learn about the changes when Michael Baldwin read his statement, and that he preferred not to discuss the matter with them. Nick grew impatient and asked Victor if he was shutting them out again. Victoria begged her father not to turn them away, but Victor, in a flat monotone, responded, "I have to." Nick asked rhetorically, "You have to protect yourself from your own kids?" Nick was angry that he and Victoria had been made to wait while Victor conducted business meetings and met with Adam. Nick noted that his father had been through much sorrow, but he berated his father for being selfish, as well. Victor said that he saw things clearly now. Without remorse, Victor asked Nick and Victoria to leave.

Adam arrived at the ranch to pack his belongings just after a dejected Victoria and Nick walked out of their father's home office. Adam admonished Nick and Victoria for pandering to Victor. He told them that their behavior made him sick. Victoria responded that Adam did not truly care about Victor or the company, only himself. Adam maintained that he did what he thought was right. Nick snapped, "Why don't you just get the hell out of here!" Victor entered the room and asked his bickering children to "kindly take this somewhere else." In the same indifferent tone, Victor asked his children to leave his house. After Adam, Nick, and Victoria left, Sharon brought Noah by. Victor embraced Noah and Sharon. Sharon asked to speak to Victor alone, and she told Victor about Jack and Nick's bitter battles over the direction of the magazine. Sharon, worried about Noah being caught in the middle, and begged Victor to give Nick back his job at Newman.

When Nick came home to the tack house, Phyllis asked how the reunion went with Victor. Nick, in a somber tone, answered, "Not the way I expected." Nick added that his dad treated Victoria and him like they were strangers. Phyllis comforted Nick when he added, "Dad said he wanted us to leave him alone." Phyllis reminded Nick that Victor must be heartbroken to come home without Sabrina. Nick agreed that his dad was in a lot of pain. Nick blew up when Phyllis told him that Jack wanted to run a tell-all article about Victor. Nick agreed that the magazine no longer gave him feelings of success and satisfaction as it had in the beginning. Phyllis teased that perhaps Nick had options and could be inspired by becoming a lion tamer in Africa. Nick took Phyllis in his arms, began kissing her passionately, and said, "I think I'll explore some of those options, right now."

At the club, Victoria was comforted to find Nikki. Victoria hugged her mother tightly. Nikki was surprised when Victoria told her that Victor had returned, but Nikki wasn't surprised when Victoria said that her father coldly threw her and Nick out of his house. Nikki said that while Victor was in Mexico, he was cold, detached, and bitter, but she thought his feelings were only reserved for her. Adam took a seat at the bar and waited for the televised announcement from Victor.

At the coffeehouse, Jana, Kevin, Gloria, and Jeffrey compared notes on their respective honeymoons. Jana crooned that she and Kevin enjoyed blissful bohemian nights under the stars at a beach. Kevin argued that sand in his shorts was no match for high-styled comfort. Gloria boasted that Kevin was his mother's son. When Jeffrey noted that he'd gone swimming with stingrays, Gloria wondered why Jeffrey was not a bit tan. Jeffrey teased that Gloria was always stressed even after she claimed to have just have returned from an extended spa treatment. After Kevin shared photos of his and Jana's visit to Hearst's castle, Gloria quizzed Jeffrey about the lack of photos of him with stingrays. Kevin suggested that Gloria and Jeffrey busied themselves hiding assets while they were in the Cayman Islands. Gloria followed Kevin to the bar for refills. Gloria admitted that she and Jeffrey had acquired Jabot stock while they were away. However, Gloria admitted, she appropriated a few shares without Jeffrey's knowledge because she did not trust her new husband. Kevin was disappointed that Gloria lacked a controlling interest in Jabot.

Jana later found Kevin moping at the coffee bar as he clicked through honeymoon photos stored on their digital camera. Kevin gazed at a pleasantly posed photo of them smiling and remarked, "We have become typical tourists. We lost our irony and have turned into June and Ward Cleaver." Jana was puzzled by her new husband's unease. Kevin continued, "We're losing our inner wing nuts, and it's freaking me out." When a hippie approached Kevin later, Kevin was taken aback when the man noted that Kevin's aura was purple. The man then complimented Kevin's chakra-bead bracelet and said, "Wow, that's kismet." Before the man walked away, he flashed the peace sign. Kevin snatched the bracelet Jana had made for him off his wrist and stuffed into his pocket.

At their table, Gloria and Jeffrey discussed their plan to gain control of Jabot once they combined forces with Jack. Jeffrey suggested that Gloria contact Jack before Jill and Kay ran the company into the ground. Gloria glared at Jeffrey when he casually announced that he planned to seat himself as CEO. Gloria said that she should be CEO because Jack would want it that way, because he could not legally take the helm. Jeffrey correctly guessed that Gloria had already spoken to Jack. Gloria said the fact had slipped her mind. Jeffrey laughed and reminded Gloria that he owned half of what was hers, so he could easily screw her over. Jeffrey left to get coffee, and Kevin took his seat. Kevin told Gloria that "he was back." Kevin added that he wanted in on Gloria's plan to take over Jabot. Gloria told Kevin to keep his nose clean, and she would do the dirty work. After Gloria walked away, Kevin said to himself, "But the dirty work is so much more fun." Jana joined Kevin and noticed that he wasn't wearing his bracelet. Jana called Kevin's attention to Victor's press conference on the coffeehouse's TV.

During the televised press conference, Victor said that the future of Newman Enterprises had changed, and that he had appointed Neil Winters as CEO because he trusted Neil implicitly. Neil and J.T. watched Victor's address from Newman Enterprises. Nick and Phyllis, clad only in blankets, watched from the tack house. Everyone in the coffeehouse and at the magazine's headquarters also tuned in to hear Victor as he stated that he knew the future of his company would look brighter. Nikki comforted Victoria as Victor continued and calmly stated, "I have decided to take a public leave of absence, but I will not disappear again. I lost my wife, Sabrina, and I must have my privacy to deal with the repercussions of her death. I ask that the press leave me alone and not write anything about me. I also ask my friends and family to leave me alone. I ask that everyone grant me privacy and respect."

Victor gathered his staff together at the ranch and thanked them for their service and dedication before he let them go. Estella couldn't believe she was being dismissed, but Victor cleared out his house. After everyone left, Victor took a sea beside Zapato on the stairs and patted the dog's head. In a soothing tone, Victor cooed to his canine companion and said, "I just want to spend time with you. You've given me no trouble at all."

After Victor finished his statement, Jack turned off the TV at the magazine office. Sharon told Noah that they'd just have to leave Victor alone and let him heal in his own way. After Sharon and Noah left, Adam stopped by. Adam asked Jack if he'd seen the "Victor show." Adam sat down at a table near Jack and said, "I think we have something in common." Jack responded, "That sounds very intriguing." Adam eagerly replied, "Good. Let's talk."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Victoria and Nikki watched Victor's tape asking that everyone, including his family, leave him alone. Victoria was upset that Victor was shutting out his family. Nikki told Victoria that Victor didn't want to feel anything, not even the love of his children. Victoria was also worried about Nikki. Nikki said that she was strong, and she would start attending AA classes again. Nikki also admitted that she had to get herself together before she could begin to help Victor. Stella interrupted them and told Nikki that Victor had fired the household staff. She was worried where her staff would go. Nikki said that she'd be sure the staff would either get reinstated, or get a healthy severance package. Nikki went to the ranch to talk some sense into Victor. Victor yelled from inside that there was nothing to discuss. When Victor wouldn't let her in, she picked up a chair and smashed the window. Victor told Nikki that if she left, he wouldn't press charges. She tried to talk to Victor about leaving his staff high and dry, but Victor wouldn't listen. Nikki gave up and decided to leave.

Neil walked by Brad at Newman. J.T. went to Neil and told him that Brad had been the person who hacked into the Newman computer and stole information from them. Neil and J.T. went to Brad's office and said they expected Brad to quit. They told Brad that they knew he'd stolen information from Newman. Brad said that he'd like to talk to his lawyer first. Neil said it was "now or never." If Brad didn't resign immediately, they would take legal action against him. Neil made Brad sign on the dotted line. Brad asked J.T. if he felt all warm and fuzzy knowing that Brad was leaving. J.T. told Victoria that Brad had been fired at Newman. She seemed too preoccupied with everything else to care.

Neil went to Victor to discuss filling him in regarding the workings of Newman. Victor said that Neil had him wrong. Neil was in charge; he could do whatever he wanted with the company. Neil thanked Victor for giving him the reins. Neil decided to ask Victoria to come back to the company. Victoria worried that Victor would be upset that Neil wanted to hire her. Neil said that Victor had given him full control at Newman, and had only asked for one thing. He'd wanted Victoria to work at Newman again. Victoria was touched.

Phyllis laughed at Victor's speech. Nick didn't think it was so funny. He said that you couldn't help anyone that didn't want to be helped. Nick said that he had too much to deal with. He said that one way or another, the end was coming at Restless Style.

Adam told Jack he thought they should join forces. Jack asked Adam if he'd been fired at Newman and wanted revenge. Jack told Adam that taking on Victor Newman was not a game for rookies, and he was not about to do business with Adam.

Heather met with Adam at the coffeehouse. Adam told her that Victor had fired him from Newman. Adam realized that Nick had warned him about Victor being ruthless. Heather sympathized with Adam's ordeal. She wondered what Adam was going to do. Adam asked Heather if her offer to ask him move in with her before was still good. She told him there weren't many Fortune 500 companies in Genoa City. She wondered how long Adam was going to be in town. Heather insisted that it had nothing to do with her wanting to break up with Adam.

Sharon told Jack that Noah had gone home after hearing Victor's speech. Jack didn't think Victor would shut Noah out of his life. He was also insistent on running a story on Victor. Sharon didn't think that would go over well with Nick. Jack said that he didn't care what Nick thought about it. When Nick heard that Jack was about to write an article on Victor, they began arguing. Nick said that no one would leave the room until control of Restless Style was decided. When they began threatening to buy each other out, Sharon sarcastically said that they should flip a coin to decide. Nick and Jack said it was a better choice than any. Jack said that the winner of the coin toss would decide the amount to buy or sell Restless Style for. When Nick flipped the coin, Jack called out "heads." Jack was the winner of the coin toss. Jack gave Nick the figures. He said that Nick had 24 hours to decide whether to buy or sell his side of the deal.

Jack wanted to order a special dinner to celebrate being the sole owner of Restless Style. Sharon told Jack not to count all his chickens before they hatched.

Nick and Phyllis tried to figure out a way to afford to buy Jack out of the company. Nick knew they wouldn't be able to come up with enough cash. He said by the same time tomorrow, Restless Style would belong to Jack.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Heather's room at the Athletic Club, Adam griped about being "downsized" by Victor. Adam upset Heather when he said he was planning to return to New York, since there were few job opportunities for him in Genoa City. She told Adam that long-distance relationships never worked-and she didn't plan to become involved in one. When Adam suggested that Heather move to New York with him, she reminded him that she already had a job. Heather suggested that Adam try to speak to Victor again. She felt that, since Victor had been back for a few days, his mood towards Adam might have mellowed.

At the Newman ranch, Victor gave his new security chief a list of who was, and wasn't, allowed on the grounds. Other than the people on the list, no one was to go near the house.

Later, Michael stopped by to see Victor. Michael went into the living room, where the lights were dim, and the curtains were drawn. Michael asked Victor what was up with the "Fort Knox ambience." Victor told Michael if Nick and Victoria wanted to speak to Victor they needed to talk to Michael first, and, if Victor needed to contact either Nick or Victoria, he would do it through Michael. Victor told Michael that Adam was persona non grata, and was never to be allowed on the Newman ranch. Victor said that he had no obligation to Adam after what he pulled while Victor was gone. Michael asked Victor if he was planning on traveling, but Victor replied that he wanted to stay in the house-behind closed doors, and blessedly undisturbed.

At the front door of Victor's house, Adam screamed at the guard, telling him that he was Victor's son. Michael told the guard that it would be okay to allow Adam in the house. Upon entering, Adam commented that it looked like a crypt. Michael knocked on the door to Victor's study, and announced to Victor that Adam was there to see him. When Victor didn't respond, Adam screamed, "Dad, give me one more chance ... if I go back to New York, we may never see each other again." Hearing Adam screaming at Victor, the security guard grabbed Adam's arm and told him that he had to leave. After Adam left, Victor yelled to Michael, through the closed door, never to allow "that boy" in the house again.

As Michael prepared to leave, he asked Victor, through the closed door, when he wanted to see Michael again. Victor said that he would be in touch. Michael continued to ask questions, but the only response he received was silence. Michael shook his head and left.

Nikki stopped by the Hellstroms' to visit Victoria. She was thrilled to learn that Neil had offered Victoria a position at Newman Enterprises. When Nikki asked Victoria if Victor knew about it, Victoria told her mother that Victor had suggested it. Nikki sensed that Victoria was reluctant about taking the job. When she asked Victoria what was wrong, Victoria admitted that she felt some guilt about returning to Newman Enterprises without Nick in tow. Nikki told Victoria that Nick would understand, although Nikki was proud of Victoria's sensitivity toward her brother. Victoria said that she didn't want Nick to feel left out. Nikki suggested that Victoria call Nick and discuss it with him.

At the tack house, Phyllis tried to cheer up a depressed Nick. She told him that they could use the money that Jack was going to pay them for their share of Restless Style to begin a new business. Phyllis said that she and Nick were getting the better end of the deal-they would no longer have to deal with Jack, or his sycophant wife, Sharon. Nick immediately defended Sharon-he said that none of what happened was Sharon's fault. Phyllis was upset that Nick was defending his ex-wife. Nick again insisted that Sharon was not responsible for the problems at the magazine-that they were all Jack's doing.

Michael showed up at the tack house, and handed Nick an envelope from Victor. Before he left, Michael said that he had no idea what was in the envelope. The phone rang-it was Victoria calling to tell Nick about her new job at Newman Enterprises. As they spoke, Nick opened the envelope, and his eyes grew wide as he looked at the contents. As Nick told Victoria that she should unhesitatingly take the job at Newman, he handed the contents of the envelope to Phyllis, who examined the papers with a shocked look on her face.

At Restless Style, Jack told Sharon that he was sure that Nick and Phyllis would sell the magazine to the Abbotts. When Jack said that there was no chance that Victor would help Nick buy the magazine from the Abbotts, Sharon remembered asking Victor to help Nick out by giving him a job at Newman. Jack snapped Sharon back to reality. Sharon told Jack that it was going to be a hard day for Nick, and that Jack shouldn't gloat. Jack said that he wouldn't-he reminded Sharon that he always had, and always would, care about Nick.

Nick and Phyllis showed up at Restless Style. Jack was shocked when Nick handed him a check, effectively buying out the Abbotts' share of the magazine. When Jack was concerned that the check might bounce, Nick showed Jack a letter from Victor guaranteeing that the check was good. Jack congratulated Nick for "beating him." Nick told Jack that he had never spoken to Victor about obtaining the necessary funds to buy the Abbotts out. Jack said that someone must have gone to Victor to plead on Nick's behalf. When Phyllis denied doing so, Jack shot a glance at Sharon, who said that Victor always had a way of "knowing what was going on."

Noah arrived at the office just as Nick and Phyllis were leaving. Nick told Noah that he had bought out the Abbotts' share of Restless Style. When the Newmans left, Noah approached Jack and asked him why he had sold out to Nick and Phyllis-Noah thought that Jack liked working at Restless Style. Before storming out, Jack told Noah that his grandfather Victor hadn't given him much of a choice.

Noah brought up Sharon's private meeting with Victor-the boy wondered if Sharon had told Victor that Nick needed money to buy the Abbotts' share of the magazine. Sharon said that she had merely asked Victor to rehire Nick at Newman Enterprises, but that Victor had evidently decided to give Nick money. Noah said it was "cool" that Sharon helped Nick, and promised never to tell Jack about it.

Back at the tack house, Nick told Phyllis that he wanted the next issue to feature a tribute to Sabrina-with Sabrina's picture on the cover. Phyllis diplomatically told Nick that doing that would be a kind gesture, but she felt that a small article would suffice. Nick became defensive and asked Phyllis if she thought that real journalism wouldn't sell magazines. Phyllis told Nick that he was an extraordinary person, but that Jack had put the magazine in the black, and Nick needed to continue what Jack had started. Nick said that he wanted to take Restless Style back to its original concept-a fashion magazine with an edge. He told his wife that he didn't want to destroy people's reputations, and he was concerned that Phyllis didn't agree with him. Phyllis told Nick that she had a large stake in the magazine-and that, unlike Sharon, she would have opinions, and express them.

Back at the Hellstroms', Victoria told Neil that she was accepting the job at Newman. J.T. arrived home just as Nikki left the room to take a phone call. Victoria kissed J.T. and told him that they could resume driving to work together. Nikki returned and told the Hellstroms that she had to leave.

Later, cuddling with J.T. on the couch, Victoria talked about how things were looking up for the Newman family-Nikki wasn't drinking, Nick had full control of Restless Style, and Victoria had a job at Newman Enterprises. When Victoria told J.T. that Nikki had moved out, she and J.T. began kissing and undressing.

At the Athletic Club, Heather told Paul that Victor was treating Adam like "something stuck to the bottom of his shoe." Paul reminded Heather that Adam had treated Nick and Victoria that way when they thought that Victor was dead. Heather told Paul that Victor had cut his ties with Nick and Victoria, as well as with Adam.

Heather asked Paul what had really happened in Mexico, and why Victor had let everyone think that he was dead. Heather insinuated that something sinister was going on, but Paul told her that was pure conjecture. Nevertheless, Heather planned to call the district attorney's office to see if they had been contacted by the Mexican authorities.

Nikki met Jack at Crimson Lights. At first, Jack feigned concern about Victor, telling Nikki that she should freeze Victor's assets until Victor underwent a psychiatric evaluation. Nikki saw through that and said, "If someone had frozen Victor's assets before he gave Nick a line of credit, then you wouldn't have gotten completely screwed." Nikki was surprised that Jack thought she would fall for that ruse. Jack said that he might have lost this round, but he promised to find out what had happened in Mexico, and that he was going to tell the whole world the truth.

Jack showed up at Heather's Athletic Club suite as Adam was packing to return to New York. After Heather left, Jack told Adam that he wanted to join forces with Adam to "bring Victor down." Initially, Adam declined, saying that Victor wasn't worth it. When Jack told Adam that Victoria was back working at Newman, and that Victor had given Nick the money to become sole owner of Restless Style, Adam agreed to work with Jack.

At Crimson Lights, Paul joined Nikki. She told Paul that she knew that Jack was up to something, but she couldn't get in touch with Victor. Paul told Nikki that people were beginning to ask questions as to what really happened in Mexico. When Paul left to get a coffee refill, Nikki called Victor. At the ranch, the phone rang, but Victor unplugged it from the wall. Victor sat on the sofa, listening to opera, having a drink, and staring at Daniel's sketch of Sabrina.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Colleen saw Daniel working hard on the art gallery opening and offered to help. When Amber walked by, Daniel became uncomfortable and said that he wasn't sure. Colleen was very understanding. Daniel thanked Colleen for being so cool.

Kevin teased Amber about her imaginary boyfriend Liam. Amber was upset that even Jana didn't believe that Liam was real. When she tried to call Liam, she was shocked to find out that his number had been disconnected. Kevin said that if worse came to worst, she could go to New York with them. Daniel asked Amber if she was still bringing Liam. Amber said that Liam was in London on business, but that he would not miss Daniel's show. Kevin tried to change the subject and asked Daniel if he wanted to play a little basketball. Colleen told Daniel that she would see him later, and kissed him on the cheek. Amber told Colleen that Daniel slept with Colleen to try to get over Amber.

Kevin and Daniel played a rough game of basketball and talked about their futures. Kevin asked Daniel how he felt about his situation with Amber and Colleen.

Jana talked to Colleen about Daniel. Colleen said that she and Daniel were a much better fit than he and Amber. Jana said that she shouldn't jump to any conclusions. Colleen told Jana to tell Amber that she would fight for Daniel. When Amber was about to leave, she made it a point to tell Colleen that Daniel had invited her to his art opening in New York. Colleen was surprised at the news. Colleen went to Daniel to talk to him about inviting Amber to his opening. Daniel said that he had to be honest with her-he wasn't sure why, but he wasn't over Amber yet.

Jill gloated when she found out that Brad had been let go at Newman. Brad said she wouldn't be smiling when the police arrived to bust her regarding her knowledge about David's gambling addiction. Heather saw Brad at the Athletic Club and told him that Adam was disappointed that he wouldn't be working with him at Newman.

Cane was surprised when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), showed up at Jabot looking for Jill. He gave them permission to search Jill's office. When Jill arrived at Jabot, she realized the men in her office were with the SEC. She told Cane that she would be in the boardroom. Jill told Cane that they needed to worry about damage control. Cane said that he should issue a formal statement saying that they would cooperate with the SEC in any way they could. He also suggested that Jill step down. Jill couldn't believe that Cane would suggest such a thing. Cane said that Jill had made him CEO, and he felt that was the best decision. Jill said they'd have to find another way. Cane explained that with Jabot shares plummeting, that was what had to be done.

Katherine received a call from Jill and said that she was on her way. She opened the door to find Gloria standing there with flowers. Gloria said she was there to apologize for being so rude to her. Katherine said that she really needed to go. Gloria asked for just a few seconds. She said that she had a dream that John talked to her, and said that Katherine should give her some Jabot shares. Gloria said they needed to be shares that Katherine controlled, shares that once belonged to John. She wondered if Katherine could find it in her heart to do that for her. Katherine said that John was a remarkable human being, but the answer was no. Katherine said that she had to go to an important meeting, and Gloria could show herself out. When Katherine arrived at Jabot, Jill was packing her things. She was shocked to find out that Jill was going to step down, and that Cane had ordered it. Katherine told Cane that she was very impressed with his decision. She said that was what a good leader would have done.

Jill told Heather that the reason she'd kept her knowledge of David's gambling addiction a secret was because she had been dealing with a personnel issue. She said that she did know that Brad also had knowledge about David but had kept it a secret. Heather said that she'd need documentation to prove that money had exchanged hands and that Brad and David were involved. Jill said that she had the proof.

Gloria overheard Jack on the phone with Adam contemplating their revenge on Victor. She told Jack that he'd better be planning their takeover of Jabot. Jack said that he would do his part when Gloria convinced Katherine to sell some of her shares. Gloria said she was working on it. Gloria went to Jeffrey and asked that she be allowed to handle things with Jack. Jeffrey said that he didn't want to be left out of their scheming. Gloria said they should return home and practice their scheming together. Jack read in the paper that stock in Jabot was in freefall. He hoped Jeffrey hadn't blown all of his money on its shares. He looked at a picture of his family, and his father came to him again. John asked Jack if he was thinking about the old days. Jack told his father that he longed for so many things that he once had. John said that Gloria wanted to make Jabot a family business again. He should try to trust Gloria for once.

Jeffrey interrupted Jack's thoughts and told him that they needed to talk about Jabot. When Jeffrey started to talk about doing business with Jack, Jack began to wonder if Gloria even knew that Jeffrey was talking to him. Jack let it spill that Gloria had been there earlier and had the same conversation with him. Gloria walked in and said that she had gone to see Katherine. Jeffrey finished Gloria's sentence. "About her stock," he said. They both began bickering about what the other had been up to. Jack said that he should have followed his instincts all along. He wasn't about to do business with two lunatics. Gloria asked Jack if he wanted to know what happened with Katherine. Gloria said that she'd gotten what she'd asked for. Gloria said she'd done her part, now it was Jack's turn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Cane that since Chloe had lied about her identity, Lily felt that Cane and his unborn child deserved better than Chloe. She suggested that Cane establish his legal rights as a father, and then divorce Chloe. Cane was thrilled that Lily hoped to reconcile with him.

Cane told Lily that, despite the SEC investigation of Jabot, he still needed to begin the holiday advertising campaign-he wanted Lily to be involved in the campaign. Cane suggested that he and Lily "hang out" at his house, which seemed empty since Chloe had moved out. Lily was concerned that if she spent time at Cane's, it could hurt his legal claim to the baby. As Lily and Cane gently caressed each other's hands, Chloe walked in and smugly said, "Cheating on me already?" Cane told Chloe that he and Lily were discussing business, and that he wasn't cheating on her. When Lily told Chloe that she and Cane were just friends, Cane reminded Chloe that their marriage wasn't real. Chloe said that she wasn't stupid and wasn't going to pretend that she didn't care that Lily and Cane were "just friends."

Amber visited Katherine at the Chancellor mansion. When Katherine asked Amber how she was doing, the girl burst into tears. Amber told Katherine about Liam, her as-yet-unseen boyfriend, but admitted that she wasn't over Daniel. Katherine advised Amber to stop playing games, and to tell Daniel that she loved him. Katherine said that if Daniel rejected her, she should go home, have a good cry, and then move on with her life.

After Amber left, Chloe returned to the mansion, and announced to Katherine that she and Cane had decided to have an "open marriage." She then introduced Katherine to Rocco, a rather unsavory, grungy-looking character. Rocco told a shocked Katherine, "I like your digs. Major bucks here." Chloe said that she had known Rocco before she met Cane, and that she and Rocco decided to rekindle their romance. As Katherine pulled Chloe out of the living room to chastise her, she told Rocco to make sure he kept his feet off the furniture. With Katherine and Chloe gone, Rocco took out a cigarette and was about to smoke it when Cane showed up. When Cane asked Rocco who he was, Rocco said that he was "with Chloe."

Chloe and Katherine returned to the living room, and Chloe sat in Rocco's lap as Katherine and Cane looked on. Cane asked Rocco not to smoke, as it might affect the health of Chloe's baby. When Rocco agreed not to smoke, Chloe told the group how accommodating Rocco was. An irritated Cane grabbed Rocco's arm as Chloe yelled, "Get off of my boyfriend!" Katherine screamed for everyone to stop fighting. She told Cane to call Lily and have her come over to the mansion immediately, so that the situation could be settled once and for all.

When Lily arrived, Katherine said that no one was going to leave the room until it was determined what the Ashbys' marriage meant to Cane and Chloe, as well as to Lily. Most of all, Katherine wanted to discuss how Cane and Chloe's marriage would affect Chloe's "precious, innocent child."

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Jana that he was concerned that his Jabot computer, which had been confiscated by the SEC, would reveal that he had hacked into Jabot's security server. Michael arrived and told him that the SEC wanted to meet with Kevin in 20 minutes. Michael told his brother that he would accompany him to the meeting. As a nervous Kevin went to the back room to get a tie, Jana showed Michael some pictures of her and Kevin's wedding. When they saw a photo of Michael with his father, Jana commented on how wonderful it was that Michael had found Lowell. When Kevin returned, Michael told the Fishers that Lauren had called the ashram, and had learned that Lowell left right after the Fishers' wedding. Michael had little hope of, or interest in, ever seeing his father again.

In the Jabot boardroom, the SEC investigator asked Kevin what he knew about David Chow. Kevin replied that he didn't know David very well. The investigator wanted to know why Kevin's hard drive only contained data from the past year, since Kevin had worked at Jabot for two years. Kevin remembered him and Michael destroying Kevin's hard drive so that no one would ever know that Kevin had hacked into the Jabot security system. Michael quickly chimed in, telling the investigator that Kevin's computer had been infected with a computer virus, which had erased all the data from Kevin's first year of employment at Jabot. Kevin confirmed Michael's lie, and told the investigator that he had no paper copies of the records, adding that there had not been any information about Chow on his computer. The investigator thanked Kevin and Michael for their cooperation. Outside the boardroom, Kevin and Michael congratulated each other on their subterfuge.

At his apartment, Michael chatted on the phone with Lauren, who was away visiting her mother. He hung up and was about to settle in and relax when there was a knock at the door. Michael opened the door and was stunned to see his father, Lowell, standing there.

On the Athletic Club basketball court, Daniel told Colleen that he wasn't over Amber, although he wanted to be. Colleen and Daniel discussed their failed relationships. Daniel said that it was "weird" not to have Amber around, and Colleen said that her relationship with Adrian had ended up causing her a lot of pain. Colleen said that she thought that Amber wouldn't humiliate herself by attending Daniel's New York art show, as Amber wouldn't be able to produce her new alleged boyfriend, Liam. When Colleen asked if she could go to the art show, Daniel advised her not to. He said that he would be very busy-also, many of his sketches were of, or inspired by, Amber. Colleen said that she would be waiting for him when he returned to Genoa City.

Back at Crimson Lights, Kevin told Jana how much Jabot had changed since the Chancellor family took over, and doubted that he would keep his job there. When Jana told Kevin that if he left Jabot they could spend more time together, Colleen told them how cute "the married thing" was. Before she walked off, Colleen announced that Daniel was ready to let go of Amber. Jana told Kevin that she liked Colleen, but that she was rooting for Daniel and Amber to reconcile.

Following Katherine's advice, Amber went to see Daniel at the Athletic Club. She confessed that she had "messed up big time," but that she was having a hard time letting Daniel go. Amber asked Daniel whether he would take her back if she promised to get over insecurities. Daniel didn't respond. Amber grew teary-eyed, thanked Daniel for listening, and began walking away. Suddenly, Daniel said, "Don't go."

Daniel told Amber that he wasn't sure whether or not he could trust her, but admitted that he was having a hard time letting her go. He said that if they started over, she would have to stop doing silly things like inventing an imaginary boyfriend. Amber said that Daniel needed to stop throwing her one-night stand with Adrian in her face. As they conversed further, they decided that they needed to be together again.

In Heather's suite at the Athletic Club, Heather introduced FBI agent Miller to Jill. Jill told Miller that she had information on Brad Carlton, Jabot's former chief operating officer, which proved that Brad had prior knowledge of David Chow's gambling problem. All Jill asked in exchange was that the agent stop the SEC's investigation of her. When the agent asked for hard evidence, Jill, at Heather's urging, gave him copies of wire transfers that indicated that Brad had been lending David money for gambling. The agent said he would study them, and then get back to Jill on whether or not he would get her off the hook with the SEC.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Brad met with two businessmen, who were eager to hear his ideas for their South American company. Brad assured them that he was ready to relocate to Caracas and work for them. The two men were very impressed with a report that Brad had produced-they decided Brad would definitely be an asset to their company. Agent Miller approached Brad, telling him that he needed to speak to Brad immediately. Brad excused himself, and asked Miller what he wanted. The agent showed Brad some paperwork-copies of wire transfer documents. Agent Miller asked Brad why money that he had loaned to David Chow ended up in the offshore bank account of known mobster Walter Palin. Brad denied knowing Palin, and said he had no idea how the money he loaned to David ended up in Palin's account. The agent asked Brad if he knew about any animosity that David might have felt toward Skye Lockheart, who had been found dead. Brad denied knowing of any animosity between David and Skye. The two businessmen approached Brad, clearly wondering what was happening. Unbeknownst to agent Miller and Brad, Heather was listening to their conversation from a nearby table.

Brad told Miller that if he had any further questions, he should get in touch with Brad's attorney. The two businessmen and Heather watched as Brad was arrested for money laundering. Brad tried to tell the businessmen that it was all a mistake, but they quickly left as Brad was read his Miranda rights, and led out of the club in handcuffs!

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