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Monday, September 8, 2008

Stephanie admitted to Ridge that she was stunned when Eric opened his eyes and spoke to her. She said the doctor said it was a good sign, but they were not sure what to expect next. Stephanie informed Ridge she wanted to take Eric home so the next time he woke up he would be in a familiar place surrounded by people who truly loved him.

Ridge said that was a nice idea, but they would have to run it by Donna first. Stephanie said she would rather not involve Donna at all. Ridge said they had no choice; Donna was his wife. Stephanie said Donna had given up any right to call herself Eric's wife and explained to Ridge that she had walked in on Donna and Owen together in Eric's bed. Ridge asked Stephanie if they had sex, and she said she had not stayed around long enough to know for sure, but that it certainly looked to her as if Donna and Owen were headed in that direction.

Bridget sensed something was up with Nick and asked him point-blank to tell her what happened on Catalina Island. Nick reminded Bridget that she asked him to pretend to be in love with Katie while she was dying. Bridget said Nick must have misunderstood, she merely asked him to make Katie's last days happy. Nick admitted he had allowed himself to get caught up in the moment and that something happened between him and Katie; he said he had done something wrong and needed to tell Bridget. He prefaced his confession by reminding Bridget that he and Katie both genuinely loved Bridget and would never intentionally hurt her.

Bridget asked him if he slept with Katie. Nick admitted that he did. Bridget was furious that Nick had sex with Katie. Bridget said she hoped Nick would give her Aunt Katie some sweet romantic moments to comfort her in her last hours, but that Nick instead chose to give a dying lady one last roll in the hay. Bridget intended for Nick to bring meaning and joy to Katie's last days, but angrily stated that instead he gave himself a green light for sex. Bridget said her husband and aunt should have known that there was a line they should never cross. Bridget asked Nick if he remembered how much it hurt her when Nick left her for her mother and wondered how he could do that to her again. Bridget asked Nick to explain why he had suddenly decided to confess the secret. She implored him to spit it out. She said she did not want to hear any of his immoral justifications. Bridget said she would not stand around wringing her hands waiting for him while he explored his feelings for Katie.

Nick explained that Bridget had it all wrong; he had no intentions of leaving her for Katie. He loved Bridget and was still committed to their relationship. He finally had to tell Bridget that he only confessed his liaison with Katie because Katie was pregnant and Nick was the father. Bridget was stunned, slack-jawed, and speechless.

Katie was sitting by the phone awaiting a call and she imagined every worst-case scenario possible. She pleaded with God and the universe that Bridget would accept the pregnancy and would love Katie and Nick's baby.

Owen and Donna kissed in Eric's bed, unaware that Stephanie had witnessed them in action. Donna asked Owen to stop and reminded him that it would not be right for them to go any further. She asked if he understood. He said he did, but asked her if she really wanted him to stop.

Ridge and Stephanie concocted a scheme to get Donna out of town while they snuck Eric out of the hospital. Donna was kept in the dark and had no idea that Eric had briefly regained consciousness. Ridge informed Donna that as acting head of Forrester Creations, it would be her responsibility to travel to Paris for the launch of the spring collection.

He said he had the company jet ready for her and suggested Donna should take a team. Ridge mentioned Owen and Marcus. Donna said she would not take Marcus, as he was needed in town (apparently running the mail room was a very serious task), but agreed that she should take Owen. She hesitated and said maybe she should stay to look after Eric, but Ridge painted a compelling picture to convince Donna to go.

Donna said when she came back, the two of them would discuss Ridge coming back to work. As she walked away, Ridge mumbled under his breath that he hoped by the time Donna came back Eric would be awake and Donna would be out of his life for good. Ridge said he hoped Eric would wake up with the woman who really loved him by his side.

Donna stopped in Eric's hospital room and confessed to Eric that she was lost without him, but that she knew if he was not coming back to her, he would want her to move on and find her own happiness.

Owen and Donna boarded the Forrester jet and Owen remarked that he could see himself owning such a jet someday. Donna second-guessed herself about the trip; she reminded Owen her husband was in the hospital and that she had no idea what she would do in Paris. Owen gave her a pep talk and said she would be perfect and that Eric would be proud of her. He said Ridge must feel same way or he wouldn't have asked her to take such an important trip.

In the meantime, Ridge and Stephanie worked with the doctors on having Eric released.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget became livid with Nick after he mentioned that he had slept with Katie on Catalina Island. She lost control and screamed at Nick that they no longer had trust in their relationship because he slept with Katie and then chose to keep that secret from her for weeks.

Bridget grew angrier when Nick admitted that the only reason he informed her that he had slept with Katie was because he had no choice in the matter, because Katie was pregnant. Bridget would not listen to Nick that he did not want to hurt her and that he loved her, not Katie.

Bridget ordered Nick to turn the boat around and head back to the port. Bridget informed Nick that their marriage was over. Nick protested, and said he did not want to end their marriage. Bridget refused to listen to anything Nick said to her. She told Nick to leave her alone, and hastily left the boat.

Meanwhile, with Dr. Seaford's permission, Ridge and Stephanie brought Eric home for continued medical care. Dr. Seaford permitted it to happen because Eric no longer needed life-support equipment.

Rick went to Eric's home after he learned that the doctor discharged him from the hospital to his home. Rick questioned Stephanie's choice of doctor and medical care. Rick asked Taylor about Dr. Seaford. Taylor confirmed that he was credible and a well-respected doctor. Rick and Taylor learned that Donna was unaware that Stephanie and Ridge brought Eric home. Stephanie rationalized her actions by informing Rick that she saw Donna cheating on Eric with Owen in the upstairs bedroom. Taylor asked Stephanie to consider that perhaps she didn't understand what she saw.

Brooke went to the Shady Marlin to berate Nick for sleeping with Katie. Nick did not make excuses for himself for sleeping with Katie. He told Brooke that he did not mean to hurt Bridget. He told Brooke that he still loved Bridget and wanted to remain married to her. Brooke criticized Nick's behavior with Katie. She lashed out at Nick for hurting Bridget yet again. Brooke told him that he was unrealistic to believe that Bridget would accept that he slept with Katie and not end their marriage.

Bridget went to Brooke's house to talk to Katie. Bridget did not hold back and said some mean things to Katie. Bridget told Katie that she was wrong to sleep with Nick. She sarcastically asked Katie when she realized it was wrong, after Catalina, or the day of Bridget's wedding to Nick? Bridget continued with hostile words to Katie. Bridget accused Katie of betrayal. She kept lashing out at Katie. She told her that it wasn't enough that Bridget saved her life. She accused Katie of wanting to live Bridget's life, take her husband, and marriage. In her rage and disgust with Katie, she told her that Katie had been responsible for breaking her heart and there was nothing Katie could ever do to make it better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Katie tried to convince Bridget to stay and talk, but Bridget said Katie was merely trying to alleviate her own guilt. Katie said that nothing could alleviate her guilt, and that Bridget was justified in everything she felt. Bridget said Katie had no idea what she felt because if she did, she would not have slept with her husband. Bridget said she was a fool to push Nick and Katie together and asked Katie if she realized the one reason she was afraid to marry Nick was because of infidelity. Bridget asked Katie what sort of woman she was, and wondered why she had fought so hard to save Katie's life. Katie explained that she was the sort of woman who thought she only had a few hours to live. Katie said sleeping with Nick had been a terrible mistake and she asked Bridget what she could do to make things right. Bridget said there were some mistakes that could never be made right.

Katie pleaded with Bridget to blame her instead of Nick. Bridget told Katie that was a disgusting and self-serving request. Katie explained to Bridget that she might not live through childbirth and that she had hoped Bridget would be willing to raise Nick and Katie's baby in the event of her death. Bridget was stunned that Katie had the nerve to ask such a thing of her. Bridget said Nick and Katie had taken advantage of her for far too long, and that it would never happen again. Katie pleaded with Bridget and asked Bridget not to just throw everything away. Bridget said that Katie should not try to tell her what to do.

Brooke said she didn't expect that Nick would have slept with Katie. Nick apologized to Brooke and she informed him that she was not the one he should apologize to. Nick explained that he did not take Katie to Catalina to have sex with her, and Brooke said she realized that there had been extenuating circumstances, but that was hardly the point because there was a baby on the way.

Nick expressed his desire to find a way to work things out with Bridget, and Brooke said the only way to work things out was by divorce. Brooke said Bridget would never be able to forgive Nick's betrayal.

Nick went home to find Katie and Bridget arguing inside. He asked if it would be possible for the three of them to sit down and talk things out. Bridget said there was nothing to talk about. Nick said he was sure they could work things out, but Bridget reminded him that decision was up to her, not Nick.

Nick said he had done something really wrong but that it did not have to destroy their marriage. Bridget said they did not have a marriage, because the whole thing had been based on a lie. Bridget informed Nick that she would never be able to touch him without seeing him with Katie in her mind's eye. Bridget assured Nick that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that no one would ever love him as much as she had, but that apparently she had not been enough for him. Bridget removed her wedding band and put it in Katie's palm and told her she could take Nick if she wanted him. Nick begged Bridget to stay, but Bridget said Nick made a choice and he had to live with the consequences. She asked him not to come after her and announced she was finally free of him.

Taylor was frantically wringing her hands because she was unable to get baby Jack to stop crying. She mentioned to Rick that Jack did not cry for Nick and Bridget and that he behaved like an angel for Brooke, but constantly cried when Taylor was around. Taylor expressed concern that she was not a good mother and might not be the best person to raise her son. Rick reminded Taylor that all babies cried, and it was normal. Taylor argued and said no, most babies don't cry like that as baby Jack wailed in the background.

Taylor went upstairs to comfort Jack, and when she came back down, Rick wanted to continue their discussion. Taylor said she loved Jack and could never really give him up. Rick said he knew Taylor loved Jack, but he didn't see any joy or wonder in her regarding the baby. He told Taylor that he could tell she just wasn't feeling the whole motherhood thing and suggested that she might see Brooke when she looked at Jack.

Right on cue the doorbell rang, and Brooke was on their front step. Brooke dropped by to fill Rick in on Katie's pregnancy and to ask him to give Bridget all the support she needed. Rick assured Brooke that he would and asked her to convey his support to Bridget. Brooke was concerned with how it would affect baby Jack, since Nick was the father of Katie's baby. Jack was still wailing in the background and Taylor went upstairs to check on him.

Brooke noticed the constant crying and asked Rick what was wrong with the baby. Rick said they had been having some trouble with him. Brooke pushed for details, but before Rick could answer Taylor brought Jack downstairs. As the baby continued to cry, Brooke asked if she could hold him and Taylor refused. Rick explained to Brooke that he and Taylor had been in the middle of something when she showed up. He asked Brooke to leave and said that they could continue their discussion the next day. Brooke appeared worried and hesitant to leave, but finally left.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

At the Forrester mansion, the doctor, who was the coma specialist that Stephanie had hired, announced that Eric was not getting better. He told Stephanie that coma patients did not always make major improvements after awakening. He told her to be prepared that the outcome of Eric's condition might not be what she had hoped for. Stephanie gathered Thorne, Felicia, and Ridge around Eric, and told them the family needed to make their peace with Eric. She felt it was all for the best, and although they would all be talking again soon with Eric, she wanted everyone to make peace with Eric over all the battles they had endured in their lives. Stephanie suggested offering forgiveness to Eric, and the kids didn't understand at first, but as they thought about it, they realized what Stephanie was asking.

Thorne approached his father first, and said that he forgave him for choosing others over Thorne-family members and even Donna. Thorne told his dad that he might have misjudged him, and he forgave Eric. Thorne added that he never should have doubted his father's love. Next, Felicia sat on the bed next to her dad and told him that she was guilty because she wanted him to be her daddy, and forgot that he needed to be a man first. She said she forgave him for everything, including Donna. She knew that Eric knew how much Felicia loved him. Ridge sat down on the bed next, and told his father that he and Eric argued over so many things, but mostly Brooke, and Ridge forgave his dad for everything that had ever transpired. Lastly, Stephanie told Eric that she wanted to be wherever Eric was, because she was sure he was content. She wanted him to be happy forever, and she would do anything to make that happen. She just wished she could share the journey he was on with him.

Stephanie, Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia discussed miracles and how fortunate the family had been in miracles. Stephanie reminded all of them that Felicia wouldn't be there without the miracle that saved her life. Stephanie told her kids not to give up on miracles. Stephanie asked Thorne to get some water, and Stephanie washed Eric's feet with the water. She saw a reaction as Eric jerked his leg in response to the water. Later, Eric moved his leg again in response to her touch. He opened his eyes, and Stephanie ran to his side. She told him the family was there for him and he was home. Eric repeated "home" and smiled at Stephanie.

Donna and Owen flew back from Paris on the family jet. Donna was surprised the customers had a positive reaction to her in Paris. After fog delayed the landing, Donna hoped aloud that Eric would survive the coma, but Owen told her she needed to be prepared for the worst. Donna refused, and she and Owen returned to the Forrester mansion. Owen insisted on staying at the house, and Donna told him to stay in Kristen's former room as she went to the master bedroom.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia hovered over Eric after he woke up again. Felicia informed Eric that the doctors thought they were going to lose him, but said Stephanie used her "mojo" to bring him back. Stephanie instructed Ridge to call the wheelchair company and cancel their pickup, because Eric would need the wheelchair after all. She said after all the time Eric was asleep, she was sure he wanted to see the world.

Eric seemed a bit disoriented and informed his family that he thought he had died. Felicia said she thought Stephanie must have made a deal with God, and said God and Stephanie must be on a first name basis. Stephanie announced she was going to call Dr. Seifert and find out what they should do next. Eric called out for Donna, but Ridge said Donna was out of town on Forrester business.

Stephanie asked Dr. Seifert if they should feed Eric and informed him Eric was fully cognizant. After she hung up, Felicia asked if the doctor was going to come and check on Eric, but Stephanie said Dr. Seifert felt that Dr. Patrick should come because he was Eric's primary physician.

Thorne reminded the family that Donna was on her way home and that they would have to decide how to handle her. Ridge said he would prefer to have a couple of happy hours with the family all together before he had to think about Donna.

Eric began to doze off, and Felicia begged him not to fall back asleep. She reminded him that he had just come back to them and she could not bear to lose him again so soon.

Eric's kids huddled together and debated whether or not to inform him of Donna's perceived infidelity. They concluded that until Dr. Patrick gave them the okay, they would not say anything to Eric for fear of giving him another heart attack.

Donna said she wanted to change clothes and go to the hospital, but Owen desperately tried to talk her out of it. He told her that after 14 hours of travel, it wouldn't make sense for her to visit a man who wouldn't even know she had been there. He said that Donna had been a great wife to Eric and that she didn't have to continue to try to prove it. He said Donna was only hurting herself with her refusal to accept that Eric would not be coming back.

Owen said he realized Donna loved Eric, but it would be wiser if she stopped expecting Eric to love her back because he would not be able to. Donna said it was unfair to expect her to let go of the man she loved after only a few months.

Donna said she had always been a realist, but it was simply too soon for her to consider letting go. Owen said that if Eric's last name were not Forrester, the hospital would have already taken him off life support. Donna said she realized that decision would have to be made, but not yet. She wanted to go to the hospital to visit Eric and explained to Owen that she just wanted to be near him. Owen said Donna should stay and be with him, as he would actually be able to listen to her. Donna said that Owen should not push her.

Donna apologized to Owen and reminded him that she remembered how much he had done for her. Owen said he was not completely self-serving, but he was genuinely worried about Donna. He said as she kept her life in limbo waiting for Eric to awaken, it was killing all the good and beautiful things inside her.

Donna began to cry and she said she knew Eric was not coming back to her. She had her dream, and it had ended and she had gone back to being alone again. Owen assured Donna that she was not alone and never had to be alone again.

As Eric was wheeled in, he saw Donna in a compromising position with Owen and began wheezing. Donna rushed to him and rejoiced that Eric was home. Eric became very agitated and Stephanie tried to calm him down. She informed him that the doctor was on his way and that everything would be all right.

Felicia suggested that Owen should leave, but Owen attempted to defend Donna to Eric. He informed Eric that his family had been trying to crucify Donna since he got sick. Eric continued to wheeze and Stephanie consoled him and said he had survived the worst and would survive this as well. Eric was finally able to spit out two words and told Donna to get out. She begged for just five minutes to explain, but Eric repeated his words and said she should get out. Donna begged the family to defend her and to tell Eric she had been by his side and protected him while he was sick. She asked why they would want to make Eric believe something that was not true.

Stephanie said that Donna should leave as Eric requested. Donna left, and Stephanie comforted Eric and told him he was home and safe, right where he belonged.

Baby Jack was on his third day of constant crying and, as Rick and Taylor argued about the cause, Brooke dropped by unannounced. Taylor asked Brooke if she ever called first. Taylor said that it was not a good time for Brooke to visit, but Brooke was concerned about Jack's crying and asked Taylor if the baby was sick. Taylor said Jack was not sick and took him upstairs.

Brooke asked Rick to tell her the truth about what was going on with Jack. She noted that when she visited Jack at Nick's house, she never found him crying and that he behaved like an angel. Rick confided to Brooke that Jack still seemed unable to bond with Taylor.

Donna was surprised and said to Rick she thought the issues with baby Jack were all behind them. Rick explained that it was not that Taylor didn't love Jack, because she truly did, but Taylor felt judged by everyone. Rick suggested that Brooke could try to encourage her.

Taylor begged Jack to stop crying at least until Brooke left. Jack didn't cooperate and continued to cry.

Brooke went upstairs and asked Taylor if she could hold Jack. Taylor reluctantly handed him over to Brooke, and Jack began to coo and giggle in Brooke's arms.

Brooke reminded Taylor that the two of them weren't all that different; they both loved Jack and both wanted what was best for him. She offered Taylor that she would be happy to help with anything Taylor wanted or needed concerning Jack.

Brooke went back downstairs and filled Rick in on the conversation she had with Taylor. Taylor talked to baby Jack and said they needed to break the unhealthy cycle. Taylor asked Jack what was so broken inside of her that made it so hard for him to love her.

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