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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Kate and Tony were having coffee at the Brady Pub, but Tony seemed distracted and Kate asked him what was wrong. Tony told Kate that he and E.J. were prepared to take on John and Stefano to restore dignity to the DiMera name. Kate asked Tony what Anna thought of the idea. Just then, Anna walked over to their table and told Kate that she did not approve of Tony's plan. Before she could elaborate further, Lexie entered the pub and walked over to their table and asked if she could speak with Tony alone.

Anna and Kate left to go about other business. Morgan walked into the pub and joined Anna, who was sitting at another table. Morgan told Anna that she was very upset about her father's arrest and could not understand why he admitted to the crimes at the dock. Anna told Morgan that it was important to stay positive and that she must move on with her own life. Morgan agreed and asked Anna if she could intern at her company for the fall semester. Anna told Morgan that she worked at Tony's company, but that she might know someone who needed an intern. Anna left to speak with Kate.

At another table, Lucas was sitting alone until Philip walked over to join him. Lucas congratulated Philip on being cleared in the Hollingsworth case. Philip thanked Lucas but told him that he was sad about his failed relationship with Morgan. Philip asked Lucas about the custody case and Lucas told Philip that the judge decided to grant him and Sami joint custody, but he was leery about how Sami would react to sharing custody. They continued to talk and Lucas encouraged Philip go over and talk to Morgan to try to make things right.

Philip walked over to Morgan's table and asked her to forgive him-and if there was a chance to resume their relationship. He told Morgan that when he threatened to kill her father that the words were said in anger concerning a business deal. Philip pleaded his case and tried to convince Morgan that he would never kill anyone. Morgan told Philip that no matter what her father did or did not do, he was her father; she loved him and would stand by him. She told Philip that she could never forgive him for threatening her father, and then wished him good luck and left the pub.

Meanwhile, Tony and Lexie were deep into conversation about Stefano. Tony told Lexie that he was happy to see her and Lexie asked him about how Anna was dealing with Stefano's return. Tony told Lexie that Anna was worried about him because he decided to team up with E.J. and go after Stefano. Tony explained to Lexie the need to restore the DiMera name as one of dignity in the eyes of the community. Lexie warned Tony that his plan was dangerous and that Stefano could annihilate him and E.J. at any time. Tony informed Lexie that Stefano decided to remodel the mansion. Tony suggested to Lexie that Stefano might have plans to restore the laboratory that John destroyed. He reassured Lexie that E.J. filed an injunction to halt any changes to the mansion until the courts determined the rightful owner of the DiMera holdings.

Lexie told Tony that she feared that Stefano might try to hurt more of her friends and family if his plans to remodel the mansion were approved. Tony emphasized to Lexie that was why it was so important for him to complete his mission and create a new legacy for the DiMera offspring. Tony told Lexie that he was determined to bring John and Stefano to their knees. Lexie warned Tony again to think seriously about his plan and said that in the meantime she did not want Theo anywhere near Stefano.

Lexie left the pub and Tony invited Philip, who had just finished a conversation with Morgan at another table, to join him. Tony explained his plan to Philip and asked him to join him and E. J. to help take on John as a means to weaken Stefano's control over them. Tony knew of the bad blood between Philip and John, and assured Philip that the DiMera brothers were ready to deal with John. He encouraged Philip to join their cause. Philip enthusiastically agreed to team up with Tony and E.J.

Anna walked over to Kate, who was on the phone, but coughing so much that she had to end her call. Anna suggested to Kate that her cough seemed to be getting worse and offered to take her to the emergency room, but Kate said that she was too busy. Kate thanked Anna for her concern and assured her that if the cough didn't go away in a few days that she would see her doctor. Anna agreed and mentioned to Kate that she had the perfect intern candidate for her company. Kate told Anna to have the person interview with her assistant.

Marlena bumped into John outside of the Brady Pub and seem surprised to see him again that day. John told Marlena that he refused to accept her decision to file for divorce. Marlena said that neither of them was to blame for her decision, but that it was time to for her to start her life over without him. John suggested to Marlena that she might be rushing into the decision, considering that they had just made love recently. Marlena told John that she thought that she spent too much time concentrating on making their marriage work and wishing for the man she loved to return. Marlena told John that she accepted that the old John was gone and that it was time to move on. She reminded John that they had not lived together as husband and wife since he lost his memory.

John poured his heart out to Marlena and told her that when he found her unconscious in her bedroom that night he realized how much he needed and loved her. Marlena thanked John for his kind words, but said that it was too late and that she wanted to start to date other men. She mentioned that she planned to accept a dinner date with Trent Robbins. Marlena admitted that she had some concerns about Trent's past, but that it was none of John's business to interfere with her personal choices. John reminded Marlena that they were still married and that he did not want her to date Trent. Marlena was surprised that John seemed jealous and then told him that he was a hypocrite because he had an affair with Ava and it didn't seem to bother him that he was married at the time. John told Marlena that the situation was different and that he did not want to dwell on the matter. Marlena looked long and hard at John and then walked away without saying another word.

Bo met Hope and joined her for a romantic picnic in the park, with both taking time out of their busy schedules to enjoy time together. While they talked, Bo asked Hope where she was earlier that day. Hope told Bo that she went to the hospital to talk to Daniel to find out why Chelsea left town so abruptly. Hope told Bo that Chelsea looked very sad when she dropped her off at the airport. Hope told Bo that Daniel said that he and Chelsea had a fight. Bo was angry and told Hope that he wanted to talk to Daniel, but Hope advised Bo to let Chelsea and Daniel work things out on their own. Hope was happy that Chelsea was planning to spend time in France with Max, Stephanie, and Nick. Bo apologized to Hope for involving her in the Hollingsworth investigation and regretted that his actions could put their entire future in jeopardy. He told Hope that he did not know what he would do without her and thanked her for her love and support.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was in the living room enjoying some quality time with Allie and Johnny. E.J. walked in and told her that she had to accept the judge's verdict to share custody of Allie with Lucas. Sami told E.J. that it didn't feel right packing up Allie's things and shuffling her from one parent to another. Sami continued to argue with E.J. about sharing custody of Allie, but E.J. told Sami that she must learn to accept the decision. Sami reminded E.J. about Allie's nightmares and said that it was not fair to Allie to have her adjust to new surroundings without warning. Sami was also skeptical about Chloe's parenting skills.

Sami recounted to E.J. about her own unsettled childhood and how losing her parents to Stefano's schemes affected her as an adult. E.J. told Sami not to make matters worse.He said that Allie was strong like her mother and that Allie would respond to Sami's actions one way or the other. E.J. suggested that Sami might not have lost custody of Allie if they were still married and that judges view marriage as a stable environment for a child. Sami was furious with E.J. and continued to ramble on about her own concerns about Lucas and Chloe. She told E.J. that the Horton cabin was no place for a child and that she intended to appeal the custody decision. E.J. mentioned the situation with Will, who had left town to live with Austin and Kerry because his home life in Salem was too upsetting for him. E.J. told Sami that joint custody was a natural situation that was common for parents who do not live together. Sami refused to listen to E.J. and told him that she would not accept this decision and planned to fight for what she thought was best for Allie.

Sami brought up the situation with Johnny and how E.J. did everything in his power to prevent her from taking Johnny from the house. Sami accused E.J. of the same things that he accused her of doing regarding their children. E.J. insisted that everything he did was because he cared about her, Johnny, and Allie. E.J. warned Sami that if she challenged the appeal that it would be very difficult to overturn the verdict in her favor. He told her that after she appealed the case, every move she made would be scrutinized.

John and Marlena walked into the room while Sami and E.J. were arguing over Sami's decision to challenge the custody ruling. E.J. explained to John and Marlena that Sami needed to be careful if she wanted to appeal the decision. Marlena told Sami that she felt the decision was fair to her and Lucas as they were both Allie's parents. Sami was disgusted with everyone and stormed out of the room into the foyer. John told Marlena that he would talk to Sami. John comforted Sami and told her that he understood how she felt because he knew the effects of trauma first-hand and offered to stand by her. John assured Sami that he would help her find a solution. She looked at John lovingly and then hugged him and thanked him for his support. John assured Sami that E.J. would never take Johnny away from her.

In the living room, Marlena thanked E.J. for helping Sami and supporting her during the past months. Just then E.J. received a call informing him that Lucas could take custody of Allie immediately. Just then, the doorbell rang and Lucas arrived. Sami was shocked and angry that Lucas could just take her daughter away. Lucas gathered Allie's belongings, but before Lucas left with Allie, John warned him to take good care of Allie. Sami reluctantly said goodbye to Allie and handed her to Lucas.

After Lucas left with Allie, Sami became hysterical and vowed to everyone that she would fight for full custody of Allie, even if she had to do it alone.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Outside the Brady Pub, Morgan met with a man named Chris, who wanted to interview her about a student internship. After recounting Morgan's life's story to her (as told by his old friend, the Internet), Chris assured Morgan that he was aware that her father was in prison and that he supported her need to keep in touch with him while he was there. When Chris excitedly told Morgan she was hired, a confused Morgan asked Chris who it was that had hired her. Laughing, Chris told her that her new boss was Kate Roberts. Morgan's mouth fell open and, after a moment, she told Chris that the interview was over. When Chris asked her why, Morgan informed him that Kate had not forgiven her for getting Philip shot. Chris assured her that things would work out and, when Kate called to check in, Kate informed Chris that she trusted his judgment, and asked him to pick the new intern. Giddy, Chris hung up the phone, insisted that Morgan accept the internship, and the two of them walked arm-in-arm down the sidewalk, talking about her dress.

Inside the Brady Pub, Steve called Kayla to update her on baby Joe's recent check up. Pleased with the good news, Kayla thanked Steve for starting up his private investigation firm so that she could spend more time at home than at the hospital. Steve told Kayla how worried he was about Trent's interest in Max and Stephanie, but Kayla told Steve that there was nothing Trent could do to stop Max from meeting his sister, so Trent would have to back off. After hanging up the phone, an uncomfortable Steve called Stephanie's phone and left her a voice message, asking her to call home.

While Steve studied his files at a table in the pub, Hope stopped in with the information from the background check she ran on Trent. Though the background check included no scandalous information, it did show that Trent appeared to be married. While Hope and Steve discussed who Trent's wife might be, a stunned Nicole walked by and overheard their conversation. As Nicole watched Steve and Hope from the bar, she overheard Steve say, "If we find out who his wife is, maybe it'll explain why he's so hell-bent on keeping Max from his sister." Curious, Hope asked Steve why he was investigating his own client, and Steve informed her that Trent's interest in Max and Stephanie made him uncomfortable. As Steve and Hope agreed that Trent's wife could be the key to finding out Trent's secrets, Bo joined them and agreed that something about Trent seemed suspicious.

Worried, Nicole pulled Trent aside and informed him that Steve and Hope were investigating him. Trent mentioned that he should be legally clean in any background check, but a scared Nicole hissed that Steve might learn about their marriage. Staring Nicole in the eyes, Trent promised to help Nicole keep the secret if she would help him in return. Obviously familiar with Trent's request, Nicole immediately asked whether he needed help with a debt for his gambling. Trent denied needing a loan, but asked Nicole for a favor instead.

At Salem Hospital, Kate asked Kayla to check on her cough. After a brief exam, Kayla ordered more tests, but an impatient Kate told Kayla that she did not have time to wait around for more tests. As Kate walked away, Daniel entered the waiting room and asked Kayla why Kate was in the trauma center. Kayla gave Kate's file to Daniel and told him to figure it out. Curious, Daniel ran after Kate and grabbed her cell phone when she attempted to make a phone call. Angry, Kate demanded that he hand the phone back, but Daniel insisted that Kate get an X-ray first. When Kate refused, Daniel repeatedly asked her what she was afraid of, but Kate continued to avoid the question. Annoyed, Kate finally grabbed her phone from Daniel and stormed out of the hospital.

Up at the Horton Cabin, Lucas arrived with Allie and he cooed over her. Following Lucas through the doorway was Chloe, carrying the bags. Still seasick from the boat ride out to the cabin, Chloe plopped down on the couch and groaned from the discomfort. Concerned, Lucas put Allie in Chloe's arms and ran to the bathroom to find some medicine to help Chloe. Chloe held Allie rather awkwardly, but when Lucas returned, he put Allie to bed while Chloe rested on the couch and looked at the Horton family photo album. Once Allie was sleeping, Lucas returned to check on Chloe and, as she was feeling better, the two made love in the living room of the cabin.

As the sun began to set outside, Lucas went out to chop wood for a fire in order to set a romantic mood. As soon as the front door closed behind Lucas, Allie began to cry. Chloe picked up Allie but could not seem to calm her. When Lucas returned from chopping wood, he calmed Allie and got her to fall back asleep. Worried that Allie did not like her, Chloe told Lucas that things were not going to work between them because she had no maternal instinct. Lucas tried to assuage Chloe's fears and assured her that Allie already had a mother and that, over time, Allie would get used to Chloe and they would bond.

In a hotel in France, a frustrated Max sat on the bed while Stephanie attempted to convince him to give up on the search for Melanie. Stephanie reminded Max that Melanie was independent and that the best way to handle the situation was to leave her alone. As Max began to pace the room, Nick called to inform Max that he had found Melanie. Unfortunately, Nick's cell phone broke up and Max could not understand what Nick was saying about his location. As Nick hung up the phone, there was a knock at the door. Stephanie opened it to find a smiling Chelsea. Concerned by Nick's phone call, Max headed out to trace the call, and left Chelsea and Stephanie to chat. Stephanie filled Chelsea in on all of Melanie's problems and told Chelsea that wherever Melanie was, Stephanie was sure she was in trouble. As the two talked, Max suddenly burst in the room with a police officer. "Great news! I've found Melanie!" he announced.

On a yacht in France, Melanie sat in a robe and received a phone call from her father. When Trent announced that he had bad news, Melanie immediately knew that Trent's news involved his gambling problems. Trent asked Melanie to have a drink with his friend Claude, so that he would forgive Trent's debt. Angry, Melanie yelled at Trent and cited his mistakes. Trent countered her argument by pointing out Melanie's less than wholesome life and cited her blog to prove it. "Your daughter is not for sale!" Melanie screamed into the phone before hanging up.

As Melanie stared out the window of the yacht, Nick rushed in and begged Melanie to leave with him. As the two bantered, a guard heard their conversation and rushed in saying, "She's paying a debt and you're in the way." The guard punched Nick, knocking him out. Worried, Melanie rushed to Nick's side and pleaded with the guard to get Nick some medical attention. Fed up with Melanie's refusal to get dressed, the guard pulled a gun on her and directed her to get ready.

After getting dressed, Melanie woke up Nick, who was still unconscious. Just as Nick came to, the guards dragged him out of the room as a man named Claude strolled in to greet Melanie. Claude offered Melanie a drink, but she refused to take it and sullenly reminded Claude that she had no intention of paying for Trent's gambling trouble. As Claude began to talk about the last time he had seen Melanie as a child and how he had followed her growth into a young woman thanks to the pictures Trent had sent him, Melanie began to look more and more ill. "You are sick and disgusting," Melanie said with contempt. When Claude informed her that after one night, Trent's debt would be paid in full, Melanie refused. Claude called for the guards who dragged Nick into the room with his hands tied behind his back.

After warning Melanie that her lack of cooperation would lead to pain for Nick, Melanie grudgingly allowed Claude to dance with her. Melanie quietly cried in Claude's arms, while Nick watched and struggled to untie the rope around his wrists. When Melanie asked Claude to pour her a drink, Nick untied the ropes, took the opportunity to hit the guard over the head, then punched Claude in the face, knocking him to the ground. However, just as Nick ran over to Melanie, the guard got back up, pulled out his gun, and shot Nick in the shoulder. No sooner had Nick hit the ground than Max ran into the room with the police. Right behind Max was Chelsea, who rushed to Nick's side as the paramedics tended to his gunshot wound. Seeing his sister shaking in the corner, Max walked over to her and demanded the truth about what had happened.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aboard the yacht in Marseille, the paramedics tended to Nick and concluded that he would be all right, as the bullet had passed cleanly though his shoulder. Though a police officer questioned him, and Max pleaded with him, Nick refused to divulge what had led to the shooting. Melanie was clearly upset, but wasn't talking either, so Chelsea lit into her. Their argument escalated until the officer broke it up and led Melanie into another cabin to speak privately. Stephanie followed. Chelsea angrily asked Nick why he was protecting Melanie, but he shrugged it off. The paramedics then insisted that Nick get to the hospital immediately, and carried him out.

Alone with Max, Chelsea blamed Melanie for Nick's getting shot. Max tried to get her to see that they didn't know the whole story, but Chelsea assumed something was going on between Nick and Melanie. Chelsea lamented having hurt Nick when she'd dumped him for Daniel, but assured Max that she only cared about Nick as a friend. Max hugged Chelsea when she confirmed that she'd broken up with Daniel.

Stephanie and Melanie returned with the French police officer. Chelsea caught Stephanie up about Nick, while Max and Melanie conferred with the gendarme. The girls left to change clothes at the hotel before going to visit Nick at the hospital. Max pulled Melanie aside and expressed his sympathy for the way Trent had tried to exploit her just to pay off his gambling debts. Choking back tears, Melanie said she'd rather not talk about it. The siblings shared a hug and agreed to keep in touch after they got back to their normal lives. Melanie was worried about Nick and wanted to see him at the hospital as soon as possible, noting that Max and Nick were both good guys. After Max went to speak again to the gendarme, Melanie got a text message from her father asking if she was okay. She threw the phone across the room and broke down in sobs.

Back in the hotel room, Stephanie observed Chelsea's downbeat mood and asked what was going on. Chelsea was initially reluctant, but Stephanie reminded her that she knew Chelsea and Daniel had just broken up and urged her friend to talk about it. When Chelsea confessed that she'd learned that Daniel had slept with Kate, Stephanie was floored. Chelsea explained that although it had happened before she and Daniel had started dating, she couldn't get the image out of her head. Stephanie asked if Chelsea had come to France hoping to get back together with Nick, but Chelsea denied it. Max returned and declared that as soon as they got home, he was going to kill Trent.

Morgan was having coffee at the Brady Pub when Philip approached and asked if he could join her. She flatly refused, still angry because she blamed Philip for her father's incarceration. Philip sat down anyway and apologized, but added that he wouldn't take responsibility for something that was John Black's-and Paul's own-fault. Philip's cell phone rang with a call from Daniel, who wanted Philip to come to the hospital regarding Kate. Philip then asked Morgan if she'd come with him. When he admitted he was concerned because of something he heard in Daniel's voice, and she saw that he really was worried, Morgan reluctantly agreed.

Philip and Morgan were still arguing about her father's situation when they arrived at the hospital. Morgan wanted Philip to take at least some of the responsibility for what had happened, but Philip contended that Paul had been weak and desperate or he would never have gotten involved in the turf war between Philip and John. Kate rounded the corner and blasted Philip when she saw him with Morgan. Philip tried to jump to Morgan's defense, but she retorted to Kate that she and Philip weren't actually together and left in a huff. Philip furiously asserted to Kate that no woman would ever be good enough for him or Lucas in her eyes.

When Daniel interrupted their bickering, Kate asked why he'd called Philip. Daniel replied that he'd hoped Philip could talk her into getting a chest x-ray. Kate insisted that she just had a little cough and that she didn't need Daniel or Philip telling her what to do.

Philip pulled his mom aside, and she turned the tables on him. She declared that he'd been right, so she would stop interfering in his life-as long as he would stop interfering in hers. But when she immediately started in again about why Morgan wasn't right for him, Philip, irked, maintained that he had genuine feelings for Morgan. Morgan returned just in time to overhear and hung back in the shadows. With a wistful look in Daniel's direction, Kate acknowledged that perhaps she wasn't one to be giving relationship advice. A puzzled Philip glanced at Daniel, and, seeing his hangdog expression, immediately put the pieces together. "Oh, my God! You and Daniel?" Philip asked, disgusted.

After Kate left, looking defeated, Philip lambasted Daniel for his disloyalty as Morgan listened surreptitiously. Daniel began to explain how he'd never meant to hurt anyone, especially Chelsea, then gave up and said he had to get back to work.

Morgan approached Philip and laid her hand gently over his as she told him how sorry she was about what she'd just overheard. Philip admitted he was furious with Daniel for hurting Chelsea and his mom, but declared that he'd rather talk about his and Morgan's relationship. "We could be good together. You know it, and I know it," he said, kissing her gently. Despite her objections, Morgan kissed him back.

E.J. was surprised when Nicole showed up unannounced at the DiMera mansion. He reminded her that the last time they'd seen each other, she'd said they had nothing more to talk about. She replied that she needed his legal services, but reiterated that as long as he still had feelings for Sami, their relationship must remain strictly professional. Sami, livid upon seeing them together, stomped into the room and asked why E.J. was wasting time with Nicole when he should be fighting for Allie. After a brief argument, Sami got to the point: Allie had never spent even a single night away from Sami, but was suddenly spending an entire weekend with Lucas, whom Allie barely knew, and Chloe, whom Sami hated. She was worried about her daughter and demanded E.J.'s help.

When Nicole told Sami to leave, the two women began sniping at each other until E.J. told them to knock it off and get out. He told Nicole she'd have to deal with her problems on her own for a while, and then told Sami she had to obey the court order granting Lucas shared custody. Sami complained that she really needed E.J.'s help, but finally E.J. snapped. "I was not put on this planet to fix your problems, Samantha!" he shouted. "Nor yours, Nicole," he added for good measure. He told them both to leave him alone because he had his own problems.

Sami wanted to know what E.J. was whining about, accusing him of being a spoiled little rich boy. E.J. bellowed that his life had been turned upside down, because John had started a war against him and Tony, and Stefano was going to unleash hell before long, so he didn't have time to deal with their problems. Though Nicole pleaded with an incredulous E.J. to help her, Sami retracted her request, declaring that she would rescue Allie herself. E.J. angrily urged her not to do anything stupid. Sami argued that she was terrified for Allie to be alone with Lucas and Chloe at the cabin, and she also feared Allie wouldn't understand why her mommy wasn't around. E.J. offered his sympathy and tried to calm her, but Sami stormed out.

E.J. returned to the living room a bit later, relieved to find neither Sami nor Nicole there-until he noticed that Allie's favorite teddy bear was missing. As Nicole came back in, E.J. realized Sami must have taken the bear and gone to Smith Island to get Allie.

While Allie slept in her playpen at the Horton cabin, Lucas and Chloe were enjoying a steamy outdoor shower together until Allie's cries interrupted them. They wrapped themselves up in towels and rushed in to try to soothe the child, but Allie kept crying. Lucas acknowledged that Allie probably missed her mother. Once they'd gotten her settled down a little, Chloe volunteered to take over for a bit, so Lucas used the opportunity to get some firewood. When Allie's fussing turned to crying, Chloe tried singing "You Are My Sunshine." To Chloe's relief, Allie calmed down almost immediately.

Chloe then noticed that she hadn't had time to get all the shampoo out of her hair earlier, so, since Allie was sleeping, she went outside to rinse it out. As Chloe was turning on the shower out back, Sami came in the front door calling Lucas' name. She saw Allie in her playpen and dashed over and showed her the teddy bear. When she heard the shower outside, she looked around and realized that neither Chloe nor Lucas was there. Though clearly incredulous and angry, she maintained a happy face for Allie as she held the girl and played with her.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole dialed the phone. "I'd like to report a possible kidnapping," she announced.

E.J. strolled into the cabin and asked how Sami planned to convince the judge she'd gone all the way up there just to give Allie a stuffed animal. He tried to convince her to leave immediately, but Sami refused. She vowed never to leave Lucas alone with Allie again, pointing out how Lucas and Chloe had left the child alone. E.J. accused her of planning to kidnap Allie, but Sami claimed she'd just wanted to bring her the teddy bear and to make sure Allie was all right. Lucas returned and ordered Sami to leave immediately. As Lucas shouted, Sami tried to shush him and quietly accused him of leaving the baby alone to be with Chloe. Chloe came back in and Lucas chided her when she admitted she'd left to rinse her hair while Allie was asleep.

Just then, two police officers arrived looking for Sami. They stated that they'd received a call indicating she was in violation of a court order, and commanded her to put the child down and come with them. "Way to go, Sami," Lucas gloated. "Now I'm one step closer to getting full custody of Allie."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Max told Chelsea and Stephanie how Trent tried to pimp Melanie to take care of his gambling debts. They were shocked to hear it, and Max said they should understand why Trent had to die. Chelsea told Max that Melanie brought it on herself, because of her party girl image. Max was angry at Chelsea's theory, but Melanie - who had stopped by to say goodbye and overheard their conversation said she agreed that it was probably her fault that she was in that situation. Max said he wanted to see Melanie more often, but Melanie thought it'd be better for them to just see each other when their paths crossed in the future. Melanie was planning to go see Nick in the hospital, but Chelsea didn't think that was a good idea.

Philip and Morgan kissed outside the Brady Pub, and Philip asked her for another chance at winning her heart. She agreed, but told him he had to be upfront and honest from then on. He promised not to keep any more secrets, and he asked Morgan to go away with him. She liked the idea, but told him it was a bad time. Morgan told Philip she was going to intern for his mother, Kate. Kate overheard her and was surprised at the news.

Kate was resistant to Morgan being her intern, but Philip convinced her to give Morgan a shot. Kate agreed and asked Morgan if she could start work Monday, but Philip interjected and asked Kate if Morgan could start the following Monday, because he wanted to take her out of town. Morgan said she could start Monday and even that day if necessary. Morgan thought going away with Philip at that time was a bad idea, and Victor who was listening agreed.

Victor asked to speak to Philip alone, and he wondered why Philip was trying to take a vacation because heading up Titan was a 24 hour commitment, and if Philip wasn't ready to handle it, he needed to. Victor apologized for being so hard on Philip, but Victor said Titan needed Philip's attention for the time being, and vacations and women could wait. Philip said he sometimes wished that Victor and Kate were still together. He told Victor how Kate refused to get x-rays to find out what was making her cough. Then Philip hinted at Kate's secret affair with Daniel, but Philip felt it best if Daniel told Victor.

When they were alone, Morgan asked Kate about her Hearth and Home products, and appeared really interested, but Kate accused her of brown-nosing. Kate had a coughing fit, and Morgan expressed her concern and tried to convince Kate to get the cough checked out, because Philip was worried about her. Morgan got Kate some water, and Kate explained that she was taking antibiotics and would get further treatment if the cough persisted, but for the time being there was no need to worry, Kate said. Then, an angry Victor walked in and demanded to speak to Kate alone.

John asked Marlena to come to the DiMera mansion to retrieve something she forgot to pack. When John showed Marlena that it was ponytail holder he was referring to, Marlena asked John the real reason why he asked her to come over. He told her he didn't want her dating Trent. Marlena had no intention of taking John's advice. She wondered why John didn't like Trent, and John said something about Trent rubbed John the wrong way.

Marlena theorized that when John saw Marlena with Trent, John realized that he had lost Marlena. John liked it when Marlena pursued John, because it gave him a sense of control, she said, and when Marlena stopped chasing John, he didn't like it. John asked Marlena why she would want to get involved with Trent, because she didn't even know him. Marlena realized that John didn't want her to date, and it had nothing to do with Trent.

Melanie went to see Nick in the hospital, and they joked about Nick's bullet wound giving him street credibility. Melanie asked to see Nick's wound, telling him there was something sexy about a man with a combat wound. Nick let her look at the wound, and she said the wound looked bad. Nick thought Melanie had said the wound was sexy, but she corrected him, saying she meant he was sexy. He wondered if Melanie was always so forward, and Melanie said she didn't see any value in beating around the bush.

Nick liked to test the waters, but he wished he could be more spontaneous, he said. Melanie thought that was a good trait to have, but Nick lamented that his lack of spontaneity was probably what led to his breakup with Chelsea. Melanie was surprised that he had dated Chelsea, because she thought Chelsea didn't seem like his type. Melanie said Nick was a great guy, and Chelsea was stupid to leave him. Melanie was glad Chelsea did leave Nick, though, because she was able to make her move, and Melanie kissed Nick as Chelsea walked in and saw them.

Stephanie told Max she was worried about him being angry at Trent and what it would do to their future if Max made good on his threat to kill Trent.

Back in Salem, Trent met with Nicole at the pub, and Trent asked Nicole for a loan to pay off his debt. He told her he needed $20,000. Trent had a problem, Nicole said, and she couldn't believe he was still gambling. He had a serious problem, and $20,000 wasn't going to fix it, she said.

John asked Marlena if she was giving up on them, but she corrected him and said she was letting him go. John said he wished she didn't do that. John should have thought of that before he destroyed the disk, Marlena said. John expressed regret at destroying the desk, saying he might have done things differently. Marlena asked him if that was because he was curious about the man he used to be or because she would have been able to hold onto her. John realized he should have looked at the disk, but he couldn't go back and fix it.

Marlena asked if he considered Ava to be a mistake. John said he couldn't believe Ava made Marlena so insecure even after she was gone. Marlena accused John of taking the situation lightly, and John said he didn't even know where Ava was he hadn't heard from her in weeks. Marlena asked John if he had slept with Ava. He was reluctant to answer the question, but Marlena took his silence to be an affirmative answer.

Morgan realized Philip told Victor about Kate's affair with Daniel, and Philip said Victor figured it out himself. Morgan said she was sure Kate didn't intend to hurt Chelsea. Philip said Kate knew better, because she was an adult. Philip made his share of mistakes, Morgan said, and Philip acknowledged he wasn't perfect. Philip asked Morgan about the last guy she dated, and she made up a guy just to be funny. Then she admitted to having dated Max and how he broke her heart because he was still hung up on Stephanie. Morgan realized it wasn't meant to be, and she had accepted their relationship.

Kate told Victor she didn't need a lecture from him. He asked how Kate could have hurt Chelsea like that, and Kate said she felt badly enough. Kate didn't blame Chelsea for not wanting anything to do with her. Kate told Victor that Chelsea went to France to see her friends, but Victor said Chelsea went to France to get away from Daniel and Kate.

Melanie told Nick he was a great kisser and would make some girl happy some day. Melanie started to leave, saying she planned to go to Milan, and Nick told her to look him up if she was ever in the U.S. When she left, Chelsea dropped by to see how he was doing. Nick told Chelsea he was sorry to hear what happened with Daniel, and Chelsea felt she deserved it for the way she broke up with Nick.

Trent threatened to rat Nicole out to Victor, and Nicole told him to do it, because even if she lost every dime at least she wouldn't end up at the bottom of some river like Trent would be because he couldn't pay his gambling debts. Trent said Nicole should have been more grateful to him for the way he helped her in the past. She accused him of treating her like some blow-up doll he paraded around in front of his colleagues and trashing her self-esteem. Trent called her bluff and introduced himself to Victor.

Nicole jumped in, apologized to Victor for bothering him and pushed Trent out the door. Morgan asked Philip if he was still seeing Chloe. He said Chloe was just someone he was keeping company with and she had moved onto his brother. Philip said Chloe and Lucas was a good match and Chloe wasn't the woman for Philip.

Stephanie and Max checked out of their hotel in France, and she accused Max of still planning to go after Trent. Stephanie said she couldn't let Max kill his own father no matter how much of jerk he was. Melanie stopped by and overheard them and urged Max to listen to Stephanie.

John asked Marlena if she had encouraged him to see other women. Marlena remembered telling John to try things out with Ava or whoever he chose and if it didn't work out and he decided to be with Marlena that was fine, and if he not, they could end things. John didn't understand Marlene's outrage, because he explored his options with Ava and it didn't work out. Ava was gone, Marlena said, suggesting that if Ava were still in town, John wouldn't have been trying to work things out with Marlena. Since Marlena had been saying she wanted to start over, they should start over, John said. Marlena said she was going to put herself first for once, and she planned to put distance between herself and John. John realized Marlena was trying to get even with him for sleeping with Ava. Marlena said that wasn't what she was trying to do. She wasn't trying to hurt John back. Marlena just didn't think they were good together anymore, and she walked out.

Trent said Nicole realized he meant business, and Nicole said Trent needed her more than she needed him. Trent asked her what she wanted, and she demanded a divorce for starters. Trent needed the money right away, he said, and Nicole said he was out of luck. Trent received a phone call from John. John told Trent to wait for him at the pub, because they had some issues to discuss.

Chelsea told Nick that she thought she was beginning to fall for Daniel in a happily ever after way when she found out about him sleeping with her grandmother. She couldn't believe she was confiding in Nick about it, and Nick told Chelsea she could talk to him because they were still friends. Chelsea asked if there was something wrong with her, and Nick said there wasn't and that she was perfect as far as he was concerned. Chelsea couldn't understand why any of her relationships lasted.

Nick told her she as an amazing person and she happened to date a few jerks including him. Chelsea told Nick he wasn't a jerk, but Nick said he had his moments. She had her moments too, Chelsea said, and she joked that they could join the convent together. There was someone waiting for Chelsea who would treat her the way she deserved to be treated. It could happen at any time, he said. That man could be back in Salem or there in France, Chelsea said. Then she asked about Nick's love life and if he had his eye on anyone. Nick admitted to having an attraction to Melanie. Chelsea urged Nick to be careful, and Nick said he'd probably never see Melanie again, because she stopped by to say goodbye and Chelsea probably already knew. Not a moment too soon, Chelsea said.

Killing Trent wouldn't solve anything, Melanie told Max. Max said he didn't appreciate being ganged up upon. Melanie suggested she look after Max and stop him from doing anything stupid. Stephanie agreed with the stupid part, she said. Melanie then decided to go back to Salem after all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hope and Bo were in Abe's office, listening as Abe ranted about not being able to find a way to lock Stefano up for good. Both of them sympathized, but since Abe seemed more upset and angry than usual, they wondered if something else were bothering him. Abe admitted he'd been feeling useless lately because he was unable to help his son, Theo. Lexie arrived just in time to overhear, so after Hope and Lexie exchanged hugs and promises to get together soon, Bo and Hope made themselves scarce.

Lexie urged her husband to be patient, and tried to reassure him that their son was making progress. Abe, not convinced, said that his frustration about the situation with Theo was spilling over into his work life. Lexie confessed that the same thing was happening with her, but nixed Abe's idea of a vacation, for fear of disrupting Theo's schedule. Lexie then took a phone call from the hospital, and learned she'd missed an important meeting.

Abe tried to help his wife relax with a neck rub, but she was still stressed and frustrated. She declared that she felt like a failure because she wasn't able to "do it all" like other mothers, whom she considered perfect. Abe told her she was being too hard on herself, but volunteered to cut back on his hours at work to help out more. Lexie wouldn't let him, reminding him how long and how hard he'd worked to get where he was. She then returned a page and learned that the hospital review board had just summoned her to appear before them. Abe assured an anxious Lexie that she always had his full support.

Back at their respective desks, Bo and Hope and placed bets on whose background search would go through first. Suddenly Hope whooped and declared that she'd won, because she'd just learned Trent's wife's name: Misty Circle. Puzzled, Hope assumed it was part of the woman's address and not her name, but Bo said he recognized it. Hope, looking over his shoulder at his computer screen, didn't sound surprised when she read that Trent had been married to a porn star-although she did wonder why Bo was so familiar with the name. "'Cause we're related," Bo replied with a mischievous grin. He then filled his bemused wife in that "Misty Circle" was none other than his former stepmother and Victor's ex-wife, Nicole Walker.

Outside the Brady Pub, Trent left an angry voicemail for Melanie, ordering his daughter to stop ignoring his messages. He stopped Nicole on her way inside and asked if she'd reconsidered his request for a loan. Nicole reiterated her refusal, but when she saw Marlena sitting inside, she suggested that he volunteer to let the shrink use him for psychological testing. "I hear they use rats all the time," she snarked before going inside to the bar.

Trent also went into the pub, where he asked Marlena if he could join her. She politely declined, so he asked how things were going with her plans to move on with her life. When Marlena told him she was divorcing John, he alluded to her possibly getting a big divorce settlement, and when she replied that she didn't care about John's money, he supposed it was because she made a good living on her own. She courteously but coolly asserted that all she wanted was the chance to start a new life.

Trent observed her chilly reception, so Marlena pointedly asked how long it had been since he'd talked to Max. Trent deemed her relationships with her children as strained as his own, and even though she declared the topic of her family off-limits, he rudely cautioned, "Don't cast stones, Dr. Evans."

Nicole approached John near the window outside, where he was watching as Trent flirted with Marlena. She subtly but purposefully needled John about how nervy Trent was to hit on John's wife, building to her opinion that Trent was perhaps even more dangerous than Stefano, because people weren't aware of Trent's corruption and immorality. John took the bait. He strode inside, hauled Trent out of his chair by the lapels, and decked him.

Though Trent was unconscious, John began kicking him and growling for him to get up. As Marlena shouted for him to stop, John suddenly stepped back, as if in pain, and fell to his knees. Trent came to and grunted, "I'm calling the police," as he lurched to the bar. Marlena asked John to explain himself. He maintained that he thought she'd understood that he didn't want her seeing Trent. Marlena was taken aback that John would attack the man out of jealousy or a misguided attempt to win her back. Although John tried to protest that those weren't his motives, Marlena seemed not to hear, so he settled for reminding her that she was still his wife. Marlena replied that she had tried to love him, believing the man she'd married was somewhere deep inside him, but she'd finally realized that her John truly was gone. She added that the man before her only wanted her as a possession-just like Stefano. "I am nothing like my brother!" John roared. Marlena argued that indeed he was, and that was why she was divorcing him. She leveled her gaze at him and commanded, "So get this through your head: stay the hell away from me."

John pulled some money from his wallet and threw it down on the bar to cover any damage he might have done, and began to walk out. Trent, who was holding an ice pack up to his face, groused, "And how about the damage to my face?" So John, without even bothering to look in his direction, threw some bills sideways at Trent. He then apologized somewhat snidely to Marlena and stalked out. Marlena marched up to Trent and pointed out that he was hardly blameless in the affray, adding, "And if you annoy me again, I will rearrange your face." She turned on her heel and left Trent to nurse his bruises alone.

Back out in front of the pub, Nicole told John she hoped what had just happened wasn't because of anything she'd said. John just squinted at her inscrutably from beneath one raised eyebrow, then left.

Trent followed Marlena to her table, where she was gathering up her things, and announced that he should press charges against John. Marlena advised him matter-of-factly to stay away from John, from her, and from the Bradys, and reminded him that she knew what he'd done to Max. He asked why he didn't deserve a second chance. "Call it a hunch," she replied.

"Give him hell, Marlena!" cheered Nicole from her vantage point outside. Suddenly she covered her mouth, gagging, and ran to the shrubbery. When she emerged, clutching her stomach, she cursed Caroline for using bad clams in the chowder, and then left.

As Marlena walked out the door, Trent glared after her. "You shouldn't have messed with me, Marlena," he muttered under his breath. Marlena stopped outside with a perplexed look. "What's wrong with you, John?" she wondered aloud. Meanwhile, at a firing range, John loaded his pistol and declared, "I won't let you win, even if it means I have to kill you," before firing several rounds into the target.

Anna and Tony, bickering about whether her presentation had wowed or bored their client, returned to the DiMera mansion to find the living room set up for an elegant dinner. As they tried to determine who might have arranged it-and to impress whom-Stefano came out of the kitchen and told them they weren't invited. Tony remarked, "I knew it wouldn't be long before you decided to slither back out from the east wing." Stefano just chuckled and told them to leave before his date arrived. Baffled, Tony and Anna tried to figure out who would be foolish enough to date Stefano-just as Kate Roberts arrived.

Stefano greeted his guest warmly as Tony and Anna just stood and watched with their mouths agape. Stefano reminded the two of them that he and Kate were old friends, and then politely asked them again to leave. Tony asked to speak his father privately. He asked what Stefano was up to, but the old man wouldn't say.

Meanwhile, Anna tried to get Kate to divulge why she was really there. Kate acknowledged that she'd been surprised to get Stefano's invitation, but she also knew better than to question him about his motives.

When Stefano began shouting at Tony, Anna grabbed her husband and announced that it was time for them to leave, then wished Stefano and Anna a good evening as she dragged him out of the room. In the foyer, she started up the stairs, but Tony stopped outside the living room door to eavesdrop. Anna, never Kate's biggest fan, wasn't interested, so the two bickered briefly, until Tony reminded her that Kate needed their help because Stefano always had an ulterior motive, adding, "I mean, would you like to spend an entire evening with Stefano?" Anna agreed somewhat reluctantly, and then her eyes flashed mischievously as she declared that she'd come up with a plan.

Kate and Stefano made small talk while he poured wine, and they caught up a bit on each other's lives. He then proposed a toast: "To new beginnings. To us." Referring to her past troubles with the S.E.C. and how she'd successfully gotten past them, Stefano remarked, "I have always been impressed with the way that you have been able to rise from the ashes. Perhaps that's something we have in common." Kate agreed, though she attributed part of her success to Tony for creating her new company's ad campaign.

Just then, Tony and Anna returned. Clad in aprons and bearing wine and hors d'oeuvres, they announced that although the cook had finished making dinner, he'd since hurt his back, so they would be taking over. Stefano once again tried to get them to leave, but Tony and Anna claimed Cook would want them to oversee everything. A surprisingly affable Stefano conceded that he and Kate would have to endure Tony and Anna's tomfoolery if they wanted to eat in peace, so Kate agreed good-naturedly: "I think I'm going to enjoy having Anna wait on me hand and foot."

After dinner, Stefano again dismissed his son and daughter-in-law. Anna and Tony tried to prolong their presence, with offerings of desserts and board games, until finally Stefano became angrier and more insistent. Anna gave up at last and she and Tony pretended to retire to their room, but again stationed themselves in the foyer to eavesdrop.

Stefano admitted with a chuckle that he'd allowed Tony and Anna to continue to wait on them because Kate seemed to enjoy provoking Anna. After a bit of a preamble, Stefano finally got to the reason he'd invited Kate for dinner: He wanted her to marry him.

Outside the door, Tony and Anna were appalled. Tony concluded that Anna must have served Stefano too much wine, while she reasoned that Kate would have to be insane to accept such a proposal.

Stefano professed his adoration and respect for Kate as she sat in stunned silence. She finally admitted that, although she'd always been very fond of him and was flattered by his proposal, it was also completely unexpected. Stefano confided that while he'd been incapacitated, he'd had a lot of time to think about what he desired from life, and he decided then that he wanted Kate. Kate asked if that meant he was in love with her. "What I'm saying is that, for whatever time I have left on this earth, I want you to be by my side," Stefano replied. Kate reminded him that Marlena had always been the one he'd wanted. Kissing her hand, Stefano acknowledged that he wasn't quite finished with Marlena. "I have my own special plans for her," he added with a malevolent grin.

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