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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on GL
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Monday, September 8, 2008

After Grady spied on Daisy, he developed a plan to keep her from seeing Rafe. At Harley's old house, Grady made sure that no one was home before he called 9-1-1 to report an injured young man at 850 Kensington Road. Grady then vandalized the yard, throwing potted plants, slinging paint on the fence and across the front door, and more. He punched a pane of glass that had been set against the fence and stabbed himself in his right forearm with a shard of glass. As he fell out on the lawn, Remy rushed on the scene with his paramedics bag. When Remy saw Grady on the ground, he swore beneath his breath and then braced himself to behave professionally. Grady didn't want Remy's help, but Remy ignored his protests. At the hospital, Lillian bandaged Grady up, telling him that he was lucky he hadn't severed a tendon. "That's me," Grady smiled fiendishly, "Lucky."

Meanwhile, as Daisy prettied herself in a mirror at Company, Buzz called Frank and convinced him to let Daisy see Rafe. Once Buzz got off the phone, he told Daisy that Rafe would think she was pretty. Daisy scoffed, saying that the only reason she wanted to see Rafe was to get the truth about Harley's Greek hookup. When Daisy arrived at the station, Frank reluctantly told her that Grady was in the hospital. Concerned, Daisy rushed out of the precinct to see him. Daisy found Grady in a room at Cedars. He showed her the stitches he'd received. When she asked him what had happened, he said he'd gotten mad at Harley's selfishness and just started breaking things at Harley's house. He apologized for his rage, claiming that all he could think about was how upset and hurt Daisy had been. Daisy kissed him and said it was okay.

Meanwhile, after Cassie opened the door to the hotel room at the Beacon, Cyrus planted a passionate kiss on her. Cassie slapped him and asked him what in the world he thought he was doing. Cyrus had no idea. He was upset that he'd waited around for Harley but Harley wasn't coming back. He felt he should've known she wasn't coming back when she never responded to his numerous messages. Cyrus decided that everyone would've been better off had he never come to Springfield. Cyrus recited a litany of grievances that Springfielders had against him and his brother, including Grady's killing Tammy, Cyrus' romances with Marina and Harley, and Grady's reporting Rafe. He suddenly decided that he was taking Cassie's advice. Cassie asked him what advice that was, but Cyrus left without saying.

After talking to Cyrus, Cassie went to Cedars, where she unfortunately ran into Grady and Daisy. Daisy said she knew Cassie hated running into them, but Grady had changed. Cassie wondered why a changed Grady would turn Rafe in to the police. After Cassie left, Daisy asked Grady if he'd really turned in Rafe. Grady admitted it, saying Rafe was a dangerous fugitive who had put Daisy's life at risk. Daisy realized that Grady had known she'd been in the house with Rafe and she said she could've been killed. Grady said he was protecting her the only way he knew how, but Daisy retorted that Grady had just felt threatened by her old boyfriend. Grady told her to admit she was still in love with Rafe. Fed up, Daisy said she couldn't do it any more. As she walked away, Grady shouted after her to leave him just like everyone else did.

Cyrus went to Harley's old house to find the yard a mess. He returned to the Beacon and Cassie approached, boasting that she'd told Daisy what Grady had done to Rafe. Cyrus wondered how Cassie had even known and Cassie responded that Cyrus had let it slip earlier. Cassie was proud to have told Daisy what Daisy needed to know about Grady. Cyrus said he suspected Grady of trashing Harley's lawn. Cassie flippantly replied that she knew Grady was dangerous. Cyrus didn't think Cassie understood how dangerous Grady could be if crossed.

Some time later, Cassie caught Cyrus standing on her lawn at the farmhouse with a gym bag. She called his cell phone to ask him what the hell he was doing in her yard. He asked her to let him inside to explain. Once in the kitchen, he said he was just looking around. Cassie assumed Cyrus was looking for his brother and told him that she wasn't afraid of Grady because she had a gun. Cyrus didn't want her to have to use a gun. She kicked him out and he said to call if she needed him. Cyrus walked down to Cassie's fence. He dropped his bag, squatted beside the "No Trespassing" sign, and waited.

At Cross Creek, Reva washed dishes as Jeffrey talked to her about honeymoon options. Jeffrey decided that they'd just pick a destination once they got to the airport. When Reva discussed their plan to keep catching flights and traveling until they felt like coming home, Jeffrey grew quiet, saying they had other decisions to make. Reva thought they could make those decisions on the beach. She didn't want to spend every moment thinking about the pregnancy and said, "I just want us to be us." Jeffrey said he had to go to the office. Reva replied that she'd pack and call the doctor to tell him they'd be in to see him once they returned.

At Company, Jeffrey ran into Lillian. He asked her to talk confidentially about Reva's condition. Lillian was relieved to hear that the tumor was benign. "That tumor was a baby," Jeffrey replied. Jeffrey asked for candid medical advice from Lillian, because Lillian was Reva's friend. Lillian added that she was also Jeffrey's friend. She said cancer resurgence was always a risk for cancer survivors, but the risk grew less with time. Survivors shouldn't risk a pregnancy until at least three years into remission. Chemotherapy typically damaged vital organs and pregnancy typically doubled the workload of those organs. Lillian urged him to take Reva to discuss it with her doctor, but Lillian optimistically said Reva was always one to beat the odds.

After talking to Lillian, Jeffrey entered Company and confided in Buzz about Reva's pregnancy. As they whispered over the bar, Jeffrey said the pregnancy could cause problems for Reva. Buzz candidly asked Jeffrey if he really even wanted a baby. While Jeffrey never thought he'd ever be a parent, he'd realized there was nothing like it after he'd discovered Ava. However, he didn't want to jeopardize Reva's life just because he hadn't had a chance to raise Ava from birth. If having the baby meant losing Reva, Jeffrey said he chose Reva.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva looked through baby pictures of Marah and Shayne. When she saw only Josh in most of the photos, she started to cry. Reva went for a stiff glass of ginger ale at Towers. Cassie approached, saying Josh had said something was going on with Reva. Cassie wanted to know if Reva were sick again. Reva sullenly replied that she was pregnant. Shocked, Cassie asked, "That's great...isn't it?" Reva said that she was older, she'd had cancer, and she was in menopause, so she wasn't sure how great the pregnancy was. Cassie hugged her and wondered if Jeffrey knew yet. Reva replied that he knew. Tearfully, Reva said they were trying to go on their honeymoon and follow through with plans they'd made before they'd discovered the news. Cassie awkwardly nodded. She hugged Reva again and said she'd be there for her.

Reva returned to Cross Creek and was packing when Billy showed up to hear the news from the doctor. He said he'd been waiting by the phone all day and he was the first person that Reva should have called. Reva replied that she couldn't believe she'd spend the rest of her day announcing her condition. She told him she was pregnant. Billy sat down and asked what she planned to do about it. Billy reminded her that he'd watched her almost lose her life to cancer and he didn't think a baby so soon after that could be good news. He certainly understood that she and Jeffrey had the "what the hell" attitude toward life; however, he bluntly said there might not be a life at all if the situation went badly.

Reva told Billy that she'd looked at Marah and Shayne's childhood pictures and noted that she'd been absent in them. She'd never gotten to completely raise any of her children from start to finish and wondered if she deserved that chance. Billy said it wasn't about what she deserved; it was about her life. Billy asked her what Jeffrey's thoughts were and Reva said they were still talking it through. Billy thought that meant Reva was still trying to convince Jeffrey. Reva replied that they were busy with other plans, and Billy figured that meant she and Jeffrey were talking about the weather so that Reva could avoid listening to Jeffrey say all the things she didn't want to hear. Billy wondered what would happen if the cancer came back and she died, leaving Jeffrey alone with a newborn. Reva replied that she had to finish packing. Billy assumed she was asking him to leave. He said he'd go, but he was only asking tough questions because he was crazy about her. He said he'd be there for her, kissed her, and left.

Jeffrey returned home to find Reva packing. She said it was a lot of work getting ready for a trip. Jeffrey wondered if it were too much work. Reva asked him if he wanted to postpone until they found out more about her condition. Jeffrey readily agreed, saying they could plan the trip any time. Reva lightheartedly said she'd hate anything to go wrong while they were away. Reva said she felt fine, but if the cancer returned, Jeffrey would be changing a lot of diapers alone. Jeffrey agreed, saying that perhaps it was too much of a risk for them. The pregnancy was unplanned and Jeffrey wondered if they should even have a child at that stage in their lives. Reva agreed but said it would be a shame not to see what type of kid they'd have. Jeffrey smiled, replying they'd have a fantastic child. They talked about how having a child would keep them in the work force for longer than they might have wanted. Jeffrey asked Reva if she wanted to order in and said she could decide what they ate. Reva touched his hand and said, "No, we're going to decide this together."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Over at Company, Buzz told Mallet and Marina about Harley's plans to stay in Greece. He additionally said Harley wanted to sell her house. Marina was astonished that Harley wanted to sell the house that Gus had built for her. Buzz said it wouldn't be an easy sale after "what's-his-name" had trashed it the other day. Marina and Mallet volunteered to clean up the house. Once cleanup commenced at Harley's, Marina became sentimental about Harley's home. She remembered building it and said the house was really special. Though Marina was still angry with Harley about Cyrus, she'd come to terms with Cyrus and Harley's relationship, saying that Harley really couldn't have stolen Cyrus from her if Cyrus hadn't really wanted to leave. Marina was glad it had happened, because it had led her to Mallet.

Beth came home and Marina went inside with her to discuss moving. As Mallet continued working outside, Dinah happened along. Mallet asked her how things were going. Dinah said they'd been hectic with Ava and Bill for a while, but she'd managed. She felt it was nice to be a part of something. Dinah offered to help with the cleanup, but Mallet said she was dressed too nicely. Dinah guessed that Marina was inside the house. Mallet said Marina wouldn't mind Dinah's help, but Dinah decided to leave. Mallet went inside, but he didn't tell Marina that Dinah had been by. They played with Peyton while Beth gathered some things from upstairs. After Beth left, Marina and Mallet decided to have a Cooper farewell party for the house.

Beth took Peyton to the hospital to see Alan, who lay in his hospital bed complaining about having surgery, saying that he didn't want to lose Gus. Beth gave Alan some tough love, ordering him to stop screwing around with his family and have the surgery. Beth informed Alan that they had to move out of their rental property and said Gus would want Alan to pay attention to the living. Alan grinned, saying Beth would make one hell of a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Natalia arrived at the jail and thanked Frank for keeping Rafe there as long as possible. Frank didn't know how long he could stall the state authorities from taking Rafe into custody. Rafe asked Natalia when Alan would visit him. Natalia was sure Alan would be around soon and she told Rafe she was proud of him for keeping up his faith in jail. Alan came into the holding area and Rafe grinned, saying Gus had sent him. Alan told Rafe and Natalia about the blood clot and said the doctors felt that his visions of Gus were a result of the blockage. Rafe said Alan couldn't believe the doctors. Though Alan didn't understand it all, he said he still trusted Gus. Natalia abruptly said Alan had better get back to the hospital.

After visiting Rafe, Natalia received an invite to the Cooper party from Frank. She went to Harley's to find the family playing cards and dancing. Frank told Natalia that the state authorities were transferring Rafe. Frank volunteered to drive her to see Rafe one more time. Down at the station, Natalia found her son in chains. Rafe asked her if she still had faith in Gus to get Rafe out of that mess. Natalia seemed doubtful, but she said of course she did. When Frank came to take Rafe away, Natalia made sure Rafe could get his medications and said she'd visit him on the first day they'd let her.

Back at Harley's, the party ended and left Mallet and Marina with even more to clean up. When they took out some garbage, Blake walked up, saying she was Harley's realtor. She planned to flip the property quickly and get top dollar. Marina seemed depressed by Blake's optimism as Blake went on about preparing the property for new owners.

At Towers, Dinah had just sat down with her second Mimosa when Alex slid up to the bar, saying she'd missed hearing from her. Dinah replied that she could no longer cavort with Alan and Alex against Bill. She felt she'd been premature in turning on him and said Alex couldn't change her mind. Alex said she understood the sibling rivalry relationship, but she asked Dinah how many equals men like Bill and Alan could have. When Dinah didn't understand her, Alex said Lizzie had gained half the company. Dinah pretended to have known that information, thanked Alex for the drink, and left. As she walked away, Alex laughed to herself, saying Dinah just didn't get it.

In the hallway at the hospital, Lizzie overheard Bill on the phone trying to get her tossed out of the company. Lizzie grew upset, saying she'd gotten involved with the company for the good of their relationship. Bill replied that she didn't have to take over half the company. Lizzie hugged him, pouting because she worried about Alan. She murmured that she wasn't leaving the company. Bill patted her back, sweetly saying she'd understand when he kicked her out of it.

Bill and Lizzie went to Maximus and argued more about her taking control of part of the business. Lizzie didn't have time to massage his bruised ego and said she'd made her move on the company because she needed to build a legacy for Sarah. Bill asked her not to play the Sarah card. Bill hinted that he could tell Alan and Beth that she'd been about to turn on Alan. Lizzie didn't believe he'd do that. Bill said perhaps he wouldn't, but Lizzie shouldn't under estimate him. When Bill's phone rang, Lizzie wondered if it were Mr. Decker, a loyal associate of Alan's. Lizzie was certain Decker wouldn't talk to Bill but would readily deal with "Little Lizzie." Bill groaned about the image that phrase created for the company. Lizzie insisted that she was taking her rightful place in the company. If her grandfather died, she wanted him to die knowing she'd done so. She also believed it was her and Bill's destiny to run the company as a couple, and suggested Bill get used to it. Lizzie said she'd call Decker once she returned to the hospital.

Bill went to the mansion where he encountered Dinah. Dinah asked him why she had to hear about Lizzie's coup from Alex. Bill grimaced, saying he wasn't pleased about Lizzie hoodwinking him while he'd been in New York, trying to help her. He wanted Lizzie out of the company and said he was entertaining any and all ideas. Dinah readily pitched an idea that they do a television exposé on Lizzie and also use the station to exploit Alan's condition. Bill loved it, saying no one was better than Dinah when it came to fighting dirty. Dinah told him that things could get ugly for Lizzie. Bill loved Lizzie, but he didn't trust her. He felt trust was everything.

Dinah dragged out boxes of "dirt" she'd collected on people she didn't like. She said she'd saved it all in case they'd need it. Even in the rough times, Dinah said she'd known that Bill and she would work out their relationship. Bill started to give Dinah directions on how to use the information while he got on the phone with the "big-wigs" in New York. Dinah revealed to Bill that it bothered her that he spoke down to her at times. She was sure he didn't mean to, but she asked him to pay attention to his tone with her. Bill acknowledged that tendency. He apologized, saying she was his sister and the last person he wanted to hurt.

Meanwhile, Alan met Lizzie on the steps of the boardinghouse. Lizzie couldn't believe Alan had left the hospital. Alan told her that it had all begun on those steps and it would end there as well. He'd been hit by the roof shard, thus beginning his visions of Gus. Alan wanted to hold onto his Gus visions because he knew that he'd never have another chance to make it right with Gus. His other children had left him, but they were living. He still had hope of mending those relationships. In death, Gus gave Alan unconditional love, and Alan asked Lizzie why he should give that up. Lizzie thought the feelings Alan had from Gus must have been amazing and she wouldn't want to give them up either. She wished there was some way she could help him without taking Gus away from him. Though it wasn't the same as having a father and son relationship, Lizzie said she'd try to love Alan like she had when she was a child. Alan told Lizzie that she was more than he deserved. Lizzie said Alan was all she had left. She cried, telling him not to leave her alone. Resigned, Alan said he guessed he had to do it.

When Alan and Lizzie returned to the hospital, they greeted a frantic Beth, who'd been looking for Alan. He told Beth that he'd decided to have the surgery and asked her to get Peyton for him to hold before the procedure. Bill and Dinah had come to the hospital, and Bill went with Lizzie to find Alan's doctor. Alone with Dinah, Alan said she was cunning to work Bill while Bill was worried about Lizzie. Dinah assumed Alex hadn't filled Alan in and said she was no longer in cahoots with them. Alan replied that his will to live would be bad news for Dinah.

Bill and Lizzie went to the doctor's cubicle, but the doctor wasn't there. Bill told Lizzie that he was glad she'd talked Alan into the surgery. Lizzie was relieved as well, because the surgery was important. Bill wished Alan's health had been more important to Lizzie than seizing half the company while Bill had been helping her with her family crisis. Bill said he and Dinah intended to fix that. Lizzie felt bad because she'd hoped that Bill would have teamed up with Lizzie, but she said they were a team in the stockholders' eyes. Bill said he was mad at Lizzie, but he still planned to be there for her through Alan's surgery. Lizzie thanked him for standing by her even in his anger. Bill left the doctor's cubicle and saw Dinah talking intensely with Alan. His expression grew suspicious as Dinah tuned to him and discretely waved.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Alan's semi-private room at Cedars, Alan complained about everything from not being able to receive the wireless internet connection he'd been hijacking from a man across the street to Beth not bringing him a meal from Cook. Lizzie quickly figured out that Alan was griping because he was afraid of losing Gus after the surgery. Alan thought anyone would be anxious if he were about to have his head split open. Alex arrived and told Alan that they all loved him very much. Lizzie suggested Alan look at Gus's gift not as something he was losing, but rather as something he'd gained. Even without Gus, Lizzie assured him that he still had her, Beth, Alex, Peyton, and James. Alan additionally hoped he'd have a private room to recover in.

Alex and Lizzie left, and Beth held hands with Alan. She asked him why he'd worn his wedding band, since they weren't married again yet. Alan said it made him feel closer to Beth. He asked her to call his groupies to let them know that he'd be okay and back to their sessions. The doctor entered and told them that Alan was at risk of waking up with limited brain functioning or not waking up at all. Alan was more concerned about still maintaining his Gus visions post-opt. The doctor looked skeptical and Alan rhetorically asked why no one could believe the visions might be real. Beth and Alan said they loved each other and kissed.

Out in the waiting area, Dinah still didn't understand why Bill felt he had to support a woman who'd stolen half their company and the man whom they'd originally stolen it from. Bill said they hadn't stolen Maximus; they'd transformed it into a viable commodity. He wished Alan's secret informant would see it that way. Bill asked Dinah to get him a cup of coffee. While she was gone, he retrieved her iPhone from the bench and scrolled through it. After he saw Alex's number in it, he strolled over to Alex, who was waiting by the nurse's station. Bill chattily told her that he'd seen Alan collapse three times. Alex said Alan was lucky Bill had found him. Bill wondered why Alan wasn't surprised to see Bill in New York. Bill assumed Alan had been tipped off by Gus-or Alexandra. Alex giggled, saying she had better things to do than track Bill's whereabouts. Still, Bill was concerned about it because he'd kept his flight plan a secret.

After talking to Alex, Bill slipped into Alan's room and found him groggy from his anesthesia. Alan thought he was seeing Gus. Bill pretended to be Gus, saying that he was there for Alan and had been the whole time. Alan wondered if he'd be there after the surgery. Bill said he'd been worried about Alan going to New York and putting his health at risk. Alan said he'd done it for Gus and the family. When Alan said he'd gotten back their family legacy, Bill asked, "How did you do that, Dad?" Alan said he'd had help from someone Bill Lewis trusted more than anyone. Alan uttered, "His own sister, Dinah...It didn't take much to get her on my side after the way Bill had been treating her..."

Lizzie sat outside on a low brick wall when Dinah passed her, carrying two coffee cups. Dinah turned around and asked Lizzie what her problem was. Lizzie said her grandfather was having brain surgery. Dinah quipped that she'd had brain surgery. Lizzie bet it hadn't been the best day of Dinah's life, either. Sitting down, Dinah said she didn't remember the procedure, but the recovery had been rough. She wondered why Lizzie worried about Alan, who apparently had nine lives. Dinah assumed Alan would soon return to trying to steal Maximus, with Lizzie right by his side until Bill tossed her out. Lizzie said Bill couldn't toss her out of anywhere since she owned half of it. Lizzie thought that Bill and she had a chance to run the company as equal partners, but Dinah questioned whether the man who'd taken Lizzie's childhood home from her would share. "With me? Yeah, I do," Lizzie replied. "But you, on the other hand, you'll probably always be fetching his coffee."

Dinah followed Lizzie, saying she brought Bill coffee as a courtesy. Lizzie said Alan had told her that she was destined to run Spaulding. Dinah retorted that the circus performers who'd raised Dinah had told her she was destined to be a bearded lady. Lizzie continued saying that Bill was meant to run Lewis Construction. Lizzie hadn't known the two companies would be merged, but Bill and Lizzie were meant to be together and work together. Bill was stubborn, but Lizzie loved him. She felt Bill wouldn't love her if she weren't the strong woman who'd made the type of move she had on the company. Dinah thought the more Lizzie forced a fifty-fifty partnership, the more Bill would fight it. He'd soon come to the conclusion that the only true partner he could trust was Dinah. Lizzie told Dinah she had to go inside to care for her grandfather.

When Lizzie returned to Alan's room, she saw Bill inside. She stopped in the doorway and listened to the men talk. Alan said having one more visit from Gus meant a lot to him. Bill sighed and told Alan that everything would be okay in surgery. Alan said it was time to let go of his visions and take care of his family. Alan told Bill he didn't feel he deserved his granddaughter Lizzie. Alan said she was an amazing young woman and he hadn't really seen it until that moment. Alan wanted to heal his relationships with Alan-Michael and Phillip. He also knew he'd made mistakes with Gus, but he said Gus had still guided him and forgiven him. Alan told Bill that he wished he could have been a better father when he'd had the chance. "It's okay, Dad," Bill said. "You know why I came back to visit you all these weeks? 'Cause I wanted you to know that I forgive you. I always have. I forgive you and everything's going to be all right." Bill took his hand as Alan said he didn't know if he deserved it. Bill told Alan to rest and get some sleep. Bill said when Alan awakened, he'd be with his family. Bill exited the room and saw Lizzie crying. She thanked him for pretending to be Gus. Bill half smiled and walked away.

Bill went home and discovered that Dinah had asked Hilda to prepare his favorite meal. Dinah poured herself a drink and said she was going to have a nice evening, just her and her brother. She then told Bill about the conversation she'd had with Lizzie and said that the lying backstabber didn't deserve a second chance. Bill angrily told Dinah that he knew all about her own backstabbing plans with Alan and Alex. He said Alan had told him everything Dinah had done, and the time had come for her to answer for it.

As Alan underwent surgery, Lizzie, Beth, and Alex went to Maximus to conduct a press conference. Alex and Beth asked Lizzie if she were sure she wanted to do it. Lizzie said it had to be done for Alan. When the cameras rolled, Lizzie announced that she and her family were back at the company. Lizzie said her family was dedicated to reestablishing the company with a name people could respect. The name of the company was no longer Maximus, but Spaulding-Lewis Enterprises. She said Spaulding wasn't faceless. It was real with a fresher and younger face than ever before. Lizzie said, "I am Spaulding." She promised to keep alive Alan Spaulding's legacy.

Meanwhile, at Mallet's hotel room, Marina pranced around in her underwear, complaining about the broken air conditioning and the overall sloth of the room in general. Mallet said if nothing else worked, at least the bed did. They bounced on it and it collapsed. When Marina hooked up a fan and the electricity went out, the two decided to get out of there. They went to work on Harley's old house. After a while, Marina cooked them some food. Mallet said he thought the place would sell for a good price. Marina asked him if he realized the house was totally unfinished. Mallet said it was all about "D.I.Y." those days: Do it Yourself. Marina made fun of Mallet after guessing that he was a home improvement show junkie.

Marina and Mallet went to the precinct. While they were working, Marina suddenly realized she'd left the oven on at Harley's. She was frantic that she'd burn down the whole house. Mallet said Blake was showing the house right then. They rushed out to the house and Mallet quickly realized that Marina hadn't left the oven on. She'd just wanted to spy on the potential owners of the house. They watched from the bushes as Blake did her best to sell the house. Marina instantly hated the couple that Blake showed the house to, saying the man wore his pants up to his nipples. Blake left the couple alone to look around the property. Mallet approached them and said he was a friend of the owner. He told them that such great work had been done on the house that no one would ever know there'd been a double homicide there. The couple instantly backed away and said they had another property to view.

After they left, Marina asked him what he'd said to the couple, and Mallet said he'd gotten rid of them because they just weren't right for the place. Marina decided that if she and Mallet kept fixing up the house, they could get Harley a better deal. They agreed to visit the hardware store, and Mallet was anxious to show Marina his drill.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

At the Beacon, Cyrus called Grady an idiot for trashing Harley's house. Grady scoffed at Cyrus for still caring about Harley and boasted that Cassie was next on his list, since she'd turned Daisy against him. Cyrus warned Grady not to go near Cassie, but Grady said he had nothing to lose. After Grady left, Daisy approached Cyrus for help in getting Grady to understand that she couldn't be with him after what he'd done to Rafe. Cyrus sighed, saying he'd add her to the list.

Grady had somehow snagged a note from Marina's room that asked Daisy to meet her at Harley's. Grady then went to Harley's looking for Daisy. When Mallet and Marina came outside, Mallet said Grady was lucky that he wasn't in jail after trashing that house. Grady claimed he'd found the house already trashed and said he should sue Harley over his glass injury. Grady stepped toward the house, but Mallet barred his entry. Grady said it was easy for Mallet because Mallet had a badge. Mallet dropped his badge on the ground and stared at Grady.

Marina whipped out her pepper spray, cocked it in Grady's face, and told him to leave. Grady reasoned that since Marina was still in love with Cyrus, she should understand his and Daisy's struggle. Unfazed by his comment, Marina said Daisy wasn't there. At an upstairs window, Daisy tipped back the curtains. Upon spotting Daisy, Grady repeatedly yelled for her to come down. Daisy left the window, wishing Grady would go away.

Outside, Mallet convinced Marina to go pick up their tools and asked her to get him a sandwich. She handed Mallet the pepper spray and left as Grady continued to yell. Grady got frustrated and tossed the beer he'd been holding at Mallet. Mallet whipped Grady around by his hurt arm. Mallet squeezed it, saying he was giving Grady a chance to come to his senses and leave. Grady howled in pain, made an obscene gesture, and walked away.

At the farmhouse, Cassie became distracted by a noise. Assuming it was Cyrus, she yelled down the staircase, telling him to go away. She said to herself that if Grady wanted to tangle with her, he'd better be ready. Cassie pulled a case from beneath her bed and opened it to reveal a gun. Later, Cassie was cooking in the kitchen when she heard another noise. She grabbed one of R.J.'s baseball bats and turned to see Cyrus coming through her door. Relieved to see that Cassie had taken the Grady threat seriously, Cyrus said Grady was out for revenge for losing Daisy. Cassie was pleased that Daisy had left Grady and said she had a gun if Grady came after her. Cyrus didn't want Cassie resorting to using guns or cooking with a baseball bat in hand.

Cyrus saw Grady at Cassie's door and immediately ordered him to leave. Cassie came to the kitchen door, and Cyrus asked her to let him handle Grady. Unafraid, Cassie told Grady to get out of her house. Cyrus added that Cassie had a gun and wasn't afraid to shoot Grady. Grabbing the phone, Cyrus threatened to call the police, saying Grady must have wanted to be shot or put back in jail. Cyrus wondered why he'd even tried to protect Grady from jail when all Grady did was stalk people who'd never hurt him. Grady retorted that Cassie had turned Daisy against him. Cyrus thought it was about time Daisy had come to her senses and said Daisy was better off without Grady. Grady left, but he threw a rock at the house on his way to the gate.

After Grady left, Cassie again told Cyrus that she could handle herself. Cyrus refused to take a chance that Grady would hurt Cassie. "Or that I would hurt him," Cassie added. She told Cyrus that he couldn't spend his life chasing around his psychotic brother. Cyrus said he planned to get Grady out of the country and thought they could start over in Europe. Cassie didn't think a move would change Grady, but Cyrus said at least Daisy and Cassie would be safe. Cassie thanked him for his help and offered him some of her pasta. Cyrus declined and left.

Back at Harley's, Daisy stared at the skeleton key she'd gotten from Grady and cried. Marina brought her downstairs, telling her how brave she was for ending the relationship. Mallet and Marina suggested Daisy work through her emotions, and Daisy agreed to help them with the house renovations. Daisy sighed, saying Grady needed a family and things would be different for him. They switched on some music to drown out Daisy's wavering thoughts.

At the hospital, Lizzie excitedly rushed up to Lillian, anxious to learn if Alan had come through the surgery. She wanted to show him a DVD of her "kicking butt in the boardroom" just like he'd taught her. A grave Lillian said Alan's procedure was still progressing, but Alan had developed some bleeding complications. Lillian said Alex and Beth were on their way back to the hospital. A currier handed packages to Lizzie, and Lizzie said she planned to have something for Alan to wake up to. Lillian was skeptical about Lizzie's plan to run the company and handle Alan. Lillian had seen Phillip try it and it had driven him crazy. Lizzie felt it was different for her since she was in love with Bill and they were equals. She felt she was following her destiny.

At the mansion, Bill asked Dinah why she'd betrayed him. Dinah replied that she'd taken Spaulding from Alan and then handed it to Bill to do with as he pleased. Dinah claimed to have gone to Alan for advice when Bill had turned his back on her, but Bill said Alan had called Dinah his new partner. Bill regretted that he hadn't completely cut Dinah off when she'd tried to take his son away from him. Dinah said she wanted Bill to have a family and the company, but she'd been hurt when she'd become invisible to him. Dinah felt that Bill had turned his back on her to play family with a woman who wasn't even carrying his child. Bill accused Dinah of plotting with Remy to take Max away from him. Dinah replied that she was trying to help Bill just like she'd been trying to help him when she'd asked Lizzie to come back from L.A. Bill reminded her that she thought Lizzie was a backstabber and told Dinah to stop "helping" him. Dinah said Lizzie was the one connected to Alan, not Dinah. Bill retorted that Lizzie knew how to handle Alan. Dinah was fed up with Bill for turning his back on his family for the wrong people. She said Lizzie chose her family over anyone else every single time, and Bill would wind up begging for a bulldozing job if he cast his lot with her.

Bill directed Hilda to pack Dinah's things. When Dinah saw her luggage stacked up on the parlor sofa, Bill announced that he was throwing her out. Dinah said she'd given Bill everything he had and she could take it all away. Dinah promised him that he'd regret making his best friend into his enemy. Bill said her promises meant nothing to him.

After Dinah dragged her luggage out of the mansion, she sought out Mallet. Marina answered his door and said Mallet was at Harley's. Marina explained that she and Mallet were fixing Harley's house, since Harley had relocated to Greece. Marina awkwardly suggested that Dinah could buy the place. Dinah quickly said no because it was a family house. Marina noted Dinah's reticent attitude and wondered if she could help Dinah with something. Dinah said no and left. Some time later, Dinah watched Mallet and Marina playfully joking with each other as they worked on Harley's house. Dinah reminded herself that she didn't mope and feel sorry for herself. When someone knocked her down, she took action.

Dinah went to Cyrus and Grady's unkempt home, seeking to team up with Cyrus against her brother. She walked into the sparse space, saying that she knew Harley was gone, which meant both Dinah and Cyrus were looking for something. A wet Grady came out of the bathroom in a towel and said, "Cyrus isn't here, but I am."

Meanwhile, Bill went to the office to find the Maximus sign propped against a wall. He reluctantly sat down to watch Lizzie's press conference when Lizzie entered. Bill wondered why Lizzie was there and not at the hospital. Lizzie replied that the employees needed to see her around. She sighed and told him about the complications in Alan's surgery. Lizzie said she was doing everything she'd done to give her grandfather something to live for. When she started to mention Bill and Dinah's motives for accomplishing things, Bill said Dinah was no longer in the picture. Lizzie thought Bill had made a good choice and passionately kissed him.

Bill pulled away, telling her that she couldn't seize half his company and think that everything would be okay between them. Lizzie said he'd taken the entire company from her family with the same expectation. She kissed him again. Bill pulled away, grabbed his Maximus sign, and said he had to do damage control. Lizzie rolled her eyes as he walked out.

Bill spent a little time at Max's memorial statue and then called his assistant to schedule him a press conference that would rebut Lizzie's. As he got off the phone, he saw Lizzie prancing up. Behind her were movers carrying boxes. Lizzie showed him the paperwork she'd been working on earlier. She said Dinah had made a big mistake in the foreclosure purchase of the mansion. The Feds had been so anxious to seal the deal that they hadn't properly closed it. Dinah's purchase of the home was illegal and the home still belonged in the Spaulding family, which meant it was Lizzie's. Lizzie said it was a big house and she would prefer if Bill stayed on.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It wasn't in Fiji or Siberia, but Jeffrey still proved that he and Reva could have a honeymoon by taking her on a surprise honeymoon picnic, complete with grass-fringed umbrellas. During the picnic, the couple tiptoed around the subject of the baby and didn't say how they really felt. Reva asked Jeffrey whether he still wanted their carefree and uncomplicated life. Jeffrey wholeheartedly agreed and asked her the same question. Reva feigned enthusiasm, and the two toasted to their relationship.

At Company after the picnic, Reva stared sullenly at parenting magazines. Billy handed her a handkerchief and joined her at her table. Reva didn't want a lecture and Billy said he knew lecturing wouldn't do any good. It was evident to him that Reva wanted to have her baby. Sobbing, Reva said she knew that Billy didn't want her to risk a cancer resurgence. Billy said he'd fight anything, including the baby, if it meant keeping Reva around. Reva believed she was a risk-taker, but she didn't think it was fair to make Jeffrey be a risk-taker, too.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey worked on a bench outside. Olivia approached, sporting a new shorter hairstyle. She reported that an improving Ava was trying to get out of bed. Jeffrey offered to visit their daughter, saying he couldn't let her risk her life just because he wanted something. Confused, Olivia wondered if he were okay. Jeffrey replied that he probably would've made all the wrong decisions for Ava had he been around for her childhood. Wondering what could be bothering Jeffrey, Olivia jokingly asked if Reva were pregnant. Jeffrey confirmed it and Olivia was amazed. She said Jeffrey would be a good father. Shaking his head, Jeffrey said he wouldn't be. Since the pregnancy wasn't good for Reva, Jeffrey said it wasn't good for their marriage. Olivia said his words were the most loving, generous pile of crap she'd ever heard. She asked him point-blank whether or not he wanted the baby.

Sighing, Jeffrey said it wasn't his decision. Olivia said it took two to make a baby and Jeffrey was half of the equation. Olivia wanted to know what Reva had said about it. "It's what she didn't say," Jeffrey uttered. Olivia stated that Reva was waiting for Jeffrey to speak first. Finally, Jeffrey admitted that he wanted to be a father, and he wanted to be one from the child's birth, since he hadn't had that chance with Ava. Olivia advised him to tell Reva that, but Jeffrey replied that telling Reva wouldn't be fair. "Forget fair," Olivia said. "This is a marriage. You tell her."

Just then, Reva called Jeffrey. The couple still pretended everything was great as they greeted each other on the phone. Reva said the doctor needed a decision about the pregnancy that day. Though she and Jeffrey had talked extensively about it, Reva wondered if there was anything else to say. Jeffrey didn't think so, unless Reva had something to say. Reva mentioned that he'd missed out on Ava. He replied that Reva had missed out on Dylan, Marah, Shayne, and Jonathan. Reva smiled, hopeful that the conversation was going toward keeping the baby. On the other end of the phone, Jeffrey glanced at Olivia for courage. He then told Reva that sometimes things were bigger than just him and her. Disappointed, Reva said she knew that he was about to say: that a baby wouldn't make up for their past mistakes. Jeffrey hesitated and then said it sounded like they were on the same wavelength. Reva said she'd schedule a procedure that afternoon. They got off the phone, each seemingly unsettled by their decision.

On the way to meet each other, Reva stared in the window of a baby boutique and Jeffrey thoughtfully watched a father and son by the lake. The two wound up standing beside each other in front of the neo-natal care unit's window at the hospital. As they watched the babies, Reva asked Jeffrey if he wanted to have a baby with her. Jeffrey said he wanted to have Reva and to grow old with her. Reva asked him if he wanted to have "this baby." Jeffrey nodded and Reva looked surprised, saying she wanted the baby, too. Each of them explained that they'd been holding back, trying to be realistic about the risks. Jeffrey said, "Our baby," and Reva wondered if he were saying yes. They kissed each other and grew excited about having the baby. Jeffrey reminded her about the risks, but they both vowed that they were going to be there through everything. Reva announced that they were having a baby and the two held each other tightly.

After Lizzie seized the mansion, Bill hopped on the phone with his lawyer, trying to get it back. Lizzie told him that there wasn't any use and said they were getting the level playing field they'd said they wanted. "You said," Bill corrected. Lizzie wondered if she'd been the only one in the hotel room in New York, wishing there was nothing standing between Bill and her. "You're between us," Bill retorted. Bill requested that the movers hang around. After moving Lizzie in, Bill wanted them to move him out. Lizzie told Bill to get over himself and work with her; however, a frustrated Bill strode into the house to collect his stuff because he couldn't participate in a relationship on Lizzie's terms.

Following Bill as he packed, Lizzie wondered why Bill was right to fight with her grandfather and save him at the same time, but Lizzie was wrong to fight for her family and save her relationship with Bill. He said it wasn't the same thing, but Lizzie figured that Bill just needed to be in control. She pleaded with him, saying that she needed respect, validation, and love just as much as he did. Lizzie admitted that she was in love with Bill, but she loved her family, the house, and the company, too. She couldn't live with just bits and pieces of those things and she felt he couldn't either. Bill said it just wouldn't work. Lizzie begged him to give the living arrangement a week or a month before just giving up. Determined to leave, Bill picked up a box of his things and said he wouldn't stop fighting just to ease her conscience.

While Bill licked his wounds, Dinah eyed the hard planes of Grady's bare chest as he came out of the Foley bathroom in nothing but a white towel. She said she needed Cyrus to call her about a job she had for him. With a sly grin, Grady mentioned that she and Cyrus had been a hot team together; however, anything Cyrus could do, Grady could do better. Dinah wondered if Grady thought he wore the pants in the Foley family. Grady smugly replied, "You could say that." Dinah draped his jeans over his shoulder and retorted that he should put them back on then.

Dinah left the house and a half naked Grady pursued her outside. He said Dinah was afraid of taking a chance on using him instead of Cyrus. When Dinah asked about Daisy, Grady called Daisy a kid who was in love one minute and running away the next. "In other words, she dumped you," Dinah surmised. Grady returned the focus to himself, saying Dinah needed a job done, and he hadn't gone soft like Cyrus had after dating Harley. Grady had no resume but said she could ask Alan Spaulding for a reference on his work. Dinah was unimpressed that Grady had run down Tammy. Dinah said Cyrus was a pro, but Grady was nothing but a street thug.

Dinah went to the mansion to see Bill, but instead encountered Lizzie on the grounds in a cute white tennis outfit. Dinah steamed, saying Lizzie couldn't wait to take Dinah's place. Lizzie relished explaining to Dinah that Djnah had made an error on her real estate purchase and the house had reverted to its original owners. Dinah took the sting out of Lizzie's revelation by noting that the movers were taking Bill's things out of the house. Dinah then called Lizzie on the carpet for backstabbing Bill in New York. Lizzie asserted that Bill would soon realize she'd made that move for their future. On the other hand, Lizzie said Dinah had colluded with Alan against Bill. Dinah claimed she'd done that for Bill's sake, to show him that family came first. Dinah considered Lizzie a flash in the pan, but Dinah was Bill's sister. Dinah said family was everything.

While Bill lugged his box to his new room at the Beacon, he ran into his father. Billy inquired about Bill taking a room at the hotel, and Bill begrudgingly explained Lizzie's takeover of the mansion courtesy of Dinah's shortcutting on the real estate deal. Bill sneered that Billy must have been proud of his former protégé. Billy agreed that he was proud of Lizzie, but he stated that Bill looked at things the wrong way. Bill asked him how he'd feel if a woman he had feelings for had pulled a stunt like that. Billy said he'd feel like getting a big steak from Company and then he dragged his son over to the restaurant.

At Company, Billy thoroughly enjoyed his steak, but Bill had lost his appetite. Since Bill couldn't swallow his steak, Billy suggested he swallow his pride. Bill refused to crawl back to Lizzie and let her be his landlord. Billy said he was thinking of another "L" word. "Loser?" Bill asked. "Lover," his father replied. If love had been important to Lizzie, Bill assumed Lizzie would've thanked him for saving Alan and then moved in with him. Billy thought Bill just hated that Lizzie had instead done the same type of thing Bill would have done. Bill frowned.

As Lizzie roamed around the big, empty house, Bill went to the office and thumbed through some files. He whipped out a red folder and grinned mischievously at its contents. Bill returned to the mansion and cockily handed Lizzie the original title to the mansion, which dated back to 1913. While it was true that the Spaulding family did indeed own the actual home, Bill had discovered that for tax purposes, the company owned the land and the grounds. If Lizzie so much as wanted to pick a flower off the lawn, she needed Bill's permission. Lizzie huffed, and Bill said he'd permit her to walk the grounds and park in the garage-on one condition. Bill wanted his old room back.

Relieved, Lizzie said that was what she'd wanted all along and suggested they share the room. Bill had no desire to fall back into bed with Lizzie. On the contrary, Bill said Lizzie would have her own room and her own life. He felt her emotional tricks had made him lose focus and she'd gotten the upper hand in New York. He wouldn't let that happen again. He proposed they run their own parts of the company, "And may the best man win." Lizzie seemed turned on by Bill's challenge, sultrily replying, "Woman. May the best woman win."

Later, Grady was sprawled out on the lawn. Cyrus came home and Grady smirked, wondering if Cyrus were off duty from his security job at Cassie's. Handing Grady a beer, Cyrus asked whether Cassie still needed protecting. Grady said if all it took for Daisy to abandon him was one word from Cassie, then to hell with Daisy. Cyrus mentioned that one of his former associates was looking to make one more score by stealing some emeralds down in Brazil. Cyrus said it was a two-man job and his associate would be a silent partner. Grady seemed uninterested until Cyrus said they stood to make half a million euros on the deal. As the brothers devised a plan to steal emeralds from the mark named Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Grady took the smash-and-grab approach. Cyrus said they couldn't be impetuous if they wanted to get away with the crime. They had to schmooze the trophy wife and then take out her bodyguard at the right time.

Some time later, Cyrus carried luggage out of his house. In a gym bag, he found a picture of Harley, Cassie's number in a matchbook, and some children's drawings. He stared at them reminiscently. Sitting against a tree, Cyrus lamented that he'd promised to finish Harley's house. "Of course, you said you'd be coming back...guess that makes us even, Harley."

Inside Cyrus and Grady's house, Grady was lounging with his MP3 player when Dinah slipped onto his lap and surprised him with an engrossing kiss. Wiping her lips, she said she didn't believe in handshakes to seal a deal. Grady recalled that Dinah thought he was a street thug. "Well, that's okay because I'm in a street fight. Turns out I'm gonna need you."

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