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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 8, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Angie was adamantly against Frankie's return to Iraq. Frankie insisted that he had to go because he signed up for eight years of service and he was needed again. Then, they were both paged by the hospital because there was a bad bus accident on the highway.

Angie saw Jake at the hospital and told him that Frankie was being deployed to Iraq again. He told her that Frankie could apply for exemption or deferment. She was relieved to learn that her son might not have to go to war.

Jake asked Frankie if he would try to avoid the war by petitioning for exemption or deferment. Frankie affirmed that it was his duty to return and planned on going back. Angie overheard this and looked worried.

Aidan was sleeping on the couch and Greenlee was sleeping in the bedroom. She came into the living room to get a book when Aidan startled her and she knocked over a vase. She was upset over the broken vase because it was their wedding gift from Jackson. Aidan promised to replace it, but she said it was irreplaceable, especially since it was the only gift they received.

Both Greenlee and Aidan admitted that they could not fall asleep. Aidan attributed their insomnia to the saying, "Don't go to bed angry." She wondered how they went from blissful to argumentative. He stated their fight was his fault because he acted like Kendall and put ridiculous restraints on Greenlee. Greenlee said that it was her fault because she followed Ryan up to the roof at the Bella party. Aidan noted that he should not have felt jealous when he saw Greenlee and Ryan alone on the roof. She affirmed that he was justified and confessed that her feelings for Ryan went beyond friendship. She explained that she and Ryan shared a close relationship that brought out the best and the worst in her. She commented that a lot of the qualities that Aidan loved about her were developed during her time with Ryan. She further stated that her relationship with Ryan seemed unresolved. Still, she professed her love to Aidan and promised to remain loyal to her husband. He was pleased and they kissed.

Samuel visited Erica. He announced that the charges against Dre were dropped. Erica was excited for Samuel. He divulged that his son was going to work on his campaign and he wanted Erica to join them. She politely told him that they were moving too fast. She wanted to refocus on her life and did not think that was possible on the campaign trail. She did admit, however, that she was swept away by him. They kissed and he said that he would miss her. She replied, "I know." He laughed and walked out.

The phone rang in Erica's room. She answered it and Jack pleaded with her to take him back. She asked what happened with Carmen. He explained that Carmen reconciled with her ex and they robbed an ice cream truck together. Erica slyly smiled and told Jack that it was too late. She soon realized that she was dreaming and that Jack never called.

Ryan came to the Chandler Mansion because he got Annie's frantic voicemail asking for his help. She claimed that Emma woke up crying for him. He wanted to see his daughter, but Annie said that the little girl fell back asleep. Annie proceeded to tell Ryan that she regretted moving out of their home. She wished that they could all live together again and rebuild their family. He looked confused and wondered why she was acting mercurial. She stated that their children needed both of their parents. He agreed and asked for joint custody. He then announced that he no longer loved Annie and did not want to get back together. She was irate and slapped him across the face. She called him pathetic for loving Greenlee, a woman that was married to another man and did not love him at all. Ryan worried that Annie's anger would hurt the baby, so he urged her to get rest, and left the mansion.

Colby walked outside on her patio and heard a noise. As she picked up a planter to throw at the bushes, Pete revealed himself. He explained that he was lurking around the mansion to make sure that Colby was feeling better. She proclaimed that she was not drunk earlier in the night. He said that he believed her and reminded her that he told JR she was sober. He then told her that the illness could have been caused by her suppressed romantic feelings for him. She told him to get a life and went back inside.

Annie walked onto the patio and saw Richie's ghost. Richie laughed and taunted Annie. As she threw a plant, she screamed aloud that she did not lose Ryan. The plant almost hit Pete, who was still in the bushes. Annie was startled to see Pete. He said that he understood how it felt to have someone not reciprocate love. Richie encouraged his sister to use Pete for her schemes. So, she fell into Pete's arms. He inquired why she did this. She said that it was a trust exercise and asked Pete to hold her tight. After a while, she stood back up and urged Pete not to give up on Colby. Pete went home and Annie began to pinch her arms. Richie congratulated her on getting Pete to squeeze her hard enough to make her bruise. She planned on using the bruises to get revenge on Ryan. Annie declared that she had one more thing to do-kill Greenlee.

Josh asked Zach if he was going to kill him just as Kendall entered the room. Kendall was horrified and demanded to know what was going on. Zach told his wife to leave, but she refused. Zach revealed that Josh stole twenty million dollars from them. Kendall could not believe that her brother was capable of the theft. Josh claimed that someone hacked into his computer and framed him. Zach checked up on Josh's excuse and discovered that no one hacked into the computer. Josh confessed to stealing the money. Josh explained that he took the money to start his own company and intended on returning the money before Zach noticed. Josh went on that, due to the recession, his business failed and he lost some of the money. Kendall inquired why Josh did not ask his family to loan the funds. Josh exclaimed that he was a "mistake" and did not have a true family. Kendall expressed her disappointment in Josh.

Josh was being held captive by two of Zach's henchmen while Kendall and Zach talked privately. She asked what her husband planned to do. He affirmed that he needed to make Josh disappear in order to protect the company and the casinos. She pleaded with her husband to ease up on Josh, but he refused. She asked to speak with Josh alone. When she approached Josh, she pepper-sprayed the henchmen and yelled at Josh to run. Zach realized that Josh escaped and promised to find him. Kendall threatened to leave Zach if he harmed her brother.

Erica heard a bang on her door. She opened the door and Josh ran in her room. He exclaimed, "If Zach finds me, I'm a dead man!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kendall asked Zach what he had planned for Josh, but Zach would not tell Kendall anything. Kendall reminded Zach that Josh was her brother. Zach said that factor was the only reason Josh was still alive. Kendall tried to explain that Josh felt like he was "owed" something because of his past. Zach said he owed Josh nothing. Kendall reminded Zach of the wonderful ways Josh had been there for their family. Despite Josh's good deeds, Zach said it did not give Josh the right to embezzle money. Kendall said family forgave each other, but Zach claimed he was not as forgiving as Kane women.

Erica asked Josh why he was so frantically upset. Josh said he had made a mistake with Zach, but was not sure how. Josh said he told Zach to keep an eye on Kendall before she let her obsession with Ryan and Greenlee go too far. Also, Zach had said Josh was foolish to get involved with Hannah, and his only real family was Greg Madden. Erica said that behavior did not sound like the Zach she knew. Josh said Zach called him into his office to accuse him of stealing money from the company. The accusations were foolish since Kendall was his sister, Josh said.

Perhaps, Josh said, it was time for him to move to another town. He asked Erica for money because Zach had frozen all his accounts. Josh would not disclose where he was going, but promised his absence would not change their relationship. Erica said she would talk to Zach, but asked Josh to stay at her hotel. Josh went to a safe as soon as Erica left and grabbed some money. As Josh was ready to leave, Kendall caught him in the room with a big wad of Erica's money. Josh said Erica approved of him taking the money to leave town. Kendall said Zach would never kill Josh because they were family. Josh said he was tired of being considered a "freak show" in Pine Valley. He wanted a chance to start a new life somewhere else.

At Kendall's request, Ryan went to see her and Josh. Kendall asked Ryan to help Josh disappear. Ryan said he needed Tad's help to make the plan work. Josh refused to get Tad involved. Kendall told Ryan to ask Aidan for help, even if they were at each other's throats.

Erica found Zach at his office. She warned him to leave Josh alone. Zach said Erica would be upset with Josh if he had embezzled from her company. Erica said Zach would ruin his relationship with Kendall if he went after Josh. Erica and Zach found Ryan and Kendall at Erica's hotel room. Zach immediately asked Kendall and Ryan where they had stashed Josh. Ryan said Josh was safe, but someplace no one would ever find him. Ryan said he would give Zach the restitution Josh owed him.

Angie told Frankie that she did not want him to go back to Iraq. But Frankie said he would not ignore military orders. Jesse said he knew that Frankie could be called back to duty. When tensions got high, Frankie went to check on a patient. Angie told Jesse that she was scared of losing Frankie. Angie blamed Jesse for Frankie's decision to go back to Iraq. She thought that Frankie wanted to return to the war because Jesse had gone back to police work. Angie rushed off with tears streaming down her cheeks. She returned to see Jesse still waiting for her. Angie apologized for running off, but was still scared about Frankie returning to war.

Annie found Richie's ghost eating popcorn on her bed when she got out of the shower. Richie started suggesting ways Annie could whack Greenlee. He threw out poison, electrocution, and hiring a professional to murder Greenlee. Annie turned down all his ideas. She decided to stage a break-in. Greenlee would die while fighting off her intruder. Annie decided to get some fresh air. Petey, who was throwing rocks at Colby's window, hid when he heard someone coming on the terrace. Annie slipped out of her robe and went skinny-dipping. Petey revealed himself after Annie returned to the terrace and put her robe back on. Annie said she was not upset Petey saw her naked. Annie joked that Petey probably wished it were Colby. She encouraged Petey to go after Colby. Richie was still in Annie's room when she returned.

Taylor dreamed of her deceased fiancé, but woke up when images of war and bombs filled her mind. Frankie came to see Taylor, who was on the way for a run. Frankie announced he had gotten orders to go back to Iraq. Taylor threw her arms around Frankie in excitement. But Frankie was not so happy. He said he was emotionally done with the Army and had no desires to go back to Iraq. Taylor scolded Frankie for not feeling honored to be asked to serve in the military again. Once alone, the sounds of bombs and screams kept replaying in her mind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tad and Krystal went to the hospital to meet with a counselor on Kate's behalf. Tad was hesitant about getting Kate professional help, but Krystal insisted. They went to see the counselor and detailed the situation with Kate. Krystal explained that Kate was acting out and it was becoming dangerous. Tad interjected that Kate would never intentionally hurt anyone. Krystal disagreed and worried that she or Jenny might get hurt. Tad wondered if he was to blame because he did not find the little girl sooner. After the meeting, Krystal assured Tad that he was not to blame for Kate's behavior. She told him that he was the best father ever.

Kendall went to see Zach at Cambias because he spent the night in his office. He told her to leave, but she refused. He said that he needed to clean up the mess that she helped create by helping Josh escape. She wanted to know how Ryan planned on giving Zach "restitution" for Josh's crime. Then, Ryan entered and announced that he was going to work for Cambias to help Zach regain his loses. Kendall was pleased that the two men were collaborating.

After Kendall left, Ryan asked Zach what his job would be. Zach explained that he needed someone he could trust. Ryan reminded Zach that he did not have any experience with casinos, but Zach did not care. Zach ordered Ryan to find all of the employees that were scheming with Josh, and fire them. Ryan agreed to the task.

Ryan was worried about Zach and Kendall's relationship. Zach was annoyed that Kendall cared about drama, instead of their family. Ryan hoped that his life would be rid of drama, since he decided to end his marriage to Annie. Just then, a messenger delivered a package to Ryan. Ryan was shocked to see that Annie filed a restraining order against him.

Babe and Annie arrived at Fusion. Annie confided in Babe that she wanted to feel safe, but was finding it difficult. Babe revealed that Adam kept a gun locked in the clock in the living room, so Annie should feel secure. Annie looked intrigued by the gun.

Greenlee and Kendall informed Babe and Annie that Bella was a success. Babe was ecstatic. As Babe looked at the orders for Bella, Annie talked with Richie's ghost. Richie encouraged Annie to kill Greenlee with a pair of scissors on her desk. Annie walked past Greenlee with the scissors and overheard Greenlee mention that Aidan was out of town for the night. Greenlee planned on watching a horror movie alone at her penthouse. Annie told Richie that she was going to kill Greenlee later that night.

Annie mentioned that she was hot, and took off her sweater. Babe noticed the bruises on her arms. Annie claimed that Ryan gave her the bruises while they were arguing over their failed marriage. Kendall adamantly defended Ryan's innocence, but Greenlee worried that Ryan's violent streak was returning. Babe was furious with Ryan.

Babe and Annie went home to the mansion. Annie pretended that she was going to sleep early, but really stole Adam's gun and sneaked out of the house through a window.

Babe happily told JR that Bella was getting a lot of buzz, so Fusion planned on shipping out the first orders for the perfume in a week. Adam overheard the conversation and slyly smiled. Adam then approached Babe and congratulated her on all of her achievements with Bella. After Adam walked away, JR affirmed that Adam was plotting something.

Pete came over to see Adam. Pete wished to know the next step in Adam's plan to sabotage Bella and Fusion. Adam coldly informed Pete that his services were no longer needed. Pete pleaded with Adam to continue their partnership, but Adam denied his request. So, Pete threatened to tell Colby that Adam poisoned her with the tainted perfume. Adam called Pete a "pain in his ass." Pete stated that he learned how to blackmail from the best, Adam. Adam reluctantly agreed to work with Pete. Meanwhile, JR saw Adam and Pete and demanded to know why they were spending so much time together. Pete nervously ran off and Adam claimed that Pete was looking for a real father figure to compensate for having Palmer as a dad. JR was suspicious about their relationship and stated that his father was up to something. Adam laughed and walked away.

Ryan busted into the mansion and demanded to see Annie. Adam and JR told Ryan to leave their home, but Ryan refused. Ryan was irate over the restraining order that Annie filed against him. Babe affirmed that Annie was right to get an order of protection after he bruised her arms. Ryan admitted to grabbing Annie's shoulders, but he denied getting rough with her. Ryan proclaimed that Annie was a liar and wished to see his daughter. Adam and JR once again refused Ryan's entry into their home, but Ryan tried to run upstairs to see Emma anyway.

Greenlee watched a horror movie as Annie stalked Greenlee from an open window. Annie secretly entered the penthouse through the window and spied on Greenlee. Richie urged his sister to kill Greenlee. Annie hid behind a curtain as she aimed the gun at Greenlee. Then, Tad knocked on Greenlee's door, looking for Aidan. Greenlee explained that her husband was away, so Tad left. Greenlee resumed watching the movie and Annie pointed the gun at Greenlee. Just then, Annie clutched her stomach and writhed in pain.

Kendall returned to Cambias to invite Zach to dinner. Zach dismissed her invitation and stated that he had too much work. Kendall assumed that Zach was going to make her apologize for Josh for the rest of her life. He noted that he simply wanted his life back. He explained that, because Kendall was very consumed with everyone else's life, she stopped living her own life. He was tired of listening to her complain about Ryan, Annie, Greenlee, and Aidan. She looked sheepish and asked if he still loved her. He said yes. She pushed all of the papers off his desk and pushed him onto it. She then began passionately kissing him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The security guards held Ryan back when he tried to go upstairs to see Annie and Emma. But according to a restraining order against Ryan, he was not allowed anywhere near them. Adam said his guards would release Ryan as soon as he calmed down. Once in the living room, Ryan told Babe, JR, and Adam that he did not hit Annie. Ryan said she was using the bruises to get back at Ryan for ending their marriage. Adam decided to leave, but as soon as he was out the front door, he locked JR, Babe, and Adam inside the living room. Pete put his hands out, as though to shield Ryan from going upstairs. But one look from Ryan quickly made Pete step aside. Ryan knocked on the door as Annie went through a window into the bedroom. Ryan scooped Emma into his arms once inside. Adam, Babe, and JR asked Annie if she needed anything, but Annie only asked for time alone with Ryan. Ryan told Annie she would not keep him from his daughter, despite the bogus physical abuse claims. Annie fell to the floor holding her stomach. Ryan realized something was wrong with the baby. He took her in his arms and drove to the hospital.

JR told Adam something was not right. JR thought Adam's sudden bond with Annie and interest in Pete were odd. Adam said Pete was hanging around to woe Colby. He wanted Pete's behavior to rub off on Colby. Also, JR wondered why Adam had had such a change of heart about Babe. Adam said he respected Babe for her accomplishments at Fusion. JR walked off, giving Pete the chance to thank Adam for his kind words. Adam told Pete not to believe everything he heard. JR and Babe read Emma a story before putting her to bed.

Annie stood behind a column in Greenlee's apartment. She pointed a gun at the back of Greenlee's head, but could not muster enough courage to pull the trigger. Suddenly, Annie slumped back behind the wall and clutched her stomach in pain. Greenlee looked around when she heard a strange noise, but did not see Annie. Greenlee went back to watching television. Annie snuck behind the fireplace, but knocked down a plant. Greenlee immediately called Jake, worried that someone had broken into her apartment. Jake rushed over to check on Greenlee while Aidan was out of town. Jake looked around the apartment, but it was empty. Greenlee felt silly for probably overreacting. Greenlee asked Jake how things were going with Amanda. Jake said the relationship with Amanda was uncomplicated, which is how he liked it. Greenlee said marriage was wonderful, but she and Aidan had gotten into their first fight. Jake joked that their fight had better not have been about Ryan. Greenlee lied and said broken crystal caused the argument. Ryan called Jake to ask for help with Annie's condition.

Kendall wanted Zach to admit he was mad that she asked Ryan to help Josh escape town. Zach said he was mad that Kendall went against his wishes to let him take care of Josh. Kendall said she was more concerned about Ryan's problems than Josh stealing from them. Zach told Kendall he wanted her to be more concerned about fixing their problems first. Kendall went home, but did not get far before she was stopped by Erica. Erica insisted on talking to Kendall, but did not want Zach to see her at his office. Erica wanted to know where Josh was, but Kendall was not given that information from Ryan and Aidan. Kendall said the only way to keep Josh safe was to never speak to him or see him again. Erica was distraught over Kendall's carefree attitude about the situation. She walked off as Greenlee called Kendall to inform her that something was wrong with Annie's baby.

Zach told his employees to call off the search for Josh. Zach figured Josh living in fear of his life was enough punishment. Zach told his employee that he wanted to take some time off to be with his family. He called Rachael, the babysitter, looking for Kendall, but Rachael said Kendall had gone to the hospital to be with someone.

Erica found Jackson at ConFusion. She immediately explained Josh's situation. Carmen came over, but noticed Erica was upset. Erica felt foolish to think Jackson was alone. Carmen let Jackson and Erica speak privately. Erica said they should go elsewhere to discuss Josh, but Jackson refused to leave. He offered to set aside time on another afternoon to help Erica. Erica felt as though Jackson did not care about her anymore and hurried out. Erica went to Adam for help, but he slammed the door in her face.

The doctors asked Annie several questions to determine her condition further. They ordered blood work and a sonogram before wheeling her into a room. Annie told Ryan to leave because she and the baby were no longer his problem. Ryan found Greenlee sipping coffee in the waiting room. Ryan said Annie filed a restraining order against him on the grounds of physical abuse. Greenlee said she saw the bruises, but did not think Ryan was responsible. Ryan worried that Annie would not handle losing the baby, considering all of the other situations she had gone through in the course of the year. Jake told Ryan that Annie was having her sonogram and he should be there with her. Once Ryan was gone, Kendall approached Greenlee. Kendall was going to let Annie have it, but Zach stopped her.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In the waiting room at the hospital, Kendall was more than skeptical about Annie's latest trip to the hospital, while her best friend and husband were more concerned about being supportive.

In the examining room, Annie and Ryan anxiously awaited some news about the precarious state of Annie's pregnancy. In the interim, Annie apologized for the restraining order, and Ryan apologized for barging into her room and losing his temper. The OB/GYN came over then and said that the fetal heartbeat had stabilized and that they just needed to see what the blood work told them. They were somewhat relieved at the news, and the doctor told Annie to rest while she tried to rush the results. She left the room, and Annie asked Ryan to check on Emma. He agreed, and went out into the hall. He found the doctor there and asked if there was anything else he needed to know. She promised to keep him updated and they parted ways.

Back in the room, Richie made an appearance and applauded his sister's efforts as he noted that things were going better than he had expected. He proceeded to praise her for all of her just in time efforts that led her to the hospital bed and Ryan beside her. Annie freaked out and said that she had not used the baby to lure Ryan back, and that being in the hospital was just a stroke of bad luck. Richie reminded Annie that she had scaled drain pipes and fire escapes in her attempt to kill Greenlee and those things were conscious choices. With the truth pressed in her face, Annie demanded that he leave her alone because she needed to do as Ryan asked and rest. Richie agreed that she needed to make sure she took better care of herself since the baby was the only reason Ryan wasn't running off into the sunset with Greenlee. Furious, Annie repeatedly demanded that he leave her alone, and turned her back to him in an effort to sleep.

Greenlee, Kendall and Zach met up with Ryan and he updated them. Greenlee told him that he should be assured that Annie would fight as hard for their unborn child as she did when Emma was taken from her. He left them to call his daughter, and Zach followed his trail. Kendall immediately chastised Greenlee for her supportive words and said that they needed to do something to save Ryan from Annie's games. Greenlee urged her best friend to only be supportive and leave the rest of it alone. Kendall was outraged that Greenlee and Zach were willing to stand around with blinders on when she could clearly see that Ryan needed their help to get away from Annie and the baby that was perfectly fine. Greenlee was shocked at Kendall's lack of compassion for what she viewed as a trying time, but Kendall refused to see the situation in any sort of positive light.

After Ryan hung up the phone and reported that Emma was okay, Zach facetiously offered to buy him a cup of coffee. They walked over to the coffee station and as Zach poured, Ryan admitted his fear that perhaps the reason he couldn't get relationships right was because he was undeserving. He recalled all of the fighting he had to do for his kids and said that he was the common link. Zach tried to convince Ryan that he wasn't the cause of this latest hospital visit but because he wasn't in a space to listen, Ryan simply noted that if they lost the baby that Annie was carrying, he would take it as a sign. Zach tried to remind Ryan that Annie pushed every button she knew of to get Ryan back but Ryan was firmly entrenched in his tunnel vision belief that he was a failure as a father because he hurt not only his children, but everyone he loved.

Ryan said that he could no longer deny that his father was a part of him, but Zach told him that although their fathers tried every violent trick in the book to keep them in line, they no longer owned their sons. He reminded Ryan of a trick that he taught Zach to get Spike to fall asleep and said things like that proved that Ryan was already changing the course of history. Ryan felt he might not be able to continue on that path if Annie kept him away from his kids and asked if Zach thought Annie would continue to fight him. Zach shrugged and said that everyone had moments where they felt like they knew everything and that even then, something new was learned.

Kendall ranted on about how bad Annie was for Ryan and how upset she was that everyone was content to let it happen. Greenlee told her that she only wanted Ryan's happiness and everything else was not their business. Kendall refused to see reason, even though Greenlee asserted that the situation was not about Annie, but about the children and Ryan's need to be a good father. Kendall then said that Greenlee needed Ryan to be happy so that he would stay out of her marriage. Greenlee screwed up her face in confusion and noted that her commitment to her husband had nothing to do with Ryan. Kendall told her that she had made the decision to marry Aidan before she knew that Ryan was still in love with her, but Greenlee told her that what Ryan felt didn't change the love and commitment that she shared with Aidan. Kendall then repeated her ranting about how crazy Annie had proven herself to be and how much she believed Ryan had to get away from her.

Greenlee tried to get Kendall to switch to a more positive tack for Annie's sake but Kendall wanted no part of it, as she believed Annie had been nothing but trouble. Greenlee reminded her of the good things that Annie had done but Kendall, while she knew where Annie was coming from, felt the woman continued to push things too far. Finally frustrated with her best friend's point of view, Greenlee excused herself and left to call Aidan.

After all the medical personnel vacated Annie's room, Kendall snuck in and warily eyed the sleeping patient within. She watched Annie until the young woman woke up and realized she had company. Kendall stood over her and asked if she was proud of herself for the course she'd taken with Ryan. Annie asked her to leave but when Kendall didn't move, Annie tried to reach for the call button. Kendall got to it first and told Annie that she would be allowed to call someone after she'd listened to what Kendall had to say. She lit into Annie for her horrid treatment of Ryan but was surprised when Annie gave her a taste of her own medicine. Annie told her that she and Greenlee didn't want Ryan to be happy – they wanted him to pledge his eternal devotion to only the two of them so that they could dictate the way he lived his life. She called Kendall and Greenlee sick and that set Kendall off, and caused her to remind Annie that she tricked Ryan into having this latest child and had used it to trap a man who didn't love her.

Angry beyond words, Annie lunged for the control but was blown back by another shockwave of pain. Kendall didn't believe the play for a few moments but when she realized that Annie wasn't faking, she quickly called for help. Doctors ran toward the room quickly, followed closely by Ryan, Greenlee and Zach. When Ryan asked what happened, Kendall feigned innocence. She stalked back to the waiting room and Zach followed her and asked what she had done. She tried to maintain that innocence but Zach told her that he saw her face when she came out of the room, and that he knew she hadn't been able to stop herself from accusing Annie. She finally confessed, and Zach simply walked away. Greenlee was next in line and she told Kendall that what she had done was cruel and that Kendall had better hope that the baby survived. Kendall rejected the blame and said that Greenlee only wanted things to go that way so that her marriage would stay solid. She noted her belief that if Ryan came to her with all of his love, Aidan wouldn't stand a chance. Just then, Aidan showed up and glared accusingly at Kendall.

In the room, Ryan held Annie as she sobbed and said that she felt that they had lost the baby. Although the doctor continued to look for signs of hope, she eventually gave up and apologized. Annie completely broke down and Ryan held her even tighter. The doctor left them alone, and Ryan asked what Kendall had said. Annie told him that it didn't matter and that the loss wasn't Kendall's fault. She confessed that she had done a myriad of horrible things in the name of holding her family together and said that she had kept them hidden. She then told him that she needed to let him in on all of those secrets, once and for all.

Jake reconnected with Tad at ConFusion, who was pleasantly surprised to see his doctor brother's attempt at a social life. Jake took the ribbing fairly well until Tad mentioned that he'd heard Jake had planned to stick around Pine Valley for a while. Jake tried to blow it off, but Tad assumed it was about a woman. Jake made a play at pretending that his brother was wrong but failed miserably and had to confess. Tad pressed for details and after a bit of a delay, Jake told him that he had taken advice from their father about getting out and having fun. Though worried about his source of advice, Tad seemed pleased that Jake had found a way to follow through. He then hinted at his belief that Jake was dating the woman from the Army, but Jake denied as much but asked how he knew about Taylor. Tad told him that he'd gotten his information from Jesse and was again curious when he realized that Taylor had not been the object of his brother's affections.

Jake admitted that he had been dating Amanda, much to his brother's surprise. He went on to say that Amanda's spontaneity and lack of complications kept him interested. Tad immediately reminded his brother who had given birth to Amanda as a way of noting that his love interest indeed had many issues, but Jake refused to let that fact taint what he'd found. Jesse showed up and Tad offered to by another round for everyone. Jake declined, as he had to pick up Amanda, but Jesse accepted. After the younger Dr. Martin vacated the premises, Tad asked after Angie. Jesse assumed that she had run late because of something at the hospital.

Jesse told Tad about Frankie's reenlistment and admitted that he didn't want to his son to go back. He said that because he asked the officers at the station to risk their lives every day, he didn't feel it was right to have a different set of rules for his son. Tad scoffed at that and said that every parent had those separate rules. He then offered that the up side of having both Cass and Frankie gone would be more one on one time with Angie. Jesse pondered that briefly but the process was interrupted when he spotted something outside the window. He excused himself and dashed out of the room as Tad sat at the bar, puzzled at his hasty exit.

When Jesse returned, he told Tad that he thought he'd spotted his old friend that offered him the job at PVU but it turned out to be a false alarm. He then informed Tad that the station had called and needed him to return to work to put out a fire. He assured Tad that Angie would be there soon and he would return as fast as possible.

Amanda twirled out into the common area of the yacht to get Taylor's take on her dress. Once she got approval, she thanked the vet for vacating the place so that she and Jake could have a romantic dinner. Taylor offered to find another place to sleep but Amanda told her it wouldn't be necessary. After a brief pause, Amanda asked if Taylor was interested in Jake as more than a friend. Taylor sidestepped the question and said that she could be deployed at any moment and would be an idiot if she got into a relationship. Amanda called her bluff, reminded her that she said nothing of a relationship and remarked that Taylor still hadn't answered the question.

Taylor admitted that she found Jake to be an interesting person and said that it was because of his Doctors Without Borders experience. That aside, she noted that they had very little in common and aside from her knowledge that she was not right for the doctor, she didn't feel as though it was her place to say who Jake should be with. Amanda smiled coyly and asked if Taylor thought Jake should continue to date her. Taylor asked what Amanda felt when she was alone with Jake and he held her close. When her answer was ‘heaven', Taylor said that Amanda was meant to be with him. Just then, Amanda realized that she forgot the appetizer and begged Taylor to finish setting the table while she ran to the store. Taylor agreed but told her to hurry.

Taylor dimmed the lights and found a romantic song to play. As she lit the candles on the table, she let the song carry her back to a time when she'd been able to dance with the man she loved. Jake showed up while she was entranced and when she finally realized that he'd arrived, they shared no words, only a look.

Angie returned home and found Frankie as he prepared to leave. He kept silent and she told him that he wouldn't be able to avoid her forever. He replied that there was nothing more to say because the decision about his return to Iraq was final. Angie then surprised him and said that she had a way to keep him out. Frankie didn't want to hear about ways that a note from his mother could keep him from his duty. He told her that his talk with Taylor reminded him of what he'd signed up to do. Angie, unwilling to consider anything that Taylor had to say, showed him studies done on people that had purposefully done things to prevent themselves from being redeployed. He told her that he wouldn't consider her options because they weren't valid, and she told him that he needed to do something because she would do anything possible to keep her only son from being killed.

Frankie berated his mother for her endless attempts to keep him from a return to the front lines, as if all of the other soldiers were dispensable but he wasn't. He reminded her that every soldier was someone's child and that every soldier had to be brave to make sure their country was safe. Angie then told him that if he left her and reenlisted, she would die. He called her on the unfairness of her statement, and she told him that she would say or do whatever was necessary to keep him home. Without another word, walked away from her, picked up his bag and started to walk out the door. He looked back one time and before he closed the door, through her tears, she told him that she would not lose her family.

A short time later, Angie paid a late night visit to Fusion and found Randi frustrated over a project. She offered to help but Randi rejected it, still not okay with Angie after all she'd done to keep her away from Frankie. Angie said that she wasn't there about their relationship and instead delivered the stunning news about Frankie's return to the military. She then admitted that although she has tried everything she could think of, she hadn't been able to break through the wall that Frankie had put up. Randi was a bit taken aback, given that a few weeks ago, she hadn't been allowed in the Hubbard household. Angie noted that they'd had their differences, but they needed to be united. She told Randi that she might be the one person that could get through to Frankie and make him stay.

Randi invited Frankie over to Fusion and told him that since they were both working late, she thought they should spend their dinner break together. She invited him to sit at her desk where she had some take-out set up, but when he referred to it as ‘chow', she took that opening to ask about the army. She told him that she'd heard about him going back to Iraq and wondered why he hadn't told her. He said that he found out the night that Fletcher died and didn't want to burden her with anything else. She told him that their promise to be open and honest with each other came before all of that. She asked him what his leaving would do to his family, and he said he believed they would be all right.

He then asked her to try to understand why he agreed to go back and that it wouldn't be forever. She reminded him of how he'd stayed with her on the yacht until she fell asleep and noted that when she woke up, it was the first time she felt that she'd found someone she could trust. She then asked if he'd thought about what his leaving would do to her. Frankie confessed that he knew that he had reasons to stay but couldn't. She suggested that they run away together – like people often did in movies – and said that she knew someone that would be able to help them. Frankie rejected the ideas because he felt that they would get arrested but she promised that her contact was very good at what he did and that no one would know. Frankie told her that she couldn't leave town because of all of the good things she'd found, and although she agreed, Randi said that she would give it all up for him.

Angie arrived at ConFusion and told Tad about the latest with her son. He acknowledged that he'd heard about it and said that Frankie had a strong sense of duty – just like his father. Angie asked after her husband and Tad told her he'd gotten a call and had to go back to the station briefly. Then, a phone started to ring, and Angie discovered that it was Jesse's phone. This struck Tad, as he realized that Jesse didn't have his phone on him when he went outside and therefore couldn't have gotten a call. Angie answered it but no one spoke on the other end. She told Tad that they'd gotten a few calls like it on their home phone and Jesse's cell. She admitted to her worry that someone was after her husband.



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