One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on OLTL

Blair accepted Spencer's proposal. Starr continued to fake her amnesia. John and Natalie searched Spencer's safe deposit box and found a photo of Paige and Margaret post-delivery. Cristian and Evangeline made love. Adriana refused to believe that her mother was behind the stalking. John discovered photos of a young Jessica on a tape in Dr. Snyder's apartment.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Spencer throws Blair for a loop when he proposes to her in front of everyone at the hospital ball. She is forced to accept his proposal in front of a seething Todd. While hugging her fiancÚ, Blair slips the key to the safety deposit box out of Spencer's jacket pocket. Blair manages to slip away from Spencer and gives the key to John who is desperate to find out the remaining contents of the safety deposit box.

Langston visits Starr and brings her the file that she requested which contains articles on amnesia. Starr relates to Langston how Spencer told her that the test results showed that she doesn't have any brain damage and that he is determined to get to the bottom of Starr's "amnesia." Langston is afraid for Starr and cautions her against trying to keep up her charade especially in front of her doctor's but Starr is convinced that this is the only way to get her parents back together and to get Dr. Truman out of their lives. Starr is convinced that it is only a matter of time before her parents remember their love for each other and get married for real.

After leaving the ball, John and Natalie head straight to the bank to get evidence against Spencer. They get near the deposit boxes under the ruse that they are there to get their own safety deposit box. With one key in hand, Natalie distracts the bank teller while John searches for the second key to open Spencer's safety deposit box. With no one in sight, Natalie turns her key and John turns his key which opens the box displaying the contents inside.

Michael and Marcie escort Nora to the ball. R.J. and Lindsay show up and R.J. comments Nora on how nice she looks which sets Lindsay off. She makes a snide comment to Nora and then accuses R.J. of taking Nora's side when he comes to her defense. They argue again about the kiss that Lindsay witnessed. Lindsay wonders how R.J. would feel if she were the one placing kisses on another man's lips. R.J. says he wouldn't handle it by getting drunk and then lashing out at others. She decides to test R.J.'s resolve by planting a big sloppy kiss on Michael's lips. R.J. responds by grabbing Nora and planting a passionate kiss on her lips while a furious Marcie lets Lindsay have it with both barrels for kissing her husband. Nora confesses to Claudia that she is starting to have feelings for someone she shouldn't be having feelings for (and some say Lindsay is just paranoid when it comes to Nora stealing her men).

Claudia tries to get Nash to admit that he did feel something for her when they were working together against her father. Nash reminds Claudia that his heart belongs to one woman only, Tess. After Claudia leaves, Nash calls Jessica and finds out that Brennan is running a fever. Even though Jessica tells Nash that Brennan will be fine and that he should stay at the ball, Nash ends up at the loft with items for Brennan. After seeing for himself that Brennan is ok, Nash decides to go back to the ball to continue his search for investors. Jessica is dismayed to learn that Nash is planning on sticking around. She tries to convince him to take Claudia up on her offer to finance Nash's project but Nash tells Jessica the same thing he told Claudia; that he hasn't given up on Tess. Nash reminds Jessica that she is the one who is starting to remember Tess' memories of the time they spent together. Nash heads back to the ball and Jessica talks to Brennan about her confusion regarding her memories of Nash and her love for Antonio.

Viki and Evangeline try to console Todd who is visibly shaken following Blair and Spencer's engagement. Todd is furious that he let Viki talk him into trying to talk things out with Blair only to be humiliated by what just happened. Always one for public displays himself, an emotional Todd stands on a table and asks everyone to join him in a toast for the good doctor and his slut. He goes on to declare that Spencer is a murderer and framed Todd for the whore he is about to marry. Evangeline threatens to climb on the table and pull Todd down if he doesn't end his tirade. Todd eventually climbs off the table while David and Paige tell everyone that Spencer is guilty of everything that Todd said about him and more. Evangeline wants to comfort Todd but Cris convinces her that the best thing to do is to leave him alone. Viki approaches Todd and he begs her not to give him a lecture or anymore advice. She promises to do neither but shares with him her observation that when Spencer proposed to Blair, she looked like someone who was backed into a corner, not someone who was in love with the man she just became engaged to.

Cris has a special surprise waiting for Evangeline when he brings her back to his place. He asks Evangeline to stay outside for a few moments while he cleans up a bit. While waiting for Cris, Evangeline is anxious to hear from Todd and decides instead to give him a quick call. Her plans are interrupted when Cris comes back outside and leads her inside to show her his surprise.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Natalie and John get caught with their hands in Spencer's safety deposit box by the maintenance man. The bank teller apologizes to Natalie and John saying that the maintenance man didn't know that anyone was there. After the teller leaves them alone, they go back to investigating the contents of Spencer's box. John doesn't find the gun but he finds a picture of Paige with Margaret taken by Spencer shortly after Margaret's delivery. They conclude that the picture proves what Paige, Todd, and David have been saying all along; that Spencer knew Margaret was alive.

Todd can't believe how Blair has turned her back on him and their family now that she has decided to marry Spencer. Blair tells Todd that she knows she made a mistake by not believing in him but she has decided to marry Spencer and Todd will have to accept it. Todd wonders about their children especially Starr in light of her recent accident. Blair throws a look in John and Natalie's direction in front of Todd who wonders what that was all about. When Blair tries to change the subject, Todd insists that she inform Starr of her engagement before their daughter hears it from someone else. Blair agrees and when a seething Spencer walks over to them, she tells him that they have to make a stop at the hospital before celebrating their engagement so that she can tell Starr what has happened. Spencer balks at first but Blair lets him know that she is a parent first and if he can't accept that then it's over.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Todd and Blair their effort to tell Starr before anyone else is thwarted when her friend, Langston, breaks the news instead. A devastated Starr cannot believe that her mother would agree to marry Dr. Truman. Langston asks Starr if she is ready to give up her amnesia act since it doesn't seem to be working. Starr tells her that she is more determined than ever to get Dr. Truman out of their lives once and for all. Langston reminds Starr that even if her parents are no longer together, they both love her very and much and she should be grateful for that. Langston goes home and Blair arrives with Spencer prepared to tell Starr about their engagement. As Blair starts to fill Starr in on the year that she doesn't remember, Todd walks in and kicks Spencer out.

Kevin confesses to Viki that despite his insistence that she stay in town for the baby's sake, Kelly has left Llanview and he has no idea where she went. He tells Viki that instead of viewing the baby as a reminder of that awful night he should have stepped up to the plate and asked Kelly to marry him. Viki wants to know if he has forgiven Kelly and Kevin tells her no. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from Kelly. She informs Kevin that she is in a clinic where she went to after she started spotting. Kevin tells her that she is past her first trimester and that the baby should be all right. Kelly wants Kevin to know that she didn't want to call him but didn't know who else to turn to. Kevin tries to get Kelly to disclose her whereabouts but she refuses which angers Kevin. He accuses her endangering the health of her baby by leaving everyone she knows but Kelly insists that she had to leave in order to protect her baby. Kevin accuses Kelly of forgetting that the baby is also a Buchanan and being as selfish now as she was the night she turned to his son. Kelly hangs up on Kevin and when her doctor inquires as to whether there is anyone who be there with her now, Kelly says no.

Evangeline becomes nervous when she and Cris start to get intimate with each other. Cris tells her that she doesn't have to do anything that she doesn't feel comfortable doing but Evangeline insists that she wants it to happen just as much as he does. She explains to Cris how she was in love with John and their breakup was a painful one. Even though she is no longer in love with John, she hasn't been with another man not even casually since John. Cris tells Evangeline that this isn't a casual thing to him but he understands if she wants to wait and offers to take her home. After declaring their love for each other, they proceed to the bedroom and make love.

John and Natalie end up back at the hospital ball looking for Paige. They stop David as he is passing by and send him to look for Paige. David escorts Paige, who was on her way out, to John and Natalie who show her a photo of the photo that they found in Spencer's safety deposit box which proves that Spencer knew about Margaret. Paige is relieved that now people will believe her accusations against Spencer. John tells them that without the picture it was always Paige's word against Spencer's and giving Paige's history she wasn't credible. David reminds John that all he has is a photo of a photo but John feels it gives him probable cause to get a search warrant which he hopes will lead them to the gun that Spencer used to shoot his father.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cristian and Evangeline lay in bed and discuss their relationship. Evangeline says that she wants their relationship to be long term. Cristian tells her that he loves her and he wants that too, but he can't begin to think about a long-term relationship until he wins his title fight. Cristian says that sometimes he feels like he is only an ex-con and wants to win to feel respect. Evangeline understands how he feels. The couple makes love again and heads to the gym for Cristian to train.

Todd is visiting Starr at the hospital and she wonders aloud where Blair is. Starr makes a snide comment about Blair probably being with Spencer. Todd asks his daughter why would she think that Blair and Spencer are together. Starr attempts to cover by saying it is because Spencer is her doctor and maybe Blair was talking to him. Todd tells Starr that he knows her amnesia is a scam to get he and Blair back together. She tries to deny it, but Todd calls her out on her lie. They then discuss his feelings for Blair and why he feels betrayed by her. Todd calls Blair and tells her Starr is asking for her, but does not reveal that Starr is faking her illness. When Blair arrives at the hospital, Todd informs her that he is not buying her engagement to Spencer and asks her the real reason she is marrying the doctor.

At the police station, John asks David for something on Spencer that would allow a judge to issue a search warrant. David tells John that he has tried but he cannot come up with anything. Hugh comes in and they discuss the evidence. Nora comes in to basically get out of the house and escape watching cooking shows. She mentions that she went to law school with the same judge that John and Hugh are trying to have issue the warrant and she and Hugh leave to talk. Nora decides to call in a favor to get the warrant for Spencer's safe deposit box.

Also at the police station, Rex tries to talk to Antonio about Adriana but he is too busy. Rex discusses the situation with Natalie instead. Natalie wonders is Dorian is really capable of having her own daughter terrorized and stalked. Rex tells her he believes that Dorian would in order to drive him and Adriana apart. Rex finally gets Antonio's attention and discusses his sister's disappearance with him. Antonio tries to be optimistic and says that maybe Adriana is staying away on purpose, but assures Rex that he is on the case.

Bruce brings Adriana some food, but she refuses to eat anything, as he drugged her water in order to kidnap her. Bruce steps outside to call Dorian and demand 10 million dollars for Adriana's release. Dorian refuses to pay him a dime until she talks to Adriana. Bruce says that he will not let talk to Adriana until he gets his ransom. Bruce goes back in the room and unties Adriana. He tells her that he kidnapping is really all about money and he doesn't intend to hurt her. Bruce then drops the bombshell on Adriana that Dorian is the one that hired him to stalk her. Adriana does not believe that her mother would do that to her. Bruce then sends Rex a text message as Adriana saying that she hates him and never wants to see him again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Evangeline paid her old beau John a visit. "I'm trying to talk less and feel more," she admitted, and added that she was falling in love with Cristian. "He's a lucky guy," John said. "You made me a better person." John admitted responsibility for their past problems; it was a nice moment of closure. Evangeline was happy that John was close to finding his father's killer and hoped it would give him peace.

Rex enlisted David's help to locate Adriana. Rex was convinced she hadn't sent that text message wanting to break up with him. David agreed. Cramer women, he's found, like to break up face-to-face.

Blair and Todd argued outside of Starr's hospital room. "Tell me what's going on with you right now," Todd demanded. Their argument ended when Starr fell out of bed. Blair bought Starr's explanation but Todd just smirked. Todd brought Blair to the penthouse and asked Blair to explain her relationship with Spencer. Todd clearly didn't understand why Blair was going to marry Spencer. "Why? Why?" he yelled. "Because I love him," Blair yelled back. But then her cell phone rang and it was John McBain, which really piqued Todd's interest. Todd began to figure things out. Blair wouldn't cop to it but apologized again for not believing in him. Blair reminded him that they can't go back to what they had. Blair wanted to leave for the hospital, as she didn't want to be with alone with him." "Why are you lying to me?" Todd countered strongly and insisted Blair look him in the eyes. She couldn't. Todd pushed her to tell him the truth. "What are you doing with Spencer? What are you doing with the cops?" Todd threatened to go to Spencer. "I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you, Todd," Blair said as her eyes filled with tears.

David told Spencer that John had spent the evening interrogating him. "Don't you want to know what he asked?" David pushed. "McBain has evidence," David teased. "It's just a matter of time until Blair goes back to are the most hateful person I know. I don't care what happens to you. You are no longer my brother," concluded David as he stormed out the door.

In Spencer's safe deposit box, Hugh found the photo of Spencer, Paige and Margaret. He happily called John. John called Natalie, who happened to be standing next to Spencer giving him a hard time. John couldn't get a hold of Blair, which concerned Natalie, who immediately wondered if Spencer had hurt Blair.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Spencer wouldn't let Natalie leave. "Why would you think I would hurt Blair?" he barked. Natalie tried to cover and said she was concerned about Blair. Spencer sincerely doubted that and wouldn't stop pressing Natalie for details. Spencer wondered what people were saying about him. Spencer asked Natalie what Blair and John were talking about the times he saw them together. Natalie left and ran to the police department. "I think I screwed things up," she blurted to John. "I think I may have tipped off Spencer." When Blair wouldn't answer Spencer's calls he went to find her.

Blair told Todd that she was sleeping with Spencer to help him (Todd). "Do you believe me?" Todd replied, "Yes, I do." Blair explained the whole scenario regarding the safe deposit box key. Blair wanted Todd to look her in the eye and "tell me that you love me again." Todd didn't think he could and Blair began to cry. "I really did try to help," she wept and then she and Todd began kissing passionately. Clothes started to come off.

Bruce continued to taunt Adriana, who refused to eat and be friendly to him. Adriana wanted proof that the stalking was Dorian's idea. David popped in at Dorian's to distract her, allowing Rex to snoop around Dorian's house and eavesdrop. Dorian denied any wrongdoing regarding Adriana. "I know how you like to protect your girls," said David. Dorian thought it was hurtful that David would suggest she break up Adriana and Rex. "You are a liar," Rex said as he burst in. Dorian was not amused and was furious with David. Rex demanded the name of the man she hired to stalk Adriana. Dorian wasn't about to give up anything. David left, though Rex wasn't about to leave. In fact, Rex picked up the phone when Adriana was allowed to call home.

John was surprised to hear that Dr. Snyder (the same drunken doctor who was in the operating room when his father died) was also under investigation for child pornography. Antonio found this out in his new/old job as cop. John realized that this must be what Spencer was holding over Snyder. Antonio searched Snyder's apartment and found the tape called "Tess." Jessica came to the apartment and faced Snyder. "This tape tore me in half, literally." Jessica was also horrified to see a photo of little Jessica/Tess on his computer.

Hugh came in with the actual safe deposit box. John read a letter that Spencer had written to Todd and Margaret's child. Among many things, Spencer suggested he not try to find his father because he was a bad man. A handwriting expert confirmed that Spencer had written that letter.

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