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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on GL
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Olivia accuses Ava of planting the photographs from the website in Olivia's bag. The website page shows a picture of Olivia with the caption, "Family First, Huh?" Olivia faints in Buzz's arms. She tells him that forgot to eat. Coop defends Ava. Buzz sends Coop and Ava away. While Buzz talks about how much trouble the website has caused, Olivia slips out of the room. Buzz tracks her down on Main Street. She tells him she did something. He tells her nothing she had done could be worse that his walking out on his family. She tells him she killed her own mother. When she was a teenager, during a heated argument with her mother, her mother suffered a stroke and died. Olivia blames herself for her mother's death. She says it is her fault that her sister and brother had to grow up barely surviving. She tells Buzz that she didn't realize that her mother was just being a good mother until she had a daughter of her own. She expects that Buzz will now fade away, but he insists he is there for the long haul. As they leave Main Street, Buzz asks her what she and her mother fought about. She tells him it was just the usual stuff that kids and parents fight about. The look on her face doesn't seem to support that, however.

Lizzie wakes up in the trio's sweet as someone is entering. She calls out for a response repeatedly, yet there is no answer. She grabs her gun and fires. Jon, Tammy, Cassie, and Josh are in the hallway arguing about Josh and Cassie's new relationship. They at first ignore the shot fired, but when Lizzie fires again they burst into the room. They find Alan lying on the floor and Lizzie in a state of panic. After finding there is no blood, they realize the gun was filled with blanks. The Beacon security guard arrives and while Alan is yelling at him to call off the police, Alan suffers a heart attack. They all rush to Cedars. Beth arrives after Alan has asked for her to be by his side. Billy calls Jon to say that Reva is doing better and can sense something is not right. Jon tells him about Cassie and Josh. Billy tells him that Reva already knows. Jon threatens to tell Josh and Cassie about the cancer, but Billy forces him to promise not to tell anyone about it. Jon reluctantly agrees. Josh confronts Jon about their previous argument. Josh tells Jon that he and Cassie know what they are doing. Jon responds, "No you don't. You really don't."

After Beth leaves Alan to find Lizzie, Alan miraculously gets out of bed to make a phone call. He's faking! He tells the person on the phone to follow Lizzie when she leaves the hospital. In the hallway, Lizzie confesses to Tammy that she knew she was shooting her grandfather, not an intruder. That is why she pulled the trigger.

Mel and Rick exchange words at Cedars. Rick asks when he will be forgiven. Mel says Rick put everything with them on the line by trying to protect the dysfunctional Spaulding family.

When Coop and Ava leave Olivia and Buzz, they go to Company and decide to drink liquor rather than talk about Olivia. Alan-Michael shows up, asking Ava to be his assistant. They go round and round until Coop pipes in that Ava should take the job so she wouldn't be a waitress any longer. They all negotiate her wage and Ava gets what she wants.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dinah is in Jeffrey's room preparing to see Alan-Michael to ask for the Spaulding endorsement for Jeffrey. Mallet arrives to speak to Dinah. She tells Mallet she does not want to talk to him, and to stay away from her or he will get burned next time. Mallet leaves, then runs into Blake on Main St. She encourages Mallet to keep working on getting Dinah back. He returns to the hotel, and grabs Dinah as she is leaving to see Alan-Michael. He drags her into the linen closet and asks her to admit she started the fire. Dinah confesses to him what she did, and tells him she thought she had put the fire out. He says that they can fight this together; it was an accident and the authorities would see that. She says she can not risk going to prison, and tells him that if he repeats what she told him, she will deny it. She tells him to let her and their relationship go and leaves.

Beth realized that Alan has faked his heart attack symptoms, and he admits he arranged for Lizzie to have the gun as well. He tells her Lizzie is not fit to be a mother, and he wants Beth and himself to raise the baby as their own. He gives her much of his famous Alan Spaulding logic and tries to convince her to get on board with his plan. She calls Alan a monster, and tells him that he can not replace a baby like he can replace an appliance. He tells Beth that he will have what he wants- Beth, Lizzie and the baby, and that's the way it is going to be.

Jeffrey sees Blake on Main St. She wants to know why he would go to such lengths to help Dinah. Jeffrey says he did it for her because Blake is Dinah's step mom. She doesn't buy it. He then accuses Blake of being jealous. Apparently Blake likes the argument because she suggests they go back to his room. They do, and afterward further discuss their "non-relationship". After she leaves Jeffrey, Blake then sees Dinah on Main St. Blake tells Dinah that letting go of Mallet would be something she would regret for the rest of her life. Dinah guesses Blake really just wants her to stay away from Jeffrey so she can have him all to herself.

Lizzie is talking with Tammy about the shooting. Lizzie admits to her that she shot Alan twice after realizing it was him coming through the door, adding that she wanted Alan dead. Gus arrives to take Lizzie in for questioning. At the station, Jonathan tries to stand up for Lizzie, and tells Gus he arranged for Lizzie to have the gun. Doris Wolfe walks in just in time to hear Jonathan's explanation, and tells him that makes him an accessory to second degree attempted murder. Lizzie tries to convince Gus and Doris that Alan is coming after her and her baby, and says she can prove it. She tells everyone about the nursery at the mansion, and asks them all to come see it. When they arrive at the mansion, the "nursery" has been converted back into a storage room. Doris orders Gus to arrest Lizzie for the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rick and Mel awkwardly share a bed for the first time in months. The next morning, he cooks a big breakfast in at attempt to fix everything the Bauer way. He asks Mel to attend his reinstatement hearing. She doesn't think she can. Mel wonders how Beth can defend Rick. Beth waxes poetic about the Four Musketeers, while Lillian tells Rick to stop living in the past. Mel accidentally ends up on a date with a colleague. Remy, in his cop role, interrupts. She gets angry and comes on to Jeffrey, who jokes his way out of it. Dinah comes in, confesses that she burned down the Beacon, and asks Mel for her help as a lawyer. Mel admits how difficult it is to be a Bauer. Meanwhile, Rick is at Narcotics Anonymous, revealing that his loyalty to his friends cost him his wife. Later, Dr. Grant lectures Rick but reinstates him under certain conditions. Mel, realizing she wants her marriage to work, prepares a family dinner for Rick...just as he's in bed with Beth. And it's not the first time. He tells her they can't do this anymore.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

RJ finds a picture of him, Cassie and Josh on asking "Who's your daddy?" And then Hawk comes barging in to confuse him even further. Josh throws Hawk out. Beth tells Rick she wants both him and Alan. Rick recalls Mel telling him that if he's unhappy with the state of their marriage go have an affair. So he did. Now, Beth insists Mel can't accept him as totally as Beth can. Lizzie asks Alan to tell the truth about the jail/nursery so the cops will drop the charges. He feigns tiredness. Beth declares that Alan screwed up, and now she's in charge. Meanwhile, Jonathan suggests he and Tammy get married that day and she agrees. But, in the middle of their impromptu ceremony, Jonathan realizes Tammy isn't comfortable and calls it off. Jonathan vows to fix things for him, Tammy and Lizzie, and turns to Ashlee for help.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Gus sees Mallet working at the police station, which is odd because he thought Mallet had the day off. Mallet states that he is not working; he is doing some research on Jeffrey. Springfield Burns is up on his laptop, with picture of Jeffrey and Dinah in view. Mallet wonders why Jeffrey would jeopardize his career to make a deal with Dinah. Gus suggests that maybe they are sleeping together. After all, they do have a history between them. Mallet thinks it is something more complicated than sex. At the same time, Marina is working with a group of officers on the Springfield Burns case. She tells them they need to profile the person responsible, they need to find out what all the victims have in common. After her lecture, Mallet goes back to his laptop and the picture has changed--it is a live feed of Dinah and Alan-Michael talking in his room at the Beacon. The group rushes out.

Dinah is meeting with Alan-Michael to discuss Spaulding endorsing Jeffrey for mayor. Alan-Michael asks when she became interested in local politics. After he and Dinah discuss Jeffrey's and Blake's qualification, Alan-Michael asks why he is working for O'Neill. Dinah states that it is simply a favor but Alan-Michael does not believe it--she does not do favors. He agrees to give the endorsement, since he was going to endorse Jeffrey anyway, but wants to know what is in it for her. Before she can answer, the police barge in and head straight for Alan-Michael's lap top. He yells for Mallet not to touch it. Mallet does anyway and Springfield Burns (complete with the live feed) comes up. Dinah asks Alan-Michael if he did this, but he denies it. The cops find a hidden camera in his room. Alan-Michael is upset that someone has been watching him and demands to know who the officer in charge of the case is and what is being done. Marina steps up and tells Alan-Michael that she is in charge and they are looking for leads. Alan-Michael is appreciative and volunteers Spaulding's IT dept if they need it. After everyone leaves, Alan-Michael vows to find whoever is responsible for Springfield Burns.

At out in the hallway, Dinah asks Mallet how long he was watching the video. He tolls her they rushed out as soon as they realized it was live. Mallet assures her that he will not let anyone hurt her. When Dinah thanks him for his concern, Mallet replies that he is not going to stop caring about her. Mallet then brings up Gus's suggestion that perhaps Dinah and Jeffrey were sleeping together but tells her he does not believe--what they had was too strong for that. He invites her out for coffee but she declines; she has to meet Jeffrey.

Back at the police station, Marina and Remy start discussing whether it was difficult being at Alan-Michael's place. As Marina is shrugging it off, Gus lightly suggests that they get back to work. They go back to the website but the page has changed. Now there is a message: $ 100,000 bounty on the head of the Springfield Burns website.

At Outskirts, Ashlee is talking to her mother on the phone as Jonathan watches. Ashlee tells Doris that she is going on a trip with Jonathan. Doris is furious and demands to speak with him. When he gets on the line, Doris accuses him of holding her daughter hostage; Jonathan promises to have Ashlee back by next week and then ends the call as a giddy Ashlee watches. Ashlee is reveling in the fact that they made her mom mad. She compliments for doing this for his child and he compliments her on standing up to her mom. Later, the pair walks into the police station where Doris is reaming into Tammy and Lizzie, trying to get them to tell her where Jonathan is. When Ashlee defends Jonathan, Doris tells her he is just using her. Ashlee replies that this was as much her idea as his. At that point, Jonathan asks how it feels to have someone mess with her child since that is what she is doing by going after Lizzie. Jonathan tries to get her to drop the charges and accuses her of having a vendetta against him. Then Alan arrives, asking to speak with Doris alone. When they return, Doris informs the group that the charges have been dropped for now, pending an investigation which she admits will not be anytime soon. When Lizzie thanks her, Doris replies that it was Alan who dropped the charges. Before she leaves, Doris warns Jonathan that if he ever pulls another stunt like this, it will be his last.

Jonathan, Ashlee, with Tammy and Lizzie, return to Outskirts to celebrate their victory against Alan and Doris. Both Ashlee and Lizzie imagine themselves kissing Jonathan. Suddenly, Lizzie tells Tammy that as a newly engaged woman, she is missing something - a ring. Though Tammy is reluctant to take the ring Lizzie is offering, Lizzie insists. After Ashlee leaves and Tammy goes to wash her hands, Lizzie compliments Jonathan on his little stunt and they laugh about how their kid will be a terror. Suddenly a man comes in to serve Lizzie with papers---Alan is taking her to court to prove she is an unfit parent.

Olivia is at Company, depressed about the Springfield Burns incident. As she is looking at the site, Buzz tells her to stop. He states that she just has to let this stuff roll off her back by thinking about the good things in her life. When Olivia starts ranting about why she is being targeting and why the person is a coward to do it behind some site, Buzz decides she needs a distraction and invites her to see a movie. When they get to the theater, Olivia's cell phone rings. It is the sitter--she needs to go home. Suddenly, Buzz sees Coop and Ava on the street and suggests to Olivia that they watch Emma. Olivia is not sure but Buzz convinces her by calling it a chance to put all of this ugliness behind her. When Olivia asks, Coop and Ava agree to watch Emma.

As Coop and Ava are sitting with Emma, Emma comments on how pretty Ava smell. Ava goes into her bag and puts some of her perfume on Emma. They then send the girl off to bed. When she's gone, Coop starts Snuggling Ava, prompting her to ask him to leave. After all, they do not need Olivia walking in on them. As they are kissing goodbye in the open doorway, they do not see Emma sneak out and grab Ava's perfume bottle. Later, when Olivia and Buzz arrive, Olivia goes to check on Emma in bed. As Ava and Buzz are talking Olivia yells out "Emma!", and then comes out with the unconscious child demanding to know what Ava did to her.

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