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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, August 21, 2006

At Taylor's, she is stunned when Lt. Baker accuses her of being Darla's hit and run driver. He goes on to say that he knows about her DUI and he knows she was driving under the influence the night that Darla was killed. He understands that she was driving that night because she felt like her daughter needed her help, and he admits he would have done the same thing. Putting the pieces together, Lt. Baker accurately describes the actual events of that evening as Taylor listens silently. He says he knows he is right about what happened, but he can't prove it. He realizes Hector has been protecting her the whole time and pressures her to confess by appealing to her sense of integrity. Lt. Baker tells Taylor she isn't the kind of person to lie about something like this and he believes she will tell him the truth. Before he leaves he encourages her to come talk to him soon. When Phoebe returns she can tell that her mother is distraught. Taylor explains what happened with Lt. Baker. She tells Phoebe she can no longer live with herself and keep this secret. She plans to take full responsibility for her actions and doesn't intend for Phoebe to suffer any consequences. Taylor is ok with going to jail for this if it will give Thorne and Alexandria closure. Phoebe supports her mom's decision and they tearfully hug.

At Dante's, Felicia and Dante spend time with Dominique and enjoy each other's company. Felicia wishes all of her family were as happy as she is. She worries about how messed up Ridge and Bridget are in the romance department. She believes that Ridge should be with Brooke, but fears that Donna is trying to make Ridge her man. She also thinks that Nick would be better off with Bridget than Brooke. She tells Dante that Bridget admitted to her that she was still in love with Nick. Dante thinks she should stay out of it, however there is no stopping Felicia. She tells him she has to run to Brooke's to deliver some papers. After she leaves, he is suspicious that she just went to stir some things up. Later Bridget stops by with a house warming gift and asks where her sister is. When Dante tells her what Felicia is up to, Bridget is afraid that her sister will spill the beans about her feelings for Nick.

Meanwhile in Brooke's Bedroom, after serenading Brooke, Nick pressures her again about playing a bigger role at Marone. Brooke tries to wiggle out of it, saying she is already spread too thin with her duties at Forrester. Nick is disappointed with her lack of enthusiasm for Marone. Brooke points out that even though she has given up having an office at Forrester, she still wants to run the place and she can't devote her full attention to Forrester if she also has responsibilities at Marone. Nick gets mad and leaves after she tells him she has some Forrester business to work on tonight. Once he gets downstairs, Felicia drops by. She can tell that Nick is in a bad mood and begins to goad him about always living in Ridge's shadow. Trying to get him to thinking about Bridget again, she tells him that Bridget admitted that she is still in love with him. Felicia urges him to stop taking crap from Brooke and figure out what really makes him happy. Felicia tells him she cares about him and doesn't think Brooke will ever give him the happiness he deserves. Nick hears the truth in her words.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At home, Taylor told Phoebe that she was preparing to tell Thorne the truth that she hit Darla with her car. She also told Phoebe that she was getting her life in order because she assumed that she would go to prison for a few years. Taylor advised Phoebe that is was important for her to learn that one has to face the consequence of their actions. Ridge arrived after Taylor called him and told him that she had something important to tell him. Taylor advised Ridge that he should continue to take good care of the children if she cannot. Ridge was concerned and thought perhaps Taylor was going to alcohol rehabilitation. Taylor did tell Ridge that she is going to take responsibility for all the pain she has caused. Ridge did not understand why Taylor was acting strangely.

Meanwhile, Lt. Baker went to see Hector at the station. He asked Hector why he was at the prison visiting Diane Walker who was convicted of a DWI/manslaughter. Hector told him it was to teach Phoebe a lesson. Lt. Baker accused Hector of lying. He commented why would Hector bring Taylor who has a DWI already to visit a woman in prison for the same crime. He taunted Hector and advised that the killer may feel so guilty that the killer may confess.

Stephanie visited Thorne. Knowing what Taylor is accused of, she advised Thorne to stop obsessing about who killed Darla. Stephanie promised she would be there for him and not let him down as she had let Taylor down after her divorce from Ridge. Stephanie believed it is not possible that Taylor could have killed Darla and then not confessed about it.

After Ridge left, Taylor told Hector that she was on her way to tell Thorne the truth. Hector tried to convince Taylor to no avail that what Taylor did was truly an accident that she should not go to prison for. Taylor would not listen to Hector. Hector offered to drive Taylor to Thorne's. Instead, Hector drove Taylor to his house. When Taylor refused to stay there and talk about why she should not tell Thorne the truth, Hector restrained Taylor by tying her to the stairway railing to Taylor's horror.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

At Hector's, Hector freaks out on Taylor, and ties her up in order to prevent her from confessing the truth to Thorne. She pleads with him to untie her, but he refuses, arguing that they now are part of a major cover up. Taylor thinks she can explain their actions. Hector admits he wishes that he never tried to hide the truth in the first place but says it's way too late for backtracking now. Hector tells her he would never have lied for anyone else, but he had to for her, because he loves her. Taylor doesn't think holding her hostage is a good way to show his love. He begs her to let him help her get through this and begins stroking her hair. Taylor tells him though he has been a good friend, she has no romantic feelings toward him. He recoils, dejected. Then Phoebe calls him looking for her mother, and he tells her Taylor is in the middle of something and will call her back. When he gets off the phone, Taylor warns him that Phoebe will figure out something is wrong and call the police. Hector doesn't think Phoebe will call the police, but Taylor tells him Phoebe will call the police on him because he frightens her. Taylor begs Hector to release her saying he isn't the kind of person who would tie up a woman. Ignoring her feelings, Hector tells her she is like an angel to him and he knows he could make her happy and make her forget about her guilt. She tells him he has a sick love for her. He angrily replies that he has risk everything for her. As he begins lighting a newspaper, he tells her no one would ever consider him a lovesick maniac. Walking toward her, he asks if she has any idea how many people he has saved from burning buildings. When he gets close to her, she orders him to put out the fire. When he doesn't, she kicks him back causing a column to fall on him and knock him out. Gasoline spills from a canister and the fire starts to blaze out of control. Trapped Taylor tries to free herself, screaming for Hector to wake up.

At Thorne's, Stephanie is haunted by what Lt. Baker said about Taylor being the hit and run driver, but she still doesn't believe it. Thorne walks in upset about how slow the investigation is going on Darla's case and tells Stephanie he is pressuring Lt. Baker to work quicker on it. Stephanie tries to calm him down. Then Phoebe calls and is worried when she learns that Taylor isn't there yet. Phoebe explains to Thorne that Taylor was on her way over to see him and she should be there by now. After he gets off the phone, Thorne tells Stephanie that Darla's death really affected Phoebe and Taylor because they were right there when everything happened. Stephanie is struck by his comment and decides to go see Phoebe. After Stephanie leaves Thorne heads to the police station and demands to see Lt. Baker. When Lt. Baker walks in, Thorne is mad at him for going to Stephanie with new information on the case, before coming to him. Lt. Baker says he was just trying to spare Thorne any unnecessary pain. Thorne doesn't want to be protected and demands to know if Lt. Baker knows who killed Darla. Thorne vows even if it takes the rest of his life he will find out who killed his wife. Lt. Baker admits that he has an idea about who the driver is, and he is surprised that Stephanie didn't tell Thorne about his theory. Thorne says Stephanie said his theory wasn't worth mentioning. Lt. Baker disagrees, but adds that it may be difficult to accept. Thorne can't believe it when Lt. Baker suggests Taylor might be the driver.

Meanwhile at Taylor's, after Phoebe gets off the phone with Hector, Stephanie arrives and tells Phoebe that she has been worried about her since the accident. Stephanie adds that she is proud about how Phoebe and Taylor have been helping Thorne. Phoebe is uncomfortable with Stephanie's gratitude. Changing the subject, Stephanie asks Phoebe what Taylor needed to talk to Thorne about. Phoebe doesn't tell her. When Stephanie asks where Taylor is, Phoebe says with Hector. Sensing that something is wrong, Stephanie asks her if there is something going on with Taylor and Hector that she's not aware of. Worried about her mother, Phoebe admits that she is afraid. She explains that she called Hector, but he wouldn't let her speak to Taylor. She adds that Hector can be kind of intense sometimes. Phoebe can't believe it when Stephanie tells her that Lt. Baker knows about her and Taylor's prison visit. Stephanie questions her about why Hector took them to the prison. Phoebe refuses to answer, running from the room and Stephanie realizes that she is hiding something. Alone in her car, Stephanie begins to fear Taylor was the driver that killed Darla. Once she gets to Hector's Stephanie rushes into the fire, grabs Taylor, and demands to know if she killed Darla.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stephanie and Taylor continued to argue amidst the flames that were slowly working their way around them.

Lt. Baker tells Thorne that Taylor had a DUI, something Thorne did not know about. Thorne sticks up for Taylor, and says that if he asked Taylor anything, she would tell him the truth, because that is the kind of person that she is.

Stephanie forces Taylor to admit to her what happened, shocking Stephanie, but she gains her composure long enough, to get Taylor free and out of the house which is now engulfed in flames. Firemen are arriving and rescue Hector, but tell Taylor on the way out, that his face was badly burned.

Phoebe is sitting with Alexandria when she starts to imagine Darla in a hideous form, all around her. She tells Alexandria that she is going to lie down, and does so, on the sofa in the same room. A knock on the door, brings Eric but it is little Alexandria that answers the door.

A call comes in to Lt. Baker stating that a fire is at the Ramirez house. Also on hand at the home were Taylor and Stephanie Forrester. When Lt. Baker arrives at the scene, he sees solvent cans that are flammable. Lt. Baker states that he is a firefighter and would not be that careless. He locates what seems to be a piece of clothing and turns it over to be inspected.

Stephanie arrives back at the Forrester home with Taylor. She is beside herself as she condemns Taylor for deceiving everyone. She cannot understand how she could hit Darla and then just pretend that it never happened. Stephanie blames her for pulling her daughter into the deception also. Taylor tries to explain that one thing led to another until it was all blown out of proportion. She ends by telling her that Hector brought her to his house, and tied her up. She couldn't get loose, as she was going to Thorne to tell him the truth.

Thorne walks in the house and Stephanie looks at him and says, "Taylor has something to tell you." She then looks towards Taylor and says, "Tell him, Taylor."

Friday, August 25, 2006

Taylor tries to tell Thorne the truth about what happened, but ends up crying. Thorne comforts her. Stephanie sees how much Thorne has grown attached to Taylor and asks Thorne for a moment alone with Taylor. Stephanie then proceeds to tell a confused Taylor not to confess. Eric interrupts by calling to inform them that Phoebe is in the hospital. Later at the hospital, Alexandria hides in a corner, refusing to come out because it was where her mom went but never came back. Taylor helps Alexandria and Thorne by taking them up to Darla's room so that Alexandria can leave a few of her drawings for Darla. After everyone leaves Phoebe's hospital room, Stephanie tells Phoebe and Taylor that they must keep their secret and help Thorne to build his life back.

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