General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on GH

Alexis revealed that she had lung cancer. Colleen noticed that Nikolas and Emily were growing closer. Lucky's refusal to be open about his addiction put more of a strain on his marriage. Robin began to push people away when April died.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on GH
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ric asks Sonny why he is suddenly spending so much time with Kristina and if it is because of Sonny's sickness. Sonny tells him that "somebody is sick but it is not me," and that his illness is not the issue. He then admonishes Ric for sleeping with Sam and accuses him of having no respect for his wife or daughters.

Alexis is talking to Sam in her office and tells her that she has lung cancer. She, with an all business demeanor, explains to a disbelieving Sam that she has Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma, the most common type of lung cancer in women and that she may die. Sam still doesn't believer her but Alexis matter- of-factly assures her it is true. She explains that she will have an operation and chemotherapy which may or may not get rid of the cancer. She went on to explain that it started with an unstoppable cough her doctors thought was caused by allergies, then a bronchitis which did not respond to antibiotics. Finally a chest X-Ray she received 2 weeks ago, revealed a spot on her lung. Alexis tells Sam that she is worried about Kristina and Molly. Sam asks her, if she is asking her to not leave Port Charles. Alexis softens her tone a bit and they continue to talk and attempt to amend their relationship. Alexis apologizes for all the hurt that she caused Sam. They both agree to unite for the sake of Kristina and Molly. Sam admits that the thought of leaving the girls has been difficult for her. Alexis asks for Sam's help with the girls for when she begins her treatments because she will be weak and unable to stay strong for the girls. Sam expresses concern that after all the grief she caused for Alexis, she wonders if that will stand in the way of Alexis trying to recover. Alexis' business like demeanor returns and she abruptly states that she just wants to know if Sam will stay to help her. She then tells Sam that she has not told Ric. At this point Ric appears in her doorway, Sam can see him standing there but Alexis cannot. Unaware that Ric is standing silently in the doorway and listening, Alexis then apologizes to Sam for everything she has done to hurt her, she explains that she has been jealous that Sam has her health and her whole life ahead of her and that she was throwing it all away. Finally, she boldly states, "I have cancer and I need my family with me because I don't want to die." Upon saying these words, Alexis turns around and sees Ric standing there. Sam immediately excuses herself and leaves Alexis and Ric alone.

Continuing with her business like demeanor, Alexis explains to Ric about her illness and treatment plan. Ric is upset that she has not told him sooner and made all the decisions herself. Ric expresses that he is in utter disbelief over the fact that Alexis has cancer and that she has not included him in any of the decision making. Alex breaks down a bit and tells Ric "I am terrified and I don't want to go through this alone." All she has is her family. Rick doesn't believe that he is the appropriate person to convince Sam to stay. Alexis assures him that he doesn't have too. She just needs him to get along with Sam. He tells Alexis that she needs to find a way to beat this. Alexis then sits at her desk and explains to Ric that she has a lot of work to do and that the mayor has been very supportive. Ric admits that he saw the mayor holding her. Alexis laughs and tells him, "You jumped to the wrong conclusion." It is obvious that Ric feels terrible. He attempts to hold Alexis and she resists, he struggles against her attempts to pull away until finally Alexis gives in. He draws her close to him, she begins to cry and he holds her whispering, "It's okay."

On the docks, Lucky is telling Maxie that he cannot see her anymore. She is very upset about this and attempts to talk him out of this. Lucky admits that his addiction caused him to take advantage of a lot of people; Maxie is hurt that she may be included in this. She assures him that she wants to stand by him. He makes it clear that he wants to cut her loose and not see her anymore. She will not accept this because she is convinced that they have something that he and Liz will never have. Lucky admits that he loves Liz and doesn't want to walk away from their marriage. Maxie is very upset with these words and reminds him that when they were in bed together, he said otherwise. He disappoints her by explaining it was the addiction talking.

Liz is upset that Jason told Sam about their sleeping together. Jason explains that Sam was honest with him about sleeping with Ric so he felt compelled to be just as honest with her. Liz is very concerned that Lucky will find out and it will interfere with his recovery. Jason assures her however, that their secret is safe because Sam is leaving town. Liz then asks Jason how he feels about her leaving. Jason feels Sam is making a big mistake but admits that it is up to her. Liz wants to know if he could ever forgive Sam for sleeping with Ric. He responds by asking her if she could ever forgive Lucky. "I love my husband and I am going to do whatever I can to help him get clean." She admits that whenever she thinks about the situation, she can only think of him and Maxie together but she knows that she has to give it a try because she have so much to lose. She tells Jason that he does too. While on his way to an AA meeting, Lucky stops by the hospital to see Liz. Dr. Patrick Drake is mentioned and Liz assures Lucky that there is and never was anything going on between them. Lucky admits that he knows this and that it was only the excuse he used to continue his addiction. He knows she would NEVER betray their marriage and is counting on her support. Liz tells him that he can rely on her. Neither is aware that Maxie is in the background watching, listening and obviously hurt. Later, Lucky returns to the hospital asking for Liz. A nurse behind the desk gives him a message that was left for him to meet her at the Elm Street Pier.

At the Elm Street Pier we see Maxie confronting Liz, "We need to talk about Lucky."

Robin and Patrick are in April's hospital room discussing the success of her brain surgery. They are also discussing her arrangements to be discharged from the hospital. April is concerned that she will be released to a shelter, but Robin tells her that she is going to her apartment and that Robin is going to be moving into a loft with friends. April is very grateful for their kindness despite the fact that she may have infected Patrick.

Afterwards Patrick and Robin are in Robin's apartment moving her out and preparing it for April's arrival. They are talking about how much April will love it. Patrick tells Robin that he is not crazy with her living with a bunch of girls. They begin to kiss but Patrick if afraid of infecting her with another strain of HIV. Robin lays his fears to rest by reminding him that he has tested negative, and they have taken all necessary precautions. Robin adds that she has been playing these odds for 10 years and has learned that sometimes you have to take a risk. They passionately kiss.

April is in her hospital room writing. A doctor asks if she is okay and she tells him that she needs to finish. He walks away and her pen and notebook fall as her monitors go off.

In bed, Robin and Patrick talk. Patrick is admiring Robin's courage in facing what she does everyday with her illness. He tells her that she has more courage than he could ever dream of. Patrick's beeper goes off first, then Robin's. Robin calls the hospital. She looks up at Patrick and says we'll be right there. She hangs up the phone and holds Patrick

Once at the hospital, Patrick and Robin learn that April is dead. They are told that her due to her advanced stage of AIDS, she bled out and there was nothing they could do. Robin asks Patrick if he believes in synchronicity. Patrick calls it meaningful coincidence. Robin remarks, "April showed up in our hospital, you exposed yourself to HIV to save her life, and then she dies on Stone's birthday." Robin wonders what the meaning of that could be.

Sonny tells Jason that Sam is getting ready to leave town. Jason tells him that he saw Sam and Ric together and then Sam came and told him the truth and that she is leaving town. Sonny tells Jason that there is a change of plans and that Sam cannot leave because Alexis has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Sonny tells Jason that he figured something was wrong because she was coughing all the time so he has someone look up her medical records. Jason said he took her to the hospital and she then asked him not to say anything about it to anyone. Sonny knows that Alexis is going to ask Sam NOT to leave Port Charles. Jason is confused about his feelings. Sonny thanks him for not hurting Ric. Sonny admits that he knows that Ric is "a twisted bastard" but also admits that Alexis needs him. Jason is convinced Sam will leave town. Sonny then asks Jason for a favor. He wants Jason to ask Sam to stay. Sonny tells him that Alexis needs Sam's help and Jason is the only one who can convince her to stay. Sonny tells Jason, "You are just going to have to forgive a little bit."

Sonny comes to Alexis and tells her that he knows she has cancer. She hasn't told him and she wonders how he found out, he discloses that he was worried about her cough and had someone hack into her medical records. She jokingly tells him that she is going to sue him after she recovers but right now she just needs him to make everything right for Kristina. He tells her that the only way to do that is for her to live.

Sam is alone on the docks when Ric approaches her. "I don't think it gets worse than this," Sam says to him. "I am not going to let her go through this alone," Ric responds. Ric wants to know if Sam is going to stay. Sam disappoints him by telling him that she got a job offer and is leaving in the morning. They argue. Ric is still convinced that nothing good will come out of Alexis finding out they slept together and that he is trying to put it far out of his mind. Sam makes it clear that she too wants to get as far away from Ric as possible. Later, Sam visits Jason. She tells him that Alexis has cancer. He tells her that Sonny just told him. Sam continues that Alexis is going to have to go through a lot of treatment and is scared to death. They discuss how difficult it will be for her and that she asked Sam to stay in Port Charles to help her. Sam is glad to have someone need her for a change and is looking forward to the opportunity to do something meaningful to atone for some of the terrible things she has done. "I don't want my mother to die and if there is anything I can do, I want to stay. I just have to figure out a way to deal with you and me."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Robin and Patrick talk with Alan after April is declared dead. Alan tells them what caused her actual death. Robin asks Alan how many times he has talked to people about AIDS patients and how they died. Robin gets upset and walks away. Patrick finds her on the docks. She talks about April and how her death has hit her hard. Patrick ends up following her home to her apartment. He asks her if she is going to invite him inside. She tells him she is very tired and not in the mood for company and tries to push him away. He invites himself in anyway. She tells him he can help her unpack her things since April won't be moving into her apartment. Patrick tries to help her cope with April's death but Robin makes it difficult by acting like they were fooling themselves into believing that AIDS doesn't kill people in the end. Patrick worries when Robin wonders how long she really has left and if she has been in denial about it. Patrick reminds her that she has been his inspiration since he got exposed to the virus and she can't give up the fight now. Robin starts crying again and Patrick comforts her.

Sam and Jason talk about Alexis' cancer diagnosis. Sam tells him she doesn't want her mother to die and has changed her mind about leaving town. She wants to tell Alexis about her one-night stand with Ric but feels that is selfish on her part because she should be thinking about Alexis' feelings not her own. Jason doesn't want to tell her what to do and tells her she has to make her own decisions regarding what to do about Alexis. Meanwhile, Alexis talks with Sonny at her office about her future plans for Kristina and Molly. She tells Sonny that she wants Kristina to live with Molly in the same house and that she wants Ric to raise them together. Sonny isn't really o.k. with that idea since he isn't sure he wants Ric to raise his child because of his mistrust of him. Alexis asks him to do this for Kristina and tells him about what she went through when her own mother died when she was a young girl. Sonny asks Alexis not to make plans as if she is going to die for sure and suggests she wait until she has her surgery and chemotherapy before making any long-term plans. Sonny meets up with Ric on the docks. He tells him that he just found out about Alexis' cancer and that he wants Ric to be a good husband and father right now to help Alexis through this and suggests he stay away from Sam. Ric hears an accusation out of that and insists he has no plans to be with Sam again. Sonny tells him that if Alexis dies, he will no longer be able to protect him. Meanwhile, Alexis goes home to tell Kristina about her upcoming surgery. Sam shows up and helps keep Kristina's spirits up and keeps her occupied for awhile. Ric and Sam end up talking outside on the patio. Sam tells Ric that she told Jason about their night together and that she found out that Jason knew already because he saw them together. Ric plans on keeping that information from Alexis and asks Sam to do the same. Sam tells him she doesn't plan on telling her anything. Alexis watches them engage in a heated conversation through the window and has flashbacks to seeing them having sex at the cabin before. Sonny shows up at Jason's place to tell him about his conversation with Alexis. He tells him that Alexis is already making plans for her children as if she is going to definitely die and that he is concerned about what has been going on with Sam and Ric. Jason tells him that the situation really stinks and doesn't know what to do. Sonny asks Jason to be there for Sam when she needs him even if it is very difficult for him to forgive her.

Maxie runs into Liz on the docks. She tries to explain to Liz that she didn't know that Lucky had a drug problem and thought he needed the pills because of his back hurting and needing to work. Liz tells her that he has a drug problem and believes that Maxie took advantage of Lucky's vulnerability so she could recreate some teen fantasy. Maxie admits that she had a crush on Lucky when she was younger but that she never meant for things to get so far. She claims that Lucky told her that Liz was having an affair with Patrick and he thought their marriage was already over. Liz tells her she understands that Maxie had a rough time grieving for Jesse and that sometimes grief makes you do crazy things. However, Liz tells her that she believes that Maxie did things deliberately to get Lucky for herself and that she thinks she is a tramp. Liz tells her that she and Lucky are back together and that he will be staying away from her from now on. Maxie ends up scoring more drugs for Lucky on the docks. Meanwhile, Lucky goes through withdrawal symptoms at the apartment and calls Maxie on her cell-phone but only gets her voice message. He hangs up before leaving a message. Liz goes to see Jason and finds him talking with Sam. Sam agrees not to tell Lucky about Liz sleeping with Jason because it could set back his recovery. Sam leaves and Liz tells Jason that Lucky must never find out about their night together. Later, Liz finds Lucky on the couch, drenched with sweat and shivering. She gets him a cold washcloth and sits down with him. He tells her that he almost went to get more drugs but decided not to give in to temptation. He thanks her for giving him another chance and that she has been his inspiration to get better. Liz thinks he needs to get more help and tell others about his addiction. Lucky doesn't want anyone at the department to know about his addiction and wants to keep it quiet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tracey and Edward are sitting in the Quartermaine living room, talking about how ELQ manufactured faulty condoms when Lulu stops outside the doorway, hearing their conversation. Tracey wants to keep the mishap a secret, and Edward blames her to the screw-up. Outside, Dillon walks up to Lulu and they both discover the reason why Lulu got pregnant is because they used to fault condoms. Tracey walks outside and overhears Lulu admitting she is pregnant. Emily and Edward both find out Lulu is pregnant. Tracey and Edward start making plans for the child, talking about marriage and how he is their heir while Emily tries to play peacemaker. Lulu tells them she will do what she wants and leaves, with Dillon following. Tracey won't allow them to marry, and Edward informs her that Luke will freak when he finds out his only daughter is pregnant. Edward seems happy about the pregnancy.

Patrick and Robin talk about the view outside her apartment window when Robin mentions April. They hear someone messing with the locks on Robin's door when her mother opens the door, her lock picking set in her mouth. She realizes she is interrupting and knocks on the door, even though she is already inside. Anna tells them she noticed Patrick's car outside last night, and again this morning and she wanted to bring them a gift basket. Robin informs her there is a doorbell but Anna didn't want to use it because it was too early and it would be rude. Patrick leaves to make arrangements for April. Robin tells Anna April died. Robin tells Anna how April died, and how Robin feels helpless and is tired of fighting AIDS. She just wanted to help April, and show her she wasn't alone. Anna tries to say a few comforting words, and Robin tells her she is happy Anna is there and that she is her mom.

Liz wakes up and Lucky is nowhere to be found.

Lucky is at the docks and arrests the drug dealer who sold him pills before. The druggie offers him pills in exchange for his freedom. The drug dealer tries to get Lucky to take a pill but Lucky continues to arrest him. Detective Rodriguez happens upon them and takes over the arrest. Lucky gives him both the drug dealer AND the pills. Liz sees what he did and Lucky tells her is doing all right, and Liz thinks he is lying to himself. Back at the apartment, Liz tells Lucky he can make it through his withdrawals. They start to gently argue and then Lucky accidentally drops his gun and it goes off. Liz scolds Lucky and wants him to go to a real rehab. Edward interrupts them and tells Liz and Lucky about Lulu's unexpected pregnancy. Lucky looks as if he has been punched in the stomach as Edward rattles on about plans for Lulu and the baby. Liz finally gets him to leave, and Lucky also blames himself for not being there for Lulu. Lucky then snaps at Liz, and she walks out. Liz comes back to the apartment when Lucky tells her he is going to see Lulu. Liz warns him against it, but Lucky leaves anyway. Outside the apartment, Lucky makes a phone call to an unknown person.

Alfred continues with his plot to reunite Nikolas and Emily by wanting to invite Emily over to dinner tonight because he is serving her favorite food. Colleen walks in and says she is worried for Spencer because of the heat and wants to take him away. Colleen wants to take Spencer to Greece but Nik can't go because of other obligations. Colleen then guilts him into leaving, and Nik says he an probably leave for a few days. Alfred seems angry, and follows Colleen out the door. Emily comes to Wyndemere and informs Nik that Lulu is pregnant. Nikolas tells her he is canceling his trip to Greece, with Colleen standing outside the door, listening in. Nik feels guilty about Lulu and her pregnancy, and Emily tells him there wasn't anything he could have done to prevent it. Colleen walks in, telling Nik both her and Spencer's bags are packed, but Nik informs her that they won't be going to Greece. She leaves, and Emily and Nik continue to brainstorm ways to help Lulu.

Lulu tells Georgie that the Quartermaines know she is with child. Dillon walks in and Georgie promptly leaves, giving them time to talk. Dillon apologizes for the Q's. Lulu then tells him she doesn't know if she wants to have this baby. Lulu wants she and Dillon to look at all the options. They get in an argument about the Q's when Dillon gets a page, and he has to leave to go home. Georgie tells Lulu that the Q's won't let her put that baby up for adoption, but Lulu doesn't even think there needs to be a baby (meaning abortion.) Lulu is heartbroken about being pregnant, and G tries to comfort her while getting her to realize facts. Lulu keeps talking about abortion, and Georgie tells her that whatever she decides to do, she needs to be sure, even though Georgie is against abortion.

Robin and Patrick are at the hospital and she apologizes for her mother's behavior, but Patrick knows on some level she likes her mother's attention. Patrick wonders if they talked about him, but Robin tells him they talked about April. Robin knows her mother is scared for her. Patrick tells her he thinks they should cremate April and spread her ashes. April once told Patrick about a place in Arizona where she wished she could be. Robin tells him she did that with Stone, and that she thinks it's a good idea. Patrick gets paged and tries to get Robin to consult on the Patrick, but she doesn't want to and leaves to go to the lab. At the nurse's station, Patrick tells Robin he wants her to consult on the patient, but Robin doesn't want to help, and she doesn't want to be patronized. Patrick tries to get her to reconsider, trying to make it about him to change her mind, but she still won't budge. She kisses him and walks off, and once around the corner she breaks down, crying.

Back at the Q's, Tracey apologizes to Dillon for the way she acted, and she wants to help. Dillon wants to know what angle she is playing, and figures out she doesn't want him and Lulu to marry. Edward interrupts and he and Tracey argue. Dillon gets upset and tells them off, then leaves.

Nik, Emily, and Liz are at her apartment, talking about both Lucky and Lulu. Liz tells them Lucky needs to think they trust him, but Nik isn't sure Liz does.

At the docks, Maxie shoves pills in her purse and calls out to Lucky. She wasn't sure if he would ever call her again, but he did. Lucky tells her he needs some pills but Maxie tells him she may not be able to score some until tomorrow.

Dillon tells Georgie what happened at the Q's and also tells him that the faulty ELQ condoms where to blame for Lulu getting pregnant. Georgie tells him it's not the condoms fault they slept together, and Dillon apologizes once again for what he did. Georgie also tells him that he should give Lulu some space.

Lulu is at Shadybrook, talking with her mom, wishing Laura could give her advice. Lulu thinks her parents think of her as a mistake, much like her and Dillon's child.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Emily answered Nikolas' summons to keep an eye on the baby because Alexis has summoned him. Lulu arrived and dreaded the speech she expected from Nikolas. Emily let her hold the baby for a moment, and Lulu remarked how she couldn't imagine having the responsibility of a kid of her own. Emily suggested she listen to Nik's advice, and extended his invitation to live at Wyndemere. Lulu fretted that everyone is "trying to run my life." Emily suggested she seek counseling, and Lulu agreed to consider it and left. Later, at Kelly's, Robert quizzed Lulu about why the Qs would be arguing over her, so she confessed she's pregnant but she doesn't need another surrogate dad "trying to run my life." Robert blamed Luke and threatened to kill him. He accused her of acting out to get her father's attention, but Lulu insisted she made this mistake all on her own. Emily and Nik reported back to each other on their conversations. Nik was upset to realize "no one's invulnerable." Cancer is not a death sentence Emily survived breast cancer.

Ric warned Alexis to slow down at work, but she refused. She went to talk to Lainey, and after receiving assurances of doctor/patient confidentiality, recapped her crazy life. She's afraid to tell Ric and Sam she knows they slept together because she's afraid it will blow her family apart. In the DA's office, Alexis found Sam making piles of files and calling it "filing." Alexis was overcome by a coughing fit. When Nik arrived she told him her bad news and extracted a promise to look after the children and enforce her wishes with Ric and Sonny. They embraced. Later, Alexis was overcome again during a meeting with Mayor Floyd. He declared her too sick to work and ordered her to go home. "The city wants you to get well," he proclaimed. Alexis fretted that she's not ready for people to treat her like a cancer victim. Kristina welcomed her home with big hugs. Ric came home and said Floyd offered him the interim DA post, but he'll only take it if she's cool with it. She encouraged him to take it and vowed that if she survives, she'll live a better life.

One of Alcazar's thugs accosted international secret agent Robert in broad daylight on the pier (An international secret agent should know better than to wander in such a dangerous place alone, but everybody goes there all the time). Alcazar complained that a shipment got hijacked last night, but Robert professed ignorance. At that moment, Jason told Sonny that he intercepted one of Alcazar's weapons shipments last night. Apparently Jason thinks he's still in charge because Sonny was angry he acted without his authorization. Sonny feared Alcazar already suspects him and may use force to get his guns back. At that moment Alcazar swaggered into Sonny's home and demanded his shipment be returned. Sonny promptly served up the requested info, much to Jason's chagrin. The boss told Jason he has more important concerns Alexis is sick, and she hates gang wars. This display of weakness left Jason somewhat slack-jawed. Later, Jason found Liz on the pier (where she wandered because...well, everybody goes there all the time, even though it's crawling with drug dealers, trigger-happy cops and armed thugs who accost international secret agents in broad daylight). Liz mused that everything comes down to timing and chance. Jason pointed out that people have the power to choose how they react to the things that happen to them. Example: He chose to be with Liz. And she doesn't feel guilty about being with him. He vowed to always be her friend. Later, Sonny went to Lainey and, after receiving assurances of doctor/patient confidentiality, recapped about Alexis. He asked if he should tell Alexis that Ric slept with Sam. She said yes, if he thinks it serves a greater good.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Lucky has a nightmare in which he dreams that he finds Patrick and Liz in bed together. Consumed with rage Lucky shoots and kills Liz. Waking up from his dream, Liz tells him that he had another nightmare but that they are to be expected as it is part of his withdrawal. Liz interprets what she feels the nightmare is about and suggests that it is more about the position he has put himself in. Lucky tells her that he does not know how she could have forgiven him for cheating on her.

Liz is talking on the phone with Audrey telling her that it is better if Cameron stays with her for the time being. Overhearing the conversation, Lucky suggests that Liz go and see her son. Liz is just telling Lucky that she will not leave him alone when Nik shows up. Nik agrees to stay with Lucky to keep him company.

Nik tries to tell Lucky that he is not alone in fighting his drug addiction and that he is willing to pay for his rehabilitation. Lucky shoots down the idea out of fear that it would get back to the Police Department and fellow officers would then consider him a liability and not trust worthy. Lucky decides that it is in his best interest to head to a meeting. Nik agrees to escort him on the off chance that he decides to stop and score some drugs.

Emily heads into the change room to find Liz crying. Liz tells Emily that she just got back from seeing Cameron, but that she refuses to bring him home to a husband that is trying to kick an addiction. She informs Emily that should Lucky not have the strength to stay clean, she will leave him.

Nik and Lucky arrive at the hospital and inform Liz that Lucky is heading to a meeting. Liz tells Lucky that they both will be waiting for him when he gets out. As Lucky leaves them he runs into Maxie where she provides him the pills that he requested.

Patrick inquires as to why Robin has not been returning his calls. Patrick informs her that he knows that she has been reviewing her own mortality but that she must not abandon her patients. Robin tells Patrick that she is tired of putting a positive spin on things for him and her patients.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants to tell Alexis about Ric and Sam sleeping together because he does not want Ric raising his daughter if something happens to Alexis. Jason suggests that Sonny talk to Sam before he goes and says anything. Sonny agrees with Jason's suggestion. Sonny receives a call from Ms. Sneed regarding April's possessions. Sonny informs her that this is the first time he has heard of her death and asks that the billing and possessions be prepared for him when he arrives at the hospital.

Ms. Sneed provides Sonny with the possessions and informs him of April's cause of death. Sonny informs Ms. Sneed that she is very efficient but he feels that she does not have one ounce of empathy. He begins to tell her about Stone and informs her that she would have turned her back on him. He tells her that he had the AIDS wing created to ensure that patients had a place to seek refuge with caring professionals. Sonny threatens that should she ever turn her back on another AIDS patient he will see to it that she never has a position in health care again. Sonny looks through April's possessions and finds a letter for Robin.

Sonny tells Robin that April was writing the letter when she passed away. Robin is brought to tears when she reads that April thanks all of them for not making her feel alone. The letter also notes that it was addressed to her instead of Patrick because Robin knows what is like to have the "monster" living inside of her. Robin thanks Sonny for what he did for April and how amazing she thought it was. She tells him that he really made April feel important.

Alexis begins to put together a video for Molly and Kristina. Sam and Kristina arrive back at the house and Kristina asks to see the video. Sam suggests that Kristina go and clean up her room so that she and Alexis can have an opportunity to talk. Alexis tells Sam about the video and asks what she would want to hear.

Alexis, Sam and Kristina arrive at the hospital for Alexis's pre-operation examination. Patrick suggests that perhaps the visit may be boring for Kristina and mentions the rides on the pier.

Sam and Kristina are on the pier looking at the water when Kristina sees Jason. Running to him, Kristina asks him to take them out on his boat. Sam calls Alexis and asks for her permission to take Kristina. Alexis speaks with Jason and tells him to take good care of his daughters.

Patrick shows Alexis her x-rays and what area will need to be removed. Thanking Patrick for his excellent bedside manner, she asks him what her odds are of making it through the cancer alive. Patrick informs her that she is right to start making arrangements as there is a good chance that she may not beat it.

Alexis arrives at Sonny's house and asks that he speak with Jason regarding keeping his distance from Sam. She mentions that Molly and Kristina will need their big sister if anything happens. Sonny tells Alexis that he will not talk to Jason as it would not be fair.

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