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Monday, August 21, 2006

The sailor hits the mark and Siren gets dunked. Kay can't wait to see Siren's tail so that Fox & Miguel won't think that she is crazy. Siren's tail did appear; however, Fox & Miguel don't believe in fairy tales. Miguel thinks that Kay puts the idea in his head and made him think that he saw something. I guess Kay has to wait a while longer. Siren manages to get out of the pool using her magic, and she is after Kay with a vengeance. Endora uses her magic to retrieve the spell book for Kay. She wants to prevent Miguel from getting cursed. Tabitha is questioning Kay's loyalty, but she is trying to kill two birds with one stone. She wants to lift the curse off Fox, and at the same time, she wants to protect Miguel, and anyone else for that matter. Kay also wants to get rid of Siren for good. Siren makes another attempt to seduce Miguel. Will Miguel be saved in time?

Luis and Fancy head over to the fair. Fancy is still fired up and wants to go on all the rides. Luis enters the Latin dance contest. Since Fancy doesn't know the moves, she refuses to enter and decides to find a partner for Luis. Fancy approaches a woman and asks for her help. It turns out that Sheridan is looking for a partner, so the woman suggests Luis and Sheridan be partners. Sheridan and Luis dance for the cause. They look so passionate on the dance floor. Fancy sees the spark and knows what she is up against.

Jared tells Theresa that he feels like an idiot for treating her so badly. Jared is still intimidated by the money and power Theresa wields because he thinks that it will get in the way of them getting close. Theresa is glad that Jared is not interested in her for the money, and she tells him that money is not that important to her either. In addition, Theresa tells Jared that she wants to use the Crane money for good such as building playgrounds and parks for the kids. Theresa learns that Pilar has been shot, and the officer tells her that she didn't make it.

Eve insists on helping TC, but TC doesn't want her pity. He tells her to go and never come back.

Fox runs into Julian at the fair unexpectedly. Julian asks Fox why he left Kay alone so that Miguel could have the advantage. Fox seems pretty secure as far as Kay is concerned. Julian tells Fox to be careful of past loves because they are dangerous. He also advises Fox to marry Kay right now, or elope if he must. Julian is doling out all these advice because he doesn't want Fox to make the same mistakes he's made. Fox doesn't like this side of Julian. He thinks he's reverting back to his old, mean and selfish behavior. Julian is missing out on the life he seeks, so he is out to regain his birthright and start acting like a true Crane. Eve is shocked at Julian's revelation to Fox.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At the park, a Policeman broke the news to Theresa that her mother had been shot. Jared asked if he was sure she was dead and the officer radioed for an update, He found out that Pilar was still alive, hanging on by a thread and after Theresa told the officer to find Luis and Miguel to tell them, she and Jared raced to the hospital to see her mother.

On the waterfront at the Summer Fair Luis gave Fancy her first Tango lesson and a jealous Sheridan told Chris she wanted to go home right away. He told her it was too early and said it was doing her good to be out socializing. A policeman told Sheridan and Chris about the shooting and was looking for Luis and Miguel. Luis sensed something wrong as he danced, so he stopped and seeing the officer went to get the news of his mother. Chris got a call from Spike at the moment and walked away to take the call. A suspicious Luis went up to him and wanted to know who was calling and Chris lied, saying that it was a pesky telemarketer. The four of them left to go to the mansion. Ethan and Gwen watched Chad win a stuffed elephant for Whitney by knocking over milk bottles. Ethan wondered why Theresa wasn't manning her booth. Whit let slip how proud she was that she and Gwen had gotten Jared and Theresa back together. Ethan glared daggers at her and asked the others if he could talk to her privately. Whitney and Chad took the opportunity to head home to Miles. Ethan was angry with Gwen for manipulating the situation and Gwen said she'd do it again in a heartbeat to save her marriage since she never knew when Theresa would be back throwing herself in Ethan's arms. At that moment, Theresa burst on the scene and flung herself at Ethan to tell him about Pilar. She and Jared then hurried off to the hospital and Ethan wanted to follow them. Gwen was very irritated with his inability to let go of Theresa and when he went to get the car, she muttered under her breath that he better stop pining after Theresa or she was going to drop him. Tabitha and Kay read the spell that would break the Mermaid's curse and Kay despaired of getting the potion made before Siren had her way with Miguel. The spell book started glowing and Tabitha said it looked like they were getting an IM. She opened up the book and found a page that showed what was happening in the tent where Siren was seducing Miguel. As Kay dithered about finding Miguel Fox came back from talking to his father, determined to get Kay back from Miguel. He started to read her the riot act when the police officer asked her where Miguel was and told them about Pilar. Fox assumed that was why Kay had been looking for him and apologized. They split up to find him quicker. Kay knew where he was and hurried there with Tabitha and Endora close behind. Miguel was deeply enthralled with Siren's song and Kay couldn't get his attention. Rather than tell him that his mother had been shot she played tug-of-war with Siren to get him and whispered in his ear to leave Siren because she was still in love with him. That snapped him out of the trance a bit just as Fox raced in and wanted to know how Miguel was. Kay said he was fine under the circumstances and that they had to get him to the hospital to be with his mother. Fox ran to get the car and call the police to clear traffic for them to get to the hospital quickly. Miguel was still fuzzy as he stood up to go with them and could barely walk on his own. As they went to the car, Kay was fawning over Miguel and Fox muttered that maybe his father was right that nice guys finish last. Siren whined to Tabitha that she almost had Miguel and Tabs reminded her that Kay was only going after her because Siren had gone after Fox. Tabitha told her that she's fickle, flitting between the two men and not really wanting either. Siren stomped off after declaring that she would have both of the men and Kay wouldn't get either of them.

At the Crane mansion Luis surveyed the crime scene for clues and Fancy asked what she could do to help. He reluctantly accepted her help and then asked Sheridan where Chris was. She wasn't sure and Fancy opined that he'd gone to the cottage to check on Chris. Sheridan left to find Chris. Luis told Fancy that when he found the guy, he'd put him where he belonged. Fancy was concerned as she asked him if he meant jail and Luis just repeated "where he belongs." They re-enacted the shooting and looked for what was out of place. Chris was out in the bushes looking for Spike and when he found him clocked him soundly for shooting Pilar. Chris told him that he'd said no guns and Spike sad that a guy had to do what a guy had to do. Chris was angry at him for hurting Pilar and getting Luis involved. Spike was surprised that she was still alive. Chris told him that Luis would hunt him down and make him pay. Spike said Luis wouldn't catch him because if he caught Spike, he'd catch Chris too. As they argued, Sheridan found them and wanted to know why Chris was talking to Spike. Luis was close behind her.

Chad and Whitney arrived at Chad's studio to find a romantic dinner setting with candles and champagne. For dessert, they unwrapped each other and ended in bed. Whitney declared that she couldn't even imagine loving another man as much as she loved him and asked if he felt the same—if he ever thought about loving another woman. He reflected on the secretive cell phone calls he'd made and then thought about himself presumably naked in bed telling someone that Whitney could never know about this because she'd never understand. He told Whitney, "not in a million and one years." After Whitney fell asleep, Chad made another secret phone call asking someone to get together with him at a motel.

Theresa and Jared arrived at the hospital after the emergency room doctors had stabilized her mother. She and Jared stood there watching and Theresa wondered what kind of monster could do that. She got a call from Luis at the mansion. He told her that the shooter might still be on the grounds and she told him to be careful. She went back into the room and Jared went to get her some coffee (Ethan and Gwen were watching from the hallway and Gwen wanted them to leave but Ethan went to Theresa's side the second Jared stepped out). When Jared got back her mother had lost blood pressure. The doctors brought in the crash team and shocked her.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Luis remains determined to find the man responsible for shooting his mother. A suspicious Sheridan asks her husband if he has some connection to a lowlife like Spike. At the hospital, Theresa and the others anxiously look on as Eve battles to stabilize Pilar's vital signs. While Kay tries to comfort Miguel, Gwen asks her husband if he needs to know he's still in Theresa's heart. Miffed when Eve gives him the cold shoulder, Julian again vows to do whatever he must to ensure that he doesn't lose his lady love to her ex. Chris claims he just happened to bump into Spike, then hisses at his partner in crime to make tracks. Certain Spike was Pilar's assailant, Sheridan tips off Luis and Fancy and they quickly give chase. Jared's solicitous behavior towards Theresa pleases Whitney but irks Ethan. Spike flees back to the Bennetts' place and hides the loot from the robbery. From her bed in the ICU, Pilar begs an emotional Miguel to promise that he'll find a way to form a family again with Kay and Maria. Cornered by a seething Luis, Spike claims he was at the Fun Fair when the Crane mansion was being burglarized.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

At Harmony Hospital, as Jared comforted Theresa, she kissed him and Ethan shook his head in disgust. Gwen saw him and told him that he needed to move on with his life with Theresa or she'd divorce him. She offered to let him be with Theresa and he said of course he wanted to be with Gwen. She told him that his heart wasn't really in that reply and he asked her what she wanted him to do. Gwen told Ethan to be a man and make the decision to be with her or Theresa. While Gwen and Ethan continued to argue (Gwen listed every offense Theresa had committed against them) Jared walked Theresa home. When his cell phone rang, Gwen jumped to the conclusion that it was Theresa already, but it was Julian. He was drunk and wanted Ethan to go to the mansion immediately.

At the Bennett house, Luis began questioning a handcuffed Spike and even searched the blanket chest that Spike had hidden loot in. Luis missed it under the false bottom. Spike swore he had an alibi in Jessica seeing him at the fair, but she said she'd been home taking care of a sick Ivy. Luis started pressing him and Spike changed his tune, saying that Jessica wasn't his alibi anyway. He said his real alibi was Chris. Chris glared daggers at him but not wanting Sheridan to find out that he had been an employee of Alistair or that he'd given the access codes to Spike, lied and said that he'd seen Spike eating a hot dog at the fair. After he got his alibi and Luis didn't turn up any of the loot, Fancy insisted he take of the handcuffs. Fancy, Luis, Chris and Sheridan returned to the Crane estate. After they all departed the Bennett house, leaving Spike with Jessica, she demanded to know what was really going on. She wondered how he knew she'd been attacked since she hadn't seen him since then. He lied to her and said that Chris had told him. He reminded her that he'd helped her with all those johns that turned up dead in her motel rooms. He asked her to get him a beer and while she did he slipped some of the money he'd stolen out of its hiding place. He smirked as he planned how to get more money before he took them all down.

Theresa and Jared arrived at the Crane mansion and she showed him around and talked about how everything she did was to protect little Ethan's inheritance. Jared apologized again and as he kissed her, Julian walked in complaining about her kissing in the same house as his little boy. Theresa reminded him of all the wild sex games he and Rebecca had played with Edgar the donkey, using the mansion as their private amusement park. Julian told her to stay away from the wing where Pilar was shot until Crane Security could finish their investigation. He showed her the inventory of missing items and mentioned that the thief had taken some file folders that he needed back. Theresa asked him if he was working on Crane business that she didn't know about. He said that it was business he and Alistair had been involved in before she came along. He drunkenly told her that he wanted to take little Ethan to a Red Sox game in Boston the next day. Theresa told him that she wouldn't let him and he wouldn't even remember the game or her son the next day. Julian got belligerent about Theresa keeping him from his son and called Ethan to come negotiate for him. Ethan and Gwen arrived to find the two locked in a bitter battle of little Ethan. Ethan took Julian's side which pleased Gwen (as well as the fact that Jared was there with Theresa). Theresa left the room with Jared and told him that she had enough dirt on Julian to bury him and that she'd do the same to Ethan if he tried to take her son away from her. Ethan told Julian that he didn't know why Theresa was being so unreasonable, but it seemed like she might know something that nobody else did that could help her win her case. Luis took Fancy home and checked all of the locks and windows in her room to make sure she was secure. She remarked that he looked tense and he admitted that his neck and shoulders hurt from the stress of trying to figure out how to catch Spike. She told him she had a solution, threw him a towel and told him to strip. She led him to a sauna where she let the steam start to ease Luis's tension and then she rubbed his neck and shoulders until he turned and they kissed.

When Sheridan and Chris got back to the cottage, he reminded Sheridan to call Julian and have the access code changed so that the burglar couldn't just come back and use it again. He then commented on how natural Fancy and Luis looked together. Sheridan grimaced as he said that Luis might not have gotten his man that night, but he did get his woman.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sheridan is perplexed as to how someone got a hold of the alarm code in order to rob the mansion. Chris tells her that one of Rebecca's escorts may have gotten it from her and used it. Sheridan tells Chris that she wants to have a purpose, so she decides to talk to Theresa into taking Fancy's old job. She even offers to get Chris a job at Crane Industries (CI) in the accounting department. He refuses because he wants to be his own man and not having to depend on Sheridan. Sheridan feels that she has found someone worth keeping because all the men in her life have let her down and Chris is quite the opposite.

Ethan has a dream about Theresa, and he lies to Gwen about it. Afterwards, they get into an argument about Theresa. Ethan visits Pilar at the hospital, and Pilar gives him an earful. She wants Ethan to forsake his marriage to Gwen and be with Theresa and her kids. Gwen runs into Chris and Sheridan. She and Sheridan discuss Ethan having feelings for Theresa. Sheridan advises Gwen to give Ethan some time to let it sink it that Theresa has moved on with Jared, but Gwen feels that Theresa always comes between them regardless.

Chris has a secret meeting with Spike, and he tells Spike that he does not want to risk being seen with him. Chris also tells Spike that Sam and Luis will be watching him, and Spike implies that he will not be doing anything to be caught anytime soon. Chris thinks Spike is up to something and wants to know about it. On second thought, he would rather not. He just wants Spike out of his life for good. Spike tells Chris that's a no, no. He insists Chris takes Sheridan up on her offer and take the job in the accounting department at CI because he wants Chris to embezzle funds into his account. Chris tells Spike that he won't be blackmailed anymore, but Spike leaves him no choice. If Chris doesn't comply, he'll spill the beans about all his secrets to Sheridan.

Theresa offers Jared the executive position at CI, the same job for which he interviewed. She offers him a generous package because he has an MBA, plus he has a law degree and he has passed the bar. Jared puts in his demand. He wants a six months review, and if his work is exemplary, he wants his stock options doubled. He tells Theresa that she is paying only for the best. Jared finds out that Ethan was offered the same position as he, and he asks Theresa if she is using him to fill Ethan's shoe in and out of the office. Theresa reassures Jared that Ethan is behind her and she is trying to move on with her life. Ethan walks in on Theresa kissing Jared but leaves without being seen. Ethan returns and eavesdrops on Theresa leaving a voice mail message for Whitney. She tells Whitney that she thinks she is falling for Jared.

Luis would love to crush the perpetrator himself, but Sam tells him to cool it because he cannot use his position as a cop to play vigilante. Luis is a little miffed at Fancy for doing the report without consulting him, even though Sam said the report was excellent and well detailed. Fancy tells Luis that she was trying to help because he was busy visiting Pilar at the hospital. Luis tells Sam that he is picking up bad vibes from Chris and does not trust him. He is also suspicious of Spike since the ballistic report confirms that the bullet that was used on Pilar matches another bullet used at one of Spike's nightclub brawl. It also matches the bullet used in Chris' shooting at Sheridan's cottage.

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