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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dr. Bob offers Meg a job in the ER back at Memorial because of the excellent nursing skills she demonstrated in saving Lucy. A distressed Emily stumbles in as her first patient. Emily refuses to let Meg treat her, until Meg tells her the baby is at risk. Em has a complete hissy fit until Meg calls Paul for her. Paul shows up and Meg explains how Em's condition is set off by stress. Paul lectures Emily, but then assures her she can do right by their baby. Emily whines that she needs to be able to count on him, like when he helped her with the newspaper. Meg listens in. Afterwards, she's mad Paul didn't tell her about doing Em's books.

At Lisa's restaurant, Jade dines with a disgruntled Will. Paul walks up and Will introduces Jade. Paul asks where Gwen is. Jade excuses herself and goes to talk to Luke and Holden, who are at a nearby table with the baby. Holden lets her hold the little guy. Jade says she prays for Lily every day. Later Luke is at Lily's bedside pleading that he'll be a better son. Emma comes in and tells him that he's a good son and Lily knows it. They both believe Lily will wake up. Holden comes in, and Emma encourages him to name the baby now, rather than wait for Lily. Back at dinner, Paul assures Will that Gwen may tell him it's over for them, but just be very mad. He also says eating out with "drop dead gorgeous" girls in public probably isn't wise. Paul admits he misses Jennifer and his own life is a complete mess. After dinner, Jade gushes about dessert and tries to entice Will to have sex. Amazingly, he's smart enough to stick to his guns and go home.

Margo and Dallas continue to interrogate Maddie in the hotel room with her family members present. As they press her for the rapist's identity, Maddie mumbles that she can't remember--the details are fuzzy and maybe it didn't even happen. Louis says the police need to back off. Eve and Henry are concerned for Maddie. Margo says she's in a lot of trouble, but understands Maddie is confused and scared. She'd like to talk to Maddie alone. Maddie wants this; Louis of course does not. Henry talks to Margo and Dallas, who think Maddie's "forgetting" is protecting someone she knows. Meanwhile, Louis is alone with Maddie, threatening her to keep things "private," or Eve and Henry will get hurt. Henry walks in at the end of their conversation. He has a few sarcastic words with Louis and is suspicious. Henry promises Maddie nothing bad will happen if she tells Margo the truth. Maddie tells Margo the frat party story was a lie. Margo asks her the rapist's identity. As Margo talks, Maddie has flashbacks of Louis' attack, and she clams up. Maddie pleads for it to be over. Margo says it can't be until she tells someone the truth. Eve says that there is something really wrong with Maddie to lie about being raped. Louis says this is "a cry for help." Later, Eve tries to talk to Maddie, who starts crying. Louis blathers on to Henry about how Maddie will be making up more stories. Henry flashes to Oakdale PD talking about Maddie knowing her rapist, back to the look of disgust on Maddie's face when Louis tried to hug her, to his rage with Henry. He tells Louis that he is "looking at the piece of dirt who raped my sister!" Upstairs, Maddie, with tear-stained cheeks, picks up her backpack and leaves.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jack and Carly are chatting at the Lakeview. He tells her that he's been a jerk and he'd like to make it up to her. Jack apologizes for his overreaction to Simon, the smoke alarm, and using the kids as an excuse to badger Carly. They come to an understanding about her choices in life. JJ comes in and Jack suggests they go to the drive-in and JJ tells him that they just went to the movies with Carly and Simon. Jack acts like its all ok with him, he knows Carly knows what she's doing. An upset Eve walks in interrupting Jack and Carly's conversation. Eve is really worried about what Louis is going to do. Jack introduces Carly and Eve and Carly excuses herself telling "Ava" it was really nice to meet her. Eve and Jack discuss Louis and Maddie and all their problems. She stops short of telling Jack about Henry's accusations.

Simon and Mike discuss building plans and timelines. Simon mentions that he saw Mike and Katie having sex and that's not what Simon is paying him for. Mike insists that the whole project needs to be torn down and started again, that the investors will not back the project without an inspection certificate. Simon heads off to get his hands on one. Simon returns telling Mike the problem is solved. Mike asks how much it cost to bribe the inspector. Katie comes waltzing in talking about how she and Mike have been having sex all wrong. Simon says he could've told her that. Mike talks to Katie about all the problems that are going on with the project and says that if they weren't working on a family he'd walk out tonight. Katie tells Mike he should just quit. Mike wants to talk to Carly about what Simon is up to.

Katie and Nancy talk about the wonders of life. Katie makes some coy remarks prompting Nancy to ask if she's already expecting. Katie says she's not pregnant yet and hopes that she will be very soon. She explains to Nancy that there are a lot of ways that she and Mike could be making it even easier to conceive, that they're just not doing them. Nancy reminds her that schedules and procedures are not the most romantic way to get pregnant.

Paul and Meg talk about Paul helping Emily with her books. Paul thinks it was no big deal and Meg is worried about the time they spend together and how much Emily will pull Paul into her pregnancy and therefore, her life. Paul gets defensive and wonders just what it is that Meg wants, for him to be nice and helpful with Emily or completely stay away from her. Meg gets more frustrated about the situation, mostly with herself for making it so easy for Emily to ruffle her feathers. They decide that they can get through the situation together.

Lucy tells Emily that she needs to get her blood pressure under control. She asks what's keeping her so stressed and Emily tells her that it's Lucy's father. Lucy wonders how Craig could be affecting Emily and Emily explains that it's all about the Intruder. Craig still owns it, the assets are frozen, and it's a difficult situation. Lucy sympathizes and Emily comments on how Craig isn't the only problem, she's got plenty of stresses to handle. Paul listens in on Lucy and Emily's discussion about her job options and Emily wishes she could get Craig to give up control of the Intruder. Lucy suggests that if Emily wants to lower her stress she find another line of work. Meg checks on Emily and suggests it's time they have a little talk. Meg makes it clear that her job as a nurse is her job it's nothing personal. She tells Emily she should be thanking her for how wonderful Paul is being to her and that Emily needs to just get used to the fact that Meg isn't going anywhere.

Paul and Lucy discuss Emily's stress and her work options. She accuses him of eavesdropping. Paul suggests that he buy the Intruder from Craig. Paul asks for Lucy's help, but she doubts his motives. She says she'll talk to Craig.

Henry confronts Louis about his suspicions regarding Maddie. Louis denies having done anything to Maddie, but Henry doesn't believe him and accuses him of raping Maddie. They begin to scuffle and Eve breaks them up. Eve gets really upset with Henry because she can't believe what he is accusing Louis of doing. She wants to know why Henry would think such a thing. Eve defends Louis and tells Henry he's lost his mind. Eve tells Henry he better not repeat his suspicions to anyone. Henry vows to find out the truth.

Maddie stands outside Casey's house peering in the windows while Casey and Gwen decide how to spend their evening. Casey and Gwen settle on Trivial Pursuit and Casey reminisces about Maddie, the times they played the game, and how much he misses her. Maddie imagines the conversation that is taking place inside between Casey and Gwen which is nowhere near what is really happening. Maddie imagines them talking all about her and how crazy she is and accusing her of being the killer and how much they don't really care about her. Casey wonders why Maddie pushed him away; he really wishes he knew what happened to her in the past. Gwen and Casey are looking through pictures and one is of Maddie and Casey and Casey is wearing a mask. Gwen tells him that it's the same one the killer was wearing. Maddie hears a noise, she goes to check it out and Henry grabs her from behind. She tells him that Gwen and Casey are laughing at her. Henry tells her he knows about Louis and that he's going to take her somewhere safe. Gwen interrogates Casey about the mask and he tells her it was Maddies. Margo walks in, wanting to know what's going on. Casey tells Margo about the mask in the picture. Margo takes the picture and leaves in a rush telling the kids to lock all the doors.

Henry tries to get Maddie to open up about Louis. He confides in her about a bully in his past that caused him to drop out of school. He assures her that he knows and that she's not alone anymore. Maddie tells Henry that the rape happened last year, after a dance. She talks about how nice Louis was to her, taking her to games, he was nice to her friends. She starts to blame herself for what happened. Maddie explains that she and Louis ended up alone at the house one night and Louis came into her room to "talk" and then he put his hand on her thigh and she didn't stop him. Louis tried to take things further and then she did try to stop him. He called her a tease and got very angry. Then he locked her door, and told her to "relax, it'll be fun." The next day she called Henry and left for Oakdale. Henry promises her he'll protect her. He tries to convince Maddie that they need to tell Eve. Maddie tells him that if he tells anyone more people will get hurt and it will be her fault.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

As Eve tries to get in touch with Louis, Margo arrives to ask her about the mask in the photo. Eve lies about knowing of it and Margo can see through her. She wants to search the room but Eve won't allow it. Henry gets Maddie to confirm Louis is the rapist but won't go to the police. She asks Henry to tell Eve for her while she waits in the car. He arrives at the Lakeview and overhears Eve and Margo together. After Margo leaves Henry convinces Eve Louis is the rapist but she won't buy that he is the killer. She fears that Maddie is permanently scarred and is being driven to kill by her husband. Henry looks through Louis' belongings and finds a black hooded sweatshirt. In the car, Maddie dreams about Louis and wakes up to someone pounding on the window. Initially she thinks it is Louis but realizes it is Margo. She asks Maddie about the mask and when she saw it last.

At the Hugheses', Casey and Gwen are talking about Maddie and as he starts to voice doubts about Maddie's innocence he finds her bracelets in the grass. They go inside and discuss his plans to go to the Lake when the lights go out. Spooked, Casey grabs a kitchen knife and they plan to leave when they hear a noise and the lights come back up. Tom had tripped a breaker but he apologizes to them for scaring them. Gwen decides to go to the Lake with Casey.

Mike packs up his things at the building site and tells Simon he quits. He then tells Carly about Simon's bribing the building inspector. Carly contemplates leaving as well but ultimately decides to stay and winds up wooing the investors. Celebrating their success leads Carly and Simon to kiss. Both moved, Simon offers to do it again but Carly nervously packs up to go home.

At the Snyder's Luke and Holden search for Lily's list of baby names. As Luke finds it his dad asks him to be the baby's godfather. They make a decision and everyone starts to arrive for the Christening, including Dusty. Holden then asks Lucy to be the godmother. When the pastor arrives Holden momentarily debates going ahead without Lily but Emma tells him Lily is all around them. They proceed and christen the baby Ethan Walsh Snyder. He then goes to tell Lily the news and asks her to come back to them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

When Henry finds a dark hooded sweatshirt in Louis's suitcase, he is certain that Louis is the slasher. Eve is still in disbelief. Her wails and cries are so loud that Jack can hear them from outside and goes in to see what the problem is. Eve hugs Jack and Henry shows Jack the sweatshirt. Meanwhile, Margo is asking Maddie questions about the mask at the police station. Maddie tells Margo she made the mask in an art class and that she had it hanging on a wall in her room. Suddenly, Maddie gets a flashback of her assault, screams out, them clams up again. Growing impatient, Margo is interrupted by a phone call from Jack. He asks her to stop the interrogation because of some crucial evidence. Henry, Eve, and Jack leave the Lakeview with Louis looking on from behind a wall.

After Ethan's christening, Lucy and Dusty meet at Lucinda's, each being invited by her to have dinner. When they meet each other there, the two are confused at first, but then realize that they were set up by Lucinda. Dusty leaves, and Lucy scolds her grandmother for playing matchmaker and not considering the fact that Dusty is a grieving widower. Later on, Lucy meets up with Dusty again at Java. Dusty offers Lucy a seat and the two have a coffee together. As Dusty leaves, Lucy makes him promise her not to tell Lucinda that the two were together.

Back at the O.P.D., Eve rushes to Maddie and apologizes for what happened to her. Maddie asks Eve if she is mad at her but Eve tells her no. Jack shows Margo and Dallas the sweatshirt and now Margo believes Louis could be the slasher. Henry then coaxes Maddie to tell the police another reason why Louis could be the slasher. Maddie finally caves in and tells Margo and Dallas that Louis raped her. Margo reassures Maddie that they will find Louis and that he will never hurt her again. Henry takes his little sister back to their room at the Lakeview and Maddie thanks him for believing in her. When Henry leaves the room for a few minutes, Louis surprises Maddie and threatens her with a knife. He warns her that if she screams for help he will kill her. Maddie disobeys and yells for help anyway but Louis slaps her to keep quiet. Before he can make his move, Louis realizes help will be coming soon and leaves just as Henry and a police officer barge in. A frightened Maddie runs into Henry arms and sobs.

Gwen and Casey run into Jade at Java and the two tell her that they are going to Raven Lake. Jade urges Gwen not to go and to patch things up with Will but Gwen refuses to hear anything of it. After Jade leaves, Casey tells Gwen not to let jade get to her. He reminds her that they are going to have fun at Raven Lake, away from Will and Jade. When they arrive back at Casey's place, a few of Casey's friends stop by with the tickets for Raven Lake. One of Casey's friends finds out that Gwen is going alone and inquires why she isn't going with her husband. Being a good friend, Casey defends Gwen and tells his curious friend to take her into consideration. Meanwhile, Jade goes to visit Will and tells him that his wife and Casey are going to Raven Lake. She persuades Will not to go on an attempt to save his marriage but he has already made up his mind and calls to buy a ticket. A defeated Jade suddenly gets an idea and calls Luke, asking to come over so the two can talk. At the Snyder's, Jade confides in Luke about Will, Gwen and Casey going to Raven Lake and asks Luke if he'll go with her. She tries to talk Luke into it, saying he'll have fun if he goes, but Luke thinks Jade wants to go to chase after Will. When Luke asks Jade of her true intentions on going to Raven Lake, Jade blurts out that she has fallen in love with Will. Finally, Luke surrenders and agrees to go with Jade to Raven Lake.

Friday, August 25, 2006

At the work site, Carly thinks about the kiss she and Simon shared; meanwhile, Simon is thinking about the same thing. When he comes in, they trip over each other's words, and Simon tells her that he really enjoyed their kiss, saying he might even have seen fireworks, but that it was inappropriate because it's possible that it wasn't what Carly wanted. He says that in order to carry on their business dealings, they should probably concentrate on being business partners and not smooching partners. Carly agrees, and they shake on it, with Simon telling her that now, she can take off her clothes. When Carly protests, he holds out an Italian designer dress he's bought for her to wear to try to charm an Italian marble supplier into speeding up his delivery to their project. He tells Carly he plans to wear an Italian suit himself, so it's not just Carly who will be trying to woo the man. Carly agrees and takes the dress, then tells Simon she has to go talk to Jack about the kids. She leaves, and Simon goes over to pick up a bucket of spackle that Mike left out, but he ends up spilling it all over himself, so he strips to go take a shower.

Kim Hughes goes to Will's place to take him some home cooking; Barbara told her about his breakup with Gwen. Will says it was all his fault, and Kim says that's refreshing to hear and asks him what he intends to do about it. He's not sure what he can do. She tells him he has found himself in very adult situations with very adult problems and needs to step up to the plate and start acting like a man, even though she realizes he's been through hell these past few months, especially because of Jennifer's death. Will tells her he appreciates her honesty, and he decides it would still be a good idea to go to Raven Lake to try to talk to Gwen again.

Kevin and some buddies run into Luke at Java, where Kevin promptly tells the friends how badly Luke acted when he tried to set him up with a "hot girl," saying Luke could ruin fun for anyone and that he'd better not be going up to Raven Lake this weekend. Luke leaves, and Jade comes in; Kevin asks if she's going to the lake and needs a ride, but she puts him down and says she's looking for Luke. She then goes to Luke's house, where he tells her he's changed his mind about going to the lake because of what Kevin said. Jade tells him he shouldn't hide from someone like Kevin, that he needs to stand up for himself and be the kind of man she knows he can be. She convinces Luke that he should still go to the lake for the weekend, even though he says it's possible this means that he'll be "out" by the end of the trip.

Gwen and Casey are at Casey's house, getting ready for the trip to Raven Lake, when Annie, a school friend, comes in with a cooler full of food. Gwen goes into the living room, where she's attacked by someone wearing a mask and holding a butcher knife; however, she knocks the person down and screams for Casey, who comes running in only to find that it's their high school friend, Zach, wearing a mask and carrying a rubber knife. Zach doesn't understand why no one seems to think what he did was funny.

Henry and Eve return to their suite at the Lakeview, startling Maddie, who has just awoken from a nightmare. Maddie is upset because everyone still thinks she's a murderer since the police haven't caught Louis yet and named him as their suspect. Eve says she and Henry have decided it might be best if Maddie moves back to Chicago and stays with their sister Bernadette for a while. Maddie says she wishes she could go talk to Casey and say goodbye, and Henry thinks she ought to be able to do that, so he drives her over to the Hughes's. When Maddie walks up to the kitchen door, she sees the 4 teens inside, and then she jumps back into the bushes when Zach and Annie come out. She overhears Zach telling Annie that Casey's probably really happy that Will isn't going to the lake with Gwen, because he's always had a thing for Gwen. Then, Maddie sees Casey and Gwen come out together and get in Casey's car. Henry comes up after the car leaves and asks Maddie if she got to talk to Casey, but she says no, telling him she saw Gwen and Casey together and needs some time by herself. She tells Henry that Eve is coming to pick her up at the Hughes's and that she'll be okay, so he can just go back and wait in his car. He reluctantly does so, and Maddie immediately calls Eve on her cell phone and tells her that she's decided not to go stay with Bernadette, that she and Henry have agreed she can stay in Oakdale with him instead. Next, Maddie calls the bus station and asks about tickets to Raven Lake.

Eve goes to the police station to say goodbye to Jack and thank him for his help. She tells him she felt a "connection" to him, and then she hugs him, just as Carly walks in. Carly turns to leave, but Jack jumps up to stop her, saying it's not what she thinks it is. She tells him he doesn't know what she's thinking, and right now, she's thinking there's no reason for her to turn and leave just because Eve's there. She says that his life is no concern of hers now, just as her life is none of his business. He tells her that's detached, but she counters by saying it's mature. Then she tells Jack she was just coming to talk to him about which weekends he would have the kids, but she says she'll e-mail it to him instead and he can look it over and make whatever changes he needs to make and send it back to her. Carly leaves, and Eve apologizes to Jack, but he tells her it's no big deal. Eve tells Jack that after Louis has been caught and Maddie's name has been cleared, she plans to return to Oakdale to "see what happens."

Carly returns to the work site and sees a naked Simon coming out of the shower. He explains why he's naked, and she tells him he did a good job cleaning up ("Not a speck of spackle on you!"); he asks her if she'd like to hand him his clothes or if she prefers that he go over there and get them himself.

On the way to the lake, Jade asks Luke to stop the car because she's suddenly nervous about finding Will and telling him how she feels about him. Luke offers her encouragement, saying it's best to get it out in the open and see what happens. She tells him she thinks she'll get out and walk the rest of the way, so she can collect her thoughts, and she asks him to tell Will she's looking for him if he sees him.

At Raven Lake, Gwen tells Casey to go swimming with his "fans" and she'll unpack. After he leaves, Will walks up behind Gwen and tells her he hopes she's not mad that he came up there. She says she'd been thinking in the car that they really need to talk, and Will tells her that this time, he'll just listen and try to act like an adult, and maybe if he acts like one, he'll become one. They agree to go for a walk, but Luke comes up and greets them and then tells Will that Jade is looking for him, much to Gwen's disgust.

Someone has been watching the teens jumping into the lake, and that person goes to a tree, reaches in a backpack, takes out black gloves and clothing, and picks up a butcher knife.


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