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Antonio was horrified after learning that the woman he'd slept with was Keri's mother. Lindsay disclosed that she was familiar with Troy's secret past. Blair and Sam expressed their feelings for each other. Seth disclosed that Roxy wasn't Jessica's mother.
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Monday, October 7, 2002

Jen and Lindsay had another one of their mother/daughter chats. Jen asked Lindsay if she was "going to keep her big mouth shut." Lindsay tried to convince Jen to tell Al it was his baby and marry him because he was a way nicer guy than Cristian. The incredibly bitter and hyper-paranoid Jen lashed out about how they'd all been laughing at her behind her back, and she would have revenge -- she spilled the beans to Lindsay about how loony Al was, stalking her and setting the fire in her room.

Antonio and Liz met face to face at the Palace right before the engagement party. Keri walked up, and Liz and Antonio were introduced. Liz played along as if they'd never met while Antonio was standing in stunned silence. Antonio went along with it for the time being, then Liz stole Antonio away to discuss things in private. Antonio didn't believe that Liz didn't know who he was and was thinking that she was some kind of nut. Liz tried to convince him that she'd had no idea that Keri had even been seeing anyone when they'd met. Antonio finally asked the question -- if he was the father of the baby Keri was carrying.

Keri told R.J. that she was carrying her mother and "Steve's" baby. R.J. freaked out. Kerri defended her position. She would do anything for her amazing mother. Keri explained that Liz had a bad heart and the whole story. R.J. and Keri started rehashing how Liz had kept Keri away for years and how he hoped that Liz didn't hurt Keri like she had hurt him.

Troy called Nora to let her know about receiving a huge grant for the clinic and that they were having a big party in his honor. Troy and Emily discussed "what happened in Africa." Troy discussed how he was always going to feel guilty about what had happened to Joanna. Emily was happy that he hadn't told Nora. Troy said Nora wouldn't understand. Sam showed up to congratulate Troy on his award. Nora witnessed Sam telling Troy what a great guy he was to Nora, Matthew, and everyone else in Llanview.

Nora was pleasantly surprised that her ex was being so great to Troy, and Troy exclaimed how he was having the best day of his life. As Sam prepared to leave, Lindsay showed up with a special announcement to make. They started to honor Troy for the huge grant when Lindsay announced that she would like to make a contribution to the clinic and unveiled a piece of art she'd like to donate, a painting that reminded her of a beautiful headstrong woman gasping for air, a painting that she liked to call "Joanna."

Natalie and Cristian ran into one another at the Palace bar. Nat found out that Jen and Cristian were getting married. Natalie tried to give back the necklace, but Cristian wouldn't take it back. Cristian revealed that he'd "never felt alive" until he'd fallen in love with Natalie, and he wouldn't change a thing.

Jen and busybody Carlotta met up at the party, and she congratulated Jen on her engagement to Cristian. Jen showed up in the bar just as Natalie hurled the necklace across the room. Jen started yakking to Cris and Natalie about how Al was a psycho stalker and how "it must be hell to not be able to be with the person you love" and that she didn't want Al to know about the baby because it would just torment him. Jen asked Natalie to be her maid of honor to "repay her for being so nice."

Bo suggested that he and Gabby split on a gift to Antonio and Keri, mostly because he'd forgotten to pick something up. After teasing Bo that they should really have separate gifts, he found that Gabrielle had already signed the card from both of them. Keri and Antonio might never get the gift, however, since Bo and Gabby started making out and ended up unclothed and late for the party.

Hank and Renee had a conversation about his time spent in the wine cellar with Rae and how Asa had locked them in. Both wondered why Asa had married Rae, since it was obvious that he hated Rae.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

At the clinic's grant award celebration, Lindsay described her donated, ugly, abstract painting as a "woman choking for air" who was "destroyed by a man she loved." She called the painting "Joanna." Upon her announcement, Troy crushed his champagne glass in his hand. His sister went with him to tend to his bleeding hand, and they discussed how Lindsay could know about his dead wife.

Nora decided to end the party as Sam confronted Lindsay about her odd appearance there. He warned her to stop whatever it was she was doing. Sam left, and Nora promised Lindsay that she was "going to pay for this." Nora claimed to know who Joanna was, and much to Lindsay's amusement, she said, "It's you." Troy interrupted them, and Lindsay played coyly with him about the identity of the woman the painting symbolized.

In the Palace bar, Jen begged Natalie to be her maid of honor. Natalie declined, but Jen pressed her. Cristian asked Jen to give Natalie some time to think it over, but Jen insisted that Natalie was her "best friend" and that there was no need to think about it. Natalie finally gave in and agreed. Jen grabbed them both in a very uncomfortable group hug. As she left, she suggested Natalie throw her shower at Llanfair. Natalie and Cristian lamented their love for each other, and Natalie left in tears.

As the engagement party continued, R.J. continued to question Liz's motives for having Keri carry her baby. He and Carlotta discussed it with Keri, and Carlotta agreed with R.J. that the whole thing was not a good idea. Keri defended her mom and the decision to carry the baby for her. The discussion got heated, and Keri excused herself to find Antonio. R.J. was surprised that he and Carlotta were on the same side of any issue, but Carlotta pledged to support them, regardless of her disapproval, and walked away from him. R.J. caught up with Keri and apologized.

Gabrielle insisted that Bo was the best-dressed man at the party and decided she wanted to write about him in her fashion column. Bo firmly vetoed it. Gabrielle went in search of another sharp-dressed man but returned shortly to congratulate the bride-to-be with him. Bo appeared to have one of his detective's intuitions -- something was off. As he left, Jen jumped into Gabrielle's path and told her that she was "creeped out" by her son.

Gabrielle was suspicious of her, but Jen vowed to send Al to prison if Gabrielle didn't keep him away from her. Gabrielle pretended not to know what she was talking about. They argued further, and Gabrielle accused Jen of manipulating Al. But Jen defiantly maintained her threat, and then in a strange about-face, cheerfully departed.

On the terrace at the Palace, Antonio confronted Liz about the paternity of the baby. She denied it was his, but he was not satisfied with the timeline of the pregnancy. Liz insisted she had already been pregnant when they'd slept together, and she continued to maintain that the baby was her dead husband's. Antonio didn't quite buy it. Liz insisted they keep their history a secret from Keri, but Antonio told her that he couldn't lie to his fiancée. Carlotta walked in on their argument as Liz was threatening Antonio if he told. Carlotta demanded to know why, but Antonio dismissed her in Spanish. Liz and Antonio continued to argue, and Keri walked in on them, wondering why they were shouting at each other.

Blair asked her daughter Starr if she could take back her "sworn off men" pledge. She was surprised to learn that Starr approved. Starr expressed resentment for her father "wrecking everything" and making no effort to see her. Blair promised her that her daddy would never hurt them again. The doorbell rang, and Starr jokingly said that it might be Blair's "boyfriend." She ran to answer the door and said, "Oh, it's you." It was Sam, who asked Starr whom she'd been expecting. She mischievously responded, "Mommy's boyfriend!" Precocious as ever, Starr insisted that when Sam's son Matthew attended her brother Jack's birthday party, he had a gift for her, too. Sam surprised Blair with her unscheduled nanny and suggested that it was as good a time as any for their "date."

Todd woke up in a Guam hospital. His doctor told him local fishermen had found him on the beach. Todd appeared disoriented and revealed that he didn't remember who he was. The doctor advised him to rest and retrieved the torn picture of his family that had been pried from his hand. Todd pondered the photo with wide eyes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Lying in a hospital bed in Guam, Todd failed to recognize the pieced-together picture of his family. He didn't even remember his own identity. The only thing that came to mind was water, he told Dr. Melendez. Once the doctor left him alone to gather his thoughts, Todd announced to no one in particular that he was Todd Manning, and he was back. He then made a call and booked a flight home to Llanview. He figured that Blair and Sam had to have something cooking for him. When the doctor returned, Todd claimed ignorance again. As the doctor reassured his "scared" patient, Todd reached into the doctor's pocket, stealing his wallet. He took the money out, figuring he'd need it for his airplane fare.

Al showed up at Keri and Antonio's party, much to Gabrielle's dismay. She urged him to leave before Jen returned, since she'd threatened to have him thrown in jail for arson if he went anywhere near her. Al was disappointed and immediately became suspicious, but he agreed to go, as Gabby was so upset. Keri finally located Antonio and Liz, but they were arguing rather loudly. She pleaded with them to get along as they wove a story for her benefit but later agreed that they didn't want her hurt. They could only glare at each other behind Keri's back.

Over by the bar, Jen tried to persuade Cris to set their wedding date. She didn't want to be embarrassed by looking pregnant as she walked down the aisle, she whined. Cris attempted to put it off, telling her that it was not the proper time, but Carlotta overheard and pulled her son aside. She happened to agree with Jen. Cris was upset with his mother's interference, but she insisted that hurting people and keeping them in limbo was just not right. He finally agreed, and an ecstatic Jen was off to call the church for the first possible date.

Rae arrived and had words with Hank, who informed Bo that they were not getting along. He told about the thrown bottles of wine while they'd been locked in Asa's wine cellar, but Bo was amused. Hank had no feelings for Rae, he stated adamantly, while Bo continued to tease him. Hank finally left in a huff.

At Troy's hospital reception, Lindsay insisted that she was not Joanna of the donated painting but suggested that perhaps Troy would like to fill Nora in on that detail. The painting would only increase in value, she stated. As Emily and Troy looked at Lindsay with daggers in their eyes, Lindsay warned Nora that she would learn about Joanna. After Lindsay left, Nora was concerned that Lindsay always seemed to bring up the past, but Troy attempted to brush the whole thing off.

Once Nora was off to the engagement party, Troy could only stare at the painting before putting his fist through it. Emily wondered if he was really all right. Troy didn't think any of it was a coincidence as Emily did, so she suggested that he tell Nora about Joanna. She wouldn't tell him if she knew how Joanna had died, he said mysteriously. Emily wanted to know if her brother had told her the whole story; at the same time, she assured him that she was on his side. He contemplated whether or not he should confront Lindsay.

Sam showed up for his date with Blair and suggested a drive in the convertible he'd rented especially for the occasion. A crying Jack almost put an end to the date, but an impressed Blair watched as Sam was able to quiet the baby and return him to the babysitter. As the couple was locked in a kiss, Starr happened to walk into the room; a frantic Blair tried to smooth things over. The little girl pretended not to notice and finally admitted that she didn't care and was not upset. In fact, she liked Sam.

After a conversation with her pet iguana, Starr realized that Sam had to be the boyfriend who Blair had been referring to. Besides, she said, she only wanted her mom to be happy, especially since her father wasn't returning. Once Jack began to cry again, the date became a "family affair" with everyone sitting around, watching cartoons, and eating popcorn. Blair was content.

Back at the gallery, Lindsay made a toast "to the power of art." She received a visit from Jen, who had stopped by to let her know that a date would soon be set for her wedding and that she had convinced Natalie to be her maid of honor. Lindsay was concerned, but Jen figured she was only hurting Natalie, Cris, and Al; they'd all hurt her, and she was seeking her revenge. She'd be okay, since she had learned from the best, she told her mother. She had everything under control. Lindsay hesitantly admitted that she'd spilled the beans to Troy and Nora. That caused her daughter to come down hard on her mother, accusing her of telling on purpose. Lindsay denied it.

Nora arrived at the engagement party, and the first people she saw were Bo and Gabby, in the midst of a romantic kiss. Though quite surprised, she graciously congratulated them as Gabby went off for drinks. She and Bo vowed to always remain friends. Rae ran into Hank again and suspected that he might have a subpoena for her. She'd receive a bill, he growled, telling her to have a nice life.

Keri asked Antonio if the argument had really been about R.J., as she thought it had been about her pregnancy. Antonio insisted he was okay with it and that he'd never keep anything from her. Nora reminded Keri that she was the one who had fixed her up with Antonio and also said that nothing would ever get between her and Troy. Antonio told Liz he was not happy with the lie they'd told Keri, but he didn't want to ruin the party. He stated he would tell her the truth as soon as possible; he and Liz smiled and waved to Keri across the room.

Todd managed to change into a pair of scrubs and picked up a patient's chart on his way out.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Natalie got home, and Jen called her. Jen wanted to start planning the bridal shower. After she agreed to meet with Jen, Natalie turned and saw Jessica standing at the door. Jessica, staring at her, said, "You phony bitch." They started arguing about Natalie's involvement with Cristian and Seth. Viki walked in just in time to hear Natalie tell Jessica, "You have hated me ever since you found out I was Viki's daughter!" Viki told them to stop.

The girls welcomed their mother home and listened when Viki let them know that Niki was gone for good and that Ben's condition was unchanged. The girls pressed her for more information about her trip, and she said she was more concerned with what was going on between the two of them. Jessica wanted to know where she should start -- with Natalie sleeping with Seth or trying to come between Cristian and Jen. Natalie told Viki that she had somewhere to be, and if Viki wanted to hear her side of the story, Viki should talk to her later. Viki tried to stop her from leaving. Natalie assured her that they would talk later; she was glad her mother was home, but Jessica needed Viki more at that moment.

Natalie left, and Viki wanted Jessica to talk to her. Jessica didn't want to unload on her right then, since she'd just gotten home. Viki wanted to know if Jessica really believed that Natalie had done all those things. Jessica started whining that Natalie had tried to take everything that was hers, from boyfriends, to the house, to even her mom. Viki soothed her, saying Jessica was her daughter, no matter what; that she loved her; and that Natalie would find her own place in the family because Jessica's was already taken. Rex walked in, and Viki told him that she hoped to get to know her daughter's brother better. Viki then rushed off, saying she had something important to take care of.

Cristian, wearing only a towel, wanted to know who Jen had been on the phone with. Jen told him that Natalie was heading over to plan the bridal shower and maybe figure out what she was going to wear in the wedding. Cris told her to call Natalie back and tell her no; she was not going to be in the wedding. He told her that Natalie had too much to worry about with her mom and Ben. Jen disagreed and said it would be perfect to help get her mind off of her problems. She said that Natalie wouldn't have agreed to be the maid of honor if she couldn't handle it.

Jen innocently asked Cris why he didn't want to include Natalie in their wedding celebration. Cris told her that it wasn't about Natalie and pondered if a big wedding was the right thing to do. She told him that she wanted the whole world to know how much he loved her. Cristian, pushing Jen away, started asking her about her due date. Just then, Natalie knocked on the door. With Natalie in the room, Jen sent Cris to get dressed and flaunted their relationship. She wanted to know what ideas Natalie had for the shower, asking if she'd been able to think of anything else.

Cris reentered the room and started to leave, but not before Jen got a goodbye kiss. Jen started going on and on about her, Cris, and the baby. Natalie started crying, and Jen played it off that she was crying because she was lonely. Jen then decided to play matchmaker for Natalie. Cristian was in the hallway and called Dr. Conklin, wanting to know about Jen's pregnancy.

Blair was rushing out the door just as Sam was about to rush in. She complimented him on their evening. Sam, wanting to be totally honest, told Blair that he had been looking for Todd behind her back. Starr was outside, looking for Suzanne, and Todd was watching her from behind the bushes. Sam told Blair that he wanted to find Todd to make sure he didn't return to take the kids and to help their relationship. Blair told Sam that no matter what happened, she wouldn't let Todd back in her life.

Starr, outside playing with her bug zoo, overheard someone talking. Todd was on the phone with Gabrielle, and she was telling him that if he returned to Llanview, he would be arrested. She also warned him not to ruin her life like he'd ruined his. He got off the phone just as Blair was heading outside to look for Starr. Todd said he hadn't ruined his life; his life had been ruined. He saw Blair and seemed to be blaming it on her.

When Blair went outside, Starr told her she'd heard a voice and wanted Blair to see what it was. Todd hid, and Blair didn't find him. Blair took Starr in, talking about Jack's upcoming birthday party. Starr went back out to get her magnifying glass and heard Todd "psst." Blair was back in the house and asked Sam what he was going to do with the file and his search for Todd. Sam threw it away, and she thanked him. Starr was outside, looking for what had made the noise. Todd stood up and said, "Hello, Starr." She turned, saw him, ran up to him, and gave him a hug.

Rex met up with Roxy and let her know that he'd made Jessica think that Natalie had slept with Seth. He also told her that Seth didn't seem to be giving up on finding out information about him. Roxy told him he needed to call his Aunt Corrine and tell her to keep her mouth shut. Rex told her he had already done that. She complimented him, "That's my boy." He said, "I am my mother's son, but Jessica is not my mother's daughter, and we can never let her find that out."

Bo and Gabrielle were eating, and she was questioning him on what would happen to Al if someone were to accuse him of arson. Bo told her not to worry. She also wanted to know what he'd talked to Nora about. He told her that she had nothing to worry about. He left just as she got the phone call from Todd. Bo was in his office, and Gabrielle called him to let him know that she had to tell him something; he interrupted her because there was a knock on his office door.

When Viki walked into the office, Bo dismissed Gabrielle and told her he would talk to her later. Viki and Bo talked about Ben and how guilty she felt, not only for what had happened to Ben, but for what Niki had done to Bo. Viki assured him that Niki was gone for good. Bo then asked her why she'd had Rae draw Niki out in the first place. She told him that Niki knew something, and she needed to know what it was. Viki told him about Niki appearing to her in her dreams and then taunting her, saying that she knew something that Viki couldn't deal with. Bo asked if she had any idea what it could be. Viki answered, "Yeah, as a matter of fact, yes, I do," with a foreboding look on her face.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Starr found Todd hiding in the bushes in her backyard. Starr hugged him but then kicked him and told him that she hated him. Todd told her that he was sorry and that he couldn't see her because he'd been stranded on an island. He showed Starr the picture of herself, Blair, and Jack, and she finally believed him because the picture was all wrinkled and ripped. Starr told him that he was in trouble for lying about baby Jack and that he had to leave or else she was going to scream.

Antonio woke up after thinking about the time Liz had told him not to tell Keri about the one-night stand. Keri told Antonio that he'd seemed distracted ever since their engagement party. Antonio confessed to Keri that after they'd broken up, he met a woman and that he couldn't keep the truth from her. Keri asked him if he still loved her. Antonio told Keri that she was his life, and she told him that was all that mattered.

Seth called Jessica and said that he had something important to tell her. Jessica hung up and didn't want to hear what he had to say. Rex overheard Jessica and invited her out to lunch so she wouldn't have to answer Seth's calls. Jessica told Rex that her relationship with Seth was over for good.

Roxy showed up at Jessica's house and began to talk with Rex. Jessica inquired about what they were discussing. Roxy and Rex lied and told Jessica that he'd borrowed money from Roxy instead of asking Jessica. Jessica was disappointed but wanted to repay Roxy. Rex and Roxy were worried about what Seth had found out during his trip to Michigan. The three of them went out to eat.

Viki told Bo that Niki Smith was hiding something, and that was why she'd tried to bring Niki out. Bo asked what she was hiding, and Viki could only remember Niki telling her that she was "more a mother than she thinks she is." Bo and Viki did not know exactly what that meant. Viki apologized for seducing Bo and for attempting to kill Gabrielle by poisoning her coffee. Gabrielle was upset with Bo because he'd forgiven Viki for what she had done to everyone.

Viki met up with Rae and asked for her confidential files. Viki said that she needed them in order to find out what Niki was hiding. Rae was happy that Viki had turned to her for help, but Viki told Rae that she was not her friend and that Rae had ruined her life.

Blair told Sam that she was through with Todd. Nora showed up at Blair's house and asked Sam what he was doing at Blair's house. Sam told Nora he was "socially" seeing Blair. Nora questioned Sam about Blair's feelings for Todd. Sam told her that Todd was in Blair's past, and Nora again asked Sam if he was really sure about that. Sam told Nora that he was happy and really enjoyed Blair's company.

Starr began to scream, which caused Blair to run into the backyard to see what had happened.

Antonio still persisted in trying to tell Keri what had really happened. He told her that if he could hide the truth, he would, but he couldn't avoid it.

Seth went to visit Jessica, but Viki answered the door instead. Viki told him that he should leave, but Seth told her that he'd just found out that Rex was not Jessica's biological brother.

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