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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 7, 2002 on GH
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Monday, October 7, 2002

As Courtney left her new job at Club 101, she heard someone in the alley behind the club. Courtney angrily challenged the lurker in the shadows to show himself. Courtney was disgusted when Coleman strolled out of the shadows.

Inside Club 101, Alexis fenced with Scott about the possibility of a debate, hinting that she knew that Scott had some ulterior reason for issuing the challenge. Scott asked the reporters why Alexis would be running away from a debate and suggested that maybe Alexis had something to hide.

Gia stepped up and shocked everyone by firmly announcing that Alexis would debate Scott -- and demolish all of Scott's hope of being district attorney in the bargain.

At the hospital, Skye stayed beside Jax and reassured him that they would be headed for their honeymoon soon. She promised Jax that she would call his parents with the news about the shooting. Skye was surprised when it seemed that Jax was saying Brenda's name. Skye was even more surprised later when even Monica assured her that Jax was a fighter and had a good chance in the operating room. Even Edward stopped by to assure Skye that Jax had never let anything stand in his way before and was not likely to do so then.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Sonny and Jason were cautiously optimistic when they saw Carly run into Brenda just as Brenda was rushing out of police headquarters to see Jax at the hospital.

Outside, Carly recognized Brenda and suddenly realized that Brenda had to have been Alcazar's girlfriend. Carly accused Brenda of being the cause of all the carnage. Brenda just pushed past Carly, in a hurry to see Jax. Carly called out, "You had better hurry, because Jax is married, too!'

Sonny and Jason worried about Carly going postal, but Carly appeared calm enough by the time she entered the interrogation room. When Taggert entered and saw Sonny, Taggert asked, "So, the devil wouldn't have you, huh?"

Back outside Club 101, Coleman pleaded innocent to Courtney's charge that Coleman had been stalking her. Coleman claimed that he just liked Courtney and that he'd wanted to say hello, but he decided it might make her feel uncomfortable. Courtney refused to believe that Coleman would care whether or not Courtney was uncomfortable about something, and she demanded that Coleman leave her alone -- starting at that very minute. Coleman reluctantly assured Courtney that he would stay away if that was what she wanted.

Alexis, Ned, Nikolas, and Lucky cringed as the reporters crowded around Gia at Club 101. But Gia firmly announced that the debate between Ms. Davis and Mr. Baldwin would take place in one week. As Scott left, Lucky snapped a picture of him. Scott told Lucky to get his good side, and Lucky replied, "Then you are going to have to turn around, Baldwin!"

After Scott left, Alexis jumped all over Gia for throwing Alexis into the debate pit with Scott. Gia explained that Scott had only proposed a debate because Scott obviously already had something on Alexis that he planned to use in the campaign. If Alexis had refused to debate, Scott would probably have called a press conference and announced whatever dirt Scott had on her.

By agreeing to the debate, Gia explained, they had stalled Scott for a week, which would give Alexis' team time to discover whatever dirt Scott believed he had on Alexis. Alexis apologized to Gia for leaping to conclusions about Gia's competency. However, later, Alexis confessed to Ned that she planned to drop out of the race.

As Taggert interrogated Sonny at the police station, and informed his prisoner that he planned to charge Sonny with fraud, Courtney arrived in the squad room to file a complaint about her stalker. Courtney was numb with disbelief when she saw Sonny, alive and well -- and in custody!

Skye was upset when Jax emerged from surgery and all the doctors seemed to be evading her questions about her husband's condition. As Skye sat beside Jax and told him that he was the prince in her fairy tale who'd fought through the thorns encircling her heart to teach her how to love, Brenda arrived and watched Skye with Jax through the window.

Back at Club 101, Ned subtly reminded Alexis of the reasons why Alexis was running against Scott, and Alexis reversed her decision to quit the race. Before they left Club 101, Ned convinced Alexis to share one more dance with him. As Ned and Alexis danced and talked about the baby, reporters suddenly rushed up to Alexis with cameras grinding and announced the news that Sonny was alive -- and they all demanded a statement from Alexis.

Back at the police station, Taggert was shocked that the witness to Sonny shooting Alcazar was Brenda Barrett. Taggert wondered aloud if Elvis was also a witness.

Outside in the squad room, Courtney jumped all over Jason because Jason had known all along that Sonny was alive and had let Courtney and Mike go ahead and break their hearts with grief. When Courtney saw Sonny, she told him that Mike had returned to drinking and gambling because Mike had believed that Sonny was dead.

While Courtney was at the police station, an intruder broke into her apartment. Rosie barked, but the intruder made sure that Rosie was locked in the bedroom. Then the intruder installed a surveillance camera and left.

At the police station, Scott agreed with Courtney that it was low of Sonny to let his family grieve Sonny's staged death. However, Scott ordered Taggert to release Sonny, Jason, and Carly. Taggert protested to Mac. Mac agreed that there was no evidence to prosecute, and he released his prisoners. However, as Jason and Sonny conferred, they agreed that they suspected that Scott was setting them up for something.

Sonny tried to apologize to Courtney, and Courtney assured Sonny that she would try to get over it. Jason offered to walk Courtney home, and she accepted.

At Club 101, the reporters asked Alexis if she was part of Sonny's scam to pretend to be dead. Ned suggested that some kind of police involvement had to have been present in carrying off the scheme. Alexis replied to the reporters that if Sonny had staged his own death, it just showed how out of control organized crime had become in Port Charles and that the public should be asking how the acting district attorney could let something like that happen.

After the reporters left, Alexis fumed to Ned that that the vindictive shrew Carly had known Sonny was alive when Carly had thrown Alexis out of Sonny's funeral. Alexis was livid that Sonny had deceived her yet again, and she told Ned that Sonny was a lying, two-bit mobster who was a pathological liar. However, Ned asked if Alexis was angry because Sonny had fooled her -- or because she was still in love with Sonny.

Back at the hospital, when Dr. Caldwell asked Skye to accompany him to his office to speak with him about treatment options for her husband, Brenda slipped unnoticed into Jax's ICU room. As Brenda held Jax's hand and reminded him of some of the times they'd shared together, she asked Jax to open his eyes and smile for her -- and Jax did open his eyes and look up at Brenda.

When Courtney arrived at her apartment, Jason asked if she had been at the police station because she was still getting strange calls. Courtney assured Jason that she had called A.J., and A.J. was making plans to return home early and handle the problem himself. Courtney turned down Jason's offer to check out her apartment. Before Jason left, Courtney thanked him for keeping Sonny alive.

When Courtney went inside her apartment, she apologized to Rosie for accidentally locking her in the bedroom. Meanwhile, the hidden camera caught all of Courtney's movements.

At Club 101, Alexis told Ned that she believed Sonny was a thug in a good suit who might not even be human -- and all feelings that Alexis might have had for Sonny had died with Alexis' sister, Kristina. As Alexis raged, Ned suddenly grabbed her and kissed her.

As Sonny and Carly arrived home at the penthouse, Carly icily ordered Sonny to pack his bags and get out.

As Jax began to speak to Brenda and Brenda held Jax's hand, Skye suddenly returned to Jax's ICU room and asked Brenda, "Who are you? And what are you doing with my husband?"

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Zander watched television in Jason's penthouse and found out that Sonny and Brenda were really alive and that Jax was in the hospital. Zander had flashbacks to the warehouse explosion mentioned on the news. He remembered holding the gun to Jason's back and then shooting Liz. Liz walked downstairs and asked if Zander was all right. She asked what was going on and if he'd remembered anything. Zander lied and said no.

Zander said he'd heard a news break on TV about Jax being shot, and Liz asked about Jason. Zander then told her Sonny was alive; he'd seen him on the TV. Apparently, the whole Sonny death thing had been a hoax. Liz didn't believe that Jason wouldn't have told her what had been going on. She was angry that she'd waited around for Jason when he'd been gallivanting around with Sonny. Liz found out that Brenda was still alive. Liz was self-absorbed that she'd "suffered' because of Jason's career. She wanted Zander to leave the penthouse with her and stay at her studio. Zander declined the offer, saying he was going to get his own place and a job.

Jax defended Brenda by saying she'd done everything she could to warn Jax. Jax exonerated Brenda of any liability and revealed, in front of Skye, that he'd asked Brenda to stay. Skye was not happy and asked Brenda what her immediate plans were. Skye was not happy that she hadn't been told about Brenda. Skye questioned what would have happened if Brenda had shown up sooner; she wondered if Jax would still have married her.

Jason returned to the penthouse, and Liz lashed out at him for the Sonny charade. Liz was even more upset that Carly had known what had been going on and Liz hadn't. Jason told Liz he'd tried to warn her, but she hadn't wanted to hear about the pitfalls of a relationship with him, and his not telling her had nothing to do with her. Liz thought she counted, despite evidence to the contrary.

In Alcazar's hospital room, Jason told Alcazar it was too bad he was alive and that, if he got out of the hospital, Jason guaranteed Alcazar would be dead. The day he left the hospital, he should worry. Taggert arrived in the room with his usual attempts at sarcasm. He accused them of being friends united in their contempt for the law. Taggert speculated that Alcazar had hired Roy as a front man to kill Sonny. He speculated that Alcazar was responsible for the explosion at the warehouse, and Alexis overheard it, asking for confirmation if Alcazar was "the bastard" who had killed her sister. Alexis asked Alcazar if he was the coward who had murdered Kristina.

Monica entered and ordered everyone out. Alexis told Alcazar to look at her face and memorize it, because she was coming after him. Taggert wanted Monica to go down to the station and give a statement about her being kidnapped. Alexis returned to Alcazar's hospital room and put it all together while Brenda was there -- Brenda was a cause of all the lousy things that had happened. Brenda apologized and left.

Alexis approached Alcazar's bed and told him "her name was Kristina -- the woman you killed in Sonny's warehouse" -- Alexis' only sister. She told him Kristina had been beautiful, loyal, and strong, with crystal-clear eyes. Alcazar had taken that away from Alexis. Alexis called Alcazar vermin and told him she wouldn't tax the citizens of Port Charles by dragging him through the system. She went to his I.V. and toyed with Alcazar about turning off his medications to cause a slow, painful death, but Ned interrupted and said he wanted to do it. Ned told Alcazar he had loved Kristina, too, and had planned to marry her. Ned told Alcazar that someday, someone was going to make him pay then Ned left the room.

In the hallway on the tenth floor of the hospital, Alexis asked Jason for confirmation about Kristina's death, and Jason confirmed it. Alexis realized that Roy was the front man for Alcazar and that Sonny hadn't been directly responsible for Kristina's death. Jason told Alexis that Kristina had just been collateral damage to Alcazar.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly asked Sonny why he hadn't left yet, since the great Brenda was back. Carly said she was not begging Sonny to stay with her. Sonny said he was not leaving for Brenda because Carly was the one he loved. Carly claimed she had been pulled into "the plan" because of Brenda. Carly was angry that Sonny hadn't told her about Brenda being in the safehouse. Sonny said Brenda hadn't even known Sonny was alive.

Carly questioned why Brenda was still hanging around. Sonny said he'd thought Brenda would go right back to Europe. Carly speculated that Brenda would be hanging around, pretending not to be interested in Sonny when she actually was, and that they'd end up together. Sonny said he hadn't told Carly because he'd known she would act like she was acting at that moment. Carly resented Brenda being treated like a secret treasure. Carly said she didn't want to be with Sonny anymore.

Sonny was upset that Carly was ready to trash his marriage, and Carly countered that he was obsessed with that "whiny little viper." Sonny said he loved Carly. Sonny explained that he couldn't control the variables such as Brenda, and he'd tried to manage the situation the best he could. He said he hoped Brenda found happiness, but it wasn't going to be with him. Sonny told Carly they were together, she knew how he felt about her, they'd been married "20 times now," and he wanted to be with her, cross his heart. Carly said she had no reserves left, and if Sonny left her for Brenda, she would hate him for the rest of her life. Sonny needed to permanently make up his mind right then, not later. Sonny kissed Carly.

Skye questioned why Brenda was in Jax's room then remembered who she was. Skye questioned how Brenda knew about her. It occurred to Skye that Jax had abandoned Skye the day after their wedding to see Brenda. Brenda explained that she hadn't known how "bad" Alcazar was, and Jax had helped her. Brenda claimed she wasn't in Port Charles to complicate anyone's life. Skye said she was going to make sure Jax and Skye stayed happy. Skye blamed Brenda as the reason that Jax had almost died, and Jax awoke and said Brenda was the reason why he was alive. Jax told Skye he would have married her if Brenda had shown up in the middle of their vows.

Brenda, still lurking around, peeked in on Alcazar then entered his room. He awakened and smiled at her, telling her he was going to make a full recovery. She asked why he'd done that, and he said to keep his promise to her. Brenda told Alcazar she could never care for him after what he'd done. Alcazar said he didn't care if she loved him or not; she was his.

Jax reassured Skye she wouldn't lose him either to the bullet wound or to Brenda. Brenda returned again to Jax's room but ran away when Skye saw her. Skye went after her. Skye apologized and thanked Brenda for saving Jax's life. Brenda told Skye she was leaving town again. Skye offered to let Brenda go in and say goodnight to Jax. That could lead to nothing but trouble. Brenda sat down next to Jax, with Skye watching through the window, looking concerned.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Sonny was visiting Jax at General Hospital while Carly eavesdropped outside the door. The topic of their conversation was Brenda. Jax wanted to know if Brenda had married Jason to get away from Jax. Sonny was skeptical. Jax thought Sonny was jealous because Brenda had helped Jax get back on his feet when he'd been paralyzed after being shot by Alcazar. However, Jax had promised Brenda that he would see her through her illness, and no one was going to stand in his way. Sonny wondered if that included Skye.

Jax assured Sonny that he loved Skye and that there was enough room in their love to protect Brenda. Sonny wondered why Skye wasn't with her injured husband and surmised that it might be because she realized Jax was still in love with Brenda. Jax accused Sonny of the same thing. Sonny claimed that he loved Carly, and Brenda had nothing to do with it. Carly, still eavesdropping, looked very pleased.

Sonny accused Jax of not being able to protect Brenda from Alcazar. He would have thought that Jax would just walk away. That was what Brenda was trying to do. Jax thought Sonny would like that because then he would have Brenda all to himself. Sonny reminded Jax that Brenda felt responsible for Jax's injuries, and Jax was only making things worse. Jax repeated that Brenda needed him.

Sonny smugly wondered if that was why she'd married Jason. Jax believed that Brenda had married Jason to get away from Jax, not Sonny, and Sonny couldn't stand that. Jax was sure it would kill Sonny to know that Brenda was living across the hall and wondered what Carly would think.

In the hallway at General Hospital, Carly asked Sonny how his visit with Jax had gone. Sonny thought she already knew, since she'd been eavesdropping. Caught, Carly said she hadn't heard the whole conversation.

In the limo on the way home, Carly commented to Sonny on how much he hated Jax, but Carly felt sorry for him. Sonny didn't know why, since the doctor had said Jax would walk again. A sexy Carly said that unlike them, Jax didn't know how to play dirty to get what he wanted. With rival Brenda on her mind, Carly seduced Sonny.

Carly thought they should drive around the lake more often. Sonny was curious to know what she wanted that time. He teased her that she'd do anything to hold onto him because she was "crazy, crazy in love with me, admit it." Carly couldn't argue with that; it was true she'd do anything to make his dreams come true. They started to make love again.

On an airplane headed for Port Charles, Skye thought back to the conversation she'd had with the nurse, who had assured her that Brenda wasn't dying. The nurse was unsure if Brenda knew the truth. Skye surmised that either Brenda had been lying, or Alcazar had kept Brenda in the dark.

In his room at General Hospital, Jax was practicing walking when Skye entered, excited to see the progress he had made. Jax apologized for being unfair to her. Skye demurred; he wanted to get better, and he had. She said that they had their lives back. There was an elephant in the room, specifically Brenda. Skye wanted to know if Brenda had gone back to Europe. Jax informed a shocked Skye that Brenda had married Jason. Skye couldn't believe that Brenda had married Skye's brother.

Jax wanted to know Skye's news, and Skye did her best to evade the question. Skye wondered why Jason would marry Brenda. Jax guessed it was because Brenda didn't want Jax around when she got sick, and he didn't think she had much time left. He thought they'd probably go to Europe. Biting her tongue, Skye said at least Brenda was around to help Jax get better. Jax wanted to know where she had been. Skye said she'd traveled a long way to find out the truth. Without revealing anything else, Skye promised Jax that she'd never leave him again.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brenda was intent on describing her wedding to Jason in glowing terms, and Lila, Alan, Monica, Edward, and Reginald listened with varying degrees of enthusiasm. According to Brenda, when Jason had proposed, she hadn't been able to believe her ears. Edward thought she and Jason had always hated each other. Brenda claimed she had been wrong about him.

Brenda explained that she had been planning to leave Port Charles, and Jason had been taking her to the airport. She assumed he'd been there to protect her from Luiz Alcazar, until he'd admitted that he'd been afraid that he'd never see her again. He had been "so sweet and shy," she gushed. Edward chimed in, "Sure, as hoodlums go." Brenda tried to convince Lila that she and Jason had always loved each other. He just hadn't wanted to get in the way, so he'd kept his feelings to himself. Monica thought that sounded like her son.

In a flashback, in Jason and Brenda's limo, Brenda proposed the preposterous idea to Jason while they were on the way to the airport, and Jason's response was to ask "why the hell" he would want to marry her. Brenda countered that she didn't have many choices. Jason thought it was clear that her choice was to go to Europe. Brenda was sure that wherever she went, Jax would find her, and she needed Jax to believe that she'd moved on. Jason said he didn't care.

Brenda taunted Jason with another plan. She'd go after Sonny. Jason warned her to leave Sonny and Carly out of it, because Sonny would never leave his family. Brenda wondered how long Jason thought she and Sonny could stay away from each other. Jason accused Brenda of trying to blackmail him by threatening to hurt Sonny. Brenda said she was only trying to give Jason an opportunity to protect Sonny. After all, she said, "That's what you live for."

Jason asked Brenda if she was willing to wreck Sonny and Carly's marriage just so Jax wouldn't go after her. Brenda accused him of being willing to take a bullet for Sonny, but he wasn't willing to marry her. Jason reminded her that his life was too dangerous. Brenda thought that was perfect. She was dying, so if she got caught in a shootout, it wouldn't be a big deal. Besides, he'd be saving a lot of people a lot of pain. Jason wanted to know if Brenda thought she could pull it off. Brenda was sure that she could.

In real time, Jason was doing his best to explain his marriage to Courtney, who was obviously in love with him. "It was a last-minute thing," he admitted. Courtney, implying herself, had thought Jason was interested in someone else. Jason explained that it had been Brenda's idea to get married, not his. Courtney wanted to know if they'd been seeing each other. When Jason said they hadn't, she wondered why they'd married. All Jason could say was, "It's complicated."

Courtney thought that maybe Brenda was secretly in love with him. Jason explained that Brenda needed him. Courtney asked Jason if he was rescuing Brenda like he had rescued her. Jason said it wasn't the same. Courtney commented on Brenda's beauty. Jason thought that most people didn't see Brenda for who she really was. Courtney wanted to know if he loved Brenda.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brenda continued to praise Jason. "He just says what he means. I like that." Monica couldn't agree more. Alan had had no idea that Jason had been in love with her all that time. He hoped that they could be a family again. All Lila wanted to know was if Brenda was happy, and Brenda insisted she was. Monica wanted to know if it had anything to do with her illness. Brenda knew that she didn't have much time, and she was positive that she wanted to spend that time with Jason. She knew that he would do anything to protect her. She realized that she'd been mean to him in the past, and she had a fresh chance to make it up to him.

Brenda received the family's good wishes. Even Edward relented. Brenda told Lila that she was honored to be a part of the family, and that part was true. Monica wished that they could have thrown her and Jason a big wedding. Brenda said that she and Jason hadn't wanted to waste any time. The family was surprised that they'd chosen Vegas, but Brenda assured them it had been the wedding of her dreams.

The scene flashed back to the wedding. At the tacky Tru Luv wedding chapel in Vegas, Brenda took one look and tried to leave. Jason stopped her, and they continued to fight. The officiant told them not to worry, "Second thoughts are not uncommon here at the Tru Luv Wedding Chapel." What they needed was the special wedding package, he said. The officiant's assistant, Bunny, was only too happy to oblige. Horrified, Jason handed the officiant a wad of cash and told him they'd take the whole deal, "just get it over with."

Back in Port Charles, at Kelly's, Courtney couldn't believe that Jason and Brenda had eloped to Vegas. She was sure that it had been tacky. Jason told her she had "no idea." She wanted to know if he had pictures. Jason didn't think she'd want to see them. Courtney reminded Jason that he'd never answered her question, "Do you love Brenda?"

In the Quartermaine mansion, Brenda tried to convince the family that her Vegas wedding had really been very elegant, just as she'd always dreamed.

In a flashback to the Tru Luv Wedding Chapel, Brenda and Jason eyed the bright pink wedding cake with disgust as the officiant and Bunny proceeded to bring out the wedding package. Brenda rejected the veil; Jason would never wear a tux. He handed the officiant another wad of cash and told him to get it over with quickly.

In Kelly's, a romantic Courtney asked Jason for details of the wedding.

In another flashback to the chapel in Vegas, the tacky preparations were proceeding while a miserable Jason and Brenda sat on separate sides of the room.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brenda claimed that she had never seen Jason so happy. Alan thought the marriage could draw Jason back to them. Brenda wished they could all have been there, but it had been very private and sacred.

In the chapel, Brenda snapped at Jason to "shut up." She wanted to know if they could just say "I do" and leave.

With the Quartermaines, Brenda reminded them that they all knew how Jason was with words: "Less is more."

At Kelly's, Courtney asked Jason if he and Brenda had written their own vows.

During the Vegas ceremony, Brenda and Jason instructed the officiant to skip the vows and go straight to "I do."

At Kelly's, Courtney described to Jason how she'd felt when she'd married A.J., a man she'd hardly known. At first, she'd wanted to run, but then she'd realized how right they would be together.

In Vegas, the officiant reviewed the vows with the prospective bride and groom. Brenda nixed "love and cherish" and "honor and obey"; "for better or worse" was a keeper as was the "rich" in "for richer or poorer." "In sickness and in health" didn't get a response.

As she gave more details of her wedding, Brenda explained to the Quartermaine family that Jason had made her understand the wedding vows.

Back at the chapel, Jason told the officiant to just go to the part where he asked Jason to marry her. The officiant wondered if he wanted to. Jason said they just wanted to get it over with.

In Kelly's, Courtney thought that when they'd said, "I do," it had all made sense to Brenda because she'd realized how "honest and true you are." Brenda knew that he'd always protect her and she'd never have anything to worry about because Jason thought of everything.

In the chapel, the officiant asked Jason for the rings. Jason had forgotten all about them.

As she gushed to the Quartermaines about her marriage, Brenda raved that everything about the wedding had been magical.

At the chapel, Brenda and Jason were pronounced man and wife and glared at each other.

Brenda announced to the Quartermaines that suddenly she and Jason had been married. Alan wanted to know "Then what?"

At Kelly's, Courtney asked Jason, "Then what?"

During the final moments in the chapel, the officiant wanted to know if there was any chance Jason would be kissing the bride. He wasn't surprised when Jason answered, "No way."

At Kelly's, Courtney admitted that it was none of her business, but she asked Jason where he and Brenda had spent their wedding night.

Brenda told the Quartermaines that she and Jason were going to go on a honeymoon, but they'd wanted to head home and tell the family first. Besides, she added that after their wedding night, they really didn't need a honeymoon. It had been very sweet and beautiful. They'd had a perfect night.

In a hotel in Vegas, Brenda and Jason entered a huge, gaudy suite. The hotel employee who let them in proudly announced, "Only the best for Sonny Corinthos' right-hand man and his beautiful bride." Brenda and Jason could only stare in horror. After the man left, Jason shoved a jewelry box into Brenda's hands and told her to pick out a ring. Brenda pulled a wedding band on a chain from her sleeve and looked at it longingly.

At Kelly's, Courtney admired Jason's wedding band. Jason told her that Brenda had picked it out. Courtney thought Brenda had to have spent a lot of time choosing it, and they were connected forever. Jason told a surprised Courtney that they wouldn't be married very long because Brenda was dying. Courtney finally understood why he had married Brenda. Courtney said Brenda was incredibly lucky to have him even it was only for a little while. It was obvious that Courtney was very much in love with Jason and that he had feelings for her, too.

In the wedding suite in Vegas, Brenda quickly picked out a ring. Jason tried it on and said it was too small. It matched hers, so Brenda didn't care. It wasn't like he was going to be wearing it for the rest of his life. Brenda went into the bedroom and quickly turned around and returned. She had no intention of sleeping in a heart-shaped bed. Jason yelled at her to just "shut up" and go to bed. Brenda stormed back into the room, and Jason, feeling bad for yelling at her, followed but stopped at the door.

When Jason left Kelly's, he took one last look in the window and watched Courtney serving the customers and pouring coffee. He tried to remove his wedding band, but it was too tight and wouldn't come off.

Brenda gushed to the Quartermaines that the wedding night had been beautiful. She'd never forget it. Lila thought it sounded wonderful. Monica wanted to know if Jason would be picking her up. Brenda told them she planned to pack up a few things and meet Jason at the penthouse. Edward commented that Brenda had always been full of surprises. Brenda hoped that she had his blessing. Edward said of course she did. Lila knew that Jason would give her the best life he could. Brenda hugged the family and went out to the rose garden, relieved that her ruse was over. Deep in thought, she stroked her wedding band and looked out into the garden.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Roy proposed marriage to Felicia. Felicia told him she couldn't marry him even though she loved him, since she couldn't ask him to give up what defined him as a person to settle down as a suburban husband. Roy tried to talk her into believing he loved her enough to try to be a husband to her and a stepfather to her girls. Felicia told him to go and work in Miami. Roy met with Jason at Jake's and accepted Sonny's job offer in Miami. Felicia found him on the docks later and told him she loved him and that if he decided to return to her, she would be waiting for him. They shared a tearful goodbye.

Brenda sat with Jax in his hospital room while Skye met with Jax's doctors, including Monica, about Jax's treatment. They told her that his surgery had been successful, but there could be side effects they were not aware of. Jax asked Brenda to pinch his leg so he could see if he could feel it. Brenda pinched his leg but didn't tell him, and she tried to hide her reaction when he didn't react to her touch on his leg. She changed the subject to distract him about his leg.

Brenda ran into Skye later in the waiting area and told her about what had happened with Jax's leg. Skye became very concerned that Jax couldn't feel his leg. She told Brenda not to worry about Jax and that she would take care of him. Brenda hung out in the waiting area and let out her grief over Jax's condition. Taggert found her there and started to question her about her involvement with Alcazar and how much she'd had a part in what had happened to Jax and Sonny. She told him that she'd given her statement to the police and had nothing more to say.

Taggert wouldn't leave it alone until Ned interrupted him and threatened to press charges against him for harassment and questioning Brenda without allowing her to call her lawyer. Taggert left quietly. Brenda was pleasantly surprised to see Ned, and they had a happy reunion. Ned invited Brenda to stay at the Quartermaines' in her old bedroom at Lila's request. Brenda reluctantly agreed after Ned reminded her that she was family to them all.

Sonny met with the mob families that were trying to take over his territory. He told them that he was still in power; he warned them not to interfere with his business and that he would not be helping them with drug trafficking. Jason found him there at the no-name club and told him that Roy had turned down his job offer in Miami but that he and Felicia had given them Pier 52 for free to show him good faith. Jason asked Sonny what he wanted to do with Brenda. Sonny instructed him to find a house in Europe, near an ocean or beach, and they could get a live-in nurse for her down the road when she could no longer care for herself because of her disease.

Earlier, Jason confronted Zander about faking his amnesia, and Zander admitted that he'd recently gotten his memory back, but he didn't want Liz or anyone to know that and wanted to start over again. Jason agreed to keep his secret but warned Zander not to hurt Liz and to not interfere with Sonny's business again. Zander agreed. Liz walked out of Kelly's and jumped to the conclusion that Jason was harassing Zander again. Jason just shook his head and left. Liz confided in Zander that Jason lied about everything to do with his job, and she didn't know if she could trust him again.

Meanwhile, Mike showed up at Sonny's penthouse. Carly told him Sonny was not home. Mike confronted Carly about pretending to grieve for Sonny, knowing all along he was alive. Carly tried to smooth things over with him, but Mike remained angry and suggested that she leave Sonny before he destroyed her love for him, too. Sonny showed up, and Carly left them alone. Mike told Sonny off for allowing him to grieve for him as well as Courtney. Sonny apologized to Mike for hurting him. Mike said that sorry wasn't good enough, and he left.

Carly returned and comforted Sonny. Mike went to Jake's. He got drunk, and Jason tried to get him to go home. Mike told Jason to leave him alone. Jason got Courtney to go to the bar and help him get Mike home. Courtney talked to Mike about going home with her. Mike warned her to stay away from him, since he was responsible for how cruel Sonny was to those he loved. Courtney told him she loved him. Jason got him to leave the bar with him and Courtney. Courtney had gone into Jake's earlier to warn Coleman to stay away from her and to stop stalking her or she would call the police.

Michael went home with Leticia and surprised both Sonny and Carly with his return. As the threesome reunited, there was a knock on the door. Carly answered the door, and Brenda was on the other side of it. Carly didn't look pleased.

Jax told Alexis that he wanted her to keep Brenda away from him if she couldl, since he had Skye in his life. Skye walked to see him, and Jax told her that he would love to take her to Paris for their honeymoon, but he couldn't because he had no feeling in his legs.

Friday, October 11, 2002

In his hospital room, Jax insisted to Skye that he already knew that he was permanently paralyzed. Skye tried to remain positive as Jax demanded that Skye feel his leg.

Meanwhile, in the district attorney's office, Scott ordered Taggert to have Luis Alcazar arrested on the day of Scott's debate with Alexis. Taggert reminded Scott that Alcazar had powerful friends, and the Port Charles Police Department might not be able to arrest him. Scott then informed Taggert that Scott was confident that Alexis would hand the debate to Scott on a silver platter.

At Kelly's, Lucky, Gia, Nikolas, Ned, and Alexis discussed the debate, and Lucky and Nikolas tried to convince Alexis to tell them what Scott might have on her -- so that they could counteract whatever it was.

Meanwhile, Jason and Courtney took an inebriated Mike back to Courtney's apartment. Mike loudly demanded to know where A.J. was, and Courtney told her dad that A.J. was in Washington, DC. Courtney finally convinced Mike to lie down then she thanked Jason for calling her to pick Mike up at Jake's.

When Carly answered the door at the penthouse, she was disgusted to see Brenda standing there. When Michael asked if Brenda was one of Sonny's friends, Brenda told him that she was -- then Brenda asked Michael to give her a high-five. Carly was further disgusted when Brenda asked to speak to Sonny alone.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Courtney confided in Jason that, when she'd been little, she'd often had to talk Mike out of the beer joints because Mike had refused to leave with her mother. Courtney told Jason that once, Mike had gone out to get Courtney a candy bar and had not made it home again until a month later. As Jason and Courtney talked in the kitchen, Mike walked out of the bedroom and accused Jason of hitting on his brother's wife while his brother was out of town.

Outside Kelly's, Nikolas and Lucky decided that, since Alexis was not telling them what she thought Scott had on her, they needed to break into Scott's office to find out for themselves.

At the penthouse, Brenda told Sonny that she was there to let him know that Taggert was trying to twist her statement around and seemed to believe that Brenda had asked Alcazar to kill Sonny and Jax. As Brenda and Sonny talked, they were interrupted when Jason called to inform Sonny that Jason had found Mike drunk at Jake's and had taken him to Courtney's apartment. Sonny rushed off to take care of Mike.

After Sonny left, Carly warned Brenda that Carly did not plan to stand by and suffer in silence while Brenda threw herself at Carly's husband. Carly warned Brenda, "Do not come in here and high-five my kid again!" However, Brenda asked why Carly was so uptight if Carly was that confident about Sonny's love for Carly.

Back at the hospital, Jax insisted that he speak to his doctor alone, while Skye left to talk to Monica. Monica told Skye that Jax's spinal cord was bruised, and they could be looking at permanent paralysis. Jax heard similar news from his physician, but Jax told his doctor that he had ruled out permanent paralysis. Jax insisted that he be allowed to begin physical therapy right away. Jax announced that he planned to walk out of the hospital within a month.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Mike accused Jason of having designs on Courtney and warned Jason to stay away from his daughter. Courtney defended Jason, and Mike finally went back to lie down again.

When Sonny arrived, Sonny jumped all over him for dragging Courtney down to a place like Jake's to talk Mike into giving up on his drinking binge for the night. Jason explained that Mike listened to Courtney, whereas, seeing Sonny would have just made Mike angry. Courtney defended Jason again and angrily reminded Sonny that the reason why Mike had returned to drinking and gambling was because Sonny had pretended to be dead and let his loved ones break their hearts with grief, while Sonny had hidden out at a safe distance.

Gia went into Scott's office, expecting to see Scott, but she found her brother Marcus there instead, using the law library. While Nikolas and Lucky hovered outside the door, dressed as plumbers, Gia tried to discover where Scott was and when he would be returning.

Back at Kelly's, as Ned and Alexis discussed the possibility that Scott might know that Sonny was the father of Alexis' baby, Scott suddenly arrived. Alexis warned Scot that if anything personal came up in the debate, Alexis planned to bring up the fact that Scott had helped bury Theresa Carter in what had become the Scorpio backyard.

Back at the hospital, when Skye returned to see Jax, Jax told her that he intended to train past his limits, and he was confident he would heal in record time and walk out of the hospital with Skye -- ready to go on their honeymoon. Skye assured Jax that she believed he could do anything.

As Jax insisted that he start therapy that very evening, the doctor pointed out that pushing too hard too soon could actually make matters worse.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Mike heard Sonny's voice and joined the fray, as Mike blasted Sonny for his uncaring attitude toward his loved ones when Sonny had faked his own death. Sonny asked to speak to Mike out in the hall, and Sonny blasted Mike for dragging Courtney into Mike's problems. Mike returned and apologized to Courtney. When Sonny ordered Jason to take Mike home, Courtney suggested that she go along to help Jason.

Back at Sonny's penthouse, Carly gloated to Brenda that Sonny had married Carly three times -- but had left Brenda standing at the altar. Carly told Brenda that Brenda was not strong enough to be Sonny's wife, and Carly urged Brenda to go lean on Jax and mess up Jax's life. Brenda informed Carly that Jax might be paralyzed. Carly was shocked to hear that news about her old business partner.

At the hospital, Monica urged Skye to go home and get some rest, since Jax had just had a heavy sedative and would sleep through the night. Monica reminded Skye that Skye had to be prepared for hanging in there for the long haul and could not let all of her energy get depleted on the first day.

After Monica and Skye left, Jax dreamed of dancing with Skye in her wedding gown, but Skye suddenly turned into Brenda in his arms. Jax woke up and asked for Skye -- but she was not there.

In Scott's office, Gia tried to convince Marcus to go with her for a cup of coffee at Kelly's. When Taggert balked, Gia tried to coax her brother into endorsing Alexis. Taggert replied, "I spent my entire career, trying to make Sonny Corinthos pay. I am not going to tell people to vote for Alexis Davis!"

Gia finally persuaded Marcus to walk her across to Kelly's. As soon as Taggert and Gia left, Nikolas and Lucky broke into Scott's office. However, before they could find anything, Scott returned and caught them red-handed. Scott said, "Well, well, well! Heckle and Jekyll -- how are you going to talk your way out of this?"

When Jason, Courtney, and Rosie returned to Courtney's apartment, Jason asked if Courtney had had more strange calls. Courtney told Jason that all was quiet at that moment and that A.J. would be calling soon. Jason offered to stay, but Courtney turned him down. However, when Courtney entered her apartment, she saw that she had an email. When Courtney checked it out, she was terrified to see herself, at that very moment, on the screen, sitting at her PC.

Skye returned to the lake house, looked at some of her wedding gifts, and smashed some of them. They she lay down to cry on the couch.

At the same time, Jax tried to get out of bed in his room and fell in a heap on the floor.

At Sonny's penthouse, Brenda and Carly continued to argue, and Carly pointed out that Brenda hurt people and that Carly would not let Brenda hurt Sonny -- or Sonny's family. Brenda reminded Carly that Carly was too selfish to be sincere about putting her "family" first. Carly then ordered Brenda to get out. However, as Brenda went outside, she walked around in circles then began to beat on the wall. Sonny arrived and found Brenda beating on the wall. As Sonny tried to speak to her, Brenda appeared not to hear him.

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